Cancer Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Leo Couples: Josephine and Napoleon, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger

This is a dear combination — the Leo man and Cancer woman.  Leos love to “marry down,” and the femininity of the typical Cancer woman will bring out the very best in his royal heart.  Leo is at his best as the defender of the weak. Chivalry is very much alive and well in Leo-land and most Cancer women genuinely crave this fatherly figure.  These two will be exceptionally patient with one another, very affectionate and cuddly, and they will both be very devoted to their home.  This is a great combination.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Leo Man:  If you want to attract a Cancer woman, do all the romantic things you love to do so much.  This is the lady who begs for you to open the door for her, buy her popcorn at the movie, and send her flowers on Valentine’s Day.  Old-fashioned is best, so you can brush up your code of chivalry and let it shine.  She wants you to go ahead of her in the cafeteria.  She wants you to get the creditors off her back.  Yes, she even wants you to put your coat down over the puddles so she can keep her pretty little feet dry.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Cancer Woman:  If you want to attract a Leo man, be the feminine moonlight creature that you are.  Keep on your tuffet and don’t lift a finger as the gallant hero impresses you with his courtly behavior.  Your job — if you decide to take it — is to be the perfect audience.  As long as your appreciation is genuinely forthcoming, he will continue to walk on water for you. After all, he’s been waiting for this chance his whole life.  He is not fond of the “modern” woman and her independent viewpoint.  He wants to provide and protect, and he will proudly profess that you are his woman.  Be still my beating heart.

Degree of Romance:   Leo man and Cancer woman can be the most beautifully romantic relationship in the world.  It gives new meaning to the phrase, “If you want him to be more of a man, be more of a woman.”  These two polarize nicely into gender roles with which they are both comfortable.  They are relieved to find a place in the modern world where their old-fashioned values ring true.  Leo wrote the book on romance.

Degree of Passion:   A Cancer woman is likely to bring out every ounce of passion in a Leo man. The lion is an esoteric symbol for eroticism and prowess.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be great friends for they bring out the best in each other.  Together they make a fortress against the cold cruel world.  Cancer woman and Leo man find solace in the warmth of each other’s love.  This couple appreciates that they are much stronger together than each is one alone.

Degree of Marriage: This is an ideal couple for marriage.  They follow strict gender lines.  Both parties nest and take responsibility for offspring together.  They make committed and devoted parents, patient and looving partners.

Progression of Relationship:   Who, who, who wrote the book of love?  It was certainly a Leo, and he won’t miss a moment following the pages in the book properly.  He’s been waiting all his life for someone worthy of his devotion and he has found her.

Sex:   We vote this couple most likely to be truly monogamous.  They are likely to enjoy very fulfilling marital sex and will have no reason to stray.  Sex between the Leo man and Cancer woman may be conventional, but it’s the real thing.  Through their sexuality they express loyalty, devotion, passion, and heart-warming tenderness.

When It’s Over:  It’s not likely that this will end, but if it does, Leo will be gallant as always.  He will patiently explain to her why it has to end, dry her tears, comfort her, and continue to provide for her as he reluctantly does his duty.

Our Rating:  10/10

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121 Responses to Cancer Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

  • Thomas says:

    I am so so Speechless, Its like i have never falling in love before, I feel so fulfilled and i can see myself truly wanting to be a better person since i met my cancer woman

  • Another Aries girl says:


    when my leo man was going after a cancer girl i told my leo man that i wanted him and now he picked me over her…

    isn’t that soooo sweet?.. me! an Aries! FUN Fun FUN! >:D

    so gl to the cancer women out there.. beware of us aries cause we will get there first!

  • Katherine Nolan says:

    I’m laying here with a Leo man and I’m speechless.. However, I’m wondering when he’s gonna start walking on water..

  • Katie says:

    All in all this is a ok relationship but it has down falls. Cancer will be manipulative to try to control her leo man, he doesnt think of her a an equal, leo will have affairs mostly emotional ones, cancer is to serious and boring for him. he loves that she worships him but needs some zest

  • Bakass says:

    To all you Aries Girls, Cancer Girls and Leo Guys…

    This is the story of my life, and I want to share with you all…

    I am a cancer girl with moon on Pisces, when I was 17 I met this Leo guy, we got engaged at age 20, and I broke up with him only a few months before the wedding. The reason was so foolish, but I was also too immature back then to deal with some issues involving his mom and her excessive control. I heard he dated a few more girls and married an Aries girl not too long after…I moved on with my life, moved to US to advance my career and we never spoke or saw each other again…

