Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Pisces Couples: Justin Long and Drew Barrymore, Fabrizio Moretti and Drew Barrymore, Donald and Ivana Trump

This bright and breezy combination may actually lend itself to friendship easier than love, but friendship is a good basis for a long term relationship. The common glue is a curiosity about life and the enjoyment these two get from talking to each other about it. They make a pair of merry traveling companions. Gemini, with its superficial gaiety, is able to lighten Pisces’ load.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Gemini Man: With all your charm and wit it will be pretty easy for you to sweep this lady off her feet. Your amusing chatter will put stars in her eyes, and she will enjoy being teased with your brain twisters. For heaven’s sake, keep it light and bring your great sense of humor. This woman is one of the most desirable in the zodiac, so you’ll always have lots of competition.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Pisces Woman: You have to do something to get his attention, but it has to be subtle and sophisticated which is a stretch for you. Try going to a party with another man (a willing confederate) and flirt with him in front of your Gemini love interest. That may catch his eye. He will find you an engaging conversationalist, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with him. Geminis love to be asked questions about everything under the sun except themselves. Keep it light – nothing too deep.

Degree of Romance: There is a great possibility of romance in this relationship if you think of it in terms of a Cole Porter song or Fred Astaire movie. There is a touch of class involved which adds elegance to the courtship and a suave, debonair flavor, complete with accoutrements such as white gloves, calling cards, and flowers.

Degree of Passion: Passion is not particularly welcome in this relationship. Putting Gemini in a passionate situation is like throwing a cat in a swimming pool. Pisces feels the vibrations of everyone around them quite acutely and would just as soon be left alone. It may actually be a plus with these two that passion is not present. After all, being inflamed with passion can make you feel like a worm writhing on a hook.

Degree of Friendship: Here is a wonderful possibility for friendship. These two are traveling companions who enjoy observing the oddities and curiosities of the world. Both signs are very popular and will make all kinds of friends. Socializing is fun for them. They like to talk not only with people but about them, and that’s a strong common interest. Each has a tolerant viewpoint on humanity. Gemini is sophisticated and blasé while Pisces is forgiving and non judgmental.

Degree of Marriage: If these two marry, there will be some real plusses and minuses. On the positive side, they are capable of entertaining each other far better than most other pairs and will appreciate that aspect of their relationship. For example, they may have frequent dinner guests or enjoy planning outings and parties for large groups of their friends. On the negative side, neither of these two is ready to take on all the responsibilities of married life such as balancing a checkbook and maintaining the cars. Gemini can’t be bothered with those details, and Pisces is always somewhere else, not to mention being a born procrastinator. They can seem like a couple of kids without any adults around, which can lead to the kind of problems that end marriages. In addition, neither one is noted for fidelity. They may become tolerant of one another and have an open marriage or a third person may bring an end to this pairing.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship should lead the two participants on a merry chase. Gemini will be full of ideas of things to do that are unique and interesting. He may take her to the ball game one night and a Beatles tribute the next. He will also vary the nights of the week. This is one sign for whom the conventional Saturday night date is a fraud. He might refer to it “amateur night” with a gleam in his eye.

Sex: After the initial attraction wears off these two will have to work to create common sexual ground. Gemini is mental, restless, curious, and even kinky. Pisces tends to prize feelings, depth, communion, and bonding. He will have to be the one to compromise, and if he is willing to do so, there can be some real rapture between them.

When It’s Over: It’s hard to imagine a conversation that takes place between these two ever coming to something, especially a break up. Gemini would rather talk than do, where Pisces would rather pretend the whole thing is not happening at all and talk about something else. It is not likely that the feelings will be very sticky or harsh, so the separation can be on friendly terms if procrastination can be overcome.

Our Rating: 5/10

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40 Responses to Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • aguaprofunda says:

    Oh, I love your assessment about Gemini (rather talk than do) and Pisces (would rather pretend it’s not happening so let’s talk about something else). This is so spot on! My Gemini BF and I started as friends and this is really what made me fall deeper for him. I could tell he had my best interest at heart and really was a good guy. We also had lots of fun, going to bookshops, the beach, walking around talking, LOTS and LOTS of talking because yes, both signs are mutable and naturally curious.

    But, like you have painted in this portrait, the emotional chemistry is lacking. We are great friends but there isn’t much passion. For me, the Pisces, this is especially difficult because that part of me longs to be expressed, especially in an intimate relationship. You know, sex for a Pisces is just sex without the other merging of souls and meeting of the spirits stuff involved.

    So I continue with my Gemini but I’m not sure how good the long term prospects are, mostly because I think I will eventually be like a fish out of water (no emotional stimulation) and I will begin to separate emotionally, which means I won’t be as talkative, which means to my Gemini, he will think I am no longer interested in him. It’s not that, it’s just that I won’t have as much to relate to him because I know we don’t meet each other at the same plane…

    But in the meantime, I hold on to my dear Gemini, my dear friend Gemini.

  • crazy about my gemini says:

    wow.. that was so so accurate.. i love my gemini.. we startd out as friends.. initially, i didnt really think much of him.. but when i got to know him, i just loved him for his candidness.. he lets his guard down and lets me in.. and being the piscean that i am, i enjoy it very much.. the only trouble is, he’s with someone else.. but we’re stil such best friends!! and i’m torn between telling him and shutting up about it.. i mean, should i ignore the wonderful connection we have? but there is also that piscean trait.. i’m fickle! i dont trust me!! i kno i do love him.. i really really do..

  • lovinmygeminiman says:

    I really enjoyed reading this assessment of a gemini man and a piscean woman. I do; however, have to disagree with the passion section. I am a female pisces and dated a gemini male, we had a very passionate relationship.

    We also had a very deep emotional connection. I think it’s because he was able to really relax and let his guard down with me.

    We were great friends and lovers. The thing that broke us up was his unrealiability. He would disappear for days without a word and then show up as if he were supposed to be my one and only. I didn’t like that, so I started dating other people.

    I have dated other gemini males and they are not made equal, and that’s for sure. I have never found anyone else I could connect to on such a deep level; mind, body, and soul. I miss my old gemini mate.

