Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Sagittarius Couples:  Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

If a Gemini man is ever interested in a Sagittarius woman, it’s because secretly he’s ready to straighten up and fly right.  This pair of opposites attract.  Sagittarius is famous for good ethics.  Gemini, the Trickster, is famous for short-cuts and loopholes.  Gemini will monkey around with anything from taxes to 5-finger discounts, and Sagittarius is there to slap his hand.  The other thing that makes a Gemini man and a Sagittarius woman so happy is that one or the other is not there at least half the time.  Both these signs need a lot of space and have even been known to live in different houses and different countries very happily “together.”  Strictly speaking, the Sagittarius woman is the country bumpkin and the Gemini man is the city-slicker, so it makes sense that they would have two houses — one in town and one in the country.    Gemini and Sagittarius are bound to have a lot of other people involved in their relationship.  Relatives and siblings abound.  If they’re young enough, grandparents will play a big part, too, and it is not unusual for these two to marry from different cultural, religious, or economic backgrounds.  Especially to Sagittarius — “Different is Better.”

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  If you’re a Sagittarius woman trying to attract a Gemini man, you might find out what classes he’s taking and sneak into one of them.  He’s bound to be learning something as his interests are always changing.  You might also pick up on some trendy news item to ask the Gemini man about.  Then keep your mouth shut — I know it’s hard because you really do know it all — but you will get farther with this guy by letting him talk until he figures out for himself and starts to ask you questions.  Also, please use your picture-perfect intuition as to when to place calls and send emails.  He loves to communicate.  You don’t.  And that should keep him on his toes.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Gemini Man:  You’re going to have to be fast on your feet, which will thrill you right there.  If you’re a Gemini man trying to attract a Sagittarius woman, the hardest part may be throwing yourself across her path.  She’s even busier than you are!  Please be friendly, interesting, up-to-date, and casual.  Avoid bummers, such as troubles you’re having at work or in the bowling league.  This lady likes positive, positive, positive.  Check her out before you try and take her some place fancy.  She may have plenty of money, but she will almost always prefer something casual.  She may not own a dress.

Degree of Romance:   A Gemini may tend to be romantic if he thinks that’s what you want.  Generally, he thinks everyone wants it.  As soon as he figures out Ms. Sagittarius thinks it’s kind of corny, he’ll cut it out.

Degree of Passion:   The only passion that’s likely to go on here is the lady Sagittarius’ passion for life.  Gemini may show more excitement than he ever has before, because her high spirits are so contagious.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be the greatest pals around.  They love going places, doing things, trying out the latest, and just hanging out. The Gemini man may prefer more sophisticated pursuits such as casinos, upscale shopping and fine dining, while the Sagittarius woman may prefer cultural pursuits such as opera or forays into nature such as hiking or horse-back riding.  Together they cover the gamut, and they should be able to find plenty of things in common.  When these two friends get together, the emphasis in on doing, seeing and being seen — everywhere and everything.

Degree of Marriage:  The Gemini man and Sagittarius woman can have a great marriage particularly if one travels and the other is only home half the time.  They understand each other’s needs for space and deep down inside each of them lives by this premise:  wherever I hang my hat is home.  They will agree on including all friends and relatives in their lives.  They will have a broad social network and spectrum of activities.  Gemi will keep it interesting, and Sag will keep it legal.  The only problem they may run into is that they can both be spendthrifts.  They may also be charming and rather casual parents, or chums to their friend’s kids rather than authority figures.  Truth to tell, neither one of them will be interested in their children until the children are able to talk.

Progression of Relationship:   This is a circular relationship because the Gemini man and Sagittarius woman are such equals.  It’s like a cat chasing its own tail — and a merry chase it will be!  Two more forgiving people will never be found.  It’s not so much that they are soulful, it’s that they could care less about society and expectations.  They will early-on agree that anything goes.  Both will be late many times, and each is likely to forget where the restaurant is or where the party’s being held.  They tend to be very comfortable with one another, being two of a kind.  In any case, a simple apology will do.

Sex:   Sagittarians are the great gift to the world where sex is concerned, because it is so natural to them.  They are here to remind us that we are animals who have evolved into being human beings.   The motto of the Sagittarian is, “Do it or don’t do it, but don’t do it and then feel guilty about it.”  Gemini brings variety and mental stimulation (the mind is the greatest sex organ) to the party.  With his ingenuity, the Gemini man will have the Sagittarius grow fond of suggestive texting and emailing at opportune moments which they will think is hilarious.  These two will be particularly caught up in gadgets and gear.

