Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Aquarius Couples: Roman Polanski and Sharon  Tate, Peter Bogdanovich and Cybil  Shepherd

The Leo man and Aquarius woman is actually a very explosive combination. It starts out as an Attraction of Opposites but it can wind up with two willful and demanding individuals hurling orders at each other, irate and outraged that their orders are not being obeyed. These two may have met their match. They may also polarize badly along another line. Both Leo and Aquarius are teenagers at heart. Leo is the teenager in love with love and Aquarius is the teenage rebel often without a cause. They may start out with the Aquarius woman acting as if she is in love, being drawn onto the stage by Leo, then waking up to reality and trying to turn it into her favorite thing of friendship. You can see it gets at odds very quickly.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Leo Man: It’s pretty easy for you to attract an Aquarius woman. The problem would be how to keep her. You are possessive and demanding by nature, which is the prerogative of royalty. She is the egalitarian rebel. Like Princess Diana she wants nothing to do with royalty and could care less about prerogatives. It is not likely that either one of you will change so the prospects of this relationship working are quite slim unless both parties are young and fall under the “opposites attract” spell.

How to Attract a Leo Man as an Aquarius Woman: She’s going to love you because you are so headstrong and opinionated. Probably you are espousing your latest cause, be it independence from your parents or micro-lending in Third World countries. The best you can do for yourself is to not worship him. Not that you’d be too tempted to, but he is begging for it. Leo is looking for a loyal subject and you stand apart from the crowd if you don’t succumb right away. He will be astonished and aghast when you do or say something shocking. This puts stars in his eyes. He is so uptight and so concerned about what other people think, that he would never dare to do such a thing. You are like his liberator.

Degree of Romance: Leo is the King of Romance. Naturally he will try his best to bring it out in you but it won’t work very well. Deep down inside you really, really, really hate to make one person more important than all the others, which is what romance is all about. Also, frankly, you like to keep your distance, so you will likely keep the lion at bay.

Degree of Passion: Keeping the lion at bay is, of course, the way to enflame his passion. Remember the scene in The Gladiator where the lions came up from underground like a big surprise? That’s what Aquarius can unleash in the jungle beast. Quelle surprise. The question remains, once you have unleashed him, what will you do about it. You’re training him to do something that will annoy you to no end later on.

Degree of Friendship: The Leo man and the Aquarius woman have diametrically opposed definitions of friendship and can never fill each other’s needs. Leo comes on warmly, straight from the heart, loyal and pure. Aquarius is like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz — no heart — and though Leo’s heart is big, it is not big enough for two.

Degree of Marriage: We do not recommend this combination for marriage.

Progression of Relationship: Leo will try to proceed along a resolute pattern of old-fashioned courtship. Aquarius will keep breaking up the energy because she likes to throw a stick in the bicycle spokes — or a monkey-wrench, just for the heck of it to see what happens. If Leo proceeds through with the courtship, it is in spite of her attempts at destruction. Most Leos don’t have any tolerance for that.

Sex: Sex is likely to be frustrating for both parties. Leo’s enjoyment of sex is based on warm spirituality and close affection. Aquarius will keep distancing herself trying to make it a cerebral experience or an unearthly visionary vibration. The two will hardly ever agree, making sex most unsatisfactory between them. It can work if Leo is so self-centered he doesn’t notice that she isn’t participating or if Aquarius is so other-worldly that she doesn’t notice her partner is drawing away from lack of interest.

When It’s Over:   Off with their heads!!

Our Rating: 5/10.

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86 Responses to Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

  • killafromdabriks says:

    Love is just an awful invention worse than the man made invention of war!

  • vasavi says:

    i think all depends on how you understand each other.few times one must be compromised and should leave ego and be happy.

  • ingeras says:

    Lol dunno i think it depends , i have my moon in leo and that seems to kinda help me get along with leos in general, i am a tin man sometimes but he kinda brings the warmth out of me somehow

  • anon says:


  • Nicole says:

    I am an Aquarius and my husband is a Leo. This could NOT be more WRONG!!! Sorry to burst your bubble, but I can not and DO NOT agree with your babbling.

