Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Sagittarius Couples: Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix

There’s some compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius because they are both fire signs, future oriented and enthusiastic about life but it’s not likely to be romantic enough for Leo in the long run.  They may become best friends and         running buddies instead which suits Sag but eventually will not work for Leo either.  The virtues which are emphasized when these two team up are honesty, openness and good will.  Each sign wears their heart on their sleeve and usually has nothing but the best of intentions towards others.  Leo is a bit more formal and personal than Sag.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Leo Man:  Emphasize fun and enthusiasm.  Have some special activity in mind like sailing or a concert that’s coming to town.  Keep your conversation positive and tell her out loud how much you try to surround yourself with positive people.  Compliment her friends and the people she hangs with.  Treat the waitress the same as you do her. Share your aspirations for the future with her.  Be upbeat and dress down.  When you pick her up, say something like, “I feel like we’re off on a great adventure!”  Smile and laugh a lot, especially at yourself.  Don’t banish her from the kingdom for spilling mustard on your upholstery (yes, she will do that).  Get to know her parents.  They could be some of  your best friends  later on.  (They are pretty much bound to be in your corner.)

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  Be honest, open and positive.  Give him sincere compliments and high maintenance attention.  Try to take him seriously.  Keep your feet on the floor and your hands on the table.  Don’t scratch where it itches.  Try to appreciate he wants to take you out on Saturday night even though it’s goofy to you.  (You consider Saturday Amateur Night.

Degree of Romance:   Sagittarius doesn’t take romance very seriously.  If you get too “intense”, Leo, she’s likely to bust out laughing.  After awhile, you’ll stop trying and the relationship will have lost some of its luster for you.

Degree of Passion:    Leo may have passion for Sag but Sag has only passion for concepts such as “humanity” or “the future of endangered species”.  This can become embarrassing and frustrating to Leo who is, after all in love with love not philosophy.

Degree of Friendship: Leo puts more heart and real effort into friendship than Sagittarius who is “just passing through”.  Sag isn’t loyal whereas that is a core quality for Leo in finding friends,

Degree of Marriage:  This can make a good marriage if Leo is wounded or hiding out and not wanting to risk his heart, in other words, a rebound second marriage.

Progression of Relationship:   Leo will want to follow a traditional courtship pattern (Wednesday and Saturday nights, 3 months before sex, 6 month engagement.)  Sag could care less.  She’s busy with other things like her new YOGA class, a quick trip to Dubai, Save the Cheetah Foundation and her horse or musical instrument.  She doesn’t want to dress up for Saturday night, finds his predictability prosaic and boring and would rather keep it ad hoc and casual.   When Leo takes pride in something, she’ll accuse   him of being pretentious.

Sex:   Lots of fun but not intense enough for Leo who is looking for the Holy Grail of Mutual Orgasms.   Leo tends to spiritualize everything including sex.  Sag may find his love making melodramatic and contrived, i.e., not like they do it in the barnyard.

When It’s Over:  Leo will be melodramatic and Sag will blow it all off.  Why does Leo always have to take things so seriously?  As soon ss they separate she’ll invite his single friends to shoot pool and go Scuba diving with her.

