Gemini Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Pisces Couple:

Martha and George Washington, Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

These two are friendly and talkative. Each of them has an interesting take on reality, and both love to gossip. Their first date might be spent talking for four hours straight. That’s not so unusual for a new couple, but unlike other pairs, these two focus on others’ foibles and delights rather than the personal details of their own lives.

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How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Pisces Man:

Gemini women are among the most desirable in the zodiac. You may have to take some time circling around her. As you wait to catch her attention, try to figure out the things that please her. Hopefully you’ll encounter her in an environment where that’s possible, such as the workplace. She loves a sense of humor and someone who can take the conversational ball and run with it. If you can, be up to date and trendy in your selection of topics. Do not ask her anything personal. Stay focused on other people.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Gemini Woman:

You are lucky here because Pisces men are naturally fascinated by Gemini women. All things being equal all you need to do is cross his path and he’ll at least notice you. When he asks you out, don’t burden him with your problems. It’s okay to talk a lot, but not about “downers,” such as an unhappy job or your sick kid. He is looking for someone to help him straighten out his life, and he wants some indication that you will be able to do that.

Degree of Romance:

This can be a pleasantly romantic relationship based on a subtle, intellectual courtship style. Expect genuine bon mots. Together these two will discover new places, people, and things which fire the romance nicely. Both parties are turned on by novelties.

Degree of Passion:

Passion is not the prize here as it is for fires signs. This combination involves an air sign and a water sign, each of which is also mutable or changeable energy. The emphasis is on communication rather than physical and emotional entanglements. If Pisces can learn to lighten up a little bit in expectations regarding lovemaking, he can enjoy her willingness to experiment. Geminis have a way of making you feel young again, a real plus for the sometimes world-weary fish.

Degree of Friendship:

These two can be great friends. No doubt about it. Pisces is generally quite amused by the Gemini, and she enjoys playing to an appreciative audience. Neither one is trying to “win” an argument or be right in the conversation. Rather they enjoy the act of communicating, the sheer pleasure of comparing and contrasting their views. This is a lot to have in common and a good basis for friendship.

Degree of Marriage:

This can be a pretty good combination for marriage. Each of them will focus on having an interesting life with lots of socializing, drawing others into their network. They have an ability to speak freely with one another, even about those things others might find difficult, such as sex and money. Neither sign likes to argue, so conversations can be amazingly constructive. If problem solving is a big part of the marriage contract, these two are way ahead of the game.

Progression of Relationship:

Gemini will need to be the pacesetter in this relationship. Although the Pisces man is fascinated by her, he’s a born procrastinator (and a little drifty, too). There is a scene in King Kong where the captive female tap dances to get the great ape’s attention. The Gemini lady in this relationship better have some tricks like this up her sleeve to keep the relationship moving forward.


Sex is important as a form of communication. That’s how it will be looked at by these two. The bedroom is more likely to be a place of conversation, entertainment, and family engagement than a setting for love making. At night, it might be more natural for this couple to talk about their day than to think about beginning foreplay. But eventually sex dispels the nervous energy built up between them.

When It’s Over:

You’ll know it’s over when the Pisces man gets depressed and stops talking for days on end or refuses to get out of bed. Then the Gemini woman will have to take control, have a conversation, and set the record straight. Pisces is very plaint and rarely fights for anything. So, basically, when she says it’s over, it’s over.

Our Rating: 5/10

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  1. Well i was with one pisces man , attraction and chemistry was extreme . We had very good passion in beginning .. unfortunately he cheat and i found out and left him immediately. However , almost 1 years later he is still chasing me . I will always have that feeling for him however he love women too much and still cheat therfor , i cant see us working well .

  2. classic GemJuly 15, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    Wow, reading all your stories has helped me tremendously. I’m a June Gemini, my friend is a pisces. We’re different but we get along like best friends. I fucking adore him. He’s wishy/washy pain in my ass. He disappears(I get it) He gets quiet alot, I understand. I have zero patience, but this time I’m waiting….8 cigar..he’s very sociable, talkative,I’ve gotten jelous but I try to check myself because he’s not mine yet. I’ve toned it down so I don’t scare him off. I give him lots of space, I know he has healing to do. When he ignores me I try not to take it personal, he gives me gifts and the few times he’s hugged me I felt like I was safe, felt like home. I think we both have karma clearing to do. Me with my Ex of 18 yrs and him with his children’s mother. Everytime I say its pointless and give up he looks at me and I’m done…everyone says we seem good for each other. I have a light in my heart for him I feel will never go out. My attempts to get close to him haven’t worked. I will try to keep myself busy…hopefully he comes to his senses. We have the most fun, playful affectionate friendship…..I guess we will see. I’m just not sure.

