Leo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Libra Couples:  Ray Garrett, Jr. and Virginia Hale Garrett, Asif Ali Zadan and Benazir Bhutto, Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

This relationship should work very nicely, but rarely does, and I will tell you why:  The Leo man is basically looking for a loyal subject.  In fact, Leos are famous for “marrying down.”  They tend to choose a woman who is beneath them in some way so that they can be heroic and lift her out of whatever circumstances she’s in.  This is, in essence, a noble inclination.  However, there is not a Libra woman in this world who needs to be treated that way.  Libra has a reputation of being indecisive, which is confused with being weak, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Libra is a cardinal sign.  They may take their time coming to the right decision, but they are brilliant strategists and initiate when necessary.  Your Libra woman is like the goddess Athena, who reigns over just wars, the wars that must be fought.  Does this like sound somebody who needs to be lifted up anywhere?  Libra might agree to be the power behind the throne, but not likely.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Leo Man: The best thing you can do for yourself, if you are smitten by a Libra woman, is to find ways to honor her intelligence.  It must be an honest gesture.  She can tell if you really respect her mind or not, and she will balk completely at being patronized.  Chances are she is smarter than you anyway, so you might as well get used to it.  Ask her advice and by all means do what she tells you to do, and you’ll pretty much have her in harness.  It would help if you had a joint-venture to offer, such as starting a business interest together.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Libra Woman:  It will be ridiculously easy for you to figure your Leo man out, so the best advice I can give you is — and you’ve heard this before and ignored it before — don’t be too smart for your own good.  The Leo man is guileless and naïve for the most part, so it will be easy for you to box him in.  Just make sure you want the box when all is said and done.

Degree of Romance:  Romance is so good between the two of them that it can go a long way toward masking other difficulties.  If they meet when they’re young, this will be even more of a problem because love is blind.  Libra is not inclined to face difficulties, preferring to ignore confrontation as long as possible.  Leo’s ego will lead him to believe that everything is fine as long as she doesn’t call anything to his attention.  Issues pile up as the months go by and there can be a horrendous face-off when Libra finally decides to even the score.  (Libra is the consummate score-keeper.)

Degree of Passion:  The Leo man is likely to feel very passionate toward the Libra woman.  It may blind him to other important essentials that are missing.

Degree of Friendship:  These two signs don’t come together easily in friendship.  Librans tends to be business-like and calculating in their approach.  The Libra woman would be inclined to say, “If I wanted a friend, I wouldn’t be dating him.”  Leos don’t date for friendship.  Period.  They are looking for an erotic and romantic connection.

Degree of Marriage:  Leo man and Libra woman can work okay in a first marriage where the emphasis is on accomplishing certain tasks, such as child-rearing and career-building.  Libra can help Leo stick to business, but, as the years go by, it may become more and more evident that they have little in common, and worse, they may singularly lack good negotiating skills because of the tendency of each sign to ignore what they don’t like and gloss it over “for the time being.”

Progression of Relationship:   The Leo man is very traditional and old-fashioned.  If he’s interested in marrying you, he’ll follow the rules meticulously.  He will make sure you know you’re special to him.  Libra, though, is the pace-setter, a cardinal sign and strategist.  Thus the Libra woman will move the relationship forward in increments.  They may have an especially good time dating, only to discover later, when the emphasis is less on fun and romance, that they lack some necessary ingredient for the hard work of marriage.  Since these are both good and well-meaning people, they may need to ask the opinions of others as to the appropriateness of their pairing.  Life is different than a vacation in Chinpinque Mesa in Monterrey.

Sex:   Sex is a real plus in this combination.  Both partners tend to look at it as fun and want to “do their best.”  They are both inclined to get lost in the romantic aspects of sex, such as romantic foreplay, candlelight settings, and maybe a few wardrobe changes.  They are one couple that is likely to be able to talk about sex as well as enjoying it.  This should be a comfortable, fun area of the relationship and probably pretty carefree.

When It’s Over:  It may take a while for these two to get to the point because neither of them wants to give up their romantic illusion.  It is, however, quite likely to be mutual when the time comes, so that there are less hurt feelings than normal.  When all is said and done, they are both likely to shrug their shoulders and say, “Oh well, we gave it our best shot.”  They may even grow fonder of each other out of the relationship than in it.  There’s a lot of respect between these two people.  It’s just not the best combination for marital dynamics.

