Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Aquarius Couples:

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, Peter Bogdanovich and Cybil Shepherd, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

The Leo man and Aquarius woman is actually a very explosive combination. It starts out as an Attraction of Opposites but it can wind up with two willful and demanding individuals hurling orders at each other, irate and outraged that their orders are not being obeyed. These two may have met their match. They may also polarize badly along another line. Both Leo and Aquarius are teenagers at heart. Leo is the teenager in love with love and Aquarius is the teenage rebel often without a cause. They may start out with the Aquarius woman acting as if she is in love, being drawn onto the stage by Leo, then waking up to reality and trying to turn it into her favorite thing of friendship. You can see it gets at odds very quickly.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Leo Man:

It’s pretty easy for you to attract an Aquarius woman. The problem would be how to keep her. You are possessive and demanding by nature, which is the prerogative of royalty. She is the egalitarian rebel. Like Princess Diana she wants nothing to do with royalty and could care less about prerogatives. It is not likely that either one of you will change so the prospects of this relationship working are quite slim unless both parties are young and fall under the “opposites attract” spell.

How to Attract a Leo Man as an Aquarius Woman:

She’s going to love you because you are so headstrong and opinionated. Probably you are espousing your latest cause, be it independence from your parents or micro-lending in Third World countries. The best you can do for yourself is to not worship him. Not that you’d be too tempted to, but he is begging for it. Leo is looking for a loyal subject and you stand apart from the crowd if you don’t succumb right away. He will be astonished and aghast when you do or say something shocking. This puts stars in his eyes. He is so uptight and so concerned about what other people think, that he would never dare to do such a thing. You are like his liberator.

Degree of Romance:

Leo is the King of Romance. Naturally he will try his best to bring it out in you but it won’t work very well. Deep down inside you really, really, really hate to make one person more important than all the others, which is what romance is all about. Also, frankly, you like to keep your distance, so you will likely keep the lion at bay.

Degree of Passion:

Keeping the lion at bay is, of course, the way to enflame his passion. Remember the scene in The Gladiator where the lions came up from underground like a big surprise? That’s what Aquarius can unleash in the jungle beast. Quelle surprise. The question remains, once you have unleashed him, what will you do about it. You’re training him to do something that will annoy you to no end later on.

Degree of Friendship:

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman have diametrically opposed definitions of friendship and can never fill each other’s needs. Leo comes on warmly, straight from the heart, loyal and pure. Aquarius is like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz — no heart — and though Leo’s heart is big, it is not big enough for two.

Degree of Marriage:

We do not recommend this combination for marriage.

Progression of Relationship:

Leo will try to proceed along a resolute pattern of old-fashioned courtship. Aquarius will keep breaking up the energy because she likes to throw a stick in the bicycle spokes — or a monkey-wrench, just for the heck of it to see what happens. If Leo proceeds through with the courtship, it is in spite of her attempts at destruction. Most Leos don’t have any tolerance for that.


Sex is likely to be frustrating for both parties. Leo’s enjoyment of sex is based on warm spirituality and close affection. Aquarius will keep distancing herself trying to make it a cerebral experience or an unearthly visionary vibration. The two will hardly ever agree, making sex most unsatisfactory between them. It can work if Leo is so self-centered he doesn’t notice that she isn’t participating or if Aquarius is so other-worldly that she doesn’t notice her partner is drawing away from lack of interest.

When It’s Over:

Off with their heads!!

Our Rating: 5/10.

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  1. My brother whom I am very fond of is a Leo married to an aqua woman.He is such a great loving man and loyal to those he loves whilst the aqua lady is absolutely not.She is always gone leaving him home most of time to be with her sisters.Knowing my brother he will soon tire of her disrepect and move on.Just a matter of time yawn.Im a cancer girl by the way.

  2. Hell Bound Zodiac SignzFebruary 15, 2017 at 8:36 am

    Im a Aquarius and i dont date period….

  3. Is that right?

    Leaves me to wonder what should one expect from an Aquarian who is in-love hard mode?

  4. Aquarius, we are interesting beings. We can also be hard for some of the signs to understand. My fellow Aquarius was so correct….We love hard!!!!! Once you have felt the love of an Aquarian watch out there now, no o e will be able to compare. Love on aquarian

  5. there is Leo sun/Aries moon/Aquarius mars Justin Theroux who just married famous Jennifer Aniston, Libra rising/Aquarius sun/Sag moon/Scorpio mars.

  6. my boy friend is leo , and im an aquarius .. i love my boyfriend so much .. actually we are good friends then we become a good life partner… i hope other will hope so ..be happy with your love tc

  7. WOW ….. I am a Leo male and was married to an Aquarius for thirteen years, this lays it out pretty accurately, I tried and tried to keep it together because we have three kids together, but she could not help herself and how much of it was from being an Aquarius and how much was just personality I don’t know but it was something I worked on very hard for a very long time, she would say that I’m a great lover but when we were making love I wasn’t sure if she even cared, very frustrating to say the least (which is layed out above). I was ready to let her go when we found out she was pregnant with our first and many times (aside from the fact that I love our kids) I wish I would have. To say there were no good times would be a lie there definitely were but she tried to much to please other people (guys) and yes I would get jealous but most often there was good reason. So I guess without putting my whole life on the line here I will just say this synopsis is very accurate as per my relationship, I will say that the one exception has been the breakup, I still can’t help but to help her when she asks even though she is remarried, she does still know how to “yank my chain” and I still try to make sure she is ok. Some of that is simply cause we have kids and have to communicate for there wellbeing. But we do still on occasion end up in bed together hence the main reason I’m divorced.