  • Stephee says:

    i also disagree wit this some parts mayb but majority of this is not close, i really believe it all depends on sun stars n all that junk set so this mayb for some but i dont think this should b told lik this if this isnt completely accurate

  • cupid says:

    I’m an Aquarius and inlove with a Leo, but we fight like animals. The magnetism is so strong that it makes it impossible to hate him. He’s demanding, possessive, controlling and “passionate”. We fight because I don’t respond to my text msgs. soon enough. When we’re apart= disaster. Together= harmony, love, peace.

  • cupid says:

    cupid :

    I’m an Aquarius and inlove with a Leo, but we fight like animals. The magnetism is so strong that it makes it impossible to hate him. He’s demanding, possessive, controlling and “passionate”. We fight because I don’t respond to his text msgs. soon enough. When we’re apart= disaster. Together= harmony, love, peace.

    Type your comment here

  • Zafeer Nasir says:


  • lonely says:

    @cupid u are do rite that is how I am. Its hard to get my aqua girl in a romantic state. We’ve been together for 12mnths now n its still a challenge to me. I love her with all my heart n I dnt wanna give up on her.

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  • Layton says:

    I’m an Aquarius woman in love with a Leo man for a year now. & honestly, sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not. We have more good times than bad so I accept it. He told me he’s in love with me & doesn’t want to be with anyone else. I believe him because I can feel it & see the love in his eyes when he looks at me <3

    LEOS can be VERY bossy. So if you can't accept that, then say goodbye now! That's just who they are. They can also be players, but only when they don't care about you. Also, they can't stand to be ignored. Even if you didn't hear them, & ask them to repeat themselves, they get an attitude. Or maybe that's just my guy? -_- loll

    They are also very confident. Which is good to a certain extent. They love compliments, & if anyone shows them attention, they soak in that shit. Which can be very annoying if a girl is in his face flirting & he flirts back, not on purpose, but leos love attention from anyone. Show your leo A LOT of attention so they are less likely to crave it & unwillingly get it from someone else.

    Anyways, Leos are the best friends, but when they are in love, that's the best love you can ever find :)

    I will be with my Leo man forever, couldn't see myself with anyone else!

  • beverly says:

    All you say is a lot of negative things about Aquarius where is the bright side my God. Do you hate us

  • izzi says:

    i’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. i’m an aquarius woman and you couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. Tin Man? No Heart? Cerebral??? Not saying that all Aquarians are alike, but this is one thing that is very off, the fact that aquarians have issues in feeling intimacy and affection. when we fall in love, our lovers have to beg to be released. We fall in love DEEPLY and LOYALLY. We are dreamers and live in a fantasy world, as far away from cerebral empty love as possible.

  • Persepone says:

    The lion is grand and beautiful. I dont know about the rest of you but my leo guy doesnt want to be tied down. He wants fun fun fun. And me the aqua woman have to keep reminding him. Hang with me and you will learn to be free … of everything. Even me. You will be high up…. black and beautiful – looking all around you and can land wherever you want. When you want. Do what you want. Or not. I have maps inside me. Pick one for your destination. Be happy and make others happy around you.There’s a whole world ahead waiting with open arms. You are my world. Where are you? Really, there is some truth to all this astro stuff!! Anyhoos all the best to all of you whos looking for answers.

  • Aqua Mouth says:

    Don’t worry, my fellow Aquarians. We may be stuck in our little dream worlds, but we can still control our minds better than most. Dream on and try to guide your thoughts to the person you seek. Don’t give up on your own needs. The need for freedom is undeniable, but compromise can make it all possible. If you are with someone who cannot compromise, acknowdlge it and try to move on. Compromise is the only thing that can possibly make a relationship work for anyone.
    We are not heartless. This is a broad statement and should not be taken to HEART (pun intended). However, it is clearly how someone somewhere was made to feel by one of our own. That person could not find a compromise with an Aquarian. Focus your mind on compromise and pay as much attention to detail as you can.
    Don’t give up.

