Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Sagittarius Couples: Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix

There’s some compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius because they are both fire signs, future oriented and enthusiastic about life but it’s not likely to be romantic enough for Leo in the long run.  They may become best friends and         running buddies instead which suits Sag but eventually will not work for Leo either.  The virtues which are emphasized when these two team up are honesty, openness and good will.  Each sign wears their heart on their sleeve and usually has nothing but the best of intentions towards others.  Leo is a bit more formal and personal than Sag.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Leo Man:  Emphasize fun and enthusiasm.  Have some special activity in mind like sailing or a concert that’s coming to town.  Keep your conversation positive and tell her out loud how much you try to surround yourself with positive people.  Compliment her friends and the people she hangs with.  Treat the waitress the same as you do her. Share your aspirations for the future with her.  Be upbeat and dress down.  When you pick her up, say something like, “I feel like we’re off on a great adventure!”  Smile and laugh a lot, especially at yourself.  Don’t banish her from the kingdom for spilling mustard on your upholstery (yes, she will do that).  Get to know her parents.  They could be some of  your best friends  later on.  (They are pretty much bound to be in your corner.)

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  Be honest, open and positive.  Give him sincere compliments and high maintenance attention.  Try to take him seriously.  Keep your feet on the floor and your hands on the table.  Don’t scratch where it itches.  Try to appreciate he wants to take you out on Saturday night even though it’s goofy to you.  (You consider Saturday Amateur Night.

Degree of Romance:   Sagittarius doesn’t take romance very seriously.  If you get too “intense”, Leo, she’s likely to bust out laughing.  After awhile, you’ll stop trying and the relationship will have lost some of its luster for you.

Degree of Passion:    Leo may have passion for Sag but Sag has only passion for concepts such as “humanity” or “the future of endangered species”.  This can become embarrassing and frustrating to Leo who is, after all in love with love not philosophy.

Degree of Friendship: Leo puts more heart and real effort into friendship than Sagittarius who is “just passing through”.  Sag isn’t loyal whereas that is a core quality for Leo in finding friends,

Degree of Marriage:  This can make a good marriage if Leo is wounded or hiding out and not wanting to risk his heart, in other words, a rebound second marriage.

Progression of Relationship:   Leo will want to follow a traditional courtship pattern (Wednesday and Saturday nights, 3 months before sex, 6 month engagement.)  Sag could care less.  She’s busy with other things like her new YOGA class, a quick trip to Dubai, Save the Cheetah Foundation and her horse or musical instrument.  She doesn’t want to dress up for Saturday night, finds his predictability prosaic and boring and would rather keep it ad hoc and casual.   When Leo takes pride in something, she’ll accuse   him of being pretentious.

Sex:   Lots of fun but not intense enough for Leo who is looking for the Holy Grail of Mutual Orgasms.   Leo tends to spiritualize everything including sex.  Sag may find his love making melodramatic and contrived, i.e., not like they do it in the barnyard.

When It’s Over:  Leo will be melodramatic and Sag will blow it all off.  Why does Leo always have to take things so seriously?  As soon ss they separate she’ll invite his single friends to shoot pool and go Scuba diving with her.

Our Rating:  5/10

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53 Responses to Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • Mona says:

    I am a Sagittarius woman and like most of the woman who have left a message I thought “I’m not unfaithful” or as irrogant and this message comes across. When I’m in love, I put all of my heart and soul into the relationship. I don’t seek attention, I love and respect myself enough to never cheat.

    But I think I sort of understand what it is saying. I have been seeing a Leo man for the last month and we are in situations that this compatibility information is explaining.

    Not exactly word for word, but I noticed the unfaithfulness it is discussing is not in a negative way.
    It’s explaining that due to the Leo man’s extra patients on a physical or intimate relationship, the sagittarius woman tends to have her thoughts wonder. Explains that a Leo man needs to find special ways to show that he is into her. Otherwise she moves on and finds another love whIle becoming his best friend.

    I as a Sagittarius woman believe that if there is that spark and joy between two people we should kiss and allow each other to feel the attraction after a few dates, where as the Leo man believes that we have to spent a lot more quality time and conversations before we express ourselves sexually. This is a negative push away for I the sagittarius.

    I believe the reason why this relationship is a great but very difficult one is because even though there are things missing in eachother that we are looking so much for, we still see certain important things in each other, that gives us the energy and understanding to stand by each other.

    Leo man will not tell you that he cares so much for you or that your much of an importance at first, but if you pay attention to him and truly feel for him you will notice that he says and does special things when you least expect it.

