Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Pisces Couples: Justin Long and Drew Barrymore, Fabrizio Moretti and Drew Barrymore, Donald and Ivana Trump

This bright and breezy combination may actually lend itself to friendship easier than love, but friendship is a good basis for a long term relationship. The common glue is a curiosity about life and the enjoyment these two get from talking to each other about it. They make a pair of merry traveling companions. Gemini, with its superficial gaiety, is able to lighten Pisces’ load.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Gemini Man: With all your charm and wit it will be pretty easy for you to sweep this lady off her feet. Your amusing chatter will put stars in her eyes, and she will enjoy being teased with your brain twisters. For heaven’s sake, keep it light and bring your great sense of humor. This woman is one of the most desirable in the zodiac, so you’ll always have lots of competition.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Pisces Woman: You have to do something to get his attention, but it has to be subtle and sophisticated which is a stretch for you. Try going to a party with another man (a willing confederate) and flirt with him in front of your Gemini love interest. That may catch his eye. He will find you an engaging conversationalist, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with him. Geminis love to be asked questions about everything under the sun except themselves. Keep it light – nothing too deep.

Degree of Romance: There is a great possibility of romance in this relationship if you think of it in terms of a Cole Porter song or Fred Astaire movie. There is a touch of class involved which adds elegance to the courtship and a suave, debonair flavor, complete with accoutrements such as white gloves, calling cards, and flowers.

Degree of Passion: Passion is not particularly welcome in this relationship. Putting Gemini in a passionate situation is like throwing a cat in a swimming pool. Pisces feels the vibrations of everyone around them quite acutely and would just as soon be left alone. It may actually be a plus with these two that passion is not present. After all, being inflamed with passion can make you feel like a worm writhing on a hook.

Degree of Friendship: Here is a wonderful possibility for friendship. These two are traveling companions who enjoy observing the oddities and curiosities of the world. Both signs are very popular and will make all kinds of friends. Socializing is fun for them. They like to talk not only with people but about them, and that’s a strong common interest. Each has a tolerant viewpoint on humanity. Gemini is sophisticated and blasé while Pisces is forgiving and non judgmental.

Degree of Marriage: If these two marry, there will be some real plusses and minuses. On the positive side, they are capable of entertaining each other far better than most other pairs and will appreciate that aspect of their relationship. For example, they may have frequent dinner guests or enjoy planning outings and parties for large groups of their friends. On the negative side, neither of these two is ready to take on all the responsibilities of married life such as balancing a checkbook and maintaining the cars. Gemini can’t be bothered with those details, and Pisces is always somewhere else, not to mention being a born procrastinator. They can seem like a couple of kids without any adults around, which can lead to the kind of problems that end marriages. In addition, neither one is noted for fidelity. They may become tolerant of one another and have an open marriage or a third person may bring an end to this pairing.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship should lead the two participants on a merry chase. Gemini will be full of ideas of things to do that are unique and interesting. He may take her to the ball game one night and a Beatles tribute the next. He will also vary the nights of the week. This is one sign for whom the conventional Saturday night date is a fraud. He might refer to it “amateur night” with a gleam in his eye.

Sex: After the initial attraction wears off these two will have to work to create common sexual ground. Gemini is mental, restless, curious, and even kinky. Pisces tends to prize feelings, depth, communion, and bonding. He will have to be the one to compromise, and if he is willing to do so, there can be some real rapture between them.

When It’s Over: It’s hard to imagine a conversation that takes place between these two ever coming to something, especially a break up. Gemini would rather talk than do, where Pisces would rather pretend the whole thing is not happening at all and talk about something else. It is not likely that the feelings will be very sticky or harsh, so the separation can be on friendly terms if procrastination can be overcome.

Our Rating: 5/10

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24 Responses to Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • aguaprofunda says:

    Oh, I love your assessment about Gemini (rather talk than do) and Pisces (would rather pretend it’s not happening so let’s talk about something else). This is so spot on! My Gemini BF and I started as friends and this is really what made me fall deeper for him. I could tell he had my best interest at heart and really was a good guy. We also had lots of fun, going to bookshops, the beach, walking around talking, LOTS and LOTS of talking because yes, both signs are mutable and naturally curious.