  3. I TOTALLY agree, learning p-r-o-p-e-r communication is paramount, communicating your needs are extremely essential to the survival of any union, DO NOT expect the other person to assume what you want, like or dislike ( it can be done in a way that doesn’t come across as nagging or hounding) …. and the other thing that alot of people fail to get is that once broken can never be repaired, ever, no matter how much we lead ourselves to believe otherwise, it just does not. And I can understand why Nebraska would want to really try and put the pieces back together again because he knew he had betrayed the trust at some point….only because he said that he was by no stretch the perfect husband, so something had to have gone wrong there at some point (I might be wrong but thats what I feel)

    When a good woman knows she has been faithful the entire relationship and the man goes out and cheat and it has been PROVEN, that will push a woman to want to do it and be disrespectful while doing it and she will if she plans on staying in the relationship to get even, (which I am totally against, I say if the person cheats and you cant forgive just walkaway – hard but will be even much harder dealing with the constant bickering in the relationship – that’s why when I had the PROOF my man cheated on me I LEFT right away ( that proof was enough for me to know he will do it again, and guess what I didn’t want to find out), I will not compromise on disloyalty) so you cheat I cheat, Kool – everybody is happy again BS nobody is happy, everything starts going downhill from there on out.

    I will love someone with my all, put 100% in , but if cheating gets in the way of that love, sorry I don’t think I can find a away to move on with that person, things will just never be the same, it cant, it wont, it never will, the ability to trust the cheater again for me is clearly impossible, it negatively affects the relationship altogether, the mood and the behavior, everything changes.

    To be cheated on is an extremely difficult act to forgive, the feeling is awful, feeling deceived, angry, wounded, crippling, sad and even feel like you’ve been violated to say the least, not to mention affecting your self-esteem terribly. The very minute you find out and have proof you’ve been cheated on, the entire body begins to shake, start sweating, stomach drops, begin to feel nauseous, terrible feeling, terrible-terrible!!
    Gosh, I have been there, done that and I hope and pray everyday that there is at least one last GOOD MAN left on earth, who will value the meaning of a relationship/marriage as much as I do and just want to get it right…I honestly just cant be bothered with the nonsense and that’s why I have stayed single all this time and will continue for as long as it takes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anything else, any other problems in the relationship, I will absolutely do everything in my powers for us to find a way and work it out ….may it be lack of intimacy, feeling unappreciated, boredom, terrible sex ( which I highly doubt very much will be haha), just anything else, but not infidelity!

    Truth is, cheating never really solves relationship issues (whether or not either party finds out), I’ve never seen it happen. What I think does is open plus honest communication and by increasing the passion and romance in the relationship/marriage, to me is a much better solutions, but not everybody is capable of demonstrating such.

    Nebraska, don’t worry, love will find you again, real love!

  4. I will forever be in love with my Pisces man… I had to take our two children and leave him after a very interesting 16 years. We are expecting our third child in 12 weeks. He is a wonderful man. But drugs took over his life right now :(. If you love someone just remember communicate! Learn proper communication. Learn self control and not to be opinionated. To not lie. If somethings wrong take the time to talk about it with both of you agreeing on a serious talk. If you love each other you will find a way.

  5. I should mention that May Geminis are quite different than June Geminis. May Geminis are much more flirty and fun and June Geminis would probably work well with Pisces because they are more likely to crack the whip an even shwrper tongue than a May Gemini. May Geminis (speaking for myself) are much more spontaneous and free spirited aloof while June Geminis like their ducks in a row probably better suited for pisces.

