Cancer Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Libra Couples:

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

This is a bossy combo!  Believe it or not, these two will fight for control more than practically any other pair.  Their only salvation is to give the Cancer woman complete control of the household if there is to be any peace at all.  But unfortunately, Libra seems to bring out the worst in Cancer.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Libra Man:

You can begin by promising her a beautiful home some day.  Really, this lady is so bossy and hell-bent on domesticity, or whatever she equates with financial security, that you have to speak the language very plainly to get through to her.  She is the type of woman likely to have an agenda.  She knows the year she wants to marry, the year she wants to have kids, the year she wants to quit work, the year she wants to take her first trip to europe, etc., etc.  It may appeal to you because you are somewhat like that yourself but perhaps you do not realize that her bossiness will know no end.  Giving her what she wants will only encourage her to ask for more.  Happily, she is not likely to step over into your territory if you give her control over the home.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Cancer Woman:

Show an interest in his career and convince him you will be an asset to his climb to the top.  Demonstrate superior social skills.  Show him you will make a good hostess for his clients and associates and talk about running a home like running a business.  Engage in discussions of financial security unemotionally and without batting an eye.  Underneath your stereotypical layers of domesticity, you’re a calculating machine, so show it.  It’s the fast track to his information center.

Degree of Romance:

You, dear little Cancer, will insist on every single accoutrement of romance.  You will nag, whine, weep and manipulate until you get what you want on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, your birthday, major religious holidays, and will demand reciprocity after you put out for anything, such as entertaining his parents or granting a special favor in the boudoir.  You strike a hard bargain.

Degree of Passion:


Degree of Friendship:

It’s more like business partners than friendship.

Degree of Marriage:

This can be a successful first union if it focuses on the formulaic aspects of marriage such as building a career and furnishing a home. Because of Cancer’s proclivity to focus on the home, these may drift apart but not notice it for years.  She will be happy as long as he buys her stuff for the house, and he will be happy as long as she stays in it.  Maybe that’s more than most couples have.

Progression of Relationship:

Cancer will design a series of channel locks which Libra will have to navigate successfully to round the bases and touch home.  These steps are likely to include presents, weekend trips, dealing with the parents, a fur coat, whatever the traffic will allow … she‘ll keep raising the bar.  The sheer logic of it has some appeal for Libra.  She is speaking in an algebraic language that might be translated as follows:  if you do this for me, I will do that for you.  The Libra, being a Libra, will trot right along.  The danger is that this quid pro quo approach will degenerate into manipulation.  If it does, the Libra will turn very cold indeed.  Though she will hardly notice, the end will not then be far.


Sex for this couple is like collecting green stamps (for those of you old enough to remember green stamps).  After she gets a few, she’ll want to trade them in for an upgrade.  Ms. Cancer is always keeping score and planning her next move.  If your mind is on your work, Libra, you might not have noticed that you‘re being taken.  Cancer can do a good imitation of motherliness and caring but there’s a price exacted.  Her special favors will require special arrangements.  Libra is not the victim, though.  He‘s a shrewd negotiator, and after all, he created this monster.

When It’s Over:

This relationship will end in one place and one place alone:  the deep freeze.  That’s after you’ve sliced and diced each other under the guise of equity and fairness.  This can be one of the most bitter endings conceivable.

Our Rating:   Buyer beware!

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  1. CrabbyCakeAugust 6, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    I’m a cancer and a weird one at that. I say this because my relationships with the signs they were supposed to work with (Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn) never did. If anything they ended rather bad and put me in a very dark, depressing place, until my Libra guy came along. Things have been smooth between us and I’m kinda hoping they will always be. We have differences, oh yea, but we work them out so well. I think Libra needs a peaceful environment and if Cancer can keep her temper aside and only explain to him sensibly why she’s being touchy or why she thinks he’s wrong, things can work extremely well. Communication, patience and understanding your own emotions is the key. All that, and Love. Always, love.

