Leo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Leo-Virgo Couples: Percy Blythe and Mary Shelley, Klaus and Sunny Von Bulow

It is hard to imagine a more perfect combination than Leo man and Virgo woman — if Virgo goes for it at all.  Virgos are the quintessential bachelorettes.   They always seem to have a bottle of purified water in one hand and a fly-free zone around their personal space.  Well, if anyone can make serious inroads into their virgin territory it’s the King of Beasts.   He’s irresistible and intrigued because she doesn’t fall over like a fainting goat when he roars.  Yet she doesn’t directly challenge him either.  Her apparent indifference is his call to action.  Her integrity is a plus, too.  Contrary to his reputation as a sucker for flattery, the Lion King knows a sycophant and will only turn tummy up and purr for a sincere compliment of a true and accurate virtue or quality.  He sees in this discriminating Princess a perfect subject for the Royal Kingdom.

How to Attract a Leo Man as a Virgo Woman:   You are the perfect man-trap for this jungle boy.  He will be fascinated by your understatement, intrigued by your fashion flare and up-to-date use of  language (hmmmmmm, you’ll make a nice trophy on his arm  — he wants someone to show off  but tastefully), and he finds your temperament as refreshing as the proverbial long cool drink on a hot summer day.  For the quintessentially wanton Virgo, think Kathleen Turner in Body Heat — the scenes in all white at the beginning when she baits the trap.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Leo Man:   You’ll have to roar pretty loud to get her attention off her grocery list or her mind out of the clouds. She’s always straightening something out in her lovely head which is surrounded by softly coiffed locks that smell like fresh lavender!   The Virgo woman is an outrageous flirt and though not the showiest flower in the garden she probably gets pollinated the most.  Stay away from hype.  Try to say what you mean and follow through.  If you slip up a few times,  a simple apology will suffice.  This rambling rose likes to K.I.S.S.

Degree of Romance:   These two — Virgo woman and Leo man — do the courtship dance to perfection until Virgo ties one on and gets all carried away.  Oh, mercy me.  How do you think she keeps all those bees buzzing around her lightly blushed petals?

Degree of Passion:  These two polarize like planets on an exponential trajectory.  Watch Body Heat a few times.  The cooler Virgo gets, on purpose of course, the hotter Leo comes on till it sizzles.

Degree of Friendship:   Out of the bedroom, these two pals are actually the workaholics of the zodiac.  They will understand that about each other which gives them a common basis for relating beyond sex and romance.  This special bond comes in especially handy if the relationship develops to the point of fellowship and marriage because they can enjoy a weekend together raking leaves, cleaning gutters, and repairing chipped paint and be happy as clams.  Honest.  Probably no one can de-fang the King of Beasts like a Virgo.

Degree of Marriage:  This is an excellent partnership for marriage.  Together they bring out the very best in one another.  They are hard-working, loyal, dutiful, responsible, respectable, and careful about each other’s feelings.  There is no reason why this partnership should not last a lifetime.

Progression of Relationship:  Leo will naturally take charge of the relationship and follow a traditional courtship pattern.  You can expect to go out on a date Wednesday night and Saturday night.   A 6-month engagement and a traditional wedding ceremony including both families will follow.  There will be no surprises.  He will be thorough and careful to touch all the bases before rounding home plate.

Sex: Virgos are good and patient teachers which is a plus because the big lion’s appetite sometimes outstrips his prowess.  Virgo, who has more experience than you ever want to know about, is always happy to train up an amateur.

When It’s Over:   When it’s over, Leo will unwind things in a courtly, majestic fashion.  He will be heartbroken, but he will do his duty, ensuring the affairs are handled fairly and with extreme courtesy.  Ms. Virgo, you will always be in good hands with this man.  If you ever need anything years later, he will be there with his coeur de lion heart, ready to serve your needs as the gentlemen he is.

Our Rating: 10/10

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  • Nelly Skosana says:

    I’m a Virgo woman,I confess to being a love slave to my Leo man.
    I really don’t understand him BT we’ve been on and off with each for 15 years now.
    We were high school sweethearts and attend the same church.

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