  6. I am a pisces man, my wife a gemini. All this is completly backwards in our life. I am very self motivated, she is a procrastinator. She never could never forgive nor admit she was ever wrong. She was the one who pouted and would never talk about what bothered her. The more I tried to get her to talk the further she withdrew from me. She said she needed space and time to think. I gave it to her. She went on a “rampage” and wrecked us emotionaly and financially. The last year we were married, she slept with 3 different men. Between each of them, I forgave her and took her back. She said she did it out of pure vengence. After the third, I was done. I filed for divorce. We were married 4 years. But from the instant I met her, I was thunderstruck! Our dating and our first year together, we were inseperable! Sex was nothing less than perfect! She felt the same. After the first year, it was like a switch was flipped and she became someone I barely knew. Then flip the switch again, and the woman I loved was back! It went downhill from there. She would flirt with guys right in front of me. She cared not how it broke my heart.
    By no stretch, do I say I was the perfect husband. But I was the one who tried to put the pieces back together. I tried to keep the communication up. She did her best to tear it down. I think we were both the exception to our own zodiac rule. We should have never met. I will never date another gemini again.

  7. Pisces man here……It’s easy ladies we Pisces men just want to be loved….we are emotional and sensitive men. We fall in love easily if you show us love and affection, but if it stops we will fall out of love just as fast. But instead of ending it we will let it linger on and be miserable. But it is very easy to get us back on track because all we want is love and affection. I was in a relationship for 5 years with a Scorpion woman and that is supposed to be our perfect match. Well the last 3 years were a disaster. I longed for the love she showed me in the beginning and stuck it out for our son but it got to the point where we just couldn’t stand each other any more. 6 months after we were apart I met a Gemini woman and she has rocked my world like I didn’t think was possible. The way this fiery little red head looks at me makes me melt. My heart, mind, and soul yearns for her daily. We are attracted to each other physically and emotionally. The greatest thing is we make each other laugh and I have never been able to communicate with anyone in a relationship as I do her. We have only just started a relationship and a told her that we will be together for a very long time as long as she looks at me the same way as she does now. Both being in our mid 30’s we each say it’s like being in high school again.

    Good luck to everyone.

  8. I am a Gemini woman and I have a male Pisces friend , our friendship is quite intense and alot of our friends have told us we would make a grate couple which I also believe . He has also expressed that he has romantic feelings for me. I am now scared that if we get into a romantic relationship we risk losing this amazing friendship that we currently have . He has trust issues due to her past relationships and I am a peoples person and tend to make friends easily.
    Should we give it a go?

  9. Hey guys! its me again Fish ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Vanessa Ty so much for the lovely comment, Its really a good advice. Uhmm, I always fight for her whether its my friends or my family. I admit that We lost a lot of friends, but it’s good thing we loose them cause they’re the one that made hell for us which we manage to get through. It’s fine to have few friends who are the real ones, and does not take advantage of you. Hmm about the family, Its a bit okay now. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully… I’m very serious about my girlfriend and I don’t play games with her. I can die for her, that’s how much I love her…

    Vannesa, can you tell me more about your story? I think we’re in think in the same page. But you guys didn’t work out right?

    Gemini girls! Give me more advice please. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @dimitri Aww man, I’m expecting you guys to last long.. :'(

    I just want to let you guys know that we’re turning 1 year now on November 28. Almost there, many many more years to come. ๐Ÿ˜€ We’ll never stop until we reach our goal. We promised ourselves no matter what happens, no matter what obstacle comes, We’ll stay together forever. She’ll always be in my heart. I love you so much Hermosa!


  10. Fish :

    Hey guys Iโ€™m back! BTW Iโ€™m a Pisces man. I just want to let you guys know that me and my Gemini girlfriend have been together for 8 months now. I posted here before, the first 4 months was a disaster(yes it was hell!) for us, but we manage to get through it. There is a lot of outside forces(people) that wants to ruin our relationship. These people are my friends, my family friends and her friends.. . We almost end up breaking up that time but we sticked together and fought for our love. We ignored this stupid people and by the end they got tired of talking shit. They can all disappear, but not her. Sheโ€™s the most precious one to me. Sheโ€™s my life, my universe, my bestfriend and my lover. I know its sounds corny . Hmm right now we have a little fights but we always talked about it and fix the problem right away. Pisces guys, if you have problems with your gemini girlfriend dont hide it. Talk about it cause it will only hurt you much if you keep it. We pisces man are sensitive and gemini woman has a sharp tongue, haha! But its all good. Thats what I like about her. Sheโ€™s a straight forward person, I have same interest with her, we never had a dull moment, etc. lots of stuffs . All in all Iโ€™m satisfied and contented of what I have now. I will never look for someone else, cause I found my dream girl. Hope you guys find the right one too. Oh and donโ€™t believe too much of astrology. All people are unique in many ways. No matter what your zodiac sign is. If you really want to to make youโ€™re relationship last long and you really love this person, two of you should work together to make a strong relationship. Good luck to you guys! See ya!

