Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Capricorn Couples:

Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone DeBeauvoir, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, Richard Wagner and Cosima von Bulow, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

These two are likely to be interested in serious topics and will enjoy good conversations together based on a mutual respect of intellect.  Cappy always takes the big picture and sees the broad overview of the world, while flaky as Gemini seems, he is capable of doing that as well because of the scope of his interests.  They also complement each other.  A Capricorn woman can take care of the practical side of life, allowing Gemi to do all those other things he’s so interested in.  She may be willing to stay happily at home while he is out gadding about, and she’ll be content to hear about it when he gets home.  The good listener meets the good talker.  More perfectly perhaps, she is not curious by nature, so she won’t question him about his whereabouts — and it’s just as well.

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How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Capricorn Woman:

Scope him out (you’re good at that) and then approach him with some intelligent questions.  If his answers are as amusing or witting as they should be, you can act like you admire him.  You’ll have to do a lot of listening with this man, so make sure from the onset that he is “of interest” to you.  You’ll have to be patient with his disorganization.  He doesn’t mean it as an insult; Geminis are horrible at prioritizing.  You may mean the world to him, but he will still bump you to take his little brother to the baseball game or pick his mom up at the shopping center.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as a Gemini Man:

Treat her seriously and with respect.  Save your goofing around until you know her better.  She can be wooed by a great conversation.  Try to act as mature as you possibly can.  She is always looking for someone to protect and provide, even if she is more capable of that than you are.  Your dates should be well-planned and sensible.  For example, don’t over-spend or take her somewhere out of your normal price range.  If she gets a whiff of that foolishness you are history.

Degree of Romance:

Not too much romance going on here.  Gemini would be willing to fill the role — he’s interested in just about anything — once — but Capricorn is not particularly impressed by romantic nothings.  That’s exactly what she considers them — nothing.  If he loves her, he’ll have to prove it some other way.

Degree of Passion:

Gemi can fake it well enough, but again, Ms. Capricorn is not the right audience.  Passion comes and goes, but she is looking for something reliable.  I’d vote these two least likely to get into a passionate embrace.

Degree of Friendship:

They can be very good friends because Capricorn will be so helpful to Gemini.  He can talk over all his plans with her, and she will help him make sense of them.  She will break it down into bite-sized pieces and put them in order for him so he knows what to do first.  If she does this patiently, he will eat out of her hand because that is his Achilles’ heel, prioritizing.  They make a natural camaderie of two.

Degree of Marriage:

This can make a very fine marriage.  Anyone who marries a Capricorn is interested in success.  Gemi has what it takes if the partner provides the proper ingredients.  In my opinion, these two bring out the very best in one another and become stable and admirable members of the community.

Progression of Relationship:

The Capricorn woman will definitely have to be the power behind the throne.  Gemini can be so scattered he will have trouble tying his shoes in the morning.  I know a Gemini who went out on his first date with two different socks on.  He may be quite erratic in his dating pattern, skipping from a weekday to a weekend without any reason.  He may be unintentionally cheap — not because he is cheap but because he can sometimes be more interested in going to some place that catches his attention than in impressing her.  If the local bar has a big fight on closed circuit, together with cheap house drinks, he will probably think that’s the perfect date that evening.  Bear with him.  He truly is educable.  Nothing Gemini does is written in stone (for better or for worse).


Capricorn women are great lovers because they provide a steady supply when they are in love.  After all, Capricorn is an earth sign.  She can be very grounding to a Gemini who could be caught as Peter Pan from time-to-time.  In fact, these two can fall into the roles of Peter Pan and Wendy quite nicely.  Remember how motherly Wendy was? And the Gemini man is truly a Lost Boy.  In this case he is a scholarly and intellectual boy, but still lost nonetheless.  For these reasons, their sex life is likely to be a strong bonding factor.  It keeps him coming back for more.

When It’s Over:

Well, as I said, nothing Gemini writes is in stone.  Capricorn has a lot of patience, but one day it will wear thin.  That’s when she will send the Little Boy packing — and she means business.  By the way, that means she keeps all the stuff and he gets to start all over again.  For some reason they will tolerate that agreement, probably because he owes her so much for her incomparable support and enduring patience.

