Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Pisces Couples:  Georges Sand and Chopin, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash, Carly Simon and James Taylor

Pisces and Cancer make a beautiful combination. These are some of the most romantic couples we know.  They are both water signs and connect through a feeling vibration, making words unnecessary. There is an unspoken bond that keeps them together through sorrow, pain, and ecstasy.  One caveat: if gone bad, there can be drug problems due to the escapism they bring out in one another.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Pisces Man:  It should be very easy to move into her magnetic force field.  You’ve got everything it takes to win her with your sensitivity and psychic attunement.  You will probably speak her favorite lines or appear at the door with her favorite accoutrement intuitively.  Don’t overthink it.  Pisces is pretty much able to read anybody and no one would welcome that more than a Cancer who will interpret it as intimacy and closeness.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Cancer Woman:  Cancer is a cardinal sign which means you’ve got natural leadership ability and the energy to launch a project.  Should you decide that that Pisces man over there is the one for you, go into strategic mode and come up with a plan.  Shy and feminine as you are, you always get what you want when you strategize.  Some of the more welcome traits that you can exhibit are cooking, cleaning up his messes, straightening out the details of his life, making sure his clothes are pressed and ready to wear, and organizing his kitchen.   He would be grateful for your help in any of his areas, and you can do it without being pushy.

Degree of Romance:  The degree of romance between these two is high.  There is an over the top sensitivity to the niceties and subtleties of courtship.  Both partners will enjoy an old fashioned wooing and may prolong the consummation.  This gives them both time to enjoy every moment and express the sentiments in which they are each so interested.  There will likely be many pledges of undying love and loyalty.  An instinctive trust between the two leads to intimacy.  Neither has much to hide from the other.

Degree of Passion:  If the Cancer woman wants passion, she can easily bring it out in the Pisces man, a shape shifter willing to do anything to please his partner.  Chances are that she’s more interested in cooking and fussing over him at home, though, and prefers the kitchen to the bedroom.

Degree of Friendship:  This is a very kind, patient combination.  They would be inclined to help each other even many years after a breakup.  This is not out of loyalty but because of the bond that is created.  Their caring for one another is instinctual.

Degree of Marriage:  This is a good possibility for marriage provided neither one is drug or alcohol dependent.  Both want to be soothed and have a peaceful home life.  Cancer will either make a lot of money to pay for a nice house or opt out of a career altogether.  Once they settled down, money management and accomplishing tasks that they’ve promised to one another will be major issues.

Progression of Relationship:  There is one thing to be careful of with Cancer women.  If you date them twice, they expect you to marry them.  There is nothing Pisces can do about this tendency but to be as honest as possible about his intentions.  The conundrum here is that most Pisces men are not emotionally monogamous.  Because of this dynamic the relationship will probably move along in an uneven fashion.  Cancer will push the expectation of marriage while Pisces tries to slow it down and keep things in the moment.  An eventual collision is clear from the beginning.  If the relationship survives that initial crisis, it is likely to be very strong.

Sex:  Sex between these two is like making beautiful music together.  There is an instinctive knowing of how to please one another and an equal understanding that sex is much, much more than a physical act.  These two are likely to stage their sexual intimacy in a beautiful, romantic setting and savor foreplay as much as consummation.  This is a couple inclined to snuggle for a long time afterwards.

When It’s Over:  It is so sad when this relationship ends.  Neither sign ever wants anything to be over.  Pisces can just disappear one day, but it is better if Cancer comes to her senses and draws a line.  She is a decision maker, he the procrastinator.   After they part, each will be left with beautiful memories.  He swims away with the tide, but she’ll yearn for his return.

Our Rating: 5/10

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140 Responses to Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • andre says:

    lunagirl :

    I’m in love with a Pisces man for the first time in my life – I’m almost 40. The connection is so strong and so natural, and yet, he comes and goes so quickly that I’m often left swinging in the wind until he decides to come back. It causes me so much anxiety and frustration when he leaves me hanging…is it really worth it?

    does he know tht you like him. i like a cancer lady and i think it’s about time to tell her. I just dnt want to mess up our friendship, especially if she doesn’t like me back. Type your comment here

  • andre says:

    does he know that you like him? I like a cancer lady and i think it’s about time let her know. i just don
    ‘t want to mess up our friendship, especially if she doesn’t like me.

