1. Deerah

    I’m engaged to a Leo Man. I’m Piscean. Let’s put it this way.. i had a synastry chart done.. this relationship is definitely karmic, full of lust and love. Anyway, he’s a real typical leo… very romantic, very confident, he praises himself every now and then (which can be annoying), but at the same time he gives me A LOT and i mean A LOT of attention. Which is flattering—roses every week, massages, sweet nothings… everything a woman would die for… but I’m very career oriented so sometimes i feel suffocated.

    I’m flirtatious by nature, but for sure, I am 100% loyal. He can become really insecure when i’m around my male friends and HIS male friends and he is VERY vocal about it. He is quite vocal with my female friends even telling my best friend that I don’t need to go out with her all the time… The jealousy and obsession just pours out. I know he is incredibly loyal to me, but arguments can be stressful on my me and my friends… and they zone me out.

    However, one thing is really important and that is despite his jealous nature.. and despite me being flighty and zoning out, we always TALK it out afterwards followed by incredible make up sex.. And trust me talking and the physical action is so essential for this relationship.

    Our relationship started quickly… he’s the one that pursued me. His first words to me were, “You do realize you’re going to end up marrying me.” and my response to that was, “And who the hell are you?” “your future husband”

    that was followed by 3 weeks of constant flattery. IF you’re into flattery.. Leo will NOT stop flattering you…. 9 months later the flattery is still there… I don’t need it, i get the point.. but he’s into it, so I just let him do it. You have to give up when you’re with a leo, because leo does NOT like to give up. When he says he is going to do something.. he does it.. whether you like it or not. But he’ll ALWAYS ask your opinion, first.. even if he doesn’t care about your opinion..he just wants to know you’re still responding to him.

    just remember try to hold the flirting back… even if you are super loyal. just don’t do it. When i go out, he always makes sure he goes out with me. his arm has to be interlocked with mine… he calls every 3 hours… if i don’t pick up then forget it, the phone will NOT stop ringing. All he wants is a little I’m right here, I’m thinking of you, don’t worry I’m not going to leave you.

    There is A LOT OF LUST between us. but i know there are other aspects in our charts that make that happen. Leo is a pleaser… but you have to please him in return.

    After pleasing him, praising him etc.. these are the gifts I got from him:
    3 carat princess cut diamond ring
    Trip to Italy
    Trip to yukon, Can.
    Trip to the Carribean
    weekly roses
    Diamond Earrings

    He LAVISHES me with presents. Is it necessary? Not really.. and i think that’s what makes him more romantic.. when you appreciate his gifts but not demand anything.

    Leo is determined, so he’s not afraid of showing affection or telling you how he feels. In fact, he told me he loved me first. the I love you’s happened after the first night of being intimate. Did it scare me? OH BOY IT SURE DID. I asked him for space.. and i can remember his face dropped. My fiance has a hard time giving space.. but he learned the hard way, that he has to give it to me. But he’s quick.. a week later he apologized for telling me he loved me, but that’s how he felt so I have to deal with it. Then he pursued me even harder. So what broke me down? He went to my parents and told them he’s desperately in love with me.

    After getting a “give him a chance” from Dad… i knew he was serious about me.

  2. LoveBeingPisces

    I’m a Pisces woman whose dating a Leo man I met online. We’ve been dating for four months now, long distance, we live three hours apart. We talk and text everyday (he likes to initiate contact mostly), although he works a full time and a part time job M-F. He also works some weekends, and he’s pretty close to retirement age. Leos love to work and I think it’s great because he’s happy.

    He’s traveled to see me twice in the four months, and in two weeks we will spend the weekend and he’ll meet some of my family. I think I’m really falling for this guy and the feelings are reciprocal but neither of us has said the three magic words yet. We’re both taking things slow, remaining abstinent (my choice mostly because Leo’s have a very strong sex drive)! Not just because we’re both Christians but I believe the longer a woman holds out, the more a man will respect you; he’ll know you can be trusted when he’s out of your presence.

    Btw, I agree with those who said communication is key to a relationship, and that one’s zodiac sign doesn’t matter. I think that sometimes people look for zodiac traits in a partner finding traits that aren’t there, self sabotaging the relationship.

