Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Pisces Couples:

Georges Sand and Chopin, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash, Carly Simon and James Taylor

Pisces and Cancer make a beautiful combination. These are some of the most romantic couples we know.  They are both water signs and connect through a feeling vibration, making words unnecessary. There is an unspoken bond that keeps them together through sorrow, pain, and ecstasy.  One caveat: if gone bad, there can be drug problems due to the escapism they bring out in one another.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Pisces Man:

It should be very easy to move into her magnetic force field.  You’ve got everything it takes to win her with your sensitivity and psychic attunement.  You will probably speak her favorite lines or appear at the door with her favorite accoutrement intuitively.  Don’t overthink it.  Pisces is pretty much able to read anybody and no one would welcome that more than a Cancer who will interpret it as intimacy and closeness.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Cancer Woman:

Cancer is a cardinal sign which means you’ve got natural leadership ability and the energy to launch a project.  Should you decide that that Pisces man over there is the one for you, go into strategic mode and come up with a plan.  Shy and feminine as you are, you always get what you want when you strategize.  Some of the more welcome traits that you can exhibit are cooking, cleaning up his messes, straightening out the details of his life, making sure his clothes are pressed and ready to wear, and organizing his kitchen.   He would be grateful for your help in any of his areas, and you can do it without being pushy.

Degree of Romance:

The degree of romance between these two is high.  There is an over the top sensitivity to the niceties and subtleties of courtship.  Both partners will enjoy an old fashioned wooing and may prolong the consummation.  This gives them both time to enjoy every moment and express the sentiments in which they are each so interested.  There will likely be many pledges of undying love and loyalty.  An instinctive trust between the two leads to intimacy.  Neither has much to hide from the other.

Degree of Passion:

If the Cancer woman wants passion, she can easily bring it out in the Pisces man, a shape shifter willing to do anything to please his partner.  Chances are that she’s more interested in cooking and fussing over him at home, though, and prefers the kitchen to the bedroom.

Degree of Friendship:

This is a very kind, patient combination.  They would be inclined to help each other even many years after a breakup.  This is not out of loyalty but because of the bond that is created.  Their caring for one another is instinctual.

Degree of Marriage:

This is a good possibility for marriage provided neither one is drug or alcohol dependent.  Both want to be soothed and have a peaceful home life.  Cancer will either make a lot of money to pay for a nice house or opt out of a career altogether.  Once they settled down, money management and accomplishing tasks that they’ve promised to one another will be major issues.

Progression of Relationship:

There is one thing to be careful of with Cancer women.  If you date them twice, they expect you to marry them.  There is nothing Pisces can do about this tendency but to be as honest as possible about his intentions.  The conundrum here is that most Pisces men are not emotionally monogamous.  Because of this dynamic the relationship will probably move along in an uneven fashion.  Cancer will push the expectation of marriage while Pisces tries to slow it down and keep things in the moment.  An eventual collision is clear from the beginning.  If the relationship survives that initial crisis, it is likely to be very strong.


Sex between these two is like making beautiful music together.  There is an instinctive knowing of how to please one another and an equal understanding that sex is much, much more than a physical act.  These two are likely to stage their sexual intimacy in a beautiful, romantic setting and savor foreplay as much as consummation.  This is a couple inclined to snuggle for a long time afterwards.

When It’s Over:

It is so sad when this relationship ends.  Neither sign ever wants anything to be over.  Pisces can just disappear one day, but it is better if Cancer comes to her senses and draws a line.  She is a decision maker, he the procrastinator.   After they part, each will be left with beautiful memories.  He swims away with the tide, but she’ll yearn for his return.

Our Rating: 5/10

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  1. I dislike Pisces because they are never stable.Im talking to one Pisces I met a few months ago.His mood swings are a total turnoff for me argh.We can be having a great chat on the phone and I’m throwing a lot of funny jokes to cheer him up then the next hour after that he sends me texts that hint that he wants to end his life.An hour after sending me the suicidal threats he posts inspirational pictures on social media.When I ask why he threatens suicide so often trying to understand the real reason he refuses to tell me.How do l help someone who doesn’t want help?I feel like he is broken person trying to destroy me and my happiness to build himself.I have made a decision to breakup with him because I’m not willing to go down that emotional rabbit hole with him.We will remain friends tho no doubt about it but I will limit contact with him coz he is such a derby downer.I don’t get along with my Pisces cousin as well because of her derby downer tendancies.If you are a cancer woman who loves to be happy plz keep away.There is not enough glue to hold this relationship anyway.Pisces are very watery and confused people who can’t handle life when it gets tough.Thats one trait I can’t accept about them.

