Libra Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Libra-Aquarius Couples:

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

This cerebral pair actually exists in an ivory tower of their own creation.  Each likes to keep reality other people’s problem and nature at arm’s length, preferring concepts and intimate objects to ponder.  Basically they have an intellectual approach to life, and they are sometimes accused of confusing talking about things with actually doing them.  It may be hard for other people to understand, but to each other, they are good companions.  They may be especially good at problem-solving because they leave the emotions out of the formula.  Neither of them takes things personally nor does either one procrastinate.  And both of these people manage to be smart without a great deal of psychological complexity.  The relationship is almost sterile in its avoidance of power issues.  Think of Dr. Spock and Dr. Spock having a cup of tea together.  What’s not to like?

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Libra Man:

For heaven’s sake go up and talk to her.  You have the wit, charm, and social skills to sweep this fascinating lady off her feet.  She is bound to be surrounded by admirers because of her electrifying aura.  Things just are more exciting wherever she is, but she really loves one-on-one and you can hold your own in a conversation.  You are the cardinal sign, she is the fixed sign, so although she acts extremely independent and even arrogant, just know that you are in control.  Use your diplomatic skills to smooth out her rough edges and she will trot along behind you like a baby duck.  She sometimes gets herself a lot more exposure than she wants and will be secretly thrilled to have a protector.

How to Attract a Libra Man as an Aquarius Woman:

Well, to be blunt, you’re gonna’ have to make up his mind for him.  Set your will on getting this man and then sit back and let things take their course.  You, dear Aquarius woman, are the sign blessed with clairvoyance and the ability to creatively visualize whatever you want.  Program this guy into your holodeck and wait for him to manifest in your arms.  It’s a kind of mind control.  You know what I mean.  After all, who is more irresistible than the Aquarius woman?  This man is a safe bet for you because he will never feel threatened by all your friends.  He has as many as you do, probably more.

Degree of Romance:

Romance will tend to be intellectualized, as is everything else between these two.  The emphasis will be on telling the other person how you feel, or at least how you think you feel — if you know what I mean.  Each person is a careful listener and you can together build a reality out of words, an iron-clad reality of trust and companionship.  Libra will call it romantic.  Aquarius will tend to brush aside all things given this label,  but I think it’s even better than that.  They really do see the world through the same eyes.

Degree of Passion:

What’s that?  LOL.  Seriously, Aquarius gets passionate about causes — sometimes, but not really.  And Libra has no use for the contrivance at all.  If you ask him he will tell you that the world would be better off without passion — and he is half right.

Degree of Friendship:

These two are everybody’s best friend and each other’s best friend, too.  From the day they meet, they will be surrounded by a chorus of admirers and advice seekers, and their lives and houses will be filled to overflowing with friends, family, relatives, and friends waiting to happen.  These two know no strangers and as long as relations are kept at arm’s length, even a little bit polite or stilted, everything is just hunky-dory.  Both signs elevate friendship to an art.  They are really the friendship exemplars of the zodiac.

Degree of Marriage:

Each will find in the other something that they can’t find anywhere else.  The relationship can be solid as platinum.  Having found what they are looking for, neither is inclined to look further.  They are both idealists, but they will begin to idealize one another, after the fact.  It is the reverse of what usually happens.  Isn’t that marvelous?  It’s because of their mutual inclination to rationalize.  For example, each starts to think, Why would I be married to this person if they weren’t the most unusual, attractive, charming, and exceptional person in the world?  Oh!  Then that’s what they must be.

Progression of Relationship:

This is the kind of courtship that movies are mad about — trendy, hip, cool.  Think of any movie you’ve ever seen with Hugh grant in it.  Or Cary Grant for that matter.  You have two highly intelligent creatures mating with each other, which is a fascinating proposition.  Libra will provide the structure and accountability, where Aquarius will provide the surprises and excitement.  The chemistry between the two is bound to leap across the room, restaurant, or theater.  They will attract attention wherever they go.


This is the most friendly sex in the zodiac.  This pair is so genuinely fond of each other that the lousy companions of jealousy, ego and lust are mercifully absent from their courtship.  There is a willingness to be fresh and “clean” in love-making.  Think about if you really did want to have sex with your best friend.  A lot of people say that, but these two people are really doing that.  It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

When It’s Over:

It would be such a shame for this relationship to end.  If it does, it’s because each will detach from the other, keeping it friendly but living more and more in their own world.  They will never wish to harm one another or cause pain because they are best friends.