Our Rating: 9/10

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  1. Yup see that wasn’t too hard to do, thats all I have been wanting to read/understand for the longest while, yes people will pretend with their actions, they will lie & be deceitful, but once it is in black and white, means they have already given it more than enough thought….I am the type of person that will fight till my last breath, explore all possible alternatives, play out all scenarios in my head over and over till there is not another theoretical possibility….but once I’ve truly decided its time to let it go then thats what I usually do without reverting and without hesitation and definitely without a hint of second thought and no I don’t and never stay friends with people I’ve fucked. I do not do the friends fuck friends thing, neither the me here & you there thingy….. I’m ALL or Nothing…. and to me where its at right now is nothing, nothing left to have faith in, nothing left to hope for and nothing worth fighting to keep (some things were just not meant to be, so why worry about it)!

    Wish you all the best though and hope we never have to cross paths ever again, but should incase we do, we’ll just pretend not to have ever met.

    Approaching the end of Lent and having given up on the things that no longer feeds the soul, letting go of the things that does not uplift the spirit and releasing all inner demons; finally feels right.


  2. Right now I’m in FWB LDR with Gemini man. We’re definitely not transiting into romantic relationship, as we encourage each other to find someone for a long-term relantionship. We tell each other almost everything, and we decided that when one of us finds someone, we’re transiting into platonic friends relationship.

    Also, I’m constantly attracted to Gems, maybe because of Sag Venus 🙂

  3. Hi it so funny I am reading all those comments are real about Gemini man they never grow I am cappy and my husband Gemini I been married for 5 years I have 2 kids with him I love him so much he never there for me or my kids. I I thought what a big mistake I did that I can’t never take it back he was my first man I am going to divorce him too

  4. its been two days since am readin on this topic ‘gemini and capricorn compatibility’ on evry availabe site…and the more am getting to know, the more am feeling strong and confident on wat to do and how to keep my newly found love forever, a capri gal……talkin through practical point of view, whatever anyone says, atlast it comes to both of us about how we manage to know each othr better and have respect for each others’s jst been two months of our relation, and i surely hope it to cntinue for the rest of my life………………….. we fight a bit, but to our surprise, it does’nt last even the entire conversation, and we find ourselfs to be talking love and cracking jokes again, laughing and caring for each other………both of us are in their second relationship and are extremely happy to have found someone we thought of as a perfect partner……surely i know theres a long way to go ahead, but what matters the most to keep a relationship perfect is Respect,Trust and Compromise. You can never let these things go away from you, if you are in love………………….now as per horoscopes, they’r saying that we dn’t make a good match, a gemini boy and a capricorn girl…but isn’t it more interisting to do what seems difficult(atlast am a gemini), conquering that will be an adventure of a lifetime..taking risk is my ideology, so the more they say we dn’t get along, the more its interesting for me………….we met at our hometown on our vacations, chatted for a week, met on the 10th day and i took her to a circus and then to a fair, and what sparked in my mind i dnno, bt i proposed her on the top of the giant wheel, and she was ”omg! awww, yes!!!”…neither of us thought much i guess, bt were really attracted to each other….a few days later we went to our colleges, and so our long distance relationship started….we are bound to meet after evry two or three months for the next four years, and have talked about us to our parents, who very normally reacted and said is to focus on our studies, but with a ‘yes’ in their hope we get engaged really soon…………now you all might say ‘wtf!..really man’…but yes i am 24, she’s 22 and we are madly in love……………people, just love, its the only thing that will keep you alive in others hearts forever..

  5. Yeah last year, 2015. I didn’t say that I hate Gemini or what I just stated some of his traits on how he treated me. If you were offended then I’m sorry I think my use of word is not good enough and I can’t exactly tell you how and what I am actually thinking. The thing is I don’t entertain him I’m the type who just go with a flow, since he’s one of my childhood friends yeah don’t get me wrong. I don’t think its wise to just break him off and treat him like he’s not exist at all in my life. Maybe in your eyes I just look at him like he’s my plaything when actually I was thinking of how to treat him right, but I think it doesnt work because we haven’t seen each other around 5 years. It’s up to you if you want to trust me or not lmao.

