Leo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Leo Couples:  Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock

This is not as good a combination as it might seem because it is a little crowded on center stage.  Whereas Leos don’t need to have all the attention, they do need to have most of the attention, and the one thing they can’t stand is being upstaged by someone else. This combination tends to bring out the egotistical side of Leo which, despite popular stereotypes, is not the predominant aspect of this sign.  Somehow, both parties wind up feeling bad about themselves for being themselves, and that makes for a droopy lion indeed.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Leo Man: You’ll have to adjust your radar a little bit to court a Leo woman.  Whether you admit it or not, you are usually looking for a loyal subject, not a Queen, and yet here you have a Queen — an honest-to-gosh member of the royalty.  You should be careful with flattery — make sure it is sincere, try to ask her about herself rather than just talking about yourself, focus on something fun like kids or recreation that you may have in common, promise her a crown and stars to put in it, and let her see that you know what she’s worth.  This is not an ordinary mortal you are courting.  And for God’s sake, don’t fawn over her.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Leo Woman:   You will have to tuck your ego and your pride into your pocketbook if plan to approach the great King of the Jungle.  You may see yourself as his future Queen, but it is more likely, at least at first, that he is looking for a loyal subject rather than someone with whom to share the realm.  Flattery, on the other hand, will get you everywhere.  He is inclined to believe the most incredible things about himself, so much so that you can be humorous in your own mind.  Try to bring out his generosity by making him feel good about himself.  He can be among the most giving people on earth.  By ALL means, and above all, never fight him for the check, never open your own door, and never take a phone call in the Royal Presence.  Try and keep your hair in place.  He has a thing about “public appearances”.  When he is out in public, he is always “on-stage” and you must play your part.  Keep your nails trimmed or manicured, pick a hairstyle that is easy to fluff up at a moment’s notice, and keep something decent handy to grab on your way out the door because he is also very spontaneous.  Most importantly, try to be FUN.

Degree of Romance:  It’s almost as if this relationship is nothing but romance.  Each plays their part so beautifully.  In fact, the secret to a great evening with a Leo — and this applies to both men and women — is to see a movie that’s very romantic.  They will unconsciously play the parts later in the bedroom, which is completely natural, and part of the childlike fun of being a Leo.  They’ll say things like “We have the stars, let’s not ask for the moon,” and “Ah, love, let us be true to one another for the world, which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams …”  Such lines might make the other signs laugh, but when two Leos get together all the world is really a stage.

Degree of Passion:  Passion is a little bit of an act where a Leo is concerned but it does belong in the repertoire.  Contrary to common stereotype, lions are really ruled by their head, not their heart.  Love, for a Leo, is an act of will and passion.  In fact, it is an act period.  Ironically, they really don’t bring out the spontaneity in one another.

Degree of Friendship:   The sign associated with friendship is the opposite of Leo which kind of says it all.  Leos are warm-hearted, good people but there always seems to be more self-interest than would promote a genuine friendship.  For the more part, they are content with love and romance and we think they should leave it that way.

Degree of Marriage: Well, the loyalty is there.  They will want to look good in front of everyone else, so they have that in common, and they may center beautifully and ecstatically on their children which is often the glue that binds forever.  Leos do seem to have the most magical children, and they, of all the signs, enjoy their offspring to the absolute nth degree.  What a beautiful thing to have in common, and how lucky the kids will be.

Progression of Relationship:  This is courtship by the book.  If you are dating a Leo man, you are with an old-fashioned knight in shining armor.  He will follow the rules and follow them meticulously.  Stray from the time honored traditions of courtship and you will fall from grace and become just like all the rest.  This means he’s in charge, he does the asking, he does the planning, and he moves it forward by increments known only to himself.  Leos, of all the signs, are the most likely to get married and stay married.  Chances are this man is courting seriously and will tie the Leo woman down after three months with an engagement.

