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  1. zoe

    I posted a comment 7 years ago, about a leo that changed me. He’s still in my life, as a friend, although I would like him to be more. It’s not officially possible, we ended up at some point being in a brief sexual relationship, ( he was my first kiss and sexual partner, and my only one, hence the fidelity of the cancer woman), we even parted on two occasions for more than a year, yet we seem to maintain a bond. Sometimes I even know what he’s gonna say. He told me once that we were alike, something I noticed eversince we began talking… We share the same interests, opinions, we respect eachother, it’s a beautiful leo man-cancer woman relationship

    • admin

      There so many different types of fulfilling relationships in life. Thank you for sharing about this.

  2. jessica

    Leo man are the most romantic man of the zodiac. I’ve always attracted to their self confidence and loving nature. They always make you feel loved, beautiful, special and will always treat you like princess. Because I m a sensitive cancerian, i love that feeling. And when a Leo man makes love to a Cancer woman, it feels like magic. Cancer and Leo has a very strong sexual bond and that’s one of the thing why i like Leo man a lot. Leo man is also very loyal and devoted man once they get to know you better. By the way, i m a cancer lady and married to Leo man for 7 years now and our marriage still going strong..

  3. Ron Jay

    Should I still go after her or give up, because I respect her desicion but I will change and do anything just to love her and her acknowledge me. What should I do??

  4. Ron Jay

    I’m a Leo Man, I do love a Cancer woman, I said my feelings to her straightforward but it just shock her, and I got friendzone, I do regret what I have done, I want to give her everything I can but I’m always thinking that I should not put a stress to a girl especially the one I love the most in my life, but should I just surrender or I should continue to admire and love her and wait till she accepts me

    • Leo $

      Pick your battles.As a leo man we can’t when all of them. She is sensitive. 9 times out of 10 your only being real cause your not happy with yourself. You should be happy that she is there.

  5. Lovelastsgirlxx

    I love leo men they never diss us unlike every other sign, I don’t want to love a man I want to love a king ?????????❀?

  6. Citizen Eco-Drive

    I think he stayed because he wanted to and because he sincerely loves you and because you ignite an intense passion no one has ever even come close enough to get a spark flickering. I think what he feels with you is something he has never experienced and because of that, is having a hard time coming to terms if its truly “real” because it just feels too good to be true. I agree, anger, resentment and possibly hatred may have contributed to the somewhat withdrawal mode but that was as a result of the awkward outward energies. But once he gets completely comfortable with you, he will excite some burning romantic passionate moments that has been on reserve and to be shared only with you.
    People make mistakes, they learn, they grow but if they make the same mistakes over and over and over again, it means they arent evolving and thats a big turn off. So just love him with your all and he will love you with his everything, treat him right and he will cherish you, ignore him and he will pretend you dont exist, treat him badly and he will just suddenly stop caring….just understand that he is not going to put out any more if you are putting in much lesser, recognize that if you command strong force winds to create havoc and nuisance, he will apply extreme inclement water conditions to halt progress in every direction; from either going backward or forward, creating a standstill and possibly cancellation of all future happenings even long after the strong wind has settled. I suggest that with the same energy you would use to destroy each other emotionally and mentally, use it for something better/good to improve on the development of your spiritual and emotional side of each other and let love reign.

    It will require a grown kinda a love that can ride any storm and thats a rare gem to have, just understand that if you both want this and want that marriage to work, you BOTH have to work on it together and not be fighting with/against or trying to tear apart each other.

    One thing that is damn true, the love is so-so strong.

  7. Ruthquartz

    I dont know neither lots might change. We felt hatred upon the situation. We are 4yrs long distance relationship he lives in europe while i in asian country. I dont really know if he still love me or felt pity on me why he stay. The painful on my part is i am single and i want to feel the romantic side of my leo’s man. On what i saw it seems i am the one who have a child and not him. I know he mind me and he made things for us to workout but it seems not enough and yes what above say was right i want that he treat me in a romantic ways! And i’ll do appreciate it. Its all true what was written above. But it doesnt meAn i am searching it to other mans! No never. I want him to be romantic ? In a way that a single woman deserve to be treated! Initiative without telling him.! I do loved him.