Our Rating:  5/10

49 Replies to “Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility”

  1. hi i’m a Sag girl and I have a Leo boyfriend for 5months now; I met him in the chat room.he is a seaman and sad to say he is a married man.he is very caring; thoughtful and generous and because of these traits eventually I fell in-love to him.we have met twice then we’ve shared some intimate moments but I never give my virginity to him its just that I love to keep this until ill found the right 1 to be my husband in the near future.he always told me that he loves me and im the only 1 for him. he even told me to trust him and thats what im doin’ right now.after the second time we have met our communication been vanished and im bein’ paranoid always thinking of him at the middle of the night and even during class discussion. I contacted him but there was no response from him till now. all the unusual feelings ive felled its because of him and only to him I felled this kind of feelings like bein paranoid of thinking of him not even to my past bf’s. he supported me financiall y and to make the record straight I never asked him to help me but he did and I adored him because of that he so generous even to his relatives. my problem now is are we still lovers or not;if not he should put closure or a clearer hints that he wants me to get rid of his system but nothing;i keep on contacting him but no response.is he serious on me?he even mentioned annulment for his marriage and he asked if I really love him and want him in my life;are these good enough to believe him?oh our gap is 20 years but it really doesn’t matter to me I love older people;he promised me many things and some of those are already granted. I know having a illicit relation to him is a sin but I cant stop my self to love him:he gave all the attention I wanted most ;the love and care he showed to me; and vice versa I thus these to him; he shared this to me during his psychological interview the interviewee asked him what is the happiest moment on your life and he replied when I met my gf, super im touched that moment he told that to me;so is this relationship worth giving up? please I need you precious opinion.

  2. Im a Sag woman dating a Leo man. In the beginning I was all about intimidating him in a good way, making witty comments leading him to think dating me was a real privilege…and it is! hahaha But! I had to because he is good looking, his ego is out the roof, and he is super cocky but as much as I hate it he has good reason to be. I cant help but find him extremely sexually attractive, every time I see him I just want to strip him and make him crazy. I hate the whole cocky and self loving thing he has but I definitely take it as a challenge. I always feel the need to put him down with a little stinger but then immediately after give him a little ego boost.

    I do not think I am better than him in any way really but I feel like in some way he needs to think that so that it keeps him interested and the chase is still on. I love to tease him because he is always in the mood…I like to make him wait and then later the SEX IS AMAZING! we are VERY compatible in bed, it is hott. I always let him know that I loved it.

    I also know he is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE!!! So when guys flirt or look at me and try to talk to me, he will get very possessive and jealous. However, he likes it at the same time because in his mind it seems more like, “you want her but I have her.”

    He is very masculin and in good shape. He is tall with dark hair and great eyes. The masculinity makes me weak at the knees! I try to break his confidence just a little bit sometimes to make him more humble but I secretly love the fact that he thinks he is the best thing with two legs AND thinks he is lucky to have me.

    My Leo man may be tough and cocky on the outside but he is so fun and funny and he can be just so precious. Sometimes he says the cutest and most sensitive things that make me just want to squeeze him, its adorable! He may be a masculine and egotistic man most of the time, he LOVES to be babied when no one can see.

    He is level headed which is good for me because I am emotional and everywhere at once sometimes. I tell him off sometimes for not giving me enough attention or being too self involved and he immediately will change and be extremely attentive and romantic.

    He is sarcastic and a power hungry person. I some how have made it so that he will listen and do what I say maybe 60% of the time, I am sorry ladies….I do not have the recipe to do that! However, he would be caught dead before anyone called him whipped or tamed or obedient.

    Over all we are very compatible mentally, with humor, SEXUALLY, and we can be very honest with each other and open. Sagittarius women, I highly suggest getting yourself a Leo man, I can NOT get enough of mine and just don’t forget to keep them chasing, tease them, and make sure that THEY are blessed to have YOU and NEVERRRR the other way around…or else they have won and its on to the next challenge.

    ps… Baby them in secret, they love it, but never admit it to anyone but you….and they love compliments and positive encouragement.

    pps… Let him flirt because as Sagittarius women we love to too. Leo men of my experience will brag about how women want them but then always come home to you and the flirting was simply to make his ego bigger….My man gives me a lot of freedom because we both can trust each other very well…because we are Leo and sagittarius, we get each other.

  3. I am a Sagittarius woman and like most of the woman who have left a message I thought “I’m not unfaithful” or as irrogant and this message comes across. When I’m in love, I put all of my heart and soul into the relationship. I don’t seek attention, I love and respect myself enough to never cheat.

    But I think I sort of understand what it is saying. I have been seeing a Leo man for the last month and we are in situations that this compatibility information is explaining.

