1. Messenger

    Being with someone who loves you, because you are you, is the most rewarding and liberating feeling, until….

  2. Neha raina

    I find gemini man to be a split personality , mood swinging character person. What dey want dey will do .partners decision , advice , n willingness doesnt matter . Dey always count der ownsellf to be kid. Dey r selfish. Friends come before girlfriend. Easily gets bored from 1 Place N 101% Communication issue because dey they take decision of their own . These things really hurt n disturb mental stability. The best thing about them is loyalty n unconditional love.

  3. Curtis T.

    In general….it’s not just the sign of the individual alone; but what type of upbringing,morals, and self values they possess.Their family background and traits also plays a key factor in who they are and grow up to be.

  4. Wonderful analysis, Nancy. Thank you.
    I have included a link to your post in my article on Libra Gwen Stefani and Gemini Blake Shelton.

    They have much more than sun-sign compatibility, though this is a great place to start!

    I’d appreciate it if you’d share the post with others, as I think a lot of people will really appreciate it.
    ~Stars of Stars

  5. GEM Man

    As a Gem man yes i am flirty and deattached all the time …I am not a player but i get bored in days and just dont feel that way.I have talked to 1000s of girls for a days or 2 and lose interest…But once the LIBRA girl from my class starts flirting with me on facebook we talked for staright 9 hours that days…I said I love U to her on 3rd day…And i never felt that way before i was just 20 and dieing to marry her….But we start arguing because of her Ex bf who she call ”friends” i was jealous and needly i never felt that way for anyone and after a month we broke up….Now it doesnt matter if i fcuk the whole world i can never ever forget her….She left my heart broken forever ..I havent talked with any girl after her and i never will…please Libra dont do this

  6. Beloved

    I am a Libra female and hes a Gemini male. We’ve been friends for 17 years and started dating 9 years ago. Its been crazy and insane. We switch off who’s crazy, but I came to realize it took for me to stand back and relax for it to work out. Hes been with other women since we have been together. This is due to me trying to lock him down and his lack of commitment. I now see if I dont pressure him… He commits to me. Libra women are great at manipulation especially thru sex. He figures out exactly what I am doing and quickly reverses it on me. Its intriguing how he knows. Libra women have to give them mad space for it to work. Remain his best friend
    .. And do not get too emotionally involved with his actions. This man loves me so much but shows with his actions more then his words. Geminis are great at mind games, but its not them its their personalities flipping. They are naturally bi polar and if you are not strong minded they will tear you to shreds. Good luck everyone… This will last forever if you are understanding and respectful.

  7. Kel

    i am a libra female, and ive been with my gemini for about 9 months and hes just the best, sexually, and romantically! and he writes me these breath taking poems! hes just sooooo sweet to me!!! I hope everyone gets a gemini just as good as mine<33

  8. Mercedes

    I’m a libra and I recently lost my gemini, he was the 1st and only man I’ve ever loved we were only together 8 months. We fell deeply in love, he showed me more passion than any man I’d ever met, he told me I made him believe love is real. Then I started to push him away and I broke his heart…..then I realized I truly loved him and needed him and tried to get him back, but it was too late. The break up effected him more then I thought it would, he started using drugs to get it and other things off his mind, he was on weed and pills. One night he was coming home late from getting more drugs and some one robbed him and killed him……he was very depressed after the break up and no one knew exactly why until they found his journal, he wrote poems and songs in it. I can’t help but feel so heart broken and helpless and feel as if its all my fault. He really loved me……and the worst part is I’m the one who told him I loved him first and now he’s gone he was the best guy a girl could have and I pushed him away, I just stopped talking to him and avoiding him and I dont even have a reason why…….Im just good at pushing the ones i love away but it effected him differently then i could have ever imagined. So please if any of you libra’s have a gemini and he’s showing passion and is actually interested in you and its from the heart……treat him good and right…….it mite be a once in a life time love……

