Gemini Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Leo Couples:  John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy

This is a merry combination.  These two people can enjoy running circles around each other.  Gemini is Mercurial — always fascinating and nearly impossible to keep up with, which Leo will find entertaining (like he could be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys).  That is until the monkey starts the real monkey business.  If you are serious about pursuing this ephemeral bit of phosphorous, Dear Leo, be prepared to take what comes with it —  a wilderness of loose ends.  The sun starts and stops with the Gemini who will tend to rely on Leo’s sense of responsibility and organizational skills to a wearying degree.  Still he is so charming it may seem worth it for a long time.    You are so good at putting the leash on that pesky little primate.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Leo Woman:  Be a good audience.  Try to ignore the shadow of his Evil Twin; it is embarrassing to him, you know — and you’ll have plenty of time to make his acquaintance later.  You might use your great acting skills to pretend that you fall for his little boy charm and your business-like patience to tolerate his sudden whims and changes, which will drive you to distraction later on.  With your left hand over your shoulder, you can display your organizational ability because secretly he wants someone to handle all the adult responsibilities in the relationship so that he can play the pied piper.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Gemini Man:   There’s nothing that Leo likes more than going to the circus, so the fact that you yourself are a one-ring circus is bound to catch her attention.  Smart enough herself, she is nonetheless intrigued by your mental ability, which, if she mistakes for true intelligence, so much the better.  I don’t know how much of this you can muster up, but you must also manage to show that you run the circus as well as hawking the ride.  This regal lady will not tolerate loss of control of her personal life by some of the antics for which you are famous.  Nor will she be amused by your ready excuses and sheepish grin.  If you want to gain her as a partner, which would be smart because she will straighten out all your messes, you had better show her some respect.  It begins by showing up on time nicely dressed — come on, you can do it; and for goodness sake leave your bait and switch date plan behind.  If you say you’re going to an art exhibit do not turn the car in the direction of the casino at the last minute.  By now you’ve stopped reading, so I’ll stop writing.

Degree of Romance:  Every Gemini has kissed the blarney stone and can be an incredibly charming suitor.  Chances are he could sell ice to an Eskimo and he can get in your under drawers just as easily and keep you laughing all the while.  He is likely to keep the romance alive for the duration of your relationship, which is a plus.  It can go a long way to make up for his irresponsibility in other areas.

Degree of Passion:  Gemini is a shape-shifter and mind-melder.  If he wants you, and he figures out that you want passion, he will appear to be the very epitome of passion, and he will continue to be for the duration of the relationship.  Giving you what you want permits him to get what he wants – with you or a la carte.  You gotta watch this guy carefully. He’s got sticky fingers.  (Hence, he probably can’t be bothered to practice safe sex, so act accordingly.)

Degree of Friendship:  Gemini has an engaging way of being everybody’s friend.  Leo has the reputation of being friendly and popular, but so often pride and ego get in the way.  Gemini is the one sign voted most likely to be friends and stay friends with everybody, and this relationship is no exception.  Gemini guarantees that the good times will roll, and there’s never a lull in the conversation.  Gemini has an incredible ability to remain above it all and cheerful no matter what is going on.  Who could ask for more in a friend?

Degree of Marriage:  This is not the best combo for marriage because Leo is a fixed sign interested in responsibility and the present, whereas Gemini is a mutable sign attracted to change and variety.  If they do continue to work out a relationship, it will be by Leo’s forbearance of Gemini’s transgressions, and Gemi’s forbearance of Leo’s loftiness and command.

Progression of Relationship:   Gemini is essentially an unpredictable energy.  Courtship will be more like a skirmish than an all-out campaign.  Leo will have to read between the lines to understand that something serious is afoot.  Gem’s religion is to keep it superficial which can be a constant irritant to the dramatic needs of a Leo.

Sex:   Geminis can be inventive and entertaining lovers, but they lack the depth yearned for by a Leo.  There will be plenty of sex to be had, but Leo will somehow always leave the table still hungry.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over, it will break Leo’s heart as Gemini exits through the trapdoor.  Gemini will assume that they will stay friends forever, but Ms. Leo will probably never want to lay eyes on him again.  She will feel her pride has endured enough insult for a lifetime.