Sex:  Sex can be a staged performance more than with perhaps any other sign.  As long as they both understand this, they’ll get along fine.  Role playing can be a plus as long as the roles are glamorous and romantic.  For example, “the secretary” is a good role to play because it puts the woman in the subordinate position, yet lets her be organized and adorable.

When It’s Over:   When it’s over there will be enough wounded pride to go around the world.  If they can keep a lid on the conversation during the denouement that would be best.  Why say something that you will regret later? Chances are very good that they both tried their very best, put 100% into the relationship, cared with all their hearts, and became truly dismal when the thing just didn’t work out.  Leos, try to muster your compassion and see the mutual disappointment.  Do unto him as you would have him do unto you.

Our Rating:  8/10

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77 Responses to Leo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

  • Leo says:

    I forgot to add two most important things that Leo guys look in a potential mate – DIGNITY and RESPECT (both within the partner and ourselves – we need to respect the woman before we can actually love her)).
    And I find the Leo woman to have the strongest sense of self respect and personal dignity – there may be a few exceptions – as compared to other sign ladies. Others interpret it as “PRIDE” – but it’s not that.
    Leo women may act haughty, but I have found that she never compromises on her morals and principles.
    “Subjects” compromise on morals. “Queens” don’t – their innate dignity prevents them from doing so.
    And she would rather stay “hungry” (denying herself what others called luxuries) rather than do something which would compromise her dignity in her own eyes. Now that’s what I truly cherish and respect, being a Leo man myself, and I agree Leo women do have a HEART OF GOLD – INDEED.

  • Lionheart says:

    I see that a leo man – leo woman combination seems to be successful a lot of times. It would be really cool if everyone could post his/her and partners birthday, cause there is a bit of difference between leos born on different decans. It might help us all generate a larger picture for compatibility.

  • Jason says:

    @Lionheart: Searching for your actual birthday to determine your zodiac sign compatibility is much further in depth than most people typically go. Have you looked into moon signs or numberology? Try the link I posted above to see if you can find what you’re looking for. There are lots of people on that site which can tell you (first hand) about their birthdays and how you mesh with them. Someone else from this site turned me onto it in another post…you can thank me later!

  • Lionheart says:

    Well its me again, sorry to bother but please if anyone has any experience with leo woman born on august 17th tell about it please. I am born on august 7th and I seemed to have irresistable attraction to one older woman who was born on august 17th, also in some astrology book of birthdays it says that for leo born on august 7th one possible soulmate combination is with leo woman born on august 17th. Please tell experiences anyone who has been in simmiliar relationship.

  • Shayla says:

    @Lionheart I am a leo woman born on Aug9 and my bf of last 4yrs is also a Leo. Leos are very old-fashioned men and like to help and take thelead in everything concerning their woman. i remember one time my old frig had broken down and i could get it repaired. But my bf told me he was getting a bonus in a week to ten days time and he would buy me a new one. I manged with an icebox and was looking forward to it and sure enough a week later he got me the frig. I learned one thing though never to make him feel disrespected, Leos are kings and need to be treated that way. I’ve never had a problem with that and we’re doing good so far. Good luck to you both!

  • Lionheart says:

    @Shayla Thank you sincerely for fast answering. I am verry glad to hear that leo man – leo woman relationship can work. Well my case its a bit complicated tho. There are basicly three problems: 1st – it was sort of long distance relationship with her, 2nd – she seems to be in love with scorpio man, 3rd – I basicly have verry small amount of money compared to that scorpio man. Oh yep and one thing is working also against me, I am still a student – so that means I am not able to offer her all the comfort. Although, from begining I feel that she loves me somehow, she always smiles when she sees me and she kind of has that special sparkle in her eyes when she sees me. Well she has been on and off with her scorpio man 5 times and now its 6th time. I kind of still put my hope out there that she will once realize that she would be happy by my side. I have really deep understanding with her, really kind of soulmate thing. Well please keep your fingers crossed that she will accept me once and trully love me. Oh and to mention I was always offering her my helping hand and comforted her when she felt sad.

