Gemini Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Leo Couples:  Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

The combination of a Leo man and Gemini woman can be as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys.  You’re probably in the mood for a good time if you have been attracted to one another.  Geminis bring out the fun side of Leo.  The lion has the reputation for hogging all the attention, but in truth, a Leo is the perfect audience and enjoys being entertained by Gemini’s tricks and turns.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Leo Man:   If you’re a Leo man who wants to attract the attention of a Gemini woman, get ready for some competition, and don’t let it faze you.  Laugh and take delight in the silly things she says.  This lady is sharp as a tack and playing to an audience.  You’ll have to be on your toes to keep up with her.  Try to add a little variety to your courtship style.  Don’t be quite so steady and reliable.  If you have been calling her once a week for three weeks, and then skip a week, she probably won’t even notice, and if she does, she’ll appreciate your giving her some space.  Geminis are easily bored and want immediate gratification.  Stay away from promises about the future and adopt a show-me-now attitude.  She likes to be surprised.  In fact her whole life is one big surprise — even to herself, so you can do things out of order.  Here’s an insider tip:  Be nice to her siblings.  They mean a lot more to her than her parents and an alliance with them will pay off handsomely should you become seriously involved.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Gemini Woman:  If you’re a Gemini woman wanting to attract a Leo man, use your fairy-like precision to skirmish with him on the outskirts of desire.  Don’t play dumb.  You know exactly what I mean.

Degree of Romance:   This can be one of the most delightful romances.  Right away they’ll feel like they’re falling into a romantic comedy.  Each of them has all the lines and moves memorized and will enjoy playing with another master.

Degree of Passion: Leo is a pretty passionate sign.  Gemini is cool and cerebral.  Gemini, try not to laugh at him as he comes on too strong sometimes.  He’s overplaying the role.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be great friends and buddies.  In fact sometimes it’s hard for them to take the whole thing seriously enough.  For this reason, they may enjoy dating more than the commitment of marriage and childrearing.  It can be hard for this couple to grow up in each other’s presence.  It’s just too much fun palling around together.

Degree of Marriage:  One problem with marriage between the Leo man and the Gemini woman is that Leo probably wants children a lot, and Gemini could care less.  If they find a common purpose to marriage, it works well, because Gemini lightens Leo up, and Leo stabilizes Gemini.  Furthermore, their communication is likely to be quite good.  Leo men have a tendency to pout and withhold.  Gemini will just keep talking until he finally loosens up and joins the party.  A Gemini can tease anybody out of a sad mood.  They are magical that way.  Furthermore, together the Leo man and Gemini woman will be creative about life which allows them to respond positively to adversity.

Progression of Relationship:   Leo will have to be in control.  His pace may be a bit boring to the Gemini, who wants it all right now.  If they learn to compromise, they can get the best of both.  Leo is old-fashioned, likes to open doors, pay for the dinner, and stage a grand evening.  This can be a little boring to Gemini, but she is oddly vulnerable to flattery and will interpret these as flattering actions.

Sex:   The chemistry between a Gemini woman and a Leo male is great!  Leo is ardent and persistent, while Gemini provides the variety and the interest.  Their motto “Never a dull moment” applies most of all to the bedroom where they work out the majority of their problems by laughing at life together.  There is a feeling of eternal youth between these two which can extend an active sex life much longer than usual.

When It’s Over:  It’s over if Leo ever puts his foot down … and he’ll take it from there.  He will be especially boring about working out the details of the split.  She can be seen rolling her eyes to the ceiling while her foot taps impatiently on the floor.  She silently screams, “Let me out of here,” and makes him play the bad guy.

Our Rating: 7/10

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54 Responses to Gemini Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

  • Candess says:

    Not exactly a skirmish but yes I did get his attention when I wore a fitted maxi with some spandex to this summer party in the Hamptons ;) it had a few sparkles on it that caught the fading twilight and his eye. I haven’t looked back ever since.

  • ThemestoGo says:

    I’m glad I went online and got a real badass devilish costume with a tail and skintight black pleather suit and face. As I left the Halloween party last year, it made feel relieved cause it was a theme party and I fit in so well people couldn’t reconize me! ‘ I am now a devil! I love costume parties and themes I just adore!! It brings out the adventure in me and since I hate sticking out this so puts me with the flow. My boo loves that I am such an extrovert andhe doesn’t have to push and prod me like some guys have to to get women to go with a theme. Maybe its the Gemini woman in me that loves becoming something else. I was scared I’d get kicked out if I didn’t come in costume since my friend the hostess told me that everyone else was in full regalia. The effect of my costume lasted even the day after when I got appreciation for it. It was my leo mans idea I have to admit and it was a great one. He also came up with some ideas for my 2 friends too.

  • demon wiki says:

    SHUTT ! …………………………………….. DE FUG UP !

  • Clingy Leo!! says:

    I’m a Gemini and my dad’s a Leo.. I’ve always been his favorite child, but lately I’m considering to never speak with him again. It breaks my heart but I can’t take his lies and deceive in order to gain some personal advantage for himself anymore. Especially when he does my mother(Pisces) wrong. I almost never see eye to eye with my mother because she hates the bond my dad and I have always had and she did not have that with him, but I can’t take injustice against her or anyone for that matter. My mom and I fight, but we always make up a minute later. (Mostly because she has a habit of making others feel guilt-ridden so that she looks helpless and innocent).

    Anyhow, I met a Leo guy a couple of years ago. We talked everyday, for hours on end.. untill the early hours of the morning! We liked each other intensely… Everything was good but he wanted to see me 24/7 (maybe because he was cheated on in his previous relationship or is it a Leo thing to do?) which made me run. Gems need their freedom! I also found out that he wasn’t as smart as he seemed, he just copied a lot of stuff to his brain and pasted it out of his mouth. There was no depth to his convictions if I tried to get more info out of him. He seemed like a fraud and that turned me off immensly! But socially & emotionally he was mighty bright, very street-smart which I loved. He was also always on the money, just like my dad. They both hate it when I try to tell them how to get their money otherwise or be more smart about it. They don’t like to be advised or corrected, that’s when their competitiveness kicks in.. even if you try to do correct them playfully, they’ll find a way to make it seem as if they already knew what you were saying when they really didn’t. They’ll never let that crown come down the tiniest bit. Hah! Also when I gave him more attention than he was used to getting from me, he got cocky and high on his horse which I didn’t like. I confronted that about him and he didn’t ever do that again. Really sweet! I like a guy who truly considers my thoughts and feelings.
    The Leo guy was really upset for weeks when I gracefully ended our contact. He kept trying to talk to me casually like friends but yet not like friends(?). Some mixed signals, until I was straight to the point about needing my space and perhaps it was better he did not talk to me at all. I like Leos, because they connect to me emotionally, but their competitiveness and somewhat clingy ways makes me run. I like to keep things light and fun, Leos are dramatic and trying too hard to pin a Gem down. Let us have our freedom, don’t compete with us so much, and everything wil be perfect. Oh and Leos are also materialistic, but that didn’t bother me so much as long as they didn’t try to use MY money for their luxurious spending. That always went well, Leos know very well how to earn their own money through hard work.

    (Sorry for my sometimes poor grammar, Enligsh isn’t my first, second nor third language)

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