Our Rating:  6/10

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105 Responses to Gemini Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

  • peau says:

    I am with a gemini now . Its good on good days and bad some and being active constantly is what u get out of it. Short trips too if you like to see the world together. Which is fun. gemini men are quick thinkers talkers giving too like leos ect they don’t seem to like heavy topics so don’t be sad if they cut u off and get sick to there airy head of a deep moment.they get me I’ve seen it. I find it funny maybe because I think its okay to cry sometimes. But if he makes u laugh it off than its a well balanced combo .it can be hard a combo too. But fun if you like and are up for change . I like it only if I am given time to progress it before getting myself into the next mess ect. Lol gemini can’t seem to make up their minds!! I can’t stand the last min laggin thing… I am a leo of course and iam a fixed person i do like change sometimes I just need enough time that’s all. I know what I want and how I like things. Gemini do make you feel as if you are on your toes all the time. Fun to be with but don’t really seem to be aware when its time rest it s time to go.they act like curious kids not (kid).lolcause there are two of so that met be why. Or they just have a really really short attention span.sometimes I think they do The gemini leo love life can feel like a crazy roller coaster and next min its all good and peaceful. Which is odd. I do believe they do have two side which I’ve seen. It can be a bit hard at times cause I can not stand it. but I’ve learned little by little each day that their mood swings come and go.I think that’s one of a couple things that can end it .it hasn’t because I won’t allow it my loyal pride stands in the way lol Its that and the whole I have to have more than one lover thing. Leo s from my point view do not like sharing lovers as for gemini I know one tooooo many who don’t mind having more than one lover.:( sometimes I think the two are better as friends less confusion plus the lion doesn’t have to worry about the several lovers they keep behind doors. And the dirty low key secrets they have hidden lol I do agree that when the two break up gemini wants friendship after the fire is out. but the leo lady is not for it . I would have to agree with that a lot. Why because when a relationship ends it the end of the chapter its not good to drag an old fling lover into future relationships even as friends I don’t think it a safe move. Relationships that don’t work for me are stepin stones take the good out of it and leave the bad behind and move on to the next. U don’t drag ur ex along with it cause u have to ask ur self what value does this ex bring to your life. I believe the reason someone would go back to get advice or have a friendship with an ex is to get their approval with out being aware of it.there are many other reasons Ex lovers know u more than ur new lover they know how to charm you right back . I truly believe keeping ex lovers as friends is not a good idea this all from what I have seen in my life time ect its just my point of view the past is the past so leave it behind. Live in the now that the best feeling ever. I hope it work with my gemini it hard and I hope we can stand through it all iam loyal leo lover I always will be so best luck to leo souls who love their gemini lovers

  • Hermes says:

    My Leo ex would be frustrated cuz she could not control me or dominate me. All she had to realize that she just had to stop trying. I’m rebellious by nature and confront “authority.” I have the spirit of a true revolutionary. She was also way to jealous and never wanted to admit that she felt insecure. It was not my fault that girls flock up to me to say hello and know how I am doing. She would do catty shit to sabotage the relationship and I would always call her on it. The times I got jealous I kept my cool and carried on focusing on not acting out of insecurity to do dumb shit. Leo girls are easy to dominate if you ask me. Honestly, she liked it. She does her best to stay away from me. Which is good cuz i move on but if we see each other at a club or bar she is always drunk trying to get some good stuff if you know what I mean. Then off course act like nothing happened.

  • Hermes says:

    P.S. We broke off because I felt she was always fake. She acts like shes all this and all that but when it comes down to it…she is a sit her ass at home type of girl. I am too young to be doing that. I needed adventure, adrenaline rushes, and more spontaneity. I enjoy kicking back and having steady time to be home alone spending quality time…but cmon man, lets go rapid rafting this weekend.

  • nancy says:


    Gemini and Leo just isn’t a good match!

