Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Capricorn-Pisces Couples: Faye Dunaway and Peter Wolf, Kate Moss and Daniel Craig

This is one of those combinations that could make a very boring date but a heavenly marriage, so the sucess of the pairing will depend on the timing and life plan of the individuals.  Deep down inside, every Pisces man is so lost and confused that he dreams of someone to get him organized, pin him to the ground, make him feel secure, and give him a reason to be here now.  Capricorn women are able to supply an ample amount of motherliness with a business-like attitude which can line up a Pisces man and get him marching – for the good of both.  It it not always thrilling to be around a Capricorn woman, but you always feel safe and secure.  You know the bills are paid, the food will be on the table at 6:00, the kids will be clean and mannerly, and the 401(k) is building behind the scenes.  This, to a Pisces man, is a little bit of heaven.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as a Pisces Man:  This is one occasion where everything that usually works against you will work for you.  She will find your confusion and insecurity appealing and interpret it as a call to action.  Be sure and mention the cat pee on your carpet, the half-done deck in the backyard, and your missing IRS payment.  This will really turn her on.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Capricorn Woman:   Let your natural motherliness and competence move you forward.  He will adore these qualities or want nothing at all to do with them.  Either way you will have your answer quickly.

Degree of Romance:   This relationship can have some really endearing aspects of romance in the way a mother romances a baby, or better yet, the way a baby romances its mother.  Basically two different species, the female goat and male fish were born to care for one another.  She can take care of all his physical needs, daily routines, unpaid bills, etc.,  while he ministers tenderly to the feelings she has that have never been cared about before.  They both blossom and grow.  He becomes more confident about the outer world, and she becomes more confident about the inner world.   They learn that they can really count on each other.

Degree of Passion:  Passion is a little bit frightening to both of these signs when you get right down to it.  Capricorn is an earth element.  Pisces is a water element.  Let’s leave passion to the fire signs.

Degree of Friendship:  There can be an enormous degree of friendship between these two.   Friends care for each other and that‘s what these two do.

Degree of Marriage:   This combination makes an excellent marriage, particularly for raising children.  It promises comfort in old age, as well as much along the way.  It is a very deep, soulful connection of the stuff that makes a real marriage.  Few people will ever know the degree of comfort and security that these two experience daily.

Progression of Relationship:  As a Pisces man slips his hand into the Capricorn woman’s and they proceed forward, solicitous of one another’s well-being, they build a cathedral of hope and security against the cold, cruel world.  No reason to rush.  Both parties are very old souls who know that everything comes at the right time and in the right order.  This is a relationship that can withstand all sorts of obstacles — both inner and outer — and thrive.

Sex: Most Capricorns are amazingly shy about sex, like a 13 year old girl.  This quality sticks with them throughout their lives.  It is especially healing for a Capricorn to immerse herself in Pisces’ all-forgiving waters where sexuality is concerned.  Pisces men care for nothing except that their partner is comfortable and satisfied.  They can be very self-sacrificing by nature.  This helps Capricorn over the rough spots into a new world of intimacy.

When It’s Over:  This well-crafted relationship is not likely to end.  If it does, it will be ended by Capricorn, and she will send the Pisces man forth with a warm jacket, boots, and a hotel reservation and packed lunch.  She will shed many a tear over her decision, but if she does it, it will be the best thing.  It is not likely that Pisces would ever leave this shelter of his own accord, though he may stray romantically from time-to-time.

Our Rating: 10/10

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78 Responses to Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • confuse says:

    also i will try my best to follow it :) don’t worry ;)

  • always yours says:

    Good, see you soon doubtless ;)

  • Wounded Healer says:

    To TT,

    I am sorry I took thislong to respond, it was not time for me to do that yet, time is now.
    I can tell you that Pisces in general like everybody, until a time they are given reasons not to. We are polite, nice and congenial to everyone, I would speculate that you are misinterpreting what you seen in him. I bet if you asked him if that was the case, he would tell you so, being direct and doing so with calm is the best way to communicate with any Pisces, you can learn very much from Pisces and there wisdom by gently asking them, always a smile. There Big Heart can’t say no to a smile.
    If you ask, you will always know where you stand with a Pisces Man, just be ready for the truth and as gentle as they know how to put it, don’t judge them for there opinion, there opinion is of the present energy, when that changes so to will the Pisces. They are not judging you, they are simply telling you what they Feel at that time, that moment!
    When you find a Pisces Man that tells you he likes you and wants to date you, you will Love it, just try not to be so shy and aloof, be honest, if you tell him your true feelings about anything you are opening up a door to wonderful energy, nurture his soul and you will feel the LOVE emanating from him and it will feel GREAT!

