Leo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Famous Leo-Libra Couples:  Rosslyn and Jimmy Carter, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Halle Berry and Eric Benet

This is a good match, especially for a first marriage.  It can tend toward formulaic relating, but that is helpful in some cases where the partners do not have a lot of experience.  Both signs are inclined to follow the rules, and they bring out in one another a tendency to mistake following the rules for actually having a relationship.  In other words, if I bring you flowers every Valentine’s Day, or if I take your coat to the cleaners religiously, does that mean that I love you?  Does this suffice for loving you?  Does it pass for loving you?  The vital dynamic between Leo and Libra is neither dynamic nor vital but it can be very appropriate, if you know what I mean.  Let’s say, Libra man, that your career would go better if you had a wife and let’s say, Leo woman, that you want to please your parents who have been married for 30 years …

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Libra Man:   Please remember that Leo women get a lot of attention from men, some of whom are less substantive than you, but a lot more showy.  We are concerned that she may mistake your even temperament and harmonious ways for indifference or neutrality.  It will help if you talk the language of love.  For example, do you know that a dozen red roses sends a different message than any other bouquet?  Did you know that asking her out for Saturday night is much more significant than any other day of the week?  In your mind these contrivances may be insignificant, but they are the best way you have for communicating that your interest is out of the ordinary.  Otherwise your ships may pass silently in the night and she will never know what a wonderful person she missed, simply because your approach was so balanced and proper.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Leo Woman:   You will have to convince him that you are a lady.  Libra and Capricorn men are sticklers on this point.  This means that you will have to show your social skills and good manners from the get-go.  You can also expect a quid-pro-quo courtship .  Even though the rules say you should answer him one time for every four times he calls or texts you, with Libra and Leo I would make an exception.  If he hits the ball to your court, return it. Don’t put a spin on it.  Don’t hot dog it.  Don’t rush the net or get fancy.  Just hit the ball back.  That’s talking his language.  On the other hand, he will tend to love your social skills.  It won’t bother him at all that you get so much attention because he feels that reflects on him.  You should find this relaxing fun after being with so many guys who are jealous of your popularity.

Degree of Romance:  Leo and Libra were born to romance one another.  Leo will always be a little bit disappointed in Libra because he lacks spontaneity and creativity.  But he makes up for it in good taste and aesthetics.  This is one relationship where Ms. Leo may be surprised to find herself with a rival for choosing the silver pattern or contemplating the decor of the new home.  Libra is more tasteful than Leo as a general rule.  If she‘s smart, the lady lion will give that some serious consideration.

Degree of Passion:  Leos like to act passionate but unlike their reputation, they are really ruled by their heads, not their hearts.  For a Leo, love is more of an act of will than a feeling.  This actually will draw you closer together because Libra is so cerebral.  Libra celebrates romance as an aesthetic — because it is beautiful and enhances life.  Libra values ideals and invests heavily in them.  The problems start if Leo wants to get down and real, even bawdy and raucous.  Count Libra out.

Degree of Friendship:   These two can be fairly fine friends especially if they have a common goal or project such as advancing each other’s careers, decorating a home, or raising perfectly adorable and mannerly children.  They have the temperament of friends because they bring out the cool-headed equanimity of one another.  Leo has the reputation of being a jungle animal but Libra brings out the regal dignified aspect instead.

Degree of Marriage: This is a fairly good combo for marriage.  For one thing, both partners “believe in” marriage.  This turns out to be a deciding factor in marital longevity.  These two each like to please others and to “look good”.  They will often keep a marriage together just to handle the format so to speak.  It can get pretty fake at times but the years go by and nobody notices.  A lot can be accomplished by this pair in terms of conventional maturation tasks such as ripening careers, getting the kids into good colleges, eating healthy and stashing away money for retirement.

Progression of Relationship:  Libra is a cardinal sign and must be in control.  He is always thinking and has a strategy in mind.  The relationship will go where he wants it to go or it will end.  Many, many a Leo woman has been managed by a Libra man and never even noticed when he slipped the collar around her neck.  This is pretty beautiful in and of itself.  No one can domesticate a Leo goddess like a Libra man.