    And lastly, I look forward to a long term partnership with my Leo man. He’s awesome! He’s so manly which makes this piscean feel safe; he’s confident, loves to snuggle, attentive, loving and so much more. I love you my Leo!

  3. Dreamchild

    I am a Pisces woman and I have been married to my very strong and protective Leo for almost 6 beautiful years. We have a toddler who is also a Pisces. He is 3 years of age. I am not going to lie a Pisces and a Leo can be proven to be like quick sand since Pisces lives in a dreamy oasis and the Leo lives in a jungle like atmosphere. But let the truth be told we must all understand one another. Love is all we need. I am happy with my king. He never gives up and he gives me strength. No one is perfect. We plan to love each other until we leave this life. Pisces can be impractical but she means well. And so does Leo and each zodiac sign. The key is understanding and the Pisces is very good at understanding emotions and needs. Good luck with your love lives and Namaste. Love is freedom ❤

  4. Nicole

    okay so I am currently trying to meet up with my sister’s friend’s brother and he is a Leo. they say he is quiet and doesn’t talk very much. I feel like I can help him open out of his shell a little and I believe that we will become very close if we meet. also he is shy, like I told him I want to meet up and he is holding off from answering back! I just want to be friends with him because I feel like it would be great 🙂

  5. 1good1

    You heard it 1st from the dead horses mouth. these are the main zdiac signs that will go to Hell no doubt about it Thank God im not on that hit list.. pisces libra scorpio sag cap aqu gem n lots of leos taurus etc.. Matthew 25:33 says it better.. the signs i named are the main six n seven that are evil an destructive..those particular signs i dislike very much because there very ignorant an evil they do more evil works for the devil on this planet..I can gaurantee 90 to 95% of humans dead or alive will go to hell n i bet my life on it mayb not. The righteous will prevail.. I will prevail an come out 1st thank God I love Him an try my best to abide by his every word..If i told u most of my relatives from my mom n dad etc are going to hell it may surprise you but not i,i already knew it..Im not wanting those people to go to hell but its not my will but theres.God help an protect his children..

  6. EvatheDiva

    LOL, that was me with the test XXX. I am a Piscean and the guy I met is a Leo. He assured me at the club’s parking lot, “This is NOT a one night stand”. Sex with him was like being with a FERICIOUS lion! Yet, he was gentle as a kitten, too (I told him this). That night he kept telling me he loved me (esp when having an orgasm). I was confused and when he asked me, “Do you love me?” What could this Piscean woman say but, “Yes”. Well, LOL, he texted me at 9:00 am the next morning wanting more sex. I accepted. THIS time when I was uhmmmm, having an orgasm (we BOTH did as this was a shock to me since it has NEVER happened before with any man), he asked me again, “Do you love me?” Again, what could this Piscean woman say but, “Yes”. This Leo man (when driving me back to the club to retrieve my vehicle) said, “Wasn’t that the best sex ever?” That was the BEST comment he said thus far to me that I agreed with him because this was NOT making love, but rather “F***ing” like rabbits (as I put it) while his text said he wanted uninhibited f***ing. A Leo man has to inform the woman exactly what he wants; so that she knows they are in the same sheet of music, yet I understand now how they (Leo men) want to feel loved and thus why now I understand his “I love you” and “Do you love me”. Also, he (Leo) has said to me, “You’re hot” and “I am addicted to you” as well as in a text, “You turn me on”. This is a new relationship of which I cannot foresee what tomorrow will bring as I live day by day. EvatheDiva

  7. EvatheDiva

    LOL, that was me with the test XXX. I am a Piscean and the guy I met is a Leo. He assured me at the club’s parking lot, “This is NOT a one night stand”. Sex with his was a FERICIOUS as a lion! Yet, he is gentle as a kitten. That night he kept telling me he loved me. I was confused and when he asked, “Do you love me, too?” What could this Piscean woman say but, “Yes, I do”. Well, LOL, he texted me at 9:00 am the next morning wanting more sex. I accepted. THIS time when I was uhmmmm, having an orgasm, he asked me again, “Do you love me?”. Again, what could this Piscean woman say but, “Yes, I do”. This Leo man (when driving me back to the club to retrieve my vehicle) said, “Wasn’t that the best sex ever?”. That was the BEST comment he’s said thus far to me that I agreed with because this was NOT making love, but rather “F***ing” like rabbits (as I put it and he said I want uninhibited f***ing). A Leo man has to inform the woman exactly what he wants, yet I understand now how they want to feel loved and thus the statements he has made as to “I love you” and “Do you love me”. Also, he has said to me, “You’re hot” and “I am addicted to you” as well as a text, “You turn me on”. EvatheDiva