    But, like you have painted in this portrait, the emotional chemistry is lacking. We are great friends but there isn’t much passion. For me, the Pisces, this is especially difficult because that part of me longs to be expressed, especially in an intimate relationship. You know, sex for a Pisces is just sex without the other merging of souls and meeting of the spirits stuff involved.

    So I continue with my Gemini but I’m not sure how good the long term prospects are, mostly because I think I will eventually be like a fish out of water (no emotional stimulation) and I will begin to separate emotionally, which means I won’t be as talkative, which means to my Gemini, he will think I am no longer interested in him. It’s not that, it’s just that I won’t have as much to relate to him because I know we don’t meet each other at the same plane…

    But in the meantime, I hold on to my dear Gemini, my dear friend Gemini.

  • crazy about my gemini says:

    wow.. that was so so accurate.. i love my gemini.. we startd out as friends.. initially, i didnt really think much of him.. but when i got to know him, i just loved him for his candidness.. he lets his guard down and lets me in.. and being the piscean that i am, i enjoy it very much.. the only trouble is, he’s with someone else.. but we’re stil such best friends!! and i’m torn between telling him and shutting up about it.. i mean, should i ignore the wonderful connection we have? but there is also that piscean trait.. i’m fickle! i dont trust me!! i kno i do love him.. i really really do..

  • lovinmygeminiman says:

    I really enjoyed reading this assessment of a gemini man and a piscean woman. I do; however, have to disagree with the passion section. I am a female pisces and dated a gemini male, we had a very passionate relationship.

    We also had a very deep emotional connection. I think it’s because he was able to really relax and let his guard down with me.

    We were great friends and lovers. The thing that broke us up was his unrealiability. He would disappear for days without a word and then show up as if he were supposed to be my one and only. I didn’t like that, so I started dating other people.

    I have dated other gemini males and they are not made equal, and that’s for sure. I have never found anyone else I could connect to on such a deep level; mind, body, and soul. I miss my old gemini mate.

  • iloveyouTee says:

    im in love with this gemini boy and im a pisces. sometimes i do feel like he’s not into me and then he’ll be affectionate and make me feel good. it aggravates me but i love him too much to to stay mad. anyway this helped me understand why he acts likes this sometimes…

  • Gabriel says:

    I dated a piscies women for about 5 years. She was 16 and i was 17 when we met. We started as intimate friends then it led to a real relationship. I can say it was magic. We were like two young kids extremly happy all along. Sex was amazing for both of us. We were living like we were married. When we were alone, the world was ours but when someone else stepped in…. it was a nightmare… she was a different person. After three years on a christmas eve, she decided to end our relationship. She followed her parents advice, because she was going to the university and she was going to become a lawyer and i was working on my way to become a cop. I presumed she lost her interest in me. So she started to date another guy that was going to university ofcoarse but she wasn’t happy with him. She was still thinking of me(we had a mutual friend). Three months later i got accepted at the University (i did it because i wanted to show her i am capable too…even tough this wasn’t my life plan..) and she camed back to me. I didn’t expected her to come back but because i loved her, i decided to give her another chance. We got back; everything was ok but it wasn’t like before… we were both different. She wanted me to be the way i was before and i wanted her the way she was before but neither of us did nothing, we both had a big ego. After a year, we got in a fight and she left me without telling me nothing and then i found out a week later that she started dating a rich guy… As far as i can remember she wasn’t like this and she wasn’t materialistic when i met her… People changed her, mostly her parents & best friends. My advice in this relationship is that “piscies women” don’t realy seem to know what they want…and they are very easly influenced emotionally. I ended up broken hearted and i got my life experience :) we both had reason in our fights…we were both right and wrong… we both learned a lot form each other and i thank her for everything. After all this… i still love her very much and i will probably love her for the rest of my life. I am blinded by her love. However, will not make the same mistake twice.

    Wish u all the best and remember that love is the second best thing after life… ;) so… “Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live…” – Unknown Author

  • Gem-in-eye says:

    I met a beautiful piscean woman the other night…I was hooked line and sinker by her eyes and smile. We hit it off the bat! Tonight, we’ll have our first ‘real’ date…she makes my heart flutter! I don’t take all this to heart but as advice or caution in the wind. She is smart and a great kisser! I’d never been with a pisces before…Here goes!!!!

  • Vanniii says:

    I JUST started talking to a Gemini man, we havent ,et before but last ngiht we were talking on the phone and didnt wanna go! haha.