  • Bill says:

    Hello, Leo man here, really trying to understand why my ex and I “can’t seem to get right”. We have known each other for about 10years (maybe even longer), and ever since high school we have been magnetically drawn to each other. I truely love this woman and always forgive her, but we fight like cats and dogs sometimes. I don’t know if its me, or if its her. We both have had long relationships with others before actually getting into a relationship, and it seems our memories of exes corrupts our relationships with each other. I don’t want this to seem so long, but I hate knowing that she is out there in my own city and we have such chemistry and attraction but can’t “pull our heads out”. It seems like our timing about giving each other 100% is off. Either its me trying, then her, then me… I just don’t know what to think anymore, its always going to eat at me :-/. Help?

  • Bill says:

    P.S. forgot to add our bdays, maybe that might help. I’m August 21, and she is August 10. I don’t know time of day though, didn’t get to discuss that really :-/. Maybe we both needed to give 100% upfront? Cuz she didn’t and I did, an when I seen she wasn’t, I backed off. Then she was trying an by the time I realized it, she backed off as I started to try. It seems we both were getting dissappointed :-/ and ultimately weren’t on the same page? Let me know what you think, thankyou.

  • carrie says:

    My leo man and met recently and it has an intense and absolutely best time of my life! It is true about the passionate fire of two leos together. I would not give him up for the world, this to me is everything and we will have many more loving moments to come. Keep it real and no lies, just all the love only a leo can give, good luck to u all.

  • SOUL4REAL says:

    Respect?? Both Leo men and women are “Whores” they cheat all the time…Kings and Queens of being on stage acting. “Liars”!

  • Pauloma says:

    And so the leo man remains a torch bearer for the lioness. It is clear with all the things he does and says for her. The leo woman has an admirer and an avid subject who does her bidding and keeps her company whenever she wants it. That way both have space and both are happy to do what they want. That’s wonderful. there’s a lot to learn int his website.

  • @Pauloma says:


  • Pauloma says:

    @Pauloma….im glad you agree with the approach. its alright it always evolves.

  • JRD says:

    I am an August 6th Leo and I met an August 2nd Leo and since then, my life has been the best I ever could’ve imagined. I always stayed clear of Leo men because of the fear of constant arrogance and conceit that would make me want to either vomit or kill him. But this one I am convinced is my Adam. He gives as I would, thinks like I do, done what I have and loves how I love. I couldn’t have dreamed of someone who is 100% if what I’ve always wanted but never believed existed outside of myself. It’s surreal. He is the sun and I am the moon and then we rotate where I am the sun and he is the moon. We revolve around each other like clockwork and it’s the most natural feeling I’ve experienced. I am a woman of a certain age and meeting someone at this juncture in my life who completes me to this degree is what romance movies are made of…I am now a believer. Leo love is the best in the land.

  • Layla says:

    My bf is July 31 and I’m August 13th it’s crazy how me and him get along so well :)

  • Asha says:


  • Mishka says:

    better safe than sorry that’s what I tell my leo man. hes usually very helpful and sometimes I have to remind him that maybe his froiends could do just as well without the help and wed be better off too!.

  • jessica says:


  • john says:

    @jessica told you about love kills love, see & move now, bye & good luck :) SYS

  • john says:

    @jessica sorry….your silence is f**king killing me…..I am getting crazy pleazzzz talk

  • Shay says:

    So my leo troubles involve a leo man I’ve been talking to four years, he’s finally single!.. he’s wealthy, chivalrous, and handsome but seems he has some pent up lust to get out of his system. Meanwhile I just met an athletic leo who seems to adore me and is already calling me future wifey… funny thing about my leo predicaments is all of our bday are Aug 10th lol…. I’m thinking the athlete is older, wiser, and more ready for commitment but my other wall street leo is addicting and we always circle back together… i yi yi, lioness in trouble any thoughts?..

