1. norman mcgundy

    Oh wow ok well I am 10-2-77 female who is currently seperated from my male 10-2-73… We’ve been seperated for the last 3years… We were together for 10 years b4 that, Numerology, Astrology, none of these things alone can tell the whole truth everything has to be combined & you also have to let go of all the stereo-typical stuff. It was very nice with him, he would bring me roses even if we were not on the best terms or even after years. He did get a bit controlling at times but he was really amazing and I still love him, we still talk too. the main reason we separated was because im from the mid-west 7 he grew up in the west coast, he didn’t find it important for him to really take a vacation and meet my family. So I finally got tired of it and left back home. He actuallly came out to see me and he regrets losing me. But I felt like he took too long to make the move to come see me, I decided I was happy with the guy I am seeing now (A Gemini who treats me like a queen) anyway My ex-Libra is not happy about this but he is still a good friend, although I am wondering how much I should cut him off since I am happily in love with someone else now…

  2. Menosha

    I’ve had a weird attraction to Libra men for the past 3 years. Met a Libra man who we would chase each other and flirt but had a one nightner….tried to keep talking but it fast ended. Saw him on and off out but nothing ever happened, he even asked for my nr again and I laughed and said we tried that before…next…. ok second libra. this boy I went to university with. Cute totally into me. Had a Libra girlfriend while he was talking to me. it was weird. I said we couldnt be anything or have anything because he had a gf. she was a Libra too. he broke up w her…we had a fling, and he told me he was so confused about everything w his ex..la la la, and backed off. Such a strange experience. He actually told me he did it to other girls before. what a douche. My last libra, the guy who broke my heart. On and off for 2.5 years. We were long distance..I moved for him/school…we fought a lot while I lived w him…I left…due to school and the unhappy situation. I saw him again months after…then..He broke up with me months later, said it was too hard long distance. I was heart broken. I emailed him on my bday while I was drunk to say hi. We started talking again and he came to visit me. told me he loved me and was so happy I contacted him. We again started up again, spoke about being together. I visited him also. the distance/he didn’t trust me (i had a fling w another brazilian Libra while we were broken up…he blamed me saying I cheated yet we weren’t together)…in the end everything was good, we spoke he went to NY to work…then …..he dissapeared. I haven’t heard from him in months. So heart broken. Don’t get involved with a Libra man. they are too confused and don’t know what they want.

  3. Jessie

    I have been in love with a Libra man for 16 years…(libra woman)…and after 12 years…we are finally married…mind you we have been off and on since 2012 until we married April 2015. It has been a whirlwind of a ride and honestly…I’m ready to get off at the next stop. It’s all great at the beginning…makes you feel amazing…on top of the world…like you guys could actually build an empire. No…we are building his empire. The cold shoulders have begun…and the only time it is good…he is high! We are expecting our first child together and all I can do is start planning my escape. Literally…I have enrolled in school to finish in 10 months opposed to finishing my criminal law degree in 3 years for Juvenile Probation…even with a baby on the way…and have started getting rid of things that I don’t need to avoid moving so much into a new place that will be a downsize. The nick picking is getting out of hand considering telling him things he could stand to work on causes long stints of the silent treatment after exchanged words…there is no teamwork…I do everything myself…including yard work and trash. He is very indecisive and always wants to hang with the wrong side of the family to avoid personal growth in himself and our relationship. I am a mother to two boys 14 and 10 and I am both mother and father to them. He gets pissy if I want to spend time with my children opposed to doing something he wants to do (hang out and smoke…which I do not do!) So before you go off (Libra Woman)…take all these facts into consideration. The ups and downs are there…the ups are short lived and work if you want to put the effort in. The sex is great but not necessary…and overall a hassle dealing with someone like yourself. I have put time in fixing the things I don’t like about myself…and I am better off on my own! You’re welcome!

  4. in luv wit this man

    I think that being with another libra is nice. My libra is my first love. I hv been messing around with him for 2 yrs; but we’re not officially together. Its funny bc we are alot alike. We are affectionate and emotional. We kno that we are really into each other but he like myself will not just say how we feel but the things we do shows our feelings. Different things he does lets me kno that he’s in his feelings & I like it. One day he was in his feelings & was l8ke maybe we need to stop b4 it takes a turn for the worse. Normally i wouldv gotten smart (not with him but anybody else) but this time i didnt i was like i didnt want to & left it at that. I was kinda sad. But then he textd like wyd? Lol… every since then he has been on me. He still gets in his feelings but i think sooner than later he’ll b mines♡. And not to mention the sex is wonderful!

