Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Libra-Scorpio Couple:  Jackson Brown and Joni Mitchell

This combination can be very delightful, bringing out the best in both signs.  Libra’s equanimity has a calming effect on Scorpio’s complicated psyche.  It also works in their favor that gender-wise men are expected to be rational and logical, while women are expected to be emotional and feeling.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Scorpio Woman:  If you can tie your receptivity to an interest in his career, somehow, that’s a great entree.  You have to begin at a rather cool temperature and warm up slowly.  If you guys do connect, he will begin to rely utterly on your feedback particularly as regards the politics of life and the motives of others.  He can be amazingly naive, as you will discover.  That’s why he needs you so much.  Help him to see that.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Libra Man:  I think you could safely assume that she will be very flattered by your attention.  This lady, for complicated karmic reasons, tends to attract very crude, overt sexual attention, and your gentlemanly manners will be a striking relief.  Take your time making your way around the bases.  Make sure there are some lovely bouquets and impressive dinners before you round the plate to home base.  Your natural charm utterly beguiles her.

Degree of Romance:  These two wrote the Book of Romance.  She can pout, dote, manipulate, coerce, and wheedle anything she wants out of him with her feminine ways.  She has a way of getting all the romantic moves she can out of a man and Libra has plenty to offer.  Scorpio is not particularly romantic in and of itself, but a Scorpio woman can draw it to her out of thin air.

Degree of Passion:   The Libra man will think that what the Scorpio woman is doing is passionate because he’s so unfamiliar with his feelings, so there’s a nice little complicity here.   She will have him believing that her breasts heave and her heart beats only for him.

Degree of Friendship:  The Libra man will think they are best friends and it’s just as well kept that way.   The fact that Scorpio is in it for what she can get will be just our little secret.

Degree of Marriage: This is good first marriage material, particularly because of the gender-friendly aspect.  It may be years before he realizes that she is the most innovative manipulator, and decades may pass before she realizes that he is really rather detached and somehow always avoids taking off his white gloves.  These two will make especially good parents which can do a lot for keeping the marriage together.

Progression of Relationship:   The way these two energies work together is like a beautiful waltz.  She may cry or tear up, which allows him to dry her tears and/or help her out of a tough situation.  She is likely to provide problems that need solving and he will see them through to a logical conclusion.  This wins her trust and undying appreciation because God knows a Scorpio woman has a lot of problems.  Somehow in the process, she impresses him with her perceptiveness regarding everyone else but herself, and her instincts for power interest him greatly.  As they begin to put pieces together in the puzzle, a beautiful picture emerges.

Sex:  The possibilities here are endless.  Scorpio will introduce the emotional element in sex to the more-or-less virgin Libran territory.  He will become increasingly excited as he begins to explore new territory.  Most Scorpio women are incredibly comfortable with sex (even to the point of exploiting it sometimes), and they tend to attract partners interested in an initiation into the intimate rites.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over, Libra will be a little naively rational and Scorpio will be a little bit extreme emotionally which guarantees a pretty fair ending.  These two balance each other out to the end.

Our Rating:  8/10

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44 Responses to Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

  • Darling says:

    I wonder how the dynamic changes when both signs are wounded… he (libra) seems to be too guarded emotionally. And I naturally, want an emotional connection immediately. I’m guessing it’s over, since I told him that I wont be calling and texting him anymore (extreme, I know) that if he wants to continue seeing me, he’ll have to put in some effort or that’s that. I guess giving him an ultimatum was not a wise choice, since librans are horrible at decision making. Maybe I’ll move on to find a kind pisces man…

  • Doug says:

    A lovely and dark eyed Scorpio lady has caught my attention…I’m curious, how does the dynamic is this pairing change, if the Libara man also happens to have his Moon in Scorpio?

  • nancy says:

    @Doug Sounds like a winner to me!

