Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Sagittarius Couples:  Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

If a Gemini man is ever interested in a Sagittarius woman, it’s because secretly he’s ready to straighten up and fly right.  This pair of opposites attract.  Sagittarius is famous for good ethics.  Gemini, the Trickster, is famous for short-cuts and loopholes.  Gemini will monkey around with anything from taxes to 5-finger discounts, and Sagittarius is there to slap his hand.  The other thing that makes a Gemini man and a Sagittarius woman so happy is that one or the other is not there at least half the time.  Both these signs need a lot of space and have even been known to live in different houses and different countries very happily “together.”  Strictly speaking, the Sagittarius woman is the country bumpkin and the Gemini man is the city-slicker, so it makes sense that they would have two houses — one in town and one in the country.    Gemini and Sagittarius are bound to have a lot of other people involved in their relationship.  Relatives and siblings abound.  If they’re young enough, grandparents will play a big part, too, and it is not unusual for these two to marry from different cultural, religious, or economic backgrounds.  Especially to Sagittarius — “Different is Better.”

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  If you’re a Sagittarius woman trying to attract a Gemini man, you might find out what classes he’s taking and sneak into one of them.  He’s bound to be learning something as his interests are always changing.  You might also pick up on some trendy news item to ask the Gemini man about.  Then keep your mouth shut — I know it’s hard because you really do know it all — but you will get farther with this guy by letting him talk until he figures out for himself and starts to ask you questions.  Also, please use your picture-perfect intuition as to when to place calls and send emails.  He loves to communicate.  You don’t.  And that should keep him on his toes.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Gemini Man:  You’re going to have to be fast on your feet, which will thrill you right there.  If you’re a Gemini man trying to attract a Sagittarius woman, the hardest part may be throwing yourself across her path.  She’s even busier than you are!  Please be friendly, interesting, up-to-date, and casual.  Avoid bummers, such as troubles you’re having at work or in the bowling league.  This lady likes positive, positive, positive.  Check her out before you try and take her some place fancy.  She may have plenty of money, but she will almost always prefer something casual.  She may not own a dress.

Degree of Romance:   A Gemini may tend to be romantic if he thinks that’s what you want.  Generally, he thinks everyone wants it.  As soon as he figures out Ms. Sagittarius thinks it’s kind of corny, he’ll cut it out.

Degree of Passion:   The only passion that’s likely to go on here is the lady Sagittarius’ passion for life.  Gemini may show more excitement than he ever has before, because her high spirits are so contagious.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be the greatest pals around.  They love going places, doing things, trying out the latest, and just hanging out. The Gemini man may prefer more sophisticated pursuits such as casinos, upscale shopping and fine dining, while the Sagittarius woman may prefer cultural pursuits such as opera or forays into nature such as hiking or horse-back riding.  Together they cover the gamut, and they should be able to find plenty of things in common.  When these two friends get together, the emphasis in on doing, seeing and being seen — everywhere and everything.

Degree of Marriage:  The Gemini man and Sagittarius woman can have a great marriage particularly if one travels and the other is only home half the time.  They understand each other’s needs for space and deep down inside each of them lives by this premise:  wherever I hang my hat is home.  They will agree on including all friends and relatives in their lives.  They will have a broad social network and spectrum of activities.  Gemi will keep it interesting, and Sag will keep it legal.  The only problem they may run into is that they can both be spendthrifts.  They may also be charming and rather casual parents, or chums to their friend’s kids rather than authority figures.  Truth to tell, neither one of them will be interested in their children until the children are able to talk.

Progression of Relationship:   This is a circular relationship because the Gemini man and Sagittarius woman are such equals.  It’s like a cat chasing its own tail — and a merry chase it will be!  Two more forgiving people will never be found.  It’s not so much that they are soulful, it’s that they could care less about society and expectations.  They will early-on agree that anything goes.  Both will be late many times, and each is likely to forget where the restaurant is or where the party’s being held.  They tend to be very comfortable with one another, being two of a kind.  In any case, a simple apology will do.

