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  1. killafromdabriks

    Why’s it gotta be this way it sucks so bad its not fair we were only together for 2 months which I cherished more than anything on earth that aquarius woman is like no other I’ve ever met and it ended now I’m suffering this is the emotional pain equivalent of surviving a fire with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 80% of my body but instead its my heart! When will this horrible world end!

  2. Leo man

    I disagree with this I’m a Leo and been with my aqua guy for a year now we argue because he wants me in his life but don’t want to be in mine but the arguing is when we drink not when we are sober it’s a good match I think because we both love our space and independence now the emotions he don’t show so vie learned to read his face and actions this match can work in my opinion just takes time and as me being a Leo i love a challenge and when we are together it’s amazing when a Leo learn not to get so mad as easy and accept his friends are just as important you will be fine good luck too the aquas and leos out there it will work it just takes time

  3. leoinlove

    I have been going out with this Aqua girl for two years now. We had up’s and downs and she left me two times but always came back. I love her a lot.

    When we get back together again she starts showing me her emotions and we meet everyday, and like spend all the days together.

    We are both busy and I accept she has her things that need to be done and so do I. This last week or two it has been all about her, when I talk about my things she just ignores what I say and she start to talk about hers. And other than talking about her things she doesn’t talk to me at all. It is like she is distancing herself from me, as hard as I try not to tell her if there is something wrong as I know that Aquas do that, it hurts a lot. I am not bossy at all with her but I need that bit of attention to me, and I miss her a lot, miss the moments that I make her smile and sshe does the same, and miss that look in her eyes that says I am all over you 🙁

  4. TallStan

    My aqua baby is v intellectual and sweet but sees the down side v quickly. shes been like this for the last 2 yrs that i know her. i have to keep reminding her be positive. see the mines sure buit focus onthe path between them nd you can def find your way thru to other side! your so mentally agile you can do that. life is seeing the glass is partly empty but look at the full side and know wow i get to drink that. ahem… i’m the one always beside her with the tall cool drink!

  5. Volta

    I’m a Leo guy. I had it really bad for this Aqua girl. I freely admit, Aquas are a tough egg to crack. They don’t let you in. They keep you at arms length. Once you do get in, there are new battles to be fought. Aquas are absolutely venomous with their words. They don’t realize they cut Leo’s ego to the bloody quick. And, as a Cancer moon, I can assure anyone here my ego is quite tame. Oh man it hurt….really hurt. Now, Aquas will lament that the truth hurts sometimes and that this is how they show their love; by pointing out each and every flaw? yuck… I’m not sure if they consider that they could be wrong or perhaps a little over-confident with their innate powers of intellectual deduction. Either way, my Aqua would not accept a different point of view but, she would go to great lengths in pontificating about how she was extremely open-minded. I’m afraid nothing could be further from the truth…haha. She was smart though, very smart…and I loved that about her. It wasn’t enough though.

    After 8 months, I threw in the towel. I just couldn’t take the constant criticism. It was almost mean-spirited, as if to push my buttons intentionally to get a rise out of me. Not even the make-up sex was worth it anymore. When I called it off, she cried and weeped…some of the first real emotions I had seen from her but, it was too late. As an aside, we are in our late 30’s…we’re not kids. This is how it went down between two well-educated adults. Perhaps that will lend some context to form an opinion about this match.

    I am going to have to say this is probably not the best pairing of sun signs. Little too much friction here to be a comfortable relationship.

  6. zambi

    This is unfortunately very very true. I’m an Aquarius female, I dated a Leo male a couple years ago – I was very into him, as he was with me, but it still crashed and burned. The entire relationship was just one heated argument after another.
    I’m with another leo right now and I can definitely see the potential for a huge explosive ending. I’m just hoping for some miracle this time..

  7. cathy

    History of my parens mam aquarius and dad leo. I am trying to understand the paradoxes of their signs inconsistency and magic magnetic power of interpersonal interaction during all my life.