    I like how you can admit how sensitive you are most pisces men cant look at themselves truthfully dont ever lose that or you will lose her and it will be your fault. When she needs you to, FIGHT for her. Dont play games with her. All the attention you are giving her now you CANT stop. PLEASE DONT STOP. She needs you ok dont ever use that against her. You cant use the love that she has for you as a weapon or ammunition. Its so important you remember that she is a gemini. So am I so sorry getting all preachy. WARNING: If you guys cant work things out with your family and friends, you will eventually resent each other and the end is not going to be pretty. Trust me we went through the same thing so whatever your people have a problem with quit bullshitting and get it taken care of because there is no way that your lives can revolve completely around just the two of you. You dont need astrology to figure that you guys are on borrowed time and headed straight for disaster. Sorry and shit but you better get your head out of your ass. I really mean this and I really am not trying to be a biatch. I am a cheerleader for love I hope for the best for you two, stay in love.

  11. Just wait he seems amazing right now but now that he knows your in love with him he will get lazy and find someway use your love against you in the end that is worst breakup ever and thats an understatement! He’s sick in the head But my god the sex was unbelievable! I hate him

  12. Anna :

    Iโ€™m a gemini woman and me and my Pisces boyfriend have been together for almost a year. This is an accurate posting for our relationship. Whatโ€™s really interesting is that weโ€™ve never fought or had any relationship problems ever. We completely understand each other and weโ€™re in a healthy and amazing relationship. Everyone thinks that a Pisces-Gemini love relationship is going to end bad, or are very different, but I donโ€™t feel that way at all. 8/10 <3

  13. Pisces Girl :

    This is a match made in Hell! Iโ€™m a Pisces and the Gemini girl that I care about so much has put me me through HELL!!!! (as I have done to her)โ€“ I long to be with a Cancer! Unless this Gemini smartens up and realizes shes about to loose me forever!

    Type your comment here Nick?

  14. i’m a gemini gal ..and i love a piscean guy since 3 and a half years literally took me 2 years to tell him how i feel..coz since we were family frns and i din wanna loose is frnship..i could neva dat he knows everythin..i keep tellin him how i feel abt him..but all he says is dat..he use to lyk me wen we 1st met but din hav the guts to tell me..and at tyms he changes his words by sayin..i’m committed and neva thought of you in dat manner..i mean i dont understand whether tha guy use to lyk me o just to make me feel gud he says he use to lyk me but now he doesnt..he gets really confusin at tyms..i cant get ova him..and he knows dat..maybe he takes me for granted o maybe he.s actually committed to his gal..but den i dunno why does he tell me..dat ..even i lyk you but i cant help it..why is it soo difficult for him to be clear and say ..he doesn feel the same for me o he doesn love me..why does he always say..no1 knows wat will happen in the future..dis words of him stop me from movin on..i need him soooo bad ๐Ÿ™