Sex:   Sagittarians are the great gift to the world where sex is concerned, because it is so natural to them.  They are here to remind us that we are animals who have evolved into being human beings.   The motto of the Sagittarian is, “Do it or don’t do it, but don’t do it and then feel guilty about it.”  Gemini brings variety and mental stimulation (the mind is the greatest sex organ) to the party.  With his ingenuity, the Gemini man will have the Sagittarius grow fond of suggestive texting and emailing at opportune moments which they will think is hilarious.  These two will be particularly caught up in gadgets and gear.

When It’s Over:  This can wind down pretty casually because neither one of them likes confrontation.  They may easily agree to just be friends, or it may just die from lack of interest.  No hard feelings — just one of those things!

Our Rating: 7/10

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68 Responses to Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • cazluvs says:

    OK, the only Gemini male I have ever ‘dealt’ with was on friend and lover level – he’s a Gem male (but he is also on the Taurus/Gem cusp) and I’m a Sag female (but I’m also a Scorpio/Sag cusp).

    First things first. I am married to a wonderful Capricorn male with a Juno in Aquarius for about 12 years now and I would NEVER ever give him up, ever.

    The Gem male I speak of, has a lady and she has two kids so he’s a step dad. There will never be any dating relationship between the Gem male and I.

    It happened once. We were freshman in college and my roommate at that time knew the Gem male from high school. He fell in love with me according to my roommate – he pursued ME. I was in a relationship at that time with an Aquarius and the relationship with the Gem male – took off. The Aquarius and I broke up, and the Gem male and I who started off as friends – began dating quickly. The world’s biggest mistake ever. I lost my Gem male as a friend the day I started to fall in love with him too. We were 19 when this all went down. We were charming, appreciative of each other and the it went down hill…before we broke up and he went back out with me – only to break up with me again. He was totally confused about what to do with me when he had me! Figure THAT one out….

    I nursed a 13 year grudge against my Gem male. I was very hurt. I felt betrayed, victimized, I built up so much trust in him and he abandoned me and let me down. I spent years hating my Gem male’s guts. I moved as far away as possible from my Gem male when we did break up – from one dorm to another dorm across campus. My Gem male years later married my now ex-best friend from college (she was a mutual friend) and that marriage blew up on my Gem male. I knew it would because my Gem male’s not the marrying kind. He places high expectations on marriage as well. He can be the give you orders lay down the law type and I am a rebel. I rebel against being told what to do. I don’t do compromise very well and neither does he….

    Back in 2008, when I was on these social sites, I found my group of college friends and he was included in the group. I made steps to let go of my hate, my anger, and my distrust of my Gem male so we could hang out with mutual friends down the road and get along without any awkward tension – I messaged him a first and then we spoke over the phone and cleared the air.

    My Gem male wasn’t dating anyone and I was and still am married so we began to talk over the phone and patch things up. He was okay at first, but then he met his woman with her two kids and he feared he would screw up his chances with her by speaking or being friends with me. It was an early stage relationship. I told my Gem male he needs to focus on his woman with her two kids (his step kids) and don’t worry about meeting up with me at time soon. I also informed my Gem male that I am very married with three kids of my own and we’re just friends – my Gem male and I.

    We (my Gem male and I) both took some space. I kinda removed myself from his life so he could not worry about upsetting me or his woman. Now that he’s living with his woman and her kids and I drive by his work every month I go to pay my mortgage – that I thought I would write him a letter and deliver it to his work. More of a what’s up and how are you correspondence since we’re both busy with lives. I also wanted to be sure there wasn’t any awkwardness between us after out last exchange of messages when he was first dating his woman and her kids.

    The main thing is I’m taking this rebuilding of friendship with my Gem male very slowly. I don’t want to screw up being friends with him since we’re 35 and adults now.