Our Rating:  6/10

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50 Responses to Leo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

  • tbexila says:

    it is very well-defined leo libra copatibility really i think that it was really awesome.thats why i am typing a comment here to make you feel happy. i am a librain & iam really proud to be a librain!

  • angel the lucky libra says:

    this is sooooooooooo true im a libra and this is me and my leo….we r so in sync that its crazy!

  • llbleu1 says:

    on the money n rite on point synopsis of myself…Mrs.Libra n my Mr. Leo …..sharing my life w him is like living on the edge…always exciting…constant smoldering flames ready to ignite!

  • Leolibra relations says:

    Wow, this is pretty accurate. Was it written for me(Libra) and my leo?? we are nearing the end of our relationship, it was very much riddled with good fun and ignorance of the rest. we met when very young and have been together for 12+yrs. Unfortuntley I am over the ‘save and rescue’ needs of my leo. As a libra I like to be in charge of my life. <3

  • Libra Girl says:

    I read this article in total shock and total disbelief at how TRUE the author put this together. I read each and every single line and it truly played out my relationship me being a Libra girl and the Leo man in my life, so much that I just new it was going to display our names at the end (lol) ……..truly AMAZING ! Great read !

  • nancy says:

    @LibraGIrl THanks for the great feedback. You can opt in to Nancy’s FREE newsletter here: http://bemyastrologer.com/optinnewsletter.html

  • Tony says:

    I met a Libra woman last year and we started out as friends and as a MAN, my character is for all who is in need I shall provide for what Im blessed with I should be a blessing to others. We became spiritually, mentally and physically connected. This Libra woman to me is like a queen from her walk, the fire she displays when she talks and the love that she shows her PRINCE. How she teaches my princesses and brings joy to us all with a guilty innocence thats comical but honest. She is spiritual and wants to get better and makes me want to get better but in a conversation we had recently we agreed that in order to sustain in such relationship to a higher order we much maintain the friendship. The love will grow with that sincerity because a MAN I want to save her but not just her but her child and her household if I could. With the Most High’s blessings I shall share my GRACE with her as long as she receives but because we have the friendship if we are man and wife or not we will always be friends. Yet as she would say we wont let man define us only the MOST HIGH knows are path and with that we will follow his lead.

  • J says:

    Story of my life.
    Met him@ 19. Married. Kids. Misreable with him.
    Nothing in common, and controlling over me. I would be nothing if it wasn’t for him he says.
    I hate him.

  • chynawes says:

    After reading the article, I am gettin a little nervous about my relationship with my Leo. So far, we seem like a good match. We have only been dating for about 5 months. We both are business minded, and very smart. We have a lot of personality and very talkative. I am in my late 20s and he is in his mid 30s, so we are not very young. Hopefully we make it through the negatives.

  • Libra&Leo 2gether4ever says:

    I have experienced all of the above and feel sometimes that we are not a good match. However, I am deeply in love with him and can not see myself with no one else. I hope and pray that our relationship with never end and we are just going through the normal stages of a relationship. No relationship is perfect and I truly feel love will conquer all insecurities.

  • Divinity says:

    I’m a Libra woman and the discription of Libra caracteristic traits are verry accurate however I dont think a “compatibility reading” can say whether you and your Loe man will break up and be misserable! Its not a fair judgement and its not a prediction! Life isnt about what your Zodiac sign or any other sing for that matter predicts what you would do in certain sittuations or who you are! You are your own persone despite what your Zodiac sign claims..

  • David Lierre says:

    Shouldn’t relationships matter on how you were raised plus the signs you are? I’m a little skeptical but the basic ideas are true in my opinion. But to me as a Leo, I find it very caring just for that Libra women to be next to me. Sometimes she will ask me what I want to do and most of the times I let her decide. Although we’ve been talking only for a few months, we’ve been getting very very close. I’m about to go to USMC Marine bootcamp soon why would I jeopardize my only bestfriend before I leave. Nancy please help me understand, I really am in love with this woman and she is with me, I treat her with respect and commitment but how can I talk to my Libra about her true feelings like you said. Would it be easy as sitting down and letting each other talk? i really want this to work, to prove Leo’s and Libras can work not only because of the signs but how much we have in common as well. I just want to figure out how to break the romantic illusion as I’m willing to do anything to make her happy by her own choices. Thank you Nancy

  • libralovesvirgo says:

    Wow, #8, YOU nailed it
    I met him at 22,,, married at 23… kids/twins at 26… misery set in, I have been sleeping on the sofa for 10 years, according to him, I am worthless, can’t hold down a job worth a d@^^, can’t clean the house right, can’t parent the kids right…. I don’t hate him, however, we have decided mutually to get a amicable, peacefull divorce before we end up hating each other. I have a Virgo man now… and , uh… hummm WOW!