  8. Citizen Eco-Drive

    Based on your account of the details…..I’d say really open your heart to greatness without inhibitions and let love shine. Pull together with that combined powerful force and work alongside him “legitimately”, together you’d make such a great team, with his drive and your willpower, you can achieve the unthinkable! He’ll marry you if he feels you are absolutely serious about the commitment and not just looking to only fullfill any sexual desires and that you’ll be in for the long haul, and will remain honest, loyal and true; truly for better or for worst, to love and to cherish, I think he genuinely loves you, I do, but I think you need to let go of whats causing the pain, because it could take a serious toll if you don’t and things could end up turning for the worst, feelings get hurt and people end damaged….and am sure neither of you wants that…because I do sense a genuine but timid love floating in the air.

    Schedule an “emergency meeting” somewhere quiet, peaceful in total serenity and figure it out together πŸ™‚

    Best wishes for the season.

  9. ruthquartz

    I am a cancerian zodiac sign woman and i have been 4trs now in a relationship with a leo’s man. It is true he is more on focused in works! He like chasing and attentions and as a cancer woman has a moderly love i want to have a family as i am 30yrs old now. He have more time at work as he set me aside as his less priority. I understand him more than i could but i still dont know if he wanna marry me. He dont propose an engagement! He got 1 child and he is divorced. Although i am not worried or doubt his loyalty to me the matters is it is painful on my side as he not put me as his priority than his work! I love him so much but i dont know why i cannot assures he marry me! Or else it will be a wasted years to wait for him this is the things i am so afraid it happens! Its hard to move on for a cancer woman i been there and it took me 2yrs before i opened my heart again and that is for my leo’s man.

  10. Dawn

    I have 2 daughters with a Leo man, we met when I was 14 and he was 16. I had our first child when I was 16 (for pregnant at 14/abortion :() we stayed together for a few years and split up were separated for 5 years… Got back together for another 2 years, had our second child together, then split up again. With a few on again short bouts in between all this. We have always been friends and still are. We are very kind towards each other. I am an addict tho. A d this is why our relationship never works out. But it describes him to a tee. And me as well When I’m. Not in my addicjons. I’m very selfish when I’m. In my addicjons. I keep trying to find a man that completes me like he does but I’ve been unsuccessful. I just got out of a relationship with a cancer mam, I still think (sorry to quote a soap/ days of our lives) that he (cancer man) is my one true love. But I also feel that for my ex Leo man as well.

  11. Free Wanderer

    Wow. I am here because my journey led me here. Sounds like this is a winner match-up. I just found out about the water/fire trade off with these two. Also, the moon is all over the place and seems to be making a re-appearance. It makes sense that the water sign Cancer can put out the Leo’s fire and represents the ying-yang trade off which you can see in the full moon as was pointed out to me by a beautiful soul.

  12. Unknown

    This may be true for a Cancer woman who wants to act like a doormat and worship her Leo man’s every move. I am not that kind of a Cancer woman.

  13. evans

    Me and my cancer lady were together for 23yrs almost going for 24,i luv her so much she basicly walkin out of my life ,i admit i took her for granted,i truly luv her beauty and personality,but recently dont know who she is anymore,i hope she jus take time to get intouch wit her true feelings and come back to me,only problem weve been separated for 3months and she has filed for divorse,i hope our hearts can unite once again but i hope she still has feelings for me,like i do for her..luv and miss cancer lady truly i tought we would grow old and see our grandchildren grow and be able to tell them storys together..

  14. belete tola

    that is true,i become with cancer woman and know i m very hot by her loves,i loves her most and she also love me,what a magic compatible i

    s that…i love it more tnk

  15. I met a Leo man around May of this year. I am very attracted to him but I am not quite sure how he feels about me. I have tried to pull away but he pulls me back in. I care about him but should I just be patient? I have noticed that he does take his time but it seems like forever. Do Leo’s like to chase or be chased? Honestly, I get all these mixed signals but then it could just be the emotional side of me.