  15. I am a Pisces woman in love with a Gemini man. I met him and two of his good friends through an when they were looking for a roommate. I agreed to move in and a week later was the first time I met him. The moment I saw him I was attracted. I didn’t realize this until 7 months later when I moved out and we got together. I guess I had ignored it because we were new roommates… which was a smart move, I suppose. When we first realized how in love we were with one another it was pure bliss. It was very physical but that wasn’t the only reason we were so drawn to each other. Considering we had gotten to know each other so well and became such great friends before we took it any further it made for the deepest and most genuine love I have ever experienced so far in my life. Our dual need for freedom and our love for new experiences and opportunities became an issue when I let baggage from my past completely destroy his trust for me. I broke his heart. It has been a year and a half since I met him. The first six months we built a true friendship, the second six months we were madly in love and the last six months have been miserable at times but completely eye opening for me. I had never realized how selfish I could be with still the highest of intentions. I never realized how trapped in my own little world I would become only to, ultimately, feel alone. I have never felt so alive with anyone else by my side in all my life. I have never felt so appreciated and loved by anyone else in all my life. My tendencies to let my emotions take me on a ride is hard for him to understand. We are still friends and at times we fall back into moments of confusion but we also still have plenty of positive, real and uplifting moments with one another. I hope and pray every day that he can come to understand who I am, why I made the mistake I made and give me another chance to show him the passion and deep love I have for him. He is the most outward person I know and I am the most inward person I know. This is why we compliment each other so nicely. He brings out the best parts of me that I wasn’t even aware of. He has shown me what it means to put others first, as he always does. I think I have shown him how to recognize his emotions and I hope I’ve shown him that it is okay to retreat and take care of himself when he isn’t feeling at best. We are both quite young still and I don’t dwell on the past anymore. I have finally forgiven myself for my wrong doing and I am ready to respect myself. I am also ready to respect him. I have been pretty submissive throughout our tough breakup, I have done all I can to show him that I am at his mercy, that I am sorry and that I understand the gravity. Communication is hard sometimes because we are still working out trusting one another again and I am working on trusting myself- and loving myself. I don’t get too heavy on astrology, zodiac or horoscopes… but my experience with this wonderful Gemini man has proven itself to fit the description and a lot of other couples experiences. I pray that my relationship with him is meant to last because it is the most invigorating I have felt in all my life.

  16. sabrina benoitOctober 11, 2011 at 3:00 am

    I am a gemini girl who has been talking to this pisces guy for almost a year. off and on. The crazy thing is, is that we met eachother online, and he lives in england. he spotted me first and started talking to me, but im the one who I said i love you, first.

    I never met someone ive had so much in common with in my whole life. I could talk to him for hours. I keep thinking that it was fate that made him talk to me in the first place. He can be kinda boring at times, and im the one who’s always coming up with ideas or changing the subject. But for the most part, everytime i say i dont wanna talk to him, I always come back. I feel like we shouldve ended this online relationship a long time ago. He says he loves me, but not like he used to. What is that supposed to mean?

    I don’t know if we’re still talking because we love eachother, or if we’re desperate. But i feel like we’ve been talking to eachother for too long and he knows too much about me for us to be just friends. I don’t know just what to do now, because i told him i need some space, and he said okay. and I bet he feels like it’s always me that’s causing the problems, while i think it’s always him. He can be a bit clingy at times, or too curious with all the questions, it gets on my nerves. He asked me how long I was gonna need some space and i said i don’t know. A day? A month? A week? he said just to let him know, but I felt like he was trying to make me feel bad, so I told him I would let him know sometime next year, but i didnt really mean that, and he said ok then, and left it at that. Im not sure if I should take it back or just leave it be. The longest we’ve went without talking to eachother was a week. He knows that i know that he knows i probably wont be able to last that long without talking to him, but even though he doesn’t love me like he used to, neither can he.

    What to do? what to do? ๐Ÿ™

  17. hey pisces and geminis! i wish to all of you the best of luck.

    Unfortunately, my relationship with my gemini woman didnt last more than 10 months. yes, i m pisces and am the same dimitri who posted a comment a few months ago..

    we both tried our best to keep it alive but what needed to be done was beyond our limits. i dont know if it was simply a matter of incompatibility or accepting each other for who we were, but i did believe her and hopefully she did believe me when we both said that what we felt for each other was the purest emotion ever. maybe it doesnt matter anymore, or maybe it does..
    I could talk about this relationship for days, analyzing every aspect of it, zodiac related or not (:{) but i consider it more helpful to say to everyone in here exactly what i told her as a bottom line: if a relationship puts you in a worse position than the one you were before as a single and/or requires too much effort and after all that effort you dont feel complete, stop trying and just finish it. Blame the stars if it makes you happier, but once you feel genuinely(very hard to do so, but try) satisfied with the amount of effort you put but unsatisfied by the realistic (again hard to tell) result you were expecting, thats all the signs you need to put an end. no need for dramatic exits but if you must…then do so.