    I was married and divorced twice here in US, and have a small daughter now. This was 25 years ago, I am now 45 and he is 48. About 3 years ago, this man found me on facebook, and wrote me the most beautiful email ever, where he said things like:

    -When I broke up with him, I left him without ground…completely lost

    -He was searching for me in every new women he met, and when he realized they would never be “me”, he married the first one, because since he couldn’t have me, any women would do, it didn’t matter anymore…

    -What he had with me , he never had with any other woman, was our little world…

    -The love he got from me was unconditional, he never felt so loved, so understood in his life…

    -Other women had his body and even his last name, but never his soul and heart …the guy that I dated, only I knew… no one else…he said longed to take me again to those hidden places on his heart where was uncovered and ready to be seen… where he didn’t need masks or excuses… and we could again simply communicate just by looking in each other eyes… no words were needed…

    -at the end he said I were, am and will always be the only love of his life…

    Needless to say I was sobbing after reading it, and I was single too… and I also had similar thoughts about him, but
    just didn’t had the nerve to search for him or mess his marriage. I didn’t feel I had the right to just show up after so long… but I confess I never forgot his bday, or the day we met (we always celebrate that)… all those years…

    We have been talk in the past 3 years, and he is now finalizing his divorce to move to US to be with me.

    He is leaving his Aries wife after 20+ years of marriage… his 2 sons are now older than 21 so he feels okay to finally let go it all, including his career, leave Europe and star a new life with me, after 25 years…

    Aries girls: don’t fool yourself… you might get a tasty of it, but it won’t last… if it’s not mean to be… you can steal them, but at the end they will never be yours…

    Cancer girls: follow your heart, Leo guys are the best combination to us, like you or not. (of course that are good guys and bad guys everywhere, but listen to your heart…go with your natural instincts and sensitivities, trust your guts, when is love it feels good, it feels right… don’t play games, don’t waste your lives dating the wrongs guys as I did…it’s only temporary… True happiness I only had with this guy…and when we began to talk on the phone again it felt like we broke up last week, not 25 years ago…

    He gained weight, wears glasses now, has a grey beard…I’m not a pretty girl as I used to be… I am overweight too, my wrinkles are showing, I am dying my grey hair smiles… but none of that really matters… just what we feel together and it’s magic… I still can’t believe it survived all those years… but it did… what we once shared on our youth, while immature and insecure young adults was strong enough to last 1/4 of a century, even thousands of miles away… Soo much happened to both of us on these years…but knowing that in a couple more months he will be here with me fills my heart with joy… this time nothing else will break us apart…now is forever…

    Leo Man: Don’t get discourage, not all cancer girls are alike, if you find yourself confuse or insecure with your girl, just embrace her, wrap your arms around her and don’t let her go… you won’t believe the power of a simple silent hug… don’t say nothing, just do this and she will return to herself. We’re real givers and the love we are able to give can’t be measured or quantified… you should simply enjoy it ! yes sometimes we don’t know what we want, we take you for granted…but is only a superficial moment, it doesn’t come from the heart… we’re too stubborn sometimes, we prefer to win the argument, that to win the love… we need to grown and learn a bit still, but have patience , okay? it’s worthy !!!!

    Best to you all… just wanted to share my story and give you some inspiration and comfort…

    Love is available and it’s possible…it’s only up to YOU !!

    Trust it, and when you find the one you will know…then… just ENJOY IT !!!


  • SmartAir says:

    Ya know, over the years I’ve noticed one big common theme amongst people giving astrological advice. A) they’re all based on sun signs and b) they limit the endless possibilities to be had with typical “not a good match” sun signs. It’s all about aspects and willpower. Telling stories that, for example, all “aries or leos or pisces or scorpios are best with cancers” is pure bull and only relates to your individual story. It bothers me how naive so many people can be.

  • Zoe says:

    I previously commented on my Leo guy two years ago, when I was just in love with him… We’ve taken since the relationship to a whole new level, he gave me my first kiss and he was the first (and only one) I had sex to. It was the real thing indeed, conventional maybe, but it felt to me like it happened for the thousand time, that smooth it was. He brought out the best in me, because of him I did things I never thought I could, and he, just by existing and being the object of my affection, has made me overcome any hardships and personal trials… I feel so relaxed and natural in his company, it’s like I have known him for ages. I told him once, if only he could have known what kind of person I was before meeting him, and how he’s changed me… Sadly, we can’t be an item, he is already taken, but I feel like he’s the right guy for me, and I don’t wanna loose him. Now we’re just friends, but I feel the kind of connection with him, that allows me to always have my heart, mind and body ready for him at any moment.