Sex:  Sex between a Libra man and Leo woman is like a Japanese courtesan and her patron.  There is a highly intellectualized component having to do with niceties, appropriateness, and aesthetics.  There will be very little spontaneity and practically no exploration beyond the initial getting-to-know-you stage.  Sex can become nicely ritualized and pleasing with no rude surprises or jealous scenes of passion.  This is one relationship where sex may be viewed mostly as a procreative function.

When It’s Over:  When it ends you will see the cold side of Libra who, as it turned out, had an exit strategy all along.  Mr. Libra is a born game-player who will always play the last card to win.  Don’t be naive, Leo.  If you enter a relationship with a Libra, get somebody knowledgeable on your side like a lawyer if you start to have problems.

Our Rating: 7/10

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79 Responses to Leo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

  • rosalyn says:

    thank you for taking your time to explain yourself as a libra man,it really heped alot because it is right on point with what i see from my BF i think this reading this will definetely help our relationship and i adore him ,,,

    Loving Scales :
    I am a Libra man. I love being a Libra man and I really emjoyed reading everyones post. I chuckled reading that we are flighty and indecisive. That is not the total case. We analyze everything, your words, body language, habits, temperment, everything. We weigh out every possiblity. If we are interested we will invest time in you. While we are learning you we are hoping for consistantcy. We are hoping that you are real, true, and genuine. We know that people put up fronts so, we wait. Once we have sized you up then we will make a decision. We Love Leo women. You all are the best! We are great foundational supports and we want you to shine. We want to love you and provide for you. You just can’t take us for granted. True, we love women but, really we desire that one that can balance us out. But, she has to be confident in her self, trusting of us, and reciprocate. If we write you a poem, tell us how much you loved it. If we send you flowers praise us for being thoughtful. If we send you a text telling you how much we adore you and want you. Tell us the same. We don’t mind a little chase but, we get tired quickly. We are aware of our options but, we want who we want. We may flirt with other women but, its only because we are natural charmers. It’s who we are. We may love our Ex’s and never truly get over them. That’s only because when we love, we love hard. At times it may seem that we are more in love with the thought of being in love. Use that! Be a apart of our love journey and don’t try to figure it out. Because, the moment you start questioning us or our motives then thats when it goes sour. We read people well. It may seem like we know you better than you know yourself. You wont admit it but, its true! We can be very loyal just dont let greed, envy or ego get in the way of the relationship. Do not try to manipulate or control us. We can pick up on it quickly. Do not try to use other men to make us jealous. We will remove ourselves from the equation and leave you with your male factor. We are big dreamers. Support that. It may seem that we have many things going on. Support that. We are filtering possibilities. We may say a lot of our ideas aloud. Support that we are including you in the process. Remember that it is a process. We take longer than most but, that’s only because we want the best outcome. We can be very spontaneous! We are more spontaneous when we feel appreciated. Don’t make us feel bad or guilty for an idea that we have. Encouragement inspires us to be creative and innovative. Choose your battles wisely. We are extremely dissinterested in conflict. Negativity is a pool that we do not like to swim in. To calm us… touch us. The head, lowerback, and genital area. No matter how many times we tell you the same story just listen. Listen like its your first time and be excited. We are from the house of love and partnership. We are our best when we are in a loving relationship. We will worship and adore you. The funny thing is… We actually want to! Please try not to box us with limiting beliefs or try to smother us. At times we need space. That’s only because we are recharging and when we come back the love is even stronger. But, it has to be un interrupted. This may seem a little much but, I assure you. It will be a love so powerful, so passionate, so fullfilling that you will wonder why you did not do it in the first place. You can have ego with everone else but, do not have ego with us. We will be your personal Cheerleader. Even if you do wrong we will be by yourside. We will tell you about it. But, you will still have our support. If you focus on peace, love, harmony and beauty and you maintain your mind, body, and spirit in that same regard. You have a solemate for life.

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  • Moonchild says:

    ^ so basically everything has to be about u. Hahahaha! No seriously as long as u r pleased the relationship boat will sail smooth. That’s an absolutely narcissistic and self obsessed point of view!