  • jesse says:

    i have had alot of problems with my scorpio female. i am very interested in love and i enjoy kissing her, but she turns her head 80% of the time and she isnt as sexual as most scorpios. she does cry quite a bit and i do dry her tears. this is very accurate, but i still need help with my scorpio woman ^_^

  • Leslie says:

    I am a Scorpio, and I recently met a Libra man and he took my breathe away like no other man has ever done. We are planning on a first date, and after reading this entry I am rather excited. However, in the back of my mind I wonder if he is indecisive or if he will be very flirtatious with other women. I can be somewhat jealous and possessive, but still open minded so I might (big might) be able deal with it. I don’t know what other signs are in his chart, but I know I have Venus in Libra . The majority of my planets are in Libra and Scorpio. It is still too soon to say it will work or it won’t, but I am looking forward to the fun that we are going to have.

  • Miss_Y says:

    Sounds very interesting,bt the Libra guy seems detachd which would b very annoyin 4me as a scorpio woman. Bt il try it out sometime

  • SG says:

    i was comparing the compatibility of a Libra Man & Scorbio Woman to a Libra Man & Aquarius Woman.
    and the two are very different.
    i am an Aquarius and my boyfriend is a Libra. we’ve been together for a year and the articles about our signs have described us PERFECTLY.
    his ex girlfriend of almost 2 years was a Scorpio.
    he read both articles and agreed more on our.
    he says that yes, his relationship with the Scorpio was fun and exciting but also crazy and dangerous.
    everyone who knew them describes them as oil and vinegar.
    she abused him, and he admits to striking back a few times.
    the fact that “children” would keep them together, is not much of true love.
    he dosagrees with this (in the long run)

  • SG says:


  • Brooke says:

    I’m a Scorpio Woman who is intrigued by my new Libra Man. Our lovemaking is off the charts, but his “friendly flirting” burns me up inside. However, since our relationship isn’t defined I keep my jealousy under wraps bc I don’t want to scare him away. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. So far so good.

  • Alison says:

    I am on my 2nd marriage to my Libra man. We have 13 years & 2 kids. I agree with this compatibility very much. We have had our normal ups & downs but we sure know we love eachother very much & sex can be amazing!

  • Libra in Love says:

    What is up with the world, I am a 42 year old Libra man who has been married for almost 17 years now to a Capricorn woman and things are a changing, fortunate or unfortunate I have met a caught under the spell of a Scorpio Woman, dark eyed and dark haired. I have always been faithful and will continue to do so, however this new battle that is going on inside is new and frieghtening, having made a commitment to my spouse to be together for life, yet, trying to deal with the difficulties that the marriage has come to. It doesn’t help any that this Scorpio Woman has been there with rational exlpanations and in my mind i know there is nothing that can come of our relationship as well because she too is married…sometimes it is very tough being a Libra Male…

  • mistie says:

    i don’t agree here. my mum was a scorpio and my dad a libra and their marraige was horrid. my dad was physically and mentally abusive, and my mum put up with it for 15 years until the divorce. they were constantly screaming, arguing, and yelling at each other. maybe even every day. maybe they’re just exceptions but still…

  • mahie says:

    I will be frankly be true here. I have never seen a more troubled child than a scorpion girl is . The amount of pain i get from her is too much bt still cant help her. As the libran charecter is being aloof and being happy forgetting and forgiving bt scorpions are almost the opposite (i think) they expect so much from every relationship. I cant take any more cries and pains with myself. I want to be happy and live a life of my life. Thats why i want to leave her bt she has no one to put a shoulder and cry on. What do i do ??

  • poet says:

    I am a Scorpio woman currently in a relationship with a Libra man. I have had no issues in this relationship, I had previously dated a Pisces and a Leo and both of those relationships turned out to be a disaster, especially with the Leo.

    The thing about being a Scorpio woman is that we generally demand ultimate loyalty, and if given to us, will give it back in return. Libra has a tendency of kindness towards others and flirtatiousness, which can anger a Scorpio woman. HOWEVER most Libras are brilliant at adapting to the needs of others to create balance, therefore if the Libra is willing to adapt to the Scorpio, she will adapt to him.

    The only problem I can really say I have with my Libra is that he’s not as interested in sex as I am.

  • Neil says:

    Hello miss,
    Nancy Fenn.