Our Rating:   10/10

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  1. I have a boyfriend he is a libran. I am aquarius. we are both compatible, we also have moon signs compatible. I think librans are good people and we are their best match I know. my dad was a libran and he loves me more than anything else.

    anyway I am this boys first real girlfriend, he used to just sleep with other girls and he said he never believed them when they said they loved him. now I made a crazy thing like moving and stayed with him and made this decision in an hour lol and some crazy stuff that noone would do for love lol, and for that he trusts me, still is insecure I believe though. he likes beauty and that may be a problem when we grow older, as I think he is prone to cheating, but he says he finds me more beautiful day after day and that is because we are getting to connect more neurons every day that follows.

    i think they are attracted by beauty, but they go after internal beauty above all and they are very sweet individuals. they need someone who understands them or at least who cares to. so they need someone who’s not a hypocrite. and aquarians arent hypocrites at all. we argue sometimes because we both feel insecure, I don’t understand y he hugs other people, I think their motto is: be friendly so they don’t kill you lol, that is y they do dat, but they are v mature and understanding, they are. it hurts me when he hugs another woman, like the other day he hugged one of his old friends who just broke up with her boyfriend and she closed her eyes. even if he isnt interested that hurt me. I think he has to learn to respect himself. libras are good with anyone, doesn’t mean that if you are asked to have sex with you’re best mate then you have to, just because you feel like you wanna pls them. he also admits he wouldnt want me to hug some other man. I don’t think he’d cheat me, but it makes the relati onship harder to hug every woman. I don’t know how to explain maybe its me the problem, but when he did that my legs were shaking. I had never felt like that for anyone else. I think he luvs me though, that I know. he wants to marry me and have babies now, I said I need some time. but that is because I fear the failure of a wedding, same as having full sex, I fear he has sex with me then he dumps me, ive never had sex b4, also he is the 1st man ive ever kissed and hugged and touched. I had other boyfriends but never kissed them on the lips they tried to but I didn’t like it. he says he sees himself in me. I also see myself in him, when we connect fully its so ecstatic. I donno how to explain, he is intellectual like me, but he said noone had ever answered all his questions, like I can talk about everything if I have a question he answers me, too cos he learns things deeply and he isnt superficial, also we care for each others feelings v much… the more we are going forward into our relationship, anyway, we are arguing less, the 1st week I argued with him everyday, now I argued once yesterday after 3 weeks lol. I think the relationship is getting better. I think he is a very good man, just a little insecure, because he says am perfect, eg yesterday after we argued and made peace he said he wanted to shave his beard lol. I don’t really mind his beard, he said he wants to look better for me. he doesn’t know I like him the way he is. I just hope he wont cheat on me with the girl he hugged, because I think they do that, my dad did that with my mom, I believe, just my mom is Taurus she doesn’t understand she can tollerate that and still not sure about that. but I know he did, because I see people who lie and I wouldnt tollerate that. I need being proven he respects me before I marry him.

  2. My name is Fitzroy and I am a Libra man and I am seventy plenty years old, I was married to an Aquarius woman until she was 69years old before we decided to get a divorce, simply because we outgrew each other and seems we no longer wanted the same things in life which was working towards our forever n always, happily ever after.
    Reading this article about our compatibility, makes me wonder if they are writing about us personally or if she contacted them at some point and told them about our situation because boy oh boy, it prints our initial all over it. Though I must admit our communication was lacking big time because we both were too stubborn to open up but me especially I just did not know how to approach her because I was fearful of what her reactions would be regarding certain matters and as the article says “she is a fixed sign, so although she acts extremely independent and arrogant, you are in control” but seems I failed to see the bigger picture, because I was literally “waiting on her to make up my own mind for me” which sucks because I know I am stronger than that but being inlove with her makes me so damn weak. Yes we did waste alot of time talking about things rather than actually doing them and that kinda got old and outdated which made it much harder to really bond tighter. I know I am a procrastinator and would ask her what she wants me to do improve the situation since it didnt feel the same as before when we were so much crazy about each other, and she would say things like, she cant program me into doing what she wants me to do, that I need to decide what I want to do and just get it done or not as that would mean I actually have put some thought into making our union more secure because I also wanted it to be that way and not just because she wants it, again I seem to have missed the bigger picture because I just wanted to please her instead of pleasing US …..Yes she always tells me exactly how she feels and I like that about her but I seem to always have a hard time expeesing how I feel to her, I rather tell it to my friends or my mom which I know the only persons I really need to be saying this to is her.

