Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Cancer Couples:  Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollen, Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham

After the initial attraction, because he is so masculine and she is so feminine, they’re pretty much destined to drive each other crazy.  Gemini is too busy being busy to provide the security that Cancers craves, and furthermore, he interprets her needs as evidence she’s “clingy” and “whiny.”  If she happens to be secure enough to use her sense of humor aggressively like Gilda Ratner, she might be able to hold her own, but a Gemini man and a Cancer woman is not a recommended match.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Gemini Man:   Cancer women are interested in security and whatever that means to them personally.    She may equate security with your constant companionship or a promise to buy her a home in the future.  She may equate it with how much money you make, or that you stay in constant touch with her via text.  As you can see, this is guaranteed to drive you absolutely batty.  No Gemini in the world wants that close a tab kept, but if you are smitten with this lovely moon creature, you will have to find ways to reassure her of your constant affection.  Most women you can conquer with the blarney stone, but the Cancer lady wants deeds not words.  She will expect you to back up your promises by your actions.  That really is a stretch, Gemini.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Cancer Woman:  The Queen of Beguiles meets the King of Wiles.  What we have here is a summit meeting of ploys and conniving.  If this fascinating creature has caught your eye, Cancer, you will have to use all your feminine wiles to attract and keep him.  By all means, play hard to get.  Curb all tendencies to wait by the phone or to complain that he didn’t call you back fast enough.  I know it’s hard, but you can do it.  The best thing you have going for you is your zany sense of humor and the natural skills that go along with being a Cancer:  cooking, nurturing, and home-making.  Even a Gemini spins out from time-to-time and needs a cushy pad or lap in which to crash.

Degree of Romance:   Cancer, be prepared to be swept off your feet.  If he wants you, there is no one more romantic than a Gemini man.  The trouble comes when it’s time to back it up. But let me warn you if this is your first encounter with the Gemini species that you will probably hear the most beautiful words you’ve ever heard spoken and it will be hard to resist believing them.  Try to reserve your judgment.

Degree of Passion:   If Gemini wants something and that something requires passion, he will produce it.  He is a master of disguises, a wizard.  Beware of Siegfried’s Tarn — now you see him, now you don’t.  After all, he is ruled by Mercury and no one can hold quicksilver in their hands — or their claws, dear Cancer.

Degree of Friendship:  Cancer looks for affection more than friendship, and being sheltered more than sheltering.  Gemini believes in high exposure, risk-taking, and living on the edge.  These two would certainly never be friends, though they might be lovers for a while.

Degree of Marriage:  This combination can work if the Gemini man lets the Cancer female stay at home all the time while he’s out running around doing his thing.  This is not to suggest that Gemini is unfaithful, but they need a very long leash to engage in their important social activities and networking.  It is typical for a Gemini to “drop by the house occasionally” rather than actually living there.  If Cancer wants to revolve her life around him, she will be sorely disappointed.  The relationship works if she builds her life around her children, mother, siblings, and other relatives who need more constant companionship than he does.  Caveat:  Geminis is the sign we  vote most likely to leave a woman standing at the altar.

Progression of Relationship:   Gemini is sporadic and inconstant even in courtship.  If you pay close attention, you may find that he is texting and emailing regularly because it’s so easy to keep in touch that way.  And it gets him off the hook of actually showing up.  He may drive you crazy with changes of plan, backing out, and canceling at the last minute.   He isn’t doing this to be mean; it’s just his way.  He doesn’t understand how upsetting this is to you — and that’s the whole problem right there.  In a nutshell.  Cancer needs constant reassurance and the physical presence of the beloved to feel loved and cared for.  With Gemini, it’s not gonna happen.

Sex:   Gemini tends to make love like they were watching someone else do it.  That’s why they like phone sex and text sex so much.  It’s sex at an arm’s length.  It’s not that Gemini is cold, but there’s an element of detachment in everything they do.  He would be just as happy putting a camcorder in your bedroom as actually being there with you.  If this doesn’t sound warm and cuddly, get out while you can, because he will never change — and neither will you.