    again, best of luck to all of you guys. there are no recipes of success.. just try your hardest to be real with yourselves ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Now i definitely am forgetting this pisces man….i am 40 and i believe a man should do some pursuing at first he was and i noticed in conversation i would have to lead some but that was fine. Now he got something he wanted and it wasnt sex but something else….he is acting distant and he brought up something from the past that wasnt something a woman would want to know or hear…..this is after i had set him straight very tactfully…..dont have time for this i dont want to worry if a man is going to chat with me call me. I deserve someone to invest in me and treat me like im the prize if so then he gets my mind body and soul…Still would like some input for future situations. I know that everyone from eversign will have some traits and lacking in that sign.\

  19. Just wanted to add also i dont live or die by astrology, sometimes i feel funny even asking about it but lately and in the past the daily horoscopes and information is exact it !! I also wanted to comment on Topher #26 i know the feeling of that teenage passion when he Pisces says certain things i feel like that young person that feels everything is possible and i cant stop thinking about him…and if you understand Gemini women we are so analogical in our thoughts and it takes alot to have that feeling and want to give everything we have to someone ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I am a Gemini woman and ive been chatting with my Pisces love interest…we dated as teens…now we are in our forties i have 4 daughters 2 that are grown and live on their own and 2 that are in their teens. He doesnt have any children. When we crossed paths a few years later he regretted that he ended the relationship but hey teens what else can you expect. But just last week he requested my friendship on facebook and i wasnt thinking anything other than to say hello.Then he messaged me and weve been chatting for 4 to 5 hrs a night and some in the daytime. I have become seriously attracted to him in a way that surprised me..I think about him all the time. We enjoy our conversations obviously, he brought up our past which surprised me….I dont think he has had a truly meaningful relationship…am i just an old flame or am i someone he really would like to invest himself into.Will some Pisces men or Gemini women let me know how i should take this….because i havent felt this way in a long time didnt know i could open my heart up again?

  21. i feel so stupid that I read horoscopes ๐Ÿ™‚ but i have recently meet a pisces guy and i am a gemini woman, and believe me i am so discouraged with what i read here. I want to love him, so excited before our dating (which is tomorrow). it’s gonna be the first one. any suggestions for me, pisces guyz?

  22. Im a gemini female and ive recently met a pisces man (goin on a month). Ive never met anyone who can rattle my brain the way he can. (In a good way) he sees right through me then sits ther and tells me about myself like hes known me fof years lol we have tons in common from arts to food. Im excited to see wher it goes though he is already convinced we r in it for the long run. He is one of the sweetest people ive ever met. I hope he’s right like he usually is (which is hard for me to admit lol) ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hi, I am a pisces man and met an amazing gemini woman about two weeks ago. Yeap, I am totally falling for her. We had our first date at a coffee shop and started talking and talking, serious and goofy stuff.. then went to a restaurant for dinner.. more talking and laughing.. first date: 7 hours of non-stop amazing communication and great chemistry. Second date, pub, dancing. Great FUN, I couldn’t be happier and she was just as described, so cute and hot for me that I had one of the best nights I remember. Passion.. well.. not gonna make a lot of comments, LOL, but we started making out so naturally, so intensely, like old lovers, but with that teen-like kind of passion (we both are in our 30’s). I know we are only starting, but we are happy when together, and yes, I know she needs a bit more of space than I do ( I would love to have her with me all the time).. I guess in some ways we are a textbook case?.. well.. I am always the one on the move, but I find fascinating that she never goes backwards. At some points she can be a little distant (consider I am a pisces, not a particularly needy one by the way), but when we are together, it is this simple: amazing communication, great fun, deep and honest conversations, and pure fire. I hope we can build a relationship together, a real, long-lasting one, because I feel she is THE ONE. (oh.. I don’t really believe in astrology, but some stuff is true and really makes me think!!!)

  24. Hey guys. I’m a gemini woman and my man is a pisces. We have been together for 4yrs which says a lot…I agree don’t believe all the astrology stuff u here. Becuz when we first got together and read that our signs a arnt really compatible really discouraged me. But I love this man opieces!lol BUT……. there are some things that bother me:laziness, lack of communication,I miss the affection he use to show, and has a pretty bad temper. On the goodside everything in this article was pretty accurate. I rememeber the first day we me we talkd for 6hours st8:whew that was a lot of talking but I enjoyed it! Good luck guys with ur relationships!