    The bottom line, Nancy is so right about the Gem and Sag relationship being a merry cat chasing its tail. At least from my experience anyway with my Gem male. lol


  • sag-girl says:

    @ enjoy the moment:

    Bravo Bitch. That’s what im saying. I agree with you 100%. This Gemini man pursued me; for 9 months; hard. I cut him down time and time again. He was persistant and won over my trust. We became friends. Very close. Then I started to feel really safe with him. Like my big brother or Warm Comfy Blanket. He always made me feel safe and protected. My sun sign is sagittarius my Moon is Aquarius and everything else is Scorpio. I believe he had mostly cancer and aries in his so somehow my response to him was to nurture and heal him. I took care of his heart.

    My natural instincts are to be very professional and distant until im sure. I initially will be a smarty pants to see where someone mind is but then i’ll be really funny and detached until I can see it’s okay to open up. Even when im hurt, i will put on a smile. Once the smile goes. I follow behind it. Im not going to let someone see they got the best of me.

    It will be a year since we’ve known each other this end of march. We are broken up now not due to freedom or cheating; but because I feel disrespected. We have been “seeing” each other since October and it has been really sweet, beautiful and loving. THen out of the blue, he pulls a disappearing act (2 weeks), became critical, and think Im going to kiss his ass. No way. I love him till the end of time and willing to work at anything. But once a guy goes away and then comes back like aint nothing happend, im going to shut down. Im gonna follow your lead. So have your space, Do what you want with no pressure from me. But I will back off too. Your ass will start over from scratch and you will not be getting none of this until im sure your being true. So if and when a person starts acting flaky and become distant, so do I. So this is where we are right now. He has called but I wont answer because im hurting and a little confused. I need to see some effort from him first. I also need to gain my composure before i present myself to him again. I’ve been working out and will have a new me if and when I decide to emerge to give him a piece of my mind for closure.

    Usually I would compromise but if you come back after being gone for two weeks and still think im going to treat you the same without any compromise or understanding of my feelings, then back to square one for you.

    A part of me wants go find him and rip his limbs off for playing games with me. Another part wants to just walk away and have him seeing me look so freakin fabulous this Spring/Summer without a word.

    I’ve been in pain for the last month but I refuse to show it.

  • Sol says:

    @Sag-girl :
    Whoa you’re going a bit crazy there- that will definitely send a Gem running for the hills. The ‘rip his limbs off’ bit. Surely you jest, but to a Gemini that fierce degree of explosiveness rattles us–it’s almost sadistic Scorpio like.

    Believe it or not, Gemini would not even see it as “disrespect”. We can’t fathom the concept b/c from our perspective our ‘disappearing act’ to You—is just ‘ME Time’ to a Gemini. It’s got NOTHING to do with disrespecting you—absolutely nothing. There’s also a bit of Gem insecurity b/c we feel like we can’t sustain being fun and entertaining/interesting to you consistently, therefore we need a little space to recharge our batteries and “ME Time”
    What is perceived to be ‘inconsistency’ and ULTIMATE ‘I wanna rib your limbs off’ “Disrespect” to You—is just us recharging our batteries. If you can’t understand and take such gross offense, then you should NOT be with him. Seriously. I fear for him. You are not the One.

  • Sol says:


    To add to above, the funny thing is—You might wanna ‘rip his limbs’ off for “disrespecting” You by pulling a disappearing act–when in fact it could be BECAUSE Gemini likes you so much and doesn’t want to seem smothering to you by always being in contact. In other words he doesn’t want you to think he’s smothering you or it’ll chase you Ms. freedom loving Sag away. Get it?

  • Butter Pecan says:

    Hmmm…see with us sagittarius women we love consistency! I think for us with maturity we are more understanding. I have had a few Gemini boyfriends, love them to death, something about me they like to! The problem between us is that we want you Gemini men to dig deep in our hearts and minds, you know…under the surface!? We sagittarius women are different we are ok with just being friends and/or your lover, but we need you to be straight up with us! We respect honesty 100%! For me no matter how painful it is! Anywho…I’m glad the inconsistency was explained. I think we would respond more in a positive way if that OS explained up front! Dig deeper Gemini! It’s OK!

