Gemini Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Gemini Couples:  Barbara and George Walker Bush, Shia La Boeuf and Carey Mulligan

More fun than a barrel full of monkeys! There is poetic justice in the fact that these two are going to find out what it’s like to finally meet that oft-mentioned Evil Twin.  It’s hard to capture in words the fun and variety of two Geminis relating to one another.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Gemini Man:  It probably won’t be hard because you two are the most exciting in the room, and there is a certain justice in coming together.  You probably greet her with a witty repartee which establishes your — and her — clear superiority.  As the man said, “Wouldn’t you rather play tennis with Roger Federer?”  Why wouldn’t the two of you want to go off by yourselves and give it a whirl?  Finally you’ve met your match, but so has your Evil Twin, LOL.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Gemini Woman:  You are going to want to focus for a moment and let your quicksilver mind provide you with something unique to catch his attention.  Normally this is not an issue with men, but you realize right away that all the groupies in the room are throwing themselves at this gentleman, so you must do something unusual to set yourself clearly apart.  You can play hard to get because you are hard to get, but I warn you — he won’t even notice.  If you can’t deal with the fact that this man is doing two things at one time, if not 10 women at one time, you’d best get out whilst you can.  In a relationship between two Geminis, mind games are perfectly appropriate.  Remember that.

Degree of Romance:   These two are on a Ferris wheel ride, gliding high above the fair as he pulls out all the bells, whistles, and bright lights — and every other shiny thing that ever existed — to twirl before her and capture attention.  Like the Ferris wheel, there will be some ups and downs, but oh, the view.

Degree of Passion:  Omigod, if he figures out that passion is what rings her bells, passion she shall have.  Ditto, her.

Degree of Friendship: Remember in the Ringling Brothers circus when the car drove up and the clowns started to get out?  And then more, and then more, and then more.  Think about it.

Degree of Marriage:  Why would anyone want to ruin a good time by conjuring up the Evil Twin?  Seriously, if you can stand it, go for it.

Progression of Relationship:   This relationship will take shape like a 3-ringed circus act. These two have their plan.   He has his plan.  She has hers.  Then they each have an Evil Twin.  It’s likely to go every which way and up.  They should admit it — they’re both very comfortable with the Ringling Bros. format, and they really couldn’t stand it any other way.  What would seem like a cluster-f*** to anyone else, is their mutual heyday.

Sex:  Let’s extend a circus analogy to the bedroom — anything — I mean anything goes.  Half the time, they’ll be thinking, “Omigod, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” while the other half of the time, they’ll be multi-tasking while thinking about something they left on their desk at work.  That’s okay.  Sex is nothing but mercurial between the Mercury-ruled Twins.  They may find gender-bending a thrill as well.  Hey!  Anything goes!  For a special twist of pleasure, add the natural talent they each have for phone sex and kinky texting.  Somehow they always know the right time to send a message to get the biggest effect.   Sex will never be boring because if it gets that way, one or the other of them will pull the rabbit out of the hat and they’re off and running again.

When It’s Over:  Maybe it should be over, but it’s like stomping out a forest fire.  Each time one of them decides to call it quits, the other one decides it’s worth starting all over again.  If you ask me, when they’ve really had enough they need an intervention.  Get a third party in there with a whip and crowbar and let them take care of business.  This is the one relationship that will end like a cat fight.  They may need expert help in pulling it apart.

Our Rating: 8/10

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105 Responses to Gemini Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

  • becky says:

    well that funny my mom is a gemini born 9th june and my mom and partner 10th june they don’t get on at all they stand each other . she black and white

  • STACEY says:

    OMG WOW!! Right on point…….we break up and he always comes back like a boomarang we can not get enough of each other…..ever!!….we laugh,talk and have never gotten into a serious argument…..I always look at the pros and cons ……….but in our heads we belong to each other …….scary i dont know if we will ever end..he is such a challenge!! And I love it (fingers crossed) I can tie him down 🙂

  • les says:

    to becky, this was on compatibiity of lovers not inlaws 🙂

  • Mandi says:

    I’m so so inlove with a gemini guy being a gemini myself.It feels as having a lover,a friend,a brother,he’s just everything i’ve ever wished for.
    We met about a month ago,he’s already telling me his secretes and that are not easy for a man to tell a woman.
    I must be positive that our relationship will last forever.Together we click,we have a lot in common.

  • Karra says:

    Why is this not a 10/10 rating lmao.

    Geminis -so long as they talk it out- can get over anything. That “evil twin” only challenges ideas which in my book is a good thing. Makes you see things different. Every gem/gem I know has worked out. Just look at the example of the bushes. I’m a gemini with a cap man and they say it’s better than this. I completely disagree we fight a lot and are often on different sides of the couch. Gem/Gem looks like an adventurous heaven. And any gemini is up for an adventure!!

