1. Brendan

    Acutally, I wish to rescind my previous comment

    I have looked at a lot of famous people and there are just TOO MANY successful Libra Man Cap Woman couples for me to write this one off…

    I noticed that Capricorns born between Dec 26 – Dec 31 seem to be a great match for Libra, no matter the gender matching. Especially the date Dec 28, if they marry a Libra they don’t divorce but if they marry some other sign it often does, strange…

    I didn’t see any happy or lasting (or any, for that matter) marriages between a Dec 22 – Dec 25 Capricorn and Libra, and going into January it is much more rocky road. I really don’t know why that is.

    Both the Jazz musicians “Thelonius Monk” and “Dizzy Gillespie” were happily married to Cappies, as is football player “Brett Favre”, singer “Vaughn Monroe”, sort-of lead singer for The Moody Blues “Justin Hayward” (since 1970, gonna be 50 years in 2020!) and “Sting”.

    Of the more terrible relationships, “Oscar Wilde” was married to Capricorn woman, and you know how terribly that went… “Paul Hogan” getting divorced after so many years of marriage, in his old age, and “President Putin” getting a divorced MID TERM! That’s the sort of thing ALL POLITICIANS avoid, the ugly scandal of a divorce while in office, just goes to show how ugly this pairing can go. Also, singers “Usher” and “Eminem” had relationships with Capricorn ladies that quickly fizzled out…

  2. @ summer rain

    I think your problem is you never had the right sort of person. Be a practical cappy and invest time in a virgo or taurus, it will be better for you than Libra n Aries , Gemini and even Scorpio

  3. jen

    I met a Libra Man not too long ago. A little mysterious does not return texts or calls after we met one night. I do notice that they are too themselves. Maybe he is married still or in another relationship. I will just live in the moment this Libra Man made me happy for one day. No kiss or hug after we departed, but he did mention he would have been happier if he net me elsewhere. If there is truth in any of this I will jeep u posted. Happy too have spent a memorable moment with a gentlemen and a good hard working man tho day.”Frank” u will never be forgotten I am pleased too gave met u. Good luck in life and may God bless u. Thank u “Frank” for a good day.

    • Brendan

      My goodness, you really have a low sense of self. Even playboy man-whore give a kiss or hug to a prostitute when they leave, and yet you find something nice to say about ‘Frank’. He was a married man who wanted a quickie and you were it. He’s not a hard-working good man, a cheat who pulled the wool over your eyes. You sound like a nice lady, so why don’t you find someone who knows the meaning of the word ‘respect’?

  4. Diana Garcia

    I am a Capricorn woman and have been married to you library man for a little over 4 years. Yes, things have gotten out of hand, I bored him, and he spent all our money but we each put forth the effort to learn from our mistakes and meet each other half way to please one another. Everyday we grow closer. Love my marriage!

  5. ROSIE

    Yes, you are absolutely right about a capricorn women, she is very determined, even when she makes up a goal of destroying herself, she can achieve that, and no one dares to compete lol. And negative traits, off-course she can be extreme pessimistic especially if someone disrespects her and then it can be harmful for her.

  6. Summer Rain

    I am a capri woman with all the traits that described by this zodiac sign. I am not offended by my traits at all I feel they are realistic and vital to have to live and to survive in this world. Capris are hard working, honest, caring, loving with realistic goals in life. They don’t like wasting time, they own a overactive brain which always wants to think and to do useful things. I have not met a capri woman yet who would sit around to do gossips, to waste away life in depression, to do smoking, drugs/alcohol etc. They like to be in control and sober and they believe in healthy living. Most capri woman are health conscious, they look after their figure and appearance. They like to live in a clean, tidy and organised environment. So tell me what’s are the bad (negatives) in them? I am with a Libra man ( long distance thank God) who is lazy ( no job), unhealthy living style, keeps his home environment inhabitable, always short of money, constant mood swings, spends all the time sitting in front of a pc, music his life ( for capris music is a part of life), smokes weed, argumentative, no real life activities (lives in a virtual life), stays up all night and sleeps at day time and does not have any goals, aims for life and he is a 36 years old man. So now it is not a rocket science to figure out why a relationship won’t or can’t work out between this completely two different kind of people. He is intelligent and has abilities to do or achieve anything in life but physically won’t go out to do anything. And you all probably thinking why I am in this well, being a capri ( for me specially) it is almost impossible to live with a man in the same house unless he has some kind of understanding and routines in life so this long distance currently is working for me: I get to chat to him after work and we listen to music and that’s all about it. I have been in real life relationship with a Sagittarius ( the man was a control freak he didn’t agree for me to achieve higher in life he wanted me to be just a housewife), with a Gemini (it was a disaster: the guy was a psychopath ( weed and alcohol) and wanted to have a free ride), with a scorpion ( he was loving but he was childish, selfish, self-centered, egoistic, and stubborn) and I briefly dated a Aries (greedy, up to having free rides, never keeps promises (he will give the whole world with his mouth), casanova, cheater and certainly he didn’t know what he wanted in life) I called him one night and broke up on the phone. So after all those experiences in life I finally understood it is not necessary to have a man in life we can manage everything alone: I enjoy my own company, I travel around the world, I use spare time in gardening, I read, I watch movies, documentaries and interesting tv series such as Breaking bad and ya I like zombie shows like Walking Dead, I browse online to read to watch interesting videos and posts, I go out for walks and to drive out. I am always busy and appreciate life as it is and love watching every moments of life that passing by me. A capri woman values time and she knows life is short and every moments are precious!! So dear all the capri woman out there don’t ever feel bad for our traits consider yourself lucky it is nice and wise to live a realistic attitude. And don’t worry or feel concerned about not having a right man in life it is always better to live alone than being trapped with a wrong man. ‘Freedom’ ‘Respect’ and ‘Independence’ are most important elements in a capri woman’s world so protect it and enjoy it as long as you can <3