  • Roaring Lioness says:

    This is so narcissist… But I am a leo woman in love with a libra man and sadly, even with me being a narcissist myself, I donlt know why i go by every word he says…. it’s kind of like I want to. At times I am furious with myself, then I look at his logic and realize my anger to be rather idiotic in the front of his huge sense of balance. I depend on him so much and adore him, despite the fact that I am so angry with him often…. Anyway, leo ladies, this is the best match for you. No one can slip a collar around u so dexterously like a Libra man and the worst part is, u’ll love being directed around in that whispering soft voice. Just be stable and never ask him where ur relationship is headed. I made that mistake and regret it till date even though I said sorry (for god knows what! ) and never ever brought up the topic.

  • maddie m says:

    Omg!!!:) This is unreal great and true!! Im a leo woman!! Ive never been in
    love with no man because no man couldnt win my heart!! But ever since I met my Libra man It was like a magnet we are sooo connected!!! He makes me feel sooo crazy in love with him!! 4 wonderful yrs!! and many more!!:)

  • ria says:

    this was true on so many levels it was almost scary. my libra ex-boyfriend was so indifferent it came off as careless and inconsiderate. however he had me so into him it was years before i noticed the ‘collar around my neck’. however i moved for college and he didnt want me to, so once things stopped going his way (me making all the effort to see him whenever he wanted) he got very cold and heartless to the point where he was a full out player while we were still together. and when i broke up with him he had two girls lined up five minutes later. talk about an exit strategy.

  • sakura says:

    I have been in love with a libra for half my life; it’s true, they can control a lioness like no other can. and yes they can be perceived as flighty, but only because the leo in me is so impulsive that any pause between action and reaction is seen as waffling. yes, they are devoted and extremely loving, but man does it take a long time and a lot of patience to get there! We went thru a couple of splits and when libra turns cold, it’s cold to the bone,.and it doesn’t get warm again until he gets his way. As headstrong and arrogant as lionesses are, it’s that very quality that we find so addicting in a libra: whereas admiration is often given to us freely and easily, libras have to be earned; his ability to manipulate makes him a worthy opponent- and we are ALWAYS looking for a challenge; and we admire his mental acumen in combination with his refined taste.
    that being said, I find the sex paragraph horribly, horribly wrong. A leo and a libra having purely procreational sex?? Are you kidding me?? Leos are the consummate lovers; completely untamed; and have a strong flair for the dramatic and the aesthetic. Libras are affectionate, attracted to the theatrical, and curious to boot. Putting the two together is quite literally like adding air to fire: libra feeds leo until they burn down a bedroom! Libra and leo are easily one of the best- if not just straight up THE BEST- sexual pairings in the zodiac!

  • Renee says:

    I am madly in love with my Libra man, but I fear the end is near. We are fighting all the time! We can be happy and giggly one minute and the next we are yelling. He is very controlling and I am very independent…ok, I am controlling too. We both want things our way. I know that I want to work things out and try to stay together because there is much love there for both of us. I think I am afraid to give away any of my control for fear of losing myself. When I give in to his ways, I feel a part of myself cringe. I feel ill at times with the thought if giving into his every desire. Though sometimes when I do, the rewards are greater than any loss I might have suffered.
    He is so moody and so stubborn and so difficult. I wait every day with hope for a night without fighting. It just seems like he is waiting to pick a fight. I don’t know what to do. The only thing I can think if is to give up all control and I am not cool with that at all!
    As for the sex? Best sex I have EVER had! AMAZING!!! He is very inventive and we never have the same sex twice. We don’t have patterns because we change positions constantly. I don’t even wanna talk about it or I will have a hard time getting through the rest of day without him.
    Can someone please give me some advice? I don’t want to lose him, but I really don’t want to lose myself either.

  • Thands says:

    You know um datin’ a libra man and um a leo lady,but um not sure ’bout this relationship of ours because we always fightin to hell. Um a very sturbborn leo lady and ofcos the fact is libra men also sturborn so just image how tough is this. And the point is i feel like um gonna loose him because we hardly talk this days because of our prides. Give me advise please

  • bellaprinchepa says:

    It was bad enough that my libra ex abused me publicly – libra man is weak enough to do it. i was patient i cooked cleaned and looked after him and his kids for four yrs .i’m a leo woman proud of my home. but the day he let his friend abuse me in front of all that’s it – i dumped him. he gave such lame excuses. i have a lot coming up ahead need to look for work and i can do without these shenanigans have enough on my plate. libra man lies all the time is easygoing and leaves no room where you can lay you head and rest coz they’re busy using you and causing a ruckus so you can dump them…. when your use is over. get a steady good young, taurus man drummers are the best and rid yourself of this vacillating fool with the juvenile friends and this friend loved corsets too lol.