  • shaquetta says:

    yes I agree shes right me an my gem/man has the same b-day so we are mostly alike which is crazy an he always leaves me up for an adventure

  • Jeannette says:

    i just met a Gemini man and I can’t get enough of him. We talk everyday for 2 and 3 hours. We have so much in common its crazy. We’ll see what happens though!

  • Dennis says:

    I’m a Gemini man who pushed his Gemini girl away 20 years ago, due to parental reactions. I just found her again, and we both agree we never want to let each other go, ever again. It’s as if we were built for each other. The attraction from 27 years ago when we first met is the same, just stronger, today. If both of you can talk it through, you will never be alone again.

  • chanty says:

    I met a Gem guy (he’s the 2nd, I’m the 10th) and I feel like I have met my soulmate.
    It’s only been two months, but I feel so strongly for him.

    He is very open and pushes me to get out of my comfort zone, which I love.
    The passion is unbelievable and I just can’t get enough…

  • Magic says:

    I’ve been talking with this Gemini man for 2 months already and its so fun that we share so much in common..completely alike and were just both having fun and it really feels different, I feel i cant get enough of him

  • lela lanae says:

    so true, I love my Gemini man, he’s so exciting and there’s a chemistry like no other, usually i would be afraid to commit so easily, but can safely say, i want to marry this man.

  • Laura says:

    I am a gemini born June 1st, and my man is a gemini born June 4th. We’re both 24, born in the same hospital only 3 days apart! I love him like I’ve never loved anyone, he understands everything about me and I can read him like a book. Our flirty natures cause some jealousy to flare up sometimes, but we’re 5 months pregnant with a baby boy (who will also end up as a gemini with his due date lol), and he just proposed to me three days ago. We’re gonna give this gemini/gemini marriage thing a shot! 🙂

  • kittie says:

    everyone talking about how great a foursome is….well sometimes its better to have a threesome. I prefer other signs more so than gemini men, myself being a gemini woman i dont always get what i want and thats important to me. I want to be the most exciting, playful and adventurous person in the relationship and it seems a gemini steals my thunder!!!

  • margie66us says:

    I agree with all the comments mention, I just can’t get enough of my gemini man.

  • Michelle says:

    Oh, I know a Gemini-Gemini couple, they’re man and man though. And just like you said, Nancy, “like the Ferris wheel, there will be some ups and downs, but oh, the view.”

  • Maryshane says:

    Gosh.. i can’t believe this, i met my Gemini 2years lately and we started dating early this month and the wonderfull thing is that we are born in the same date,month but different years he is 5th June1982 and i am 5 June 1984.The feelings are Mutual and we never bored when together.. we are in a long distance relationship but we try keeping it alive each day that passes. we so deeply in love!

  • Jessica says:

    I just met a Gemini man, and at first I couldn’t tell if he was a Gemini or a Virgo so I asked to see his i.d. I’m 6/7/1984 he’s 6/19/1981. I’ve never been with a Gemini before let alone hang out with another one but I think he’s amazing already. I want him to be mine forever. Can’t wait to see how this goes.

  • millie says:

    I just can’t stop thinking of him.

  • millie says:

    We just reconnected and I am in love with this guy. It’s crazy! so crazy… Never felt this way before. We are both gemini same month. Thinking of giving it a try but scared at the same time. Wonder if he feels the same.

  • Kelley says:

    I am a Gemini woman and dated a Gemini man for about a year. Basically, if you are looking for a love affair you will always remember, the Gemini Gemini combo will be just that! But also will it ever rarely be more than that. Initially, you will feel like you are more in love than you have ever been in your entire life. My gem man and I were virtually the same person, in the good ways and bad ways. Which is why the Gemini Gemini combo starts out very hot and heavy but fizzles out fairly quickly. You are so alike that it’s not a good combo. And while you may think you’re so very in love at the time, looking back on this relationship, more than likely you will realize you really weren’t. Again, great as a short and fun and passionate love affair but don’t expect marriage or anything long term from this.

  • Angela Christie says:

    Well this will be interesting. I am in a Gem-IN-I relationship that is a combo of all that each of you have decribed It was I who caught his eye – he was cautious about pursuing me bu as his courage got stronger he spent close to four years trying – i ignored him for the better part and geered him the rest – however deep down I was intrigued and curious.

    Finally Christmas 2009 i need a lift home from work (no we weren’t co-workers, but competitors in the same industry). Without notice he pulled off and parked on the waterside and proceeded to tell me he was in love with me – talk about being off guard – I had no response.