  16. Autum

    I’m a cancer woman..I just met a Leo man the last weekend an we have soooo far been connecting great

  17. My Leo guy is amazing! I can have thee worst mood swings ever and he would just convince me everythings gonna be alright. I recently got a new job and he rocked up at my doorstep with roses and cake with candles lit to celebrate my success showing that he will make any event special for me and acknowleges how important things are to me that must be appreciated. He goes the extra mile for me to get from point A to B, even when he cannot get off work he leaves me stress free and goes through the stress of getting me where i need to be on time. He has a great set of friends that he rings up and they are ever ready to go the extra mile for him because his such a loyal friend in return. Im entirely blessed to have him. His my angel in disguise. He tells me everyday without fail how beautiful and amazing i am and i catch him staring at me with mezmerized eyes as if his never seen a girl before. I even woke up to him brushing thru my hair and looking at me appreciating our love. His first love letter to me was in grade 3 and we’ve watched each other go thru miserable relationships until we found each other. I was his first crush and now each others first true love. The horoscope couldnt be more accurate!

    I love my leo man❀️

  18. lisa

    Ok im a cancer woman and i have been fwb with a leo for almost a year
    When we first met he was interested in his now ex girlfriend and everytime they break up he calls me up or texts me now we have only had sex 2 times. Im just so confused. What should I do, bc now he has texted me everyday since they broke up and i don’t want to be the rebound girl. I kinda like him.

  19. Ashley

    I’ve been with my Leo going on 3 years we were good at first then started fighting left and right we moved away with each other and our relationship grew stronger he was recently told he has colon cancer I stuck by him threw both of his surgeries and his treatments so far he started pushing me away I don’t know what to do but I love him so much and don’t want to lose him for good but I think I’m on the verge he went to stay with his mom and is in a horrible situation his moms on drugs and can’t take care of him how do I win my love back for good? Anyone have a suggestion I also caught him talking to other girls while he’s been sick I do everything I can for him I work at night not many hours though I need help I wanna make things work

  20. Nicole

    I thought I was going to be alone forever until one day, after being single(by choice) for 7-8 years I met my Leo man. We fell in love almost instantly. Talking about kids marriage and moving in together in the first week. It’s crazy how true this article describes us. He is the best man on the planet in an extremely attractive way.

  21. Devon

    I have the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I am so in love with him. He is the most energetic, noble, brave, understanding, honest, sweet, amazing man. I’ve known him for about 8 years, just as friends. He began to pursue me about a year ago. Sending messages with his number asking for me to call or text, I ignored them. I began dating this worthless Scorpio, he played mind games & was never open with me about how he was feeling. I decided to end things with him, I said that we were going no where, I would never love him, couldn’t see myself getting married to him or anything. Again, my leo tries & this time I accept. Only thing is he is living 2,000 miles away. I didn’t drive, I was only working a part time job to pay my bills & live comfortably. So we just continued to talk. Our connection was undeniable. A month later, I found out I was pregnant with the Scorpio guys child. I was so terrified to lose my leo man but I dont believe in abortion & I couldn’t hide it from him. I told him & said I understand you just want to be friends now, he said actually no, I want to be there for you & your baby. I will be everything to that child that you want me to be. I could not believe it. He flew me to see him & we have both traveled back & forth for each other ever since. He wants me to move with him, but he understands how I want to be close to my family with this being my first child. We are young I guess? 26. He is the one. I’ve truly never been so happy & never thought I could love anyone the way I love him & admire him & adore him. He is perfect. He tells me that I’m beautiful everyday. He apologizes almost immediately whenever he throws a tantrum, he is very romantic, we lay in bed laughing for hours, talking about our future. Which is amazing for me since I’ve always lived in the past being a cancer woman. I do advise that if a Leo man is chasing you cancer woman, let him chase a little bit, but then give in.. Take it slow! & Let him do all the chivalrous things because he truly LOVES doing them! He runs my bathwater, he always grabs the check, will find my hand to hold in any crowd, Wakes up to make sure my feet are covered, cuddles me all night, even wakes me up to tell me he is rolling over because that side hurts & asks if I want to move to his other side so he can keep cuddling with me! Do it!! This reading is so us. It makes me smile. :]