  • iloveyouTee says:

    im in love with this gemini boy and im a pisces. sometimes i do feel like he’s not into me and then he’ll be affectionate and make me feel good. it aggravates me but i love him too much to to stay mad. anyway this helped me understand why he acts likes this sometimes…

  • Gabriel says:

    I dated a piscies women for about 5 years. She was 16 and i was 17 when we met. We started as intimate friends then it led to a real relationship. I can say it was magic. We were like two young kids extremly happy all along. Sex was amazing for both of us. We were living like we were married. When we were alone, the world was ours but when someone else stepped in…. it was a nightmare… she was a different person. After three years on a christmas eve, she decided to end our relationship. She followed her parents advice, because she was going to the university and she was going to become a lawyer and i was working on my way to become a cop. I presumed she lost her interest in me. So she started to date another guy that was going to university ofcoarse but she wasn’t happy with him. She was still thinking of me(we had a mutual friend). Three months later i got accepted at the University (i did it because i wanted to show her i am capable too…even tough this wasn’t my life plan..) and she camed back to me. I didn’t expected her to come back but because i loved her, i decided to give her another chance. We got back; everything was ok but it wasn’t like before… we were both different. She wanted me to be the way i was before and i wanted her the way she was before but neither of us did nothing, we both had a big ego. After a year, we got in a fight and she left me without telling me nothing and then i found out a week later that she started dating a rich guy… As far as i can remember she wasn’t like this and she wasn’t materialistic when i met her… People changed her, mostly her parents & best friends. My advice in this relationship is that “piscies women” don’t realy seem to know what they want…and they are very easly influenced emotionally. I ended up broken hearted and i got my life experience :) we both had reason in our fights…we were both right and wrong… we both learned a lot form each other and i thank her for everything. After all this… i still love her very much and i will probably love her for the rest of my life. I am blinded by her love. However, will not make the same mistake twice.

    Wish u all the best and remember that love is the second best thing after life… ;) so… “Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live…” – Unknown Author

  • Gem-in-eye says:

    I met a beautiful piscean woman the other night…I was hooked line and sinker by her eyes and smile. We hit it off the bat! Tonight, we’ll have our first ‘real’ date…she makes my heart flutter! I don’t take all this to heart but as advice or caution in the wind. She is smart and a great kisser! I’d never been with a pisces before…Here goes!!!!

  • Vanniii says:

    I JUST started talking to a Gemini man, we havent ,et before but last ngiht we were talking on the phone and didnt wanna go! haha.

    I’m really concerned though, we have a lot of similar traits but I dont know if he’s gonna end up getting bored.

    Blah, its confusing but I’m giving it a shot.

  • Piscean Virgo Rising says:

    crazy about my gemini :
    wow.. that was so so accurate.. i love my gemini.. we startd out as friends.. initially, i didnt really think much of him.. but when i got to know him, i just loved him for his candidness.. he lets his guard down and lets me in.. and being the piscean that i am, i enjoy it very much.. the only trouble is, he’s with someone else.. but we’re stil such best friends!! and i’m torn between telling him and shutting up about it.. i mean, should i ignore the wonderful connection we have? but there is also that piscean trait.. i’m fickle! i dont trust me!! i kno i do love him.. i really really do..

    I am a Pisces female, who fell for her Gemini friend..we even lived together for a month… we are so compatible as friends, but it did not work out as a living arrangement. The reason was a long distance third party.. he was unwillling to let her go. We did remain friends, and lovers, but he now has left the country to meet up with her. I am filled with mixed emotions.. and wise enough to know, it is now over. It was an overly passionate relationship, and I guess we lost our minds temporarily. I would not recommend dating an old friend to anyone.

  • Pisces to The Core says:

    i am a pisces woman who fell in love with a gemini man. we have been together for 2 years and i have to admit i have found my best friend and soul mate. but we didnt start out as friends first. we met online, had a few dates, than we became official. i have never met anyone who understands me so much emotionally, and mentally on such a deep level.

    I will admit that there are times that i question my feelings for him because gemini men arent as emotionally attached as we, both men and women pisces, are. but after reading a little bit about the gemini man, my understanding for his behavior at times has grown. of course, i find it to be quite irritating at times but that is just who he is. and i accept him for that just as he accepts me for who i am.

    in fact, i find him even more appealing and attractive now because i have such a deep understanding of him.

    besides, a little research on someones personality never hurt : )

  • PiscesLoveDeep says:

    I’ve been with my Gemini man for almost two yrs. I’m a Pisces girl and I fell for him first online, we chatted fr 6 months straight thru email then on the phone every single day. What a blast we had! Then we met and ended up moving in together. It was great at first. All new and happy, tons of laughs and lots of conversations. But he was recently divorced and even though he had made me tons of promises of true love and marriage which got me to meet him in the first place, he never went through with any of it. I heard from a mutual friend that he told them he was just bored one night while surfing the internet and found me. He needed someone to chat with because he was lonely. He wasn’t really looking for love at all so he just led me on for whatever sick reason he had in his head. I still don’t know why. I gave up my whole life to be with him too. So stupid. He had no intention of us ever really getting together even though we were both really attracted to each other. He just liked that I could hod a good conversation with him. So now, here we are still living together but in separate rooms, both dating other people and hardly ever saying a single word to each other. It’s really terrible. I keep trying to remind him about how great of a “friendship” we had prior to moving in together and that we should work on that friendship again without the romance added, but he seems to be of in his own little world these days. I dunno cause one day he seems to be totally in love with me and very jealous if I chat with any other men on the phone and the next day he acts like he hates me and wants me out of his life. He was so wonderful before we moved in together so I suspect the whole “chase” thing with Gemini males is true. Once they catch you, the chase from them is over and they leave “mentally” at least in my case for someone new. Learned my lesson the hard way. No more Gemini’s for me-ever again!