  • leo says:


  • T says:

    Pretty accurate. A leo just broke my heart. I wanted marriage, he didn’t. Sex was amazing, but that’s about it. Now that we are broken up he expects to stay friends. I can’t handle that. There were subtle attempts to be psychologically abusive or controlling towards me. He did feel I was ‘beneath’ him.

  • Mehmoona says:

    owesum dear thts all true speacially Libra Leo dnt stays longer, the fact u described is absolutely right it happens with me………….

  • LibraLady says:

    very very very much accurate

  • librachik says:

    its tha loyal thing im not sure about he and my sis-in-law hung out A LOT she had been to his house nd he to hers more then once i feel strongly that they have been together sexually (i thought about her while we were having sex)

  • Tracy says:

    As a Libra woman i will agree that leo man is traditional but willoverlook some of your drawbacks if he feels strongly about you. my husband of 6 yrs is a leo. now i am caring but not so (work two jobs)when it cam eto caring for his parents. his ex (aqua) on the other hand was really good at all that. she would go to the care center wher his mother was chek her meds and treatment n stuff where his mother was and take her out for walks in evenings to a park and little picnics by the lake even sometimes! but leo’s relationship with her was mostly good friends till they split. they still are and i don’t mind. i guess you can say we are more than good friends! we manage to be romantic even afte all these yrs and yes my leo checks on hismother and takes her out occassionally for walks and such.

  • dee says:

    I dated a Leo man. I will say I was so taken by him and he was the first man to initiate the couple talk. I thought I found him, the one I would be with for a long time. But he just stopped calling and we stopped seeing each other. He finally told me after I explained it to him that he couldn’t handle a woman like me, meaning in his mind I didn’t know my place as the woman and didn’t live up to his expectations of that. I was no longer special to him but a highly opinionated woman who yells at him. He may be still searching for the right woman, but that man still calls me so I can yell at him and I believe he likes it. I say we would make the perfect couple!!!

  • Angie says:

    I am libra woman who has been with her leo man from the age of 17 and we are 23 years strong. While we have had our differences.. every sign has their differences and no one sign is perfectly compatible with the other. There are pluses and minuses for each but in the case of leo and libra, these two signs posess traits that complement each other very well. I have read a lot of compatibility reports and this is the first one i have EVER read that had any indication of the two not being suited for marrige or being very lasting. Couple with the fact that we are on our 24th year together and have been living together for 22 of those years, have two children ages 11 and 13 and continue to have a good life understanding, we are proof that this report is not very accurate at all.

  • Dina says:

    i’m a libra woman. i met my leo man 17 months ago and i fell for him mysteriously at first hi. he’s very funny and affectionate in his own way. i can feel that he cares a lot about me. he can always make me smile whatever mood i’m in. when i can’t eat or sleep i just need him to show up and both will come easily! very unusual effects he’s got on me but i guess that shows how comfortable i am with him around. i’m a writer and he’s always been my first reader and he always supports me. he gets jealous easily, he can be jealous just reading my work if he thinks it mentions something about my ex boyfriends. but i honestly enjoy being protected and adored so his innocent jealousy doesn’t bother me. he compliments me every chance he gets and it always feels fresh and genuine. sexually he’s always such a turn on and i dare to say it is vice versa. we can talk about sex and enjoy it at the same time. i’m way smarter than him and i make him think, he keeps saying. i keep telling him that he must be smart too to be able to make me laugh and flattered in many ways. he remembers every word i say and he can use it as a gun easily when he feels necessary, especially because indecisiveness is my nature. but i guess it means he really listens. i’m very argumentative and he’s not interested in debate so when we have a fight it’s actually me against myself most of the time. i’m so full of ups and downs and he’s quite stable and stability is the most fundamental thing i need as i’ve been a single mother before i met him. in impatience or jealousy unkind words are said sometimes, he says i know how to wreck him with only words, but i never meant to hurt him just like i know he never meant to hurt me when he just leaves when a fight is taking place. we already talk about marriage but i have an acute weakness: i need to be convinced all the time. recently we had a big fight and i said strong words to him after i made him confess he slept with a couple of girls when we had a break last year. i guess i’m worried too much and even though he kept saying he wouldn’t ever cheat i just hurt. i told him that he had to do something real to prove his intention towards our relationship. he hasn’t showed up or talked to me for a few days ever since the fight and i miss him so very much. i am filled with affection for him and i don’t like him being hurt too. i wish his long legs would carry him to me in no time. i keep wishing since he’s the best love my heart has ever experienced. all the romance, warmth, like the warmth of the sun. i wish you all a happy love life.

