Gemini Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Gemini Couples: Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks

Have you ever watched two monarch butterflies chase each other around the garden? This is what it’s like when charming, flirtatious Gemini dances with refined, mannerly Libra. There is something graceful and lovely about the interaction. It is one relationship that friends will believe in right away and support. People will talk about the magic between the two of them and notice their chemistry as if they were movie stars paired for a film romance. Many will invest emotionally in the progress of the courtship and vote in favor of advancement. Ordinarily, this kind of social pressure would be the kiss of death, but in this case, it acts like a catalyst. The Libra man and the Gemini woman are cheered along by a gallery of admirers like a celebrity couple walking the red carpet at the Oscars. These two have such a lovely persona that the public wants to share in it.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Libra Man: Attracting her is easy. Keeping her is another story. In order to maintain her interest you’re going to have to stay a step ahead. It would help if you could fly to Ireland and kiss the blarney stone. For heaven’s sake, don’t try to compete with her merry effervescence. Be a good listener instead. Take her out often. Let her enjoy her many friends. Give her the space she needs.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Gemini Woman: You have to give him a second chance. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve gotten very far into the relationship. You run circles around him, and it takes him a few dry runs to catch up. But it’s worth it. Don’t mistake his coolness for indifference. When he takes a step back, it’s to get his perspective. In fact, you’ll likely go one step back, two steps forward. Eventually the rhythm will find you. Degree of Romance: The romance between Ms. Gemini and Ms. Libra – two air signs — has an more intellectual component than most signs. Gemini women know how to play femininity to the hilt, especially with a gallant Libra by their side. A lot of romancing is done with verbal repartee and double innuendo, quite amusing and titillating.

Degree of Passion: Passion? Let me put it this way. Life is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think. Although they might laugh at someone caught up in passion, like Othello, for example, these two are playing the part of a romantic comedy and take the thinking person’s viewpoint of romance. They do not take themselves or anyone else seriously as regards excessive emotion, psychological complexes, or fits of jealousy and rage camouflaged as love.

Degree of Friendship: These two can be best pals who enjoy exploring the world together. They both believe in walking the course before playing it, and they think that half the fun is talking about it after they’ve done it. The lines of communication are always open, and they fill each other with curiosity and inquisitiveness. Staying up on current developments is a shared pleasure: using the latest urban slang, hanging out at trendy places, and downloading new apps for their iPhones keeps these two close. They like to see and be seen as cool.

Degree of Marriage: This makes a terrific marriage although they are likely to focus on each other rather than kids. Two intellectuals at heart, their interests are adult-oriented and require a good vocabulary to discuss. Neither one is particularly interested in sitting at home babysitting on a Saturday night.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship sizzles with possibility. It moves along like the bubbles in a champagne glass, and Ms. Gemini and Mr. Libra are sure to become the toast of the town. The curiosity and interest of others feeds their interest in each other. People are bound to notice and talk about them, which just increased their enjoyment of selecting places to be seen in. Although Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were neither Libra or Gemini, the characters they portrayed in their movies fit the Libra Gemini profile perfectly.

Sex: If sex were a dance, these two would be doing the Irish jig. Their psychological complexity and lack of emotional depth puts pressure on other aspects of lovemaking which they treat like an interesting puzzle. If the mind is the greatest sex organ, these two are bound to pleasure each other again and again.

When It’s Over: The ending of the romance will depend upon Libra’s forbearance the first time Gemini steps out. Libra, it really is absurd to notion that anyone could tie a Gemini down forever, so you might as well figure now how you’re going to handle it and give her the space she needs to come back and be yours again. A few extra-curricular activities does not have to man a brutal ending. You are rational enough to keep your perspective and not throw the baby out with the bath water. If you give her the space she needs, she won’t ever leave you.

Our Rating: 8/10

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62 Responses to Gemini Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

  • reeefjf says:

    hi nancy,
    m planning to date a libra guy….but m lil scared…ur article gives me a lil hope but still makes me feel insecure coz im a lil introvert n i just feel he might leave me if il b boring after a while…also my moon sign is aquarious and cancer as ascendent…would you please suggest me what can be done n how would my relationship turn like

  • jj says:

    Over the smooth operating Libra. I despise dishonest people and he clearly had no regards for my feelings when he supposedly forgot my bday and seem to be involve with someone else and didn’t have the respect to tell me. I’m so hurt right now, but he doesn’t deserve to see that. I can’t wait to forget him for good.