  • Roxanne says:

    Hermes, I have a question for you please, I didn’t understand well, you said you meet with your ex sometimes at the bars and clubs and … you mean are you still doing …things with her?! Even if you are separated?? Cause you said that- I quote: “then off course act like nothing happened”…

  • Mocha says:

    right now im casually dating a Gem and its kinda odd he came on to me and at first i brushed him off he kept tryin and i finally gave in didnt take him seriously “still dont” and that bothers him he’s upset because he feels like the others e’s used to that i shld be giving him all my affection now what i dont get is when i do he doesnt know how to act and pushes me away… So im guessin thts his “Change” mood. anotha reason i dont take him seriously is because well i never kno when he’s serious or not… I liked used as casual friends fling whateva you wanna call it But he had a prob with it how can i show tht i care, and do actually like him but i just dont wanna be tied down?? that or have him go threw anotha one of his moods and come out of it wantin to break things off??

  • Leo-Latte says:

    OMG @ Mocha i sooo agree going threw the same situation now… I believe that i “Like” (pride wont let me use the other L word) hard and at times he cant handle it and tells me how i need to Slow down in his words… but when we do the whole “Casual” thing he’s flipping out telling me how he thinks im using him ect.. ect.. so right now im stuck in between which deciding which one he really wants me to do he decicated a song to how he was feeling and it kinda sorta explained some… Hood Love by MaryJ ft Trey songz look up the lyrics…. Ps one thing is certain this back and forth bis is killing and tht’s most likely wat wld be the end of us for sure but i try to be patient…

  • LeoGirl says:

    My EX was a Gemini and boy was he aweful!! Well yeah they are witty and somehow smart and good chatters ( when they are in the mood). I am a Leo and the reason we broke up was the lack of security and for the same reason as Mocha’s. I took him seriously at first and thought of giving him a chance, but then he took it for granted and acted as if it was my duty to do so. I had such a hard time trying to figure out if he is serious or joking, until he dropped the stupid ‘joke’ of breaking up with me to see if am gonna run after him… like who in hell jokes about that with a Leo girl??. My pride couldnt take it anymore so I just ended the whole thing. And no matter how hard he tried to reconcile I felt that its just gonna be another cycle of useless chases and more frustrations. Geminis are too confusing and irresponsible for us leos. I wonder why other sites claim we are perfect matches. ANd for the deep convo’s part lol yeah they get fed up easily with that. But sometime they try hard to act like the know-it-all guy, like sometimes I would be talking to my EX Gemini about something and he’d be googling it while am on the phone just for the heck of saying something … like what the hell?? then the next minute jumps to something else..Talking about attention span?? Now I am going for a Sag, though a rating of 5/10 is not really promising, but I am hoping our relationship would be an exception. Cant help but giving him the chance. Wish me luck!

  • MissLeo says:

    Im In A Very Happy Relationship With A Gemini Now. & We Have A Beautiful Baby Girl Together, Even Though He Likes To Flirt, Ive Learned To Let Him Do Him, I Kno How Far He Goes, And Its Nothin Serious. I Had To Learn That He Always Comes Home To Me, & Since I HAVE To Kno Wats Going On With Him He Gave Me The Password To His FB, Phone, Ect… I Tust Him Enough Tho I Couldnt Be More Happy & In LOVE(: So Gemini Men & Leo Woman Can Be Perfect For Each Other!

  • cheryl says:

    I’m a female leo and my betterhalf is a gemini,we’ve been 2gether since 2006. And a agree 1oo percent we couldn’t b happier. I love him his the best thing thats happen 2 me. He’s a real man all around.Cant wait 2 be his wife next summer. I love u mr.frazier.!

  • deedee says:

    i’m a leo female and currently talking to a gemini guy but sometimes i dont know how to feel about him. i know i love him a lot but talk about taking things SUPER slow. i mean damn we been talking for a little over a year and he has 3 kids so he is very overprotective of someone meeting his kids and he has been hurt in past relationships. now i feel like he is letting that hold us back on moving forward cuz he is taking things tooooo damn slow. i still haven’t met the kids, been to his house and he hasn’t made a commitment but he acts like we’re committed. meaning he lets me know when he supposed to go somewhere and i dont ask, when i go out he always says be careful or dont do anything he wont do, and he feels the need to confess things that he has done that will prolly make me upset if he didnt tell me. is this really how geminis work? can a gemini man help me with this situation.