  • Cancer says:

    gota make the first move or she will think u lost interest;;;;; but decans work;

  • Abhi says:

    This Relationship is a 10/10, as long as the Cancer girl gives “respect+care” to the Pisces child (LOL)
    First of all, this is a very good forum.Secondly, my utmost request to all the lovely Cancerian women: Love us for who we are.
    Cancerians are the finest and most feminine of all, and dream of every Pisces.And, destiny brings these together.
    I am in love with 3 cancer girls at the moment(LOL) I haven’t told anyone(Cuz I dont know which one to tell).All are most girly and perfect for me.I am in 4th Yr, the girls are in 1st yr,2nd yr and 3rd yr(LOL).
    Once I asked a pen from the 2nd yr girl and thence started our talks.She has a bf but always tells me “to propose her”.her intuition is superb,she knows what’s on my mind.
    Problem with her:: She loves her family more than me, when she goes home,she becomes crabby and says like “dont call me, I want to spend time with my family and I am happy”.As soon as she returns from home,she calls me numerous times a day saying sorry,wishes me Good Morning Sir(now she began to call me “yaar”), msgs me love .
    We even had a pseudo breakup when she confronted me on phone asking why I like her, and I (reflexively) backed off,got irritated and then told her “Ok , then, you love your bf and stay away,better for both of us”.I didnt talk to her,and 2 days later she wrote” kamal hai, meri yaad bhi nahi aati yaar?” “YOU DONT MISS ME? I MISS YOU DEAR LOVE” and, I called her,she laughed hysterically and was very happy and now we talk.

    This is the most magnetic relationship.The moon would never be able to resist the call of the Mermaid,that music is really lonely, the moonlight would sparkle in the waters.Its a truth that Pisces is unstable and wishy washy,but now I think that this girl who “talks to me” is better than the other two much much prettier and richer and talented girls whom I have never talked to.And yes, to woo a Pisces man,stuff his stomach with food.He would guide you from kitchen to bedroom in no time.

    One thing…Scorpio sucks.Stay away from that poisonous animal.Not suitable for either Pisces or Cancer.If any P or C is in relationship with a scorpio(which seems perfect at first,but later shows its true colors), then try on cancer: You would bless me for this advice.Hey Cancer girls, I love you all.Forgive us fishes for only swimming near you and not saying anything, but use your intuition to read our hearts.Be our “the only one”, we really are fed up of “idhar udhar bhatakte aur mooh maarte hue” desultory relationships.Scorpio can’t and shouldn’t be trusted.If scorpio is habitual to drugs or alcohol, he might destroy himself and you too.I have changed myself(evolved) so as to shun away all and every scorpio as I have realized what they really are.Cancerians might sometimes be irritable(Thanks to the phases of moon, not actually their fault), but beyond that is the Pisces’ dream girl which he thinks about 24 hours a day, wants to settle with.

    Keep this thread going,and if someone would like more insight, might contact me at

  • Abhi says:

    One more thing…..We Pisces love to be needed.make sure you need us more than other girls(That’s the reason for the seemingly cheating Pisces).Remember that the Pisces will always return to his lady love,but, sometimes other girls who need his love might catch that fish,though may be unable to hold the slippery fish which only the cancer girl can keep with her love and devotion.I love Cancer girls,their devotion,care,and food!!Just hold on and have patience,the fish will propose you at the slightest hint of you needing him and loving him.My Promise

  • Asra says:

    ABHI ^ i loved what u wrote serously… LOL i am a cancer girl… and truly agree upon whatever u said!! love my pisces guy ALOT… our understanding level is beyond this world :)
    scorpios like abhi ^ said are really really nice at the beginning but they show their acual colors later!! so BEWARE :p

    P.S. Cancer-Pisces are made for each other <3 !!!

  • Abhi says:

    From my previous relationship(only 1), all I can say is that Pisces will magnetically draw another Pisces.This one girl had the same DOB as mine(I came to know only much later), it was a quick start.Fireworks.but,we parted gracefully,and mostly its as if both are sacrificing to an extreme degree such that both loose individuality.Relationship didnt lasted too long,though I still misses her.Cant help it.