  9. anonymous

    I’m a young Gemini male, and Never in my life have I been in love or wanted to be in love. I’ve always avoided relationships and as soon as I take my chances and truly commit to something the Libra I was with, she breaks my heart she told me she loved me but deep down I wasn’t in love but over time I began to fall deeply in love with her, I really loved her, it even still feels surreal saying that I “loved” someone and I’m not going to make this too long for since I don’t want it to seem like I’m whining but if any of you Libra females have a Gemini male who commits and actually falls in love, don’t break the mans heart because I’m speaking from this point of view
    once a Gemini’s heart has been broken things will never be the same.
    She was a few years older then me, and I guess I was blind to the signs
    that things weren’t going to work how when I told her I loved her she would start changing the subject when we used to tell one another we loved each other all the time. But now that I know how things go I won’t ever trust another woman, I’m living for 1 reason my dream and once I reach it I’m dead. Peace & Love to everyone and good luck to any person in a Gemini Male & Libra Female relationship and if she ever reads this, just know I’m moving on to better things and you destroyed my ability to love and I mean that in the most serious way and you taught me how to hate a BITCH.

  10. Stef

    Im a libra female and me and my gemini male have been on and off for about 6 months now. We recently just rekindled things since he “didnt want a relationship” once the school semester started. After about 3 weeks of barely speaking he took me out and things are better than ever… for now. He’s super unpredictable, and I’m ready to give him everything, but we can both be so fickle about how we feel. Probably because of our indecisive nature (being air signs and all). Other than the little ups and downs, i can honestly say he’s my best friend and I’ve never felt a spark with anyone as i do with him.

  11. Belle

    Gem Male :

    @ Nancy I’m considering dating a libra who says she’s a scorpio but her bday is Oct. 23. Am confused or is she? She’s definietly a lot of fun to be around

    She’s a libra! My birthday is 23rd october and i’m a libra not a scorpio

  12. Belle

    I’m a libra female and my ex, who i’ve only ever cared about in the whole world is a gemini male. Our relationship was perfect. I can never look at another guy like i did him. we were perfect. no arguments no sadness nothing, just laughter, passion and happiness. We’re still in contact and neither of us have been with anyone else and still miss each other. trouble is, being air signs we’re shit at decisions and we both are so much a like that it makes it hard for us both because we think alike.. e.g i wont contact him because i’m scared of him finding me annoying or something and that he’ll hate me.. then next time he contacts me he says he thought i hated him….. it’s so weird.. he always contacts me and we meet and stuff and i miss him so much! libra and gemini for life!

  13. Rob

    One way I can describe the way I feel about Emile is, this; I have a soft side and a tough side, the side side of me is like my kid side and I hide it a lot, and the tough side is like the grown up side of me. She makes me feel like a Kid and a Man at the same time, when I tell her “I like you” I feel like a kid but when I tell her “I Love You” I feel like a man. I don’t tell her how I feel all the time because I’m afraid she’ll get tired of it or annoyed, I’ve never been in true love before so I don’t know how to go about it at times but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s my heart, she just is. she’s got me. 4Life. ER.

  14. Rob

    I’m a Gemini male and Emile is my Libra, I’m the one who commented on Sep 14th. I think she commented on August 5th….she quoted something I said to her in that comment. Its true….she’s the 1st person I’ve ever truly loved..I want to marry her….she’s my heart…my lungs…my air…..she made me fall in love, I’m head over heels for her. I never thought I’d be in love and was to the point where I didn’t really care much for it but she changed that and she just makes me want to love her and treat her right, my minds always in a rush and I usually don’t think about 1 thing for too long but she’s always on my mind. I wake up and wonder how she’s feeling, I feel more in tune with my feelings with her, I used to feel confused about things and detached but when I think of her I know exactly how I feel.
    I’m in love with her, its true I want everyone to know I’m a Gemini male and I’m in love for the 1st time and I can’t help but feel like she’s the woman I want to spend my life with. I don’t even know if she’s ever going to see this but I don’t care I just want to let the world know. Emile if you read this I love you, I truly do from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul
    you make me feel alive I’d choose you over all the money in the world.
    I want to spend time with u more then anyone else on this earth, I want to read you the poems I write for you, sing you the songs even if I can’t sing, hold you in my arms, keep you warm when you are cold. Show you the world, take you everywhere I go, I don’t want to go all over the world without you I’d feel alone. You’re the holder of my heart I can’t describe how much you mean to me , I could say so much and still never fully explain how much I truly love you……I want to grow old with you….to live….to give you all of me, every side of me. Every single thing about you makes me love you, the way you do your hair, the way u talk, just everything. If I look like a fool for saying this so be it I take all the ridicule, all the jokes, everything just to tell you that I Love You.