  8. mcec

    Im a male leo and i love my fish woman with all my life weve been together for ayear now ,
    I really 100x love her alot even though we are 5cities apart

    Im the fish that this big cat of mine that looks like a giant bear
    Got to say im really having a bad time believing those cause my lion treats me right and my lion is loyal as a dog and 1more thing
    Im in charge of our relationship cause my lion is afraid(inlove with me) of me
    My lion is the king of the basketball court ,the tough guy in school ,the bully in the neighborhood
    But damnn when my lion is in front of me he is just a giant pussy cat that i adore because he is my lion from the day that i met him.

    Im his lionand i love my fish ,i respect my fish , and i will protect my fish till the day i die.

  9. joheart3

    I’m a pisces woman and it really does seem difficult to maintain the rich, beautiful love between a leo and pisces, but the best way in that relationship is to remember so much that we love each other. Life is never easy and so isn’t love. There may be some crashes and falls, but be strong. Pull yourself up again because this isn’t something you can buy in the supermarket. So hold on to that one valuable thing: love, just love.

  10. Hopelessly in Love and confused

    I am a pisces woman who loves a leo man. We have many differences especially when it comes to raising our children. We each have children from previous marriages, and boy has it been a rough road! At times he tries to be very controlling and I me the stubborn one does’t want to cooperate making things somewhat difficult. At first of course he was very loving and wanted to give me the world, and I melted.Now after 10 years things have definately dwindled down to me trying to take care of all affairs in our home. I do love him …but am I in love with him? That is the question. I sometimes wonder how it would be without him, but then what would I do without him. Our relationship is surely not what it used to be in the beginning, now I think that we are just used to the way things are between us. In the bedroom things are NOT what they used to be in fact that is a rare occurance, you know that sex thing. Our relationship has grown appart, I’m not sure if its worth saving. He is tries to be the dominant one but again I fight every step of the way for the same position. Are we past the point of saving what was once a sweet, loving, crazy in love with eachother relationship?????

  11. gamesandgames

    Leo men are great….BUT only if you are mature enough to finally decide to live in the REAL world…I am a piscean woman and I have had my second marriage to a Leo man after years of agony pain and some laughter with guess who..a scorpio man.

    In retrospect the truth is I was way too immature to really WORK on myself, and work on a relationship when I was younger.

    All I wanted was something I could be attracted to effortlessly, someone I could be drawn into without really knowing why. At the time that inexplicable nature seemed magical, but after years of struggle I now understand that what is unexplained is almost always because of lack of self-knowledge and responsibility. Simply put, when you dont know yourself, or why you do what you do, you never ask yourself the right questions..Hence the partying comes in, inexplicable encounters come in, destructive behavior is set as a standard, and bonds that are built on fear of losing, fear of facing the real world bind you..

    Now that I am older I realize that I was with the controlling scorpio simply because he just didnt let me go! he was always there, always jealous, possessive and and willing to have me the way I am so that nothing CHANGES in our life, so that I never go away.. (even if it meant that the way I am is no good)…LEO men, although similiarly controlling, possessive and jealous ALWAYS pushes me to ask the right questions to myself, help me improve, help him improve in the process. Yes, it takes WORK and EFFORT with a Leo because in essence we are really different people, but if you are as old as I am you understand that anything that is long-lasting will almost always require work…and who better to do it with than a Leo, with all of his warmth and security.