  • aquahart says:

    it’s so funny how we read these comments like above, aqua mouth telling other girls to use their mind. lol
    when you fall in love, you use your heart, you silly girls.
    have you forgotten what was it like to fall in love?? it’s scary i know, but you use your heart, not your head.
    balancing it, is the hardest thing. for both leo and aqua.

  • amrit says:

    sooooo true my god excatly the things happpned to me …….its hard to explain in short abt my wife and my situation ……but its ture 100%

  • Cindy f says:

    Just read this to my Leo hubby of 30 years. We laughed and laughed . So right on the money it is scary.
    And yet, happily married, older and wiser. But wow!!! What a bumpy ride we’ve had. Met as kids though. Might have something to do with it.

  • m2k says:

    hahaha, you know, i vowed never to use your site again but it always comes up in search results. it’s a shame though b/c it is obvious that your reports are biased and subjective. you also make sweeping and extreme generalizations. you must really be at odds with certain signs … wish i could do more to boycott your page! <3

  • sunshine72 says:

    Plenty of generalizations made based on sun signs only. One must factor in the complete natal chart, particularly the rising and moon signs and various planetary aspects. I’m an Aqua woman dating a Leo man and my libido is far stronger than his. He’s not jealous or possessive or loud or boisterous. We are both loyal and opinionated, but he doesn’t like it when discussions get heated. Leos, like Aquas, are known for being social creatures. In our pairing, I’m highly social and he isn’t. The part about throwing a wrench in the wheel to stir the pot is actually quite true of me. And when the verbal sparring begins, I usually shut him down with a few cutting remarks. We both feel a spiritual connection that we’ve not felt with previous partners, quite possibly because we nearly always have fun, like two goofy teenagers. We really KNOW one another. Feels more like old friends than passionate lovers.

  • Iam Determined says:

    This is not the case with my relationship. I am an aquarian woman with a leo man. Since we met we have been inseparable. We knew from the moment we saw each other – we found the “one”. We moved in together after 2 months. We have just hit the 6 month mark and we are getting married next month. We have had obstacles and we are both eager and willing to work things out and communicate. We complement each other very well. This is the happiest and the best relationship either of us has ever experienced.

  • OLGA says:

    I am a Pices woman had a five year with an Aquarius man, he was kind sexy but could not commit. I then met a Lion, i did not want to go into another relastionship so soon, he had see me around for years, in the end we did get together, he was a charmer kind and would just come to my works surpriseing me one day it would be a picnic or go some where for a meal we got on, had the same sense of humour i loved how he spoke, he was an Aussy. When we went on our first date, we where having a drink in this lovely pub, he asked me what i wanted out of life, so i said” i would like to met a nice caring man, who we could have fun with, and a nice house of our choice and four children, i always wanted girls, all of a sudden he changed and told me i would not be in his life, so i told him would you take me home now. I did not think any more what he said, then he was phoneing me up all the time, cut the story short we got married, and within 6months he started to control me with everything, if my cleaning was not done his way, as he thought it was not good enough, i would tell him do it yourself.. that was the start then, he picked for some really stupid things, he brewed his own beer and wine, could not wait until it was ready, so with his drinking and never thinking i could not look after the house, what a swine, i had to look after my dad as he worked shifts, i would have to get him up, make his dinner and get his things ready to go too work, my mum worked also and did not get home until 10-30, i was left to clean, shop and just take care. We went out for walks and going to the Lakes for a day out…..shortly after the temper was getting worse i spent all saturday cleaning and making a meal for his mum and dad, made a lovely peach flan, he always had to be selfish, he would have a dig and because i answered back the next mintue came a flying flan all over the wall and the sofa, they where coming soon, he shouted look what you made me do… he would give me the silence treatment. When ever i mention anything, he would say what do you know. Well we sorted things out but when i was having my daugther karen, he would really drink, we did not go out as i had a bad time all the sickness, he never once helped me, Once again he just turned on me, all this was about him not getting the attention, what about me! anyway after four children which he would always rub my nose in it he said well you have got what you always wanted, he just started to be distance coming home from work shouting and scearming and then of course buying beer, then taking over the telly so we all scattered, what a life he gave us. His temper would have me on eggshells, he then started going out with his friends making arrangement to go walking in Wales or Scotland or even going to the grand prix, leaving always me to look after the children. He would then go off for weekends bringing me his dirty washing back and started to pick when i asked where did he go?in the end i found that he has been having an affair for over 12years taking it out on me, to think he left me for a woman who is nearly 71. Ifound out he had met her when he was 21 and her nearly 30. He made me so ill that i was agitated with everyone especially when he came near me, they where phoning up each day and having to listen to her the bitch wreak my childrens mind and health and i was having mental verbal violence treament every day for years, he moved in with her nearly three years now, but i will never forgive and forget there was no respect for me no love he would just wanted to make my life hell, its his turn now as i am divorceing. He was always telling me he was unhappy, well what did he think what he was doing to me, nothing he is so selfish, he’s lied for years, he took me away only to find that he had already been there with the mistress…… hopefully i will get justice for all the years of him not even giving me anything that we vowed in front of God.. I am now counting the days, hopefully it will be before are so called anniversty on the 23rd march. I dont know how he could have been so evil to me i gave him love cared for him and he always had to have plenty attention, but he did not think he shhould return it to me