  7. Chica'

    How dare anyone speaks ill of Scorpios in that tone…I am extremely surprised to learn this …. I think that particular Capis HAD NOT met their Perfect Scorpio Match as yet….or maybe they did ( yes they did but had no idea they were dealing with a Scorpio… just yet) when they had those sentiments…JUST SAYING!

    Life is so damn funny its unbelievable – but life is great and I love life.

    “I hate scorpios” WOW ….. hahahaha

  8. CapisRuleis

    I dont like libras i hate scorpios i mean i dont like em they think they are the boss but there not plus they have an personal issues, I just dont care for them, not tryn be nasty but there very annoying irratating people to be in contact with,I c me n my relatives dont get along,this world aint big enough for us both, stick wit your own kind bitch, an please fill free to respond,i now ur true worth an its fake fraud hypacrite…………Loosers libra sco…ive been marryd to a leo for 38yrs thnky n we see i2i

  9. Mente Loca

    Agree. I love SCORPIOS they are the best lovers for us and as well a Capricorn’s BEST friend. They are also the best MATES in bed, so whenever where ruthless they can handle our ruthlessness and get ruthless as well, but in the end it gets even better, yet hotter. Were both strong-willed and very similar and this is the only sign that can understand and stisfy, yet read and know what a Capricorn wnats and don’t wants. Scorpio are the best.

  10. sh

    I have been involved with a Libra man for 2years now. Everything has been great. I on the other hand have been feeling a little restless. I think I love him, but not enough love.( you know what I mean). He is giving, treats me with respect, etc. He wants to get married( not sure if I do) SCARED AS HELL. Its almost like he is with me because I teach, if i were anything else, he would be disappointed. I don’t know anymore. He tells me and shows me he loves me. I’m in my late thirties. I feel like this might be my only chance for marriage, babies, etc. I need to really get my feelings in check. He irritates me sometimes really badly though, almost like I cant get over it. What do I need to do?

  11. Angel8691

    Was in a relationship with a Libra Man for 10 years of which married for 5. Cappi women are structured and well-defined in their expectations. We were very happy but I can only take but so much deceit and cheating. Maybe I was too boring and responsible, but I kept our household afloat. We are best of friends now and he discovered it was not so bad after all. A little too late though. I am now with a Leo Man…still waiting to see how it plays out.

  12. needhelp

    Nancy, i am a cap, in love with a libra man. i love him, feel complete with him. not sure if he feels the same about me, does dec 23rd fall in the cusp? do i have a sagi and cap trait? what do you think?