  25. im a gemini woman in love with a pisces man we speak diff lang. but have a deep love for each other that nobody else understands. we’re both shy when we’re around alot of people but when we’re alone everything changes. we’ve been talking for almost two years now. i love him so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hey guys I’m back! BTW I’m a Pisces man. I just want to let you guys know that me and my Gemini girlfriend have been together for 8 months now. I posted here before, the first 4 months was a disaster(yes it was hell!) for us, but we manage to get through it. There is a lot of outside forces(people) that wants to ruin our relationship. These people are my friends, my family friends and her friends.. ๐Ÿ™ . We almost end up breaking up that time but we sticked together and fought for our love. We ignored this stupid people and by the end they got tired of talking shit. They can all disappear, but not her. She’s the most precious one to me. She’s my life, my universe, my bestfriend and my lover. I know its sounds corny :P. Hmm right now we have a little fights but we always talked about it and fix the problem right away. Pisces guys, if you have problems with your gemini girlfriend dont hide it. Talk about it cause it will only hurt you much if you keep it. We pisces man are sensitive and gemini woman has a sharp tongue, haha! But its all good. Thats what I like about her. She’s a straight forward person, I have same interest with her, we never had a dull moment, etc. lots of stuffs :D. All in all I’m satisfied and contented of what I have now. I will never look for someone else, cause I found my dream girl. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you guys find the right one too. Oh and don’t believe too much of astrology. All people are unique in many ways. No matter what your zodiac sign is. If you really want to to make you’re relationship last long and you really love this person, two of you should work together to make a strong relationship. Good luck to you guys! See ya!

  27. This was soo right its freaky I’m a gemini woman and I went to meet a pisces man and the first date we sat in the hot tub and talked for hours and I just looked at this today and its said the first date we would usually talk for hours how freaky!!!! love it!!!!!!

  28. @ J and #20 I know how you two feel especially how the pisces guy won’t call or text for days! It’s so annoying and unstable. I sometimes just want to drop him as a lover in all because I feel that he toys with my emotions or he’s just going through something and won’t let me in on it. It’s emotionally draining, but I’ve learned to just get use to it. He does have such a gentle touch and the way he holds/loves me is a different story. I just don’t understand him, it’s all too confusing. My moon is in Gemini and Sun in Cancer…though I have a lot of Gemini traits. I’m not getting much from this ‘relationship’ so I think I’m just going to move on.

  29. @J I’m going through the same thing with my pisces guy. As a gemini female I am very sensitive and often hurt by the fact that my pisces lover won’t call or text for days on end and then pops up as if he never shut himself off from me. We have been dating for 6 months now and my feelings for him are sooo strong and believe that I love him. He told me that he doesn’t even know what love is or even how to express it but, I can tell by the way we make love and the way he holds me that he cares. But in the back of my mind I’m wondering will that ever be enough??
    My family thinks I’m crazy and I’m too young to assume this. I’m 19 and he’s 20 but since we met the connection is insane and I can see myself with him for a very long time. I don’t want to give up on him….idk what to do.

  30. Katie Price and Peter Andre were Pisces-Gemini as well. Look how that ended up :/
    Dunno about myself i dated a pisces and he cheated on me but i guess i wasn’t the easiest to live with. I regret that. I think i need to make compromises and so does the pisces man. I loved him alot. I need to be more sensetive.

  31. I am not sure if he is a too practical person,cold or he doesn’t care or love me enough. As i used to hear pisces man are soo romantic it’s my first time to go in relation with one of them.

  32. I am a Gemini woman in love with pisces man. We ve been together since three months.
    I am nt feeling happy alth i ve feelings for him and believe we ve great attraction. But sometimes i feel we talk diff languages and we cn’t understand each others, he doesn’t provide my needs and expectations. And seem lazy and careless to initiate meeting,calling etc.alth he says he loves me much and wnna even propose soon. Every time i think of ending the relation i get too emotional and can’t get away.

  33. i m pisces she is gemini for what its worth and we recently had our 6 month anniversary. in my dreams she was this fascinating woman who balanced exactly right her independence and the love and attention i wanted to get from her.
    But i have to be honest with myself that my dream woman was based on my needs as much as my fears. my fears of betrayal have carefully built this model of perfect woman who would convince me that she loves me, that she will never leave me and will give me her support everytime i need it and all these without me even asking for it etc.
    when i realized how paranoid and conflicting in its own principles my dream was , we talked about it and she quoted a jennifer aniston movie “i want you to want to do the dishes”
    i told her i m like a dog running behind cars.i dont know what to do with them when they stop. i don’t have a clue what real love is like or about and i never was as involved in any previous relationships.

    i wont say we resolved the issues as we both dont believe in quick solutions. but there is one thing you can start doing for yourself.