  8. WaSupreme

    Man and Woman are The Gods of this Planet! With the proper study of the Astro-logy, Cosmo-logy, Universal Physics (Quantum), Universal Science of the SouL, Sound, light Vibration Energy. The elements of human nature characteristics/behavior; Whatever We Will, Shall be Done! We are here now on the Planet thousands of years. There are those however, who are not interested in empowering the human family with the proper scientific foundation from which to inner-overstand the ever evolving homo-sapien, by which compatible solutions may be formulated by individuals themselves. Ever Innerstanding that; We share the plane of 3 dimensional reality. Which however is the lowest manifestation of Perfection (ONE). We may however with this insight taylor our relationships and/or personal character as close to harmony as one can with the universe one is engaged. However Perfection does Not exist on this Plane. ~LeoWasi

  9. Peekaboo

    A Leo man with a deep driving desire and abiding love can always keep the Aqua woman’s interest and affections. This article does not always hold good for a Leo male/Aqua female combo.

  10. monkeygirl

    I’ve been with a Leo man for about 6 months now. He has a great personality and knows what he wants. I’m an Aquarius woman that wants that wants a man to be attentive towards me. He’s responsible and plans for the future.
    Our sex life is awesome! We haven’t experience any fights yet – Kinda terrible to say however I’m waiting for that day to come to see how we will make up and compromise.
    I am deeply in love with this man. I can see myself being married to him and also him being the father of my children. The other day he asked me where do I see ‘us’ in 1 year, 5 year and 10 years and for me to share the picture with him. I feel like I’m his world however I do not feel suffocated. He has his moments where he wants to make sure I’m on the phone with him while he sleeps. I guess for the time being I think it’s cute.
    He makes me feel very secure and that’s one of the important qualities of what I look for.
    Our value system and goals in life are very similar and including the ideal lifestyle later on.
    I read multiple pages about Leos and Aquarius compatibility chart and majority of the sites mentioned it’s a bad match. Maybe the Aquarius side of me will kick in and be rebellious. j/k. I really love this man and hoping everything will work out. I truly believe it’s what I make of it and also we there’s constant communication and also most important to keep each other updated on changes that takes place in our lives.
    Good luck to those in the Leo and Aquarius! =)

  11. Buttercup

    Buttercup :
    I was with a Leo man for almost 4 years and it really didnt work..he became very needy and i gave him my all, but after so long.. i needed time for myself, i couldnt take it anymore.. and now I am with another Leo..its only been 8 months and things seem more than great..but it did take me 2 years of dating the last Leo to figure out it was no good.. Possibly this Leo can be a better one..their personalities are different from another.. well wish me luck!

    No he wasnt my 1st love..just longest relationshipType your comment here

  12. amann singh

    Hi i am a leo men had a long 8 yrs relation with an aquarian women she has a sagittarius frnd me and her use to have a lot of big fights and i agree i used abusive language and also hit her 2wice 6 yrs back this time we had a fight bec of her frnd i dnt hit her i just put my finger on her face and she broke up and within 2 monts she says tht she dosent love me any more and she is falling for that guy itried evry thing to convince her but she dont wnt to tlk to me ny more.

  13. 99bottles

    if he was your FIRST love then you hold that first love for life. Aquarians usually hold onto first loves that way, unless he is abusive or cheats on you. You just didnt love him enough or he was never your “first LOVE”; i just find it hard to believe.

  14. Buttercup

    I was with a Leo man for almost 4 years and it really didnt work..he became very needy and i gave him my all, but after so long.. i needed time for myself, i couldnt take it anymore.. and now I am with another Leo..its only been 8 months and things seem more than great..but it did take me 2 years of dating the last Leo to figure out it was no good.. Possibly this Leo can be a better one..their personalities are different from another.. well wish me luck!