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  • TABI GUJJAR says:


  • graceful says:

    True about Leo men often looking for a loyal subject. Which most of us Libra women (definitely myself) are going to roll our eyes at and reject. But I actually like Leo men a lot, and find that in general I get along with them really well. I’m rarely sincerely impressed with a dude, but I casually dated a Leo man for a while and I’ve actually never respected a man more. I appreciated SO much that he was always fair and cheerful and respectful; he never flaked, was always polite and kind but still playful and fun.

    “It will be ridiculously easy for you to figure your Leo man out…The Leo man is guileless and naïve for the most part, so it will be easy for you to box him in” hahaha… SO true.

    I wasn’t in love, but I definitely appreciated this Leo guy’s integrity and goodness, especially after a particularly disappointing relationship with a Sag (Now I know better…Thank God).

  • Tiki says:

    Im a libra girl just started dating a leo man. it was attraction at first sight. wow. we text all day long. I dont ever think I could run out of good things to say about him and Im always telling him how amazing he is. funny, silly, outgoing, spontanious. everything Iam almost as if im looking into a mirrior.when were together cant stop touching each othier but hes not as verbal as Im but I know how he feels when im with him, hes very loving and passionate person. in everything he does. I have found my night and shining amor. only thing is I dont know how he canisters me as a girl friend or not I dont just want to be one of his buddys I want someone like him in my life for long time what should I do? please help me…

  • The bard... says:

    I don’t generally chime in, but I have to disagree. This assessment of the leo and libra couldn’t be more wrong… well, totally different than my own experience with libras and even the assessment that this profile gives about me, the leo. This couldn’t be more wrong. I’m not sure if you could consider me and my date typical leo and libra. Well, I’m not possessive or desire to date or marry a woman beneath me. On the contrary, I am intelligent, but I want an equal. As far as her profile, it seems to be correct for the most part.

  • sta says:


  • Kallian says:

    Right on the money (as some one from the above comments had stated.) I dated a Leo for a year, and I couldn’t possibly agree more with everything that I read in this section. Right-on-the-money

  • nickki says:

    This is true a little but not really. The first Leo I dated I just couldn’t figure him out. I am a Libra and one thing about us we over analysis things. Leo men sometimes just need there space. I’ve been with mine for 5 years. Sex is amazing everything is perfect. We argue but he simply can the argument by giving in or kissing me. He treats me like im the only woman in the world for me. He proposed to me 6 months ago. So we r planning the wedding. We both are happy and have 2 children.

  • LibraWoman says:

    I’ve read the article as well as the comments. I recently became friends with a Leo guy thru a mutual friend and we hit it off really well. There was a strong attraction to each other, he is very pleasant and caring and seems to really listen when I speak. We are currently not dating, i guess we are in the courting stage.
    As I get to know him more and more, I realise there is some double standards in this friendship/relationship. He criticises me (I can tell that he doesn’t notice it himself) and some ways it is patronizing, I do not take that, however I don’t like to confront so I just let it slide. If I say something not exactly as a criticism, he gets all upset, so i then have to sugar coat it to make peace.
    Sex with him is really good, however, I don’t know yet about the chemistry there.
    In conclusion, for me in this relationship, I feel it is quite tiring, I don’t feel like I can completely be myself and say what I feel, I have to make sure I don’t hurt his feelings, when he’s not getting the attention, he just looks bummed, so i have to check if he is ok, because I like attention too! Cmon! It is just tiring, i enjoy his company but just his ego thing is going to take a toll on me. So I am thinking, we will just stay as friends, think it is a better option if I want to keep him in my life.