  • Mark says:

    OK, I’m a Gemini man (aged 24) and split up with a Leo woman (aged 23) about 4 months ago. We were together 4 1/2 years. Here’s the deal.

    What’s been said about Gemini being flitty and flirty and needing to be organised and having help with priorisiting. All true. And everything about it being wearying to the nth degree. Also true.

    If you want fun, love, romance and affection, we’ll welcome you with open arms and give you everything you can ask for. But if you want seriousness, organisation, regime or routine, don’t come near within 50 miles of us!

    The one thing we hate more than anything else, is having our wings clipped. Which is to say, don’t stop us doing the things the things we want to do. We have a lot of interests and friends and if you (any star sign) stops us doing anything or seeing anyone, we’ll get restless and bored.

    Let us have our freedom and give us the confidence to follow our dreams when we get home, we’ll give back everything we get in return, with interest.

  • nancy says:

    @Mark Very well put, so not so good for marriage which requires seriousness, organization and responsibility. GREAT for a fling!

  • Chocklitt says:

    Wow! All of your comments and views are very helpful. I’m in “like” with a gemini man right now. He is very attentive when we’re together and has shown some interest in moving things along. I’ve been hesitating for some of the same reasons I’ve read. I think we can make it work but really have to see. In the meantime, I’m still keeping my options open. Thanks for all the comments!

  • Chantae says:

    Nancy, I have read a few articles on signs and compatabilities…and this fit my relationship with my ex the best. You really know what you’re talking about. I just wish I read it sooner! 🙂

  • Edwin says:

    I’m a gemini man, and have been with a leo woman for about 6 years now.

    Allot of the things said in the article are very true about both of us, but there’s allot that can’t be pointed at either one of us because, it all depends on the person and where they come from. I had a very different upbringing and everything I had was pretty much given to me growing up. While on the other hand, she has come from a “broken-home” with her parents divorcing when she was younger, getting into drugs, stripping, married (still), and other stuff not worth mentioning. Her life was a mess when we met, but she lied and covered things up with more and more lies, and of course I believed her (why not, we just met). Leo women are great actors, and story-tellers. They can speak with so much confidence and sincerity, that you’d believe anything they say.
    Fast forward a like almost a year into our relationship, and things start to heat up and get “serious”. But before she can move a step into it, she takes the liberty of telling me how theirs allot about her that isn’t good, and that she thinks its best that I didn’t stay with her, because she wants to protect me (she never tells me any of those things, just kind of warns me). Of course, at this point I’ve invested a few solid months into her, and I am already starting to really like her. So I ignore her warnings. I can go on talking about the past forever, but it won’t change the now.
    Now, 6 years later, and I have slowly found out allot about her that I could’ve never imagined to be true. She has broken my heart dozens of times, and yet I still choose to stick around her. She is my first love, and is the only person I’d ever want to be with. But things are slowly starting to edge off the cliff, and we both are emotionally confided, but just knowing the truth and all these things about who she really is is killing the relationship (at least for me). I feel like our entire relationship has been a lie, even though she tells me she loves me and so do I. I need to get out, but I’m too insecure to leave, because while I’m happy at the moment we’re together (see her once a week if I’m lucky), I can’t stop but think about what she’s doing and where she is, and if she’s telling the truth. Matter of fact, I don’t trust her much at all.
    I’m in a tough spot right now at an important part of my life. Its depressing me, and I can’t function normally. It hurts so much, but like any gemini, the mood swings are constant (one minute I’ll be sad and depressed, and the next I’ll be happy and playful).
    I am lost to what to do! She is married and doesn’t have kids, but she says she loves me very much and she doesn’t want to lose me. I need to get out I feel, and remove her completely from my life. How can I do that?
    There is so much more I want to write, but am limited at the moment.

  • Irene says:

    Wow! when I read this aloud to my gemeni boyfriend. I could not believe how much it described my boyfriend and his personality.almost too much to the exact personality. It had my laughing at what you had to say about his monkey business. I know for sure that I was right all along about his ways of being. At the same time both of us were described almost perfectly and the type of relationship we have together. Thankyou.