  13. jewellover

    i search thorough lots of sites n i got to knw dat its impossible to make a lng relation wid capri woman as a libra man..my girlfrnds zodiac is capri n i m libra.n we r in relations fr 1nhalf yr.i love her like anythng n wan 2do everythng fr her n wan 2stay wid her whole life.i want suggestions from capri lady.how i behave wid her,wat sud c like on me,plz help yaar.my no +918759716185

  14. Mielita

    Wow guys, I see there are some hurt folks up here lol. I’m a capricorn female, aries rising, libra moon, and I’ve attracted/dated every sign but a taurus… But I attract libras left and right ( just stating). What I find is that they are very hung up on looks! I see this in my father (a libra), and the libras that come my way – they always care to look good (i mean ALWAYS) and if they like a female, I guarantee she’s normally average to stunning, never homely. Lol. But I can’t say these men are shallow, because if you ever sit down with one, they’re looking for love, just in their own detached, venus-driven, and airy way. In fact, they’re very sweet and dedicated if you keep them on their toes. And I won’t even touch on the cap stereotypes, cause I know some wild, fine a** caps ^^. Anywho, I can’t give too much advice, just mi personal thoughts. I say an air or fire sign in your moon or rising (or even venus) helps, but overall it’s the person and not the sign so have fun!

  15. dgar

    serious bses but that’s what people who resist complimenting us think….its all about willing to work on your relationship…..

  16. Jade

    ^ cancer is just as bad for us as an aries or libra…but i recently found a libra and his smile lights up the room…im quite passionate for a capricorn and love his romatic ways. i will and have been trying to keep things interesting its just hard because the situation is complicated seeing as he is still in a relationship , but were like kids when were together and never do things to hurt other people, at this point he is waiting for her to say its over bc he doesnt want to hurt her.

  17. Mary

    Cap women, find yourself a Taurus or Cancer man.. Libra man, find yourself an Aires, Gemini, or Sag woman.

    Rising signs have a lot to do with compatibility too.. if you’re a Cap woman interested in a Libra man, look at the compatibility of your rising signs.. that may shed some light on the situation , and make for a better understanding of the personalities.

    As long as you have patience and a deep understanding of where someone is-coming-from, almost, I mean almost any relationship can work.. it’s all about patience, loyalty, kindness and understanding and selfishless interaction.

    Just a suggestion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. ScalesnCorn

    this libra friend of mine was with a gem woman (initially) for 5 yrs before he hooked up with his next door neighbor. The gem had a hard time letting go though things were not great. they had been thru a lotof ups and downs. at that time he also met this separated cap woman since their kids went to d same school. she told him to stay or leave d gem only if he felt that was the best thing to do for both of them and not because theres something promising on the horizon! whats on the horizon may not be that good when u get closer. it may be full of holes! keep away from all distractions and focus on d relationship. dat will give u an idea of what 2 do. u will be secure dat u r makig d right decision. he did that. after being single for sometime he hooked up with d cap mom. didn’t last long but he knew he was making balanced decision based on full focus. libra and cap are good provided the man talks a little about the future whcih he did not.

  19. Brenda

    It’s soooo true me n my libra man been together for three years, now I’m pulling the plug. We just can’t seem to make it work. It’s sad cos the signs were there in early stage but I chose to ignore them.

  20. Libra/Capricorn

    It is funny to read all of the post, I am a 42 yr old Libra Man, married to a 53 yr old Capricorn female for 16 years. It started out as purley physical, I am here to say it has had its ups and downs, and it has gotten to that stage of where I dislike being controlled. I don’t know if it has anything to do with turning 40, or just getting tired of the bossy nature of the Capricorn. Bree please try to speak resonably to your Libra brother, if he respects you he will listen to you. Don’t force your opinion on him, reason with him, if you push he’ll marry this woman. Show him statistics, also, don’t let anyone fool, if there is an age gap in any relationship, it may start out at really cool for the 28 year old to have that older wiser female, however once he comes to a certain age, he’ll begin to resent that ‘mothering’ over him, the longer they are together and the older they both get, the more affect the age gap will have on them. Tell him to get out while he can…If I could write a letter to a younger self, I would tell that young Libra man to never date anyone that is older and to research the signs more…

  21. Bree

    My 28 yr. old Libra brother is engaged to a 48 yr. old Capricorn woman!! I think it’s going to turn into a huge disaster! Any advice??

  22. meme

    im a capricorn female a guy i meet i never thought nothing of it and he’s a libra …we recently had a one on one date and there after started hanging out….the connection is so strong and unreal and i never ever felt like this for no man ….but i do treat relactionships like a business i’ll observe when im on a date and then that’ll let me know if i want them to stay around i always cut people off real quick when things dont go as plainned (yes thats bad) if i notice a guy cant wine and dine me i’ll walk away i dont consider myself a gold digger cause i can hold my own and there be times when i’ll pick up the tab while in a relactionship….i like well groomed men and i like nice things and every goal i set i notice i’ll still follow threw dispite the odds….i can say more but i’ll stop it there.n..all my traits as a capricorn are very strong ….but im learning to to be flexable dispite how hard that is for me….but reading how libras and capricorns dont match concerns me because i really like him and i like that libras like commited relationships and its hard to find a man thats willing to do so….