    Cancerians ,on the other hand,sometimes slow to start with,but…”Till Death Do Us Apart”…Cancer girls are unnecessarily and way too shy.They know that we (Pisces) want them right from the first eye contact,but they often hold back in the beginning.This Pair is the best!! forget about the rest.
    In fact,of all the sun-sign pairs,LOVE is known only to this pair.All other pairs(Fire,Air,Earth are either only too sensual,or romantic,or stable,but not a balanced one).And yes, water can have magical effect upon the Airy ones also, though fleetingly and only initial.
    Pisces should avoid Aquarius,disastrous pair.Should stay away from Virgo(Opposites attract,but gotta fall),everything that Virgo needs is provided by Pisces,and cup will soon empty with the fish not receiving anything in return..gotta run!!
    Forgive me Scorps….you are way too cunning for us .We gotta help as many as we can,for that we need to avoid rusting away our scales in a bid to protect ourselves from your poison.I know many Scorps reading this will be hexing me,but that’s the way you are, that’s the way we are.You also are way too “friendly” with others that it seems like “disloyalty splashed straight at our faces”.Have had enough from girls as well as male friends.


  • Jaximus says:

    Pisces here.. dated a Gemini woman and it was hell on earth. She literally brought out the worst in me. I’m surprised I didn’t cheat on her, but then again its not my nature. However, CANCER WOMEN is the woman my heart longs to be with. I would treat her like the Queen she is, tell her 20 times a day she’s beautiful, shower her with compliments, affection and of course sweet little sentimental gifts like singing her a song, bringing her flower etc. Cancer women are the HARDEST to win over I find.

  • Jaximus says:

    but other than that– Cancers seem like a great catch

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  • Piscesinlove says:

    Hey Pisces men! You guys are way to involved and lead by watch compatibility signs say! Get a clue! You decide your destiny! Not a chart! Check out Aquarius! I am with One and wouldnt change her for the World! Dont live life based on others!

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  • ~Indian gal in LOVE~ says:

    The truth is that Pisces men can find no better partner than a Pisces girl.
    Pisces girl is like a princess,a complete woman,and a Pisces girl knows how to keep her man satisfied.
    Pisces + Pisces = Heaven :D :D

  • Cancer says:

    following wrong people or doing what feeling like; but yet as sensitive as cancers only we are very practical too but pisces sweet

  • OneConfusedCrab says:

    I’ve ben through some tough relationships where I’ve really had to give it my all to make it work but they never do. I met this guy and he is no doubt the sweetest, caring, loving guy I’ve ever met and of course he’s a Picses. We started off as friends but it was clear we both had feelings for each other. We both admitted to our feelings for one an other but he claims he doesn’t want a commitment. Seeing how much of an amazing person he is it’s hard for me to leave it at that. As a cancer I have to have what I want. Does anyone have an advice as to what I can do to catch this slippery fish and make him mine?


  • acancerian says:

    he is influenced follower; i have been with 2- now 3 pisces men best are from 1-10 of march decans have our rising; u have to be the one to give it your all and he will return it follow when or give you all his all;

  • acancerian says:

    i have been with 2- now 3 pisces men best are march decans have moon rising; u have to be the one to give him your all and he will return give you he follow when you give it your all “his all;

  • Ryan says:

    Ok, so I’m a Pisces man, and I like a Cancer woman. I haven’t told her yet. There is something abnormal though, I am 23, and she is 30…7 years older than me. How can I show her that I like her without coming on too strong, or it sounding like a joke. I don’t even know if she would take me seriously if I asked her out.

    I would like suggestions.

  • Young Pisces Male says:

    I have only found 1 cancer so far in my life.. we don’t talk that much but when we do there is just a unspoken bond between us we understand each other

  • ajaz says:

    i am a piscean ,i know we are very hard to understand but we can’t judge people on the basis of sun signs every person born in this world is unique and only god alone can know him or her

  • pisces guy says:

    This needs to be rated as 10/10 . My best friend , lover and soul mate is a cancer. I love her so much !

