1. michael

    I Will Advice Every Gemini Man To Go For Aquarius Female, This is the only perfect match for Gemini Man. One Thing I Love Most in Aquarius Female is there Wellness, Adventure, There love attention. Aquarius is perfectly made for Gemini.

  2. Jason

    To Ella:

    I am a Gemini man, and we are major flirts. It doesn’t matter to him that he’s married. If he’s unhappy, he will be on the flirt. He wants you, and he won’t stop wanting you!

    I have recently met an aquarius woman. This is the first time I have ever befriended an aqua. It was love at first sight. This is the partner I have always wanted. We are both married, and we both cannot get enough of each other on all and every level. She makes me more happy than anyone ever has, and from the sounds of things, she’s happier than she’s ever been. This is a fantastic match.

  3. Ella

    Am a religious Aquarius girl, there is this Gemini guy in my church that is always staring at me (av noticed it for like 3 months now) but he is married, the way he looks at me is like he sees through me and it’s beginning to give me butterflies, like for instance if he comes to church 1st thing he does is to scan the place to look for me then wen he sees me he will look 4 a place that will be comfortable for him to look, but he has never one day talk to me before, I don’t know Maybe because he is married but y does he keep looking at me. Just want to know?

  4. John Saunders

    Male Gemini recently reintroduced to an old one night stand long time friend Aquarius. I recently was in a long term relationship with a Tauras, this relationship was not a good match.. Aquarius on the other hand can match me mentally, as a gemini of long relationships another of note being with a Libra, I think at this point in my life Aquarius is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.. I don’t think all Gemini men possess the Intellect to match that of an Aquarius woman. I excell at expressing myself vocally, and I can be extremely romantic, but I’m also a dreamer. I see this relationship forming into the greatest I’ve evwe had, I have a lot of respect for the intellect of the Aquarius woman, she is unique indeed

  5. Kristoffer Bank

    I’m a Gemini man, and I’ve been friends with an Aquarius woman for years now. I just love being her friend! I love her zaniness, her quirkiness, her love of friendship and independence, and her flexible nature. She’s just amazing! I’m hoping our friendship stands the test of time.

    • admin

      Interesting! During this friendship have either or both of you had love relationship with other people? How did that affect the friendship?

  6. Michey1

    I’m an aqua girl, the last 3 guys I have been interested in have been geminis! All slightly different but with one common theme – irresistible flirts! They love women!! And are quite capable if having a few on the go at the same time. I love them though – fun, social, interesting, sexy but they just want to play

  7. mandy p

    Well, im an aquarius woman intrested in a gemini man. We played the whole friend thing for a while. Then outta the blue he kissed me. The sparks in our kiss were explosive. It was almost too good to be true. So i began to notice the coldness of the gemini.. And realized thats what they do when they are falling. Crazy as it sounds i can relate. When we r in a room together all i can see is him. And in the midst of a crowd is when i feel most connected to him. Its weird. He is very pda affectionate around people and that makes me smile. Although he flirts like a prostitute trying to make a dollar!!!i swear. And me being an aquarius….i do get jealous. Cause i dont like just anybody and if i choose you i expect better. Im not sure where we stand. For all i know he could be just trying to get in my pants….we aquarians take a while to give it up. Gemini boys love a challenge. …and their not use to a fight …they win so easy. Until then friends …..

  8. hooriya

    i m aquarin girl. n i got married with gimini man and i really dont analyse him. he is passionate but not always showing his love. so in this way i get confused that how handel him so give me some suggestions ­čśŤ

  9. Mini Aquarius

    I’m an Aquarius woman, and though I have yet to date a Gemini, I’m a little annoyed that we’re always depicted as cold and distant when it comes to love and relationships. I love romance, and I’m quite affectionate when I’m in a relationship! Hell, I could cuddle for days!
    So yeah..Basically, what I’m trying to say is that not all Aquarius women lack passion and are “business-like” when it comes to love. Not everyone matches their sign completely.

    • admin

      For the love nature, you really need to know the Venus sign and for emotional disposition the moon sign. For instance, an Aquarius with Venus in Pisces is going to be capable of real intimacy and bonding, though especially as they get older they will want space. Needing space is not the same thing as being cold.

  10. mONEKI


  11. Geo

    thx girls this was very funny and I have to say (me being a male gemini) most of the description above it very true.

  12. Sheri

    I gotta say, I was LMAO all the way through this description! It is mostly all true. I’m thinking my gemini boyfriend wouldn’t find it so funny though, as much as I would like to share it with him, I won’t. There is at least one error though . . . we have no electronics in our bedroom. Thanks for the smile!

  13. Sam

    @beaumont Its very true that Gemini’s aren’t driven. My ex was a Gem and I am an Aqua gal and I’m very goal oriented and ambitious. He never seemed to understand that part about me because he thought it was petty. If you can handle that part of them then Gem’s are good but if you are like me it will drive you crazy!

  14. beaumont

    That is true about a gemeni I date one for 3 yrs now. Its hard because of our different views, He doesnt talk very quiet, Iam shy myself so i find my self talking more than ever and he just sits and listen. We started being friends first for about a year and of course he had a woman so it was like a challenge on maybe both of our parts. Hes good but he’s not driven no accomplishments.

  15. Sam

    I’m an Aquarius woman and recently got out of a year and a half long relationship with a Gemini man. I’m not sure if it was wonderful or horrible really. Some days were perfect, others were awful.

    The way you said it ends is soooo true. The very day we broke up he changed his relationship status on facebook and deleted me off of it and I deleted his number. I’m basically hiding from him because if I see anything that reminds me of him it hurts. I hate that he isn’t in my life anymore because we were so incredibly close and he was always there when I needed him, but now all he does is hurt me.

    Romance doesn’t really thrill me unless its a big show. He’d want to have me fall asleep in his arms, I’d want to watch a movie together and actually WATCH the movie instead of being flirty. He wanted to be all lovey dovey in public and I didn’t. I loved him but wanted to be able to let go of the “all over eachother” mentality and just hang out.

    It was good while it lasted I guess. He really was always there for me. I just wanted a little more space. You can’t trap an Aquarius and I think it scared him.

    From experience, I wouldn’t recommend this match. As good as the good times were, the pain now that they are gone is so much worse.

  16. emg

    I don’t appreciate the comment that “most guys cant stand..” an aquarius woman. that is appalling and false.

  17. Kay

    I am Aqua gal involved with a Gemini Man which works differently to any previous Gem r’ship – this one sure is HARD WORK owing to a LOT of Mars & Venusian Taurean aspects in him also- IE never forget the signs of the relating planets between the genders too…

  18. Vero

    Vanessa Paradis is a Capricorn cusp (22-Dec), and Simone de Beauvoir was also a Capricorn – 9 Jan. (Sorry to bother you…but I’m Capricorn & love Gemini men) :-))))

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