  • PeteGemeni says:

    @Edwin if your a true gemini youd move on to the next one. Im a Gemini i hate routines but am organized. Im young 25 and never had a serious relationship with a women yet guess thats consistent? I guess when its time to get married ill have to find a leo and make her understand when im being serious and when im not. Im good looking and everyone loves me. Damn its great to be me.

  • Red Lady says:

    I’m a leo woman and have been with my gemini for 12 years (married 8). In the beginning he was the most confident, intrigueing, intelligent and charming person I’d ever met. I mean, hen he walked into the room my heart would skip a beat and I love to see him interact with other people because he is very witty.

    He gave me a sense of security that I never experienced with anyone else. When I say this man takes care of business, he is an awesome provider, hard working, comes home every night, respectful, and never gives me a reason to think something is going on.

    I had to learn to give him space with his moodiness, but I can be very moody as well and so we work out well in that area by knowing when to back off. We can be in seperate rooms in the house together for hours not bothering each other and be totally fine.

    He can be very double-minded in that one day he has a particular opinion or decision on something, and the next day or so completely change it and act like that’s what he felt all along!! He is great at seeing all sides of a situation which helps me because I can be fixed and one-sided in my views.

    My main issue lately which has been troubling me and making me question our future is that the passion is gone. No fire, no romance, nothing. As a lion we crave that, and need it to thrive. I feel as tho we have gotten into a boring, mundane routine day in and day out. He would like me to initiate more, but I need to feel romanced/desired in order to initiate. I don’t just drop my pants because the wind blew!! We have had repeated conversations about this and he thinks I’m just spoiled and never happy. I need that passion!

    Once my mind starts to wander the heart is soon to follow and before long I will have mentally checked out of the relationship. I already have one foot out the door, but I’m trying to think of my kids. We need counseling for sure.

  • Edwin says:


    Haha! I feel you on the last part, I’m just one messed up person (in the heart). I used to be outgoing, funny and always talkative. Somewhere a few years ago (when I met that Leo), my lifed changed… For the good and the bad.

    We finally broke it for good. It hurts, but so does being with her. I just wished she wasn’t such a f**k up, and didn’t have to lie all the time… On to the next one.

  • clarissa says:

    i am a gemini woman im 25.and my grandparents were geminis and leos.they workd until my grandfather died.they make a beautiful couple.

  • Kailyn says:

    Im a leo woman and i dated a gemini man or 3 years…this page is soooo right! Geminis like versatility and change, we leos have all this pride and like thingsto stay the same and were resonsible and blah blah. anyways gemini man are hard to handle and always will be, i did find out when i was the one who broke it off he was the one comming to me instead of me comming to him keep that in mind leo ladies
    oh and the sex part how we leo ladies will leave still hungry…that is the damn truth

  • Kaitlyn says:

    oops my name said kailyn…its kaitlyn

  • Jelena says:

    This is sooo true. I have just ended a relationship with a Gemini man and the last paragraph is very true “When it’s over, it will break Leo’s heart as Gemini exits through the trapdoor. Gemini will assume that they will stay friends forever, but Ms. Leo will probably never want to lay eyes on him again. ”
    Gemini are fun given that they are so changeable and charming, however, in the end his selfish and irresponsible ways (not to mention trying to make everything he messed up my fault) were too much for the fun and intellectually intriguing gemini man to keep me around.
    However, the sex part (at least with my guy) was not accurate; it only got worse when the passion was all gone.

  • LEO says:

    I guess the Gemini men are worthless the same as their women. They simply sucks big time

  • Dharmaleo says:

    Recently divorced from a Gemini, horrible combo, I was married to two inmature men and I had to be the mother! Gemini’s dont like to be told what to do but force you to do so! Good man, great father-bad husband to a true Leo woman.

  • sammy says:

    iam a leo woman n im currently talking to a gemini be honest i really think he is a good guy but i feel like his wandering eye will hurt me in the long run. And i agree with the fact that they like to keep things superficial. i can tell he likes me because he has hit my phone evryday since the day we started talkin which was about a month ago but he hasnt verbally said that he likes me. I dnt know but all these comments have worried me a little soo ill jus keep my options open just to b safe.