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  • Mike says:

    My book’s 1985 Scorpio protagonist’s parents are a 1965 Cancer woman and a 1966 Pisces man. They were childhood friends. Their courtship was old-fashioned. When they were absent from each other, she thought about him all the time and he daydreamt about her all the time. She nurtured him and brought passion outta him. They were both jealous, obsessive, possessive, and territorial over each other. They were the classic romantics. They got married in Fall 1984. He died of unexplained natural cause in Fall 1999. She died of depression and loss of will to live without him in Fall 2004.

    I’m a firm believer that the formula of a person is his or her heritary traits plus his or her sign plus the placement of the moon and planets (thanks to power their names give them) at his or her time of birth plus his or her name plus his or her experiences equals the individual person. The protagonist is based on my personality.

  • isel says:

    I’m in love with a Pisces man,at the age of 33.he is my boss.he is single,and me too..I;m cancer woman at the age of 29..We have never meet..but he knows that i like him,,at the same time i ;m feeling that he likes me,,,,,we are looking at each ohter at a distance..what can i do??

  • @isel says:

    Ah!! The complexities of the divine!!
    Yeah,you are right isel..just like your other intuitions,this one is also true..he does likes you…
    However,the major problem with us Pisces is that we hardly initiate any interaction with the one we have crush upon..
    You have to initiate the interaction,and if he asks for your phone number,that’s a green signal he wants you.LOLZ simple to miss,but a fact of life..pisces does sends very subtle signal because presumably they live in a subtle world of their own..and they foolishly expect others to follow their trail the same way..
    The cancer girl I liked,I initiated with her by asking her a pen,though I already had a my pocket,and she saw it and just smiled..hehe..
    Believe me Isel..Pisces and Cancer relationships are one of the most addictive and fruitful,with very brilliant chances of you feeling very safe and secure the first time in your life,and actually asking him to marry..
    A Small Tip:Appear vulnerable and a damsel-in-distress..he will come running to “help” you,when you both know its just a disguise for him to come running to you because he wants to,but he is too afraid to face rejection.
    Maybe you both have found the one you have been looking for your entire lives,because a cancer girl makes a “house” a “home” is built of bricks,while home of love and sacrifices.
    In the same way,pisces is a family person,who looks for a long-haul relationship,and can often sacrifice everything for those few who are dear to him.
    All The best.Go Get Him.

  • A crabbie girl says:

    hi all ….. i am a cancer girl, although i had to change my Date of birth for taking admission in a primary school – which made me into a virgo ……. for past 4 yrs i had been in a steady relation with a capricorn guy….. things seemed magical at first but then it began to sink ……. with my last sense of commitment i tried to make it work , until it became too much for me, and recently we have broke up…… i hate public displays of affection and dats one thing which seems to come naturally to him – like an instinct…… and thus i was alwaz embarrassed in public places & in front of our friends………. now there is this other piscean guy in my cls…. we were good friends from beginning, until we had a fight involving some petty issues – both of us hurt each other ( used stong offensive words rather ), after which we avoided each other ……. i used to cry a lot wen i was on my own………. and the more he ignored me the more i was drawn to him ( nagging nature of cancerians – i think ), my bf used to console me ( widout knowing my actual state of mind) – but dat was of no use…….. recently under certain circumstances this pisces guy and i came into speaking terms……. we speak quite a lot now ………. as if we alwaz knew each other…… wen we speak about the time wen both of us were on non-speaking terms i realise how much i missed him and how much he really cared { and still cares} for me ……….. he makes me feel so much loved even without touching me , and i feel his presence evn wen he is not with me and a kind of telepathy works betwn us – this is something which is uncanny !!!! today, after reading all that u ppl hav posted , i couldnt resist to write my own story………. i never believed in astrology or zodiac compatibility but after i met this guy i really think cancer and pisces are made for each other ………just being together gives a feeling of oneness , i have never felt before :)

  • LunarMaiden says:

    LOL at the fire sign “astrologers” giving personality analysis regarding Cancer women. I noticed a somewhat downplaying of the true nature of Cancer women. We ARE very passionate, romantic and love sex. We don’t choose a kitchen over a bedroom. GTFOHWTBS

  • caroline says:

    You r all so right! I am a Cancer woman and my guy is a Pisces, and we been togather 2mo, and he’s every thing i ever wanted in a man. He love me for me and i love him with all my heart. He says all the right things and makes me fill so speical. And i would not trade him for nothing in the world. He every thing to me and he makes me happy and he calls me his queen, and he is my king for ever and always.