    Our problems started from our insecurities. she fears that i will try to control her, i fear that she will take me for granted and if any of you relate to this dynamic i can only advise you this:
    dont keep these thoughts to yourself,dont expect her or him to “want to do the dishes” and dont endulge to your self destructive thoughts (part of which is indeed based on the horoscope predictions), cause they dont allow you to see what an amazing person you have next to you. if you find which your deepest fears are and manage to see beyond them, no matter what your zodiac sign or compatibility is, you ll realize that by trying to control your partner you are only pushing him/her away.same thing happens if you consider your freedom more precious than your partners happiness. you need to balance your mood in a way that you wont feel that you constantly put your relationship or your freedom to the test.
    just accept that we all need space and freedom and the feeling that someone loves us no matter what we do. if you know that, and you recognize the same needs to your partner you dont have to do anything to confirm the opposite.

  34. Pisces GirlJanuary 25, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    This is a match made in Hell! I’m a Pisces and the Gemini girl that I care about so much has put me me through HELL!!!! (as I have done to her)– I long to be with a Cancer! Unless this Gemini smartens up and realizes shes about to loose me forever!

  35. hey! @ wow Im a gemini girl and im saying DONT DO IT!!! dont take it back into the friendship zone…especially if things got physical between you two. she WILL hold it against you and think that you gave up too either way any chance at friendship will be ruined..i think if you have strong feelings for should stick it out dude

  36. @Wow I know how you feel, I’m a Pisces man too. Me and my girlfriend (Gemini woman) are in a relationship for 2 months now. I’m often depressed by the way she socialize to people. But yeah, I have to trust her so this relationship will last.

  37. wow i get to b a first.December 16, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    this is gonna hurt so much i know it.

  38. Wow i get to be a first .December 16, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    ok im willing to admit that alot of this does sound accurate cuz im a Pisces man dating a Gemini woman but the way its lookin as much as i love her and she says she loves me i may be the one to brake it off for the safety of our friendship cuz evn tho she is a outstanding lover i do feel bouts of depression with her when it gets quiet and i dont know why im guessing its my constant distrust in her and as much as that sounds like my problem. id rather save her as a friend now after four months of dating and three years of friendship i got a better chance of having a good friend than a trusting relationship.

  39. I am in love with my pisces man and what is said about pisces men is true. I believe relationships between two is not just dictated by the sun sign but there is a lot more than what is said here. I am happy with my man and I think I have found true love!!!

  40. WHOOP WHOOP! I am a gemini woman of course and my relationship with my Pisces man is electrifying! So the only thing I disagree with is the “Degree of Passion.” But I would definitely give this article a rating of 9/10 at least because it’s like 99% accurate for me and there are a lot of variables covered in this discussion. Thanks Nancy for this, you’ve opened my eyes to some things that can help make my relationship stronger. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I love two pisces men. One is my partner and the other is my crush who doesn’t know about it. Many things spoken here are true to the core. But the pisces man I am with is very romantic, sensitive and his temper is notoriously higher than mine. He is also very shy and introvert making it monotonous for me. Otherwise he is very gentle and soft. The best thing I can do is to give him space when he is pissed off and stay away from him until he sleeps over it.

  42. Im a Gemini woman dating a Pisces man. we’vebeen together for a while now. Our relationship is going very well. We understand each other. I think people shouldn’t listen to these thingsbecause not everything it says is true. We took the time to understand one another so neither of us is confused nor fustrated withone another.
    I love him and he loves me. <3 <3 <3 <3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. I agree with all except for the rating. I would put 10/10 not to say 9/10 minimum. Why only 5/10?

  44. Im a gemini woman and my ex is a pisces we were together for three years. this is completely bang on! right up to the break up!

  45. I am a Gemini woman and my love is a Pisces man, and although there is more involved in the relationship between the two than is said here, this is the most accurate, realistic compatibility read I’ve ever come across! I’ve practically read them all!!! Nice!

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