  5. elias chavez

    I was with a libra female i am libra as well, we were together for 8 years but slot of things happened and we are no longer together , its been 5 years since we have separated. And i still cannot let go , she is my love . I dony know how to approach her im a little intimated by her , i don’t know how to approach her .can i get some help

  6. anonymous

    I’m a libra woman who has been with a libra man for almost four years now.

    It is easily the best relationship and best connection I’ve ever had. We understand each other, we talk about the future with no hesitation or fear, we’re happy being with each other no matter what we do (whether it’s traveling or relaxing at home), the romantic chemistry is strong, and (most importantly) we trust each other. All in all, it has been an exciting, fun, and loving relationship.

    I can see how some libra relationships don’t last, because sometimes it takes Libras a while to figure out where they are or what they want in life. I think a lot of it is just a matter of timing with libras. When two libras come across each other, and they have similar wants and goals, then I think it’s one of the best matches of the entire zodiac. For the libra relationship to be strong, both parties have to be on the same page with each other.

  7. anonymouslibragirl

    I’ve never been attracted to a Libra man before, but I recently started dating one. He’s easily one of the most polite, charming, and adorable guys I’ve ever been involved with. He’s a very respectful guy, which is more than what I can say about most guys I’ve come across.

    I find the whole “indecisive” thing to be somewhat true with this guy, but it’s (thankfully) not in a bad way. It’s not that he doesn’t know what to do, it’s that he comes up with too many good ideas on what to do … So we end up choosing together, which usually doesn’t take too much time! lol.

    Another thing I find to be true is how important dates are to him. This is the type of guy who likes to plan and mark his calendar for special occasions … And I like that!

    He may lack some spontaneity, but I’ll have to get to know him better to make that call. I love planning for the most part, but once in a while, NOT planning and seeing how things go is exciting.

  8. manitou

    Oh man. Libra men totally suck. I have a hard time taking them seriously even as friends. They are SO femmy. I really feel like the Libran qualities are so much more attractive and lovely in a woman. It’s just a really unfortunate sign to fall into as a man.
    If you’re into pouty, snobby feminine men then go for it. But if you’re looking for a manly man, forget it. ANYTHING but a Libra man.

  9. a

    me & my bf are libras and we have been together for 9 years and we seldom fight. this is actually the first article i read that say libra with another libra are not compatible

  10. tiptip

    kira :

    i dont agree with this, at allll. in my relationship we push eachother with arguements to see if we love eachother more.
    we pick fights and discuss things over and over but ive never felt more compassion twards a person, the fights are annoying but the love is more magical then anything ive ever had

    i totally agree……

  11. Libra Ladylu

    Me and my Libra man have a wonderful relationship. If we fight we get over things quickly. Very go with the flow. We Love to be in love with eachother, and we know how to have a good time together! Yea sometimes it does take us an hour to figure out what to eat but what do you expect?! Its great to have a friend and lover with have such a deep connection.

  12. Jodi

    I totally agree with Sandi #18- I am madly in love with a Libra Man and I am also a Libra- this is the very best relationship I have ever been in. He is my true soulmate. We are both romantic, extremely passionate, emotional in the bedroom and our sex life is completely off the charts- we give each other space when needed and can become completely lost in each other when we are together. We are both honest, loyal and show respect to each other. I believe this is a perfect match, well, for us anyway.

  13. Nickii The BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well to john if it u yea its me that libra girrl n u just got game n i was not ur only one but u were mind n u wanted to much n when i was willing to give it to u u just played games n im an adult so i got crazy on u n let u c that i was not blind to ur whore ass n that u dont go playing with good girls hearts n minds like me n id bet u didnt learn ur lesson player u still messing with me i was just with u last night so u know what u did to cause me to drive u away but any way i still got u

  14. jazmyne

    i just wanted to say that being a libra and dating a libra is not as wonderful as you might think. it has its ups and downs but it is not as wonderful as you think. it is not a storybook romance either. i am a libra and am dating a libra and have been dating and engaged to him for several years. We have made dates and cancelled them and so on. It was not a good match. We sometimes did not get along. From what i have been told is that being a libra and being with a libra is like having two male cats and one female cat in the same room. thats just too funny. it will not work out. go out and find someone else who is not the same sign as you are. if you do not, you will only be someone who is constantly looking at yourself in the mirror. how much fun can that possibly be? how boring and stupid.

