Libra Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Libra-Pisces Couples:  Christopher and Dana Reeve, Paul Simon and Edie Brickell

This is a very sweet combination that works best when the Pisces is a bit younger than the Libra and when Libra has proven the ability to handle the basics of life, such as managing a checkbook, owning property, obtaining a car, etc., etc.  This is because sweet Pisces can be so lost in the woods.  Someone has to be grounded.  One of you has to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.  You will be attracted to one another because of your love of beautiful things — including perhaps each other, as these are two signs inclined to be very attractive.  You both prefer a soothing environment with harmonious vibes, soft voices, soft lighting, and soft landings.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Pisces Woman:  You can be as helpless as you want to, and he’ll be right there with advice and good counsel.  He won’t even notice if you don’t do what he tells you to do, until he begins to realize that he loves talking to you even if it’s about your problems.  He will find the sound of your voice very soothing, and will appreciate it that you never want to confront.  He’s like that, too.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Libra Man:  Be gentle and patient.  Woo her with kindness.  Be a safe haven for the poor, dear creature, and she will quickly cling to you like an ivy vine.  Do not burden her with your problems or expect her to handle any of the practical side of life.  Do both of you a favor by coming on strong with your strategic planning talents.  This is one lady who will be only too grateful to have you open her door, pad her paycheck, hassle the bill collectors, and help her find her next job.  She’s pretty helpless about all this.

Degree of Romance:  This is an incredibly romantic combination.  Both partners believe in fantasy, true love, and soul-mates.  Each one puts the other person up on a pedestal, as they are idealists.  Both Libra and Pisces can actually read minds, eliminating much of the guess work that goes on between couples.  A certain quality of seamlessness that these two create enhances the romantic illusion they share.

Degree of Passion:   Passion comes from Pisces’ yearning and Libra’s willingness to fulfill.   Deep down inside, Librans elevate the quality of impetuosity and fire in the belly, enough so that they will try to contrive it whenever possible.  If she wants him to act passionate, he will, and he’s a very good actor.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be wonderful friends.  They live together in a fantasy world created for just the two of them.  They will probably develop a special vocabulary, even secret code names for important people in their lives. This couple is also likely to adopt a pet early on, something very little and cute, such as a ferret or gerbil.

Degree of Marriage:  What is a great combination for marriage though they are better off keeping the number of children down to one or two, so as not to rock-and-roll the harmony boat.  They will also want to allow plenty of time for romantic getaways and special times for two.  Their house is likely to be unique in some way — aesthetically beautiful and peaceful. Both see at it as their haven.  The bedroom is favored over the kitchen for its secret treasures.

Progression of Relationship:   Obviously Libra will be in charge.   He is systematic and formal, sure to follow the rules.  If he’s serious at all, he will be courteous and tactful.  An invitation for Saturday night will come three days in advance and at the right time he’ll start introducing her to his friends as his Significant Other.  This is one man who will not take up a woman’s valuable time unless his intention is to marry.  But Pisces knows all this, because she can read his mind.

Sex:  What is missing in the kitchen and the housekeeping will be made up for in the bedroom.  Here are two people-pleasers par excellence. Pisces provides the fantasy.  Libra provides the secure environment.  These two dreamers finally get to play all the beautiful music they’ve ever wanted to make love to, in just the right atmosphere, with just the right partner.

When It’s Over:  If it must end, Libra will have to do it.  Pisces is hopeless about ending anything.  There will be many tears and wishes that it could have been different.  “If only” will be their two favorite words for a while, as they slowly unlock their hands and let their fingers drop to their sides.  She will insist on keeping the ring because it is so beautiful, even if it is just a cereal-box bauble; and he will kiss her tenderly on the forehead as he turns and handles the business of unwinding their affairs.  Even in the denouement, he will assure her that everything will be okay and will remain faithfully at his post until the last piece of paperwork is completed for which she will be very grateful.

Our Rating:  9/10

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86 Responses to Libra Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • Cristy. says:

    okay.. i am rlly scare im 17 and a pisces (f) and i rlly lyke a 16 yr old libra (m). wat are some chances offff us worikng,,, it out? are libra guys.. shy about asking girls.. lyk pisces girls out? i think.. i shud take the 1st step.. and ask him out.. i mean… he does lyk me. wat shud i do?? plz help me.