When It’s Over:  This can wind down pretty casually because neither one of them likes confrontation.  They may easily agree to just be friends, or it may just die from lack of interest.  No hard feelings — just one of those things!

Our Rating: 7/10

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65 Responses to Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • katina says:

    I was always great friends with this one Gemini guy in High School and Junior High. In fact, my best friend dated him. We are now both divorced….kids are adults….and I really like him. He has invited me to his place when he returns from vacation on October 18th. Why so far from now…I don’t know. He said we need to catch up and talk and he is gong to make supper. I’ll bring the wine and dessert. I don’t know what this all means, I’m trying to figure it out. He’s on disability right now and he may not go back to work. He doesn’t know yet. I’m attracted to who he is and how he looks. He wrote to me and told me to listen to the words of a song from an artist of long ago, Jackson Brown. It was about how he shied away from people he loved because love never worked in his favor. It was a beautiful song…I don’t know why he made it a point of it to text me and tell me to listen to the entire thing. In the end the guy states that “how could I do anything else but be in love with you!” So I’m thinking what the heck is going on with my “friend” chuck. This is coming out of the blue….last I saw hime was in February and we texted on and off and still do. I almost feel like he is afraid to see me, because he cares. Am I right? I hope I am geting the right vibe.

  • c3gt6yz419 says:
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  • Sam says:

    I’m a 32 yr old sag and I’ve been with a gemini man for 13 yrs, and all i can say is this is sooo true and accurate in my case.

  • Keyshea says:

    I think we need to touch the topic of COMMUNICATION… great depth!

    For any union to be successful whether it be dating, common-law or marriage, communication is absolutely necessary infact I think its even more important than sex 😛 – okay serious now lol – its my belief that effective communication has to be of extremely high priority, its one of those essentials of the basic needs that we simply cannot survive without because great relationships flourishes on open and honest communication of ones desires, needs, beliefs and emotions and there is infact no way of understanding the needs of your partner if you are not able to communicate and communicate in such a way that leads to the achievement of the desired results. What I do find though is that most persons in a relationship when things aren’t going well or there is a slight glitch in the system, they tend to develop some sort of destructive pattern that ruins and defeats the entire purpose of the already intended and established result they were working towards achieving and this is where communication gets broken down or starts breaking down.

    Yes we communicate with each other on a daily basis, infact even the silent treatment behavior is considered a method of communication where as depending on the signals, will let another know that you are either stressed, relaxed, happy or sad or simply just need some alone time for whatever the reason, how these emotions are communicated makes all the difference , actually there are numerous ways in which we communicate with each other that can lead to a positive reaction whilst not been misunderstood because the fact is communication does not only encompass verbal exchange of words as most persons be believe either, we communicate when we show emotions/facial expressions and other signals like a simple bodily gesture of a touch, but not been able to effectively communicate either of those is where the problem lies and thats when we get misunderstood but my favorite form of communication FIRST is VERBAL, simply because I don’t want to nor do I want to be misunderstood and by expressing what your desires are verbally and effectively, then that eliminates the prospect of ever been misunderstood by the non-verbal connotations that usually follows!

    Communication does not have to be as complex as most people make it appear to be, yes it might be a tad challenging at times to process or express all the information at once but once we are able to sit calmly and be rational about the issues, I strongly believe that it’ll open up a whole new understanding of moving forward in the right direction.

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  • Kymbryiea says:

    As a Sag woman I have engaged in numerous sexual experiences going the gamut… From vanilla mission-style to 3-somes to 50 shades. It’s been quite a ride … Why then have I married this man who NEVER touches me sexually? He provides me a great deal of joy and brings great fun and friendship but after 3 years and I’ve only made love to him 3 times. I find myself wanting to break my own rules …. feeling somewhat justified in desiring an extra-marital affair.

    My husband refuses to discuss my sexual desires. Calling me a cougar… All in humor in his typical sarcastic manner. He would be humiliated and betrayed if I spoke if this to any of my friends… But this frustrates me terribly.

  • rose says:

    Goooooooooo n try some more shades 🙂

  • Towanaha bass says:

    First of all from one Sag woman to another I am truly sorry. Something is definitely wrong here. Either he suffers from empotence or he is gay.