    I’m really concerned though, we have a lot of similar traits but I dont know if he’s gonna end up getting bored.

    Blah, its confusing but I’m giving it a shot.

  • Piscean Virgo Rising says:

    crazy about my gemini :
    wow.. that was so so accurate.. i love my gemini.. we startd out as friends.. initially, i didnt really think much of him.. but when i got to know him, i just loved him for his candidness.. he lets his guard down and lets me in.. and being the piscean that i am, i enjoy it very much.. the only trouble is, he’s with someone else.. but we’re stil such best friends!! and i’m torn between telling him and shutting up about it.. i mean, should i ignore the wonderful connection we have? but there is also that piscean trait.. i’m fickle! i dont trust me!! i kno i do love him.. i really really do..

    I am a Pisces female, who fell for her Gemini friend..we even lived together for a month… we are so compatible as friends, but it did not work out as a living arrangement. The reason was a long distance third party.. he was unwillling to let her go. We did remain friends, and lovers, but he now has left the country to meet up with her. I am filled with mixed emotions.. and wise enough to know, it is now over. It was an overly passionate relationship, and I guess we lost our minds temporarily. I would not recommend dating an old friend to anyone.

  • Pisces to The Core says:

    i am a pisces woman who fell in love with a gemini man. we have been together for 2 years and i have to admit i have found my best friend and soul mate. but we didnt start out as friends first. we met online, had a few dates, than we became official. i have never met anyone who understands me so much emotionally, and mentally on such a deep level.

    I will admit that there are times that i question my feelings for him because gemini men arent as emotionally attached as we, both men and women pisces, are. but after reading a little bit about the gemini man, my understanding for his behavior at times has grown. of course, i find it to be quite irritating at times but that is just who he is. and i accept him for that just as he accepts me for who i am.

    in fact, i find him even more appealing and attractive now because i have such a deep understanding of him.

    besides, a little research on someones personality never hurt : )

  • PiscesLoveDeep says:

    I’ve been with my Gemini man for almost two yrs. I’m a Pisces girl and I fell for him first online, we chatted fr 6 months straight thru email then on the phone every single day. What a blast we had! Then we met and ended up moving in together. It was great at first. All new and happy, tons of laughs and lots of conversations. But he was recently divorced and even though he had made me tons of promises of true love and marriage which got me to meet him in the first place, he never went through with any of it. I heard from a mutual friend that he told them he was just bored one night while surfing the internet and found me. He needed someone to chat with because he was lonely. He wasn’t really looking for love at all so he just led me on for whatever sick reason he had in his head. I still don’t know why. I gave up my whole life to be with him too. So stupid. He had no intention of us ever really getting together even though we were both really attracted to each other. He just liked that I could hod a good conversation with him. So now, here we are still living together but in separate rooms, both dating other people and hardly ever saying a single word to each other. It’s really terrible. I keep trying to remind him about how great of a “friendship” we had prior to moving in together and that we should work on that friendship again without the romance added, but he seems to be of in his own little world these days. I dunno cause one day he seems to be totally in love with me and very jealous if I chat with any other men on the phone and the next day he acts like he hates me and wants me out of his life. He was so wonderful before we moved in together so I suspect the whole “chase” thing with Gemini males is true. Once they catch you, the chase from them is over and they leave “mentally” at least in my case for someone new. Learned my lesson the hard way. No more Gemini’s for me-ever again!

  • LoveMine says:

    I’m dating a Gemini man at the present moment… Upon reading this, I definitely see the detachment he holds, & as some of you have commented, I worry about him getting bored with me or losing interest in moving on all the time.
    We met a year and a half ago. He would do something stupid (he was very flakey), so I’d refuse to talk to him. Being the stubborn pisces that I am, though, I’d end up talking to him when he’d try to reconnect with me however many weeks later after I’d calmed down.
    This actually happened quite a few times with us, but I swear to you, we had such a great connection, it was hard to deny him. He’s the only man I’ve ever forgiven this much without holding a grudge of any kind. I’d say the greatest benefit of this relationship is both the lack of jealousy & the mental connection. I can honestly say we trust eachother, and that feels so amazing. And as far as the mental connection goes, when he tells me I’m his best friend & it’s a nice change from his other relationships he’s been in, it makes me feel like a million bucks. I like knowing he feels like he can tell me anything & trusts me to know everything.
    And sometimes I do feel like I love him more than he loves me, or that there isnt enough of an emotional connection to make it last. But then he does something so sweet for me, or when he tries to take care of me, or make sure I know he loves me… thats when I know I never want to give him up.
    For those of you piscean females out there thinking about dating a gemini, try it out. you may end up regretting it but you may not. & life is definitely a learning experience. :)