  • Paradise says:

    My libra guy and I had been dating 6 months before i thought have I seen him somewhere before? Guess what i had…met him on a red-eye flight which got delayed :( and the engine wouldn’t start…yes it’s true. He was cracking jokes and all of us were laughing. He’s just the same to this day …always knows how to make light of a vexing situation and keep spirits up! We’ve been together about 5 years now and your article is quite accurate. Oh …and we all took a different plane that day. Thank god!

  • mila says:

    I’ve been wth my libran for nearly 3 years now, he saved me from a lousy relationship with a gemini, which was the worst experience of my life. My libra is truly the knight in shining armor it says he is, he is charming and funny highly attractive and very intelligent. We connected instantly and have been inseperable ever since, sometimes his mood changes are a bit off putting though, he shuts down and can seem so unemotional then will return to being my sweetheart once more..I always seem to be attracted to libra men! And us pisces do tend to need a bit of rescuing but in my experience it seems we do a lot of rescuing ourselves , and only need to be saved when we forget to look after ourselves

  • BoPeep says:

    I am dating a libra man (im pisces female) and we had a spat, weve been tgether over 4 months, hes having a bad time at work and with his family,
    and i havent seen him for over a week, we had a daft spat on sunday, now hes having second thoughts, and upset and angry can anyone offer me advice please, how to SORT this, i love him…..

  • October Oblivion says:

    I am a Pisces female who is sorely in love with a Libra male. He understands me, we can talk all day and not get tired of each other, he’s sensual and knows when to caress my cheeks when I am upset, he’s my knight-in-shining armor. The problem? He has a girlfriend who shall never understand him as I do… I love him, I’ve told him, written poetry about it, and he shares my feelings but can’t return them. My soul feels as if it has been punctured to its brinks, and I don’t want to live. Why not me? Am I not pretty enough? I know I understand him as no other could. He’s stayed up with me countless nights when my stalkers won’t leave me alone and protects me…makes me feel safer than I ever have before in my life. He strengthens me, and I AM IN LOVE… Why won’t he break up with her?…. *tears fall down my eyes*

  • Blue says:

    My Libra man is my perfect soulmate, but I didn’t even believe in soulmates before I met him. This article is almost a spot-on description of us, even down to the ferret detail (ok, we don’t have one yet, but I already placed an order for a special panda version at the breeder). We always tell each other that we wish we met as teenagers, and then agree that it worked out better this way. We have been together 5 years now and he is 2 years older than me. He never tells me to get a grip and deal with the practical side of life, he just soothes me by telling me that I’m pretty. He’s so dreamy. For those of you having trouble with your libra guys, try to surprise them every once in a while with something silly like serving him a cake decorated like a Sumatran rat monkey, or show up with nothing under your robe except a picture of Gary Busey. The article talks about pisces women being lost in the woods – but mixing up some goofy along with the tragic keeps everything in balance.

  • nazia says:

    when i met with my Libra and i felt in love with him, initially we were so happy with each other and he was caring but very recent i dont find him any interest on me and in the beginning of the relationship he told lie to me and then i accept him. but now i am confused what will the result of this relationship.

  • lolly says:

    Wow this is great, I dated a libra 4years ago and in the past week or so he has come back into my life and swept me off my feet! It has just been so great! I’m so glad there is a chance that it could work! Thank you for the promising article :) x x

  • Donnie says:

    Im a libra male and my gf is a piscies the thing is she is older then me but I dont see the issue we dated once before in high school for about a year but she let friends get in the way and tell her lies about me she is really mad about it that they did it…we both work days so we have evenings and nights together where we listen to music and hold each other I plan on asking her to marry me soon we are in love n cant stand being apart is it a good idea?

  • chelsea says:

    i have a pisces friend and we she came to meet me at the bar and then we left all our friends to go to my house and hang. i didnt lay myself to bed until 4am. we went to a coffee shop and talked and talked and talked and i couldnt help but see her beautiful soul and it just takes my breath away…she’s beautiful in every way.

    UGH. i am scared to make a move, but will GO FER IT tomorrow as we’re going to a concert together. wish me luck…

  • Marina says:

    I think this article focuses only on the positive aspects of this union.The bad:Libra men often are like charming players and can take advantage of the sensitive and submissive pisces.It’s not that they don’t like us but they can easily get hot and hold and indecisive.They will always have the wandering eye,and even if they have a steady relationship they will check out other women and enjoy their affections and still trying to hide the fact to avoid conflict.They can be very secretive and mysterious while at the same time outgoing and social.I have dealt with libra men on the past and all of then came out strong at first,cheated or left me for another woman more energetic and then after months contacted me out of the blue?????I really can’t understand them.For me this is a lukewarm match

  • Annoymous says:

    October Oblivion :
    I am a Pisces female who is sorely in love with a Libra male. He understands me, we can talk all day and not get tired of each other, he’s sensual and knows when to caress my cheeks when I am upset, he’s my knight-in-shining armor. The problem? He has a girlfriend who shall never understand him as I do… I love him, I’ve told him, written poetry about it, and he shares my feelings but can’t return them. My soul feels as if it has been punctured to its brinks, and I don’t want to live. Why not me? Am I not pretty enough? I know I understand him as no other could. He’s stayed up with me countless nights when my stalkers won’t leave me alone and protects me…makes me feel safer than I ever have before in my life. He strengthens me, and I AM IN LOVE… Why won’t he break up with her?…. *tears fall down my eyes*

    You Have Just Written A Problem Identical To Mine. Is This Something They Often Do? :( Xx

  • chelsea says:

    and NOW, they disappeared on me :/ apparantly seeing someone and doesn’t “want drama” between us, though confessed to having a crush on me.

    oh well,…i just guess it wasn’t meant to be. sad.

  • Fleur says:

    Yes spot on :)

  • Peachy says:

    I’ve been dating a libra man for around 6yrs now and I find my relationship with him to be very turbulent. he’s about 8yrs older than me and when it’s good between us its great, but when its bad between us its verrrrry ugly!!!!! our perdonslities clash sometimes, he can be very over protective and sneaky and cannot keep his eyes on just me.

  • Eirmartina89 says:

    Well, yes pisces woman ..and my libra man both very conventional and have been for past six years. but whereas the pisces woman will struggle also wants to understand herself and what she did better. it was instinctively it is essential. so while the train may keep moving when she gets it huge logs of wood and coal arethrown itno the blazing fire speeding up the train. having said that than that my libra is not very friendly with otheres kind of somewhat tactless while i have plenty of friends and i can also be a little all over the place only sometimes. so over the years he has shown some improvement there.

  • Lana R says:

    I’m a Pisces woman 40yrs.old datind a 47 years old Libra,both of us have been through divorce with kids(all daughters). He sees me as I am,and he loves the fact that I don’t smother him,he actually want more of my time than I do,he is very kind,sweet,generous,open,romantic.I’m happy,and we both are on the same page thinking longterm relationship,we both have passion for kids,luxury,travel,we are very sincere with each other.I want him for the rest of my life,I find him more reliable and stable than a cruel Scorpio I was with for 3,5 yrs.with before!

  • Romina:) says:

    I am a 18 yr. old pisces women thats dating a 18yr. old libra man for about 5 months now and we been up and down…. we hardly see each other and now were on a break. i love him alot and he loves me and we want to move in together but i dont know if i should or should’nt

  • nowhy says:

    don’t move in together when you two are together for 5 months and on a break (althou i don’t know what this break thing is). moving together is an experiment that you do, when you know each other for a year or more.

  • mary says:

    I dated a LiBran for a year and a half .. and we fell apart ..
    Now I’m attracted to another Libran !

    Should I lose hopes on these Linran boys and pursue ?

  • mary says:


  • peaclake says:

    I have been with a libra man and I a pices for almost 5 yrs and we both felt a pull towards him 1st timee we layed eyed on eachother. From what I c libra men hateee being smutheredd, when they want yu they’ll come for you don’t push them to hang out with you. Anways there very indisisiveand I hate that about him. We both want to get married but he hasn’t proposed…so were on a break. Ima let him think and deside because I’m tired of waiting. I love libra don’t get me rong, they are everything a girl could ever askkkkk for but there just has to be one thing about them that u hatee and want to change… agg.. best of luck to every including meee

  • Ami says:

    My first kiss and love of my life is a Libra. I have loved him for over 12 years! He has floated in and out of my life many times. He has recently floated back in. We started “seeing” each other again in Feb. and now we are going into Sept. and he has yet to show that he wants this to go somewhere serious. We both now have horrible back stories and the beautiful children that come along with them. He says he is so hurt from her that he can’t go through it all again. I too have noticed that Libra’s don’t like to be chased.