  15. Nesianlady99

    WOW. I’m an aquarius female, my first love was a leo man and this is EXACTLY how it went. At first we were hooked on eachother every minute of the day, couldn’t be away from eachother, falling asleep on the phone, blindly & blissfully in love. Over 3 years, the mutual passion turned into him being bossy/overly demanding, a workoholic, he stopped listening to me/my concerns and our lives were on a routine so predictable that I lost my cool. I felt like he was so secure in having me there that he stopped focusing on me and I became second to his life. I don’t know when we stopped being equals, it just happened. When I tried to break it off, he made a huge scene, begged me to stay in the middle of the street crying on the ground (dramatic leo going for the oscar) and I felt so bad that I stayed for another year thinking he would change; he even bought me a ring that I never wore. Needless to say, at the end of it I ran for the hills and never looked back; he emailed me for 10 straight years after we broke up even after he was in another relationship, had kids and was married… I never responded. From my aquarius perspective, after it all this leo didn’t need/want a partner, he wanted an inferior tool or a talking pet. Both of which I’d be damned to submit to.

    Good luck to you Aquarius ladies & Leo men where its working out! Even though this was 100% true for me, I believe the individual will always be the chooser no matter what the signs say 🙂

  16. unorthodox

    I am the water bearer, and I am cheating on my boyfriend with a married leo man. He did not tell me he was married until I investigated and then he came out and said he was. It was to late and my feelings are all rapped up in this married (of 9 years) leo man. Something about him has power over me. I feel ashamed of myself for sleeping with a married man….why couldn’t he have told me this before hand? Things between my boyfriend are over and done with…He is way to mean…and the Leo doesn’t know about my boyfriend, and he said he was going to divorce his wife anyway, but by meeting me, I put the divorce into action… What type of __it, did I get myself into. ALso, lol he has 4 kids, and I have 1 which is to my mean, irresponsible boyfriend. Talk about a situation.

  17. aquagirl

    @ anwers above. Wow there are so many different views of leo/aqua relationship and some are good and some are bad. i think that leos complete aquas…but an aquarius woman will have to partially relinquish her powers to the lion. Just a tiny bit….not too much. 🙂 but enough that he appreciates your individuality which he loved you for, and enough that you are able to give him more (meaning dont think too much, just feel)

  18. neha

    i am an aqua girl and have a releationship with a leo man from more then 3 year. we share a good reletionship and have very less fight in these three year. i think this is because we know each other very well. i don’t think so he is over prossive to me. he never stop me for any thing, that i want to do, as well as he not complaining me to spend my time with my friend and i m not also interfare between him and his friends, because i know that he will not like this. the best thing which i like most in him that he trust me most, he never make dought on me.
    we both love each other and want to marry. i don’t belive that our relation will not work out. because it going ok.

  19. belinda

    @ RENOTA SMITH…Stay with your husband, if fact why don’t you go out and buy some sexy lingerie and have maddening sex with him…Do it outside the home or in the car or in your basement….Start attacking your husband sexually and make him feel like a king and you will see the sparks fly again with your libra husband…dont throw away your marriage for a leo…you will regret it.

  20. belinda

    To all my Aquarius sisters on this…Run away from the Leo, he is crazy and needy and possive..After a while you will grow tired of him and his insecurities and it will bring conflict..Infact violent ones…



    im an aquarian woman, im married to a libra man, however i am falling soo madly in love with a leo man…its like he has me in a trance…i was thinking about leaving my husband for him…now im having doubts

  22. Dee

    Wait, as much as I know they are opposite signs and opposites may attract a lot?
    Anyway, a realtionship with leo is just soooo exiting. We are opposites in our actions, but actually quite similar in lots of visions, ideas. I never know how he will react on things and that’s one part of attraction.
    He loves me so much that I can almost see the fire burning, trying to catch me. And the fight of egos is lots of fun, we love to fight and make up. I do have a heart and yes I do like that he is kind of old-fashioned and has his own opinions. I am his diamond, his crazy special woman
    And I really think the sex-description is very wrong. It is simply the best
    Some tips:
    *aquarian woman needs to let her guard down and do this more openly. You may even ask Leo to show you his love more so that it would feel more safe. Or else yes he may think that you are cold and don’t care
    *aqua-lady should do some explaination about her analyzing and critics have and even better, never criticize him
    *aqua needs to make an effort to be with him
    *leo needs to be more patient with all the relationship, less demanding. Needs to learn a bit about aquarius mood swings and crazy ideas. He will have to be more open-minded about his flaws and not try to hide them so desperately

  23. cheeseGal

    … o_o.. x_x.. ouch!!!