    Well I told him we can just be friends, I’m not saying that I want to play around him I’m just confused of what to do because I don’t know how to act around him. I’ll just be honest to him after this and sorry I don’t have any new boyfriend for now I need to focus on my study for now. ^^

  6. Now lets get this straight Irene, last year OR 2014 year last??

    The heart knows what it wants and its NOT a Gemini :D…good heart, thadda heart…I want to find that heart and reward it for been a good heart, where can I find it?

    OMG you sure do know how to make me laugh I tell you….’getting on your nerves and how you failed to see the bigger picture’ hahahaha

    But my question is why the hell you entertaining him and you know you really not interested and what makes him think you were is girlfriend, did you all do the nasty – because sometimes people misrepresent that for a relationship status hahah, talking about, “was I the worst boyfriend ever” – could have fooled me, LOLOLOL

    Want me to tell you what to do, Tell him, that you now have a boyfriend and that you really dont want to be getting yourself into trouble with your new man, because your man is very jealous and also very selfish and does not like to share so you will respectfully ask him to just ease of the nag and tag….now if that doesn’t work then my friend, I will have to tell you where my rock is and lend it to you so you can go hide under it temporarily lololol

  7. Last year around September, a Gemini man confessed to me (I’m a Caps) telling me he’s been in love with me since forever. He’s actually my childhood friend, and I never see him any more than that. I do remember that my friends used to told me that he has a crush on me, but he always bully me when he had the chances, so I block him on Facebook because it’s getting on my nerves, I guess at that time I failed to see a bigger picture.

    Now when I’m living my life well on college, he suddenly appears out of nowhere, send me a message. I found out that my female Gemini bff give my number to him. I just casually talk to him and don’t give it any more thought, just like how I treat my guy friends. But then he confessed to me, telling me he can’t get me out of his head, I’m a beauty and such. Since I’m at loss of what to do, I just told him to prove it to me if he really loves me like what he has just said. I’ve never been in a relationship before because as a fellow Capricorns I seek a long-lasting relationship, that’s why I actually didn’t know what to do, I don’t even know if I had any feelings on him. Not to mention that we are quite distant to each other, which I meant if we can keep a long-distance relationship.

    So he tried to impress me by constantly complimenting me, calling me and being shy when he talks to me on the phone. He also like a kid, being flirtatious around me. But I don’t feel any sparks, I find him cute since he tried his best to keep up with me but that’s all. Out of the blue he asked for my picture, which makes me scared. I don’t really like it when my relationship published, I prefer to keep it low. So I ignore him, stubborn I know but I couldn’t help it.

    Our progression does not even last a month when I told him if we can just be friends since he sulks for receiving a very poor attention from me. I can’t keep up with his childish antics, and I’m not quite romantic to always showers him with love words. So he agrees and asked me if he’s the worst boyfriend I’ve ever had, and it makes me feel bad. Just recently I saw his status about love and his profile picture of another girl. So I just assumed he got a new girlfriend which I’m quite glad tbvh so he won’t be clingy to me after this but man I was so wrong.

    He contacted me, I asked why but he didn’t reply. Confused by his actions, I checked back his profile picture and it’s not the picture of that girl anymore. After that, he wishes me a new year with lots of emoji’s so I also wish him and yet he did the same thing. He didn’t reply me until now. I don’t know what to do with him, should I just ignore him or wait him but even if I wait for him I know nothing happens. Even if I ask for explanation I can sense that he wouldn’t provide much.

    I guess I don’t really click well with Gemini man, I don’t say Gemini’s are bad since I myself have Gemini bff I merely stated that we don’t click well when it comes to relationship progress.

  8. Love my Gemini man so much .. Wrong here my Love of my life is acting like 40 even he is just 29 and I am 26 and we are like one piece in a pie… Now carrying his baby and he is so dedicated to achieve better life for us. He is a passionate one .. Love him to pieces and I would give all the support I can to make him the luckiest man ever alive because of him being good to me.