    Not exactly word for word, but I noticed the unfaithfulness it is discussing is not in a negative way.
    It’s explaining that due to the Leo man’s extra patients on a physical or intimate relationship, the sagittarius woman tends to have her thoughts wonder. Explains that a Leo man needs to find special ways to show that he is into her. Otherwise she moves on and finds another love whIle becoming his best friend.

    I as a Sagittarius woman believe that if there is that spark and joy between two people we should kiss and allow each other to feel the attraction after a few dates, where as the Leo man believes that we have to spent a lot more quality time and conversations before we express ourselves sexually. This is a negative push away for I the sagittarius.

    I believe the reason why this relationship is a great but very difficult one is because even though there are things missing in eachother that we are looking so much for, we still see certain important things in each other, that gives us the energy and understanding to stand by each other.

    Leo man will not tell you that he cares so much for you or that your much of an importance at first, but if you pay attention to him and truly feel for him you will notice that he says and does special things when you least expect it.

    The part about him being a leader and needing appreciation and attention is very true. Sometimes it feels like your his Bonnie and he is your Clyde.

    I am having a great time in this relationship.

    Ladies, if you find him please also find your patients, you will need it.

  4. I find all of this to be very confusing! Most of what they are saying about sag women, at least in my case, are not true. I’m very loyal and passionate! I am also very generous and nurturing. That being said, I do have a free spirit and lust for adventure. I’ve been married 2x to the wrong people. I believe I could go the distance with the right person and I think Leo might be it.

  5. Please enlighten me on why does it have to be a rebound for it to be successful?
    That’s quite hurtful since I’m a Sage who has been courted after a Leo’s fallout with someone else :/3
    But being in a relationship w/ him now, he’s being the best possible lover anyone can ask for~

  6. Wow, this site really hates Sagittarius women, huh? Tell me how it leads with a positive note with a Leo and end with a negative note with Sagittarius. Wow what Sagittarius woman hurt and damaged the person who wrote this? SMH.

  7. I am a saggi woman dated a Leo guy who left me with a kid for 17 years never looked back now he is back wants me to drop everything and build this happy family with him, I don’t think all Leo man are that family orientated coz he wouldn’t have left us in the first place

  8. I am a Sag girl, im in a friends w/ benefits with a Leo… i want more but i tend to be the try and catch me girl i dont want to be over zealous with him i agree with most of u this is my first Leo he has never shown his selfish side with me and its going on 9 mos i dont text him all the time buti have noticed after a few days of no texting he will text me we go to concerts alot but no out to themovies ordinner i want more but a afraid he will run he did have a bad relationship before me so idk should i just leave it alone?

  9. Lol!! I love this Im soo glad I found your website I always read Leo and Sagg the perfect couple and is far from true
    Thank you sooo much

  10. Not true at all, This sounds like bad personal relationship advice. I’m a sag woman and If the guy is interesting, spontanious, and funny, he could keep me faithful. Leo and sag i think could have fun together for a lifetime. I some of us sag woman like to get dressed up some nights and keep it casual other nights. This person doesn’t seem to know sag woman at all.

  11. I totally disagree with teh whole casual thing im a sag women and i love to be girly and dressed up ever day of the week be taken on expensive trips and lavished with the finer things and extremely passionate about life love friends, everything the world has to offer
    as for leo men theyre fun but become dull cause there a bit needy and flakey
    in the end it has to do with personality types and how they are compatiable i wouldnt base everything on a persons sign

  12. I am a sagg female and i am currently in a relationship wit a leo man. We have been together for abt four months and its hell! I am always wrong and he is always right. he always wants something in return. Its always tit for tat with him. He is not romantic and his ideal night drug shows sex no cuddle. i loved the person i fell in love wit but he is too controlling possesive and jealous. I am trying to save my relationship but his ego and crazy side is driving me away. its like at one moment he is so sweet and geniuine. then the next moment he is a lion praying on my emotions:( everytime i try to get out of the relationship he calls a million times and sweet talk me into being with him again..PLZZZ SOMEONE TELL ME… WILL GET BETTER??