    This article is so so unbelievably accurate because its true there is something with both of us that we know we will never find anywhere else with anyone else because really finding each other made neither of us wanting to look any further which was when we got married, we really were the two most unusual people on the planet and understood each other down to the last i that needed a dot. I cant deny it I really love that woman with everything in me, truly the kind that fairytales and movies are made of.

    It really is a shame this marriage has to end in a divorce after being together so long, but the hurt from all the detachment and trying to remain friends makes it even worst. I went to see my lawyer today but he was not in office and is out on vacay so not sure what will transpire leading up to his return when I go in to sign the docs, we have been legally separated for the stipulated time required by law to file for a divorce so I dont foresee any setbacks moving forward, maybe she would want to give it one more try, maybe not….maybe deep down I want to give it another try, maybe not…..maybe we both are tired and done and just want out.

    One thing is for sure we both love each other to the core and being such elderly senior citizens; means we should start acting our age or face the reality of filing for a divorce under section 230 on the grounds set out in section170 (7) pursuant to a separation agreement.

  3. I’m an Aquarius woman in a relationship with a Libra man but when I first met him I was instantly attracted to him. We both were regulars at a restaurant/bar .. So I actually askd my friend about him after I noticed him. And she said he was nice and always comes in with his friends.. We both would catch each others eye and observe for weeks. Andbone day he invited me and my friend to party for his birthday we had the best time!and I left with his number and we were together everyday he always took me out and we shared endless laughs, our bond was crazy..until I left the relationship ..I broke his heart..and seen him two and half years later we saw each other at a party and we left the together and been together since its almost been a year. And we had a rough patch or two but its a deep connection with us and when we’re a part its heartaching vice versa. He has days where he seems angry and upset from trying to fix the world but he’s a great man .would recommend a Libra man for any Aquarius woman they balance us and motivate &cater to us in every way possible.

  4. Aquarius I’m waiting for the Libra man to find me I was married to a Gemini man for 20 years I left him and divorced him hopefully I will meet Libra one day !!

  5. Libra1005June 20, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    I am a Libra guy with an aquarious lady and it’s perfect, chaotic bliss. She is stubborn af sometimes but we always compromise and respect eachother. When I’m taking too Much time being indecisive she happily takes the lead and helps me make my mind. I was a little secretive at first because I was scared of possible conflicts but there was this automatic unravelling of my soul. The connection continues to grow and we met August 22, 2012. She is my twin flame and I don’t want to live life without her. Perfect match. Great conversations. Amazing love making. Beautiful arguments. Intelligent passion. Shared interests. Balance. We’ve had some rough patches but love, laughter, forgiveness and friendship are the forces that support this once in a life time relationship. I pray and hope to marry her and share a very Long, beautiful, prosperous, purpose filled life with her. Long Live Librarious/ Aqualibra 😉

  6. I am aquarius woman, have been with my libra man for 10 years. Everything was perfect till we moved in together I was pregnant with our first kid. We were friends for a few years I only liked him as a friend but his kind living sweet ways swept me of my feet then I was head over heels inlove with him. Before I knew it it was all over he became so mean and hateful, while I was left in shock crying all the time wondering what I did wrong to make him hate me so bad. I was pregnant he wouldnt come home for a day or 2, was very emotionally abusive, the going out and not coming home stopped eventually, but the emotional abuse went on for about 8 years. Things are getting back to normal and he has changed A LOT! Thank God.

  7. aquabeanneMay 10, 2015 at 6:33 am

    I must say that all written in here are true and accurate. I am an Aquarian and im with my Libra boyfiee. Yes i am stubborn. He is charming. Almost every girls fantasy. For the past two years of our relationship, he was so flirty that caused us for some breakups. But we keep on coming back at each others arms. Maybe because we are so fond on making love with each other. (Haha!) I am playful and witty in bed and he loves it. He loves pleasing me. And i must say we are the perfect combination. 🙂 Thumbs up for this!

  8. Aquarius_in_loveMay 6, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    I am an aquarius woman and have been in love with my fantastic libra man for 2 years now. I have been with almost every other sign of the zodiac but none has enchanted me as much as this one.