  2. Carlee SimonJuly 6, 2017 at 5:27 am

    im a Cancer woman I was in a relationship with a Pisces man for a little over a year. we met twice, the first time when I was 16 he gave me a ride home asked for my number and I never got a call from him again… A year later we met again but this time I was pregnant (by a Gemini) and I decided to get HIS number instead.

    we talked over the phone for a while I told him my age and he decided that he still wanted to talk to me. days went by and we talked for hours. it felt like I had really found someone I wanted to be with.. but I wasn’t single. my Gemini and I eventually went our separate ways him to jail and I to my new found Pisces love. Him (Pisces) although older than me had no kids but he loved children and always wanted one of his own, while I was pregnant we spent so much time together he would lay his head on my stomach and talk to my daughter. Everything was so wonderful…..

    Our problems came up when I would start to call him and he wouldn’t answer or claim he didn’t get my call. I didn’t get upset the first few times but soon it began to be every other time I called him. soon it was times I wasn’t able to see him for a week. he would be out of town with his friends or his favorite excuse would be because of my age. my family didn’t know how old he was} so the depression and loneliness started to creep in. I started to think that he was cheating but Me being a Cancer I Never asked him because I didn’t want to know and be hurt, but I did believe in an eye for an eye cheated on him after five months of being together.

    eventually he started being around me more once I had my daughter and graduated, soon I would be turning 18 and then we could spend more time together. we went back to how it was before, again we were inseparable. I never cheated on him again, but once again things went from good to bad to worse.

    my Pisces man had started growing suspicious of me cheating when I had found myself a job he started going through my phone checking txt messages and call logs.. he even checked my voice-mail to see who had been leaving me messages!!!! {but that I didn’t find out until the end } I felt like every move I made was the wrong move. if I went to go take a shower he would ask if I was washing up from having sex with someone else, if my boss called my phone he would ask if I was sleeping with him. I had started to feel like I was walking on eggshells. every conversation we had turned into an argument over who I was sleeping with; when I wasn’t cheating on him with anyone. I wanted to break up with him so many times but my heart wouldn’t let me I really wanted to be with him but the arguing had begun to take a toll on me…

    we were arguing one day about a guy trying to talk to me while I was coming from the gas station. I was talking to my Pisces man on the phone when the guy tried to talk to me I told the stranger I wasn’t interested and kept on my way but the guy was persistent and kept on trying. my Pisces hears the guy in the background and starts going crazy questioning me as to who he was and why did I even say anything to him, I had finally come to my breaking point and broke up with him.

    Im a true Cancer at heart and I will NEVER be over him because I loved him so much but I couldn’t take the crazy possessiveness of the Pisces man. {and I came to find out he cheated on me more than once}

  3. Juanita GreenMay 15, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    I am a Cancer woman who was with a Pisces man years ago. It was both the most wonderful and worst relationship of my life. Its ending still haunts me. He was so kind, intense, sweet, fascinating and thoughtful. I could go on and on about his good qualities. He was always there for me and made me feel like I actually mattered. No one else touched my life like he did. It was like he could see my soul. We were connected on the deepest possible level. We had a long-distance relationship for quite awhile. We both lived for the calls, letters and visits. Eventually we moved in together, and it was so amazing. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect existence. Then we had arguments, and he seemed so dissatisfied with me. Suddenly it seemed like I was completely flawed and hopeless in his opinion. One day I came home from work to have him tell me a girl “friend” from work had stopped by. Soon after, he taped a poem to the wall with a love note at the bottom from the same girl. Again, she was supposedly just a friend. I was hurt beyond my wildest dreams (and naturally insulted as well that he thought I would really believe that. I was young and naive, but I am a smart person!) Finally, he moved out. We stayed in contact for awhile, but it was very painful, for my part. I spent every night after work literally crying myself to sleep. Then I tried dating someone else to try to stop the hurt (and allowed it to be this Scorpio guy who I knew immediately was bad news) and it was horrible on many levels. If I hadn’t done that, maybe he would have come back. But he was with someone, so why should I have been the one to sit at home while he did whatever he wanted? And why didn’t he just break up with me if he wasn’t happy? I don’t understand cheating. I shouldn’t feel guilty because he’s the one who cheated. I also kept trying to change in the ways he said I needed to. Well, I got over him eventually, but I still miss him on a very deep level that I won’t usually admit even to myself. He was my best friend and the only person I’ve ever been that close to. Even now I just always feel like a part of me is missing!