  • Princess says:

    I am a Pisces female and in love with my Libra man for almost 2 years already. A Libra man is worth loving. My man is sweet, sensual, humorous, understanding and most of all he doesn’t give up that easily. He saved me from the trouble I was in and taught me how to be a better person and how to see and deal life in its true color. He’s always sensitive, loving and addicted to sex. A Libra man knows his priorities in life and what he wants for a better future with his partner and family. They’re just too good to be true and one of a kind. I promised to God that he will be my last and I will cherish the gift he gave me (my hubby). <3

  • Masha says:

    I am a 17 year old Pisces (f) I met My libra guy when I was in 8th grade (I was 13.) at my cousins party… He was 16 at that time and was djing. He approached me saying “what is a beautiful girl like yourself doing beside the stairs all alone?” and from their we sparked. He was my first kiss… And he was the only guy I would mess around with. Our romance drifted and we became eachothers “friends with benefits” late night calls to hookup… We had our “thing” for 3 years. I stopped talking with him on June 5 … And he just messaged me on Facebook yesterday saying “thank you!! And I miss Youuu…” after I wished him a happy birthday. I think he’s the only guy for me. I’m still a virgin, and I’ve never had a bf. But he’s the only one I trust<3 What do u recommend?

  • jake says:

    My pisces gal is so cute & loving. she may be a lost little pup at times, but she’ll always be my princess. obviously i’m a libran and im more than in love with her, im 16, she’s 18. she’s my 3rd gf and im not a virgin so its not much new to me but theres somthing different about her, more than jus physical affection. i noticed a lot of pisces women typing about their view, so i’ll throw mine out there.

    Masha :
    I think he’s the only guy for me. I’m still a virgin, and I’ve never had a bf. But he’s the only one I trust<3 What do u recommend?

    and for masha,that’s typicall for us librans, if you show affection towards him he’ll likely return the favor, especially cuz him sayin-i miss youuu

  • Rich says:

    I’m a Libran man, 25, there’s a pieces girl whom I met in 2008 overseas while teaching English, we had become close friends but nothing really happened since both of us were already in relationships at the time. Down the road we lost contact with each other, and for a good 2 years, I’ve been trying to find her. Recently she found me and we’re finally in touch again. This time I told her down right everything I was feeling, and how I was thinking about her from time to time and what was surprising was she had too. She’s absolutely gorgeous, tall, classy, and free-spirited, little ditsy. She’s the girl of my dreams! From my experience, Libras and Pieces ought to write a book, and turn it into some fairy tale love story or potentially a fatal satire. And I can admit, when it’s shaky, it’s hella shaky and there’s lots of turbulence. But I guess it’s all about staying positive. I also got out of a relationship with a pieces and she was crazzzy haha, but again so I’m I, and I all I could say is that “it was some great fun” especially the intimacy.

  • Libran Man says:

    As a Libran male myself, I can tell you women with pinpoint accuracy how to deal with us.

    We’re heavy dreamers with an ideal relationship in our minds. If we’re still dating you, we’re already imagining 40 years down the line to picture the perfect marriage. But because we’re perfectionists, we’re constantly judging. It sucks, but we always do it. We can’t stand knowing we settled for anything less than perfect.

    Its this same perfectionism that makes us so charming, because we constantly try to improve ourselves to perfection. What people see as indecisiveness in Librans, is actually us being overwhelmed by our wants and desires.

    The key to a Libran man’s heart (for me anyway) is never ever smother us. We like to come and go as we please, and the more room you give us, the more we desire you once we begin to miss you. In a way we’re very much like cats. Dogs want to be with you all the time, cats need time away alone. At times we want you so much we over indulge, and the more we over indulge, the longer the ‘cooldown period’ needs to be. So give us everything only once in a while, never all the time. And only make the first move once in a while.

    In longer relationships, though we know whats good for us, we prefer to not be told what to do (even if you’re right). We might still take your advice, being logical as we are, but we’ll be less attracted to you. To us, the woman least like our mothers, is the most attractive.

    In bed, we prefer to be the one doing the first move yet again, and we love when a woman resist but succumb to our charms, the ultimate turn-on. We never want you to make the first move, unless we hint to you that we do.

    When we sometimes appear cold and unemotional, dont take it personally. The thoughts rushing through our heads are so overwhelming that we cant handle anything else at times. Sometimes we’re cold simply because we feel we’ve spent too much time with you and need to back it off a little. Give us space. When we seem distant, leave us be. When we’re friendly, enjoy every moment of it, but leave early, just when we’re about to be fully satisfied. Never feed us 100%, give us 10% to hunger for you.

    We’re very complex creatures and i admit we sometimes dont know whats best for ourselves. We might know a woman is good for us (i.e. gives good advice, pushy and motivating) but find ourselves attracted to the helpless beauty, with not a thought in her mind. Again, the less you are like our mothers, the more we’re attracted to you. We feel we’re awesome and dont want to admit that sometimes others’ advice is good. We’re not attracted to those people.