  • RH AZ says:

    I’m a leo man, and I have to say that I am saddened by some of the stories I’ve read. Obviously, those stories where things didn’t work out because of unevenly matched intelligence, mental problems, baggage on one side or another, and a host of other problems that would plague any relationship (regardless of people’s signs). Every Libra I meet is amazing and I find I get along with all of them. Clearly, both people must be respectful, kind and interested. If a Leo man is attracted to a Libra woman, you can’t believe how amazing the love, passion and worship will be for his Libra lady will be. I met my Libra queen 20 years ago. It was a blind date. Most people avoid blind dates, but after 2-3 long phone conversations, I gave it a try. I am glad I did, because 4 years later we got married, had two kids. She is truly the love of my life, my best friend, and the best person I have ever met. She always has the best ideas, best decisions and when she is acting indecisive, I jump in to help. I have been an a$$h*%@# many times to her. She weathers my mood swings and rollercoaster ways (thank god!). After many problems in life, including health problems, family difficulties, we’ve weathered it all together. I know some of you Libra ladies are hurt and injured, but give it another try. If you find the RIGHT Leo, you’ll have the happiest relationship and love of your life! I promise!

  • crecia says:

    Lmao @ Dee … That’s hilarious!! I married my LEO MAN and I’m treated with respect because if not I one up him bigger and better every time. A self whippin is the best whippin’. We all learn from our mistakes. We have sore bellies from laughing every day sometimes all day its ridiculous how much fun we have. We’re together 24/7. He’s a tattoo artist and we work well together, I love assisting him and being there for him always. I do routinely have to “talk him off the ledge”, as we call it, its exhausting some days because of the negativity or people foul attitude he gets. But I’m a. Diva that routinely throws BRAT FITS because “all ways are my ways”. I lived 150 miles from him quit my corporate job to be what I refer to as “his groupie” because I knew when he touched my face, looked into my eyes or when we laughed I would NEVER again be able to duplicate what we share. In fact I was angry at him when I decided to google this hot mess. In reading all this I realized our argument was so petty, I’ll just embarrass the fire out of him tomorrow score my bonus round points and we’ll wait for the next “GAME ON” moment. Logic says if you hit a dog on the nose with rolled up newspaper he will cease to pee on the carpet. I like to think this part of our marriage is the paper training stage.

    We have absolutely nothing in common, I love sports and he’s a death metal lover. He tattoos and I am an accountant. So the opening a business is our goal and maybe that will be the gorilla glue that holds the training pads in place. LoL .. Hats off to the leo male that has a libra queen. We always said while we were dating, “king me, queen me” so I say well done to you folks.

    I concur that everything I read about a libra I see in myself and it is so accurate it was a bit scary. The “B” word came to mind instantly followed “don’t start no STUFF won’t be no STUFF” do it the right way the first time and repeats won’t occur. As funky as that sounds my husband the leo is a risk taker and a bit reckless with life and money. I’m more grounded and plan ahead. If I could find a box for his 6′ 2″ A$$ he’d be in that sucker!! He could in turn say “if I could get this 5 foot nothing mouth in a cage I’d never let her mean A$$ out”. He says I bully and I tell him to get his control issues under control. Ironic, so its check mate on both sides daily. Deal with it!! We don’t care who’s right or wrong at night when we are snuggled under our covers laughing from all the goofy crap we managed to fit into one day. My advice is don’t be so serious all the time just have fun and when the argument rears its ugly head deal with it like adults talk about how you felt when what happened say sorries and get back to enjoying your life together.

    Go do stupid stuff like buy a 15 dollar gas station cowgirl hat and wear it everywhere without thought to what anyone thinks and laugh over how ridiculous it is. Skip down the sidewalk like a little girl or do imaginary hopscotch in walmarts parking lot when you guys go shopping. We’re both almost 40 and tonight I called my husband old. He says in return “I’m not old, I just got grown”. Now that’s hilarious. I got a neck dermal piercing I didn’t have any tape in our hotel because we’re at a tattoo convention. I got creative. I had a label maker in the car I typed “dermal B’es” and printed it put it over my piercing and he laughed for about ab hour at how stupid that was called me the Neal Armstrong of stupid then told me it was the best thing he’d seen said I had labeled my boo boo. Then proceeded to shout out random things like “Hang nail” with a curse word attached to each one and the fun went on until he fell asleep. Just be good to one another its not who’s on top its learning to deal and find coping mechanisms to handle each others leash until you both can walk side by side without worry of the other one chasing the neighbors cat, figuratively speaking.