  23. skitz0

    i am a capricorn woman and i am head over heals for this libra (talk about bussiness like relationship, we met at work) i’ve known and been good friends with for 1 1/2 yrs. and from the way he acts with me he seems pretty much the same, but then again the libra can be dishonest and i saw this though the end of his last relationship (who wuz a capricorn 0.0) they just broke up and me and him had our first date. but i feel as though it would be different with us. unlike his previous capricorn i am not possessive, or controlling which drove him away(and he broke up with her not vice versa). we laugh like complete nerds together, we always playin around, and the passion is explosive! any pointers on how i can save this from turning into his last libra-capricorn relationship?

  24. lovely

    sting and trudie,eminem and his ex,usher and his ex wife there is something about capricorn women that attract libra men their apparent calm and his need for security i guess,but whether it works in the longterm is up to them.

  25. bell

    aww, Im a capricorn woman and i find this soo hurtful. Thats not me at all..

    You have spoke so much about materalistic things and its soo silly.. I feel like crying, it was just so mean..

    Im with my boyfriend and he can be so rude and angry towards me (his is a virgo) and he is very materalistic and only likes the best of the best and to be honest i hate his attitude when it comes to money and how snobby he can be, its a real turn off and i dont want to be around that.. so tell me how is this true capricorns being gold diggers when my boyfriends family is quite wealthy and i want out because its making me unhappy.. Money doesnt buy love, in NO circumstances..

    and you do sound a little bitter when writing about capricorn woman.. Im starting to think it is stereotyped..

    I cant get enough of intamacy and being cared for and loved by someone..

    This just doesnt seem accurate at all..

  26. Capriloveslibra

    I just can’t understand why people have to be so mean to either the capricorn or the libra.

    I am a capricorn woman and been with my libra man for almost 5 years now. We’ve been through a lot.. like seriously, we faced challenges as it goes our way, we’re even on a long distance relationship for a few years now but we continue to love, trust, understand and compromise with each other. All we do is simply love.. and none of you here have a single idea on how excited we are to spend Christmas together. We are looking forward to that very day and we can no longer wait… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Money and everything else means nothing when both of you are truly in love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Aubrey

    I’m a capricorn women, libra moon.. seeing a libra man with capricorn moon. It’s different than any relationship I have ever been in before neither of us wants a boyfriend/girlfriend but we both treat eachother like we are to the other. Its weird! We have fun together, enjoy eachothers company and companionship. Honestly, I think being a cap I have to stop trying to dig into something to figure him out. Becuase he doesn’t do that to me, and we do best when we are both distracted from the normal life stuff. Our actions tward eachother speak louder than anything else. Altough, compliments are great for both signs, I believe when complimenting the libra their self-confidence and esteem rises almost immediately. Especially when I think of a really good one!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know where this is going at all but it feels like a bubble inside it we work together and have a great time, so… its a good place to start I guess.

  28. Mario JJ Atairu

    I do not beliv this. Why is the libra man hated so much, i am a libra guy and most of what you guys say is true but, has anyone taken the time to look at thier own signs, i aam sure you will find that you are also not perfect. However, wether you like it or not, libra is the best sign for relationships, he excels in music- john lennon, has deep imagination- da vinci.

    Stop, harrasing us. Women feel a deep connection with us and its for a reason. Most of you have been dumped or dumped a libra not bcos of his character but because of you sense of personal value.

    Libra is always ready to compromise he is the diplomat and the only star i know that can make a deal with the devil and go home with his own fair share of the bargain.

    Ladies try to concentrate on the good side… not the bad… for some day you might meet a saint but fail to recognise his chivalry because ur self-critical.

    Libra or not….. nothing in life is perfect… libra knows this more than u and thats why he has all the cool traits.

    Everyone is gifted for a special purpose.