  • MoonGooddessNeptuneGod says:

    Where do I begin to explain… About two years ago, I was in a relationship with a Taurus. He was what I thought I wanted. I thought we were airtight. We got on well, laughed at the same things at the same times. Held one another closely before and after. Loved art together. He was a cheater and a liar to the umpteenth degree. Because of this, I would take weeks off to take care of my hurt heart. During a month long hiatus from Tauro, I got a 2 a.m. text from Tauro’s 1st cousin, The Fish. It read something along the lines of “thinking of you and had to text you;I need to speak with you”. Now, before this we’ve hung out in a group and let me say, I did not seem to be his favorite person. He never looked my way and never spoke back. Okay, so back to story… I tell him “impossible. I am a loyal Crab”. The convo leaked into the next day with him reiterating to come over so he can tell me something. I had a job interview and told him “no”. I asked him what he wanted with me and he said ” I believe we have a connection”. With that, I really became impatient. Also, I was skeptical. I thought I was being set-up by the sneaky and suspecting jealous obsessive bull. Either way, I was not getting involved. Two years go by where I see The Fish hit or miss and I feel so sorry in my heart because the bull went through my phone so,I confessed to getting messages from The Fish. I did promise The Fish that I would not tell. Promise broken :/ After this I would see him and he seemed so removed. Never speaking, never looking my way. I mean, he was like this from our first meet, so I would not have thought anything of it except I could feel some sort of pain from him. So, almost two years after that he starts coming back around like he did before I came into the picture. It got to the point where I would look forward to him. Just to see him began to make a difference to me. My mood would become immediately light and carefree. So, I made up in my mind, the last time I saw him, I would ask him if he really thought we had a “connection” and if he;s for real. I don’t know why but it seems I was being lead. I had no fear of confronting him and looked forward to it. Finally, the day came. He was outside of bull’s house by himself. I was on my way to handle some business. I asked “do you still feel the connection?” and in this bashful yet certain way he looked at me and said “yes”. We talked briefly and I asked if he would be there when I got back. He said he was not sure. We bid our adieus and I pressed on. I bet he watched me walk away until he couldn’t see me anymore. He was not there when I got back but later showed up. I was too excited. We had a small group of acquaintances that would meet and play games, eat, socialize, etc. The more he came around the deeper I became entranced. I began to see the connection, he so spoke of and it blew my mind. Still does. He began to come over more and more and I looked forward to it. Eventually, we would hang out after the bull would drift off into a booze sleep. We were never untoward. It was the most refined and innocent time I ever had with a man. He never touched me, never pressured me, never did a wrong thing, never spoke ill of anyone to make himself appear better. We would just sit outside all night talking and laughing. He was seeing a violent and nasty Sagg whom he broke up after the first week of us hanging out. He invited me to his home, reluctantly, after the first five times, I agreed. Once we got this his home, he maintained that same gentleman quality. Never untoward. We made promises to one another in that time. It is quite fuzzy how it all began but they were made nonetheless. We began texting good day, how are you, take care. Nothing untoward in any of our exchanges. The bull got wind of our connection. He said he was me look at The Pisces with “googly eyes”. I couldn’t deny it but I had no clue it was that apparent. so, the bull is mad with me because he saw it all in a glance. We part ways, the bull and the crabess. I was single in an instance of a glance. I told him about meeting him and walking throughout our city in the night and the bull was not happy with me. After all I bore from this womanizing and stingy creep he dropped me. I was not as hurt as I thought. I grieved for a few days and found myself feeling better and better. Gradually, I began to fall in- love with The Piscean cousin. I’ve asked God to forgive me for the hurt I’ve caused bull. I just know, this Fish man, is my future husband. We spend any free time together and have yet to consummate our love. We want to do everything right. No lies, no bullshit(no pun intended). When this man told me that he deserved me and I deserved him, I knew. It is all so clear to me now. In his kiss and his kisses breath, there is so much love that touches my back, my neck, my thighs, hands. This man worships me and I am floating in an endless sea.
    I always got along with Piscean people. My fave fam members were my Taura-Nana and my aunt Piscea, ironically. I know there is more to this story but I must submit to share with seekers my story.
    May The Lord bless you all.
    Lots of love to share~
    Canceria if emailing, please note in subject Pisces/Cancer.