  • Libra says:

    This is a great pairing.
    The only problem in this relationship is that Libra must avoid listening to others when there are problems, and listen to her heart only. Coz only Leo can love Libra unconditionally as compared to any other sign.
    This is an ideal pairing. Leo rules the house of romance, and Libra rules the house of partnership.
    This is ideal for marriage – but remember every marriage requires work.

  • rebekkah says:

    I’m a libra woman and im dating a leo man and i dont know i just dont think this is very true with me seeing that im the kind of woman who is loyal to him and im perfectly fine with having him feel like the alpha and the protector…because of the way i was raised i feel the man should protect and take care of his woman and she should give him love and affection and loyalty in return…yes i can be opinionated and mouthy at times but i know when to keep my opinions to myself and because im super old fashion i feel like the woman should know when to keep quiet, but that’s just me.

  • LIBRAQUEEN says:

    I dont know what it is about Leo males….i have been seeing one for almost 4 yrs. i am a libra woman and while i can see different view points i dont understand indecisiveness. Leos go for all the superficial stuff. they may tell you and try to make you believe they dont care but trust me they do! I’ve seen evidence of it. I am a patient woman but when there’s no light……it can make the most patient person skeptical. Theyre very repetitive and lacking in depth. Outwardly and at first look he was impressive n charming. But one needs stamina to go through the ups an d downs of life and not sure if Leo man has it.

  • BABY TIE says:


  • Lindsaysays says:

    this pairing works for a reason. its the balancing out that each one does for the other. but most imprtant is the love that libra woman and leo man have for one another. i always thought love is because of some qualitites in the other person . but when it really happened to me libra woman, i found that there was no reason or quality because of which i loved the beautiful leo man! i just loved him. its simple. nothing complicated. i can tell you the qualities i like in him if i think about it. but ill also tell you thats not the reason i love him. and my leo man loves me because i can feel it. in all the things he does for me. he goes beyond the call, beyond all expectations. he’s a very handsome man and feels hes not and i say why did you do that? you didn’t have to do that, but i love you anyway. more than words can say. im speechless when i sometimes understand what he does and is upto. but i keep it all in proportion and dont get into a tizzy. for someone who hardlyhad anyone respecting her wishes and is os used to hearing a ‘no’ i am already gettting the feeling of being spoilt. i hope i dont get a swolled head cause that wouldnt be cute! anyways i could be biased because of my leo man with the loping gait but really i think this combo works and is meant to last in a solid, contentful way leading to greater and greater heights for all. libra women should really look for leo guys but stop being superficial and really have some depth ladies is all i say. and be steady. and he’s yours! lol.

  • Isabel says:

    libra woman can be ignorant and that is due to lack of experience. but her heart is in the right place. if she knows and understands the situation she will respond with compassion. the hell with everything else. otherwise there’s so much regret. and whats the use of that. no matter what the reason, it is important to have clear communication: of whats happening and what one wants. sometimes demeanor or body language tells what words do not. but i was always ready to make up for my mistakes. my leo man would teell me how and i never minded.but iwas very proud of him that he stood up tall on his own . sorry does not even cut it. that was fifteen yrs. ago with my leo man with the beautiful mane and a heart of gold.

  • Spottee says:

    For all the balance and fairness that a libra woman has its so easy to dupe her and use her. People use the libra bambi when she has no choice. Well acutually she does everything shes told to coz she doesnt know she has a choice. to say no. to dig her heels in. and she can do a lot of work quality work. there is no reward for that. one doesnt even have ot give her what she deserves. just give her some talk and she will believe. its only when everything crumbles that she realizes thats what it was-talk. a lot of it. ive never had a problem trusting people in the whole wide world-im pretty good at knowing how much to trust. but thats it. for someone to get closer than that …that takes time. you would too, if the people you trusted the most are the ones who did the most to cheat you. who dodnt really care for your future, who actually did things to keep you down. and still expected you to love them.

  • Taracrystal says:

    @Spottee….its called family, my dear.