  15. selina

    Well as for my comments Il say the statement on Libra women and Libra men isn’t 70% correct I agree with Tina because im in a fast relationship with a Libra man who i adore and likewise we are soul mates for shore we met five months ago in Atlantic city on a late Thursday night he was there for an convention and i was down there for a girls night out that was suppose to be on that sat. Daytime it was so strange how we met but im glad we did he actually seemed very nice and bold and got my attention he asked me out for dinner at a fancy restaurant that same night but i didn’t go i thought it would of been to fast to go out with him so i never called him until i got back home a couple days later i called him up and he picked up fast and said i was waiting for your call l.o.l i didn’t think he would of still been interested after i stood him up but when we did finally got together and went out i was very plz. He was the prefect man i dreamed and wished for all these years he treated me in everyway like a gueen asap and respect me listened to me and shared alot of conversations that never ended we were prefect together and he’s humble handsome and didn’t have any children at that time but mow we are still together and im pregnant with his first loved child he always wanted and we live together we are happy best friends and lovers i couldn’t ask for more he’s very good to me and responsible i love him forever;-)

  16. christine

    i am with a libra man now. And it is nothing like this explanaation given to me. we are so much a like we basically are always caught saying or thinking the same exact thing all the time. but i do love him and we are very fair to eachother. But strictly fair not just some type of chess game!

  17. Victoria10

    I am a libra female. I’ve been dating a libra male, who’s also born the same day as me, on and off now for 4 months. It’s a difficult combination. When we are together, we have an amazing time. He is very sweet, caring, very lovey dovey, even feeds me food. We have amazing sex and have great conversations. The guy overthinks everything to the point that one day we are dating, another we are not. (side note: He just got a divorce) He comes across very assertive and in charge but he is also very insecure. I could be insecure too, but I don’t feel he brings the best out of me. I know he and I are just having a casual relationship. I’m not sure if Libra/Libra combination is a good match. I dated another Libra, also born the same day as me… that guy was a big jerk and a player. He would put me down all the time too. I prefer an Aquarius or Pisces!

  18. Daniel

    Well don’t bother about age difference nor the fact of needing space. He will understand. I am a Libra man and recently I dated a drop dead gorgeous Libra woman 17 years younger after some very flirtatious interactions at the working place. However during the date she was aloof, narcissisticly talking about herself in a grandiose way. Also she backed off after any advances I would make. After that, oddly enough the flirting went on for almost two months at work. But after a lunch date and some cancelations of planned dates from her side I could only conclude she needed attention and called it a day and ignored her.

  19. Tina

    I am a libran female, and i’ve just met this libran guy. we really clicked the first time we met accidentally. in fact, we spent about 5 hrs chatting after we just bumped into eachother. we were open and talked and discussed different issues. It’s true that librans are over analytical, in fact, the thing which is bugging me is that he’s 8 yrs older than I am. I am a bit impulsive and enjoy some spice and adventure in life. I’m afraid whether he will give me my space and will manage to understand that I might need a substantial amount of days alone sometimes due to mood swings, but, then on the other hand, i think i would feel guilty for not spending enough time with him. Any advice?

  20. Sandi

    This article is the most inaccurate description of a zodiac pair I have ever read!!! First of all, why on earth even include “How to attract a Libra man as a Libra woman” followed by “How to attract a Libra woman as a Libra man”when you’re going to include the exact same text in both paragraphs? how ridiculous, just simply say “How two Libras can come together successfully”. I’ve dated Libras often, and am currently. My Libra man & I have very passionate, explosive, heated sex all the time and have from the first night we met. We are both amazing lovers & together are out of control. This quote about sex between two libras “Everything signifies something and yet means nothing” it total CRAP, Libras are very emotional lovers, everything means something! And lying together in bed both of us facing outward? What on earth are you talking about, Libras need/crave love, attention, affection and give every bit as good as they get. Lying in bed with limbs completely intwined is more like it. YES, we like to have our space and take it in order to focus on work and other things when necessary, but NOT in the bedroom. Finally, YES Libras like to lead and are not good at following, however do not discount that we are also VERY fair people and have no problem taking turns with who take the reigns because we are willing to do such things for our partner in order to keep the balance in the relationship. Ugh, horrible article.

  21. lt

    Best match in ENTIRE zodiac!! Doesn’t get any better than this!! The love an communication an loyalty of Libras is incomparable to any oter sign. Any when paired up, they are the BEST couple you could ever imagine.