When It’s Over:  It will probably die a thousand deaths before it’s actually over as Cancer clings to Gemini, begging over and over again for what she will never get.   There’s a little Rule of Thumb in astrology: “Air tortures water.”  Gemini is an air sign.  Cancer is a water sign.  Life is a comedy to those who think (air sign) and a tragedy to those who feel (water sign).  Cancer can really get her heart broken while Gemini keeps waltzing her around the room.

Our Rating:  4/10

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71 Replies to “Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility”

  1. This is ridiculous. I’m a Cancer and have been in a happy committed relationship for over six months now. People are not their signs. Even if you are an avid believer in signs, please consider nurture in addition to nature. My boyfriend is a genuine romantic (not flowery speeches, but consistent actions to back up the words). He’s been treated badly by women who behave like a stereotypical Gemini (they were actually earth signs), and because of their infidelity, he is very deeply monogamous and faithful. Life experiences can and do influence and change people, either for better or worse. Or both. I’m not a typical Cancer, due to my own life experiences. I originally heard from a sign obsessed friend that Gemini and Cancer matches are toxic, but I quickly realized that my instincts about my partner are more accurate. Even a “typical” Cancer and Gemini can be positive influences on each other with compromise, communication, and dedication. Same is true for any relationship.

  2. Can work if Gemini man is filthy rich and has loads of cash for me to spend lol.
    Otherwise if he lives from pay check to pay check you may never see him in
    at home until those few pennies he earned are gone.True story.

  3. I also led a frustrating existence with Gemini man..The sad part for me was when I left him he
    threatened and even attempted suicide by stabbing himself on the chest.I felt guilty and
    and went back not because I wanted to be in the relationship.l just wanted to be there as
    a friend.In the end I met a Pisces men and he was exactly what I needed at that point in my
    life.When the Gemini found out he just left.The funny thing is he left and travelled
    to live in another country altogether.He just came back now and we are good friends.
    Will never be another with Gemini again..When I meet someone new and find out they are Gemini
    just fall off their radar by all means necessary.

  4. To have a deep conversation with someone who has a brilliant mind and a selfless soul, is a new way of making love….intense passionate love and I am enjoying every moment of it, exploring all the stimulants and retractors – every truth, every sincerity, every candor, every optimism, every equivocation, every second thoughts, every hesitation, every uncertainty, every unease, every bit of getting to know and understand every bit and part of you.

  5. I’ve known my Gemini for over 20 yes. We have been together just for a few days off and on believing his ex best friend that he was with other woman. Geez was I wrong. He lives in another state and we talk for hours. We won’t loose each other this time.

  6. Hi all
    Well I’m just about to start going into a relationship with a Gemini his birthday is the 18th June I’m July 2.
    After reading all the reviews getting a bit worried he seems really nice but only honeymoon period I can give me all the love he wants
    But worrying now.

  7. I knew of a cancer female and gemini male relationship. My friend is a cancer female and her baby daddy/ex-boyfriend is the gemini. Unfortunately, their relationship did not work out. They have a beautiful daughter together, and according to her they had awesome sexual and emotional chemistry, but that was about it. They broke up and he moved on to a capricorn female and married the cappie female and my friend just kept stalking him and his new woman trying to make his life a living hell. I tried to tell her to move on and that she deserves better, but she just allowed herself to keep suffering.

  8. Its true God made it this way and left us to discover and name it, Souls tie during sex then you no longer just a Gemini or Cancer you become a mixture of both, this has helped me understand more, i believe in Jesus use figured out important knowledge use just want to help, Respect i get it now God is the key ingredient who works it all out but this study and information is correct in describing personality and never changing character, learning is what is important now i know how to deal with my Cancer Lady, as a Gemini Man its been a struggle now clarity and working on everything this has helped.

  9. @ #17 anon October 25th, 2011-
    i feel exactly the same- (as if im the gemini and he is the cancer). I was obsessed with astrology and compatibility but it all changed when i ended up with a gemini male (one of cancer’s worst matches).Depending on how you choose to see things, i realised that it was important to take your partner more seriously than these readings, and you will find your answer through genuine experience, not a generalised statement, however each to their own.