    We talked – he got out and walked to the passengers side and within seconds gave me the most intense lovemaking experience ever! The next fe months were under cover and cat and mouse. Hard man to tame cause there’s usually more than one woman.

    So I operated the same way – now the games our out of his system and we moved toward an intense deep love which two year later this December and he has asked me to marry him. Still each of you have been on point in some way.

  • Geminlove says:

    Very in point! After two years Together and one being divorced my gem and I are right back together again.

  • kali says:

    The score should be 10/10 because there is no better sign for a Gemini than another Gemini. If the Geminis are immature then it won’t work, but if both of them are willing to grow and change then it doesn’t get any better than this. There is a magnetic sexual and emotional attraction that keeps both of them coming back…no use fighting it. Extensive astrological studies also show that Gemini men marry Gemini women more than any other sign, and Gemini women marry Gemini men more than any other sign. If this is true, I can see why. Being a Gemini woman, the two greatest loves of my life have been Gemini men, surpassing what I ever felt for more “compatible” signs like Leo, Aries and Libra. Gemini is a complicated sign and only another Gemini can fully understand, and in most cases put up with, it. Even if the relationship doesn’t last, the love between two Geminis is real, deep and unchanging.

  • Nyakueth says:

    Im not even gonna lie,
    I know a Gemini woman attracts aries, taurus, but is not compatible as a Gemini woman and a Gemini Man! Just the bond, interactions, presence, understanding, is just so peaceful! I love my Gemini man even tho were broken up at the moment but knowing how we work, I know we will be just fine and will be walking down that aisle one day <3 its just so lame as a Gemini woman to have a man not understand you on alllllll types of levels!!! and you know what Im talking about!

  • Chiquita says:

    This article is funny and right on spot. I’ve dated a gem man for a year we were friends before then he cheats on me while I ask him he said he did not cheat. I called him when he was seeing movie with his cheats. Damn him! But when it’s all over for us, we still maintain a great friendship duo. hahaha but I would never date another gemini man…

  • kale says:

    Truth or dare.

  • Nastassia says:


  • zess says:

    Why don’t people say both???????

  • kale says:


  • Nastassia says:

    You said – OR – so right away you are giving the alternative… next time do not include ‘or’ , go right ahead and dare for the truth.

    But in any event I already know what the truth is and so would actually dare you to find it out and that’s why I never choose ‘truth’ when asked that questions. But in any event I usually find out what I need to know by daring you to do something else.

    SO whats your dare 😀

  • kale says:

    Hmm I wonder what is it!??

  • zess says:

    Wow……excited to c such a daring match……com on kale ; )

  • Nastassia says:

    Hahahaha ….Zess you are such an ‘instigator’ 😉 !!!!

  • anna says:

    yo man i’m ready with my popcorns to watch the show lol 😉 don’t worry i’ll cheer you 🙂

  • Sher says:

    What the hell is this hahahah, people coming with popcorn, sodas and nachos hehehe.

  • zess says:

    common kale, now what you thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,u started the game now give a dare to nastassia 🙂 she is ready

  • zess says:

    And Sher don’t you have your work… laughing day today na, so what you doing here 😉

  • Eve says:

    Make sure there is also cookie n cream or chocolate chip ICE-CREAM in the refrigerator, oh and don’t forget the whip cream, candies and chocolate syrup to complete that mouth watering sundae, with two cherries on top 😉

  • zess says:

    Eve it’s winters in my place so NOOOO ICE-CREAMS 😉

  • Sher says:

    I had to come and peak and now I don’t wanna leave, I’m addicted, I’ll admit it – lololol – ITS YOUR FAULT, you did this to me!!

  • zess says:

    Ok now you also join 😉 but where is the game starter ??????????????

  • Eve says:

    Well I urge you, you better go out and get it….and don’t you worry about the temperature, by the time you know it, you will wonder where did all that heat come from, infact we will set the thermostat on the right temperature (go figure) an then watch it gradually goes to an accelerating high… boiling hot in no time 😉

  • Nastassia says:

    What in tarnation is going on here, where did all these folks come from, is there some kind of peep show going on in here that I am not aware of?? Who is responsible for this?

  • zess says:

    Kale who asked and you who picked DARE heheheh

  • zess says:

    well i think i quit……. gud nite all 🙂

  • Nastassia says:

    Hahahaha OKAY, but damn all these people suddenly appear out of now where and then Kale can no longer be found… I think he’s all chat and nothing else 😀

  • kale says:

    Someone kidnapped me help.

  • bamboo says:

    That’s your dare, save kale.

  • zess says:

    where are you kale, u ok??????????/

  • Nastassia says:

    Are you sure you didn’t go on your own free will. Zess don’t pay him any mind, he quite okay!

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