  • P_Leo says:

    @Red Lady
    I think if you are seeking passion and you and your guy are stuck in a rut, then you should take the intiative and make it happen. Sometimes men don’t understand a women’s complicated nature or our emotional desires. They get suggest that maybe you and your man can plan a romantic get away for each other! Surprise him with something fun and exciting that both of you will enjoy and get the mood right! The excitement he needs to give you the romance! You guys have been together for too long, don’t let this rut end things! Your relationship is in your hands and you can change it to satisfy you! That’s what a Leo Women is all about, stepping up and making things happen!

  • P_Leo says:

    @ Red Lady
    Sorry I made a mistake, I meant to say, They lazy and I suggest…

  • Leo Female says:

    When It’s Over: When it’s over, it will break Leo’s heart as Gemini exits through the trapdoor. Gemini will assume that they will stay friends forever, but Ms. Leo will probably never want to lay eyes on him again. She will feel her pride has endured enough insult for a lifetime.

    Not true! My ex (Gemini male) would not want to be my friend, due to the fact that he “loved me too much” I was devastated. And I want to give it another chance. It’s been a month, and there has been no contact.

  • Roshini says:

    i donno wot to say… yop i do get irritated wen he doesn call.. o doesn gimme attention.. but as usual.. m moody n i need this kinda attention only wen m moody.. not met this guy yet.. jus over the fone for the past 5 months… its prettie interestin tat m leanrin n givin an effort to converse in his language.. he loves to travel so is me.. i give him his space n he respects mine… he does realize wen to say sorry.. n i let it go once he says it.. i don belive in draggin things.. m a leo n wot m i der for i will step up and make things happen..

    it was lovely wen he sent flowers for me on v day.. oh common.. leo’s flirt well to.. so does he.. big deal.. i love the way he does..

    yeah i do get possessive abt him. donno wen he’s gonna act cranky.. but i donno hw on earth he neva gets nosy wid my frns.. M free to do wot i want.. n i jus get to hear “rosh do wot u want m wid u 4eva”

    v did break up once.. but i loved the way he handled it.. n consider myself so lucky tat inspite of me bein studpid.. i still hav him.. n will try my best not to loose him..

    i knw i love him today.. donno wot will happen tomorrow..

    he hates the gym n i love it.. i hate to cook n he likes it…

    well… i think ill go grab this guy to get married to me sumday
    coz i think abt crossin the bridge wen i get der
    think abt adaptin to a new envirnment.. wens it required.. i do not belive in spoilin today thinkin of tomorrow..

    i love the way he brings smile wen m serious.. i love wen he breaks my schedules.. i love everythin he does..

    Period.. : we r 2 Monkeys head ova heels in love wid each other.. hopin thing will work out fine wen v catch up in JULY 2011.

  • Roshini says:

    n …. its nyc to live n let live.. ryt.. y on earth r u guys so against this sort of relationship.. i jus belive tat its in yo hands to crave your own destiny….
    if sumthing goes wrong.. God forbid .. ill keep u posted.. 🙂 🙂 untill den .. ill try everythin to make this a fairly tale weDDin.. 🙂 🙂 lol.. n travel xTensively wid a lotta xta$y

  • Chris says:

    I’m currently with a Leo, and to be quite pacific it’s the greatest relationship I have ever had before. We are plaining to get married as soon as our collage life’s are accomplish. Yes I am rebellious as well as a revolutionist and she accepts that as well as me being surrounded by women even though she might get jealous at points, we don’t fight nor attempt to fight. I see the zodiac a bit true, in the words of it saying The Leo will be chasing me by my actions of being one step ahead at points. 

