Virgo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Libra Couples:  Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith

It is such a relief when these two find each other.  In a world of over-statement, indulgence and superfluity, her are two humble, plain-spoken people with integrity who value rationality and balance.  It is not surprising that they glom on to each other right away and never let go.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Libra Man:  Nothing could be easier.  One whiff of your beautiful manners, superb planning, soothing charm and social skills, and she will beg for more.  It will be such a relief for her to be so well cared for with none of the excesses she finds troublesome.  This is a lady who is upset by the large proportions they serve at the restaurant because they are so wasteful and inefficient.  Imagine how stressed she is assessing the world at large.  You, Mr. Libra, represent a pocket of fantasy, a calm space in a chaotic, messed-up reality.  The fact that you are logical is magic to her.  Bring it on!

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Virgo Woman:   Virgo women are among the most desirable of the zodiac, so it’s usually just a matter of your picking someone out of a lineup.  You can signal your interest by respectfully paying attention to him — as you are inclined to do — while indicating in some way that he’s a notch above.  Let’s suppose, for example, he texts you the day after you meet.  Text back “I’m in a meeting and I usually don’t interrupt my meetings to text but considering it’s you, I’m making an exception.”

Degree of Romance:  There’s such a soft, private side to this relationship that it’s a unique type of romanticism.  It is better left hinted at than stated.  Suffice it to say these two will find common ground for courtship and intimacy that will be very beautiful and charming though not conventional.  Hopefully these two will recognize their relationship for how precious it really is.

Degree of Passion: Passion does not appeal to either Virgo or Libra.  It’s messy and wastes energy.

Degree of Friendship:  There is so much mutual respect between the two of you that it can easily pass as a friendship, but neither one of you is inclined to do keep it at that level.  Each of you wants to make the other one very special because, of all the signs, you are the two most likely to treat everyone exactly the same as a matter of principle.

Degree of Marriage:   If the right Libra man finds the right Virgo woman, it is a match made in heaven.  You can count on a peaceful, harmonious and gentle relationsh9ip, predictable but not boring, with engaging intellectual content.  You will talk about some very worthwhile things and probably be exemplars in the community.  You will be known for your good advice to others; your children will be mannerly and well-behaved,  model-citizens for the 21dst century; and you will probably even manage to always live within your budget.

Progression of Relationship:  Tiny but sure steps on the path to fulfillment here, bite-sized pieces of heaven.  All parts converging to make a whole.  If this sounds Zen, it is.

Sex:  Sex is a particularly private affair between these two.  The guidelines and parameters will be worked out with great mutual respect and a spiritual content lacking in most couples’ negotiations.  You both have so much integrity and are able to put your whole self into the act, that it takes on the characteristic of ritual and is especially fulfilling.  It will definitely be quality, not quantity.

When It’s Over: If it becomes necessary to unwind, you will cooperate as beautifully on that as you do on everything else.  You will end it peacefully, honor it always, and cherish it totally, even if it becomes necessary to move on.

Our Rating:   10/10

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60 Responses to Virgo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

  • Jessica lopez says:

    So to speak~*~ later when i least expected it, he payed me back with my bestfriend, since then we have been on again off again,and i think hes too indecisive and never expresses himself~*~ i love him with all my heart and he seems to think im a joke

  • Jessica lopez says:

    Continuing from previous messages, his charm,intellegiance,and sensitive nature is what keeps me coming back for more~*~ how can i learn to except our difference in personalities,and yet so similar in our emotions and independant natures

  • Miss Virgo =) says:

    This one is tough to say…

    For the libra’s I’ve dated, it has been a lovely time but they have this clingy, undecisive side to them. As a virgo, I think it is save to say that these aren’t things we can easily over look.

    Our downtimes are crusial to our emotional well beings. I don’t think they get that. They say they do but then every other day they are asking if I’m over it yet? Lol

    When I go into my little hibernation time, I come out when I am ready Haha

    But overall, I agree this is a great match <3

  • Raey says:

    I disagaree. I am a virgo woman and dated a libra man. I will say it was great at first we had immediate chemistry. But He lied alot and 99 percent of the time it was for no good reason at all. He was very smothering. Overall I wanted him to be the man and I tried giving him all the opportunities to step up but he never did. I felt like he was a push over and if I really wanted to I could walk all over him but being a virgo woman I ended up taking control of the relationship because he wasnt dominant enough for me. When I decided that I just needed a little break (me time) he started smothering me and drove me away and as bad as it made me feel I had to literally hurt his feeling just for him to realize that I didnt want to be with him. He would lie and ask me to come with him to go shopping for our son and I would show up to him planning a dinner but now that he finally understands that I dont want him. It like he wants to get even with me or something. He does everything to try to hurt me and get under my skin if its not going to mess up my day then thats not something he wants to do. Like he is at war with me.

  • Lady Virgo Loved Libra Man says:

    Pretty amazing nancy :D I have to say I’m close to 10/10 giving this 8.5/10 :D (LOL a bit specific) :D
    I really love Libra man, my first Love was a Libra man (sept 28) we lasted for 4 years though we were too young at that time I found a Happy relationship with this guy and wished that be married with him at the age of 25 but maybe thing does’nt work for us at the perfect time, we are not lucky enough to have time together often and end up me falling inlove with another Libra man (Oct 1) I broke up with my first love because the last time we talked he were asking me to give my virginity but I refused to gave it , for some reason he does’nt want to talked that day where I end up breaking up with him. After the break up I decided to look forward for a good relationship with the other libra man, but he got tired of waiting thats why he pursue to date another girl, but I really love this guy and make as much effort I can to win him back and I did :D we are too close of getting married cause I’m really sure I want to grow old with this man. A controlling Crazy Libra man :D I missed him so much because after 3 years he got tired of my stubborn freaking attitude :D His now with another Virgo Lady , and I’m really wishing him that this time “The right Libra man finds the right Virgo woman, and be a match made in heaven” :( Should I get rid of Libra man, cause I know I wanna grow old with a Libra man despite of this 2 failed relationship :D please help :D thank you


  • fox5 says:

    Excellent in terms of details and content, well written and composed site.

  • Bomba says:

    I’ve had a relationship with two types of Libra men, one not so mature but the sex was very sensual, just started hanging with a mature Libra about a year after that, he already seems like the description above, it’s scary! But I’m possibly willing to try :)

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  • Merva says:

    You can’t forget about John and Cynthia Lennon of course!

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