  22. Mariposa

    Met a libra man online, now talking on the phone, he says we may never meet in person even though we live close to each other, but I can’t help but feel like he’s taking his time to decide if we should and so am I. We definitely clicked from the beginning and both admitted that we like each other a lot, but are not looking for anything serious right now as we are both very cynical and waiting to see if we can fully trust first before anything happens. Excited to see where this goes, especially since I went out with a libra man for 5 years, and it was a great relationship, but didnt work out due to him being too controlling. Hope this one works out better, no reason it shouldnt since we have already talked about balance and compromise etc.

  23. Cheyanne

    I agree yet I don’t. It’s not as boring as it seems. I am a libra woman dating a Libra man that was an old friend. We pick and argue over some stupid things because we both want to be in control. I don’t like being told what to do and he can sometimes get very jealous and demanding. But we love eachother so much and DO analyze eachothers reactions to certain situations and stimuli. I think i’m more playful and feisty than he is, but our relationship is always something new. <3

  24. T

    Dated two libras, one for a short while, the other for a much longer time. I felt like we were too similar many times which proved to be annoying and boring.

  25. Lady Libra

    Best match in the zodiac, for sure. I have found the most amazing man in the world and it’s for real. Its been so great, it is like a dream come true. We’re alike, yet enough room to be different and it really works. He is the man for me, forever and always.

  26. libra lady spica

    the article sounds terrible. It is suggesting that libras can’t make up their mind and both are too passive.
    There have been many success libra libra matches.

  27. aney

    am libran and in love wit a libran man. av had other r/ship but he seems like my first cos he has and does al i everwish of my dream man. problem is dat we both arent ready for comitment. we love d freedom of fulfilin ones personal purpose for livin. the hapi part is dat i love to b a single mom yet he doesnt mind helpin me b one. lol.

  28. C.Marie.

    Okay, so right now I’m trying to get a Libran man into my life. He’s , hot and cold. He’s sweet, and also solicitous. But he can be a cold hearted jerk, “but then he’ll say your too bossy and demanding/ WTF?’ Yet oddly I can’t stay away from him. I want to see where this goes, but I’m also afraid he’ll break my heart. He says he wouldn’t kiss me or make love to me, so I’m like WTF? Are your sure you’re even Libran? But I realize he’s probably just trying to see what I’ll let him get away with. LOl.

  29. John Coopman

    I’m a libra male and my remembered times with a libra female I saw for a short period of time. It started off pleasant but after a date I began picking out imperfections that I know I could never bring up so as not to cause an argument or disruption and she became way too talkative and obsessive way too soon. You might think this is just narcissistic libra garbage but even with her excessive complimenting I still couldn’t tolerate her. So we grew coldly apart in a bad fashion and it’s still very tense.

  30. bryttany

    i’m a libra myself & i went out with a libra man. It was qreat ! He was so much like me is was crazy. We talk’d everythinq out & we would fiqht but just forqet bout it & tell each other we loved each other. Everthinq was pretty…we match’d up prefectly. Still qot love for that niqqa. the only reason we broke up was cause he said he didnt like skinny qurls ? what kinda gurl he like then shit….lol.

  31. kasey

    i agree, my libra man..god..i loved him like no other. unfortauntly he had a bad drug problem..we spent more time trying to make our relationship work than actaully being togethe. we had many outside forces(parents, jail) keeping us apart and i cried and cried for him and he did for me. ive never ever loved a man like i do him, and i feel a part (maybe even a big part) of me will always love him. he can be twisted-but so can i. libra’s can be sweet and peaceful, but we hold back very much, wich can make the other one cold. yet, one of us always came back to say sorry and make up. this man changed my life. and honestly, if i could make things right i probaly would..but i would need him to actaully be here for me. i know he loved me..he tatooed my name on his arm..but his addiction was stronger. it is very true when said it will take as long as you were together to get over each other. becauuse im not completely over him. if he called me right now my hear would leap and i may even cry with emotion. it was a very magical relationship in a twisted, harmonic way.

  32. kira

    i dont agree with this, at allll. in my relationship we push eachother with arguements to see if we love eachother more.
    we pick fights and discuss things over and over but ive never felt more compassion twards a person, the fights are annoying but the love is more magical then anything ive ever had

  33. TB

    a lot of this sounds familiar with my online relationship/friendship. We’re calculating our next moves. Neither of us will just get on the airplane & fly across the globe. I call it overthinking,but thats who we are. It’s funny to know pretty much why he’s doing somethings a certain way. Sadly there’s a pisces that has caught my eye…I hope this is not a dilema in the making.

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