  • LiliannaLeo says:

    I’m a Leo girl and I’m with a Libra guy. He is a charming , sweet, and manipulative. He’s always preening at me and I’m always following him around, trying to keep up with him. He loves to drag me around in his life in this odd quiet but very direct way. Plus it doesn’t help that I’m shy , he just finds it so funny because I have a shield of being outgoing when I meet someone. He finds my “shyness” so charming and surprising – his words exactly. Plus he pretends his doesn’t notice my appearance which I find silly, he’s only complimented me one time on how I look, and it was such a huge adoring outburst, I don’t think I need anymore lol.

    Libra men are insensitive and sensitive on the same time. Doesn’t help that they are stubborn and have a brick for a head. I’m more subtle about that.

    Libra men also like to hear that they are “charming” , they will be very pleased to hear that word thrown at them and plus they like the challenge of trying to win a mate over.

    My Libra guy gets so distant until he wants attention, he gets very sulky and unsure that I even want him if I don’t tell him I love him. True, I try to without smothering him. He’s like me on that, if I’m praised constantly, I’ll go into panic. If I compliment him, it’ll practically make his day and he’ll go dashing around, picking me up and bringing me flowers and kissing me. His head is someplace in fantasy world when it comes to romance, I swear, I’ll watch wondering how someone can be so in the clouds and serious at the same time. But I like flowers , picnic, cards.

    He loves to torture himself too in his own mind. I have to constantly nurture him and remind him that I care. Which gets him really flattered. My Libra can tell when he hurts my feelings or I am sad, I can give him that much and we can detect the true feelings under each others words. He knows me so much more than I do and I can sense his feelings no matter what he says. Our chemistry is great.

    And Libras are freaks, everyone knows that. Leos are passionate lovers but Libras are the scary ones. They are highly sexual despite how laid back they may appear.

    The funniest thing, my Libra guy and I first met and I was the biggest skeptic ever. We talked like five times and he said “You are different I’ll tell you when I find out why.” I developed a crush the second time we talked , he picked up on it right away but I would not tell him and he knew, because he kept asking me, “Is there something you want to tell me?” Pretty much, after a while of talking to me, he said “You like me don’t you.”

    I literally ended the conversation a minute later and charged right home. He did pretty much hook me in without me knowing. He’s been tugging me around ever since.

    That post is so true but Libra men are complicated, admit that.

  • LiliannaLeo says:

    Libra men are such narcissist. It’s like dating a me lol.

  • Lioness says:

    Wel, I read a lot about Libra and the most truly stuff is about the collar around Lion´s neck. I´ve never loved anyone as much as I do my Libra man. Actually in comparison I think I´ve never loved anyway. I always kept distance trying not to be hurt at the end, but in this relationship boundaries are unimaginable for me. I know that if we break up it will be tough. But what´s great is that we both feel vulnerable. We knew each other for 3 years and we have been friends since we talked for the first time. For a long time he was just a great friend of mine and I have no idea when I fell in love with him. He is really charming and knows how to deal with me. It is very difficult to tell him “no” and funny is that it works mutually. I would hate to be manipulated by anyone else, because of my ego and pride, but being manipulated by Libra man is so… charming and sweet as it is absolutely unaffected. Simply said we are going to love or kill each other ;)

  • SupremeQueenLioness says:

    I just met and interacted with my first Libran male. Everything I have been reading thus far about him as it relates to me the lioness, is so spot on. Although it is very new, no one has ever “gotten” me like this man and in an instance. He knows me already it would seem and the coincidences that confirm that knowing is mind-boggling. I am told that he will be the only man to ever tame me, and that remains to be seen, but I think if it is at all possible than I would allow him in an instant.

