Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Libra-Sagittarius Couple: Jackson Brown and Darryl Hannah

This bright, breezy, fun combination is a clear win not just for the couple themselves but for anyone they interact with.  They definitely bring out the best in each other.  This pair is oriented toward win-win solutions.  Compromising comes easily.  Good will towards all!  At heart, these are two jovial philosophers who have a broad, benevolent understanding of human nature.  They ask of themselves and each other only what they are capable of and forgive the rest with a smile.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  The best way to catch his eye is to catch his ears, too.  Chances are he’s physically attracted right away, not just by your physical appearance, but by your bright, cheerful aura.  Librans love to be around positive people.  He should narrow your focus enough to find out what he’s interested in.  A good place to start is his career, but the two of you will never run out of things to talk about, so you might as well get started.  Deep inside each of you is a genuine humanitarian, an idealist, and a believer in the goodness of human nature.  That’s a whole lot to have in common.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Libra Man:   You have to find out enough about her to cross her path.  She’s a busy gal.  Chances are, if she caught your eye, that you have some friends in common who can introduce you.  You both are probably the most popular people in your crowd, and friends will be delighted to see you get together.  With the support of friends, and the flow of the universe in your sails, it could just be a breeze.  You fall into step together and begin a lifelong, ideal companionship.

Degree of Romance:  Sagittarius will probably never be romantic enough for Libra, but she will go along for the fun, and she’s a great sport.  If you overdo it, Libra, she might let a giggle slip out, but it will be warm and friendly.

Degree of Passion:  There will be a surprising degree of passion when these two get together.  It’s the kind of passion that comes along when you say, “Let the good times roll.”  In other words, it’s the kind of passion that doesn’t burn out but can last a lifetime.

Degree of Friendship:  Libra and Sag are the best friends in the whole universe.  They are basically in love with life and people and the perfect traveling companion for each other on this journey through life.  They are so compatible because of all the signs these two are the best at adamantly refuse to see anything but good in others.  Some people might accuse them of being Pollyannas, but they would just say the person was having a bad day.

Degree of Marriage:  What’s not to like about this combination?  If an hour together is heavenly, imagine a lifetime together.  Why would either one of them ever want anyone else?

Progression of Relationship:   This is the most even match in the zodiac.  Sag will tend to set the pace, but Libra will take turns graciously.  It will seem like no time before they can’t bear to be apart.  They will probably use all means of communication equally:  texting, emailing, chatting on the phone, chatting, and face to face conversation.  There are probably so many people in their collective lives that they bump into someone they know everywhere they go (not a jealous bone in their bodies).

Sex:   As I’ve said before, sex is the great gift of the Sagittarian to the rest of us.  The Sagittarian woman knows how to relax and have a good time, as if sex were the most natural thing in the world.  When you combine this with the Libran appreciation and willingness to please, you have Aladdin’s lamp.

When It’s Over: If this relationship needs to change into something better, for example if it’s time to revert back to a friendship, this will be as natural as everything else about these two.  They will always be there for each other, with joyful and happy memories of the good times they shared.

Our Rating:  10/10

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67 Responses to Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • sam says:

    @ clint: projection city. people with no psychological depth shouldn’t be doing personality analysis.

  • sam says:

    @ clint – sounds like you don’t get people, no psychological insight, and even worse, you let your ignorance embitter you.

  • sam says:

    oh, and that you were never let into the inner circle because your understanding was weak

  • sam says:

    i have a libran male co-worker, and upon the first week of arrival, he already gossiped to the newbies about everybody’s business in the building, and highlighted everyone’s faults except for his direct supervisor, and of course, his own.

  • sam says:


  • JC says:

    To be honest we have Sam at work (a sag) and she is the office biatch but she acts like she is the most sensible angel nan in the world while screwing every client we have ahahah… It’s just that it’s surprising to see all Sag girls turn out to be like that.. so yeah I agree with Clint on his remarks..