  15. anonymous

    Emile if that was you who made that comment on August 5th 2011(which I’m sure it was lol) I love you<3

  16. Jen

    I was involved with a gemini for over 9years. It was the best relationship for the both of us but we are both married, he to a taurus & me to a pieces. Anyway we talked every day on the phone and met when we could. it was long distance. Best relationship I had on every level…Sex was amazing, but also the friendship. He & I completely understand each other. But its horrible when you can’t be with your soulmate because your both married & well he can’t get divorced. & I understand that because I know we are hiporcrits, but we are both christians and he was a minister before. Its a mess, I am not sure if I can ever stay away from him. And I guess I also like older men, he is 15yrs older than I.

  17. Itzy

    im a libra and my boyfriend is a gemini.what i read so far fits us we love talking we havent fought, and the sex haa i dont kno yett. we been together for almost five months and i just want to make sure if this really is a great match

  18. anonymous

    I’m a Libra female, and I’ve been with my Gemini for going on 4 months. He told me I’m the first woman he’s ever truly loved and that he wants to marry me. I’ve never felt the way I do when I’m talking to him he makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face all the time and I can’t help but feel like I’ve found true love. I was the one who told him I loved him and he told me at first he didn’t feel the same way but he said the feelings just came rushing in soon after and he told me “I’m head over heels for you……Im in love….and it feels…..great” and he writes me poems that are just so romantic and breath taking. He’s the one, at first it seemed like he was testing me and he was very vague about things but after the first few weeks he gave in and now he tells me all the time how he feels about me. He told me he wants to grow old with me and he even leaves me love letters in the morning and in messages, Trust me if you can get your Gemini to fall in love he’ll be faithful to you and treat you right. Don’t break his heart, my Gemini told me upfront he’s got a soft side and a tough side and his tough side is to protect the very sensitive other side of his personality. Good luck! I’ve found the best man I’ve ever had and hopefully it works out for you all! xoxo <3

  19. sakura

    i totally agree with Dorsey. taurus seems nice at first met. very caring, very loving. but all those are just traps. once you fall into the trap, it’s so hard for u to get out of it. seriously. they are very jealous and possessive. they accuse u having relationship with other men, although ure not. anyways, im a libra female. just met a gemini guy. we talked for hours. it’s like we’ve known each other for so long. he may be have change in charaters and busy all the way, but in the end, he always have time with me. never feel appreciated in conversation before i met him. we can just talk about anything.. that’s what makes me attracted to him. i guess, gemini has good compatibility with libra.

  20. Liblet20

    I’m a Libra female and have been with my Gemini on and off for 10yrs. He is a fantastic, loving person but is addicted to weed which effected our financial and emotional position drastically. I broke up with him for what I thought was for good this time but I just can’t give up and he has made some changes in the right direction. I’m hoping he gets sorted out because I do love him very much and he really is a good hearted person. Lia, you’re Gemini may be testing you, they do that alot, particularly in the beginning but after a yr? I’m not sure what he’s doing. If I were you I would tell him that it’s just not working out, that you’re not suited because you want more out of a partner and it’s just not going anywhere and you don’t want to waste anymore time. Also depends how old you are? If you’re only young then I prob wouldn’t do that. Good luck 🙂

  21. Rob

    I’m a Gemini male and I’m with a Libra female and I can honestly say; she is the 1st woman I’ve ever truly cared about and truly loved. I want to marry her, and sing her songs I’ve wrote. I want to read the poems I have to her. I want to make memories with her and spend my days next to her. she helps me balance things out more and gives me some peace of mind. I want to make a future with her. She is the sunshine and the moons glow. the Stars in the nights sky. The air in my lungs, the Paper to my Rock. She is the one I want to be with. I never thought I’d be in Love with someone but she’s changed that. I can truly say……I Love Her. she’s more then just another fling to me. she’s my heart.

  22. LiLLLa

    Had a Gemini beinjg after me, went to only one date with him, and he’s been after me for a YEAR! After just one date , kept calling like crazy. He were really suitable in conversation, howeveri had a Leo bf, and once Gemini called Leo picked up, the only thing I got from gemini was – “Why did you do this to me”
    After that, didnt hear from him.
    Can’t say i am sorry. Im sure there will be more, but they do fall for us Libras , coz they love beauty, and for us they are convenient – no arguments or hard tmes.