  4. Ima cancer I don’t think just because I went out with someone twice ” oh he’ll marry me” that’s nonsense anyways my current bf is also a cancer like me:) we’re so in live????❤?
    U just want love HOW HARD IS THAT PEOPLE??? I don’t trust any other signs tbh but I’ll try.

  5. Sag loverJuly 26, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    These horrible Pisces men will come into Cancer woman’s life and make her feel like the only woman in the world but guess what they treat all the other 11 signs the same way lol..They know how to catch and hook a cancerian then leave her to dry and die out of the water.If you have been burnt by conniving Pisces man before you will not fall for any Pisces again same with a Gemini man but that’s for another page lol.For me the relationship with Pisces never last because I’m so blunt and disrespectful at times which Pisces never appreciated (roll eyes).Very sensitive man who loves whining and falls into depressions which he wanted me to join him into for a good pity party I guess.Well l always avoided emotional confrontations at all costs to the point of leaving him for several days to deal with his emotions then come back.Im cancerian and therefore emotional too but I never show it no matter what.I can make unemotional decisions on the outside while inside I’m crying like a baby.Must be my Capricorn moon and libra rising I don’t know.
    To conclude I would like to say to Cancerian women who would take this advice these men are not your soul mates.No soul mate of yours will ever leave you for no reason and disappear only to reappear when you are moving on.That surely ain’t love or affection.Just because someone is as sensitive as you are does not mean they will understand you.You need a man who is less emotional than you to balance you out.A man who is strong enough to resist temptation to cheat because we as cancerians want to be with those as loyal as we are.Try a Leo man or Sagittarius man.The Pisces man cannot be faithful try you may to change him but you will fail.Well the choice is yours.Let them go be with Aquarian women because they tend to more compatible with them than us.The Aquarian woman will not accept any cheating of any kind and Pisces man will be kept in line otherwise he might be kicked to the curb if dares cheat lol.

  6. I AM absolutely not sure as to what it is that’s happening today with me at all, that why I’m feeling so emotionally faint, I am usually very optimistic but not sure why I’m been affected by all these untamed swings of emotions. I think my abilities for understanding something instinctively without the need for much conscious reasoning might be the cause of this uproar, and I don’t like when my mind acts this way, even if I try to control my thoughts, if its any truth at all to it, my mind will be hell bent on dwelling on it until there is clarity, God I hope this feeling or that situation goes away soon, whichever is causing this….but I am damn sure something and or someone is the cause of this imbalance I’m currently experiencing…..maybe I ought just leave this alone!!!

  7. Pisces Man & Cancer Woman is an awesome relationship if both try to be as honest and mature as possible! I’d say 9/10.

  8. You connected with her, and she connected with you too. As a Cancer woman, if you continue to woo her & win her heart, you’ll definitely will get her eventually. Because once we choose someone, the right one, it’s a special moment. We are so loyal it’s insane, so faithful it’s incomparable, so lovable & caring, you’ll feel like the luckiest man on earth if you get to have a Cancer woman in your life. Trust me 🙂

  9. I am a water babe Cancer woman and let me tell you, that was the best approach you could have ever executed, I think you did well, but can I tell you, its not that she was not over her past, given she has been out of that bad relationship, yet for so long, but she was busy taking care of “HER” and healing herself, plus I think she hadn’t met the person worth dedicating her time and energy on just yet, I’m sure there were other possible suitors, but none piqued her interest much BUT you my friend seemed like you nailed it right of the bat when she found you, because us Cancer gals are very picky and you say after 2 months she was still interested given the circumstances you mentioned, that says alot about you…..

  10. I met a Cancer woman online almost 2 months ago. I have never felt so strong about someone before, and I have been married for 13 years previously. Our personal situations don’t allow us to get together often but we have been in communication everyday. I really believe there is a genuine connection and compatibility between us and have high hopes for a serious relationship. But…. some of the Cancer traits I have read about are holding her back right now. She had a bad relationship in the past and still seems to be unsure of being over that (was just over 3 years ago) and she is a single mom and very devoted to her child – which is what I admire about her most. Yet, she always says she is excited to see me and still seems genuinely interested still after 2 months.
    I would not have been so patient with anyone else and would have gave up, but I have an unexplainable feeling about her. My plan is to be patient and get to know her as well as I can and hope she eventually opens her heart and lets go of her fears. Would this be a good approach….. like to hear from a Cancer woman who may have had similar circumstances!