  • ii fiind diiz match not 2b zo true ii am a zagiitariiuz woman n ii hav a liibra male friien n we can’t get alone fa nethiing n iitz actually me but iitz liik he iiriitatez me oh zooo much!!! He azkez 2 many queztiionz all he wantz 2 do iiz talk talk talk ne wen we were on d termz of gettiin 2 reallii kno 1 anotha ii told hiim dat ii diint want a relatiionzhiip but he wuld conztantly wanna talk n get on d zubject of relatiionzhiipz n kiind try 2 ruzh me n 1 wiit hiim n ii actually zaiid yez twiice but got riite back out d next day both tiimez bcuz ii diint wanna hurt hiim but iitz liik he diint underztand or he juz would except d fact ii diint want 2…newayz ii am n a relatiionzhiip now wiit an Ariiez guy who ii am madly n luv wiit n luvz me bak…na ii hav told mii liibra friien diiz n told hiim all about mii Ariiez n ii and he zayz datz great az long az iim happy but really ii feel he doezn’t mean dat cuz ii kno how he iiz…na we got n2 iit a few miinz ago n ii ztiill juz dnt underztand how we zuppoze 2 b zooo compatiiable but yet ii reallii can’t ztand hiim mozt of d tiime…GUEZZ iitz me huh??? He iiz reallii zweet alwyz bn der fa me n ztiill try 2 b but hiiz wayz at tiimez…well mozt tiimez juz iiz zo iiriitatiin…he iiz to zenziitiive fa me he azkz more femiineiin den ii do ii feel liik ii act more manly den hiim. Na we zage liikz a ztrong man dat we kno can hold uz down yet zenziitiive…but…Not too zenziitiive…liike mii ariiez…..dey zay Gemiinii’z r our oppoziite but iive bn n a relatiionzhiip wiit 2 b4 n a friiend wiit 1 n we got alone Great…actually better den a liibra…ii miite b wrong…but…ii defiiniitely thiink diiz iiz a wrong match!!!

  • archie says:

    my saggii girl made me linger for 3.5 years..she did not even get into a relationship with me..she made me linger..neither she said yes nor she said no..she was still talking to her ex..i caught her many a times talking to him and meeting him secretly..and now finally she says I CANT LEAVE HIM..sorry i dint have any intension of hurting you nor do i want to but I CANT HELP..she left me all alone..

  • Matt says:

    i always see sag women as an ordinary person with a confused disturbed mind. i always have mercy and pity for them. I think Angela from the Office in the 5th season (where she sleeps with two ppl at the same time but acting like its all good) would be the best character to represent a sag woman.

  • MsX says:

    as a sag lady, ican tell you with assurity that your worst nightmare is a scorpio. a cancer can be as well. jealousy and insecurity in a man will never be a good match for us. be careful.

  • MsX says:

    clint is absolutely right. love it!

  • MsX says:

    here is the lick, we love to be what society would deem as whorish on the outside, but what every man completely adores and craves on the inside. we do not have a problem being the plaything to a man that can handle all of this fabulousness. we are extremely loyal and are certified ride or die chicks for our man…key word, MAN. the minute we see that you will not protect us, will let us crash and burn, no longer like us or like someone better, do not find us interesting, get jealous and insecure and nitpick and get petty and start fights, are always negative and/or get lazy and boring and never want to do things, we are OUT. and by OUT, i mean, we are ALWAYS going to be sure to have our needs taken care of. clint’s observation is spot on, so much so that it tickles me to death. however, we only treat men like that when they stop treating us like they did when we first chose them.

  • Kelly says:

    When they break up they stay friends forever and he always seems to still love her.

  • Moesshastired says:

    Archie is right!! sounds a lot like whats happened to me too. sagii woman should take responsibility for her own happiness and know what makes here happy in the first place. only a person who is in a happy place can get into a healthy relationship and try to make a go of it. if it doesn’t work both get hurt not just one and have to steady themselves and move on. shit can happen. the only thing we know is that at least we gave it a real shot, respected each other and are able to survive in the pursuit of happiness. letting each other go is also a part of being happy especially when the two don’t seem right for each other. love doesn’t have to be so difficutl to have and maintain.

  • hasan says:

    As the relationship moves forward, Libra may expect Sadge to settle down a bit.Zodiac Dating That’s not going to happen. An Archer with the roving eye, and an ever-changing set of pals makes Libra nervous. Libra likes to check-in to the relationship mirror, but with Sadge it can feel more like a shifting prism. It makes Libra unsure of where they stand.

  • Nessacity says:

    I would like to say from a Sag woman point of view, I agree with Flirtacious and another man who said he takes pity cause we r confused, we r confused we can’t figure out why logic isn’t used anymore in these days, libras are cool but they annoy us in one way or another mostly talking to much being femenine we like manly man the diamond in the roughe type of guy who can handle his own be himself humble sweet and caring but dominant cause we go with the flow with no regards to rules or regulations and we need someone who can actually hold us Down we like to be submissive to the right dominant man.. Usually a good father in our eyes. Still looking for that sign very close with a Capricorn who Im madly in love with, we on rocky terms right now though & all my exes are scorpios so that says enough lol

  • Amy says:

    My aunt is getting married to his fiancé. My aunt is a sag woman and her fiancé is a libra man! They are getting married next year on march ! Yeahh

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