  13. I am a Sag woman with Aries moon and Aquarius rising. For the past few years i have had a strange on and off relationship/friendship with a Leo. He has a Pisces moon and also Aquarius rising. He has been saying ‘I’ll call you’ for years like he was going to be doing me the biggest favour and never actually did. I think ‘OK that would be nice, and kind of think let’s see what happens. We might start getting to know each other which I enjoy.

    As a Sag I tend to believe what people say, and think they mean it as much as I do once I give my word or my promise. As a result I have spent literally years of my life suffering while waiting in full trust that the other person will do as they say they will do before it dawns they are not going to. I go through every scenario in my head as to why they don’t. From hoping nothing has happened to them to not being quite able to believe that some people just say words which are meaningless. Internally I cannot get a grip on that reality. I can’t understand why they would bother saying stuff at all??

    So this Leo guy keeps doing it each time I run into him. The last time it was set for a definite time of between 10 and 11 am. This was for me to do something FOR HIM. ie look into making a web site for his business. I did not go swimming so as to take the call. He didn’t call!! After two hours I went for a walk in the park to clear my head and who should I run into? Yes his very highness busily taking calls on his phone. I looked at him in shock and he kind of waved me off with a brush of the royal hand and said ‘I’ll call YOU later while still talking on the phone. Of course he didn’t call me later. Same ole same ole? How DARE anybody act like that to another person is my reaction.

    He had tried to get me to do the work by first saying he needed it done with a little boy lost expression. We had run into each other in a local cafe. Then when I said I wasn’t actually looking for a job but I might be able to help him out, he says, with the hint of a threat. ‘I’ll get someone else to do it’ subtly meaning how honoured I should feel. I’m thinking ‘hey emotional blackmail is not going to work with me, but as you need the work done and it is for your charity I will be happy to find a little time and do it for free. I don’t need a boss, or a job but will donate some of my time and energy to a charity.

    We are attracted to each other but there is the Chinese horoscope stuff too. He is a Snake and I am a Monkey. I have actually experienced his manipulations as a snake wrapping itself around the vertebrae in my neck and twisting its way up to my head. This was earlier on before I checked our chart data and only knew what I was feeling was very uncomfortable. I was feeling the snake doing his manipulations in a very physical and visual way without knowing.

    Attraction or not I am scared of the guy. It feels like there is a dark underbelly to his personality. So these combinations of moons and rising signs and Chinese signs play a huge role in everything. We have some very complimentary combinations of planets also. Like my Jupiter conjunct his Venus in Virgo trine to my Venus is in Capricorn. I have the feeling that if we did get together it would be a great relationship but also fear it. He is always kind of hinting when I meet him that he would like ‘us’ to move on in our relationship though there was never any relationship to speak of to begin with. He has three sons he is raising alone, is a good guy (Arab) and his charity is for children in his home country. So I am in a complete muddle about it all.

    Just had to write my piece here as it my first real experience with Leos. They are people I have not crossed paths with very often and when I did, the arrogance and ego thing just turned me off instantly and I was not interested in them. But this guy is around and it’ a strange thing. No matter what else happens there is always this big smile from both of us when we see each other in passing. This is natural and instinctive on both sides I can see that, so the rest of is is just WIERD. Maybe keeping it to smiles in the street is where we should leave it????

    Any Leos here got anything to tell me about what they think is happening?


  14. Interesting. My thing is, I let my Leo husband be him. I know he’s arrogant, and prideful, and sexually charged. I know these things, and whenever it becomes too much I tell him.

    It’s all about what you can live with. That’s my philosophy. I’m more suited to the Leo in my life than the Taurus that was in it previously. When Leo says he’ll do something, he will do it. I can count on him to be completely honest. I accept him telling me who he is attracted to because it could be worse: he could be cheating on me with whoever whenever. But he is faithful and prides himself on it.

    When this Leo loves, there’s no doubt. He doesn’t have to say I love you everyday; I’m his priority and I know it.