  12. shalini

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmm im a pieces women my boy leo ..i have read my math,,,all right,,but i dont know well after marrie

  13. yonnie

    i like what brittnee said on march 14th i to am a pisces woman but imust say i am one of the more developed ones. yes i live n my fantasy world at times but i know when to come back to reality. it seems as if alot of pisces are fickle and cant think for theirselves like the one girl that has read all of this and now she scared of her relationship with her leo man. All relationships has there ups and downs me most personally would say run from the clingy libra even tho they are lovable it just dont work. and some of that has to do with me cuz im that pisces thats not submissive. Pisces women get a backbone if the shoe dont fit dont wear it, dont try to find sumthng wrong with your situation go with the flow and you will know when to get of the current. dont hold on to anyhing that makes you feel low. its sumthin you should have been taught early in your life by the way never dated a leo but know alot of them and sum are great and sum are not so great but thats with every sign

  14. pisces

    Even before we started dating, I was pampered. He swept me off my feet, but yes we do have problems and conflicts ever so often. It all works out eventually, especially since we Both put an effort in it. Whenever I get mad, he apologizes frantically, showers me with compliments and tries so hard to understand me. I give him the attention and flattery he needs to satisfy his ego.l

  15. kelchie

    i’m a pisces, and my man is a leo. we’ve been dating for 9 months. I do believe some of it is true. My man cheated on me once, then told me. we worked through it, and since, have had a great relationship. one thing to remember is a leo is physical person and interprets love. you have to read their eyes. and talking is a good thing! i know i don’t do much of it, because i can be so damn shy sometimes but when i do talk, our relationship fold out more and more. LEOS are understanding!!! you just have to talk and be confident that he loves you. if you don’t YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL FALL APART.

  16. lotusflower

    I am no expert but I do read astrology whenever I get the chance, and being a Pisces woman I come across many different interpretations about love compatibility with Leo man. Seems like the experiences range quite a bit when it comes to Leo man, and I do personally know many real-life examples to back that view. The typical sensitive pisces doesnt work with ego centric leo man rarely explains the whole picture. Many pisces women I know view a Leo relationship as a learning, maturing process, something they have come to cherish and fully value after the frivolous passionate affairs they have spent their youth with. Despite the truth in some of the passages, Leo man can be the final stop for the wandering and wondering pisces woman, a comfort and intellect driven partnership which is filled with sensible romanticism that keeps us Pisceans a much needed ground beneath their feet. Talk to any Pisces woman over 30 you will find a very different fresh perspective about their consuming, and almost acidic passionate past and the serenity of their Leo futures. One mustn’t forget that Pisces is VERY capable of change, above all others, they are the ones to redefine themselves over and over again.

  17. alyssa

    im so sad now. i thought me and my leo had a good chance now im scared. it seems everything is so perfect,but now ithink this is just a phase.

  18. ThisPiscesGirlThatLovesThisLeoGuy

    I love this leo guy and we’ve been together, 1yr and 5months and we never fight, we’re quite romantic when it comes to one another, and he is far from being uppity. maybe not all are like this, but reading some of this, scares me..

  19. Brittnee

    I am a pisces woman and have been in a relationship with my leo man for 3 going on 4 years. Everyone cannot be placed under their zodiac sign 100%. We are all different, born in different cultures, backgrounds and families. It’s difficult to say ALL leo men are like this, and ALL pisces women are like that. I look at horoscopes like a basic general background. We all have a little bit in us but it doesn’t make each person that extreme case of ego for leo and emotion for pisces. Love is love, any zodiac pair can work and any zodiac pair can fall apart as fast as it began. Relationships are about communication, compromise and trust. Fire and water are usually complete opposites. If you dwell on those differences of course it will fail but if you benefit your reltionship by allowing two complete different worlds to understand one another, the outcome is beautiful. I’ve learned a lot from my partner and he has learned a lot from me. Finding the one for you is a journey and if it works it works and if it doesn’t you need to follow a different path and I’m damn sure your partner wasn’t the only one causing problems. Sometimes it’s you who needs to work on something.

  20. Klarista

    I agree and disagree with this article. Being a pisces girl myself, i agree that we can be emotional at times but some of us are really not that bad. I know myself that when I look for a man, I am looking for a man that will lead me, help me make decisions and still love me in the end. I met the love of my life, who yes is a leo, and we have found multiple things in common. we compliment each others goods and bads and enjoy having each other around. Tho we are not actually in a relationship, i myself have considered it and brought it to his attention. I am allowing his space to lead he way and hoping things turn out great.

  21. sania

    hello Nancy,
    i am pisces, and in love with leo guy from childhood…… and unfortunately i think that he dont love me or may be he hide his feelings, i am very confused… sometime he shows that he loves me and sometimes he totally ignore me and hurt me….. can you just tell me that do he really love me, and can we be a good loving marriage couple forever…. he is my first and last love… sometime he is very aggressive but i can handle him well….i really want to be with him for whole of my life…..

