1. Lily

    I’m a Scorpio woman who recently left a Libra Man who was beautiful in all aspects and did everything for me. All he asked was for me to be with him emotionally and listen to him. It worked for us. I showed him how to express and explore his emotions and he showed me how to live my life. 3 years and I loved this man and he loved me so much it’s crazy how much he loved me.

    i read this a lot that a Libra like the idea of love and being in love and likes the idea of being in a loving relationship. For me it was the other way around, he had this beautiful unconditional love for me and I cherished that. He constantly compromised with me even when he didn’t want to or have to.

    Yes a Libra likes the idea of being in love but he also knows when he can’t deal with your bullshit he will find the best way to leave you in the calmest matter or not say anything at all and disappear . When a Libra Man does deal with your crap that others haven’t or tried to compromise with your crazy thoughts and ideas he loves you and it’s an amazing feeling it’s unconditional. When I say it’s unconditional he will still love you if you stabbed someone and whatever excuse you give him he will still love you. That’s unconditional.

    As a Scorpio I did grow curious and a bit bored that I wanted to explore and seek other people so I ended it, and got stuck with the reality that I’ll have to start all over again and find someone who can deal with all my bullshit and learn to love me. So my distructive nature ended my relationship and I’m so devastated. I’m so sad like seriously every guy since then has let me down either sexually, emotionally, intellectually, or all three. It fucking sucks.

  2. Bella34665

    coming from a Scorpio who has complete hatred for all Libras. SCORPIO, SCORPIO, ALL SCORPIO’S you are loving kind sweet touchy moody temperamental deep caring beautiful and Libra are selfish lazy lyers, manipulators if your Libra man does not put you first that means he’s about to move on to the person who has become number one in his life Libras are all phony fake people listen to this a Libra is a blank canvas and Scorpio’s you guys know we voice our opinions loud so they can be heard because once we are done or pissed off we cut people out of our lives and surprisingly your Libra knows this so he listens to EVERYTHING you say and this is why so many Scorpio fall victim to these people. anyways they listen and memorize everything you like and dislike once they find out everything that makes you you they erase all the negative traits you hate in things that they possess and make all the things you love and need part of their personality and let me tell you I know 7 s corpios who have been screwed over by Libras and they say what im saying, its all true so your with your Libra and you think oh my god this is the man I needed all my life when he smiles at you your heart turns over and all you think about is him what he needs what he wants how to make him happy all the while forgetting who you are now here’s were it all goes to shit when you want something you want he comes up short he forgets yes the sex is out of this world because they are sexing you exactly how you’ve trained them over the years and it will never stop but once you start wanting what you wants and you start acting how you truly are after his CHARM YES CHARM that’s got you under a spell starts to fad then the real you comes through he will start putting you last for everything he will become distant and your perfect man will start to disappear. why? you ask because he sees you wont forever stay under his spell so he starts erasing all the qualities that made him perfect for you because either he has found someone else and he’s computing her or his yes another woman or mans qualities that they want in a lover because he’s about to quit you and once he does you will be left looking stupid and it will be all your fault because you didn’t look harder into why this so called perfect man is so perfect the answer is HE IS FAKE he is not deep he is not genuine he is not sweet, well yeah he is, to get everything he wants out of you, he is not the perfect man because have you ever stop to think of this when he’s trying to make a decision about something lets say choosing to buy the blue shirt or the green shirt one or both of these colors being his favirotes, why its so hard for him to choose then you say being so blinded by his fakeness says you should pick the blue shirt because you look so handsome and beautiful in that color that color highlights your features, then you see him smile and he picks the blue one making you feel great because he took your advice when truthfully he only likes for EVERYONE to think he’s so attractive and beautiful and if everyone thinks he’s beautiful then everyone will love him and when everyone loves the fake Libra is he truly happy….to all Scorpios Cancer and Pisces we are the first targets for Libra people because we are so loving and sweet and our emotions run so deep but guess what he is an air sign he is only as deep as he looks true story that beautiful face perfect teeth sweet tasting breath perfect muscular chiseled arms and big you know what between his legs and perfect way of living life attitude he has is only so he can be admired. after all what is the physical representation of a Libra a balancing scale what the hell is that and object that weighs things against each other its balancing each objects weight and the heavier object will be measured as low and needs to be thrown out and ALL SCORPIOS ARE HEAVY WITH OUR EMOTIONS, LOVE, AT WORK, AT SCHOOL 24/7 WE ARE HEAVY AND REAL SO ONCE HE REALIZES THIS HE WILL THROW AWAY ALL THE HARD WORK YOU PUT INTO HIM ALL THE GIFTS ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND THEN HE WILL THROW YOUR ASS AWAY leaving you feeling dumb and stupid so watch out all Scorpios eagles phoenix’s and gray lizards when you deal with a Libra in any shape or form you will never fully be happy and will end up regretting your relationship with the Libra im a Scorpio with Sagittarius moon Scorpio mercury and Venus and Aquarius Mars I dumped that Libra before he ruined me and I suggest you do the same and he will beg and try to convince that you two are made for each other but the truth is he’s NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. he’s IN LOVE WITH THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR HIM. AND TIME WILL OPEN YOUR EYES ITS UP TO YOU HOW MUCH TIME YOU GIVE HIS ASS