  • Ofier says:

    the most bullshit relation.

  • Daniel says:

    I had this cancer girl and she was so freaking posessive I mean I like to be treated like im worth to keep but in this girls case she minus well put an electric fence around me

  • Bronze Oceans says:

    Leo and Cancer gets a higher rating than Taurus and Cancer?

    You’re kidding, right?

    Please tell me you’re kidding.

    You must be new to astrology.

  • dzani says:

    @bronze ocean:yes,i guess it is so, because leo and cancer are ruled by the two most important heavenly bodies, the sund and the moon. the sun is masculine energy,the moon is feminine energy. they are day and night but cannot be without each sun and moon,leo and cancer are the most classic couple you can imagine. it is father and mother,king and queen.
    often these different energies are not easy to handle(not so as for example with taurus,the ruler of taurus is venus,also feminine,so taurus and cancer are much alike) but they just fit into each other like yin and yang.and they love each other,we could say, unconditionally.
    of course, other aspects have to be taken into account,too.

  • CrabQueen says:

    When Cancers leave Scorpio this is the sign we usually go to.
    It can be a great match provided both parties make an effort to keep the bad traits at bay.

  • ladyt says:

    I’m cancer woman in love with leo man. My lifestyle made most men insecure (i have a career, own a home, and drive a nice car) which cause them to play mind games. Not my leo man is so confident, giving, and loving inspite of my success he understands i’m still a woman who needs love too. He moved in with me and i make more money then he do. Although i’m finanically secure, i still let him be the man. On the plus side it’s better that way, i don’t ask him for money and don’t care if he frivious spends. I love the attention and affection he gives me never having to question where i stand with him keeping my mood swings under control. We both are highly sex and i don’t get a headache if know what i mean…lol.

  • Moonchild says:

    Lol there’s something I don’t get :

    cancer woman – pisces man 5/10 ..errr..I think it’s more like a 9/10
    cancer woman- scorpio man 8/10
    cancer woman – taurus man 8/10

    CANCER WOMAN – LEO MAN 10/10 ????!!!! I love the cat because we can complement each other but I think there is more compatibility and harmony within our own element and the venus-ruled taurus.

  • Noah says:

    Yeah, I’m absolutely sure this is a ideal combination ! Yin and yang always fit, don’t they ?

  • aiub says:

    Both partners like comfort and security, often doing things on a grand scale. Cancer and Leo both enjoy a lovely home and a close family. Leo tends to be flamboyant, and Cancer will be the less colorful, more sensitive counterpart. Leo is bigger and bolder and vivid, becoming the epitome of splendor and stature. Because both Signs are so determined,Zodiac Compatibility these partners really need to work to understand and accept each other.

  • sumi says:

    I am a cancer woman with leo man….its the best…sorry…THE BEST combo ever..

  • raye says:

    Cancer woman with leo man… best of the best ~ we share the deepest. Purest. Sweetest love we’ve ever known. So grateful. ..

  • Janet says:

    I’m a cancer woman. I have a leo boyfriend and he’s the most sweetest person I ever met! Of course I was dumb and tried leaving him but he hold me back. He tried his best to keep me by his side and now I am in love with him. He’s amazing.

  • win says:

    I’m a cancer woman who dated a Leo man and yes it is the best combination ever. I’ve never loved anyone so deeply the way i love him. However he broke up with me and said he wants me to help him just be friends with me and that he keeps wanting to take me back but he needs just a friend. He says that but then we end up together. But now I’m trying to help him. I’m so confused. I don’t know what he is doing. I’m afraid to lose him but at the same time i don’t want to be possessive so i give him his space. And i know he loves me. I can still feel it.

  • DL1 says:

    I am a cancer woman currently dating a Leo man, this is my first time dating a Leo man, we really compliment each other, I can be myself around him and vice versa. We have the same views and goals, I can most definitely see him as someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I just got out of a relationship with a Taurus, I am naturally attracted to Taurus men many of my past bfs are Taurus. And I kid you not, I kid you not every single one ended with me feeling like I had no worth, like I had to compete with every girl to keep him…Taurus men are super outgoing and boastful, they are not shallow at all when it comes to the women they date… They simply have NP standards…. All the things that I fell in love with in a Taurus man I grew toe despise…I know not every case is the same but for me every single relationship with a Taurus man played out the same.

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