    The part about him being a leader and needing appreciation and attention is very true. Sometimes it feels like your his Bonnie and he is your Clyde.

    I am having a great time in this relationship.

    Ladies, if you find him please also find your patients, you will need it.

  • idéer skrivande says:

    Im a Sag woman dating a Leo man. In the beginning I was all about intimidating him in a good way, making witty comments leading him to think dating me was a real privilege…and it is! hahaha But! I had to because he is good looking, his ego is out the roof, and he is super cocky but as much as I hate it he has good reason to be. I cant help but find him extremely sexually attractive, every time I see him I just want to strip him and make him crazy. I hate the whole cocky and self loving thing he has but I definitely take it as a challenge. I always feel the need to put him down with a little stinger but then immediately after give him a little ego boost.

    I do not think I am better than him in any way really but I feel like in some way he needs to think that so that it keeps him interested and the chase is still on. I love to tease him because he is always in the mood…I like to make him wait and then later the SEX IS AMAZING! we are VERY compatible in bed, it is hott. I always let him know that I loved it.

    I also know he is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE!!! So when guys flirt or look at me and try to talk to me, he will get very possessive and jealous. However, he likes it at the same time because in his mind it seems more like, “you want her but I have her.”

    He is very masculin and in good shape. He is tall with dark hair and great eyes. The masculinity makes me weak at the knees! I try to break his confidence just a little bit sometimes to make him more humble but I secretly love the fact that he thinks he is the best thing with two legs AND thinks he is lucky to have me.

    My Leo man may be tough and cocky on the outside but he is so fun and funny and he can be just so precious. Sometimes he says the cutest and most sensitive things that make me just want to squeeze him, its adorable! He may be a masculine and egotistic man most of the time, he LOVES to be babied when no one can see.

    He is level headed which is good for me because I am emotional and everywhere at once sometimes. I tell him off sometimes for not giving me enough attention or being too self involved and he immediately will change and be extremely attentive and romantic.

    He is sarcastic and a power hungry person. I some how have made it so that he will listen and do what I say maybe 60% of the time, I am sorry ladies….I do not have the recipe to do that! However, he would be caught dead before anyone called him whipped or tamed or obedient.

    Over all we are very compatible mentally, with humor, SEXUALLY, and we can be very honest with each other and open. Sagittarius women, I highly suggest getting yourself a Leo man, I can NOT get enough of mine and just don’t forget to keep them chasing, tease them, and make sure that THEY are blessed to have YOU and NEVERRRR the other way around…or else they have won and its on to the next challenge.

    ps… Baby them in secret, they love it, but never admit it to anyone but you….and they love compliments and positive encouragement.

    pps… Let him flirt because as Sagittarius women we love to too. Leo men of my experience will brag about how women want them but then always come home to you and the flirting was simply to make his ego bigger….My man gives me a lot of freedom because we both can trust each other very well…because we are Leo and sagittarius, we get each other.

  • amanda664421 says:

    hi i’m a Sag girl and I have a Leo boyfriend for 5months now; I met him in the chat room.he is a seaman and sad to say he is a married man.he is very caring; thoughtful and generous and because of these traits eventually I fell in-love to him.we have met twice then we’ve shared some intimate moments but I never give my virginity to him its just that I love to keep this until ill found the right 1 to be my husband in the near future.he always told me that he loves me and im the only 1 for him. he even told me to trust him and thats what im doin’ right now.after the second time we have met our communication been vanished and im bein’ paranoid always thinking of him at the middle of the night and even during class discussion. I contacted him but there was no response from him till now. all the unusual feelings ive felled its because of him and only to him I felled this kind of feelings like bein paranoid of thinking of him not even to my past bf’s. he supported me financiall y and to make the record straight I never asked him to help me but he did and I adored him because of that he so generous even to his relatives. my problem now is are we still lovers or not;if not he should put closure or a clearer hints that he wants me to get rid of his system but nothing;i keep on contacting him but no response.is he serious on me?he even mentioned annulment for his marriage and he asked if I really love him and want him in my life;are these good enough to believe him?oh our gap is 20 years but it really doesn’t matter to me I love older people;he promised me many things and some of those are already granted. I know having a illicit relation to him is a sin but I cant stop my self to love him:he gave all the attention I wanted most ;the love and care he showed to me; and vice versa I thus these to him; he shared this to me during his psychological interview the interviewee asked him what is the happiest moment on your life and he replied when I met my gf, super im touched that moment he told that to me;so is this relationship worth giving up? please I need you precious opinion.

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