    I’m aquarius, and I have a leo bf. He’s really sweet to me! It’s like, he’s the most perfect guy i’ve ever met!! And I really love him! We both do! Very much! But sadly… He has to go out to Australia next year.. After this school year, so he could live with his dad… 🙁 … I hate it, when relationships don’t work out.. 🙁 Especially this.. 🙁 I really Love him!!! -.-“

  24. Mary

    true in most parts. i like this. But am an Aquarius, am not heartless and am emotional and my Leo man and i have good sex.
    only that he plays lots of mind games on me that makes me feeling like killing him lol 🙂

    i love him and its going to work out just fine.

    good site

  25. Nonya.

    this is so stupid. Im aquarius and i have been in a relationship with leo and he is the love ive longed for a very long time. I am not cold hearted that’s a huge insult! I love my husband and i dont care what these nonsence posts talk about

  26. unique

    I been seeing a leo man now 4 about 2 mths and its hell but I love the challenge I dnt think I ever fall N luv with him. I am an aquarius woman I love are challenges. He talks 2 much N knows everthing N 2 me he knows NUFFIN! I like the debates we have but not him per-say I do like him then I dont. We will neva come Hubby N Wifey!

  27. Kay

    I’m an aqua girl and been with leo guy for 3 years and i really love him and want to marry him. he loves me too but hes over protective and gets mad very easily. he ignores things i say, most of the times. we get into arguments so easily and don’t talk for long but then we make up happily. it’s like he doesn’t understand me well.
    but i can’t even imagine myself with another guy ever. i need help on how to make this realtionship better.

  28. Misa

    hello.. can u please offer some advice and tell us how to make thngs work between a leo man an aquarius woman. I am very interested to knw. I would like thngs to work between us.. thank you

  29. octavia

    This is not true! Me and my husband have been together for almost five years. He is so romantic and he is always all over me and I love it. And I love him. It doesn’t have to be bad. Its what u make it. All though in the beginning I did run from him and he wouldn’t let me go and I seen how much he loved me. So here we are married to a leo!

  30. tiray

    Why the games? Why not just like him…or not? Sometimes,”loving the challenge” will leave you alone!

  31. Desirey

    hahaha..this is crazy.. extremely true, ive been dating a leo, it took us four months to actuallly start dating because i wass sooo “in love” that pushed him away, and then, we tried to date again, and there wasnt enough time for us, i was always so busy trying to make EVERYONE equally happy, and then i stopped hanging around him so much, wich seemed to make him want him to be around him more, and now he told me that “i have his heart” what ever that means.. every thing is soo complicated…but i LOVE the challenge.. and so does he.. contrary to what you believe, i think that ANY relationship can work great, not all leos are the same, and not alll aquarius are the same… i also think that if the right leo finds the right aquarius, then it could workout perfectly.

  32. rick

    What if leo man really wanted to make things work.
    He’s recently attracted an aquarius woman, and after a few very intellectual dates, had some very deep intimacy as well.
    As the leo man, i dont want to lose her, she’s like nothing i’ve ever known before. She makes me happy on all fronts. What would i have to do to keep her? and vice versa. This information would be greatly appreciated!

  33. Ed

    I agree with EVERYTHING you said here. all but the sex part. Me and my aquarian do have good sex. Everything else is spot on the wall! It seems like she got heartless overnight, after 7 years.

  34. amanda

    Aquarius is like the tin man from wizard of oz… no heart… thats not true!!! im an aquarius woman engaged to a leo man and i love him with all my heart and i have so much love to give him but i came across as being not to emotionally because i am a very proud person waited for our chance to be alone.

  35. Missa.

    Ooh; my ex is a Leo. This all makes perfect sense. ]: In the beginning, it was fun & exciting! He was absolutely fascinating to me, & I guess I was the same with him. Then somewhere along the way we were both trying to be the macho figure &…that was our demise. We’re both super jealous types–because we both had so many friends, it seemed like we never had time for each other. So…I def agree with this posting!

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