  • LeoQueen30 says:

    Im in a complicated relationship with a younger leo male. His bday is July 27 th and mine is August 7th. Everything was going so good, total bliss, and felt like we were on our way to happiness before his ex started causing him stress when she discovered he was in a relationship. Things have been shaky, and he has been distant. Hes hot and cold. Dont know when hes going to call or come by and he says he has plans but wont reveal them to me. He is so used to isolating hisself when under tons of a stress. I can relate because I do that sometimes but not to the level that he takes it to. I really want to be with him, and Im trying not to give up. It feels like I found my soulmate before all this happened. He always compliments me and makes me feel so beautiful when were together. Very sweet, and expresses that he only wants me. He wont even pay attention to another female. Told me that he knows I am the one for him. Adores me, and loves everything about me and the things I do. He loves even the simple things about me that have me wondering like, wow, You think I look great today when I dont even feel like I put in all the effort. We both have the same ideas in common. Wants for the future, goals, kids, marriage. I can think of something, and he will say it a few days later. He amazes me. I told myself, i wish I met him so long ago. Two nights later he came over, and laid his head on my stomach and he says Man I wish I met you a long time ago. I will say things, and he will say Damn, you think how I think. Thats why I like you so much. I truly feel like I met the one. Im just hoping we can get back on track. For some reason, hes not like any other. I cant get myself unstuck from him. Something wont let me give up on him. I believe in his sincerity and the way he feels about me. He just acts insecure sometimes, like hes not sure if he can do what he says he will when it comes to pursuing this relationship because of the stress he is dealing with. His kid mother threatened him with child support just because he is with me now. Like she doesnt want him to be happy. Before all this, we were two leos in total bliss. I need my baby to get it back together.

  • Michelle says:

    My leo man is awesome his birth date 13 Aug and mine 29 July ,we met 9 days ago and we need to talk at least one ph call and voice msgs and msgs .

  • Ankita Deshmukh says:

    My birthdate is 1st november and my partner’s birthdate is 1st december.
    According to kundali we both are leo.
    I would like to know about our compatibility score.
    And are we a good combination? How much successful our marriage will be?

  • SMARTEST K says:

    Am a leo man born on july 29 1994, I just meet a leo woman born on August 10 1995, are we compatible in love and dating.

  • LeoTheLion07 says:

    I have met leo woman on internet she is 47 years old and I am 22 years old leo too. We have such beautiful time together we talked we have so much in common we are soulmates. Then I start to make promises that I will visit her for christmas because she lives in other country but last time I said that I can’t come for christmas but I can visit her in begining of spring. She has bitter experiences in life with her ex. She said that I have made empty promises and some things are unforgiven. I have apoligized to her but she is pushing me away and I make her sad. God I feel so bad I have such bitter experiences in my life too. Is our love not strong enough? Can you tell me Nancy what should I do I feel so much feelings for her we are soulmates.

  • kelly says:

    I have met (on the internet) the most beautiful and caring 39 yr old Leo woman she is my bliss in life. I am a 53 yr old Leo male I don’t have any ex problems, now she has 3 children (1 a 19 yr old daughter lives with her) and I have no problems with that. I just want this Leo woman in my life. We seem to be so much a like I am a 3rd decan Aug. 13 and I think she is 2nd July 31 @ 11.59 pm. I really believe she could be my soul mate. It’s scary for me to be so in love with her, I feel like I’m so exposed, I have dropped all my guards and let the love out to her. Maybe I sound crazy but I believe love is crazy. She seems like she is starting to feel the same way towards me and I want that from her. What can I do to achieve this I want this to be the one sooooooooooo bad. I am seeking advice from a web site lol. What do I do to win my Queens heart I do my best to let her know how valuable she is to me and it is sincere and I’m ready to prove it with every day of my life. We both have a past of course, but us loving and being loved by each other will conquer anything ahead. What can I do? I need her in my life forever. If you have any advise please give it to me, I feel like she is a once in a lifetime experience, help me please!!

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