  9. The tears were rolling down my face from crying and laughing at the same time as I read the above.
    After trying to keep up with my ex-Gemini husband for 37 years, I sent him packing and I got to keep all the stuff and he doesn’t seem to mind.
    After all the enduring patience and support from his loyal Capricorn, I let go of him.
    I’m not Mrs Wendy any more, and OH! how good that feels!!
    Now, I am finding out what it feels to be the grownup Capricorn woman with all the deep dark sensuality that has been laying dormant in me crying for a life.

  10. I’ve been with my gemini boyfriend for almost a year now and despite all the problems that happened when we decided to stay together – and it wasn’t even our problems, it was a crisis in a group we are related lol -, I’ve never been so happy and assured of someone’s feelings.
    Before we were a couple, we were best friends for seven years. He had two relationships during this time, giving his all – odd, I know – and I was too busy making my career to pay attention to him as a man… In fact, I always thought we would kill each other if we ever got together, because he was so lovey-dovey in his last relationship that I found it suffocating. He thought the same about me, obviously – always talking about work and not having a clue about other things, impulsive and hard to accept opinions, the first years of our friendship we spent nagging each other to the end just for the sake of it. Suprisingly, we learned how to cope together in time, and ended absorbing some traits of each other as well – as like, sometimes he’s even more focused than I am, and nowadays I’m even more airy than he is. Maybe it’s because of our families too, as his parents are earth signs and mine are water signs. Go figures.
    When we first got together, we were both terrified, because we always found so much support on each other’s arms and liked our friendship so much that we were afraid if it was just a thing and that we would ruin our friendship. Today we are more friends than ever, and that’s the base of our relationship. We know we are different in plenty aspects, so we support each other even when we don’t agree with the method, as long as it is legal and mean no harm to others. On the other hand, we also know we compliment each other.

    We had arguments based on politics, world, environment, law and spirituality… And in the end we end up laughing and accepting each other. But maybe we get along so well is because of the rest of our chart, as we have 15/20 compatibilities. Our relationship is based on friendship, mutual respect, admiration and confidence – because whatever we do, we think of our counterpart before doing it.

    I’m really happy with my Gemini guy, because more than star signs, I know the man, I’ve been watching him glow and be a fabulous man in all these years. He’s my best friend, and that will remain even if the relationship ever end.

  11. so so true! Jst recently my my gem man broke up wit me 4 no reason. When i inquired he said am 2 deep, serious, 2 spiritual (in christ) i was like really? Gosh! U need so much ptience 2 b wit a gem man as a cap woman. Imagine standing me up jst cos his ex called dat she was sick. He went 2 be wit her n even took her 2 see a movie and expects me 2 understand. They need 2 grow up.

  12. The person who wrote this nonsense must have experienced the Gemini man first hand and is obviously holding a grudge. Your personal experience(s) shouldn’t intervene with your professional,because it really does sound like your rubishing Gemini men here?

  13. This post was very helpful for me because I am a person who really didn’t believe in Zodiac signs. I ran across this post because of my involvement with a Gemi. Ours is business, but I like him a lot. He doesn’t want to ruin our friendship by taking it to an intimate level, but he flat out admits that he enjoys the relationship right where it is; we talk openly about everything; we flirt a lot; we respect each other in every area; we work good together as partners of a company that we started together, and the list goes on. He doesn’t understand that this IS an intimate relationship, and that sex is NOT the intimate part; it is the RESULT of intimacy (most of the time). This post described the both of us to the T. WOW is all I can say…..

  14. lol..yeah bein with a gemini man is like dat for a bf and i fight even over the m0st petty things..then we’ll miss each other so much and then we’re 2gether again as if n0thing happened..i mean,let’s n0t f0cus on the negative side of things..after all,relationships have their rise and’s on the matter with how we react.and be brave f0r the love u have is more than the hate you feel 4 him…mina082310

  15. O-M-G….I’m a Cappy woman w/a Gemi Male & this is SO true! I love my Gemi DEARLY but his need for that motherly love (his wendy) wears my patience thin EVERYDAY! My gemi is pretty much focused on what he wants out of life…but with all his “talents”, he can’t seem to make an “executive” decision to save his life! But this is what his Cappy is here for! Just like it was mentioned above, once I break it down & help him organize…he’s good to go & he perfects it EVERYtime. I Love my Gemi…BUT…my patience…oh yes my PATIENCE!! Does anyone know where I can purchase MORE patience?