    I love him to pieces and I can only agree with almost everything mentioned in the article. I feel like this is a match made in heaven and despite some downs, our ups are completely worth it! I have never been so happy with anyone before (and I have had several serious longterm relationships)! I love the space that he gives me, our inspiring discussions and the fact that he is fantastic at calming the waves in almost any situation (yes, I for that matter can get a little too passionate or go over board before I realize it).
    He seduced me with his natural charm and had me hooked very fast. Whereas former partners bored me or made me look for something else (after I left them), this man has got everything he needs to want me to marry him!

    One comment: both libra and aquarius CAN actually be very passionate lovers – kinky and lustful sex included.

    Being cool does not mean that one cannot be on fire!

    To conclude this comment on libra (men) & aquarius (women): I believe there is no better combination than this! Of course, I can only speak for myself, but for us, it is very, very true!

  9. Lovely AquariusApril 18, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    I’m an Aquarius woman in love with a Libra man. Everything has been and still is going great. This article really captured our relationship. We always have this very deep, intellectual conversations and play around like best friends. Even though I am very stubborn, he knows his way around it to get me on the same page. I also have a lot of friends that are guys, but he never really gets jealous. He really has no reason to and he knows it. We have both dated almost every other zodiac. I’m his first Aquarius and he is my first Libra. And what we have is very strong. It’s never boring when we’re together and very comfortable being ourselves together. And the sex, on spot. Everything is just on spot.

  10. I am an Aquarius i was once inlove with a Libra man we have a bby together we were hapi until i fell preg dats wen things went wrong i was in Kzn nd he was in Jhb nd he cheated he actually stayed wth ds women i loved him bt things never workd out.