  22. Jill

    Ok so I am Pisces! Don’t know how typical I am….to a degree yes and to a degree not so much!!! I am very much in touch with reality and this Leo man I am dating now is making me feel feelings I never felt. The first night we were intimate he cooked me dinner, gave me a full body massage and didn’t miss an inch! He had soft music playing and candles lit everywhere it was AMAZING!!!! He’s definitely a manly man, BUT he is talking about marriage and children and we are still in dating mode! Now usually for a Fish we would take this and run with it, but I told him taking it slow would be best for me! I don’t wanna rush into anything with anyone and also don’t wanna lose anything either! I guess my point is I really don’t know how he will be in the future, but I can say right now he definitely has my fulllllll attention and the sex is SPECTACULAR! Maybe the best of my life and he is so affectionate and sweet I am surprised he is a Leo!!!! We’ll see how it goes, but I think I found a winner I HOPE! I really want this feeling to stay and so does he!!!!

  23. Me

    My husband is a Leo and I, a Pisces. We have only been married for a couple of months, but things are going great. He has made me cry many many times in the past (I am very emotional and he can be selfish and mean), but that doesnt mean that we dont love each other. We are not romantic, we dont’t really cuddle that much, but the love is there!!!

  24. Pam

    I am a Pisces woman who has happily been married to my loving Leo husband for almost 25 years. He is definitely my best friend, and knight in shining armor, and we are both romantics, like to cuddle, and are mostly traditionalists. My boss is also a Leo, and a good friend of mine, and we get along fine, together. His birthday and my husband’s are almost on the same date. My husband was born on Aug. 20th, 5 minutes before the 21st, and my boss was born on the 21st. Leos are wonderful people!

  25. Stephanie

    After reading EMNL post, I really, really want a Leo man. It sounds delightful. I do love how Leo men are die hards for romance, I get butterflies just thinking about it. But honestly, as a Pisces (moon in Taurus) I am constantly trying to control my emotions. Why? Because when I do, I often find out that those emotions were completely unnecessary, no practicality. It’s empowering to say to your Leo man, “That really bothers me, please don’t do it again”. Notice (1) it is said in present tense (don’t bottle up your resentment because you’ll just feel hopeless) and (2) if Leos are trying to impress you then you just gave them a clue on how to impress YOU. In other words, communication. Nobody can read your mind, would you really want that? And if you really think about it, we as Pisces think we are very intuitive but check out how many times you are wrong? Anytime you assume how someone feels ask verbally for confirmation, go ahead ask. Plus, talking out those burdensome feelings is quiet therapeutic. Talk, watch for active listening, ask if he understands, if you BELIEVE your message has not been delivered correctly, try saying it another way.

  26. EMNL

    OK! In defense if both Leos and Pisces! Of course not all Pisces are cheaters nor are they “stupid”. (That is someone else’s word not mine) Seems important to remember that it always takes two. If Leo is so self centered and doesn’t understand Pisces tender needs sure it can go bad. Can Leo understand that his love for putting his Pisces up on a pedestal will mean she can be satisfied first, then he will be rewarded? I’m Leo man involved with a very loving, loyal and smart Pisces and in giving all of me to her without tredipation means she willingly gives back to me.Making sure she is pampered and cared for fulfills me and fuels her incredible passion for our love. Doesn’t it hold true for pretty much anyone that if one becomes unbalanced in the selfishness department the other will wander, maybe not necessarily sexually but in any way. We all need love, maybe some more than others. Our relationship works well because we talk talk talk. This Pisces is the first person I have ever been with who is willing to discuss every feeling until they are deciphered, understood and growth ensues. Being a Leo I recognize that I too need a fair amount of attention, sure sometimes I need to take the lead but it is VERY incredible to be able to trust a strong Pisces and learn from her when she is in the lead position. I love this Pisces with all that I am and would carry her over miles of hot coals barefoot. (What a Leo thing to say) And as well, she smiles that beautiful smile and melts me every second. It’s hard to feel your feet burning when a Pisces is smiling at you…. They are beautiful and passionate…. Working together to understand each other’s needs is crutial as in any relationship. The only way I think she would ever leave would be if I really did not hold up my promises of love, affection, and devotion. It would break my heart to let this wonderful fish down. Instead I will do everything I can to learn about my lovely Pisces. BTW. I LOVE her emotions! I get to be the big lion and cradle her, cuddle her and show her how wonderful she really is. That is a blast!