  • LoveMine says:

    I’m dating a Gemini man at the present moment… Upon reading this, I definitely see the detachment he holds, & as some of you have commented, I worry about him getting bored with me or losing interest in moving on all the time.
    We met a year and a half ago. He would do something stupid (he was very flakey), so I’d refuse to talk to him. Being the stubborn pisces that I am, though, I’d end up talking to him when he’d try to reconnect with me however many weeks later after I’d calmed down.
    This actually happened quite a few times with us, but I swear to you, we had such a great connection, it was hard to deny him. He’s the only man I’ve ever forgiven this much without holding a grudge of any kind. I’d say the greatest benefit of this relationship is both the lack of jealousy & the mental connection. I can honestly say we trust eachother, and that feels so amazing. And as far as the mental connection goes, when he tells me I’m his best friend & it’s a nice change from his other relationships he’s been in, it makes me feel like a million bucks. I like knowing he feels like he can tell me anything & trusts me to know everything.
    And sometimes I do feel like I love him more than he loves me, or that there isnt enough of an emotional connection to make it last. But then he does something so sweet for me, or when he tries to take care of me, or make sure I know he loves me… thats when I know I never want to give him up.
    For those of you piscean females out there thinking about dating a gemini, try it out. you may end up regretting it but you may not. & life is definitely a learning experience. :)

  • Lydia says:

    I love my Gemini. He’s thick at times, to my suffering but when I can never ever stop loving him. I would never give him up. I LOVE HIM, so :)
    Oh and i think i disagree about the lack of passion bit. My Gemini and me are a ball of raging fire. Its torture to keep our hands to ourselves. ;)

  • bopeep says:

    im very close to a Gemini male, im pisces female, weve been friends from afar for 18months,, and for the last 6 very close,and what feels like love
    its so hard to tell when he backs off,,, one minute he says amazing things, and is closer than anyone ive ever felt so in love with before, then he will say something stupid or go in a strop,and ignore me for a few days, I agree, i get scared,and upset, and angry at myself at times,, for feeling this way over him,., and its ve3ry complicated, so we cant “be together yet”,….but just when i wana throw the towel in,,, he will bring out the big guns (words to make me swoon,and feel all loved up” i am scared for the future, and cud so easily try and slip away, ive ignored him for several days, to a week one time,,, he contacted me saying is ur fone broken ?!?! (joke) WORDS OF HOPE PLEASE xx

  • neptune13 says:

    I am a pisces woman that has been totally swept off her feet by a gemini man. He is the one man that I truly believe is my soul mate.we have so much in common and can talk for hours about any and everything.we both like adventure and are open to new ideas so our relationship is never boring.As a lover, we have been together over a year now and it’s still as intense as ever! We can’t keep our hands off each other.He is the love of my life.

  • neptune13 says:

    For Bopeep: Believe me if a gemini is talking to you,he still cares.Trust me,if he didn’t care you would know it because he would end all communication with you.You would be like,where did he go??? So not to worry…he likes you.However,they have a free spirit and do not like to be tied down so you will have to accept that as part of who he is and I know that is hard for us pisces women to do but,if you love a gemini man you will have to learn to let him have his space.

  • RareGem says:

    I am a Gemini Man and for the better part of two years I have had the most intrigueing, life changing and personally challenging ride with the most beautiful pisces woman. We are young (Gem 25 – Pis 21) and we have struggled at times and been one with each other throughout, very happy and very passionate, but also distant and consfused. It has been a very strange and but rewarding journey for both of us, starting out as friends with adventure and casual firey flings and leading into a test of serious committment and love and personal growth for both of us. I believe strongly in astrology, but after exiting a horribly destructive relationship with a Capricorn and many wavering flings with other strongly outgoing signs, I had been broken down and lacked understanding of the contentment I longed for… As our Gem-Pis reationship began to bloom, I realized right away what I had been missing, that sparkling adoration of a pisces woman that pierces the soul and lets you know that your are truly loved and special. This was as much a blessing to me as it was an obstacle as I had never encountered a pisces before now and knew very little of how to act and react to many things that came up between us, and still strangely odd to me never took it upon myself to look into our signs; never anything that led to fighting or sour parts of our relationship, just interaction and understanding that escaped us about each other. Early on, my strong Gemini qualities got the better of me and I gave very little attention to the emotional connection of our relationship, although recognized and appreciated. Early on, my pisces woman was rigid and solemn and difficult to interact with, but her glowing femininity was bright and powerful, like the olympic torch. My quick judgement of our misunderstanding of each got me in trouble emotionally and physically and unfortunately I attempted to use my healing powers in the relationship, the same way I would have done with that of an Capricorn or Aries, bold, honest, logically, practically… Of course I missed the essence and sensual side of this interaction at first… But I quickly picked up on it and began a hardy battle within mysef to calm myself and adhere to these qualities intimantly with my pisces woman. For the better part of the year, our relationship was amazing – we began to understand each other and look into ourselves for each other, it felt overwhelming at times. She is as strong a piscean as they come, through and through, after reading as much as I have in the last week, I swear she was the piscean goddess delivered from Neptune itself. I on the other hand have some rare qualities that Geminians sometimes lack, although I agree that you will rarely find any one gemini comparable in nature… I find solace in romance, and seek deep passion from that love connection, my geminian logical mind is balanced with an overactive artistic, otherworldly aura and I tend to believe in the dream world almost as much as piscean at times… Strangely enough this unique twist has pulled me very closely towards my pisces woman and similarly her to me. Now for the unfortunate part of this story… She broke it off with me just before Christmas, explaining that her hurt feelings of my seemingly disattachement and overbearing confidence and outspoken, flirtatious and wandering mannerisms have caused her to feel unstable and unwanted and frustrated to the point where she was closing off; we both expressed our deep love and soulful attraction to each other and admitted our difficulties to each other but with neither of us understanding our Gem-Pis bond fully, to me it feels like an unfortunate bump in our road, but to her I am unsure what she is truly thinking. She has pulled back into her introspective piscean cage and at this point I have stepped back to provide breathing room and to evaluate who we are and what changes I need to make as a person. I am so in love with this piscean woman and in our very last conversation, emotional and heartfelt, we expressed our thoughts of longterm committment and destiny of the one for each other… I want her back more than anything in the world, but I also realize now that she struggled to with accepting me as a gemini and it also led to tension as well… If any of the piscean woman on this blog are willing to comment, your insights would be greatly appreciated. Peace and Love.