  22. samizdat

    I have been married to my Leo guy for over 20 years. I’m the kind of Cancer lady who doesn’t accept any of the king of the jungle nonsense – yet I love his alpha-maledom. We fought, separated and made up so many times…however, anyone less bright would bore me senseless. Leos have to trust you, ladies, then – you are treasured. But they are hard work..

  23. vergillia

    Ive been crushin on this leo guy since 15 im 19 now. we just recently got into a relationship last year. we been off and on a little, and broke up a few times and now we are back togetha but i feel as though we may make up to break up but he still my baby. i love my leo man.

  24. Lovedandinlove

    this is so true. i am a leo and the girl i am with is a cancer. we took everything slowly and were friends for a while before actually trying a relationship. we may have broken up several times but each time we come back together even stronger. we changed each others life for the better and i couldnt imagine life without my cancer.

  25. iaminlove

    Many yrs. ago I met and befriended the most beautiful girl, she is a Cancer and I am a Leo, but I never made a move since she was 16 and I was 22. We parted ways and after 25 yrs. she finds me through a social network and immediately tells me she is so happy to have found me, she seems eager to see me (both of us are without partners), and says she has been thinking about me for years and I think I am the luckiest man in the world since I have never forgotten her. She is beautiful, delicate, womanly, sweet, warm, sophisticated, and did I mention she is beautiful?, well she is and she is going out with me next week.

  26. courtney

    I’m a cancer and i’m in love with a leo man we have been hooking up for 4 months…i hope it turns out to be more than hooking up cause nothing ever felt so right and even when i tried to end it, he pulled me back in and i’m so glad he did.

  27. Leo engaged to a Cancer

    this describes us so perfectly… me and my Cancer girl.. you can sratch the break up part though… we wont need it πŸ˜€ my girl is my true love…

  28. stephanie graves

    This is a bunch of bull i am a cancer woman and me and my leo man dont get along at all he is mean nastey dosent care a lot of the time and is quick to let the relationship end on and off for six years he dosent want to get married he ignores me and my daughter a lot hes alright sometimes but for the most part he is not very nice he a back stabber he dosent stick up for me he is a nightmare cancer women and leo men not a good match

  29. Roslyn

    I hadn’t seen my Leo man for 30 years and he was right under my nose the whole time. He chased me for several months, hangin’, chillin’ and then he referred to me as his girlfriend of which I had no idea I was to be. Well, I accepted and here we are a year and half later still hangin’. He’s the sexiest most sexual human being I have ever desired. He’s a definite Lion and our relationship is awesome, I do my thing and he does his. Our agreement is that if we do so desire another of either sex, we will enjoy it as a couple. Now that’s how to live, love and be happy, it’s not for everyone but for us it works.

  30. Ana :)

    Is there any clothing or colors that would help a cancer woman to get attention of a leo man?

  31. His Air

    In love with my Leo man! He is my King and I am his Queen! This article is so true… πŸ™‚

  32. sippy

    I’m a female cancer and. I’m now in a relationship wit a leo man. We been cutt buddies for 5 yrs definently because the sex is very passionate and we decided now to make us official. I definently agree his attractive to my flirty and girly womanly ways. He believes in catering and pampering treating me like a woman deserves to be treated. I just hope my motherly demanding ways doesnt overpower him and I stay in my place allowing him to protect and shield me and not the other way around

  33. Getting Stronger

    I truly love a friend and would marry him at the drop of a dime if he asked me. I am a Cancer woman and he is a Leo Lion. I truly adore being with him too!



  35. Amanda

    I am a cancer female and i have been best friends with a leo male for 14 years, only problem he got married 6 years ago. i hope for our friendship to last.

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