  27. Jacqueline Pugh

    so true so true! my leo man doesnt believe in the zodiac.;, but it proves all too true for me. I am a pisces woman full of emotion and having to deal with this heartless ego filled man is like pulling teeth..I love him but it’s soooo much work…good luck to all us pisces woman who are having to deal with those fire signs…its going to take ALOT of work to make IT work.

  28. Happy Clam

    I dated a Leo man…holy crap…never again. As a Pisces woman I expect my man to be true to his words. He gave me the most flowery promises and I fell for his lines. I gave him 3 chances to come thru on what he would said he would do, he didn’t, so I swam back into the ocean and found myself a much better Taurus man who isn’t a narcissist. Sorry to offend Leo men, but I have never been involved with some one who so needs to be the center of attention ALL the time. Pisces are very much ok with letting a Leo be in the spotlight, but to be with someone who continually breaks a string of promises and her heart? Well, we won’t take much of that…we will shut down and shut you out.

  29. Jude

    You’re right, definitely not compatible. I used to know a Pisces girl. The problem with her is that she just kinda loves everyone and I just happen to be a jealous freak.

    The way it ended made me feel pretty horrible for a while. Yeah, she cheated on me. With my best friend.

  30. Yuuriko

    I don’t honestly feel as though I am a typical Pisces. [Stupid] Isn’t a category I like to fall under. But even though I dated a Leo for 5 years (with no arguments until the ‘bitter end’ literally). I felt stupid for ever putting my trust in a Leo Man who makes promises he can’t keep, who strings you along with beautiful poetry and breaks a Piscean’s heart just because he isn’t ready to be a man. I have(never) cheated on anyone my entire life, and I (never) will. It’s distasteful and disguisting to think that people still do that sort of thing. Some of us Piscean’s are looking for honest men and ladies if he’s a Leo/Dragon you can pretty much kiss the ‘Shine in the spotlight’ Prince Charming Leo goodbye. He’s more melodramatically and schizophrenically more into himself than interested in keeping a relationship.

    A hypocritical Leo goes by this code; Lie once even about the smallest thing and they’ll hold a grudge forever. – Turning you into a loveless Piscean girl and when it’s over it REALLY is over, because for the two years you stop dating you don’t really forget about the facade of the Leo charmer who did nothing but lie to you about everything he was, and everything he wanted to do together with you.

    This relationship for me was a bad choice. Everyone says ‘If I knew than what I knew now.’ If I knew it was going to end up like that I never would have started it in the first place.

    k-Girl : Watch out because you pretty much are at the start of the same thing that happened to me years ago.

  31. Sam

    a shoal of cheating girl-fishes i see here. it kinda got this lion a little scared as he has this huge crush on a fish who is already being taken care in another man’s aquarium. and not only him, the fish also thinks it would be amazing being under the big cat’s supervision. but the only problem is she is too scared to make a move, and as the cat is too much of a gentle man, they both know that he wont make a move till the fish jumps out of the aquarium. and above all, there’s a time limit… what to do????????? shall i reach out for her? shall i get my paw wet?

  32. Ebony

    I a pisces rising dating a leo for a yr can very much relate to this article… SO TRUE…Not to mention my sun in Cancer

  33. K-Girl

    I, Pisces gal, met a Leo man online. We have never seen each other, but he has already professed his love for me, and wants to talk about a future together. I am so flattered with his attention that I, too, have developed feelings for him, but I’m just not sure. I’m wondering, is he for real? Can I really expect a relationship with this man? Can he really be the one?

  34. Dreamer

    I am currently in a relationship with a Leo man…It started off wonderful but that was a long time ago. Today I feel I am in the most miserable relationship one could possible be in and I can’t get out. I have been cheating on my Leo with a Libra (Oct. 21) possible more of a Scorpio. The Libra and I were together 10 years ago and reconnected recently.



  36. Jessica

    Pisces girls I personally think are very diffrent than any other sign,theres a uniqueness about us. Ive been with a leo for a few months and they do like to take the lead,but I enjoy makeing him happy.Its all I ever worry about.If hes happy i’m happy.

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