    For those with cheating Librans, don’t feel like your relationship was all a lie. When he makes love to you, or cares for you, its always genuine. Its just that his mind is easily swayed.

    The Libran is a flawed creature, seemingly calm and perfect on the outside but we have so much internal conflicts with ourselves and total chaos between our desires and whats good for us.

  • Cassie says:

    This happened to me and he was a libra and i was a pieces and we broke up but we didnt want to was becus i moved:[ if only is true but we still talk once in awhile but yea he really is like that<33

  • Burning Pisces says:

    I’m in a relationship with a Libra man and the most difficult thing is making myself talkative, spontaneous, light and fun. I just can’t understand it, it’s like a magical power. Aries, Geminis and Aquas are all like “For god’s sake relax” lol.

    Okay, I need advice badly. I don’t want to make things rocky and I don’t want to cause my Libra undue stress. Does anybody have advice for how to find my center and let the words flow? I have NO idea how to just say good things instead of asking bad questions.

    I feel like I’m unable to focus, I get “stuck” in the moment, my thoughts are all “spacey” and “out there,” and my Libra just wants things I say to be to be normal and simple, not like a fantasy. I talk too much about what is un-normal or weirdly interesting to me, my fair Libra thinks it’s bizarre.

    This is making my Libra very upset, I seriously don’t know what I should do to connect to him better on an intellectual level… more and more he’s telling me I sound goofy or even crazy, he also doesn’t like dealing with my emotional side at all. If I become emotional he shuts down completely, which makes me feel terrible because it creates a feedback cycle where we have to separate ourselves from each other for a while… Sigh.

  • Danny Jades says:

    Hi I’m a Libra male and i just wanted to tell you all I can on how to deal with your issue. The thing is I wanted to reply to you because I too am dating a pisces female and I’ll relate to how we work things out…..
    When it comes to talking my girlfriend I had the same problem and what I do is I share all on my mind even if its something inappropriate and she just kept on laughing on my stupid and funny thoughts and when I get really emotional instead of saying comforting words which others would say she jokes to me about something else to help me cheer up… These are the things I love in her… also when I started to share so much she realized she doesn’t have boundaries either so she put all her situations in front of me and that’s when we Libras work best in trying to solve them….
    Okay now where as the misunderstandings are concerned i totally agree with you because I’ve gone through this alot when she tries to say something and I take it in another sense and then an argument starts… the thing is Im to blame in that situation because i know at the end i misunderstood it, and i feel the way you”ll ask a question makes us feel its too much on the negative side whereas it isn’t(so just change the way of asking serious things)…
    When emotional is concerned i agree that Pisces get mood swings at times but there are deal able with and with time if you guys are strong you will see that even when your moody he will pull through for you… Intellectual conversations turn to debates with us so I just avoid many of those :D and the thing is that we both have great minds but are intellects vary…..
    And I dunno much whats wrong with being crraaazzzayy cause I love it when my gf is goofy and crazy cause then i react in the same way and we have fun…..
    All comes down to this give him space and don’t think much while talking if you feel like you have to be someone else to please him then sacrifice a little but don’t change yourself completely…also once in awhile when we have a serious fight she shouts at me a lot and with firm proof of how much she cares for me and that she will always stick around and that makes me feel much better and realize that I want to much not realizing that all I want I already have…..

  • chaitanya yallamamba says:

    Hi I’m a Pisces female and i married libra male which is younger than me one year what happens??

  • swathi says:

    what happens

  • Alison 31 says:

    I (pisces f) just started dating this libra (m) I like him alot but I’m 31 and he is 25 turning 26, I’m always dating older but he is the first younger guy that I have fallen for we both have kids and that is a plus for the both of us. ….. He is so sweet and understanding …. It’s 12:52a.m asks I can’t sleep I am thinking about him. … The Chinese zodiac says that we are soul mates based upon out yr compatibility. …. Could it be true that we are soul mates???? I am so confused…..

  • pisces woman and libra? says:

    Alot of Pisces women don’t like Libra male energy because to them, it’s not decisive and it seems weak. They are already feel weak so they need a STRONG man. However, if the libra man is dominant Scorpio, or dominant cancer, or any of the STRONG signs, they will be good/lasting pair.

    Emily Blunt (Pisces woman, actress) is married to a Double Libra John Krasinski,(Libra Sun and Moon!) but he has Scorpio Venus,Mercury Scorpio and Uranus Scorpio, making him dominant Scorpio.. he has Leo Mars. but they are married..

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