  • Ms Beautiful says:

    I am a pisces woman and I find myself extremely attracted to gemini men if not only. I think their intellect and youthful attitude towards life is very sexy. And you are talking to a girl thats been hurt by two gemini men already, but for some reason after the breakup I always find that they always try to come back or can’t let go. Now I am dating a gemini man 20 years older than me. I am very much in love with him however, he is very jealous and possesive and not very exciting , which is very strange I think as Gemini men mature their attitufe towards commitment also. I think a Gemini Man and Pisces Woman relationship is worth trying out you it just takes alot of patience and adjustment.

  • broken heart says:

    I too dated a gemini man, at the first meet, then dating he fell fast and hard for me. I t scared me and I ran.Over the time he came more interesting to me and yes, it happened, I feel in love with him.. well , the man has never been the same since, I tried for a yr, to win him back and he never budged, but the same time always came back to see me , then off he would go and I never knew when I’d hear from him, I got so tired of that I stopped him coming down to see me, I cant get over him, but I know in my heart he is over me.. He was everything I was looking for , but it took me awhile to see it , I swear I think he was getting even with me for breaking his heart… What do you think?

  • Ms beautiful says:

    Geminis are very vindictive people so he might be gettting even with you. At the same time they are very forgiving people. Watch one day he is going to call you out the blue like nothing happened. Its just some affect that us pisces women have on the gemini man. I have an ex who is a gemini who broke my heart very bad , I gave up on trying to get him back , but now the ball is in my court he calls me and text me everyday sometime I ignore him and he will continue to call throughout the day he ever considers me to still be his gf crazy , Gemini men like the chase I wanna know is there any other pisces woman that ever had this problem with a Gemini man

  • broken heart says:

    Thanks Ms beautiful, your words are comforting to me , but he likes to be free to do his thing, which is other women, that I wont stand for, but he always came back to me, never could figure that 1 out. How can a person be with one woman, and run to another one next wk? To me, thats a man who cant commit to one person, thats what we fought about mostly, then out of the blue, he says im tired of your questions, he wants to be happy and fun he calls it. I dont know why I bother, but i cant get into other men, ive tried, but they dont stand up to him… Im hooked bad ..I KNOW…

  • ms beautiful says:

    Same over here I am currently dating a man who is no other than another gemini but 2O years older than me and all he does is work. We rarely do anything exciting but for some reason I just cant leave. I dnt know if it’s because I’m physically attracted to him or its because Im just sitting around hoping things get better. Also his daughter that is the same age as me forbid him to stop seeing me he told her he would , but called and told me he lied to his daughter because he just cant leave me alone. And he also got three younger children all under the age of 9 and everytime it’s time for us to do something it’s always my daughter is sick, or they called me into work. Sometimes I wonder is it with me because he really love me or it’s just for show.

  • broken heart says:

    M’s Beautiful, I get the same thing, except he gives no excuse, he just goes home, and anybodys guess when I’ll hear from him again. I t’s almost like they are the only one who counts, our feelings dont concern him. I ve tried to find other men , but they dont add up to him. Are we just dumb or what!!! He says he is a Man’s Man, and that he is… I love every thing about him except the treatment I get…I still say, deep down , he cant comit, scared and would never let me see that…I think im going to try to be mean like him, wonder if that will work? If I can. its not my nature. Iam not a weak person, im strong, very independent. stand on my own.etc… Im sure your the same way….
    maybe the ysee us as needy women? I hope not, im not that way..

  • Ms Beautiful says:

    No don’t be mean be yourself.I notice when I give him his space that’s when he appreciate more. For some reason it’s hard for me to cling to him like I did in my past relationships, and yes be independent that’s what Gemini menlike about us Pisces woman were independent and strong and know when to put thein their place when they do something wrong. I don’t find myself attracted to any other man I just wanna know do you thing it is worth holding on and do you see him marrying me like he dicussed before with me?

  • Pisces girl says:

    I met this 21 year old gemini man through a libra friend of mine & right away I was instantly attracted to him he seemed so laidback and I like that in guys as I’m laidback too so he asked for my number & I made the mistake of taking him home with me after just meeting him he was the one who asked if he could come back when we got to mine it was awkward because I knew nothing about this boy & now he was in my room but we started talking and laughed & joked around he had this care free attitude and I loved listning to what he had to say he talked about his mates a lot laughing at silly things they did he also told me he was in a relationship with a girl for 4 years and I later discoverd she was a gemini too but they had split up 8 months before I met him & soon we ended up sleeping together (sex) In the morning I regreted it I kept my feelings about it to myself but i felt dirty he left about one aclock the next day and told me he would text & he never so I put it down to a one night stand then 2 days later he text me asking me if I got the morning after pill he went a nice way about it but i was a bit pissed off at how he had waited 2 days to ask me then we were texting for about a half hour and that was it 2 months had passed & I never heard from him I forgot about it and got on with the rest of my life then in january 2011 someone phoned me from a random number I text it a few days later only to discover it was him he told me he had lost his phone and this was his new number he asked me how I was and asked if I had a nice christmas & we began texting I never asked him why he hadn’t text or called me I didn’t want to sound desprate then 2 weeks later he asked if he could come and see me stupidly I said yes when he came over he looked good & was full of storys to tell me he was also a bit drunk but told me he didint come to have sex he just wanted to see me so I thought has hell froze over lol we talked all night mostly him doing all the talking while I laughed and nodded and added something to the conversation then we went to bed he was very affectionit with me and the next day he left I thought its going to happen again I won’t hear from him but this time he text me a few days later & I found myself begining to like him he even asked me to go to the cinema but called it off the next day saying he had spent all his money and we would have to wait I think that was just an excuse so a month later he was back at mine again this time we did have sex then the next morning he went away and I didn’t hear from him for 3 months this all happend in a year with him coming to mine and going away and not texting me never explaing why and me never asking him I tried to play it cool I finally relised he dose not want another relationship or to settle down I never wanted to rush things with him I just wanted to know that he was genuien with me I often thought maby he’s comparing me to his ex but he didint paint a good picture of her he said she was a drama queen and told a lot of lies I know I’m a lot diffrent from her I just wish he could have told me straight he gave me a lot of mixed signs & I felt he did lead me on a little I should never have been so stupid to let myself get used like that but I couldn’t help but like him he’s everything I want in a guy except his dissapearing acts!! I don’t love him but I really like him and I sit and wonder why after what he dose I wish I never got attatched but as they say you can’t help who you fall for!! I’m just gonna have to forget all about him I’ve been trying to but my mind always wonders back to him its sad and pathetic I’m only 20 & hung up on some user! Mabey one day he will explain why he acted like that but I can’t see it happning! I never tried to tie him down or control anything I simply just wanted to spend time with him and got nothing! I love my space & freedom more than anything I just don’t have an answer for it I blame myself for being so stupid!