  • Lydia says:

    I love my Gemini. He’s thick at times, to my suffering but when I can never ever stop loving him. I would never give him up. I LOVE HIM, so :)
    Oh and i think i disagree about the lack of passion bit. My Gemini and me are a ball of raging fire. Its torture to keep our hands to ourselves. ;)

  • bopeep says:

    im very close to a Gemini male, im pisces female, weve been friends from afar for 18months,, and for the last 6 very close,and what feels like love
    its so hard to tell when he backs off,,, one minute he says amazing things, and is closer than anyone ive ever felt so in love with before, then he will say something stupid or go in a strop,and ignore me for a few days, I agree, i get scared,and upset, and angry at myself at times,, for feeling this way over him,., and its ve3ry complicated, so we cant “be together yet”,….but just when i wana throw the towel in,,, he will bring out the big guns (words to make me swoon,and feel all loved up” i am scared for the future, and cud so easily try and slip away, ive ignored him for several days, to a week one time,,, he contacted me saying is ur fone broken ?!?! (joke) WORDS OF HOPE PLEASE xx

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  • Pisces that indeed is what I am and Proud of it says:

    I’ve been talking to this gemini dude for over 7months now. We first started out as just friends and we would hang out. Then one time I went over to his apartment and he could not keep his hands to himself. I told him that I have class and don’t do one night stands. And I told him I am not interested in a friends with benefits fling either. We made out that day at his apartment then again he couldn’t control his self so I left. The next day he gone text me saying sorry I apologize and expressed that he missed me. He told me he enjoyed my company. Being the pisces I am I forgave him hoping that the next time I saw him he would keep his word and control his self. Once i got there we talked again but this time we went out he treated me to a movie and dinner. I thanked him and he basically wanted sex. In which we didnt have until I felt comfortable with him. Once we did he fleed. I didn’t see or hear from him for 3 months. I expressed to him that I didnt like his fleeing act that he pulled and that I only see him as a friend. Being the gemini that he is he tries to play the mind game by coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why he couldn’t answer his phone when I called or why he never called. I stopped talking to him for a month after the conversation. Then school starts and come to find out we have the same class. He has missed class and calls me asking what he missed. He then goes on to say he wants sex and misses me. We spend over an hour on the phone and he kept apologizing but I told him I no longer trust his word. I no longer trust him as a person either. He claims he will make it up to me. I might be able to use him for a stress reliever every now and then. But right now I know hes not my husband,nor is he my boyfriend. I am stubborn and I am talking to other people. Geminis…. very interesting but detached and very heartless, distant people, never knows how to be still, very friendly but not mature enough for a committment.

  • Love my beautiful pisces says:

    I was a cheating bastard before I met her,but now I feel that I’m changing and when we are together it’s some kind of magic comes through me….It is true that physically she is totally my type and this makes me ”k.o.” and probably this is my weak side,but I love that and I admire her personality too…Wish you good luck in this relationship guys!

  • Love my beautiful pisces says:

    Oh yeah,probably I don’t have to mention that I’m a gemini guy :) ))

  • Prices gal says:

    I’m a Pisces woman married to my Gemini man for a little more than a year, together for a year and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. It’s true that I know he could never go as deep into spiritual things or even have deep conversations but I’m okay with that and I actually love the fact that he doesn’t let me get too deep into my emotions because as a Pisces I can get very self destructive and self pitying. But with his lightness he pulls me out of that and helps me remember the positives. I love him so so much. He’s amazing.



  • maria says:

    Hi, so me and my boyfriend broke up exactly a 4 months ago. I have been feeling very low because of this as we were very close and have been going out a year and had no problems. He had told me that he had depression and stuff and I tried to help him by always telling him I was there for him and giving him advice. Then he turned around one day and told me he couldn’t cope with being in the relationship anymore. Prior to this we had a small disagreement but nothing you would break up over. My aunt advice to me, that I should look for help in magic. I looking for a website with love spells that work fasts. I choose and I’m very satisfied. Boyfriend back to me and his depression is over.

