Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Virgo Couples:  Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi, Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynd, Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault

A Gemini man and a Virgo woman can be fascinating to one another.  They will never run out of things to talk about.  Their view points on life are amazingly similar in that they are both observers of human nature and they bring out the tolerance in one another. They are equally intelligent and can share insights about the world around them.  These are two people who process the world mentally with a certain detachment.  The Virgo woman tolerates the Gemini man’s gregariousness while the Gemini man’s constant activity gives the Virgo woman the space she needs.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Virgo Woman:  If you’re a Virgo woman wanting to attract a Gemini man, try to convince him early on that you will be valuable to his career by keeping him organized and tying his loose ends.  If you like this Gemini man, you will be willing to do the things for him that he doesn’t like to do.  That’s your nature and it’s a big asset to him who can’t be bothered to do a lot of things.  The Gemini man is very sophisticated so you should act polished in public, keep your hands to yourself, and take out your best manners.  He’ll like witty repartee, so please provide this.  Feed him some sophisticated commentary on the world around you and people you encounter that evening, and don’t hold back.  He will be impressed by your astute observations and that you have the nerve to say some of the things you do.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Gemini Man: If you’re a Gemini man trying to attract a Virgo woman, put your best intellectual foot forward.  Don’t waste her time with small talk.  Have something intelligent to say, about world events or current affairs, and make it original if possible.  Keep your hands to yourself and act like a gentleman.  If she wants more than that, she’ll provide the cues.  It is best to be conservative because she will not be very forgiving of mistakes in etiquette.

Degree of Romance:   Virgo is one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac while Gemini has all the smooth moves. The courtship is likely to have a very romantic veneer that is pleasing to the sensitivities of both the Virgo woman and the Gemini man.  The success of the early courtship may even turn on the right words at the right time as these are two superb communicators each of whom will appreciate finding someone of equal caliber to interact with.

Degree of Passion:  The Virgo woman has a way of letting loose when she decides to take her defenses down which can send a Gemini man’s head spinning.  When two cerebral signs connect with such chemistry, sparks are bound to fly — much to the surprise of both.  This surprise fuels the fire which builds higher and higher in spite of the cool collectedness for which the two signs are famous.

Degree of Friendship:  Gemini man and Virgo woman can make a very fine friendship.  Virgo brings out protectiveness in Gemini.  Gemini understands Virgo at a fundamental level and will give her the space and clarity she needs.  In return, Virgo lends Gemini a willing ear at every turn.  He has someone to talk to, and she has someone to listen to.  This is a friendship that can endure.

Degree of Marriage:  This relationship is a very good one that creates a space for two intellectuals to pursue their interests.  Children are a little bit hard to work into the formula, because basically people aren’t interesting to a Gemini or a Virgo until they reach the age of reason — about 8 years old.  As a couple, the Virgo-Gemini combination may go in one of two directions:  (1) They may be studious and introverted spending time in the library or reading before the fire; or (2) They may be just the opposite — gregarious and friendly to the extreme.  It works well as long as they are both on the same page.  If wires are crossed and a gregarious Gemini hooks up with a studious Virgo, or vice versa, there will be friction.

Progression of Relationship:   A flurry of texts and emails will follow soon after these two meet.  The object will be to communicate constantly with one another until they are face to face again.  It may be hard to meet again right away because their schedules are so busy, but sooner or later they will create a space for each other in their lives.  It will all be respectful and peaceful.  They have a wonderful ability to communicate about problems in a very feeling manner.  Neither sign has much ego and is less interested in being right than in being fair and cooperative.

Sex:   Both signs have a reputation for being very good lovers.  Between the Gemini man and Virgo woman, there is a willingness to experiment, an ability to build friendly rapport, and a gift to be able to talk about sex comfortably with one another.  Virgo is a born flirt and tease, while Gemini knows all the moves to make.  They are especially good with their timing in the bedroom and of course there’s the famous Virgo attention to detail.

When It’s Over:  When it’s time for the party to be over, Virgo will quietly put her foot down.  Gemini will affably take the hint and hit the road. And because she’s a Virgo, he’ll hit the high road.  These two are likely to unwind their relationship with finesse and integrity.

Our Rating: 8/10

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67 Responses to Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

  • Miss Virgo =) says:

    Really? I’m Chinese and I don’t know if the years really make a difference. I mean, I know that it does but maybe you mean the animals representing them clash not the year Lol

  • An Enigma says:

    I don’t think I personally could ever forgive someone for cheating on me, at least not consciously. Time makes the mind forget. He obviously doesn’t trust you in the least. There might not even be someone else on his side, I wouldn’t put it past a Gem to fabricate a fantastic story in order to test you. Probably not your situation though haha. He’s probably depressed and feeling emotions! Shell shocked might be a good way to put it. Gemini’s are usually happy happy happy but something like an abortion and losing your ladies probably has him off his game a lot! Go you’re own ways for a while, rediscover yourselves, and maybe someday sooner than you think you’ll be back together. Sounds like a shitty situation, sorry I don’t have good advice for it. I’d have never talked to you ever again if it were me. :o Go to a strip club and get a few lap dances and drinks with some girlys. Get back in the game and you’ll start getting hunted again.

  • Virgo-Gal says:

    This article is quite true, I was with a gemini for a few years before meeting my wonderful capricorn. Although my gemini always interested and excited me, he just couldn’t stop cheating and thats a massive no-go for me as I value loyalty. The bit in the article that states “when it’s time for the party to be over, virgo will quietly put her foot down” is exactly how our situation ended. I eventually got sick of his cheating, however we definately unwound our relationship with integrity.