  • ughh geminis!!!! says:

    i dated my recently exfiance gemini for 4 years, i though he really loved me but he broke my heart s bad over and over and over, i never want to see or hear him ever again,even though my years for him so bad and miss him so much, i can never acknowledge him ever again, he broke my heart on my 24th birthday two weeks ago, i did everything everything for him , i was there every single time for him and he only been there once for me, he hanged out with his ex while i was living with him on our annver. 2 years ago, but i gave another chance and i find out he talking to another girl two days before my birthday n asked him about it but he said there just frinds and she has a boyfrind and then on my birthday i decided to check his phone account to see who he has been texting n calling and it all her number texts and calls all night every night for 2 weeks, btw we have been long distance relationship but i was moving next month where he just moved 8 month ago but i have visited him many times, so i confrated him later at night cus his phone was dead all day my bday, anyways sorry im rambling ,…but he basically chose her over me n didnt wanna explin anything didnt opologyse just told me to move on and that he feels so free , n his been talking to that girl ever since, and facebooking baby calling eachothehr…. he hanged up on me and never said a thing to m ever since like i never existed, it was such heart break n stiss everyday, i just cant believe it sometimes, i really belived he loved me but he didnt , he just used and abused me, i couldnt never expected that from him, we had plans n he really seemed lhappy, but i guess it all was lies…

  • Andy says:

    Im pisces and my boyfriend is gemini…..and our relationship sounds something like that. I love him like crazy but I’m always on the look out and I guess it’s because I’m very submissive with him but as soon as he turns around I’m a flirting machine. We argue but both of us being ADD we just go off subject, forget, and makeup. Sex is more than just great but I find that in my case my libido is higher…maybe because I feel like is not in the same level of emotional attachement I look more for sex. Not only that but being from two different cultures makes our relationship seem risky but it’s actually working out better than expected…I’m still a little confused about how we could wor out for long term, he’s been hinting marriage but…I’m not sure if I can fulfill his wants and if he can fulfill my needs.

  • Jasmine says:

    I have been dating my Gemini man for 3 months now. In the beginning I had not taken him seriously or paid him much attention as I was also casually talking to a Capricorn man and a Cancer man. Both of those men had my full attention much more than the Gemini. He was more of my backup guy to talk to that stimulated me intellectually. However, soon after he let me know that he was fully aware of me dating other guys and expected to have quite a bit of competition. So naturally he went full fledged in pursuit and won! I stopped seeing those guys (as they were all in the 1st few dates range anyways) and just exclusively began to see him about 1 month in. He is long distance and this makes things very hard as I typically love through touching and so does he. He restless and loses attention very quickly. I also can get bored easily, especially if I am not getting enough attention and emotional stimulation. We finally saw each other again for a few days and it was great! Couldn’t keep our hands off each other and I really began to adore him in the past few months. However, all of a sudden he has grown distant! I am happy I came across this because I was super confused. I couldn’t figure out what exactly had gone wrong. Me being a Pisces I immediately began over analyzing everything. He keeps reassuring me nothing is wrong but I haven’t believed him because his patterns changed.

    Now I will say that I think little small things trigger the start of them distancing themselves for however long. But once he see’s how quickly I swim away to sea i will be surprised if he doesn’t come running after me. I simply don’t have the patience for disconnection. I guess I wonder for how long this can go on and if we can really satisfy each other’s needs. He provides this security for me that I love, yet he makes me feel so insecure due to his instability in the relationship. He is so darn fickle! I need someone who sits still and does the same thing every freaking day, yet is a risk taker and adventurous! What I don’t want is someone that I cannot be sure will be there when I need them. I am crazy about him though. He makes me happy and when he is around, I feel wonderful, appreciated and loved. But when he isn’t around I have to think, “Am I being dumped or PUNK’D” lol. I will wait it out and see….

  • Jane says:

    I’m going on a date with a Gemeni man tomorrow. I’m so excited and now, nervous after reading about their unattached ways. – _ – I guess that makes sense, though, because I have a brother who is a Gemini and he’s very much like this. Like, i try to talk to him about deep stuff a lot and he doesn’t get deep. He just stops and jumps ship right there in the middle of the convo, bringing up something lighter. I don’t get it. I don’t like it. And I really hope that the Gemini I’m seeing tomorrow doesn’t do this because I really have a huge crush on him. I have for years and it has been mutual. I guess all I can do is try it out and see. Wish me luck :)

  • Flirty Farrah says:

    These guys are something, I love talking to them and for some reason he very open to sex, but I am just not having it. I like to run and play with him. Out of blue , he puts his arm around me IN FRONT OF GIRLFRIEND! I couldn’t believe it, and I guess I catch him off guard cuz I just what on my mind.

  • Distraught says:

    I started out talking to my gemini man one the phone. We could be one the phone for hours all day all night. It is so ttrue tht a gemeni can sweep a pisces women off her feet, fell real hard to. We talked for months he lived in Texas I in Iowa. We had built such a emotional and mental bond within 5 months, it just seemed right when he wanted me to come bet with him. I dont know if it was because the chase was over and he had caught his fish or what but almost instantly he began to become distant. All the things he did to sweep me off my feet he stopped. And not to mention the sex didnt seem very soulful. I am so in love with this man but cannot bet truely happy not knowing if he feels the same. He tells me he loves me, cant see himself without anyone else, but as young know pisces needs to feel it not hear it. We are more Show me then tell me. I just told him yesturday I was returning home, I hate being in Texas, away from all my friends and family. I feel so alone, it breaks my heart to leave, mainly.cuz I know this is the biggest mistake of my life. I just feel if we are meant to bet together Love will find its way. I being a pisces have always made a way for love, sacrifices,following my heart. Its time for love to find its way to me. I just fear ill never see him again. If so I will never forget him. Why do us pisces have to bet so hard headed and stubborn? Smh

  • Distraught says:

    Its so funny reading these cuz I could sware some of these ladies are talking about my gemini…maybe we should start adding names….lol.