  • Sol says:

    @Butter Pecan:
    Gemini won’t know there was a problem to begin with. We won’t know we needed to ‘Dig’. As for digging deeper, Gemini won’t dig a concentrated point, we go for breadth and vast variety in subjects and people. So if Sagittarius expects Gem to dig deeper into Sag’s emotions like the Mariana Trench, sorry most likely, you’ll get—Voila! The Grand Canyon!

  • Butter Pecan says:

    I would say that, that is dangerous on the Gemini’s part for not digging below the surface. I have many Gemini friends/boyfriend’s, some of them have told me that they missed great opportunities by being un-evolved, and so much into character all the time! Gemini’s are very emotional Saggy women, believe me their not that hard to figure out! We are very good at backing off of any situation, that’s all you have to do with them! I have found with Gemini when they’re are un-evolved…don’t waste your time on them! Find that Aries, they are perfect for us! Gemini is our opposite a want to be copy of us! They seek our strength in which they are weak! Emotional creatures that are bound by their emotions, and this is why for the most of the ones I know have been in therapy for years! This is what I mean by digging deeper, if they would get rid of that fear…”emotion” I think they would be happier people. Sagittarius & Gemini are good together, just both signs have to be at a level of maturity, no games! I know Gemini well, I just truly think for me a waste of time!

  • Butter Pecan says:

    Also Sagittarius, to really phantom the idea of being interested in a Gemini man is to live your life, be independent, stick to your boundaries with him, even though it might be hard, because we are intrigued, and captivated by them. You must understand that these men do love variety, and when they find a new toy they like to play with it! So you have to be that shiny new toy all the time! It’s the only way to keep them on they’re toes! It’s a lot of work, but so are we Saggy people. You have to truly be yourself with them, don’t care about what they think of you, they won’t judge you, if they do so effing what!! This strength that we have is what they want! Again, when were attracted to someone we want them to see the sweet side of us, because we can be very bold! I say switch it around with them, never let them figure you out! Also because we ate very forgiving, if you truly want the respect from a Gemini, as well as really standing out than the rest, do not take his ish at all! I’m a firehorse saggy, so I give them hell, and Gemini chase me. Their way to easy!

  • Just Listen says:

    Gemini guys haha think of their mind being like an ocean.(I am a Gemini whom has not been in a relationship with women which weren’t a fling, its not that I don’t take relationships seriously but they weren’t real ones; that is my relationship experience so pretty much 0) Just forget those parts. Overall his(Gemini man) thinking regularly of the big picture , that picture being the ocean. Their mind is an ocean. There are many inside components and some that just won’t be able to be figured out. For example we as researchers know more about the moon than the ocean and we cannot fully explore the ocean due to technology not begin capable of doing so yet. Inside the ocean is the more diverse type of ecosystem. Such as the fickleness of a Gemini. Dating a gemini guy could be like dating four different guys in one body. Those guys in most cases will be Charming(being the epitome of all you want him to be), funny, philosophical/smart,moody. Those aren’t the typical type but they most certainly apply to me at least how my twin sister puts it. It is impossible to understand the ocean it its entirety but maybe thats a good thing that you cannot for what if something you did not need to know is included. The ocean is vast and Gemini’s like to keep certain personal interests to themselves entirely, most likely these aren’t interests that could be harming your relationship if you knew what they were but the time he puts toward them is the true damage dealer if anything. While some Gemini’s can seem like your knight in shining armor one day ,the next day he may not include yourself in it at all or even for many days in a row or on and off. Its not at all because theres a problem in your relationship and you must understand that truly and sincerely. When they return they’ll probably come back as prince charming or romance king as he misses his beloved partner. This could very well be a bad example ,but if he stops contact with you without notice for days/weeks and doesn’t contact you during those days it’s not because he finds something wrong with anything with the relationship, that’s just him. He still loves you as much as he did the night of your passionate sex the day before he goes. The example is just think of him as recharging his freedom batteries a bit so he can enjoy his personal interests. Most likely he’s not chatting with other women in flirtatious ways or anything such disloyal, but rather just doing what he likes to do. Also never ever take a Gemini’s conversation topic to heart unless its about emotional feelings and such between you. If he tells you something thats even slightly insulting or that boosts his ego he doesn’t mean it from the bottom of his heart no matter how serious his facial expression is. If your Gemini hasn’t suggested it yet, the next time your preparing for a passionate love making pull out a whipped cream spray can and I couldn’t tell you just how much he will appreciate that, I don’t joke when I say that. Also don’t take his flirtatious nature to heart, if he’s flirting with other women he probably hasn’t even noticed because he’s just like to leave good impressions to ensure you as a couple look best in all ways. I have things to do but a lot of people seem to get the wrong impression of Gemini guys so I took a large portion of my leisure time to thoughtfully construct this and write it down but I need to go now. I won’t be checking this again so if you still have questions concerning Gemini’s(male or female, I can put in my 2 cents for female gemini because I am a Gemini and I have a twin sister thus she’s a Gemini as well) you can contact me through my email:
    Btw tell me you saw me from this site or such,etc
    -I did not check over this post more than once so my grammar, pronunciation, spelling whatever it may be could be very horrible also to add english is not my native language.
    -Also I am human therefore I will have mistakes here and there but what I told you I believe but its always possible I worded it in a way you may not interpret the same.