    Good Luck!

  • Wounded Healer says:


    If your having trouble letting go in your mind and you find him still taking moments to look at you, he may just have his blinders on. Generally speaking (he meant what he said when he said it), if you got that look from him recently, then take one more chance and sit him down all alone, no one else around and tell him what it is about him that you are attracted to, form your heart, he can keep secrets.
    The reason you are telling him (and you should state this to him) is first for you, so you can learn to share your true feelings without being shy or feeling judged by them and secondly so that he knows where you stand at that moment, he will either or has already changed his opinion of you for better or he will cut you loose to live your life.
    It would be easy for him to remain friends with you but only if he knows you are able to truly understand that friendship is all he wants and are able to just be his friend.

  • Carey says:

    Pisces man is great and the relationship bet him and i grew gradually. though we both considered the big M initially we jsut hung out together on simple outings and there was no pressure on either side to get to all the ‘bases’ in a certain timeline. we had great chemistry things were allowed to flow naturally and don’t know about him but felt great for me. pisces is truly about the other being confortable. i could really open up n became flexible. my expressivenes improved! his moodiness threw me off in the beginning but i got used it and being by hiself periodically. i just let him be with his little toys gosh ive seen enough grown men seriously race cars at top speed. at home. on the computer. the bedroom was never a bargaining tool for me but if he does something for the kids or family then i do something nice that he wants. or else not. hes polite so yelling and screaming was never a problem unlike how i grew up at home (dad very controlling) i cant abide that. i realized at an early age that not seeing anothers point of view is not emotionally intelligent. and saying one thing and doing another hah i can see thru that v quickly. i also realized that paradoxically , when people do only for themselves, think only of themselves they are NOT ending up happy. happy families are those where two people create relations that sustain and keep other happy as much as themselves. i know for a fact that being a good provider and giving money does not make for a happy family: family goals are not achieved no one is happy and the dysfunctionality carries on to the next generation. one has to give of oneself. there’s no other way. My pisces is highly intuitive and his eq is probably more than mine. he learnt to give of himself. in a quiet moment sometimes i like to think that i provided him with the motivation to give of himself. he certainly does for me!

  • Dulce C says:

    Wow! I am a Capricorn & my husband of 7 years is a Pisces.
    This sounds EXACTLY like us. It’s crazy because people tell me all the time that I am the responsible one, and I take such good care of him as if he was my baby. He says all the time that he does not know what he would do without me, and I know it’s true. I give him stability and a great marriage but sometimes I worry that I am not passionate or exciting enough for him. I feel a little too inhibited and lonesome at times, and i wish I could make our relationship more spontaneous. We have a Wonderful marriage. A lot of people can see we are extremely compatible for eachother, and we have a lot of differences. This article was very interesting to read. I hope to hear more & new things. :)

  • louise says:

    I just want to say this is so true of me and my husband and I find that he can be so moody and self-descructive to his deep level of thinking that he lets no-one into and at times I find it very frustrating and if allowed he could cause everyone around him to go into depression and his behaviour at times can make me feel like i do not know this man as he carries a deepness and complexity about him but yet I can talk and get on with most other men.. very hard work sometimes

  • jane says:

    get out of here, who wrote this shit about these signs and passion.

  • joe says:

    Ahhh this sounds just so right. a couple weeks ago i meet this Girl ( lil angel as i call her) and my life has worn a new apparel, she is Capricorn and i am Pisces. we kissed at the first 5 minutes ( shy but passionate one) This sound like a puzzle with only two pieces, me and her and now its complete. i just pray for the bottom of my heart this will last for longer than i want it. she is adorable, beautiful, hot. understanding and she takes me in even when i screw it up. mad at me and hurt yet she stands there and kiss my tears away. amazing girl

  • Jazz says:

    My fish is amazing. He is still my best friend. Bedroom: it took me 4 years to be comfortable with myselfand my sexuality, but he worked so hard to make sure I felt as good as he did. A great match. Unfortunately, his plan in life was different than mine… I have shed enough tears to fill lake Michigan in my decision to break it off with him. Just remember capricorn ladies, your little fish needs that alone time (what some might think depressive moments) to think and regenerate. Capricorns are known for our depressive moods as well, we like to be hugged in these moments and reassured that we are beautiful, productive, helpful, recognized people. Fish need hugs, kisses and a few days to think through things. They are always happy when they are finished thinking.

  • anumurali says:

    wow, it’s so true.