  3. MalZ

    Finally something to make me smile. I read every comment and was starting to get nervous. Everything I read about astrology is true except for compatibility. Me being a Scorpio female has had a horrible time with cancer and pieces. Also not so good luck with Taurus and cheating ass Virgo. Never had a Capricorn. But I can say my libra husband of almost 4years is a dream come true. He keeps me. Which says a lot I have 4 baby fathers one being my husband. I’m not easily kept. I will admit his mood swings are hard to deal with. His non ability to make a decision sucks. He is not flirty but charming as hell which I don’t mind too much. We have our issues. He gets on my nerves. He thinks he is smarter than me. He hates that deep down in his heart he knows I’m wiser. What he lacks I got him, what I lack his right there. We hate being apart but know we need space. Still working on that lol. We talk all day on the phone and watch movies together at night. At times I get insecure because I know he is the bomb and pray he feels the same about me. We work together. I have to be gentle with him because his libra scales take forever to weigh. My Scorpio nature is ready to move forward. I love him and pray that everyone on this page realize we are the perfect match. Oh yeah, he left a 9 year nightmare with a Gemini (his most compatible) to meet me and marry me. She still mad but I pray for her happiness as well

  4. Brittany

    I am a Scorpio lady and I’ve been seeing my Libra male for 7 months. I truly love this man. He definitely balances me out shows me mad respect. And the Sex omg is Lovely. He calls me his Nasty girl. Bc I fulfill all his sexual fantasies. Except a threesome. Which eventually I will bc I love love him. He is my best friend and I will love him forever!!!

  5. saglover

    Libra men tend to be too flirty and this kind of behavior encourages women to come after him which he enjoys.But I don’t think that will go well with Scorpio woman considering how jealous they are lol.im cancerian

  6. I appologise for ‘long rant’ in advance

    Honestly, I am sick of all the star sign mismatching, and people who give up on love…. you really wanna know?
    Of course Libra and Scorpio and GREAT for eachother.

    Come on Libra Guys all you ever really wanna find is that girl who’s gonna take your breath away – I mean more so than any other gal – you wanna meet that gal who MAKES YOU forget every other gal, that you fall so madly in love with her and you never fall out of love with her, that girl you will never lose interest in. And from everything I’ve read, Scorpio is a close second in the zodiac (if you wanna know number one just read the articles on various websites about libra with different star signs, it’s so obvious)

    Here’s a gal who you can never stop having great sex with, keeps looking at you with those tantalising eyes all the time and sits there with smouldering passion. And they’re smart enough to KNOW when to give you your space… you really want me to believe you have to break up with your scorpio girl because she didn’t want to go to a fancy dinner party with you and your ‘female friends’ to sip pink champagne?

    If you are one of those Libra Guys who walked out on a Scorpio Girl, you have really lost out big time… you walked away from something GREAT. Who wants an easy relationship that starts off strong and loses passion over time? Can’t you have a bit of patience? Aren’t you intrigued by a relationship that just gets stronger, deeper and better over time?

    And in any case, if you hear all of these astrologers (not necessarily Nancy) talk about Libra Male no one would ever want to be one… we’re an air sign, we’re always ‘floating about’ and throwing flowers and chocolates in the face of every girl hoping to get laid and we’re ‘social creatures’ who love designer labels and we dress up and go to fancy bars and coffee houses and shout in eachothers faces about the latest celebrities as we nibble expensive hors d’oeuvres and blah blah… that’s just stupid and I don’t think most libra is like that at all…

    You shouldn’t underestimate libra, a lot of us are very intelligent and are thinking men, if we really set our mind to it we can do anything and see no limit, many of the people who change the world are libra… that person who is a libra and is also famous or successful usually gets there by following their own path, rather than following fads or trends, and when they create anything, especially movies, music, tv and books, the world will end before people can stop praising it.