  • Distraught says:

    @Raregem I feel for young and her I totally understand what young been going through. Pisces women need romance,affection, solitude. Our minds are our haven, our sacred place so when it has become distraught because of others actions, or shall I say lack of action, we eventually become distant, bitter, and heartbroken. It takes awhile to regain our composer again. We want a long for Love, not the kind of love that people just do because thats what young do when yours with someone but the kind that Is Unconditional. Pisces women aren’t afraid of love we know love is the Ultimate feeling. Nothing else matters to us. Young may not know where to begin but dont let it scare you. We are talkers, dreamers, so feel free to open up to yur pisces women. Show emotion, let her know how you feel not but just telling her, showing her. Pisces women normally never have sex with someone who doesn’t have her heart. Sex for a pisces women is a form of art. A pisces makes love with her entire being. There is more to sex for a pisces then just sex, there is emotion, and bonding. Simple gestures means more to us then expensive items. We crave a companion one th.e same level as we are on. Which us very difficult to find we know, beings we are the last sign on the zodiac and therefore absorb all other zodiac signs. Be patient with us, honest with us and trust our feelings for you. We hate to be lied to and once we have lost our trust in you it is very hard to regain. Not saying it can not happen but it will take some work on yur part to make her feel as comfortable, and doubt free of yur love for her. Ones thing we do best, RUN exspecially if we feel we are not wanted. Most the time we push people away not because we want to leave us alone but to see who cares enough to STAY. Being a pisces women I ones too many times have done this,and I also admit US PISCES women are a handful but beleive me WE ARE WORTH HOLDING ONTOP WITH BOTH HANDS. :)

  • Flirty Farrah says:

    UGH Where do I start? :S :(

    I like this guy. He’s tall, dark, clean, and handsome. We can txt for hours. he even talks on the phone for a long time and he hates to hang up. He’s says he no longer with gf and he wants to b my first. He doesn’t say he just want 2 fuck me but I can read between the lines. I tell him he doesn’t care. Why all women say I don’t care? he asked.

    cuz dat da way we feel. Dugh!
    I dont want to just do “it” though. I want to be in a relationship but he says he wont do me right. :( so I thinking about stopping the communication ALL TOGETHER!

    I’ve tried b4 and I told him let’s just b friends n i basely ended the conversation without kissing or saying bye. I figured that the end cuz we go a day without talking but he calls me again. first start off friendly then he tried to get in my pants again. I feel like he just like to chase me.

    Can anyone give me some advice?

  • 4eva young girly girl says:


    U remind me so much of my guy n your pieces reminds of me. Me and my crazy day dreaming of love. I come strong. I flirt, fantasize, and I am can be described as ultimate Pisces lady. I want love, romance, care, warm feelings, hugs, and affection. Most importantly I want to bond with someone who thinks on the same level as me and if they don’t than I am curious to know what they think. Any problem they have I want to help. I am extremely girly and I just love this man’s ego. Its turns me on. He has confidence. My guy is like you though. We started out as friends. I can tell there’s an attraction. We can talk for HOURS and I have fun. I enjoy some of the brain teasing but deep thought areas scare me. I not fund of his approach. He tried to be very straight forward and I am explaining to him it doesn’t work with me. He says that he’s going to be honest n I be honest with him. Eventually he changes when I explain stuff but hard for me unless I just come out with it myself.

    I been reading about our signs and I agree most of us can’t handle the tough question. I personally believe both people should be RELAXED and talk casually. Isn’t that what brought ya’ll together, being friends? I wanna tell to give her gifts and complement her but I don’t want you to be overbearing becuz in my past experience when someone tries directly to catch me I want to go away and its the small courtship that I love. You can make her want you by doing love things. Be spontaneous, Complement her, talk, give her love.

  • Just Listen says:

    Gemini guys haha think of their mind being like an ocean.(I am a Gemini whom has not been in a relationship with women which weren’t a fling, its not that I don’t take relationships seriously but they weren’t real ones; that is my relationship experience so pretty much 0) Just forget those parts. Overall his(Gemini man) thinking regularly of the big picture , that picture being the ocean. Their mind is an ocean. There are many inside components and some that just won’t be able to be figured out. For example we as researchers know more about the moon than the ocean and we cannot fully explore the ocean due to technology not begin capable of doing so yet. Inside the ocean is the more diverse type of ecosystem. Such as the fickleness of a Gemini. Dating a gemini guy could be like dating four different guys in one body. Those guys in most cases will be Charming(being the epitome of all you want him to be), funny, philosophical/smart,moody. Those aren’t the typical type but they most certainly apply to me at least how my twin sister puts it. It is impossible to understand the ocean it its entirety but maybe thats a good thing that you cannot for what if something you did not need to know is included. The ocean is vast and Gemini’s like to keep certain personal interests to themselves entirely, most likely these aren’t interests that could be harming your relationship if you knew what they were but the time he puts toward them is the true damage dealer if anything. While some Gemini’s can seem like your knight in shining armor one day ,the next day he may not include yourself in it at all or even for many days in a row or on and off. Its not at all because theres a problem in your relationship and you must understand that truly and sincerely. When they return they’ll probably come back as prince charming or romance king as he misses his beloved partner. This could very well be a bad example ,but if he stops contact with you without notice for days/weeks and doesn’t contact you during those days it’s not because he finds something wrong with anything with the relationship, that’s just him. He still loves you as much as he did the night of your passionate sex the day before he goes. The example is just think of him as recharging his freedom batteries a bit so he can enjoy his personal interests. Most likely he’s not chatting with other women in flirtatious ways or anything such disloyal, but rather just doing what he likes to do. Also never ever take a Gemini’s conversation topic to heart unless its about emotional feelings and such between you. If he tells you something thats even slightly insulting or that boosts his ego he doesn’t mean it from the bottom of his heart no matter how serious his facial expression is. If your Gemini hasn’t suggested it yet, the next time your preparing for a passionate love making pull out a whipped cream spray can and I couldn’t tell you just how much he will appreciate that, I don’t joke when I say that. Also don’t take his flirtatious nature to heart, if he’s flirting with other women he probably hasn’t even noticed because he’s just like to leave good impressions to ensure you as a couple look best in all ways. I have things to do but a lot of people seem to get the wrong impression of Gemini guys so I took a large portion of my leisure time to thoughtfully construct this and write it down but I need to go now. I won’t be checking this again so if you still have questions concerning Gemini’s(male or female, I can put in my 2 cents for female gemini because I am a Gemini and I have a twin sister thus she’s a Gemini as well) you can contact me through my email:
    Btw tell me you saw me from this site or such,etc
    -I did not check over this post more than once so my grammar, pronunciation, spelling whatever it may be could be very horrible also to add english is not my native language.
    -Also I am human therefore I will have mistakes here and there but what I told you I believe but its always possible I worded it in a way you may not interpret the same.