    P.S Almost evry libra i know is rich and sucessful dont know how we do it… guess our friendships did it

  29. minicap

    I started talking to a Libra man on-line, 10 y my junior…and boy, did we hit it off!!! he is classical Libra, I recognise the charm, the indecision, the mood swings when he totally hates himself. Beaten up by a relationship in the past that he says it has drained him.. now he is a bit freaked out…needs a bit of a break…he doesn’t like to talk about how he feels…he wants to keep most conv light, while I go for the core…:D…the minute i stop communicating he is over me like a rash with explanations and sweet talk, the second i turn the hit up he backs up…very strange creatures, Libras…
    my heart is set on him and I think he is truly and utterly fond of me…we appreciate the mutual advancement and the fun we have…but strangely enough I get the feeling he likes me more when I am cool and reserved rather than when I am all over him… bizarre? normal? what do other people think…

  30. Astrological perspective is POSTIVE!!


    This pairing has intensity and a mate-for-life philosophy that can overcome obvious differences. First off, Capricorn is not likely to swoon over Libra’s obvious charms. The Goat has a cavernous depth of cool that keeps Libra guessing. Libra quickly realizes that being whip-smart and capable will win the Goat. Libra likes the extras of romance, while Capricorn isn’t likely to invest in love ephemera. But if a bond emerges, Libra can rest assured that Capricorn’s gifts will be ones of lasting value. Both are marriers, and while it’s got built in frictions, this pair can find a harmonious balance. Capricorn minds the structure of the relationship, while Libra adds the flourishes.

    What intrigues Capricorn is Libra’s social finesse, something they see as an asset for climbing the ladder. Beyond that, the Goat knows the value of a good, clear mind, and is entertained by the Libran wit. On dates, Libra brings ease to conversations, and that allows the reserved Cappy to open up. If the Libra is female to a status-minded Capricorn male, she could become Venusian arm candy, not fully respected in her own right. Capricorn tends to say ‘my way or the highway,’ a sentiment abhorrent to Libra’s diplomatic nature. A Libra caught too often in the lala land of indecision could be putty in the hands of the strong-willed goat. Capricorn loses respect for the people-pleaser, or a Libra that is all talk and no action. While the extremes of these signs together spell disaster, many Libra-Capricorn couples learn to respect what the other has to offer.

    It’s likely that the Goat wants to ‘talk shop’ a lot, but as a cardinal sign, Libra understands ambition. Libra just goes about it in a different way, prefering paths of least resistance. Capricorn might think Libra a layabout, but if they observe over time, they’ll see just how much the latter accomplishes. At home, Capricorn can be a hoarder and packrat, while Libra prefers an airy spaciousness. Libra likes to stay above the fray, while Capricorn sinks into dark moods from time to time that are unshakable. Libra’s instinct for saying the right things may help, but sometimes the Goat just needs to be alone.

    With the traditional home-loving Goat, Libra comes to life, having found a loyal mate for all time. And Capricorn is drawn into the pleasures and beauty of life by entering Libra’s world. Once a commitment is made, their differences round things out, and bode well for mutual fulfillment.

  31. hopeless romantic cappie

    I am a true Capricorn and I find myself usually attracted to Virgo or Taurus males. However I’ve had a Libra man in my life for quite sometime now (3+ years) that I can’t seem to get over. We’ve never been in a relationship but we are constantly in each other’s life. My moon is in Libra, is that why? Is there any hope for me and this Libra man or should I just go play with Virgo and Taurus instead? ๐Ÿ™‚ Appreciate your thought, Nancy.

  32. ???

    Degree of Marriage: “The combination of Libra and Capricorn is a very sensible combination.” And yet you agree with belinda’s commments, do elaborate please?

  33. Showbiz

    Well I’ve just been dumped by a Libran male ๐Ÿ™
    I am the Cap. Although I don’t think I’m a true Cap, I’m not ambitious or unreliable…
    He turned cold all of a sudden…and I think he still holds feelings for the Gemini ex (of course theirs is the “perfect match”). He’s also a dragon & I’m a monkey and that compatability is meant to be perfect…. maybe he will never give me the true explanation I need.

  34. Biased

    Years later Libra will still be trying to figure out how he might have made it work, while Capricorn goes searching for the good things in life (duh).
    I fins it funny, however, I don’t like the slant that its all in capricorn’s woman fault…that’s she’s boring, controlling, ambitious, and not the deceitful, unhonest, unreliable, unambitious, lazy, nonchalant Libra’s fault…

  35. Caprica

    Ditto for Capricorn, you deserve BETTER you deserve more, not a philandering, low standard having complacent man who has the nerve to want to dominate you but not the intricate details of obtaining a successful life, caps sisters OPEN your eyes he aint worth it!

  36. belinda

    These two will end up hating each other..Libra will not want to be controled by Capricorn…remember Capricorn wants to control and dominate…Libra will lie thru his ass to get away from her…Fights will break out and cold hearts will run on both sides…Run away……..

  37. belinda

    Dear God, Libra Run away before its too late…You might find her attractive in the beginning but in the long run you will hate her….She is not for you…Run away…

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