    We are not all ‘social creatures’ some of us are VERY SERIOUS and RESERVED if a guy is libra and shy it’s not like he’s gonna come and advertise it… a lot of use are very connected with our hobbies and feel empty if it is just work and eat/sleep.
    If some of us are playboys, then there are also playboys who aren’t libra. Many of us have utmost respect for women and can’t stand to see any woman cry.
    We are like every other star sign as well…human… some of us are VERY BAD poeple some of use are VERY GOOD and a lot of us are in the middle… we are very susceptible to positive and negative energies as well, but when we see a dream we always try to find a way to make it come true.

    We usually don’t seem to work out with Capricorn… they’re great ladies but it’s just not meant to be… in spite of this there is nothing than can stop you from ‘making it work’ from practically any other star sign… you’re a libra and you can go really far with a bit of effort… you are a cardinal sign after all…

    If you are LUCKY ENOUGH to be a libra man with a scorpio woman, then you should truly be thankful… and DON’T let her GO! Scorpio’s can give ALL OF themselves, honestly they can give and give and give… and they don’t expect that much in return… they have an ability to deal with some of your more eccentric and childish behaviour, can be quite mature for their age, and here is a girl who can help you bring all your ROMANTIC FANTASIES to REAL LIFE, what is the point in being indecisive, ‘not ready to commit’ or looking for little things to be unhappy about? Go for the Scorpio!

    In a world of wars, poverty, famine and disease, and then life is so short… so – this is to everyone in lucky countries, not just libras – don’t you owe it to yourself to find someone you can enjoy life with and be really happy, rather than looking for little things to complain? If there is someone out there you love but are hesitating or ‘weren’t ready to commit’ why not contact them now and truly be with the one you love? No matter what their star sign!

    Now I’m a shy, quiet libra guy, but I have an Aries moon, and when something makes that ‘click’ I switch over into action mode 😉

  7. Erik

    I had a short but intense relationship with a Scorpio lady. We met by chance and there was such an intense, almost immediate connection that I’ve never had with anyone else (including the woman I was married to for 15 years). I found her attractive on many levels but it wasn’t until well into the relationship that her inner vixen came out. WOW. That’s all I can say.

    In the end it didn’t work out – life obstacles got in the way. That was hard for both of us. Had we been able to work through it, I have no doubt we’d have stuck. I’ve since discovered that we’ve spent a few previous lifetimes together and that our meeting in this was a chance to say farewell and move on. That kind of love doesn’t end.

  8. Piscesins2

    Libras,scorp,cap,need each other on earth an they will be togethr in hell that will be there final destination an reunion believe that!!!!!

  9. Lost

    I’m a Scorpio woman and have recently started dating a Libra man. He doesn’t act like this at all, but I guess this doesn’t include the circumstances he’s been through. I’ve been through a lot too and I really don’t like having all the power in a relationship. This article kinda scares me a little. I really really care for him and he cares for me, but according to this, it’s not going to last. I don’t know, maybe I’m taking this too seriously.

  10. Tre

    hi, im a scorpio woman and married to a Libra man. this year will be 10 years that we are together and 2 years that we will be married. I love him a lot. in the beginning he was the perfect guy to me, no1 one could compare. it was only after we got married that I actually started picking up on things about him, like his loyalty to his mother, he put her needs 1st before mine, and he didn’t care if I got hurt in the process as long as she was happy. this caused a lot of problems in our marriage. even though im supposed to be the powerful one but I feel as if he has power over me. my mind wonders a lot of times on how he interacts wiith other woman when im not around. but when hes with me he acts like a saint. and its only after we were married that our sex life has gone down the drain, hes never interested, he rather watch tv. we do love each other but im not quite sure if hes “in love” with me. we have been through some really hectic fights and I have seen a side of him that I’ve never seen before.i do usually start all the fights most of the time and can be very dramatic at time…..but all I want is loyalty and love, and if im able to give that to him then I deserve it as well. I cannot imagine my life with anyone else, I do wish that we had more passion and sex. but I pray to god that we never end up apart, as we have been through the worst and always have come back together. and we balance each other out quite perfectly. 🙂