  15. So I’m a leo and interested in a sag. She and I were together for 5 years and it was a great 5 years. We had our ups n downs as any relationship does, they wernt ever somthing we couldn’t compromise on though, I would say for her an I were both down to earth. She is a very drivin women and and when she has somthing in mind she goes for it and tends to achieve whatever it was that intrigued her. I for myself was the same way. I always respected and loved that about her. We both are very independant individuals, and when we had these ideas we always supported one another. She and I havnt been togther for almost 2 years but are great friends, I would love to make things workout again, but when we seperated it was a mutual agreement due to offers in other states for further education. I can say though with these two signs friendship is great but, I wouldn’t say that’s what I would want I loved and stil love my sag, I wish she realized. I would say for a leo I’m very calm. I do notice time to time I go through a ego trip but overall when I realize that I calm down a lot, I guess over all I hate to see self centered people so why should I be. I like to be that sweetheart the one that takes care of you , if your happy I’m happy.

  16. Your viewpoints on Leo-Sag are also completely different than any other astrologer, but I have to say this one has some merit. As a Sag, the thing that has always bothered me about Leo people is the selfish, egotistical attitude. I am all about “others” and they are all about “themselves.” I must admit that the attraction between Sag woman and Leo man is undeniable, and maybe that’s the fire sign thing. A Leo man will make me want to be submissive more than any man in the zodiac. But the problem comes when he expects that all the time. It’s hard to constantly have to stroke someone’s ego when I have so many other passions and causes. I don’t mind doing it, but it becomes exhausting…Yes, his chivalry and gentlemanly ways always amaze me, but the jealousy and possessiveness drive me NUTS.

    Most other astrologers give this match a 10/10 but I agree with you, it is probably better as friends. One thing I will say is that it does depend on the rising. moon. venus and mars of these 2 though. If there is high compatibility with those signs, I think the Sag-Leo has a much better chance.

  17. I’m with a Leo right now (sag women) and I must say, he did an amazing fight for me. He fought to be with me for a year straight. Promise after promise was made that we would be together. We’re a true romeo and Juliet story, that I don’t see ending badly (still strong three yrs now). For those relationships that didn’t work out with a Leo, it truly depends on your moon sign, Venus sign, Chinese astrology, so on and so forth. These minor details can change the compatibility in a HUGE way, hence the various responses. For some Sagittarius, Leos are great for us and we can make just about any combination work because we are excellent adapters and Leos are tremendous communicators. Keep your Leo close and really listen to what he has to say. I’ve had two extremely successful relationships with Leos whereas for me, Aries don’t work out too well.

  18. Nancy, I don’t understand it but your take on compatibility is simply AMAZING and TRUE! Your description of the Aquarius-Scorpio union (my best friend and his wife) is dead on. I am a Leo and your analysis of a liasson with a Sag woman is SO ACCURATE AND RIGHT ON IT SCARES ME. QUESTION… AM feeling my relationship with my Sag woman lacks passion and romance. I feel like we are both brother and sister than lovers. Yes, we get along, do have good times, but she doesn’t want sex, romance or anything close. I try to come on to her and she actually suggested I find another partner just for sex! Any suggestions? And yes, this is a rebound relationship after my first marriage failed. Just FRUSTRATED.

  19. My aunt is way into this astrology stuff, so for years she’s been telling me, “You need to find a Leo!” Well about a year ago I made a guy friend who is a Leo and right off the bat there was attraction on both sides. However, the more I try to get close to him, the more angry we get with each other out of frustration. Plus, I’m pretty sure he was like the worse kiss ever! So slow and sensuous, I got bored so fast and it felt staged.