  • SexiChic says:

    He not gay and he not suffering from shit, he just plain fucking lazy and stubborn, blocking his mind because of a bad past experience, man that bitch sure fucked him up in every sense of the word 😐

    Listen if someone does not want to get intimate with you, there is no power in the pussy or on the dick that will change that, you have to establish that deep propelling mental bond to sexually connect with someones soul and thats why I dont be fucking with just anyone who has an erection either! You could be the sweetest person in the world with a dick standing to attention about to give a gun salute, it dont matter, if my soul isnt into you it ain’t happening, once the soul starts losing interest the pussy loses it too (for different reason, mark you I dont believe in withholding sex or using it as a weapon of revenge – for me my soul stops connecting once you have been unfaithful and it stays like thats forever unfortunately lol), and people will think maybe you are cheating, but for me, its not so, I just cannot connect if its not on all levels. I dont fuck for fun orgies if u know what I mean, neither talking about hooking up for sex.

    I crave spiritual sexual intimacy, I want to look into your eyes going deep down your soul on that sexual plateau. That raw pure energy of synchronistic ecstasy is what keeps me enthralled, the kind of experience that transcends into both our worlds.

  • Hello says:

    You go girl!
    Damn! I love these liberated chicas 🙂

  • Kitty says:

    Chica loves you too boo 😉

    But on a serious note though, I think there are some major contradictory opinions when it comes on to intimacy and sex, may it be in a relationship, marriage or between fuckbuddies, I mean, I know that no two individual shares the same compelling ideas on sex but to me sex should come with a commitment for the long haul, in most cases marriage, which would of course encourage that intimate connection with each other as one and been completely free in the presence of your partner, that deep everlasting bond; thats intimacy for me, that mental state that ought to be reserved for ONLY ONE PERSON, coming from a place of deep affections where intimacy intensifies sex and sex intensifies intimacy, however for whatever reason should intercourse not be possible; healthwise or whatnot, that deep established loving connection should be that medium that will allow you to still enjoy each others company while developing other ways to fully enjoy each other even much more.

    Intimacy though requires open honesty and releasing all past emotional conflicts that will block the connection and its through that you find you will grow a much deeper emotional bond and of course resulting in super-duper incredible sex and/or 12 play 😛

    I’m sucker for 4play/12play before any penetration even without penetration, drive me crazy for as long as you want, make passinate love to my soul and you get to keep me forever and a day 😛

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  • Kirstie Earnhardt says:

    I was with a Gemini for 13 years and had two children with him. He never married me, was one of the most selfish people I have ever met. He did nothing with his children, was upset if I got more attention than him, was not overly generous as a man, would 70% of the time never listen to me when I was talking with him and was somewhere else totally, he lied constantly about the most tiny things and I do think he cheated on me when I was pregnant with my son. He would never admit to anything in a million years and was self-absorbed beyond belief.

    He did everything to woo me. I ignored him the first time I met him as I got side tracked and forgot about him. He wanted me to move in, then have children. I didn’t instigate anything, but loved him, so was happy to carry on.

    When my children were born he took it very badly. He hated being disturbed, he never helped me during the night with my children and he resented his world being changed.

    I know quite a few Geminis all of which have been attracted to me. I think some people are afflicted with really heavy planets and others have the more positive side going on. I have made a friend with a younger man who is a gemini. He has a lovely bubbly personality. A great communicator, warm and very sweet, he cheers me up so much. I keep my distance from him as I love the way we miss each other and don’t want to lose him as a friend. We made love once and it was amazing. It took my breath away literally. We are meeting again and I feel energy between us leading up to it. Its quite strange but in a good way. I am not looking for a relationship so it is nice to have positive feelings, but not having to do anything with them other than accept that they are good and cherish them. It sex was as good as the Scorpio intimacy I have had, if not better and that is saying something, but with more genuine friendship behind it, rather than games. Although my first Scorpio boyfriend was madly in love with me and did not play games – just to set the record straight. I think sex with all the Gemini’s I have been with has been pretty wonderful.

    Anyway, my advice is and this is how I am going to be with all signs – Just be really busy and focus on your life and don’t see people all of the time even if you are dying to. I have naturally found this out through being genuinely busy as I am virtually all of the time and it has made us closer somehow. I am tired of being hurt so I am going to stand back from things more and let others make the effort for me. When the right man comes along I will marry him, but until that happens I am happy doing all of the things I am involved in now, which are for my own growth and progression through life. I get to be intimate with my true young Gemini friend, as no sex would probably drive me bonkers, so I feel in balance.

    With regards to my Ex, BEWARE they can really turn. What they are like when you first meet, is not necessarily what you are going to end up with. Actually a lot of men are like that. My last boyfriend a Leo was totally guilty of that. The Lazy streak really came out. Out of 13 years with my past Gemini, 1.5 were genuinely happy. Mine was extremely negative though. A nicer one I can imagine would make a great partner. We had sex all the time for 13 years without fail. The attraction was dynamite and it is true how this keeps couples together.

    Good luck to you all.

  • Super-Duper website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also.

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