  • alexandar says:

    new leo women here, dont take leo complaints seriously if you are truly in love with a gemini man. Gemini s break relationships with leos, because he gets bored I beleive but honestly it is also true leos are too selfcentred, and selfish, and unlike geminis I beleive they complain a lot, which I makes me sad to see how many leos bashing out at geminis. all i see is gemini men expressing full adoration for their leo lovers. LEO WOMEN DATING GEMINI MEN: please dont listen to these leo unties here, we geminis love you , adore you like nothing. Ares might be compatible with you, and libra with gemini, but when it comes to love, as the astrology says, just give up some of your suspicions, just give your heart and trust in him, and there is no better love then this. its action packed like bollywood movies, very different then other zodiacs.

  • Alisha says:

    I am a 26 yr old LEO woman dating a 25 yr old Gemini man. We have been together off and on for a year. When we went our seperate ways earlier this year it was because I called it off. I was dating other people at the time and didnt want to settle down. He continued to “stalk” me on facebook, look for me at the nightclubs we would frequent, and text me occasstionall (not overbearing but just every 6 weeks or so). He never gave up. A few months ago we ran into each other again and I remembered how strong our attraction was to eachother. We’ve been inseprable ever since. Everyone says we are perfect together, and by all accounts it seems like we are. But to be fair, I am a leo, I am moody, demanding, and very controlling. He puts up with it, but I know that if I want to keep him for the long run I need to let go and give him his freedom. For the time being though, like the women who wrote a few comments above, to curb both of our suspecious natures, we both have access to eachother’s phones and Facebooks. (gemini men are insatible flirts no doubt about it! but he’s stopped all that and even posted a picture of the two of us as his profile picture to ensure there is clear understanding. We work in the same battalion so theres no worries there. And he never goes out with his boys unless we’re doing a group event b/c he knows how I feel about his flirtous nature)

    At the end of the day, I think that the right Leo/Gemini combination can really work b/c it VERY INTENSE. People will even walk up to us in clubs and say theres an aura around us lol. Additionally, I agree that Leo women can make up for their pushy ways between the sheets, keeping the Gemini happy and content with 1 lady for once.So if you have a Gemini man or a Leo woman, give it a shot. If its right, you will feel it. It will be crystal clear 🙂

  • Jen-Jen says:

    I wonder if age has anything to do with gemini males- do the mature because my Dad is a Gemini but he has issues so that a different story lol anyways-

    Im a Leo girl (now 18 😀 woot woot!!) and i was with my gemini bf (17) for 8-9 months (we were friends b4 we got together and to b honest he pronounced his love for me EXTREMELY out of the blue b4 we were even together- which i found sweet but a little weird)
    In the beginning of the relationship it was so exciting- fun- our conversations lasted for hours and he was funny. BUt after the 3rd or 4th month he suddenly out of nowhere found provoking me as his entertainment??? It was like he enjoyed getting me pissed so I could hang up in his face and he could call back 10 mins later saying “i love you” this happened almost every other dam day. he told me he thought it was cute when i was angry …. -.- realli? He wouldnt even take my anger seriously until I was cursing him out and trying to break up with him- ONLY THEN would he panic or get upset that I might actually be leaving him. Also he liked to try and control or b dominate over me and his mood swings were irritating >:0, BUt the what did it for me the most was when he would act like nothing happen and not even say sorry after a fight- im talking like 5min after a fight- a fight HE PROVOKED or when he “joked” about breaking up twice- Never found that funny….. All i ask for is respect.

    I will admit I wasnt perfect either- I was very nonchalant when he ‘joked’ about breaking up and he would turn around and accuse me of not even caring. what does he expect? Me to grovel or beg for him not to leave me? …Sorry i could never- my pride wont let me drop that far for anybody.

    we broke up 2 months ago- but he wants to get back together. It wont happen- he lost my respect a long time ago. Roller Coasters are suppose to b fun -exciting, not emotional and confusing o:

    Oh and im not bashing Gemini guys at all just sharing my experience with my first Gemini. I will say they are great friends!!

  • Jen-Jen says:

    But I have to add every one is different i do not think all gemini’s are the same or all leo’s are the same and etc etc. How your raised, your personality and other factors play a part in who you are or how you behave in relationships along with your zodiac. I would date another Gemini 😀

  • Celene says:

    im a leo girl i would say, well straight to the point im in love with a gemini that never tells me how he feels i give him my all feelings and he never gives me any feedback so idk if , its just me or there like that or he what he wants from me. i fell in love because he was and is a challenge but idk how to take him anymore little by litttle i get a liddo feedback, the most is he cares for me and its been a year and 7 months, what im thinking is to leave it and walk away. . .