  • patrice says:

    Hmm….some true, some a bit off…maybe. Been with my fish for three years, came out of a 25 year marriage with a Leo of all things. My fish has never been married for more than 10 years…and tends to go for the young ones. I see all of this stuff as true, especially the straying part. Unfortunately, that would be the deal breaker for this Capricorn. It’s really sad in a way….he has so much to give and he is a great lover, dreamer, all those sexy But, stability….that’s a tough one for this guy eh?

  • Chotu says:

    Is it okay for a Pisces to be wonderstruck and fall for a cheerful Cappy ggirl?
    I met this gal through a friend,and believe me,the cap is a rare jewel.Her sense of humor and calmness is something I havent seen in years,in eternity actually.I feel so open with her.Alas,she has a bf…I dont wanna break her relationship cuz I want her to be happy.She knows I like him,as do all.
    I am a lil bit shy,I have to be,,
    Today is her bday,she has not given me her phone no. nor did she tell me today was her b day.
    I got to know about this only through her friends.They want me to tell her,but I dont want anything bad to happen to her.If she looses her stability and says yes to me,then that other guy would be left alone.
    I shall have to wait…

    Any Cap girl willing to share or advise me

  • OldFish says:

    When I met my sweet little Capricorn girl, she had a boyfriend too – someone I knew. And I was pretty much playing the field with a different girl every week. We were just casual acquaintances for several months, and all of a sudden she must have decided that I was the one she wanted. From that point on, nothing was going to stand in her way, and she slowly seduced me into a marriage that has lasted 40 years. My advice: just be your carefree pieces self, but also show her how much fun you are and how wise and stable and solid you are inside. Let her be your friend first. Don’t be aggressive. Let her move at her own pace. She wants to conquer and she wants to be loved completely. Just remember down the road, she can be insanely jealous and get really angry and may not speak to you for days over nothing, but your clothes will always be clean and dinner will always be waiting for you.

  • YoungFish says:

    Good job dude!! God Bless You and your family.
    I m yet to be seduced by a cap girl LOL

    But they are so much obsessed with work,and sometimes they forget even about themselves…
    who can be so much centred on work ?
    Comparatively,caps also dont believe in astro stuff.For them,whats here and now is all that matters.May they be blessed with some brain and find some time for humans… LOL

  • Mia says:

    Hey Chotu, yes I do have some advise for u. Just tell that girl how much you appreciate her sense of humor and other things which make her differnt from other girls. Capricons always like people who are straight foward so just mention it to her how much you would want to be with her but be careful to mention that only if she wants to break up with her boyfriend you would be her boyfriend, who knows mabye she likes you? Hope my advise will come handy.

    P.S. Even if she says no be nice to her and always comfort her and be there for her.

  • Chotu says:

    Thanks Mia!!!
    Shall try the next time I meet her…and yes, she is different from the rest,,, x)

  • Camile says:

    Hi, I’m A Capricorn girl and I think you Pisces should really come forward and say how you really feel like damn we can’t read your mind just tell us. Other than that we’ll help you out and bring you out but damn be a man and learn how to be on your own and learn not to depend on other people so much. Hey gotta learn how to survive in this world. one of my friends are a Pisces and I always tell him to do his best no matter what, but you gotta learn how to be on your own and stay stronge at all times even if it get rough at times still hold on and fight back for your life, show what a Real Man is. My boyfriend is a Capricorn and i gotta say he’s just wounderful and amazing person. but i love playing around with him all the time. aaa I’m a handful alot lol lmao. and he knows it. Every 5 to 15 mins i’m doing something silly or stupid hey it just happened, lol “oopps I did it again”. he’s” like What now” ” milemile what did you do now” “where did you get that cut” ” OH MY GOD your Bleeding” and it’s only a little blood by the way. he always freak out and so does one of my homeboys who is a pisces he freaks out the most and woundering what in heavens name i be doing to get myself hurt like that and to be careful. if anyone tells him I’m in the hospital or sick he’ll freak out and go have a race with the roads and be at the hospital in mins. WEIRD. plus we grow up together. Pisces I swear they’d always freakout on the most little things.