  • arle says:

    I really like what i read few minutes ago. That made me more understand about him. ;) Actually i also had a church frpm other church. I really like him a lot. Until we became friends, close friends and that made me more silently love him. But it ended up that im just his bestfriend. I always dream about him haha! It was just really one-sided-love. I dont even think if his intp me too. It kinda hurt me but its ok, as long as im his bestfriend :D

  • PiscesFeb26 says:

    I am a pisces guy, born February 26, ya one of those Feb nerds.But um, I’m in a relationship with this Gemini girl, we met four years ago and still going strong. In my opinion especially taking from people’s perspectives, us pisces people should realm lighten up and ease off on all the mushy stuff ya know? Keep it to an extent, and chill the beans man, and your pisces ♓ Gemini ♊ relationship should stay strong.

  • Theresa says:

    Wow i really enjoyed all these responses. I have been with my gemeni for almost eight years and im sure i would blow your mind with all the relevance i could share but id be here all day. Me and my gemeni were like a moth to a flame at first sight. We shared a passionate 4 hr kiss. The very next day he asked me to be his. I agreed on a whim doubting it but had nothing to loose. We were kids 16/17.. We spent the. Ext year with unteresting conversagion and becoming bestfriend! I truley believe to this day that it was that time and waiting over a gull year to be intimate with my gemeni led us to have the solid foundation we have now. Now dont get me wrong this is bu far not an easy relationship we lack in many areas. Its funny i read a comment were some woman wrote she feels she loves him more then he loves her! I feel this wag too! Alot! And it sucks. But i convincemy self that he lives me with all that he xapable of and even thoughits not the same love i share for him.. Its the only way he can! He lacks with emotional connection hands down! This hasmade ourrelationship very self sacrificail on my end! I gave uo alot of things for him but be careful here becuse it causes much resentment.we are a lost ship at see and against all odds but something keeps me tied to this cery specail nieve intellectual misundersttood man. From what i understand of gemenis he dosbt futthe bill. While he ahares some qualities hes very reserved and quite and communication has always been an is a toss of a coin it depends how much he’s willing to out in.. One minute ill feel as though our souls are intwined and the next he d rather die then be with me.theres so much more to say but i can tell you this… For a pisces woman im sure that there is an easier more satisfiyng relationship out there that would cater lightyears better to our emotional side.. But anything great is worth fighting for.. Our tender moments that wedo share.. Though far and inbetween is what i live for. I can imagine a world with out my complicated at times closed off and can seem cold hearted gemeni hes anything but. I think what I’ve come to learn is that a Pisces in a Gemini both lack in what seems like the same areas and because of this you know in a relationship you’re supposed to better each other but you hold hold each other back because your week in the same areas where you need them to man out they don’t and it seems like a pie seasons of taking control of the relationship and we become dominant which isnt in our nature for us were more of the submissive type but you know these things aren’t final saythink what I’ve come to learn that a Pisces in a Gemini both lack in
    the same areas and because of this you know in a relationship you’re supposed to better each other but you will hold each other back because your week in the same areas where you need them to man out they don’t and it seems like a pie seasons of taking control of the relationship and we become dominant which is in nature for us were more of the submissive type but as the years go on i see a clarer picture.. And that is despite all i live my gemeni so much so it takes away from me..hope some of u can understand what im trying to say.. Much love

  • Theresa says:

    Wow that is a sloppy response posted above. I apologize for all the typos. I am doing this from my phone but I hope you can make out most of it I wish I could talk to somebody else who’s in the same situation..but even though this seems kind of spot on I don’t go by astrology I go by how it feels..I also feel at times that I wanted to leave him and I just couldnt work up the courage to do it.same on his behalf .we’ve been through a lot of trials and errors so you both have to be in to make it work .it took a lot of the talking and it felt like it fell on deaf ears and a lot of explaining to tried to make him understand my deep emotions.hes very faithful but i do feel like theres another side ti him and if so he hides it well…hes as innocent as he is nieve.. Thats a challenge in itself. But now where I am in the relationship I still have my doubts about us but we plan to get married and on my and I know that instead of trying to change him to accommodate me more I have to just except him for who he is and again that’s total sacrifice with thinking long-term and willing to do that because I love him that much and if he loves you he’ll find a way to show you even if it’s not on the way you expect. After all hes a polar opposite.

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