  • carlos antonio says:

    if everybody or sombody wants a real talk or some help about this leo and gemini thing…….hit me up, carlos antonio garcia, i dont know if i can type my email here, but here it is

  • carlos antonio says:

    i need friends females and men to tell me about this relationship (leo woman and gemini man)

  • yasmin says:

    every word in this article is true
    i’ve got a broken heart now its been a while and it still stings

    LEO LADIES plz gemini’s are Fun fun fun but NOTHING MORE

  • kali dass says:

    marriage life relation

  • kali dass says:

    kali dass :
    marriage life relation

    Type your comment here

  • Sol says:

    Geminis are idealists, at least I am. After many Leos, I realized the jealousy and finding me (Gem) irritating when I’m just joking/trying to be stupid cute, and Leo getting angry just doesn’t do it. 1 is too much of a clown, the other may be too serious at times to take the clowning/joking/child’s play.
    Gems love hard, but only when we TRULY L.O.V.E.
    I’ve felt that way twice–both SAGittarius. They bring out a deep, mad passionate fire in me that I can’t explain. It’s like “WHOA!” I get scared of my own intense feelings for them and ask myself “How the heck did she get me to love her THIS much??!”
    So advice to Leo ladies, don’t be so serious w/ us Geminis!! I also think the whole “happy-go-lucky” charm thing that Sags have works magic on Gems.
    The girls I love and why they make my heart pound- they are: Sweet as pie yet seductive (sugar-n-spice), intelligent, gorgeous, 1000-watt Smile, genuine, fun, sexy, Happy-go-Lucky, optimistic, charming, loving and lovable, down to earth, list goes on…
    Yep, pretty much the keys to a Gems heart. So work on those things and he’s all yours!

  • slick cat says:

    I am a Leo woman, who recently brokeup with a Gem, we knew eachother for approx a year. We met online, and we live in different parts of the world. He claims I am too selfish, which to me is hogwash, I was ALWAYS there for him whenever he needed anything. The venomous things he said to me were so mean and cruel. But, alas, I am absolutely crazy in love with him still (i know). After what happened, a week later he sent me a video of a breakup song, about letting go…I have been crying for days…I want him back, I have not responded. I know, but I still love him dearly…judging by everyones responses, will he talk to me again?

  • slick cat says:

    Thoughts anyone?

  • prince says:

    My message to Slick Cat is try hard to contact him otherwise you’ll lose him forevere. I am a Gemini guy and i know what pride mean to Gemini. Gemini can sacrifice his own life not to appear weak before others. My ex leo wife knows that better than any one. I think she has been self deluded till she believed i couldn’t live without her surprised how i suddenly took my decision to break up with her in a joyful moment of emancipation.!!!

  • Sol says:

    I agree with prince, Slick Cat. Us Gems are extremely prideful, much like the Leo–and a bit spiteful too. It’s like, “Don’t dare me to break up with you, cause I definitely will.” If he’s sending you a Breaking up song, then please contact him quick. Ask him exactly WHY he thinks you’re “selfish etc” ask him for examples. I realized a lot of times, it’s different perspectives that is all. You could be acting one way for reasons of your own and the Gem perceives it another way b/c he didn’t know the cause of your actions. I realize now, (I’m a Gem) that i tend to always think the worst of people, especially all the women who have loved me. I think Gemini could sometimes read too much into other people’s actions. While quite a few have been “in love with me”–the only type of girl that wins my heart is extremely genuine, sexy, affectionate, sweet and ‘open-book’ honest.

  • slick cat says:

    ok, so what should I say to initiate conversation? I want to communicate but really dont know what to say for fear of total rejection…

  • slick cat says:

    Thanks guys, and Sol, i am all those things!! lol nothing but 100 percent honest, loving, genuine and yes sexy…now i am scared i lost him forever…

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