  11. Aquarius Ladies! I love yall:) Enough to even give you scoops on Libras.(which we are very secretive by the way) So Listen! Aquarius and Libra is the BEST relationship that’s a BLESSING!!! That’s the 1st thing. 2nd is I’ve dated all Men in the yes Libras are Very Pretty or Handsome & are players and/or great partners. That’s due to Our Scale. Either one or other. Aquarius to attract Libra coming from a (Libra) Be Independent, Great Communicator, Flirt with him, Compliment him!! (Ohhh girl compliments to us go a Loonnng way):) shoot he probably fine already or can dress very fashionably:) Be by his side, If he make hurt your feelings or even tried? Tell his ass Straight!! (Not in a Crazy way ugh) Do a Bitchy way 🙂 If he say bae or your name Relax? Chill? I’m sorry? Smiling in your face or laughing over the phone with a smile? You hit da jackpot:) He turned on because your a Damn Woman not a little girl. Next- Be very friendly to His FAMILY!! Forget friends family Most! Help him make decision He would LOVE that from you. Bae which shoes should I where? Babe should I take this Job or that one? Do you want to go to this vacation or that vacation? We are like this because we see the GOOD always in Both things!!! Just looking for the Wisest choice. So take the decision making role in relation. Also- Dress up for your MAN hunnie!! He wants to show you off!!! Look good around him, I know it’s kind of hard for Aquarius Ladies to do due to insecurities but GET SEXY for him! Put all that aside. Be confident with your man. He taking you out on a date? You can even shock him by your surprising Sexy looks or ask him for money like ” Baby I need some money to buy these shoes or purse or dress to see you baby. I want to look sexy for you Baby\Daddy;) Watch how he get So fuckin turned on just by that alone and give YOU whatever:) see I’m a true Libra and I know how to charm these men in whatever:) Lol but Aquarius get YOUR sexy charm up there like written above!! Next Sex:-)))))) Ohhhh we Libras love freaky shit! Be freaky, Dirty texts mainly Nasty pics yaaaaaa!!! Massage your man Mainly if he’s gettin off work or he’s coming over your house:) you don’t have to do it all the time?? But Never get too comfortable keep sweet stuff coming. Let him please you too! Moan too if he’s awesome. We like that. None here where imma spiil the T to make you smarter with dealing with these Men Aquarius. So take notes! Here’s the BAD part- Libras live secret lives……… So here’s the thing. Your an Aqua you love mysterious thing and investigate trust me I kno you. Ok DO that BUT do Not become NOISY!!! Ohhhhh No Libra don’t like noisy people! So that really make us Shut down, become a close book, don’t communicate, don’t open up. So Big NO there! So here’s how you catch a Libra do it a Libra’s way! So they do live secret and double lives and some Lives an Openly Life which is Awesome! Remember I told you our scalesss! Either one or other. So with the double live- Make sure He is SINGLE!!!! Yes Ladies do it!! Libra date while we in relationships but won’t do it while married to the RIGHT one!! Let him prove to you his ass is single! Go to his house with him,Know where he work and his Hours. If you don’t hear from him all the time, or he calls you during the day but no nights or nights but no days? He married sweetie or in A relationship. If he always comes to you or meet you? He lives with a woman… If you see kids stuff in his car? He has babies.. With these type of Libras BRING this to his attention! He will Respect you! Like a woman not a little girl! You showing him you too smart for bullshit! Yes he adores women like that! See if he will at least be honest with you, give him a chance to say something.. He he lie or playing games, hanging up phone he feels guilty! N let him!!!! No man should do that! Just cut his ass off girl, But if this Libra is actually honest forgive him, be patient, make sure HE will fix this situation, meet up, tell him you hurt, let him fuck you good:) Then yall will be back to square one.. N by that time he has revealed that he wants out he previous relationship and want to be with his Aquarius:-) so girls stick by your man. He if he flirts give him that ( I will fuck u up right now look)lol be possessive not jealous!!! Back to that Libra scale again… We actually love possessive partners (Taurus). The best two relationship I ever had in my life was a Aquarius and Taurus. A Spanish TBlack. Taurus was best sexually and Aqua was just fun and so damn good!! I see T but don’t want to give him sex anymore.. I just got bigger than that. The Aquarius will ALAWAYS be missed by me & my family!! (Remember I told you impress his Family) sorry it didn’t work for me after 4 year. I was 15 and he was 25 Jan24 n Oct 5 is me. I was very immature still partying sleeping with different guys and lying to him:-( He wanted the best for us wanted me to stop working So he can provide for me fully even wanted a baby a house and move to Cali. Great situation right. Ohhhh as I still think our baby would of been BEYOND beautiful (biracial):) Aquarius loved me so much I did too but didn’t prove it. So one day I didnt hear from him. So I went over his house. He was in the room with another woman, pulling his pants up and she doing the same 🙁 I went to say hello I was so happy seeing him but he told me Stop???? Why baby??? I’m married now…………. I was shock and hurt. He played with my baby sister showing her off to his wife and family but look at me missing his ass:-( I like in my mind I was the best girl he had! Who can have him than me? Girl he left me for another Libraaaaa!!!!! Lol her bday was Oct 17. So I just say ok fuck it. Wish him the best with his marriage of I can NEVER be with a married man whether he Ex or Not! That’s basiclly a turn off for me. But I miss him. And from now I will always want to date an Aquarius!! I’m not messing up this time. Lol
    So Ladies that was a little Aquarius story. But yes with the Men take NOTES and LOVE:) Great wishes to all Libra and Aquarius relation. We are great for bestfriends but more for marriage:) Hope I helped out alot Read again if you have too! Lol Take care

  12. This so true. I am an Aquarian girl and in love with this Libra guy. we hv been together for 2 years now. And no matter what up’s n downs we hv seen. we are inseparable, we r best friends. The first time we met we had fire crackers blowing up the room. I could never ever get mad at him, all he needs to do is smile at me n im gud. Never have I ever cared for a man this way. He has made me so romantic and comfortable tht I dont think I can look beyond him. When we party n or travel we have the most amazing time. Iv had the best moments with him. There was this time whn we had traveled and we had to stay indoors due to heavy rain and had to extend the trip coz no buses were available so we spent 4days in that one room. we did most crazy things, not a sec did we think wht r we gonna do for 4 days, we had so much fun we wanted to extend our trip n we did extend it for 2 more days. He gives me so much freedom tht I do everything I like doing. And now we are planning to get married.

  13. Right now im in pursuit of a aquarius girl and after waiting months of trying to get the courage to ask for her number I finally asked her and she said yes. The only problem is that she hasn’t responded to any texts I’ve sent her since really makes me sad Cus I know we would be perfect together, and after reading this article on the compatibility, it only reflects that..