  2. KrabKweenMay 15, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    I am a 24 year old Cancer woman in a confusing relationship with a 25 year old Libra man. We met when we were 15 years old at a high school dance and our relationship has been magnetic ever since. There has always been an intense sexual attraction and during the first years of knowing each other our relationship was mainly physical although we developed a unique friendship. I have always had deeper feelings for him but was afraid to tell him for fear of loosing any contact with him because he seemed to always be a very independent person.

    We went to college in different cities but he would still call me every once in a while to see how I was even if I had a boyfriend or he had a girlfriend. I became used to keeping some distance with him and gaining satisfaction from a flirtatious relationship but deep down there was always hope in my heart that he would fall for me as I had for him. He is by far the most charming man I have ever met and very successful with work. I, being a shy but still social Cancer woman find his personality magnetic and I’m always somewhat in awe of him.

    After college we moved back to our hometown and began seeing each other more. I had another boyfriend for a while and we remained friends and I’d sometimes ask him for romantic advice although he was never very serious about it. I always felt there was something more with us but being insecure and hurt in other relationships, I doubted anything would ever come of it. A few months ago he began calling more and wanting me to spend more time with him. Our random steamy hookups turned into him asking me to stay the night and spend more and more time with him. I was confused but went along with seeing him more because he is very irresistible and we always had a good time laughing and being together. One night he asked me to come over so that we could celebrate the new jobs that we had both just gotten. The catch was that his job would make him travel for the next 6 months. I was heartbroken when I heard this but despite a great deal of inner emotional turmoil I decided to still sp end time with him before he left. That night was by far the best of my life. He revealed his feelings for me and told me that he loved me and he always had but that since we met each other when we were so young, he knew that our relationship would never work if we had been together then. He said he’d always pictured himself ending up with me and that if he did he would essentially be marrying his high school sweetheart. His parents were going through a divorce at that time and he said he didn’t want there to be any resentments between us that would tear us apart like it did them because we are both still young and have a lot we want to do (he wants to become more established in the business world and I am waiting to hear back about veterinary school and could potentially move out of state). I understood where he was coming from and was too happy to really disagree and insist that we be in a full blown relationship right then. After all, he is truly charismatic and when I’m around him I find most of what he says to be a good idea.

    We spent the last few weeks that he was home virtually inseparable. He told me he loved me all the time, was very romantic and sweet, and made me feel completely satisfied and happy. I’ve never loved anyone so deeply and completely in my life and I’m not sure I ever will but there are definitely some problems with our personalities. I’m not 100% sure what he would say from his end but now that he is gone, we don’t talk as much as I’d like to. I want to be emotionally connected to my partner and I’m affectionate too. I don’t think I’m overly needy for a Cancer but sometimes he is distant and it drives me crazy. I get very angry with him but don’t express it very well to him and when I try to I think my emotions overwhelm him even though I tone them down quite a bit. I think he is selfish and I don’t understand why he told me he loved me at such an inopportune time and how he can say he loves me yet not lock down a relationship with me or call me daily. I do know he really love s me in the way the he believes love is (which I wonder if it matches mine) and he has told me he isn’t ready to be married and I understand that. But I do expect more of a emotional commitment than I feel I’m getting and this is torturous. From a man’s perspective, he has told me that he feels I am the only person who he feels truly understand and accepts him for who he really is. He says I’m his best friend and he has never been as attracted to another woman as he is to me. I agree that Cancers and Libras have an intense sexual attraction that is unparalleled and can last. I think though that our relationship may not make it if he can’t make more of a commitment to me and learn how to be more giving and less emotionally evasive and selfish with his time. I don’t feel like his priority a lot of the time. I give to him unconditionally and I feel that he gives when convenient but is much more inclined to take. I think I am too moody for him and although I don’t show him a lot of my moods, I know our relationship is affected by them.

    My advice to Cancer women that love Libra men is to be cautious. I’m not sure how this one will work out and even though I really want it to I have strong doubts and I know it will most likely be the biggest heartbreak of my life if it doesn’t. The funny thing is my past 2 boyfriends before him were both Libras….go figure. Be cautious Cancer women because this can be an exciting and intoxicating ride but it can also be very painful.