  • Citizen_Ka*ne* says:

    I dont know why the leo man has to be so dramatic. its like somethignout of a movie. Why does he underestimate the loyalty of the libra woman? I agree facts may be scary but thats life and if the way things progress is communicated hey whats there to be so worried about? IF there is substance, nobody will go anywhere. And if there isnt any its going to crumble anyway not necessarily under difficult circumstances only. When ground reality is not known it confuses the libra woman and leaves her in a daze unable to make a decision. If at that point she must make a decision then likely she will say no just to be on the side of caution. if theres something real of any value it will last no matter what the surrounding conditions are. The rest are all excuses.

  • Librettescales says:

    I get puzzled with the leo man’s approach sometimes and some questions come to mind. like.. why is it so important to deny the libra woman a request they have been explicitly making for awhile? and which holds a lot of importance to them? what is the relevance in not syncing up with the libra woman to accomplish something together? is there some satisfaction in not acceding to another’s wish no matter how much they want it? how can anyone create a powerful partnership when only one is leading and the other following? is that a partnership?
    its very interesting the way leo man trains the libra woman to his way of doing some things-which is unusual, impersonal and not likely, conducive to building a personal relationship. does anyone have similar experiences?

  • Stannine says:

    one must always thank the Leo man for his generosity and large-heartedness in the most difficult of situations. the Leo man is very protective and cares for the well-being of those he considers close to him. I was with my Leo man (now ex) for about 2 yrs. and things were moving along pretty well. so much so that we even started looking for a home to buy! one particular home was quite attractive and he wanted to get it for me when he got an offer from his firm to move to the mid-west.his move put a lot of strain to our relationship and put paid to all our plans. since then I met and am now with another guy a more steady Taurus. my bf now wants to know if I still want the home and I said no I had no expectations. this friendship is still in the beginning stages and sometimes I feel if I am being too conservative. maybe I should relax a bit. my best friend told me that’s the way to go. so I am hoping this is better than my Leo. good luck to you all here.

  • Consummate score keeper libra says:

    first time i read this one, on leo man/libra woman….

    jesus christ, this is awful for the male lion, if he gets “caught” Into the web of a libra woman.

    No wonder they say that libra has an IRON FIST inside the velvet glove. They will use everything to their advantage to get the man.

    However, i know some libra women in real life and many of them are RESPECTFUL. they wouldnt dare be homewreckers or womanizers though. Maybe these are the ones who are single and are trying very hard to get the “man” so they will use ammunition to their advantage. In that case, watch out SINGLE MEN out there.

  • Happyaeroplane says:

    Leo man can make such a big sacrifice I didn’t know that. Wow! That’s great is an understatement. It touched my heart so much.

  • Happyaeroplane says:

    Writing is not one of the traits of the libra woman. She sucks at it.

  • Happyaeroplane says:

    There is a tendency to keep emotions aside and go into survival mode first. My feelings have not been so important for a large part of my life. At least not to others. I have accepted that, pushed my feelings aside and moved on in life. So this is a first for me that someone is doing something to elicit an emotional response from me and its ricocheting all over the walls like ten eggs bouncing off the walls. Survival mode means batten down the hatches and how to keep afloat. Some of those plans have already been deployed. But I had to know if its true or not. The point that was being made was completely lost…and that is the tragedy. But hey that’s the story of my life!

  • Viviana says:

    Leo men are so good looking and impressive and their walk stride is so like a lion in the wild! love it. their big cats at heart. love attention and people around them.

  • De*bi!ra The Great Releaselady says:

    This pairing works pretty musch like this. IT has been ok with some great areas for the last two years ever since I met him at my aunts golden wedding anniversary in Florida. Rich aunt, lots of friends. We hit it off pretty well and moved in right away. I had just gotten a job there and was loving being in a great place with great weather for a change. Michigan can be cold in winters and I was truly feeling the change was improving me. A year later he needed ‘some space’ and decided to take a job in another state. It didn’t seem like a breakup and he said it wasn’t yet it was for all I could see. its the mixed signals there such a downer. then I heard he was hitched and that woman made him secure or other men looking at him made him secure or some such explanation. I don’t need any highfaluting educatin to get that. Leo men need that that’s there upper fix! Sexually he was so great I had no complaints in that area and I thought we were alright in the feelings department too but guess Im wrong!!

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