    I have just one question…
    For a Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman compatibility you have given a ranking of 9 /10.
    For the Libra man & Scorpio woman you have given
    Why did you give it 9/10 ??
    What gives the Sagittarius male get over Libra man ??
    Please explain.
    Thank you ..

  • anon says:

    Simply put…don’t waste your time! As Libra and Scorpio are positioned next to each other in the zodiac…this is simply a learning relationship and that is all. If you have a bunch of other compatible signs/planets in your natal chart…then you MAY have a shot, otherwise, it’s just not forever. (Perhaps I speak from a bitter perspective – broke up with one last year – there was a huge cultural difference too, which didn’t help). The Libran man does not have the depth to satisfy most Scorpions. And it’s highly likel that you will not get enough S – E – X !

  • deanna says:

    i just started dating a libra man and was immediately attracted to him, his looks, the way he carried himself,,very sexy and he seemed totally into me telling me how sexy i was and we had sex which by the way was the best i ever had but now he’s gotten kinda quiet, not so complimentary and i cant figure this out. im a scorpio who like any other scorpio woman wants it all, RIGHT NOW, and im just kinda shaking my head on this one. he’ll go days without making contact and when he does he talks about meaningless things most of the time, so im wondering did he lose interest in me but at the same time why does he stay in contact if he has?? and ya cant get a straight answer out of them, its always maybe, we’ll see that type of thing. maybe i’ll just end it! good luck to everyone else!

  • abc says:

    I am so anxious to begin a relationship with a libra man I’ve been friends with since high school. I am a virgo, which your matching says is a 10/10. my moon is in passionate scorpio, and my rising I believe is in Taurus. I wish I knew his 3, but so far everything is magic. We are in love, but things are moving slow and right. I know the future is uncertain, but we believe we are soul mates. I have no ill intent in mind and I trust his intentions. We are what we have longed and waited for, stumbled upon accidentally. The only man who has gotten through my mind, captured my heart, and embodied my soul. Sounds gushy, but all that is present now are dreams.

  • dreamer says:

    I have am falling for the most amazing libra man. I am a scorpio female and we met one year ago. During the past year things have been turbulent…however I love him still and we always manage to reconnect and understand each other better. He teaches me that I can control my emotions and not allow them to control me & overwhelm him. I yeah him that he can make solid decisions…and feel the emotional connection we share without fear. Things are perfect, but I look forward to every day with him more than the day before.

  • @ deanna says:

    Wow, I totally agree with deanna’s comment above!! I’m a scorpio woman and I was with a libra man for 5 months and it was EXACTLY how you described it… it was the most confusing relationship i was ever involved in!! At first I was taken aback by his sexiness and good looks, but as time went on i began to lose interest. He seemed to be really into me, but at the same time would never compliment me and would be fine with us not talking for days on end. when we would finally talk, it would usually be really superficial subjects that would always leave me wanting more.. a deeper connection from him and some sort of excitment. I wanted it to work so badly but we just debated or things ALL THE TIME and oftentimes I found him really dry. Finally I spoke to him about it and we ended it… still I’m left wishing it could have worked, but at the same time I think it’s important to realize that sometimes people just aren’t compatible with each other.

  • John says:

    22 yrs ago I fell in love with my Scorpio HS sweety. We r back together but she is married to a Libra. I am a Taurus and our love grows everyday. But, I go off the deep end when she expresses her love for me. Why is this?

  • John says:

    Also, what is the chance that she will leave him for me?

  • Shara says:

    I agree. I recently got in a relationship with my Libra man and he is the best. He is not only much bestfriend, but is the best lover! That flirting crap truly annoys me and he knows even when I try to play it cool. The only thing is that he is gradually feeling the feelings I felt for him a long time ago. I think if I take my time, this could actually go far.

  • Shamaya says:

    I’m a Scorpio female oct.26 and my lover is a libra male sept.27 we been through so much together he tells me he loves me all the time. He is a kier a cheater and play wayy too much. He enjoys dating more then one woman and I’m not going to take the bullcrap after I stuck by his side through the wrong times we had in life. I think libra male are users and very selfish. But he is very romantic in his own way, flirtatious very, charming. And knows when and how to say all the right things which might be a lie. Sorry but these are my opinions.. I been there and seen it, we even lived together for some years now. Oh and he is very abusive when he drunks and you nag him about sneaking around with other women it’s so true he will hit you shrugs* idk libra male are all for themselves !!!