  8. hi my name is devika i like a man , whom i dont want to like but there is something in him that draws me to him , we have nothing in common but i still very much attracted towards him we dont talk much but whenever he’s around i feel a kind of spark , at times i think about him and i dont know from somewhere he’s there at times i get so surprised we dont even have each other;s number or anything

    but i still think something is there
    and he’s a leo and i am an aquarious

    dont know if things will work out ever or will we ever have something but there is already something between us that i dont understand

  9. Lol, the part about the sex could not be more wrong. I’m an Aquarius and my husband is a Leo. Our sex is AMAZING 🙂

  10. Let me ask you guys (commenters) a question. Why in the name of fucking Leo do you guys need to be so rebellious? Whichever site I visit, I never see positive comments. All of the people, who spent hours writing HTMLs code for site don’t get jackshit for their fucking time… It is because of you guys that we will never be rid of wars. All because of you fucking negative humanity. Try and appreciate quotes. If you don’t like a site, give advice on how to improve it. I personally am a Leo and this particular site has been a lot of help to me. So, one word will cover everything, “FUCK YOU, CRITICIZERS!!!” Thanks for your time.

  11. Don’t worry, my fellow Aquarians. We may be stuck in our little dream worlds, but we can still control our minds better than most. Dream on and try to guide your thoughts to the person you seek. Don’t give up on your own needs. The need for freedom is undeniable, but compromise can make it all possible. If you are with someone who cannot compromise, acknowdlge it and try to move on. Compromise is the only thing that can possibly make a relationship work for anyone.
    We are not heartless. This is a broad statement and should not be taken to HEART (pun intended). However, it is clearly how someone somewhere was made to feel by one of our own. That person could not find a compromise with an Aquarian. Focus your mind on compromise and pay as much attention to detail as you can.
    Don’t give up.

  12. The lion is grand and beautiful. I dont know about the rest of you but my leo guy doesnt want to be tied down. He wants fun fun fun. And me the aqua woman have to keep reminding him. Hang with me and you will learn to be free … of everything. Even me. You will be high up…. black and beautiful – looking all around you and can land wherever you want. When you want. Do what you want. Or not. I have maps inside me. Pick one for your destination. Be happy and make others happy around you.There’s a whole world ahead waiting with open arms. You are my world. Where are you? Really, there is some truth to all this astro stuff!! Anyhoos all the best to all of you whos looking for answers.

  13. i’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. i’m an aquarius woman and you couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. Tin Man? No Heart? Cerebral??? Not saying that all Aquarians are alike, but this is one thing that is very off, the fact that aquarians have issues in feeling intimacy and affection. when we fall in love, our lovers have to beg to be released. We fall in love DEEPLY and LOYALLY. We are dreamers and live in a fantasy world, as far away from cerebral empty love as possible.

  14. All you say is a lot of negative things about Aquarius where is the bright side my God. Do you hate us

  15. I’m an Aquarius woman in love with a Leo man for a year now. & honestly, sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not. We have more good times than bad so I accept it. He told me he’s in love with me & doesn’t want to be with anyone else. I believe him because I can feel it & see the love in his eyes when he looks at me <3

    LEOS can be VERY bossy. So if you can't accept that, then say goodbye now! That's just who they are. They can also be players, but only when they don't care about you. Also, they can't stand to be ignored. Even if you didn't hear them, & ask them to repeat themselves, they get an attitude. Or maybe that's just my guy? -_- loll

    They are also very confident. Which is good to a certain extent. They love compliments, & if anyone shows them attention, they soak in that shit. Which can be very annoying if a girl is in his face flirting & he flirts back, not on purpose, but leos love attention from anyone. Show your leo A LOT of attention so they are less likely to crave it & unwillingly get it from someone else.

    Anyways, Leos are the best friends, but when they are in love, that's the best love you can ever find 🙂

    I will be with my Leo man forever, couldn't see myself with anyone else!

  16. @cupid u are do rite that is how I am. Its hard to get my aqua girl in a romantic state. We’ve been together for 12mnths now n its still a challenge to me. I love her with all my heart n I dnt wanna give up on her.

  17. Zafeer NasirOctober 23, 2011 at 6:51 pm


  18. I’m an Aquarius and inlove with a Leo, but we fight like animals. The magnetism is so strong that it makes it impossible to hate him. He’s demanding, possessive, controlling and “passionate”. We fight because I don’t respond to my text msgs. soon enough. When we’re apart= disaster. Together= harmony, love, peace.

  19. i also disagree wit this some parts mayb but majority of this is not close, i really believe it all depends on sun stars n all that junk set so this mayb for some but i dont think this should b told lik this if this isnt completely accurate

  20. I am an Aquarius and my husband is a Leo. This could NOT be more WRONG!!! Sorry to burst your bubble, but I can not and DO NOT agree with your babbling.

  21. Lol dunno i think it depends , i have my moon in leo and that seems to kinda help me get along with leos in general, i am a tin man sometimes but he kinda brings the warmth out of me somehow

  22. i think all depends on how you understand each other.few times one must be compromised and should leave ego and be happy.

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