    In the meantime since he has been gone I’ve met a Pisces man that is interested in having a relationship with me. Since I’m not technically a girlfriend to the Libra, it is something that I’m open to because I am lonely and also hurt by the Libra not securing a more permanent relationship with me. I must say he is the most emotionally open and giving man I have ever met. He is sweet, sensitive, and gives me as much communication and reassurance as I need and I do the same for him. We both seem to agree that this is new for us both and pretty amazing. He seems to be ready for commitment and very loyal. I’m still not sure what to do because my heart is still with the Libra who I’m hoping is my soulmate and things will work out. All I can say is that reading other peoples experiences has just confirmed what I’ve already observed myself and its good to know that my feelings are somewhat validated by our signs. I wonder if he can ever make me feel as secure as a Pisces man does without hardly any effort.

    Only time will tell…….

  3. I am a cancer woman. My libra man and I have been off and on for 6 years now. He moved out of state 3 times and it was the best thing for us. We cant seem to get along when we are in front of each other. But always want to be. This article is not ENTIRELY true. However, I find it to be quite accurate. I definitely want to run the home and finances because he is so unstable and wishy washy. When he moved the first time, he asked me to come. I said no. Good thing because he was only in that state about 3 months before he moved to another state. Came home, moved again, came home, moved again. Then ended up homeless and I sent for him (I love him, don’t judge). After 5 years of off and on, us dating other people, even me having a child with someone else, he won’t leave. I absolutely seek his guidance and he loves to give his opinion. During these times of separation is when our relationship actually blossomed. I have found a way to trust him and he has relized I am not trying to attack him. We do communicate very differently. Libra men are punks who are also macho. They all think you are trying to insult or hurt them. Even after he moved in (when I sent for him) “he wasn’t sure why”. Thought I wanted something. I did. Any cancer who says she doesn’t manipulate or use men for her gain is a liar. Theres nothing wrong with it in moderation. In fact, I think libras are infatuated by it. We seem so soft and doormattish, but its quite the contrary. If he hurts me or upsets me, I start demanding things, whether its money, time, gifts, attention, sexual favors, etc. Sometimes he gives in (especially when he shouldn’t), other times (when hes wrong) it doesn’t. I have broken up with him 1000 times. But always go back. Because even through our bs he is so incredibly devoted to me. And I to him. We love each other. We don’t like each other and we are polar opposites. But we respect each others minds and we are LEARNING to appreciate each others differences. He makes me feel like the only woman in the world (besides his mom and sister of course). But he treats me the way I deserve to be treated and makes sure that I know its what I deserve. So cancer women be yourself with this man, (don’t cry too much or too soon), they will love every doting minute. Make him feel like a king but also be strong, smart, independent and social. I know being social isn’t a cancer thing but I have a libra rising and it is very important that you can make appearances with this man. Wear heels, cook, clean, work, be smart, read books, learn new things and he wont be able to let you go. Basically, be the SUPER woman you are. And he will love you and stick around!

  4. This article is right on the spot.As a cancerian woman I’m attracted and respect a strong willed man.
    Libra men are wonderful but they lack the strength of will that Sagittarius and Leo men possess.I can
    be exactly what is described above if I don’t respect a man.I wouldn’t dare manipulate sags or Leo’s
    because they will see right through it so it’s better to not even try .Well Libra men cannot stand their
    ground as much as other man can.They tend to sit on the fence and that leads them losing most if not all
    of cancer woman’s respect because she knows that come any sort of threat to her this man will not stand
    by her and protect her.Whereas with a sag or leo man you know that nothing bad can ever happen with
    them by your side.They will protect you tooth and nail.Im cancerian with Libra rising so l can see right through
    Libra’s lies because that’s exactly what I do when I’m eyeing whatever mark my eyes have spotted lol..Too
    many similarities yet too many differences arghhh..Cancer ladies stay away from Libra men..You will only hurt
    each other and they will never be as romantic and sexually adventurous as would like them to be.