  • Mecca says:

    To the Shamaya comment: LoL u ain’t never lied… After reading all the sugar-coated entries, yours is the only one that puts them together so fabulously. I had to chuckle after your realistic standpoint absorbed into my mind.

  • ann says:

    i met this Libra man who was everything a woman will want.he propose to me and i told him i was scared of getting hurt becos a cancer guy broke my heart before i met him.he was so caring and romantic and i like him but i never told him because i wanted to know him better.he stopped calling and i started calling him.i even told him i have fallen for him but he never returned my message.i called him and he told me that we should just be friends becos he thinks things between us will not work.i told him i love him again but no calls or message from i also stopped calling but i still love him and do not know how to win him back.pls help me

  • Marie says:

    Hi Ann,

    I am Scorpio and I a more jealous,possesive and all the dark enerygy I possess. but hell, My ex libra came back
    to me after he left me 11 months. I have tactics to won him over which is in beyond his knowledge.

    1. I texted him so badly that even dog won’t take it.
    2. I threw him away which could find himself lame by saying…I don’t need him when in fact I want him
    3. I forget him and live my life.
    4. I told him I have to cut the loose. I am beautiful enought to be needy for a man like him. lmao
    5. I learned…he never paid attention those nonsense words… I told him via text… I love him but I can’t do anything
    to love me in same way…and tell him How handsome he was..omg…he textback immediately. lol

  • dana says:

    I’m dating a libra as we speak and he is charming and very complimenative. I think that there actions depend on there age and forreal if a scorpio quites down and slows down a bit you can get whatever you want from him. They are very giving my father is libra and my sons father is a libra but he was young and dumb but giving . I say justallow them to be them and everything else will come together love him but don’t tell them everything. I am a scorpio but I’m older now and I’m a gracious woman and they like that be a good listner and leave that proud mary stuff @ home…

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  • g says:

    Dude what do u against scorpion women

  • anonymousNYC says:

    I am a Scorpio woman dating a Libra man currently. I am “head over heels” and it’s only been 5 months, but I can’t imagine my life without him. He makes me so happy in every way and we never argue about anything. He’s a breath of fresh air- all I want to do is please him. He is absolutely gorgeous and he’s supportive in all that I want to accomplsh in life. We share almost everything in common from food, music, fashion, movies, our love of traveling, recreational activities, theories about life, cleansiness. The sex is among the best I’ve experienced and I’m sure he agrees. Libra men are not into sex as much has Scorpio women are, but it’s fun opening them up to new things and being playful, or agressive when needed. He has a sixth sense when I’m uncomfortable he knows something isn’t right and will continue to ask me until he gets to the bottom of it. The best thing about our relationship is that we are n’sync with one another and feed off of each others energies- things always feel natural when I’m with him.

    <3 <3 <3

  • Scorpio woman/libra man says:

    John Mellencamp (Libra man) and (Scorpio Woman) Meg Ryan are together, and they are not in their 20s doing their first marriage. (they have both been through a long term relationship) and now they are together in their late 40s/50s.

  • justuce b says:

    Sooooo, I’m an early November Scorpio. He’s an early October Libra. And lord Jesus. He has completely changed me ha. We were best friends before we actually talked(i knew i liked him at the tine but of course i didnt say anything esp since he would always cone to me about his girl issues ha) so everything feels natural. We had alot of issues and stopped talking for five months(the entire time I was still in love with him and vice versa) but of course we acted like we were perfectly fine. Eventually he texted me out of nowhere apologizing. We are back together now and doing like a million times better. He has helped me so much as far as expressing my emotions and not being so cryptic are concerned. Idk what I’d do without him. I’m more of a wild child while he’s the opposite so he’s also helped me to see that I need to have more respect for myself. After we got back together I stopped smoking weed and drinking and partying and began to focus on my school work more and fashion career. He is currently in basic training for the Marines. I love him so much and consider myself lucky to be in love with my best friend.