    However, I will admit that he understands my temper and sense of humor more than almost any other friend I have. We also have another guy friend who’s an Aries that just fits in too.. We’re like the unstoppable three musketeers as just friends, but anything more than that would easily be stoppable. Besides, I’ve got my sights set on a Cap man at the moment… 😉

  20. I am a sadge woman and every leo i meet i get along with, except this 1. We are both musicians and i think he admires me but envies me at the same time bc he can be very rude to me at times but then was extremeyly attracted to me. He flipped out when i didnt stroke his ego like all the other girls hes been with. he def requires a lot of attention recognition and praise more than i want to give bc i just think thats immature and stpid. no1 should be overpraised im ot his mom lol .

    then another leo i know has confessed his undying love for me but hes 2 yrs younger AND hes bestfriends with my younger brother. I loove his personality and he is very cute but i cant see myself being intimate with him…its kind of a problem :/omg hes here i have to go yikes! lol

  21. i love leos (leo is on my 7th house and my moon is there), but i must say romantic relationships with them and myself don’t last too long…leo tends to drag his feet in the beginning to take me out on dates, etc., and then once into the relationship, they tend to be selfish and self-centered. Not in a malicious way, but in a way that they only think about themselves and what’s important to them and i’m not treated as a priority…i try to hang in there, but i love attention from my mate especially since i’m giving them attention. after i see my efforts aren’t appreciated, i’m gone… i turn on my venus in aquarius icy coolness switch and he gets put in the friend box for good…

  22. My leo bf and I dated for 8 years. I knew all the things he needed and gave my all. I was totally enamored and always faithful. We are both super hot and sexy together and have a gorgeous daughter. We are both intelligent and well employed. We are both spontaneous and social. So WHY DID HE ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE A CHIC ON THE SIDE? He never meets a stranger and can’t say no to strong come ons. Anything to boosts his ego. I give up. Tired of rubbing his mane, wiping his wounds,and waiting for apologies. this guy is ALWAYS Right.

  23. Im a sagartian woman dating a leo man right now. Weve met each other 6 weeks ago at a club, got instant attraction. Gave him my first 10 days ago but he was asking for it since forever but have waited graciously and respected me.

    This thread here sounds pretty harsh, like Leo is overly emotional and sagatarians are heartless: therefore I do not totally agree with it. However there are stuff in here that I must admit are true (the passion, freidnship and sex part)

  24. i met a leo few days ago, he was the most gorgeous guy i have seen in my life, we clicked and he seems so serious about me. we are both foreigners in a country. he is 35 and i am 39, almost 5 years dif. i am not as good looking as he is, i cannot believe how strong his feelings are towards me, so strong i want to run away as i am scared of the commitment. what is said above about me as a sag is 100% no doubt, i am still getting to know my leo hunk but i just dont know how to handle him coming on so strong and if i can believe it or not and if running away is the best thing for me to do, help?

  25. Well I am not dating a Leo, but my best friend is a Leo. Me being a clumsy sag when I hung out with her for the first time, I broke both of her arms. She was surprisingly fine with it but I felt so bad that I offered to carry her things and open her locker and such.

    Now I’m a Sag with Libra rising and Taurus moon. She’s a Leo with Pisces rising and Libra moon. I’m not sure how that works friendship wise but someone here might.

    What I like about her is that like it says on other websites, she pushes me to “go for the gold” which really helps when I feel like giving up. Her sense of humor is great, very positive like most Leos I think but she’s always able to make me laugh and best of all for a Sag like me, SHE’S NEVER BORING.

    What I hate about her is her criticizing. I would compare her to virgos but all the virgos I met aren’t NEARLY as bad as her. She NEVER apologizes for anything, y’know since she’s “too good for that” and she’s to much of a show off. I can understand if she’s happy with the way one of her art’s ‘n crafty things turned out or something she worked hard on, I’m proud of her for those. But does she really think I care whenever someone gives her a compliment? She will literally email me when someone online she doesn’t even know is hitting on her. Yes that’s nice for you…..but I don’t care.