  16. Crazy. I’m a Cappy girl married to a Gem man, and these comments are just making me laugh…it’s all so true! I love my Gem hubby, but sometimes it seems like his head is just full of AIR (Air sign…go figure). He’s sweet and funny and we love each other, but sometimes being his ‘wendy/mother figure’ wears my patience down so thinly that I just want to end it all. It seems like he’ll never grow up…alas, I dearly love him. We’ll see what happens…

  17. i wish that it will be true. i am a Gem man attract to a Capi woman and she is much younger than me. But as a Capi she is much older than her age though and in this early stage of romance relationship she seems built a high fences and thick walls that is really hard to break, i.e communication feels like just in one-way and she always does that straight and plain face that really unreadable. but i know she likes me too…

  18. ageofcapricornApril 13, 2011 at 5:25 am

    This describes my parents’ relationship perfectly and they’ve been married for over 40 years. Everyone in my immediate family is in interesting astrological relationships, Capricorn mom with Gemini dad, Aquarius sister with Cancer brother-in-law, and Aries brother with Aquarius sister-in-law.

  19. Im a cappy woman married to a Gemi guy. we have been married for 5 years and our mariiage is that of Peter Pan and Wendy. My patience is surely wearing thin. Divorce has definitely crossed my mind so many times…Do Gemis ever mature???

  20. I’m a cap lady, LQQking at a very interesting gemini.. I met this man originally through a potential date, but this “date” had moved out of state, for work, so that ended as friends. I see this gemini pal of his a lot around my town and I’m fascinated by his academic achievements.. he’s very attractive and seems very well spoken.. I’m a few years younger and I can’t help but feel intimidated by his postion. I have plans for more school, but got stuck with some side projects. I had a few options to hang around him but due to bad luck with being sick, I couldn’t hang out.. he’s kind of slim on communication, I feel he may not be interested bc of who I met him through, comes back to visit occationally. I’m a bit confused but I think the more I write in this block, I feel that its not as big of deal as I once thought. I’m only 25, he’s 30ish.. he’s got wild roots to sew I’m sure. Being successful, one could only see a gemini man basking in his “pimp” qualities. Great place to live and cool sounding job, with some over seas education, what gal wouldn’t eat out of his hand right? Well I’m a cool chick that loves a good conversation and I dig the arts.. maybe it could be a beautiful friendship, that’s my cap safe route.

  21. I’m a Cappy woman with a Gemi guy and it is like this to a tee. He seems dependable and organized, but only is at work! When it comes to everything else, including me, he is totally not and would rather goof off. He is on the cheap side, especially now that we are married, and he isn’t every romantic or passionate at all. I have to start it every time! He never sees the big picture and I do, which is annoying to no end. My patience is wearing thin for sure and it has only been 5 years!

  22. 1) Out of all of the negativity I have no clue why you rate this higher than 2 geminis but okay…every Gemini couple I’ve known has lasted years and years.

    2) I am a gem woman with a cappy man= same line up
    We are always tempestuous and quarrling. This is in all actuality one of those if you’re willing to drag yourself through hell all the time, non stop then yeah Its compatible. I highly disagree with the 9/10 rating…seriously, none of the relationships listed lasted save depp and paradis and thats still left to be said. Most think its lasted so long for the kids…

  23. I married and divorced this very same Gemini, for exactly the same reason. Peter Pan syndrome! It started and ended just like this to the T. Guess you could call me Wendy.

  24. I am a cappy woman and absolutly in love with my gemini man!!! We are a new relationship but feels like we were made for each other. His rising is cancer as mine is aquarius…. that may have a lot to do with it! and from the looks of these comments, these two signs dont even attract at all. HAHAHA! Oh well!

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