  • tommy says:

    all Geminis are not the same! Ian a Gemini more like a jupitarian as i have my ascendency at 30 degrees Gemini! so there is lesser effect of duality in me! my moon sign is cap at 22 degrees! so i am having a strong sun effect!! i am in love with a saggi!! but she assumes i am like all gems fickle and uncommitted!! But she is finding me different and more reliable!! we are in love but she is taking time to change her ideas; and she depends on me for all types of support!! It is not that we differ in ideas at times; but we make up mutually!!!! Hope you will find different gemini heart with different moon sign!

  • BriA says:

    I’m not a gemini male but a female dealing with a Sag Male (on this page for a friend though lol) but what Sol is saying is right….all of it may not be right for a certain situation but it can be applied to help guide you Sag females……The Sag I like now I’m still trying to get to know him and make sure it’s not like lust so we’ve been talking on and off for a bit but now for a couple of days we’ve talked consistently and all of a sudden he likes me……No you don’t like me you’re just horny and trying to get in my pants – you can’t like someone in that short amount of time

    Also for the Sag. women going crazy over a text/call most of the time their phones aren’t with them or they are just busy like chill out esp. if you’re just dating/not in a relationship with him – you will freak him out and esp. if you get into an argument……Gems don’t like drama and confrontation so if you start yelling they will keep walking and hide from your crazy self… Sol said about women always having a goal of being in a relationship -Gems know this people forget they’re not stupid and can read someone a mile away -…..if a Gem knows your goal is to be in a relationship you’ll prob. freak him out because it’s like Friends first then relationship ….. if your goal is the relationship you’re not taking the time out to develop a friendship that can be the base of the relationship that can ground it to last…..what a Gem wants today is not going to be what he wants tomorrow…..We are all confused about ourselves but we mean well lol

    Butter Pecan – we Gems do dig and see our true feelings but you won’t know them….why should you to use it against us lol …. they don’t know if you’ll last – if a Gem is beside you they care lol….just because a Gem isn’t vocal about emotions doesn’t mean they’re un-evolved they literally don’t trust you or you’ve probably never been as close as you thought you were to them

    Gems are guarded of their emotions and already have a hard time expressing themselves and are already confused about wtf they feel and if they’ll feel that way tomorrow – TOO MANY PEOPLE LIVING IN ONE BODY

  • Sagg in LOVE with her Gem! says:

    Well well well… =) I’m going to try to keep this brief but detailed. Quick background… I met my Gem 5yrs ago; attractive, charming, interesting, intelligent, moody… great guy overall. We we’re friends for months and before we knew it, we we’re dating. Needless to say, this was my first time dating a Gem ever; we dated on & off for about 2 years before it ended Spring of ’11.