  26. Hi, its me mjfm again, been posting in other areas of this website… helping other people out…

    so.. yup i remember having a relationship with a SAG girl…. she had broken up from a previous relationship and so had i, and we hooked up, our relationship lasted for 2 years…

    As mentioning in my other posts, the case is the same here… Leo men are unpredictable in nature when it comes to relationship, but they love attention…it just goes to their head.. they love to command, be in power..lead… like a lion…and for that they show their I DON’t CARE policy…

    for example …. @ Jess …in her case, he could be heart broken and when a lion is heart broken he tries to stay in his den…rather then coming out… but he does try to move on, and looks for his previous girl who broke his heart in the girl present aswell…if he succeeds, good, if not, there u go…then he wont for quite some time… as told in another post… do not lay down the red carpet infront of a leo, keep ur self respect in tact…they start taking u for granted, i think i did too on my turn and the moment she went away, she said one thing that “She cant remember any good times”

    and it was soo true if realizing it…Leo’s would have sex with u one moment and go off the very next..leaving you there…not knowing what to do now..as ur left alone… Leo’s have this big sex appetite, they upon their own satisfaction they would want to leave u right away and go to work or what so ever…its a part of their stubborn nature…while a sag or any other girl would want to cuddle up after making love….but then again, they do stick on to it, because they want to show themselves as to be kings, until ur satisfied…Leo’s are very shallow in terms of appearance… but then where they can love a horsey..they can love pony or a level slightly less and bearable but not a donkey…never…leo’s feel lonliness very fast, and hate being unwanted, so let them feel ur absence for some time and then they will come running for you…once that happens..you have to be firm in ur goals and steps and direct him in ur way…but dont fall again infront of him..atleast dont show it..or else ull lose grip and it will go like before again..its just like keeping the chair and whip in ur hand…always….if u wanna keep him tamed.

  27. @Jess & ALL OF MY SAG Sista’s.
    As a Sagi, when you know


    An we know we don’t have no business being inna serious relationship wit NO leo’s (not for long anyways, as sagi women WE GONNA TRY’em out its only natural) lol!! Be friendly with’em, Sh*t, LEARN SOMETHINGS from them. Open up a business or 2 wit’em but do NOT,, I repeat DO NOT DO THIS 2URSELFz (not for long its just so unhealthy)!!


  28. In my past, during my high school years, I had a crush on a Leo boy – he was the year ahead of me in school. I was very reserved and aloof – quite shy around boys when I liked my Leo boy crush. Now, we’re adults and we’ve become good friends through a random encounter on face book which brought us back into our lives and I’m allowing him to get to know me better and I’m getting to know him better. We’ve gone the slightly sensual route but in our best interests we remain friends (we’re raising kids, he on his own and me with a partner, and doing our thing – I’m very much into my own life and he’s into his if that makes sense). I find his artsy side of his personality very alluring and truly inspiring – it’s a complete breath of fresh air. I’m a creative spirit too so it’s refreshing to have him as a friend in my life – even if it’s only for a short time.

    We both love writing which is something I crave when I need to escape from the intensity of life.

    I’m a Sag sun – I’m only 5 degrees into Sagittarius with a Scorpio North Node Ascendant – lol – I’m actually a cusp baby so I have that mesh of Sag/Scorp traits and my Juno is in Scorpio so I come off as a Scorpio wife. My Ascendant is either Libra/ Scorpio – still trying to pin point it.

    My Venus is in Capricorn, my Moon is in Aquarius and my Mars is in Sagittarius.

    His Venus is in Virgo, his Moon is in Sagittarius and his Mars is in Gemini.

    So it could be a strong love situation but we need to learn more about each other for it to work. The Mars opposition is something good for goal oriented couples – you get a common goal and you work on it together. 😉

    He’s a strong Leo sun with Scorpio North Node Ascendant too – some Scorpio flair in there as well. 😉 He has a Cancer/ Leo Ascendant – still working out those degrees too but his Juno is in Cancer so he comes off as a Cancerian husband.