  • libra man/scorpio woman says:

    8/10 for this pairing, this is wonderful, as many Scorpio Sun women seem to HATE these men due to the wishy washyness and people pleasing skills, but this pairing match is much HIGHER than the Gemini man/Scorpio woman one. where the pairing gets 50/50 buyer beware. It sounds scary.

    As for celebrities, Katy Perry is dating John Mayer for a long time now, and she has gemini moon, and his sag moon, opposite attracts and i dont know what their venus/mars are, or rising but they seem to keep it up.

    There is also Tara Reid (scorpio woman) dating Doug Reinhardt but now i read online that she’s decided on an old man? I dont know what that is about.

  • Scorpio woman says:

    I am starting to date a Libra man, we started out last August but i was playing the field and he just wanted a mature relationship. Now March 8 2014 we are back together… He is so into SEX but i think it is too soon, for all the above who say the Libra man is not sexual interested… this MAN IS WAY SEXUAL!!!! ABSOLUTE BEST…. So much that i am kind of scared of his creative exploration in that area LOL that is why I am glad our 13 hour 6 day a week work schedule does not give us much time together… but it should be a fun retirement… I guess we should make it past 5 weeks before i plan the retirement…. He is very intellectual and NOT very romantically outspoken… he said i ran away 3 times in Aug and Sept so he is not putting his heart into it until he is sure i’m done running… i guess i can’t blame him…. his hugs tell me more than any words can say… and one kiss on the forehead makes me melt…. (and i can’t talk bout the others stuff…it’s too good!) Our biggest conflict is my religious up bringing that says sex is for marriage and his freedom in that area… he thinks he is dealing with a 14 yr old from the 1800 century…. he is 57 and i am 50…. and yes ladies it only gets BETTER with AGE…. i don’t think people should even start dating til age 35… no one knows up from down at a younger age. (3 previous divorces between the 2 of us and 3 long term relationships so maybe live and learns have prepared us for each other.)

  • hullo says:

    i is marries to aquarius woman fo 11 yeas.She is looking likes a racoon but is very good in gnawing my scrotums.dunt know which is selp estim or me penis;;

  • Cancer woman says:

    @Scropio woman ……… perfecto :)

  • dandycandy says:

    some people are not worth the stress.expunge these bitches from you life for good.

  • labu says:

    A Scorpio man may fall in love with Zodiac Dating a Libra woman for her beauty and innocence. But, this relationship may sustain only for small period of time. However, to make this relationship work on a long run they will require to make great efforts from both the sides. Scorpio men are intense lovers but due to their jealous nature will always suspect a Libra woman and can make this relationship worse. The happiness in the marriage of a Scorpio with a Libra is a question mark but a time-being relationship will be a pleasure for both of them.

  • ?? says:

    labu, this article is about scorpio woman not about libra woman and her relationship with the male scorpio.

    it’s the other way around.

    scorpio woman is going to end up wearing the pants in the relationship because these guys are indecisive.

  • Evita says:

    We’ll I’m in a situation and I don’t know how I got here. I fell for this guy but he’s already in a relationship for 10years 3kids them living together. He closed up to me first, I fell 4 all of his charms and fell in love at first he made all the time and effort in the world to spend time with me but now he’s to busy organizing his life while he expects me to sit around and wait for him ready every second he has a free moment. So it’s like I don’t have a life anymore and he fixing his. I broke up with him like million times but he keeps coming back. Other than that he’s the best guy I ever had/ have a relationship with. So it becomes complicated, we scorpio women really have a problem meeting guys who can deal with us. Any way I wish all of us scorpio lady’s the best with these men. They are some what selfish and manipulative to be honest. I’m hoping to deal with this the best I can.

  • Mars ENERGY? says:

    i was surprised this got 8/10

    because it seems like lots of scorpio women put down the libra men.

  • tess says:

    Am a scorpio lady who Jus met a libra man but am so scared cuz I feel the libra man jus wants to get into my pants**i am worried cuz I lyk him but I don’t want to feel used

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