  • Leo men? ohhh God NO! says:

    Im an Aqua female Ive dated 2 Leo men, One for 10 years, one for 3 years…and I tell you boy oh boy this ain’t an easy ‘soulmatch’ for aqua
    first off, the good bits of Leo Man:
    1. Generous to a fault. Yep, they got that right… they love to shower you with gifts, and not cheap trash at that – they have an eye for luxury…but they wont forget to treat themselves to some thing nice ‘at the same time’ “heres your gift from me, and this is my gift, to ME”

    2. They are well presented. Always proud of their looks.. can most often have a lot of hair in their youth (thick, curly, like a lion almost) again, tidy and groomed

    the bad bits:
    1. TEMPER. They say scorpio have a temper… BOY the leo male can blow Scorpio out of the water. Huge fits of anger. Teddy out of pram? Teddy thrown into orbit, more like. Jeezzzz ScArY ShIt
    2. SELF CENTERED Its all about them. Yes all spotlight has to be on them, they love talking about themselves, and they will ‘pedestal’ themselves by bringing others down. They seem to have chips on their shoulders. They dont like and cannot handle people more successful/richer/prettier than them
    3. MANIPULATIVE To get further attention they will play victim of circumstance “ohhh woe is me” so the poor humanitarian aquarian will fall for it and offer more TLC, whilst Leo male SMIRK AWAY LIKE A HOODED CLAW

    Leo man with Aqua woman is not, IMHO, a pair for keeps … can be occassional friends, but no way anything marriage-sexual oh BTW, they are crap in bed.. haven’t a clue.. leave you do all the work, and if you are a kinky Aqua, that throws them into WTF?? Confusion

    Bye bye leo you wont be missed.

  • couldn't be more right... says:

    Temper, self-centered, the gifts for themselves, and the stuff in bed…previous poster could not have been more
    right! Six yr relationship ending in divorce (I’m the Aquarius he’s the Leo). We are still best friends but romance? Ugh

  • i would never go for a leo says:

    they are just too much energy. even for friendship(the males)
    the female leos and i get on famously. my colleagues and friends are usually leo women and we just get eachother.
    but the males, no way. too much needing attention from everyone. i can’t stand it. the uranus needs to be in the dark, (aquas born in the winter and the darkest part of the season where the sun is farthest) and we need distance.
    while the leo males need to be in the center of it all. ironically my husband has leo placements and i love him to kingdom come. but the sun in leo males no way.

  • i would never go for a leo says:

    what i do love about leo placements is that they are generous. oh god. love that about my husband. i hate stingy men. and that’s one part about the ‘leo’ in him that makes my knees buckle.
    i think even wth the sun in leo, the sun’s energy is too strong that other placements aren’t really making a difference. it seems only to show more in other signs.

