Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Scorpio Couples:  Prince Rainier and Grace Kelley, Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh,  Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

This couple is full of surprises, some of them scary, and some of them really scary.  They each wear a mask like a Halloween costume, and they love to jump out and go “Boo!”  Both these signs are used to hiding behind layers that obfuscate who they really are.  Scorpio manipulates everything, and Gemini must monkey around with everything.  It is literally impossible for either of them to come straight at an object, but they understand that about each other.  Can you imagine the circumlocution and posturing necessary to accomplish anything?  Each one of them is like a double agent trying to figure out what kind of double agent the other one is and oddly enough, they don’t take it at all seriously.  If you get right down to it, each of them would say it’s crazy to be very open with anybody else.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Scorpio Woman:  Feel free to do something sexy to catch his attention but then you’ll have to back it up with some intelligent conversation.  Stay away from manipulation because you’ve met your match.  If you monkey around too much with the relationship, it will definitely backfire.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Gemini Man:  Most Scorpio women are interested in any man in sight because they love the power of their sexual allure.  Watch what you say very carefully.  In some cases you can be somewhat crude, but you better err on the side of prudence.  If she starts talking about sex first, feel free to build on the conversation.  Sex isn’t all she’s interested in, but it’s pretty much what attracts her to a guy, so it’s best if you have some confidence in yourself on that score.  You are not playing with an amateur.

Degree of Romance:   It is eroticism that’s likely to occur, not romance.  Gemini is a very curious and willing sexual partner and Scorpio can take him where he’s always wanted to go.

Degree of Passion:   Unfortunately the passion in this relationship may be the tumultuous emotions of Scorpio when she feels betrayed or slighted.   Ms. Scorpio is famous for her rage and vindictiveness.  Do not mess with her, Monkey Man.  You’re likely to lose your tail.  And another thing, Gemini, we know how much you love to mess around, but you have no idea the dark forces that will be unleashed if you mess around on this lady. At the very least, she will personally key your brand new Lexus.  What happens after that will make that look good.  No really.

Degree of Friendship:  Are you kidding?  Friends don’t key friend’s cars.

Degree of Marriage:  No piece of paper can possibly bind these two together more than the games they play.  My advice is don’t even go there unless you are willing to play nine innings of hard ball.  Gemini, whatever little tricks you have up your sleeve, you might find your arm in the alley back behind your house.  On the other hand, if you decide to straighten up and fly right, this is the sort of women that will make a righteous man out of you.

Progression of Relationship:   Gemini, do not mess around with her on any level.  If you prize your kneecaps, get down on them and stay there.  It is best to give this woman what she wants — and act like you like it.  By the way, there is no place for your Evil Twin in this relationship.  And why is that?  Because your Evil Twin is unbelievably naïve (I hate to be the one to tell you).

Sex:   In case you were wondering if it was worth it to go through all this stuff, yes, the sex will make it worth it.  The only trouble is, if you’re not faithful, Gemini, it may be the last sex you ever have.  There’s something about having sex with a Scorpio woman that makes you want to have more sex, period, but if you step outside this relationship, it will be your last.

When It’s Over:  This could be one of the biggest messes imaginable.  There are so many entanglements, vendettas, justifications, rationalizations, over-stepped boundaries, and poorly-digested words, that it will take years to clean up the debris.  In your own way, neither one of you ever lets go of anything, and god knows, you both know how to nurse a grudge.  Gemini is not normally vindictive, but is very fond of having the last word, and Scorpio will never let that happen.

Our Rating: 50/50

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107 Responses to Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

  • @scorpionlocklady says:

    Prince Rainer/Princess Grace Kelly? wow! that’s amazing….

  • SadScorpio says:

    If there’s anything I regrest more than not saying goodbye, it’s not being able to tell who to watch out for. I really really feel sad about that. I guess I was not able to protect against that. And I don’t know what happen just vaguely knew something. I felt really sad there wasn’t a way to communicate. Not that anyone cared much but I tried.

  • Lacking imagination says:

    The Wynona Ryder/Johnny Depp pairing, Scorpio woman/Gemini man, he still is in love with her even after all these years. She could care less it seems.

    I noticed that with Capricorn moon men. They hold on forever. Until the day they die.
    Same with Capricorn moon Ryan Gosling with his love forever to Gemini moon/Scorpio sun Rachel McAdams, she still cares of course, but could care less about being with him or else she would still be with him.

  • gemini man/scorpio woman says:

    I love this, when i read it the first time I laughed so loud. Am so appreciating your humour and wit,Authoress, and analyzing these two on a more easier to read level:

    ” Degree of Friendship: Are you kidding? Friends don’t key friend’s cars.” hilarious.

    Degree of Marriage: No piece of paper can possibly bind these two together more than the games they play. My advice is don’t even go there unless you are willing to play nine innings of hard ball. Gemini, whatever little tricks you have up your sleeve, you might find your arm in the alley back behind your house. On the other hand, if you decide to straighten up and fly right, this is the sort of women that will make a righteous man out of you.

    what is with Gemini men and playing so many games?? Why do Scorpio woman keep getting attracted to them?
    Is it the Gemini man that is the one that likes to play these games to the serious minded woman?
    they really need to stop these games, or it’s true, they will find one of the gemini man’s arms in the back alley.

  • Gemini man lucky says:

    Two of my closest attractions were to Scorpio women. And, that was precisely because they came on to me. But, due to my admittedly flighty nature, (and, btw, good call on us Gems being much more cerebral than physical) it didn’t lead to anything.

    Surprising given my headstrong Sagittarius ascendant, who wanted those ladies real, real bad. But, my Gem side, along with my over-cautious Pisces moon kept me out of what, probably, would’ve been disastrous relationships.

    Nothing at all against Scorps. As is my way, nothing against anyone really, just did not like the head games, and perhaps threats, that would’ve come from that hookup. Peace and love to all!

  • addy says:

    Wow this really is spot on! Hilarious! I married my Gemini man. the bit about marriage about sums it up. hahahaha

  • MikeRotsche says:

    This is such a ridiculous fraud. All you hear is silly threats on this compatibility exchange. I’ve dated Scorpio before and the person who wrote this page is a complete idiot. I’m sorry but it’s obvious this person has deep seeded issues on the subject

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