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    I am a Sagittarius woman who has fallen DEEPLY in love with a Libra man and we managed to sync into love at the same time. We are pen pals so communicated through letters initially. We also email and speak on the phone and still write regularly. I love writing letters which I stopped sending many years ago. I keep everything he sends me and our entire interaction has been the most romantic experience of my life. We started off as friends, talking freely and openly with humour and sound ideas about many things, but very quickly what we had turned into love as we got along so well. Literally over 12 weeks. There has been no physical contact yet, but we plan to meet in person next year. I have never communicated with anyone with such ease and we could talk endlessly with him and never run out of anything to say. We realised this about each other from the beginning. When we talk the time goes SO SO quickly it leaves me always wanting more. I crave the communication we have. I can’t bare to be apart from him. How is that even possible without meeting someone, but it is so strong on both sides.

    He is incredibly articulate, intelligent, ultra masculine while also being able to show his emotions. He is caring and thoughtful, imaginative and creative. We have a meeting of minds which is fascinating. We seem to fuel all the positive aspects of each others personalities and heighten each others strengths. The fun and playfulness is very pronounced and I love that about us so much. I always wished I could find a man who possessed physical, mental and spiritual strength and be someone I could admire and look up to. I think Sagittarian women really need that. My softer side has totally been enhanced by him. I failed in every previous relationship to find this ideal. However I have found EVERYTHING I desire on the deepest level in this amazing person.

    He has an energy which is so palpable I can feel him around me even though he is thousands of miles away. His moon is in Pisces and mine is in Cancer and I read that we are a dream like combination in our moons also and telepathically linked. I swear from the very start I was experiencing him thinking about me and actually feeling him in my aura like his thought waves were being picked up by it. I would be doing something and actually feel him touch me with his thoughts about me. I have never experienced this before and as time goes by this link to each other gets stronger with each day that passes.

    We both believe in God and I honestly in my heart and soul think that he has allowed for us to connect in order to fulfill both of our dreams for an exciting and wonderful life long relationship. We have both been through difficulties and it’s like the past melts away and I can let go of it completely now I am with him. I was working on that myself anyway before I met him and was doing well with that, but he has made that happen more quickly. The combination of the two of us has a power of it’s own which seems to be self perpetuating. Every second it exists it grows into a higher purpose for the both of us. A mutual quest. Marriage, children if possible (we both already have them from a past relationship), journeying together along life’s pathway. We laugh so much, think about the future and discuss whatever comes up.

    Being a Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio I know how sexual I am. Extremely so and I know what I want. All encompassing all or nothing total and unadulterated true love, desire, passion, sensuality and complete soul connection. Anything less than that feels like its lacking. I sense that my Libra love is incredibly passionate also and senses the intensity I have for him. He is an incredibly powerful man in his calm still nature and it drives me wild. He makes me feel so very calm, steadying the flames of my fire, while igniting them and making them dance even higher all at the same time. It’s an amazingly intriguing effect that he has on me.

    He makes me feel so appreciated and loved. I really can’t stand not being with him, but I have to be patient. He is teaching me that too. I have patience for many things, but sometimes I do get frustrated, especially in this situation where I want to be in the same space with him and just be together.

    I cannot wait to meet him and I have a feeling what we have will go into massive overdrive after we meet and things will progress and we will do everything in our power to be together.

    I am totally astounded by this experience and I will do whatever it takes to make it work and bring joy to his life.

    • Yasssssz!!!!!!!! Oh my freaking GOD you just told my story I swear. Only, except, I work with him he is on work release at a near by prison camp in my town, that’s where we met. We talk, flirt and exchange lunch and gifts everyday… It makes me melt just to see his face, I got it so bad for this man sometimes I can’t even look at him because of his masculinity. And because of all the drama the drama at the job im afraid to let people see my true feelings for him, it would definitely hurt my soul if anyone tried to ruin my opportunity at falling in true love with this man.