  5. This is the most inaccurate description of a cancerian I have ever heard. I am cancerian and my son is a Libra. I am far from the moody, demanding, goal digger you describe. As a psychologist I feel offended about the attributes you mentioned. My sister and I are 11months apart, both cancerian and although there are similarities we are very different.

    It seems you have your own gudges here. Maybe a Libra broke your heart Miss Cancerian.

  6. This is the meanest article I’ve ever read

  7. Hey Nancy can u update Ophuchus into this or are u sticking to the older western / eastern way

  8. SO EFFIN TRUENovember 20, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    My parents got married 20 years ago and my mum is a cancer and my dad is a libra. from the start she hated him and even as kids we knew what was going on. She seperated from him loads of times but because of family issues and his sticky-sweet like charm-they got back together. They won’t work out and I know that and tbh you should not put these to together-the more they are further apart-the more they find they are unable to cope.

  9. Haha! I am seeing quite a bit in this. Honestly, there are so many syrupy sweet write-ups about the libra-cancer attraction that your seemingly harsh article looks simply Honest. It adds balance, we can look for the rose-color on literally any other site on the internet. So, thanks– can’t be easy with so much hatemail, but I’m sure your chart deals with it fine ;).

  10. Thought I should share with you this reading. At least it covers both the good and negative traits of both star signs and that is what I expected from your reading. I am disappointed to say, I expected an objective reading rather than subjectivity. Kindly read the reading I went to for confirmation because I could not believe your negative attitude towards a cancerian woman, its my first. We might be reading these transcripts but we also know ourselves and have no problem with our weaknesses because every human being has faults no matter which star sign;

    “When the Libra and Cancer follow up a romantic relationship, they make a appealing but difficult combination of Air and Water. As the Cancer is very supportive and sensitive and Libra is very romantic and logical, they compliment each other well. Both of them love harmony and work hard to achieve it in their relationship.

    A Libra man is a very logical man with practical solutions to almost all problems of the world. He is very enthusiastic and optimistic person with a charming smile. He cannot handle confusion and in order to maintain stability he aspires for harmony in all aspects of life. Libra invented romance so in a romantic relationship with a Cancer woman, he always proves to be a worthy mate with all the tricks of romance and love on his sleeves. Though he is very easy going and careless person which makes a Cancer woman worried regarding her Libra male but still with his warmth and charming smiles maintains the relation well.

    A Cancer woman can display many characteristics within a short span of time like a glittering mermaid. She is basically very sensitive and emotional with long mood swings that bring waves of emotions in her. She has a strong determination and sense of career/money. She is usually very shy and hesitates to make the first move in a relationship due to her fear of rejection. In a relationship with Libra man, she becomes very caring and understanding companion. She has a lovely sense of humor that keeps her Libra man’s spirits high.

    Cancer woman makes a stimulating partner for the Libra male with a different mindset about most things in life. She is a very devoted and compassionate mate for her Libra man who takes care of his every inch and corner. Though she is pessimistic but his optimism can balance out their lives well. She can make him smile in his gloominess and can even take wise decisions for him when he is unstable. But sometimes her indifferent attitude might hurt him immensely as he is very frank and she cannot respond positively to criticism. However, the splendid smile and the praising words of Libra man can cheer her up again making her the same jolly person who loves to make him smile. Libra man is one person who does not suffer from masculine ego problem and admires and respects her for every bit of what she is.

    A Libra man becomes one of a kind, charming lover for the Cancer woman. He is deeply romantic and expresses his love with such grace that makes her feel secure and just like a princess. His attraction has purity with such openness that she can feel protected and free at the same time. She passionately adores the loving nature of him and respects him for his logical decisions and guidance. He harmonizes nicely with the fluctuating moods of his Cancer lady, making her feel emotionally secure, which in turn brings out all her sterling qualities of loyalty, patience and devotion. But with time he makes her realize that he does not enjoy being nagged continuously and wants his space. This can make her insecure and suspicious for sometime but with real cord of attachment and devotion given by him, she can be more confident soon.

