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  1. Lady

    I am a Capricorn and my boss is actually Leo. When I first went to work for him there was a lot of tension. I think we fought a bit over who was the alpha in the workplace. But nonetheless my Capricorn tendencies decided to let him run the show, he I said MY boss after all. I just learned how to manipulate him to my will I suppose. He is quite self absorbed and definitely thinks highly of himself. He likes to be the center of attention, especially with the young ladies who work for us. I’ve been working for him for quite a while now and our partnership has changed. Once he realized my strength I became his right hand woman. He consults me for everything and puts responsibility on my shoulders. Out of our 5 person team, he’s told me I’m the only one he trusts to get the job done. He went under investigation for the work of some of the other managers and I told him straight up that I stood up for him and had his back, that seemed to be the ticket that won over Leo. I have noticed now he changed our days off to be the same and our schedules are the same. I notice him checking me out a lot too. He told me one day that “he and I just get each other. Nobody else understands.” I guess I have some feelings for him, I’ve just gotten to know him really well. But I’m not sure if those feelings are serious or just physical. My moon sign is in Leo so maybe that’s why we get each other.

  2. tcandy

    Im a cap women, I dated a leo guy for 3 years. This guy wine and dine me always brought me flowers nice gifts the whole 9 yards. in that last year he was living a whole other life. He was cheating on me for a whole year straight. This one sign I will never ever mess with again. Very manipulative, trust me u will never see it coming!!!

  3. Shubham

    I am a leo male….I was deeply mad in luv with my female Cap(very naughty, cheerful, always there for her frnds, party girl)…I used to be very shy guy before I met her…Until she waved confidence in me…honestly speaking she had proposed me first…it was going all gud…we were in high school…but at some point we realized that our relationship might effect our Studies and marks…so we broke up….we were still best frnds….our exams got over….and when I started looking for her…she never had time for me atleast for text chats also….this started bothering me….and now situation started getting stuck whenever I used to see any guy flirting on her fb post…I used to get very over possessive…and jealous…and started beginning and forcing for relationship… and did all foolish things in Emotions…and she even ended up our friendship..and asked me to never ever txt…or talk to her. She even blocked me on fb. But I really really luved her. and by this time I was A Hero turning villain to her. whenever I used to pass near her she used to ignore me very badly…but with time her body language started…changing sometimes she used to stare me so lovingly… I could not resist to forget her…may be because I was deeply in luv with her months passed and I took the approach. but before that I talked to my best frnd who is a cancer female and through her I came to know after my breakup with her she had an affair with other guy. but that guy was already in luv with other gul… My Ex’s heart was broken and she still luved him(for me it was total shock because Y she used to stare me so lovingly when she luved that guy) …..I was comletey heart broken I talked to her in person and she was dealing so rudly with me that I cried( though I have cry very very rarely…last I had cried when I was 6yrs old)….and the next day I returned that poem she wrote for me and also the ring she gifted to me and my Leo temper went very high and told every bit of my heart to her…and I too retrieved from my side…..but few days later only….I started seeing some soft corner for me in her heart….in one party when we frnds were all there including my Ex .Cap gf..she too laughed along with other on my jokes…and this was not all….her family had come to the dinner at my home…Well I was not present in my home on that day….and the other day She personally had come to my house to gift an icecream box….that was the last I saw her and after few days I shifted to other city…..we don’t have any contact with each other….But I really really luv her….and want her to come back to…me….But she luv some other guy though he even doesn’t like her…..and I am really afraid to approach her…I don’t know what to do….pls some Cap girl help me out…I am planing to visit the city in which she lives

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