      The fact that I feel insecure and unsure of myself at times and this man still can feel and demonstrate his appreciation for my exsistance is mouth waterin. I literally crave that man, words cannot express it, deep inside I want to I get him all to myself… Already knowing what I would do to him (hahhhhhhhh!)

      But I have been controlling my impulses very well, not too much. When talk on the phone our conversation is defiantly intelligent, fun and flirty, and just recently it has gotten steamy and passionate. We have so much in common from our relious preferences and beliefs to our our eating habits and outlooks on life. But, when we’re at work at talking face to face I get nervous, cumbsy, I loose my train of thought and everything, he is a true leader and wow is it sexy.

      Long story short I want to own that! I want to be his woman but I get so nervous when im near him I hope this doesn’t hennder the bond we share together. He’s already making statements about me being his wife and and joking with others that im his girl so I think commitment may be the next step but marriage is the goal!

  2. John Newcombe

    I am a Libra man, through and through at various levels of evolution. I met my Sagittarius woman while on a business trip. We sat next to each other and our hours together felt like mere minutes. I have not ceased to think about her for even a minute… she is the first thing I think of when I wake up.

    I am absolutely fascinated by her. She is more than I’d ever imagined I wanted in a single woman… unbelievable. I am in love with her personality, in lust with her hot, sexy body. I value her intellectually and care for her emotionally.

    She perfects me. I am the best as a human soul and a man and a lover because of her. I continually thank the universe that she exists. I am enamored by her.

    Her presence makes me feel instantly at home and I have lost all interest in even acknowledging the possibility that we won’t spend the rest of our lives together.

    She is my universe and the center of it as well. Loving her is like finding religion. She is my savior and my idol. I want to praise her and lavish adoration and attention on every inch of her body and being.

    My only fear is that I will completely consume her with my passion… I continually need to ensure I provide her space to reflect, to rest, to simply be. She has been slow in warming to me, but vocal in acknowledging that I have made her feel like the most beloved woman alive.

    Each token of affection and acknowledgment of her love for me deepens my sense of security and encourages me to actually enjoy our moments apart wherein she may pursue her professional and personal responsibilities.

    I’ve never experienced such dimensions of emotion… and each day they widen and deepen. I cannot begin to express the impact she has had on my life… she has become my life’s major definite purpose and I am utterly possessed by her. We speak for hours like they were mere minutes.

    All I want to do is spend my hours in service to her: kissing her, caressing her, loving her, listening to her, laughing with her, relaxing with her, wrapped up in her…

    My life revolves around my Sagittarius woman and I feel that I was born to protect, to serve, to love, to provide for, to pamper, to cherish, to honor, to devote myself completely to her.

    She is my destiny! XOXOXOX

  3. Fatema

    I am a sag woman and was in a relation with Libra man, But I feel we are drifting apart,
    He has stopped telling me he loves me and no commitment from his side.
    But he still manages to text me all day and tries to talk to me even if m not interested.
    I m in love with Aquarius man, he openly tells me how much I mean to him and never fails to astound me.
    But Libra man has stopped that.
    He is indecisive I feel at times.
    But still wants me and takes care of me.
    I have a soft corner for him
    What Should I do?

  4. CuriousSag

    So I’m a Sag woman and I have the BIGGEST crush on my colleague who’s a Libra man, i cant begin to tell you how accurate this post is about him in particular. I haven’t had a lot of interaction with Libra’s, I’ve only ever dated Aries and Virgo (which failed dismally) Anyway….
    HE.IS.GORGEOUS!!!!! Puts a lot of time and energy in grooming himself obviously. Charming, everyone in the office absolutely loves him. He’s very intelligent, knows everything about everything, and me being inquisitive we always have this back and forth banter about politics, travel or music. Has a great sense of humor, we have a lot of fun together, I don’t feel like I have to filter myself around him.
    I feel like i should tell him how i feel, because the chemistry is definitely there, almost tangible, but i really don’t want to overstep you know? We work together and not mention he’s the bosses son.
    WHAT DO I DO????

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