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  • Lovely Gemini says:

    I swear after reading your article it has given me hope that maybe things will progress with me and the Libra man that I am dating, we both just recently gotten out of bad relationships and we just want to take things slow, I really like him and he gives me hope that I can actually love again, I don’t know what to do as far moving forward with him, any suggestions or advice??

  • Ana says:

    I knew this…. becuz me gemini n my Husband Libra is best pair… lyk made for each other.. :D am always happy wid him… n feel cool calm frank n easy comfortable wid him… n share everything wid him widout any prob… I really luv his company.. n we both enjoys alot.. yp this is true ppl lyk to see us together n talk abt us alot… but the Sad tragic of my life is i loose my hubby forever after his death now am all alone :( (( n cant move on wid anbody becuz i was addicted to him … i really miss u my honey (libra) :(

  • Tamara says:

    I feel like im obsessed with my Libra ex. He doesnt make it any easy for me to get over him. His eyes instantly reach out to my soul. Feel like im crazy or something. But its as though i just belong to him. Im not even goin to start with the sex…hahaha im addicted to him and dont want anyone else to touch me. I just love him and it feels jus right! I can never get over him…my heart wont let me. I do not know what else to do to show him i love him and only him. I want him to feel exactly the way i do about him!

  • Damn, it. says:

    Man, I gave a gemini girl some space, and she died. Awesome girl, but as unpredictable as they come. Definitely, one of the top 2 girls I was attracted to.

  • Evette says:

    I just read this artical and felt every word I read. I am in love with a Libra male and I feel like he complete me. We are not together now but I feel like we will come back together. When I see him it’s like a school girl crush all over again. When he smile at me I get butterflies in my stomache. We enjoyed each others company and when we were together it was only us. I have never felt the way I do about any man the way I feel about this man. It’s like we were made for each other. I trust and believe in God. Because what I feel for this man is spiritual I feel him when he thinks about me. I wasn’t in this relationship by myself.

  • Emmah says:

    This is EXTREMELY ACCURATE. My libra man gives me as much space as I need and I fiend for him everyday. I’m bound to him in body, mind and spirit and he’s not even mine officially…..yet. I’m still reeling him in though, he’s not going to leave me :)

  • Clint says:

    Onur :

    not reallly.. geminis are too flirtatious just too much. They will flirt with anyone anywhere anytime, as soon as libra finds this out the world ends for libra. it is usually a sshort term thing for them rather than a long term cause of geminis flirty attitude. imagine your girl will look into one your friends’ eyes like she wants to ‘f’ him, and naturally the guy will think that way. So this makes the libra guy positions as a very weak, and sad person. libra man is better off without a gemini girl in the long run.

    @Onur: You are so right on! I think their understanding of communication with other people is flirting. So their normal talk is actually flirting with anyone.

    I love Gemini women but they are def not a marriage material. They are not loyal and too flirty for librans. They are also very hard-headed in terms of not giving chances and really understanding the nature of libra. They are kinda like Sag women…

    Yes Librans like gemini for “facts” they know like they come across smart but if you think about it, its just memorizing couple facts on the surface not deeply. You can have this by training others like Virgo so in the end, why bother with a flirtatious being??

  • Nunuh says:

    I’m in love with a libra and I just love being inlove with him. He is so harmonious and graceful. He brings balance to the complicated me. In him I have found a soul mate and an amazing life partner. Loving him is so easy sometimes I really feel I was made for him and him for me. My body, spirit and soul belongs to him and I could imagine going on day without him. The article is so accurate, I was smiling all the time whilst reading it cause I could relate so much……… I love my libra baby

  • Mel says:

    My Libra is 14 years older than me and I feel we are made for each other. He is a total gentleman, always thinking of me first and totally in-tune with my need to be a princess. He rolls graciously with my mean, nasty, angry other side as well. Granted Libra men tend to fall in love everytime the wind blows and tend to get married more than most other signs (mine has been married 3 times and 2 out of 3 under 2 years). I feel a more mature Libra is the way to go for us younger Gemini’s. I cant think of my future without him!

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