  23. Victoria

    I’m a Virgo (Sept.18) who’s Rising Sign/Ascendant is Libra. I’ve always gotten along well with signs that would have otherwise been incompatible such as Fire & Air signs. I’m totally crazy about this Gemini…and I think he’s crazy about me as well. For now I’m just testing the waters but since Virgo got 8/10 & Libra got 9/10 hopefully it’ll be alright. I’m crossing my fingers on this one! ^_^

  24. Netty

    I’m a cap woman and my bff since childhood is a Libra. I’ve been married fifteen years and going strong. But my bff went thru hard times and bad luck for several years. she told me recently she met a Gem guy and was ecstatic it was like a big weight lifted off my chest I felt relieved. soon after she met him he got deployed to Iraq and that was a downer but i told her to hang in there and just believe in what you’re doing. This is so spot on.

  25. BabeE

    I (Libra) will be celebrating my 13th Wedding Anniversary with my (Gemini) husband this year. Been together 15 years. Have two beautiful children with him.
    He is the most caring, loving, passionate person. Sex is heavenly!!
    He spoils me with little meaningful things all the time. He makes me my morning coffee, leaves my favorite chocolate on my pillow, brings me flowers all the time, sends me “miss you, can’t wait to see you” messages. Literally drags me away from cleaning and cooking and instead takes me out on a date. I am married to my best friend with whom I have THE most fun with.
    If you have a chance, marry a Gemini!!

  26. Fatalbeautyyy

    I am a Libra women & I met my Gemini Man, 2 months ago. It started out simple with a cup of coffee, walk in the park on our first date. We totally hit it off that night. He knew he wanted me apart of his life & so did I. Two weeks later, we got engaged.. & ever since then, it’s been love & happiness from there on. I never believed in true love at first sight, but he totally swept me off my feet! This is a match made in Heaven!

  27. Dorsey

    Corrie…DO NOT DATE THE TAURUS! seriously…been there; done that! Tauruses are way too jealous and are home bodies and never wanna fo anything and they are blunt. also fake! they seem all interested at first, but once they catch you…they just stop caring. the sex is amazing but with me and my ex Taurus…it ended pretty bad. the sex was so great but we just drew apart bc the sex blinded us from all of our “communication” issues. now Gemini…they are fun, spontaneous, good sex (maybe not great like with Taurus at first) but it still gets the job done. and Geminis are funny. charming. sweet. they ask what your thinking. they really care. are lovers and friends. just give the gem space and take your libran space too. bc Libras need their space too every now and then. Please trust me! my ex Taurus ripped my heart out two years ago and I have dated two geminis since then. the first one for 5 months but he was stationed in Hawaii, and I stayed here In Ga. we are still in contact and friends! and I have been with this Gemini for about 8 months now. we love each other as friends and as partners. it’s never boring. I stay over every night at his house. sometimes we stay up late and watch movies and it feels like I’m having a sleepover with my best friend. he always let’s me pick the movies, he buys me dinner, puts gas in my car when needed, rubs my back, can be immature in a silly playful mood, calls me so many pet names. Stay with the Gemini! tauruses aren’t as caring towards your needs. my ex would be so mean to me and he was very quiet and I, being a libra, talk alot. stay with your gem! my gem is sooo amazing! I am a lucky girl. I told him I wanted to have a miniture pony oneday and he bought me the cutest stuffed animal pony and surprised me with it. he’s so cute and silly and sweet! trust me!!!! j do not lie. also tauruses are very vengeful. I had cheated on my ex one Time only made out with a dude. I told him. and he dumped me. for like four days and said he couldn’t take me back until he made out with a chick. he was immature and I always had to do the apologizing and fixing of the relationship. we almost had a baby together and he is engaged and already has a baby only two years after we have split. hurt me!!! and his daughter was born the day after my bday! how convenient! he has a baby libra!!!

  28. corrie

    I’ve been living with a Gemini man for 6 years now. I adore him, but the big problem is he is way too self-centered. He hears me talk, but never listens. I met a Taurus man at work, and boy did the sparks fly! I did what I never thought I would do, and don’t even feel guilty. I’m sure this is going to get nasty…..what to do?