  11. Well I’m not 100% agree… What I agree is the progress in relationship. If you watch celebrity stories, Justin Bieber n Selena Gomez. I hate this couple but their story is worth to be heard and commenting about. Yes, when you dated cancer woman twice they expect a marriage soon and that is what happen with them. SelGom want JB to pop out the question while JB not. Pisces man will always remember cancer woman but he could get every girl he wants with his smooth way of wooing the girls. Cancer woman is too drama queen and that personality makes me dislike them (sorry).

    I prefer Pisces Man with Capricorn Woman….

  12. I’m a widowed cancerian lady 61yrs old. He is a widower. Pisces man, 73yrs old. I am crazy about this guy. So if he just keeps on hinting and doesn’t do something about it soon he can go away and stay away.

  13. Katarina, as a Pisces male I really want to apologize. It may just be me, but my current wife spent a LONG time making passes at me and trying to give me hints. I didn’t get a single one of them! Looking back, as she explains them to me, they’re almost incredibly obvious! We’re high school sweethearts, and there were times where the “hint” would be as blatant as “So, are you going to the dance? I don’t have anyone to go with, but if someone asked me to go I might go”… My response: “Yeah, I’m probably not going either, since I don’t have anyone to go with.”

    The other thing you need to understand is that, depending on the Pisces, we can be very shy and passive. Not just to the point of yielding to the wishes and desires of everyone around us, but to the point that we stray away from people simply because we don’t want to blow an opportunity (which is ironic). For instance, I was deathly afraid to ask my wife (then good-friend) to go out, and I would reserve myself and occasionally avoid her because I was so nervous that I may blow something and lose her desire for me.

    It’s silly, but it’s true.

  14. I’m so confused. I’ve been researching and researching. I’m a Cancer girl and I swear, the Pisces guy I like likes me back (EVERYONE I know who has seen us together has commented on our obvious attraction). Even my family likes this guy, and they never like or approve of anyone! But, whenever I give him hints that I like him, he gets shy.He makes excuses for having to leave and I don’t hear from him for WEEKS afterwards. Am I doing something wrong? Misreading the cues that he likes me? (Flirtatious looks, smiles, utmost concern for my welfare, asking to hang out, talking to me for hours)… I just wish I knew what to do!

    Moon Maiden crushing on a seemingly cold Fish

  15. Leticia GarzaMarch 25, 2015 at 4:41 am

    Geez, I read all this n I too go thru bouts of him leaving..n when he does he wants to return only to find me further away , then he clings on to dear life..frustrating to love a Pisces man…I am cancer…now after seperation .I received a Valentines day card from a friend who wants more ..he retrieved this n is now more bite into me .now he won’t let go but thinks I’ve been n it trustworthy… it’s not fair that he leaves for a break n when I want to he thinks I’m looking for someone’s time for me to come to my senses

  16. Confused And Happy CancerianMarch 16, 2015 at 9:40 am

    I’m a cancer teen and a pisces boy said that he liked me over facebook, I was so happy but then I began to question everything (does he really likes me?, does that mean we’re going out?, did someone hack his account?, etc.) we barely even see each other at school and I have no idea what to do.

  17. ~Indian gal in LOVE~December 18, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    The truth is that Pisces men can find no better partner than a Pisces girl.
    Pisces girl is like a princess,a complete woman,and a Pisces girl knows how to keep her man satisfied.
    Pisces + Pisces = Heaven 😀 😀

  18. PiscesinloveOctober 30, 2011 at 8:05 am

    Hey Pisces men! You guys are way to involved and lead by watch compatibility signs say! Get a clue! You decide your destiny! Not a chart! Check out Aquarius! I am with One and wouldnt change her for the World! Dont live life based on others!

  19. but other than that– Cancers seem like a great catch

  20. Pisces here.. dated a Gemini woman and it was hell on earth. She literally brought out the worst in me. I’m surprised I didn’t cheat on her, but then again its not my nature. However, CANCER WOMEN is the woman my heart longs to be with. I would treat her like the Queen she is, tell her 20 times a day she’s beautiful, shower her with compliments, affection and of course sweet little sentimental gifts like singing her a song, bringing her flower etc. Cancer women are the HARDEST to win over I find.

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