    We do have a connection but neither one of us want to ruin it or hurt each other. So we’re going with the flow – except when I go all emotionally intense on him – lol! I prefer to channel it into art, maybe with him. 🙂

    Jess – you need to take the initiative and call him. I noticed Leo men like to be called, talked to, asked for advice, direct attention, praise and pampering, but you have to lead a life in order to keep them interested and entertained – and really be positive. Sounds like he’s very down on himself if his ex left him so just be yourself around him. Give him some space – if he likes you he’ll come around. 🙂

  29. lol, Nancy, this is like a leo’s perspective on sag, the write up.. 😛

    I m biased too being a sag, but I had much more stamina/ staying power, integrity, loyalty and honesty than any leo I had. Leo are not Deep enough for deep diving though they want it more than most, but they are not equipped enough to strip-their-ego-cloak and go underneath the surface being all vulnerable.

    sags tend to treat people as WE find them .. I never thought and felt Leo can capture or even absorb the intensity I carry, so I probably held that off from him.

    one last point,, I adore LEO women, my best friend is leo and is by-gaud, she is totally the only person to scorn me like she loves to do. love leo ladies, they are Great.

  30. I’m a sagittarius and my leo husband is a pain in the a@@. He’s stubborn as hell and thinks he knows it all when he’s stupid as a rock.
    I don’t get along with leo’s anyway. I think they’re all overrated. I had BFF who was a leo and boy was she vain. She wasn’t even all that but thought she was. I got sick of the B**** because I would always have to big her up. Truth is, I’m 100 times better looking. But she would always have to be the center of attraction.
    Sagittarius have waaaaay more confidence than leo’s. They don’t have to try to be the center of attraction because that comes natural for them.
    Because I have a strong Aquarius moon, and my mars in Scorpio, I do NOT have the patience for these idiots. The only reason why I have remained with my leo husband is because we have a beautiful son together. Other than that , we have absolutely NOTHING else in common.

  31. Tallulah..YOU are spot on with Sagittarius..this part really describes me to this day.. On the surface people think I am single because I choose to be..but this is why;The idea that we don’t have passion for people is quite the opposite to the way that I am. I think Sags want that intensely even from a relative young age. Strong and genuine connections, but we get bruised so badly on the way through giving our trust too easily and wearing our heart on our sleeves and often looking for special bonds in the wrong places, where they will not be found….WOW that is me! I’m 38 with 2 sons and never married. I googled this Blog because I’m interested in a younger single Leo..at first I thought he might be interested..but now I don’t think so..boo 🙁

  32. In my case, I’m the more intense one (Sag female) and he’s the one who’s “passing by” (leo male). Makes for a frustrating relationship at times, but I feel as if he’s testing me.

  33. @jamie….got caught up with my own failed relationship. But i’m very happy for you two! Keep it up, just remember to keep communicating and never let a day go by as being special. =)

  34. @ Talullah

    How long have you two been friends after the breakup? How long were you dating? I was wondering what you like better about being just friends.

    @ Nancy

    When you say, ‘let’s see if she really means it, especially after you pair off again,’ what did you mean exactly? Do you mean once the both of us start dating other people or no? This Leo recognizes that she only wants him around when it’s convenient for her and when she is alone. Like you said, loyalty is a core-quality that a Leo looks for in a friendship. It wasn’t seen during the relationship and it’s not being seen during the friendship.

  35. @jay

    It would be odd if a Leo really remained friends with an exlover, so le t’s see if she really means it, especially after you pair off again.

  36. Thanks for the clarification nancy. From my experience, your assessment from this pair was spot-on, except maybe treating the waitress/waiter as I would her….she actually told me I was too nice with them?!?! lol She wants to stay good friends….is that strange? Or is that the leo melodrama you mention trying to fight that friendship?

  37. Im a sagittarius and my bf is a leo, we are awesome!!! I seem to bond more with leos than any other sign that’s amazing:) My leo guy is heaven sent!

  38. Totally true! I don’t know why other places say this is a good combo–Leo guy and Sag girl. I gave it my all for almost six months….tried communicating, letting things be, etc. Maybe this Sag is a bit different though, I dunno.

  39. It was the other way around when I was (as Sag woman) with a Leo. I was the melodramatic one in the end too, in the end even waiting 3 years for him to call me, only to find out he in the mean time, started a family with someone else. auch

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