  10. I’m a Cancer women and feel like the situations being described in this article are the total opposite of whats going on in my relationship with a Gemini man. I feel like I’m the Gemini in this article and the guy I’m dating the Cancer. Is that weird?

  11. Oh she’s also a christian and studies the bible, I’d say it’s not the bible that’s gonna help honey some people can’t be changed by divine interaction they’ve gotta want to change.

  12. From observation and third party point of view…

    I knew this couple who were gemini and cancer inclined, the cancer lady was homely loving nuturing and yes clingy but that’s the whole nature of cancer they love being with their partners, the guy was unpredictable, reckless, attractive, and real detached like kind of two different lives detached, he did have a nice side but I rarely saw that.

    It seems with these two opposites they attract, and it works for this couple but they have some of the most bizzare interactions.

    He cheats, she takes him back and that happens 10 times til he decides to go back to his ways. Also he openly flirts at other chicks, and now she wants to have his baby so I’m thinking these two are on different wave lengths. He says she’s needy she says he’s unfaithful.

    And yet they’re still together 🙂 The cancer lady is way too mature for that guy…

    It depends on the person though that’s just my general observation of 1 relationship there are many others out there and one and two aren’t the same some of the time

  13. Because of upbringing I am not your typical Gemini . Yes I am of two minds but their usually working on 30 things at once but I am looking for romance and marriage . Someone to grow old with .

  14. I am a cancer woman married to a gemini man..and yes I believe that the cancer woman MUST play hard to get in order for her gemini man to stay on her..if your on him too much he will give him space and feed him good and he will always come back! Being with a Gemini man is DIFFERENT and yet I love it is a learned experience but with faith and prayer all things will be fine..dont look to astrology for your answers look to God and he shall make it possible! Good luck all!

  15. i am a gemini and have a relationship with a cancer,i love her like i love the air i breathe,she loves me too and she as shown it in different ways,she loves having me around because she always want to breathe every air with me around her but she does things that hurts me and as soon she realize she start begging me in tears,and am so loving it,she loves me and i love her,if you are a gemini man and you have a cancer woman or vice versa show him/her love and everything will be fine

  16. This is EXACTLY how my 4 year relationship with a Gemini man went. I was driven to distraction…and finally, with the 9th break-up, it was blessedly over for ME. Cancer women, if you are true to your nature and sign…do not walk..RUN!

  17. I am a cancer woman in love with a gemini man. I guess it’s the attraction of “The Challenge” that keeps me excited. As Nahijah said earlier Playing Hard to Get is the key. Be Mysterious to the Gemini man, let him get jealous, and dont be so clingy. Gemini men love to feel loved and wanted but make sure you give him his space. Since i am a student and i work and always busy, this attracts my partner because i have my own life and hes trying to fit himself into MY schedule (not vice veras). We both are June babys so i guess i have somewhat of Gemini qualities, such as i love going out clubbing, dining, etc. GEMINI MEN DONT LIKE LABELS but they will act like the “boyfriend/husband”. I dont know every relationship is different. My man always kisses me in public, holds my hand, buys me gifts, and loves me unconditionally. I have a strong feeling thatbecause i am so busy, outminded, and do my own things this is what attracts him the most.

    So with that said CANCER LADIES- dont believe when they say that this relationship wont work, it can! just gotta work with your partner, comminucation is very important beacuse Gemini’s LOVE TO TALK and just learn how to use that hard shell of ours to protect our geniune hearts. Good Luck;)

  18. no effance but i think this is a load of rubbish this is not accurate in any way you need to look for other site coz this script here seems to be guessing instead of putting facts right an you gys are all dum people beliving in this there is nothing in the books of god that mentions astrolgy and fllowing there rules its the matter of fate that god gives you not checking if sighns are match made in heavn get reallll people and get a life its for your own good and NANCEY STOP RECKING RELATION SHIPS IT AINT NICE BASED ON FUALSE FACTS

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