  29. ke ke

    luvdimplesl1017 :
    Ive been dealing with a gemini for about a yr and a half and we r doing nothing but progressing, a few ups and downs ( as that goes with anything) but he my friend and my lover. We can complete each others thoughts share many of the same interests but…we’re not “together” cuz he’s not “ready” it hurts me everyday as of late because I know I only want him and after expressing this his response was ” it will happen, I jus dont want to hurt u, im not ready” and yet we talk for hours on a daily basis and see eachother quite often…. I love him, but next summer I may be investing my time and emotiond into someone else if he hasnt came around… I cant stand the thought of him being with another woman…pray for me guys that I get some peace of mind

    Type your comment here
    i am in the same position right now…i have been seeing him for a year and 2 months. He really cares about me alot but he doesnt want a relationship right now. we are together all the time….he calls me all day long but doesnt want a rleationship right now…im so confused about what i should do..

  30. caribchic

    Hi nancy
    ive been with a gemini man for 2 years then broke up but got back on again….. just cant tell if he is coming or going…the sex is fantastic he is a rogue in bed and we seem to have a great combination of friends lovers and we dont hold grudges …btw im a Libra woman and i just cant get rid of him no matter how hard i try…. one small aspect he is married (oops) i know to a taurus woman and says he is not happy and plans to be with me. only lately he is spouting off a lot of :ilove you’s which i never heard before but i just cant stand it…. its like the more i try to get rid of him he just pops up …. but it sure is a roller coaster and like hedoesnt intent to let go of me ever!!!

  31. Gem Male

    @ Nancy I’m considering dating a libra who says she’s a scorpio but her bday is Oct. 23. Am confused or is she? She’s definietly a lot of fun to be around 🙂

  32. lia

    actually iam libra girl and my boyfriend is gemini
    we both make good pair and it’s like match made in heaven

  33. luvdimplesl1017

    Ive been dealing with a gemini for about a yr and a half and we r doing nothing but progressing, a few ups and downs ( as that goes with anything) but he my friend and my lover. We can complete each others thoughts share many of the same interests but…we’re not “together” cuz he’s not “ready” it hurts me everyday as of late because I know I only want him and after expressing this his response was ” it will happen, I jus dont want to hurt u, im not ready” and yet we talk for hours on a daily basis and see eachother quite often…. I love him, but next summer I may be investing my time and emotiond into someone else if he hasnt came around… I cant stand the thought of him being with another woman…pray for me guys that I get some peace of mind

  34. 1505girl

    Met my gemini and felt the sparks right away. We both knew it was meant to be. We were together for almost 2 years and then we flew to Antigua and got married. He’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. We are friends, lovers, and soulmates. Gemini+Libra= happiness!

  35. AsMaine

    I just want 2 say as far as sex… not being free with it an doin it just so, is a lie 4 me, u all dont know me, will never c me, but In a freak! 4real, and I love it n all forms, from sweet an slow, 2 fast an nasty, anywhere… but like I said one libra out of many. / An I am so bad at flirting, I think;0)!

  36. ashley

    hey i just met my first gemini man i am a libra female. we have been seeing each other for a month now and my god it is the best relationship i have ever been in. but big BUT i have a week to decide if i want to move out of state to live close to my x so he can visit with daughter. and libras r bad a makin decisions and im totally falling for my gemini. so im just wondering is this gemini worth staying for…

  37. Tricia

    I love and adore my Gem we’ve been together only 10 months, but I’ve experienced a unique and special kind of love with him…and yes the sex is pretty amazing too haha. I just hate when he plays houdini and disappears. When he does that, it usually only lasts for a couple of days and he comes running right back…just like a butterfly :p

  38. kelly

    great couple!..been with 3 gemini men so far…best relationships, friendship and sex partner!…great conversion!…

  39. stephanie

    I have been with my gemini for almost two years. and its my most successful relationship yet. libras tend to be jealous and i have been, until i met him 🙂 We have fun, we never argue ( though we do talk through some things) and were having a baby in october. ive found my match 😉 (libra and gemini)

  40. bryttany

    One of my best guy friends is a qem. All i qot to sayy is he is super sweet..& the sex ? Sounds like one hell of a qood ass time ! lol libra & qemm are qreat toqether.

  41. ALC

    Well, that was most definitely insightful. Explains the great convo and fabu sex, too!

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