  • Pisces Sagittarius Girl says:

    Pisces sun / Sag moon / Sag rising girl here involved with a Gemini sun / leo moon / leo rising male…. i don’t even know where to begin. Everything is so backwards. At times he is the prototypical Gemini – moody, distant, and highly distracted. At others he is total Leo – adoring, passionate, and demanding. My chart is weighted almost solidly Sagittarius… but i do suffer from some typically Piscean traits, such as procrastination. I feel like a walking contradiction myself – i am typically extremely straightforward and blunt, and not particularly emotional. I FEEL everything – i am extremely intuitive – yet i tend to withdraw at the eruption of extreme emotion, take a day or two to contemplate a logical explanation, and respond thoughtfully. For what its worth, he seems to do the same. And so we have been dancing around each other for over a year now. The rare times he opens up emotionally – and he does – i just sit there in awe, and don’t know what to say. That is so unlike me, i cant tell you. I typically have an opinion about everything. But when he speaks, i am simply enthralled. I lose my mind around him, and am constantly feeling insecure (which, again, is EXTREMELY rare for me)…. i have such a difficult time expressing myself around him. And yet, we seem to know each other intuitively well enough that we get along without that aspect. The sex is amazing… We typically will spend a couple of weekends together, and then nothing for a month or two. There was a period of time during the summer that he was fooling around with a couple of other girls. He never kept that information from me, and i never really asked. But he knew i respected him for being open about it. What bothered me was when he told me (in front of some guy friends who had no idea what was going on between us) that he was getting “serious” with this one COMPLETELY OBVIOUS fling…. I threw it in his face (via text) that she wasn’t right for him and he knew it. He said i “may be right” – i wished him well and told him i was out of it. A month later he’s back in my bed – the night before taking her to a wedding as his date! Ugh! They split up a month later and suddenly he’s all over my case again. I know you’re supposed to play hard to get with a Gemini… and usually thats no problem for me. But for him, i simply cant say no. I just cant. I want him too badly, and he knows it. And when we get together he talks… he’ll go on and on about past loves, and how they were terrible for him, and how it would never work out, and how (aside from one serious relationship) he’s never dated anyone longer than 6 months. He says he doesn’t trust anyone, but he trusts me. He says i bring out the best in him. I wish i could put to words all the ways he has impacted my life for the better… how i am a better person because of him… but i just clam up. I don’t know how to speak these words to him, and i don’t know why. Maybe i’m afraid – and i know – that the moment i try to demand anything from him, he will run away on instinct alone. And i swore to myself after my last relationship ended badly 3 years ago, and after i went through a phase of casual sex, that i would stop wasting my time and only invest myself in something which had potential. But the fact is, i see all the potential in the world here – and i kind of suspect that he sees the same – and so we just keep falling back into the same pattern. We work together, im getting out of a difficult situation, and he’s still dealing with the end of his only real relationship (also 3 years ago)…. the pieces keep falling into place, and yet, its like he needs a huge flashing neon sign to see that this is what this is. We’re both extremely independent individuals with diverse interests and an extreme loathing of being tied down. But yet be both want something REAL – something LASTING…. i have absolutely NO idea why things haven’t progressed with us. I don’t know where we are going. What drives me crazy is that he NEVER initiates contact. NEVER. I HATE feeling like i am bothering him, and yet i realize that our contact is actually fairly minimal. But i have accepted that is just how he is. Ill initiate contact and its usually fairly obvious whether he’s interested or not. He says we are friends – and i initiate contact as friends – and it drives me batty that he never really wants to hang out and do “friend” things together… it’s almost like he is afraid of me. Afraid of me, or has no interest in me whatsoever. But my intuition SCREAMS at me that its not the latter. My rational, logical Sagittarian mind tells me this is a hopeless endeavor. But my Piscean intuition will not let me let this go. So i’m stuck, alone, waiting for his call that will never come. This is quite possibly the only human being i could ever see myself being with long term. I still don’t know what he thinks of me… or how he feels. I don’t know how much longer i can go on this way. I keep saying i’m “on the market” yet at the same time, i will never find anyone as inspirational and perfect for me as he is. Anything else seems like a waste of time. His last two girls were clearly trophy fucks – not meant for long term, even though he spoke as if they were. It was almost laughable, it was so obvious. He speaks of getting married and having a family and all of that… we’re both in our 30s, coming out of long term relationships. I have a child. Honestly, i’d marry him tomorrow and make him as many babies as he wants. As someone who never knows what they want – thats what i want when i’m with him. Thats it. Thats this elusive “happiness” thing we always bitch and moan about. I know nothing is guaranteed – and he’s very afraid of failure – so am i. But i want to try with him. I think we could make it. So here we are – i guess this will continue until it doesn’t. I’m no worse for wear – i’ve learned more about myself in this situation than almost every other relationship ive ever had. No regrets…

  • releon says:

    The Sag – Leo bond is often described as a good combination in astrology.Infact I had been in a relation with a sag for several years. But something parted us finally.Lately I discovered that she had been physical with other guys in the past and I found myself loosing interest in her.It’s not like she is bad just because she slept with others.It’s just about my needs.She is a good woman and she deserves more love then I was giving her lately.Again on my part it’s somewhat impossible to accept her and give her that much love which I thought I would give once I discovered her past.Leos are not egoistic.It’s just like a manufacturing defect in them which they themselves can’t alter even if they wish to.I was so afrad lately because I didn’t want to ruin herlife.So we parted.Hope she will find a better partner then me who gives her everythingshe wants.

