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  1. Twanna Larose

    I am a 25 yr old Capricorn dating a 26 yr old Pisces. I never been with a guy like him. He buys me flowers, and satisfies me sexually. He communicates with me whenever we may have a disagreement or fall out. I can tell he loves me by his actions and the look in his eyes. He was eager to show me off to his family and eager to meet mine. He even cooks for me. The only thing that kills me is that he is a workaholic to the max and don’t have his priorities in order. He is a producer/ manager he puts his up coming artist before everything like brushing his teeth when he wakes up instead he heads straight to his computer and starts working. He puts this project before washing his clothes,going grocery shopping helping clean up around the house. Before buying a car to get to his destinations he rather waste the money paying for cabs.It sucks because he works from home and I see this creative creature take risk everyday. He also takes a lot of risk financially but so far bill s still get paid it may not be on time but its before the deadline. With him working so hard he feels as if going out to the club and drinking is a reward and he does work hard. I don’t think that its the best reward to choose because we always seem to get into arguments when he is drunk and that scares me he is quick to act off his impulses before thinking thru the possible outcomes which scares me also. I stick with him thru it all because I love him I love adventure and I trust him. Him wanting to be successful is a turn on because so do I and together I know we can make it. He has treated me with the utmost respect out of all my boyfriends. Sometimes he talks down to me like im a child which bothers me then again I feel he only does it for my own good you know us Capricorns can be quite hard-headed at times. I see his down falls with time management and organization and acting so freely with his money and mine which makes me want to stay even more and help him set up boundaries. I really love my boyfriend I know we can make it work but some things have to change especially with the going out and getting wasted. He tells me he wants to marry me but I wont marry someone who cant handle their liquor I don’t think he realizes he’s a light weight. He’s not a alcoholic I just believe at this point he cant handle the grey goose shots anymore. Should I give him a ultimatum? and if so what exactly should it be?

  2. TariQue

    “There can be an enormous degree of friendship between these two. Friends care for each other and thatβ€˜s what these two do.” πŸ™

    “They can be very self sacrificing” πŸ™

    “This well-crafted relationship is not likely to end” πŸ™

    “They both blossom and grow. He becomes more confident about the outer world, and she becomes more confident about the inner world. They learn that they can really count on each other.” πŸ™

  3. vinayakjj

    yes, its very true that i heavenly blessed with Capricorn wife , she cares me a lot and i too. but sometimes i worry about her depressions that i want to erase from his lifetime. so god blessing us to meet each other emotions , love, affections and so on, some times i feel proud of our pair that we never hide any thing with each other.

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