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  • DMHG says:

    This is so Dramione.

  • Virgo Lover says:

    I have to say that this article is SO VERY TRUE. Me and my Virgo female have taken our 8 year friendship to the next level and I AM LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. I PRAY TO GOD THAT IT NEVER ENDS!!! ITS SOMETHING I’VE NEVER THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN BUT THANK GOD IT DID!!!

  • Norman says:

    Forget what I said…… lasted only two weeks and she was full of lies and games.

  • Fee says:

    I was with my Gemani man and I loved him very much and he gave me the same in return but as someone stated before he could not stop cheating. It wasnt what I wasnt doing he was just a natural born freak and needed a variety, and me being the virgo woman I am I could not handle the cheating so we broke up this past Oct. We had ome great times I must say

  • Tia says:

    these 2 have alot of fun together. i am a virgo and have had relationships with 2 Geminis. I appreciate that Gemini still seems to have good sense and manners in a world where those things are becoming rarer. The gemini guy will engage your senses which in turn engages your passion. etc. it feels like these men have a handle on themselves. I peresonally hate men who seem desperate to get some or just too quick to rush things, tacky.

    although we get on well i do believe that Virgo being the sensible minded girls we are, may have a hard time getting Gemini to commit to something serious. GEmini asks the questions, i wouoldn’t be surprised if many philosphers were of this sign, the thing is, many of the questions are not “important” in the eyes of a Virgo.

    this is a man who wants to do the right thing often i feel, he is often kind and gentle hearted, its not that he doesn’t want to be in love, its just he wants to know what love is first, and make sure he has found it

    Virgo girl : Hi, how are you

    Gemini guy: Heeyyyy, im fine, you know i was just thinking to myself,why is it when you say “hello” on the phone the other person says “hello?” like theyre not sure you hear them

    etc. etc.

    as for a relationship, i feel these guys really squirm when it comes to settling down. yes shes wonderful, but perhaps i can do even better? i can imagine that being a running dialogue in their heads, because they love to flirt and be sociable. and they are quite often not quite SURE about things.

    Gemini can make virgo critical, yes even more than we already are, and so i think we have to work on curbing that, because we can sometimes see Gemini as being frivolous. My GEmini ex has become my Gemini friend and we are very close. we are able to laugh about it all now, and yes i do feel like he gets me, and maybe i get him

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  • Chris says:

    I have been dating a Gemini Man for about 2 months I have to say it has been the Best 2 months so far. I am really feeling him, but as someone has said I think he is seeing someone besides Me which is fine as long as he Just keeps because I am ready to commit He is so attentive to me, kind to me. I hope we can continue to be the Best of Friends First !!

  • P says:

    I’m a Virgo (9/10) and she is the Gemini (6/10) we met in August and by the end of the month I felt pressured in having to declare what my intentions were with her. I told her to go with the flow that I did not know her well and told her she was stressing me out and I was feeling pressured. It has continued and the worst part was communication. She never listened to what I said, she was too busy trying to be right or tell me that I misunderstood, therefore it was my fault. I did not feel any satisfaction mentally or physically. Needless to say, by the second month (right now) I told her to remain friends or it was OK to not and go or sperate ways.

  • jiya says:
  • Naa D says:

    I am currently with a Gemini Man, omg He is work ! We met on my birthday I fell for him so easily . He is bad when it comes to showing me love hmmm , he never calls , replays my to my text whenever he feels like really makes me feel like am the only one in the relationship . I totally Agree when they say they have a twin personality coz he is on and off with me. I really love this guy but am will to let it go if he really does not feel the same way. I hope this relationship works , just wish he could show he cares a bit , I get attention from people I don’t want to be with and my own boo treats me like an ordinary Friend . The love is still here I am really trying to understand and get use to him ! I guess it’s thier nature , live with it or let it go ?

  • Candylicious says:

    I am with a Gemini guy right now.. We met online and we’ve been dating for 12 months now.. We are on and off.. I love him a lot and I want to be with him until when we think it won’t work out anymore.. I really really love him alot and there’s no guy who has made me feel so happy, but sad at the same time.. I love how caring he is, but sometimes he makes me crazy.. I feel like he’s always looking at other girls while I’m here staying faithful and when I do he gets mad at me.. I want him to respect me and be faithful to me like how I am to him.. We’ve been through so much, and we fought alot before.. Now I know how he really is, whether he has two sides or not.. I know how he will always be.. He will say he loves me and then the next day he will say he wants to leave me.. and this is somewhat very disappointing to me.. I am now done with all his bullshit he gives me.. and if he doesn’t want to be serious about our relationship then why should he be mad if I talk to other guys.. I’m not the type of girl to talk to other guys while being in a relationship, or think about being with another guy when I’m with him, but if he does that to me I can’t help but make him feel worse for the things he does to me.. I’m a cruel person, not because I want to, but because you make me do these things… You disrespect me and give me so much bullshit.. Feed me lies and say I’m the only one for you yet you’re always thinking about other girls 24/7 All I gotta say is this dude is stupid for thinking that way.. I may not be the best girl, but I’m the best in my own way and he knows that I’m the best yet he still do the same thing.. Not going to lie.. I want to work things out with him no matter what, but after reading so much comments about gemini men cheating I don’t want to be with someone who will cheat.. Play with my feelings I will play with yours too and make you feel the pain I felt.

  • Landa says:

    Iam a virgo women and I have been married to a gemini man for seven years. I ve read all the comments and the one thing I agree with is that a gemini man can be off and on mostly because they get bored easily. for all the geminisame that aren’t committing it’s simply that they don’t want to conmit.

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