    With the splendid traits the Cancer woman and Libra man share, they can actually walk a long distance with each other. Both of them are beautifully imaginative and tenderly sentimentally to understand each others’ mood swings and hidden differences and work on those to bring an eternal harmony to their relationship. The optimism of him teaches her to be more free and experimental, while the pessimism of her shows him how to be cautious and escape undue troubles. He gives her the freedom with security that helps her to fly high and she gives him care with space that helps him to nurture beautifully. She has a sophisticated sense of humor and he has a charismatic smile, together they can laugh, balance each other out, make each others’ souls dance, and warm the other’s heart with love. They can sing and well verse poetry too as they both appreciate art and are heart-throb romantic.

    Cancer woman and Libra man share a great sexual chemistry which might seem like a gift from the heavens, with their hearts feeling completely satisfied and blessed. Respecting each others’ feeling and understanding the depth of oneness, their physical love can be a beautiful experience of gentle pleasure, the kind of intimacy that makes them tremble just anticipating it in each other’s eyes, and brings them a new peace and contentment. He fills the air with romance and she cools their surroundings with her compassion, making their physical intimacy an experience full of passion and delight. But when she continues to be suspicious of the Libra man or he does not express his feelings frequently, they might get uninterested in their physical relationship. The moment they find the root cause of their problem, they find a solution as they both love harmony and so they can continue to have a peaceful relationship. She actually wants so much pleasure to give herself over to hum, but not allowing herself to do it until she trusts him deeply. She tries to keep still, remain quiet and passive, yet allow her sexual tension, her lustful arousal, slowly and continually builds.

    Though the pair of Cancer woman and Libra man is not very easy to work on but there are very few broken Cancer-Libra relationships that can’t be mended. Once they are actually together, they cherish their relationship in one way or the other for rest of their lives. She can be a bit more possessive due to her insecurities and some more stingy too as she has a strong concern for money. But he needs to assure her of his loyalty and let her have a say in financial matters. Also she should give him the space he needs and be more positive towards his criticism as his only reason to point out the faults is to bring improvement and not to insult. Each of them should concentrate on the virtues of the other, even though those traits may be markedly different in each”.

  11. I’ll have to agree with #2…do you perhaps have anything to say about a cancerian woman. Cancerians are kind, caring, loyal people, self reliant (independent), career driven, successful and etc, and the Libra in my life shares the same traits. A cancerian gets even when done wrong they are not hypocrites like you make them sound.

    Anything bad about the libra man because all you went on and on about is how bad a cancerian is and my comment here is not typical of a cancerian its just I am amazed at how you can portray a cancerian as the worst kind of a person.

    Are cancerian women only homely? Absurd description if I may add…

  12. youre thinking of ‘tommy lee jones’ haha nance is right – tommy lee!

  13. Why are all the Cancers here acting so…Cancerian!? Crawl your hurt selves back into your little shells! As a Scorpion I accept both the good AND the bad personality traits; determined yet demanding, loyal yet stubborn, dedicated yet possessive, strong yet jealous etc etc. I have a lot of Cancerian friends and you are spot on Nance! One just got married to a much older Libran man recently who has also been recently divorced with a couple of kids. Both signs do appear quite similar in temperament and attitudes, but my Cancerian friend is calling all the shots – I can see that! Poor guy…will never learn.

  14. Also I’d like to add that my bf whose a scorp finds the fact I’m so focused and responsible very endearing <3

  15. Libran men as charming as they may appear, lack substance which is a big turn off for cancer females .. That’s my personal opinion though after like seeing 3 libran guys (just a coinc) On the other hand the fact that I am a strong independent girl got to their nerves (yes, to all three of them). Control is definitely a problem here. Spot on I say.

  16. *oh and the over-doing of compliments can get too much for me

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