  • Cymbidium says:

    I don’t know. My boyfriend and I have an intense love for each other. Including romance. Only though, he wants to socialize like all the time. I tell him sometimes I just want to stay home. One of my insecurities however is that he’ll find another girl who’s a lot more social than me and frankly more fun. Like he would get bored of me and cheat. I know his history. And he’s cheated more than once. We talk about our future. It’s a plan but we’re being very cautious about it. We have to be 100% ready. When my insecurities show when there’s another girl involved, he tells me why he’s laid eyes on me and why I’m so worth it to him. His loyalty is to me. But when we go out, I can’t help but feel insecure when he’s teasing other girls. He’s the type to divide his attention equally. His dark side is what scares me. It’s gotten to a point where I stay away from his path or surrounding. We took too fast it feels like. I wanted him more as a friend than a lover. I feel like I let my greed get in the way or something because we had a thing for each other while he was still dating a Leo woman. He said their relationship was far from repair and had trouble leaving the relationship. Till this day, I’ve had times where I’ve said I’m breaking up with you. My insecurities swallow me up and I can’t trust him. I don’t know why. He doesn’t know how to use his judgement. Once I found out last minute that he was cuddling with a girl on his bed because she was feeling terrible. And they slept on his bed taking their own corners. I blew up and ended it. He broke down and came back with everyone to help clear up the mess and confusion that its not what I think. That showed that he cared about our relationship and I went back together with him. It’s just him teasing other girls and him not having a sense of judgement. His dark side too. I don’t know.

  • fool in lust says:

    Ms beautiful back but right now ima fool in lust I should of learned my lesson from the other gemini men that hurt this smart , loving, witty beautiful piscean woman so the gemini man I was casually seeing which I thought was going lead to something else it was two good to be true he called my phone a million times a day , when he needed a ear to listen to him I was here we could stay up hours on the phone and never run out of things to talk about and what was funny was I seemed more like the Gemini I was energetic always on the go loved to be outside he was more like the pisces a homebody low energy all of a sudden he did a complete 360 I knew something was wrong when the phone calls stopped and he wasn’t calling when he said he would or click over put me on hold and never click back over but on more than one occasion when I seen him on the bus and was looking happy or flirting with him like his behavior wasn’t bothering me he was back onto me I recently just went on Facebook and saw his page which was funny because we’re friends on Facebook and I see him talking bout being in a relationship with someone some of the pics were taking last yr but who knows I didn’t see any of this coming just like but what’s funny is I still can’t let this man go its like torture the trick with this man is always keep them guessing dnt give in right away ignore some of their calls be predictable and hes onto the next one all of my Gemini exes always were the ones needing me in the end because believe or not Pisces women got a certain effect on the twins u just gotta move on nake changes in your life always look happy when they run into u flirt a lil bit with your eyes and u got them right back where u want them and when that happens continue to play dnt fall back into the old routine u were following when u lost them in the beginning or he will be out again but one thing for suee these men can’t be trusted with a quarter

  • Amanda says:

    Hi guys! SOMEBODY HELP :( My name is Amanda and I am a pisces woman in a beautiful but painful love relationship with a gemini man. It has been 5 years dating him on and off. We are 20 now, and when he left for college in fall of 2013, he decided to end it with me for good. He claims he is passionately in love with me and that he wants to be with me in the future, but needs to be single right now and “test the waters and fulfill his curiosity.” He calls me every day, never fails to express his love for me, talks to me about our future, tells me everything, and we see each other regularly. We spend weekends together and he never asks for sex, though he does want it, he doesn’t want to make me feel like that’s all he keeps me around for. He says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with another girl and that he doesn’t want to have sex with anyone else, but he wants to have the freedoms of being able to be flirty and being able to casually make out with other girls at parties without feeling the guilt of hurting me. The sad part is I stay. It hurts so bad and the thought of him giving his love and affection to someone else KILLS me. The thought of it makes me sick. I have dated other guys, and am still very open to dating, but no other guy seems right for me. I keep my attention off of Alex enough for another guy. Maybe it’s just that the right one hasn’t come along yet, but I am deeply and passionately in love with him and I can not stand the thought of losing him. I have tried to break whatever we have off a few times because it hurts me so bad, but he will never let me go and talks me right back into staying. He says he will understand if I go because he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore, but that he will do all he can to try not to hurt me while being single because “I am his goal and he wants a clean slate when he is ready to commit to me.” It’s sad really how weak he makes me. I am a generally confident girl passionately focused on my goals, I focus on school and my future, so I am not letting him corrupt my life in any way, but when he is with another girl I physically and emotionally break down. I don’t know how he can say he is so in love with me and that his goal is to be with me, but that he wants to try things out with other women. He always just says “I don’t know why I feel this Amanda but I know I’m in love with you and I am aiming at spending the rest of my life with you. I am just not ready to commit. I know if I am with you that you are the girl I’m gonna marry. And I’m not ready for that stage of my life yet.” Not only does he say these things, but he shows me he loves me every single day. He always tells me how he doesn’t think he will ever find another girl like me, but that he is so scared of me hurting if he falls for someone else. He says he doubts it will happen, but he is cautious that it may. What the heck should I do :( I can’t keep hurting like this over him. I have to move on but it is so hard. Somebody give me advice PLEASE. I don’t understand him, I get so angry with him, but I love him so much that I respect his decisions and freedom even though it is killing me. Am I being pathetic and naive? Should I believe him? Should I face it that it’s over? Gahhh!

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