  • Camile says:

    HEy it’s me again. So my friend who is a Pisces came over to my house without even telling anybody that he was coming over tonight. I can not believe he even tried to flirt with me, I’m wounering (is he out of his mind coming over to my house without an invitation, like what the hell) and I’d just got out of the shower too. Like damn my hair is all wet and curly and I’d just but body mist on. So I put my clothes on real quick and open the door and he go looking at me weird sayin ” damn mama you looking good and you smell nice and clean, so fresh”. I my mind I really wanna knick this fool out.. like…. fa real. So I’d stay calm and tell him ” what’s up and what you doing around here? How’s your girl, you know you little baby girl, your daughter? he say ” oh she doing good. she just started to walk”. of course I said that’s good and happy about be dang I just wanna get to the point ” so what do you want? You coming up in here without an invitation in all. like what’s up?” you flirting with me and in all, like what?” he say nothing and say he just wanted to chill and maybe we should hang. LOook, where i’m going with this telling ya’ll all of this is that 4 years ago him and I was lust lovers yes baby lust Lovers, I mean we was making love not SEX he don’t believe in sex only love making, and trust me we was making love like crazy… I mean days even when he got off work or on his lunch break or… honey just EVERY freakin where even in the car don’t ask how we even accomplish that, lol. But anyway it was crazy 4 years ago. other than that I think he”s trying to start something again I don’t wanna assume but they way he looking at me was the same reason I’d stopped the whole lust lovers thing like fa real. HE was Falling for this capricorn hard fa realz… jesus maan. HE wanted a relationship and everything even marriage for god’s sakes. We been best friends for 5 to 6 years now until that whole lust lovers happened. So yeah that’s why I think he trying to get something started and it’s not the lust lovers things trust this PISCES wants this CAPRICORN girl back but ( as his girl) and I’m not having that hell no. A Capricorn don’t do “Go Backs” she moves forward and on with her life.

  • jt says:

    Plz..for God’s sake,can any grl tell wat they find appealing and attractive,sexy bout Pisces man?

  • sisweat says:

    hello this was an very insightful article on cap and Pisces. I am Cap girl myself born December 31, and i am falling for a Pisces born march 6, he is a very imaginative mystical guy he captured me with his youth sensitivity and his inner child like matter he’s a very bright guy smart quick minded in a sense like me but is very shy with his inner feelings. Pisces men are at times not always sure about there feelings and play them off around other people but with you he really wants to understand you and believes he knows you from what he feels and sees out of you. He’s instinct he goes on a lot i really love this guy knew him scents grade school but he’d would played games with me like an Aries would he was brash very forward and at times rigid but even threw all that i saw beyond his flaws and seen little more of his Pisces nature i feel he has more of an Aries qualities to him but further more i wanna make us work! Me being a Cap some say were are UN imaginative and don’t care for fantasy the thrill of UN reality well thats not true because i do i believe that a dream will always triumph over reality any day! this coming from cap and i believe that me and him have a chance together i don’t care if i have to read up on both signs for him Aries and Pisces traits i will and with compassion to understand both signs and if i have to act as lively as Gemini/Leo and as warm as cancer to win his heart i will i am in it to win it his heart!

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  • Pisces man says:

    A Pisces man needs a Cap girl,and vice versa.
    OMG, Cap is the dream gal for pisces man…and obviously,cap girl makes the man lead.
    In fact,the girl is the leader here,giving relief to the pisces who flees from responsibility.
    However,it is worth the effort for the cap girl.The man wont think of anyone else.
    The man is more loyal to a cap girl than other sun signs.
    However,lack of interest or disinterest on the girl’s part would drive the man away forever.

  • Capricorn Princess says:

    I just met my fish guy, we have been going out for 4 weeks so far, he is very attracted to me as i am to him. I honestly believe he is my soul mate, but he has certain things he needs to work on. For the stability part i believe he will do whatever it takes to make me comfortable. Honestly, he really wants to take our relationship to the next level but i am not ready yet until the time is right or until he propose marriage. We have some disagreements but we understands each other feelings and opinions. My fish is very intelligent and spiritual. I have fallen in love with him but i wont tell him that yet though. hahaha. I can tell certain times he will want to be by himself and i as his capricorn girl respect that immensely, i like my alone time as well. I believe we will be very good together. I am very romantic, passionate and i am a freak in bed but shy at first. I am a different type of capricorn especially when it comes to the sex part. Capricorn and Pisces is a deep spiritual and loving couple. Its different with him but honestly deep down i always desired to be with a Pisces male. ALWAYS!!

  • The Fish says:

    Atlast!! atlast some girl loved a Pisces!!
    its been weeks since I read about some girl loving Pisces…
    my question is:
    Pisces is not ‘rare’, then why so less comments>?
    or Pisces is unlovable?

    Anyways,what does Cap girls like in a Pisces male ????

  • radolphhanz says:

    Marriage Come And Go, But Divorce Is Forever

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