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  1. Lauretta Fralick

    My experience with my Libra man has been like a rollercoaster of love/uncertainty/love. After 2+ yrs this is where I am at with this relationship.I am a Leo woman- 8.7.89 and he is a Libra-10.14.87, currently as of two days a go we are not communicating because of one of too many arguments that we have had, that gets to, lets just say way too dramatic! So right now I am also pregnant and I think that its best for me to just cool off from him because like many other women have mentioned about thier current and past Libra men, libras are just too indecisive and too moody. I feel like my emotions come from passion and conflict with his indecisiveness and then he doesn’t know what to do, and it that makes me feel like he doesn’t care enough to even get or understand what I am feeling. This makes me resent him and see him as a cold/selfish/incoherent human being and drives me nuts. I feel that Libras’ sense of being a diplomat in arguments and discussions can just be pl ain stubborn and arrogant, like their way is the right way and my way is soooo utterly hampering to my Libra’s mood, its like he goes off into some zoned out world and cannot function. I simply feel like he is way too easily overwhelmed and just “decides” to feel that way until I do what he wants, which is infuriating because it seems like what I have to say is just too much to comprehend. No one likes feeling misunderstood, especially a Leo woman. We have so much passion, creativity, and pride in our selves that we want the man in our lives to acknowledge and appreciate this, afterall Libra’s are attracted to a Leo woman’s confidence, but why do I feel like some cannot handle it? Libra man does seem bi-polar, and when reading this page, it felt sooooo good to read that other women agreed, yet I guess its not that good when you realize the reality. 🙁 Anyways not all is bad between me and my libra, he is very playful, and tries to give good advice sometimes, and I guess as a Leo woman I need a lot of attention, which I sometimes receive, but Libra needs soooooo much more. its like they want to suck out all your confidence and need sooo much affection, but as a true Leo I am generous to a fault, so I actually enjoy displaying my love and affection to my partner. But I do love him and he and I do have a lot of creative elements in common and can have really interesting conversations. I also know he will be a great Dad, Libra’s are extremely good with animals, and children from what I have seen. I love my Libra because I can feel sooo close to him and so comfortable but the communication can be disastrous.

  2. BBB

    I ama Leo woman and I can say that i am not the boss in our rekationship lol. I am so tamed and everything he tells me i say yes. I wasnt like this from my padt relationship. And i am happy how i am dealing wihh him now. He tell me when he has to decide and when i should be the boss.lol.. I love him so much although he is not the type of showing love in public. Which is not okay with me, i am a sweet girl. I love caresses, passionate kiss public or not.so when does show affection in public, i show him that i really care and love him.
    I hope someday he will tell me he wanted to be with me forever…

  3. I don’t wanna be too harsh and it seems generally Libra man + Leo woman = 🙂
    (based on all the advice from astrologer and other readers comments)

    So, sorry to rain on the parade

    All these ‘lovely’ Leos I’m hearing about, that’s not the Leo that I know! (WARNING, much more negative comments from now on not for the faint heared)

    Leo woman can be the most bossy and possesive woman once they have you. You go to the grocery store and if you smile and say hello to the woman behind the counter then they’re getting jealous over that.

    I also wonder about other Libra guys what they like to do… I figured that my ascendant is Aquarius maybe that is why I am like this… anyway 1 in 12 Libra guys have Aquarius ascendant… I really enjoy my ‘hobbies’ and stuff that I like to do… use the net and listen to old rock songs, play car racing games, write about crap like Astrology… if my wife is at home… NONE OF IT… if I don’t sit next to her ALL THE TIME she starts yelling out where are you?? If I use my computer when she’s at home she just goes and unplugs it.