  • pisces intuition says:

    Pisces does READ into people very very well.

  • Lost Cancerian says:

    I know this post is very old but I do hope you can all help me to a degree.

    I have recently been ‘wooed’ by a personal trainer at the gym. He’s a Pisces and he’s one of these guys that is very confident in himself, because he is a personal teainer. He’s very witty, cheeky, and flirty. I know he is like this with most girls. The strange thing I find is we have had several sexual encounters, and as much as I hate to admit it, I think that’s all he wants…..but I’ve grown to reslly like him. More than like him, I think I’m infatuated by him. When we are in the gym together, he will acknowledge that I am there, but unlike all the other girls, he never makes the attempt to come and talk to me. He does with everyone else. Why is that? He’s recently called me grumpy as well, which has really upset me. I’m a cancer and naturally I want to be perfect, I want him to like me for who I am, but I am getting the feeling from him that Im only good for one thing, and even though he seemed like he was genuinely interested in me at first, he’s seemed to have changed his tune now. He makes less efforts with me, and I’m hurt by this, I think I’m more hurt by the fact that I don’t think Im good enough,

    Some perspective on this would be good!

  • Nelle says:

    Wow this thread is hell of interesting. Anywho I work at a clothing store, I’m a cancer women by the way anywho, working at the clothing store we get securities ever couple if months, out if all the security that came to my job there was one who kept eyeing me literally at ever corner, while I’m at the register and he walks by I look up and see him starring at me as he pass by. Anywho one day my manager introduced me to him, It took me literally a month and a half to talk to this guy. Every time when I go on lunch and I walk past him he would rub his tummy and say ” is that for me, I’m hungry” I would tell myself this guy is weird. Back to when we first talked, at first I thought he was older than his real age, he is 31, and I’m 23. Yea I like older guys. I was about to get off work when I told him I’ll see him later, I could tell on his face, he was excited. Lol. Now me being EXTREMLEY SHY, I would always see this man while working, he would just stare and stare. I caught him a couple of times then he would play it off lmao. The next day we stared to talked, it was to the point when I saw him walking in I would smile and say hi, that he loved! Then this one day he asked me if I have dreams about him. I lied and told him yeah, but I knew what his thoughts were so I played along with it, until I was throwed off by it. I was confused bc I couldn’t understand why this man was so attractive to me. Until one day we exchanged number, and a couple if weeks after it went down. When he came to pick me up, he opened the door for me which I thought was cute, I never had a guy open a door for me, he called me beautiful, constantly, he made me feel special. After it went down a couple if weeks passed and I didn’t see him anymore, but still me being the loving and caring person I still checked up on him. He told me he was going through some stuff with his job and I assume it had something to do with his personal life as we’ll. something in me knew it was that and more. Anywho I haven’t heard from him since. I cut him off because he didn’t respond back to a text so I told him I will leave his ass alone. The problem is that 2 months have gone by, I have the urge of texting him, buy if I do I’m gonna cuss his ass out. This is the first time I ever fell in love with a Pisces I know were both water sign that’s something we have in common but Damm I really miss him. I hope we can both get out of or ego and talk again I really miss him.

  • focku says:

    my ex who a pisces also cuss my ass out.
    me, i just ass her cuss out.

    done with that bimbo 4 life.

    peace out

  • jb says:

    bye :)

  • CHOW says:


  • RodneyFluck says:

    do you also bend your penis and fuck yr own asshole?

  • bange says:

    hvem er du , seriøst ????

  • Amy says:

    Im a cancerian who is in love with a pisces man but I dont know if he knows me.. I knew him because he has siblings who is in the same school with me and sometimes I saw him taking his siblings back from school.. I don’t know how to start.. Anyone there can help me ?

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