  14. I’ve always been into horoscopes and the zodiac signs, so I knew that the Libra-Aquarius match was a good one. I am an Aquarius female, and little did I know that I myself would actually find a Libra male. My relationship with him hasn’t been going on for very long, three weeks at most at this point in time, but so far what has been said here is true. It took him a while to finally ask me out on a date, but I knew I wanted him from the start. Since we’ve been together, only great times have been had. If either of us do have a problem, we can simply talk it out and think through it. I love having him around and knowing that he cares for me as he does. As it’s just the beginning of our relationship, I cannot say anything about the Degree of Marriage, Sex, or When It’s Over, as none of these have occurred yet, and hopefully the last will never happen. I will say that the rest is true, or is at least true in my experiences.

  15. libra scorpioOctober 25, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    … hmm whats worse than a libra.. Im a libra scorpian ( 10 22 79 ) male =)
    =( I have been looking for an aquarian woman everywhere.. But I don’t know any or ever run into any.. maybe I will eventually…

  16. I am aquarius woman, and in the last few weeks I have met a libra man.
    All his friends have told me that he liked me since the first time he saw me. After a while he confessed it to me himself, he wants to see me everyday, but the problem is he seems too busy and as if he forgets about me sometimes..
    I feel like I have too put a lot of effort into this, which makes me want to leave it and just move on , but something is making me stay .. And I’m not sure if it would be worth it..
    Any suggestions .. ?

  17. Wow I’m an aquarius woman an I want this libra but he is playing to much for me I know he wants me but he knows I’m not a booty call I’m more of a relationship person but I think I’m gonna have to put my feet down and see what are we doing cause I want a relationship see but I don’t know if its gonna scare him away or not but I guess if it do thin he’s not the one for me. We will see

  18. Aquarius girlSeptember 28, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    I am an Aquarius girl and I was with a libra man for 5 years. Without some of the small individualized details, this is very accurate of our relationship, even the last part, as we are broken up and remain good friends.

  19. Everything written in this article and by the TRUTH is 100 per cent accurate!!! I am aquarian female deeply in love with my libra male! I am very stubborn but he knows exactly what to say and do to make things right…. We have our ups and downs but I can not imagine life without him! As aquarius I find it hard to express my feelings but he has broken that barrier which is nice. We have been together nearly 7 years and I’m looking forward to the next 7 and more with him xxx

  20. I’ve read this article about a couple of months ago, i don’t know why but i suddenly became interested on zodiac signs. i’m an aquarian, btw. At first, i really don’t believe any of it, but when i’m reading some articles about an aquarian, it was like how my friends describe me, especially the STUBBORN thingy. Another proof of mine is that my bestfriend is a libra and she likes beautiful things and she’s also very charming btw. Now, let’s get on the interesting part. I’m so into this zodiac thingy that i wanted to prove to myself that it’s really real. I tried it on a libra man. actually he’s my classmate since two years ago. when i first met him, it was like sparks were flying everywhere and i found him very attractive (ilovehishair). but that feeling did fade away a little coz maybe were so young? and were not that close even if were classmates for two years!!! two months ago i decided to try it on him. it was our friend’s birthday, i sat in front of him, we were staring at each other for about a minute (eye-to-eye), then he smiled at me and of course i smiled back. After that, he would always grabbed my attention like he would suddenly pull the hair of my hand or eat the food on my plate and when he became too quiet i would suddenly step on his foot. The next day, we started texting each other, sharing our likes and dislike. the following week my bestfriend started to tease me becoz we were texting each other even if i’m hanging out with my bestfriend, i’ve never done that before and also because he started showing signs that he likes me, then after 2 or 3 weeks, i decided not to give any attention to him for week. I acted like he doesn’t exist even if he would call my name i pretended not to notice. It’s so painful cutting all our communications. after i week, i decided to greet him again. well that day he did confess to me. he told me everything he feels about me that he already liked me since three years ago (he and my cousin were classmates before). he also asked me if he could court me but i answered that he need to wait for another two years. since then he acted like my boyfriend even though he’s not but i like it coz he did it in a sweet way…

    he is sooo moooody… that’s one thing i hate about him, one moment he would be laughing out loud then after a minute or two he would prefer to be alone and be lonely. i hate it when he did that! but when i decided to get really mad at him, he would suddenly caught my attention i would be laughing so hard! the next thing i knew is that i cant be angry with.

    he’s also such a BIG FLIRT!!! he would flirt some other girls even in front of me. but then i cant get mad because he would alwas asked me f i get jealous. and he would say sorry in a sweet way…

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