  • Markel says:

    Haha the hole sex part is completely wrong on the libras Behalf haha I’m a libra male and love to try new things and surprise my Leo ;)

  • Almondjoa says:

    Wow, I am a Leo woman in a new relationship with a Libra man. Even though it is still very new, I see these wonderful things in him already. I am looking forward to our relationship and very willing to do my part to keep it strong. I think it is about time someone put that “collar” on my neck if they can. :) And I think he is just the man to do it!

  • anonymous says:

    for some reason i relate really well with the LEO woman:

    “– On the other hand, he will tend to love your social skills. It won’t bother him at all that you get so much attention because he feels that reflects on him. You should find this relaxing fun after being with so many guys who are jealous of your popularity.” –quoted.

    so many men get jealous of the royalty and popularity of the leo woman (shakes head) it’s not good to be with a leo woman if a man is super insecure. He must be VERY secure in knowing that she would always be LOYAL and still enjoy the spotlight. It’s not because she enjoys it, it’s because she can’t help it. It’s in her nature.

  • abosc says:

    I am a Leo woman and I am smitten with a Libra man. We’ve only gone on one date but his demeanor after the first date has gone stagnant and I’m thinking I’m going to will myself not to like him anymore because I can’t stand not knowing how someone really feels about me…oh well guess I’m stashing single for life.

  • edz says:

    I really believe in this one, this is true Leo and Libra are good match! perfect match even if they always say aquarius and libra are good match. still Leo and Libra are the best!

  • andy says:


  • CHYNNA says:

    I now lot of couples who are leo-libra relationship it’s long relationship

  • CHYNNA says:

    I know lot of couples who are leo-libra relationship it’s long relationship

  • marian says:

    Leo and Libra always end up together no matter what the difference the can work things together soul mates!

  • marian says:

    this is a real SOUL MATE relationship!

  • ron says:

    Romantic relationship
    LEO=LIBRA (y)

  • ron says:

    Romantic relationship
    that’s LEO=LIBRA <3

  • Milia says:

    I m in leo-libra relationship. A lot of stuff you have here is almost true.Jus pick your bettles, keep the sex spark, give him attention even when he is nuts ….and get yours when he is bathing in ocean of love….All is well.

  • nicole says:

    This is sooooo true. I almost gave up on love until I met my Libra. We have been together for 13yrs. Everyday together feels brand new. We broke up so I know how it feels to lose him I cried until I hot him back. I never want to lose him again. I am lucky enough to see him mature. He was young now he knows better and he is insisting in doing better. He understand royalty which I am in my head of course. He talks to me he listens to me he cries to me he cries for me. He is smart hardworking loves the Lord…but he can hardheaded but he is working on it. N the sex is amazing. I love his touch his bites his squeeze. He always make sure I orgasm. Now thats love. I’m so glad I found him.

  • laura says:

    Im a leo lady of 40 years of age, have been dating a libra male for nearly two years. Its been nothing but sheer hell when we first met and started dating , as most men he was charming, romantic, thoughtful , now hes just became self centred and very flirtatious to the point i feel embarrassed taking him anywhere with me. I have expressed my feeling and emotions on how hurtful not to mention disrespectful it is holding my hand while we are out shopping that’s one example while hes smiling at other women….hello? Im here in front of you what is going on? I feel like hes ripping my heart out i explain that it really hurts me . He turns a blind eye and says hes been social and friendly…im like yeas with every nice looking women the ones slightly over weight or not good looking he wont admire . This disgusting behaviour has destroyed my trust and feelings for him. When we get into an argument bout anything , mainly bout hes womanising he leaves an i don’t hear from him for days .I realize this is not normal my x husband was a scorpio as crazy as he was he never made me feel so insecure and unworthy of myself . His conclusions get this make you laugh “we just don’t go out together anymore” not what i wanted to hear so he prefer to go out on his own smile as it is known as flirting which he totally chooses to ignore thinking in mad in at my wits ends how can all these couples be happy an feel so fortunate when i feel like im living a nightmare . Ive never met any man that makes me feel like shit. Is he that insecure that he needs to get women’s attention in really needed help is there hope? Or iam just wasting my life .

  • laura says:

    Nicole how old are you? You love him because he makes you orgasm …..clearly there’s more to a relationship then orgasming lol seriously maybe its time to lose him again ..seems hes got you where he wants you

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