  11. ima scorpio women & I’m talking to a libra man . Everything I see on here is some what true he seems alil bit more emotional and attracted than I am. but sometimes I can’t really talk to him about a Lot because I don’t think he can connect with me on a more emotional deep level us scorpio women are deep ‘ & Libra’s would rather stay on the surface . we’re going okay so far I do bully him sometimes and I seem very needy but he won’t really speak up on it. I don’t really take the relationship serious but I’m willing to see where this is going to go. 🙂

  12. John

    22 yrs ago I fell in love with my Scorpio HS sweety. We r back together but she is married to a Libra. I am a Taurus and our love grows everyday. But, I go off the deep end when she expresses her love for me. Why is this?

  13. @ deanna

    Wow, I totally agree with deanna’s comment above!! I’m a scorpio woman and I was with a libra man for 5 months and it was EXACTLY how you described it… it was the most confusing relationship i was ever involved in!! At first I was taken aback by his sexiness and good looks, but as time went on i began to lose interest. He seemed to be really into me, but at the same time would never compliment me and would be fine with us not talking for days on end. when we would finally talk, it would usually be really superficial subjects that would always leave me wanting more.. a deeper connection from him and some sort of excitment. I wanted it to work so badly but we just debated or things ALL THE TIME and oftentimes I found him really dry. Finally I spoke to him about it and we ended it… still I’m left wishing it could have worked, but at the same time I think it’s important to realize that sometimes people just aren’t compatible with each other.

  14. dreamer

    I have am falling for the most amazing libra man. I am a scorpio female and we met one year ago. During the past year things have been turbulent…however I love him still and we always manage to reconnect and understand each other better. He teaches me that I can control my emotions and not allow them to control me & overwhelm him. I yeah him that he can make solid decisions…and feel the emotional connection we share without fear. Things are perfect, but I look forward to every day with him more than the day before.

  15. abc

    I am so anxious to begin a relationship with a libra man I’ve been friends with since high school. I am a virgo, which your matching says is a 10/10. my moon is in passionate scorpio, and my rising I believe is in Taurus. I wish I knew his 3, but so far everything is magic. We are in love, but things are moving slow and right. I know the future is uncertain, but we believe we are soul mates. I have no ill intent in mind and I trust his intentions. We are what we have longed and waited for, stumbled upon accidentally. The only man who has gotten through my mind, captured my heart, and embodied my soul. Sounds gushy, but all that is present now are dreams.

  16. deanna

    i just started dating a libra man and was immediately attracted to him, his looks, the way he carried himself,,very sexy and he seemed totally into me telling me how sexy i was and we had sex which by the way was the best i ever had but now he’s gotten kinda quiet, not so complimentary and i cant figure this out. im a scorpio who like any other scorpio woman wants it all, RIGHT NOW, and im just kinda shaking my head on this one. he’ll go days without making contact and when he does he talks about meaningless things most of the time, so im wondering did he lose interest in me but at the same time why does he stay in contact if he has?? and ya cant get a straight answer out of them, its always maybe, we’ll see that type of thing. maybe i’ll just end it! good luck to everyone else!

  17. anon

    Simply put…don’t waste your time! As Libra and Scorpio are positioned next to each other in the zodiac…this is simply a learning relationship and that is all. If you have a bunch of other compatible signs/planets in your natal chart…then you MAY have a shot, otherwise, it’s just not forever. (Perhaps I speak from a bitter perspective – broke up with one last year – there was a huge cultural difference too, which didn’t help). The Libran man does not have the depth to satisfy most Scorpions. And it’s highly likel that you will not get enough S – E – X !

  18. Neil

    Hello miss,
    Nancy Fenn.

    I have just one question…
    For a Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman compatibility you have given a ranking of 9 /10.
    For the Libra man & Scorpio woman you have given
    Why did you give it 9/10 ??
    What gives the Sagittarius male get over Libra man ??
    Please explain.
    Thank you ..

  19. poet

    I am a Scorpio woman currently in a relationship with a Libra man. I have had no issues in this relationship, I had previously dated a Pisces and a Leo and both of those relationships turned out to be a disaster, especially with the Leo.

    The thing about being a Scorpio woman is that we generally demand ultimate loyalty, and if given to us, will give it back in return. Libra has a tendency of kindness towards others and flirtatiousness, which can anger a Scorpio woman. HOWEVER most Libras are brilliant at adapting to the needs of others to create balance, therefore if the Libra is willing to adapt to the Scorpio, she will adapt to him.