    One thing I can tell you for sure, Astrologers always say is that Libra always avoids conflict, and detests conflict. You know that anyway, we hate conflict AND are indecisive. Let me tell you no one loves an argument more than a Leo; they love arguments, especially WINNING arguments I hope someone can understand my point… (though I have to say their anger is over once they’ve done they’re yelling in a matter of minutes you can be friendly)

    If you really must do it as a Libra man, check your ascendency sign… if it’s Earth or Fire you have a shot, there’s some part of you that can stand up to her. My ascendant is also an air sign… her ascendant is Capricorn (of all things Capricorn!!) so that FIRE has a lot of GROUND to stand on… being two air signs I have nowhere to go once she gets angry!

    Being with a Leo is surprisingly quite like being with a Capricorn… Whereas one equates money and financial stability with love the Leo equates offerings of luxury items and overly generous compliments with love… the big difference is Capricorn is quite happy to see the back of Libra man… Leo can be like “You’re not going ANYWHERE!!”

    In a strange way their demanding nature somehow drains the romance out of you. You think you’ve gone to the local mall to do SHOPPING, suddenly, she sees a ring and it’s like “Oh if actually loved me you’d buy me that ring” and if I’m like “I’ve got bills to pay and I can’t afford it right now” she’s all “Oh that’s just an excuse, your not ROMANTIC at ALL”. They keep demanding more ‘love’ and ‘romance’ angrily, like a nagging wife, but instead of ‘keep the toilet seat down’ or ‘don’t leave that cup on the couch’ it’s ‘why don’t you say romantic things to me more often, huh?’ and ‘why don’t you buy more gifts, more jewellery?’ and the compulsory nature of it all turns you into and unromantic piece of stone.

    In that sense I think I’m VERY lucky she has that Capricorn Ascendant because it gives her some satisfaction to actually earn money herself and be financially independent.

    Part of the problem, and I shouldn’t mention it but… she is fat, and that makes her more insecure and possessive. But most of the astrologers say that Leo women are like that anyway, they aren’t called The Lion for nothing!

    The worst part about her is, I’m pretty sure she is on the Virgo cusp, and often she likes to make the relationship quite domestic and starts yelling like all hell about little things about the home. I’ve read about Virgo women enjoy the domestic life, but whereas many Virgo women are passive, it seems VITALLY important to my woman that she constantly asserts her dominance in all the domestic aspects. Maybe if she wasn’t on the cusp she wouldn’t be so concerned about the roost, and ruling it?

    And she wont talk about nothing… if I want to talk about interesting subjects… meh… it’s always straight back to her: me me me me… I’m the boss around here… my day at work was terrible… my feet are so sore… how come no one ever massages my feet!

    The good thing is her she herself doesn’t care too much for doing house work maybe one hour here and then she likes to chill out, buys delicious food and kicks back with a good DVD… sometimes we go out and get lost and it feels good.

    But generally every one else is saying what a good pair, so don’t let my overblown tale of woe get you down…

  4. Vanda

    This libra man met me (leo woman) almost 4 years ago, it’s been very hard to get to know this individual! He is unreliable, inconsistent, blaming, hurtful, but can be very loving, sweet, kind and pleasing. He sounds just like the man in the letter! I am ashamed to say I love him and wished I never met hin and in the same breath, he is all that I want in a man. I’ve made so many mistakes with him. And I also think he is done with me! He is a very controlling and mentally abusive, but still I miss him. I feel as though I’ lost out on someone I could truly love and be myself with. He’s gone. I allowed someone to tell me that we didn’t have a relationship. I do feel as though, I am tamed, now, but he’s gone. And I miss him. Don’t know what to do!!!

  5. Sharon

    Hi ” Loving Scales ”

    Thank you for the interesting insight into a Libra male. I have recently met a Libra male and I must say he seems everything you have described. Myself personally I understand and respect what you are saying. As a Leo woman I would say the Libra male is calming, humerous and very passionate. A refreshing change to any other star sign I have dated. !!!!

  6. I am a Leo woman and I’m in an open relationship with the Libra man. I already love him but I was so sad because he don’t want a commitment what can I do to make his stay!..

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