    The Slope:
    We both possessed similar characteristics: independency, moodiness, outspoken, adventurous, interesting conversations… however a one stood the test of times, “MOODINESS”/ “COMMUNICATION”. We never had a dull moment; could communicate about any and everything, HOWEVER… when the moodiness (i like to call it, his twin brother, lol) of my GEM came into play, it was unbearable. I tried to figure out the “supposedly problem”, which turned into nagging and me distancing myself… this was the worse mistake ever. This small misunderstanding is/ could be detrimental in your relationship with a GEM guy; they WILL shut down on you period.

    The Jump:
    You have to pay close attention to their wants, needs, and be able to understand it. You cant get caught up with your personal feelings as it’s not about you at that moment. Their moodiness is more of, “im trying to figure things out” moment. If you really know your Gem, you’ll know that they’re honest and loyal individuals (at least mine is), so the need to b.s. is almost slim to none.

    Landing & Crossing the Finish Line:
    The key to being in a healthy longterm relationship with a Gem for us Sagg ladies, is first understanding them: although they WON’T & DON’T show their feelings often, they are emotional beings, sometimes just being an ear is all they want & need; being independent: meaning, have your own life too! Don’t just set around waiting on them… nothing more excites them is knowing you can enjoy life on your own; keep the fire alive (nothing routine period!!)… They are easily bored and WILL venture off to find new excitement if you’re not providing or open to it.
    I’ve learned after the fact, it wasn’t personal when we didn’t speak for a day or two… When he was “lovey dovey” at the moment and an hour later, standoffish or cold, not wanting to be bothered. IT’s NOT PERSONAL… it takes a strong and understandable person to be involved with a Gem.
    When the “sweet twin” is on, they ARE the most lovable, charming, caring, and giving people I know.

    The Sequel:
    After being apart (no communication at all!) for about a year and a half, my Gem and I are happily back together. Being apart, we had time to reflect and learn from our previous mistakes. Communication and wanting to understanding your mate is very important and key to making a relationship work!!

    Hope my experience was helpful to some…

    1208 <3 0524

  • visit here says:

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  • andrea says:

    I have only been with my Gemini man for about 2 months now, but it was instant fire when we met. It still is, but he went away on a cruise to the Bahamas this weekend and I am worried he will meet someone else. He says he loves me and misses me and can’t wait to come back home to me. He is very good looking, and is only 23 years old. I am considerably older than he is. Can or should I trust him? He texted me from the ship when he first got on it, but I haven’t heard from him since. I am a little worried him cheating on me. Do I have reason to be? Should I trust him?

  • Nivia says:

    Andrea, only if your psychic you woud know what hes doing or going to do. I don’t know much about you or your bf but if he cheats its because he doesn’t feel loved enough maybe and hes not the one for you though you may love him with all your heart. sad as it may sound. So quit worrying and enjoy your life till he gets back. Two months is hardly anything to go by.

  • LornaTune says:

    @Andrea yes I know the feeling. I met this wonderful guy I couldn’t have years ago and I was so so worried. I know the feeling. I didn’t want to lose him and there was nothing I could do about it. So that’s just what you do. Nothing. I just prayed. Sound funny? Maybe. But its true. I said dear God let the right thing happen. If he loves me he will come back at some point. I just didn’t think that point was years later :D . But he did. Its the only force in the world that makes people walk to a person they’ve left behind or whose moved on. You can not force him. But he will love you, hes not going to cheat on you. Its just the insecurity of thinking about all the pretty girls on a beautiful vacation. Arent you seeing guys too okay so theyre not that handsome, but you know what I mean. Your not running away with them or flirting with them are you. That’s what hes doing too. Nothing less will do than he person you love. All else is nothing its dust its paper in the mouth.

  • cleaster says:

    I’m a Sagittarius women,and my bf is Gemini .we didn’t met more than eight months but we still trust one another.he is my prince,I love him and he love me too.he is my soul made.I’m a short temper person being born on Dec12 but when it comes to him I’m a most patien….person hehe ,he too the same ,few minutes ago we argue but we forgive .

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