    The only problem I can really say I have with my Libra is that he’s not as interested in sex as I am.

  20. mahie

    I will be frankly be true here. I have never seen a more troubled child than a scorpion girl is . The amount of pain i get from her is too much bt still cant help her. As the libran charecter is being aloof and being happy forgetting and forgiving bt scorpions are almost the opposite (i think) they expect so much from every relationship. I cant take any more cries and pains with myself. I want to be happy and live a life of my life. Thats why i want to leave her bt she has no one to put a shoulder and cry on. What do i do ??

  21. mistie

    i don’t agree here. my mum was a scorpio and my dad a libra and their marraige was horrid. my dad was physically and mentally abusive, and my mum put up with it for 15 years until the divorce. they were constantly screaming, arguing, and yelling at each other. maybe even every day. maybe they’re just exceptions but still…

  22. Libra in Love

    What is up with the world, I am a 42 year old Libra man who has been married for almost 17 years now to a Capricorn woman and things are a changing, fortunate or unfortunate I have met a caught under the spell of a Scorpio Woman, dark eyed and dark haired. I have always been faithful and will continue to do so, however this new battle that is going on inside is new and frieghtening, having made a commitment to my spouse to be together for life, yet, trying to deal with the difficulties that the marriage has come to. It doesn’t help any that this Scorpio Woman has been there with rational exlpanations and in my mind i know there is nothing that can come of our relationship as well because she too is married…sometimes it is very tough being a Libra Male…

  23. Alison

    I am on my 2nd marriage to my Libra man. We have 13 years & 2 kids. I agree with this compatibility very much. We have had our normal ups & downs but we sure know we love eachother very much & sex can be amazing!

  24. Brooke

    I’m a Scorpio Woman who is intrigued by my new Libra Man. Our lovemaking is off the charts, but his “friendly flirting” burns me up inside. However, since our relationship isn’t defined I keep my jealousy under wraps bc I don’t want to scare him away. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. So far so good.

  25. SG

    i was comparing the compatibility of a Libra Man & Scorbio Woman to a Libra Man & Aquarius Woman.
    and the two are very different.
    i am an Aquarius and my boyfriend is a Libra. we’ve been together for a year and the articles about our signs have described us PERFECTLY.
    his ex girlfriend of almost 2 years was a Scorpio.
    he read both articles and agreed more on our.
    he says that yes, his relationship with the Scorpio was fun and exciting but also crazy and dangerous.
    everyone who knew them describes them as oil and vinegar.
    she abused him, and he admits to striking back a few times.
    the fact that “children” would keep them together, is not much of true love.
    he dosagrees with this (in the long run)

  26. Miss_Y

    Sounds very interesting,bt the Libra guy seems detachd which would b very annoyin 4me as a scorpio woman. Bt il try it out sometime

  27. Leslie

    I am a Scorpio, and I recently met a Libra man and he took my breathe away like no other man has ever done. We are planning on a first date, and after reading this entry I am rather excited. However, in the back of my mind I wonder if he is indecisive or if he will be very flirtatious with other women. I can be somewhat jealous and possessive, but still open minded so I might (big might) be able deal with it. I don’t know what other signs are in his chart, but I know I have Venus in Libra . The majority of my planets are in Libra and Scorpio. It is still too soon to say it will work or it won’t, but I am looking forward to the fun that we are going to have.

  28. jesse

    i have had alot of problems with my scorpio female. i am very interested in love and i enjoy kissing her, but she turns her head 80% of the time and she isnt as sexual as most scorpios. she does cry quite a bit and i do dry her tears. this is very accurate, but i still need help with my scorpio woman ^_^

  29. Doug

    A lovely and dark eyed Scorpio lady has caught my attention…I’m curious, how does the dynamic is this pairing change, if the Libara man also happens to have his Moon in Scorpio?

  30. Darling

    I wonder how the dynamic changes when both signs are wounded… he (libra) seems to be too guarded emotionally. And I naturally, want an emotional connection immediately. I’m guessing it’s over, since I told him that I wont be calling and texting him anymore (extreme, I know) that if he wants to continue seeing me, he’ll have to put in some effort or that’s that. I guess giving him an ultimatum was not a wise choice, since librans are horrible at decision making. Maybe I’ll move on to find a kind pisces man…

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