  • king of beasts in JNU says:

    to some extent i am, being a leo guy , agree to this…..i jst broke up with my aquarious gf…..few months back we wer mad for each other….she was like addicted for me….she used to be my soul partner….but as soon as we went into a relationship she wanted to be smwhere i am absent….she started ignoring me and finally when i couldn’t resist myself we finally broke up….that was really heartbreaking for me….i still havn’t come over yet….but when i see her, being equally happy and care-free….i feel like sm1 is pinching my heart….she was like a drug and i am like dying everyday watching her being this much indiffrent…. A typical aquarious….

  • JaejaeXx says:

    I know a lot of this is wrong for many people but it is soooo on point for me & a certain leo in my life that I think our friendship needs to end so that we won’t end up with high blood pressure or something… =/

  • Stalked by a Leo says:

    True on all points. All stalkers I’ve had have been Leos. They are a major pain in the arse. I’m dealing with another one again who can’t accep the fact that I’ve rejected him (again) – the narcissistic fool thinks he’s irresistible (au contraire, he’s so unattractive and not at all smart)!

    A word on advice my fellow Aqua ladies, if you are uninterested in a Leo’s advances be upfront about it from the start. State clearly that ‘No you are not attracted to him, will never be and that you mean no offense but that is the truth.’ Do not try to be nice and let them down indirectly, the arrogant fools will actually think you’re playing hard to get or are leading them!

    My biggest mistake has always been trying to not hurt their feelings by giving them a ‘chance’ (but really disappear eventually and hope they’ll get the point). THIS NEVER WORKS. They will never leave you alone until you die because you gave them hope.

    I really am not attracted at all to Leos, I find them too crass, not too smart and narcissistic. They are not subtle about anything – it’s so icky.

  • Stalked by a Leo says:

    How the f~ck do I get a Leo off my back? I need your advice pls!!

  • I am Leo says:

    so let me get this straight.. I have no chance with an aquarius because I am too “self-centered”? see this is why I hate horoscopes. it’s basically based off someone’s opinions and not 100 percent facts. long story short not all leos are selfish period.U

    and to the ppl who base their opinions on leos from previous relationships, I think it’s very ignorant to do so really. I mean seriously.. every Leo isn’t a stalker smh

  • bounty says:

    I am seeing a lot of bashing in regard to aquas and Leos . It all depends with who is involved in the relationship . I am a leo who just broke up with an aqua woman . An Aquarius is ur match Leo.they will have you doing crazy stuff that you normally wouldn’t do since you are so deeply inlove . But once they decide to do what they want there is no compromise . I won’t bash her because she is the best thing that ever happened to me in awhile . What ill say is this as long as there is communication between the two and the respect both can experience the best of love out there . I know I come off as being lovelorn but what brought about the break up was lack of communication and misunderstanding . Stuff that could have been sorted out very easy but both being stubborn it became a tug of wwaf . If I meet another aqua……most def ill try dating her .

  • d johnson says:

    well I met sagitarius yesterday and our first conversation turned into an argument but the connection is there. It’s so crazy we will start over today. Lol

  • Kelly says:

    I’m an Aquarius woman and I think romantically that Leo men are kind of boring. They seem to be doing everything according to some sort of rule book or reference. They are great listeners as friends until they decide to backstab you which they seem to do when they realize that you just don’t see them as romantic material for you. Generally, I think they are to be avoided at all costs. They’re even worse than Pisces because they are initially so charming and it takes a lot to be worse than a Pisces. But still even in the beginning, there is something about them that has always made me think of them only as friend or brother types no matter how handsome or attractive they may be.

  • Lorraine says:

    Well I am still getting Birthday and Xmas cards pushed through my door from this moron Mr Leo that I married 10 years ago. He wormed his way into my home took over my life completely. I lost my lovely mortgage free home.
    He was very possessive self opinionated,
    He would sit on his fat backside while I worked my guts out doing everything he wouldn’t even take the rubbish out.
    He would pack his bag and clear off away from home working living it up with his friends do his own washing and ironing
    totally selfish and a womaniser.
    He won’t go away keeps bouncing back. Worst time in my life was accepting him in my life Go away Mr Leo.

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