Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Leo-Pisces Couple: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

This is one of the most romantic and workable combinations in the zodiac.  Both Leo and Pisces love to fantasize and put their partners up on pedestals.  Both are able to stay on pedestals once put there, too, oddly enough.  This combination can create and sustain an enduring lifelong romance that never tarnishes.  They may not do so well with the practical aspects of career and marriage, but their connection to one another is likely to last forever.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Pisces Man:  You are the answer to every Leo woman’s secret prayer for romance.  You can put stars in her eyes easily by your gift for expressing the bon mots of love.  She will respond to your gentleness and the sense of adoration not realizing perhaps that you tend to treat all women who are the object of your affection that same way.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Leo Woman:  Believe it or not, the Pisces man is always a little bit insecure and worried.  He needs your radiant confidence to feel better.  You can attract him by being sunshiny and positive.  You will find that you do a lot of soothing and reassuring as the relationship progresses.

Degree of Romance:  It is hard to imagine a more romantic combination.  Leo loves to be fussed over and adored.  Pisces loves to worship and please.

Degree of Passion:  Passion is not particularly pronounced in this relationship.  Rather it is based on positive feelings of kindness, tenderness, and affection.  Neither sign trusts passion very much.  Leo likes to be ruled by the mind, not the heart, and Pisces is frightened of things that don’t last.

Degree of Friendship:  Leo can be a great pal for Pisces, as she helps him feel more confident and secure.  It is likely that Leo will wind up helping Pisces a lot with day to day troubles, such as getting the car registration renewed or getting to the bottom of that difficult plumbing problem.  Both feel at home in their roles, and this draws them closer together.

Degree of Marriage:  Provided they take off the rose colored glasses at some point, this can be a good marriage.  The Leo woman doesn’t mind being in charge.  The only problem would be if she has a particularly weak Pisces who, for example, can’t hold a job. These things should be ascertained before walking down the aisle.

Progression of Relationship:  Leo will more or less set the pace by demanding a traditional courtship.  Pisces is a willing slave of love and will do everything he can to fulfill her demands.  Provided no one else catches his eye, he is likely to be swept away by her ardent desire which suits both of them just fine.

Sex:  Leo women like to dominate.  Pisces men like to be the slave.  Both signs love to fantasize.  Put these together and you’ll find that role playing can be a very special bond between them.  They might even go so far as to buy costumes.  After all, Leo is an actress, and Pisces may be the perfect audience.

When It’s Over:  Pisces never ends anything, so it will be up to Leo and it will probably be as the result of wounded pride.  When the Pisces bubble bursts and harsh realities must be dealt with, it is a very sad thing.  No one wants to admit when the party is over, but Leo does have a pragmatic side.  As much as she enjoys acting, she can discern between theater and reality.

Our Rating:  7/10

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137 Responses to Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • Bmarie says:


    I agree with G_isFishy,

    I am a leo girl and have had both of my long term relationships with pisces men. If i dont know one thing, i know for sure that leo girls love attention and we wanna see u fawn over us, so plz let her know how much u admire her. she will be thrilled to hear it. jus dont be over dramatic LOL. but Leo’s are very demanding at times, and we have big egos and may crush the soft spirit of the pisces man b/c we sometimes seem to overlook the need to be gentle and patient (we are very aggresive by nature so jus work with us on that). being gentle and patient was the problem area in my relationships. it was like i expected my partner to be more aggresive and it jus didnt work b/c thats not his style. you will have to find a balance here, and once that is found, this match will be so heavenly u will float on cloud 9. the emotional bond bewteen a pisces and a leo is incredible and u will be deeply in love!!! jus make sure u both work on ur personal issues to create a balance b/c if you dont, she will feel unwanted and u will have an unhappy, raging leo, and if she isnt patient and gentle, u will float upstream and leave her hanging and if this happens, this will not be a happy ending for either party FYI.

  • sweetgirl says:

    Well GisFishey, ur so rite wen its comes to patience wich we Leo’s Dnt have. So one thing I learned was patience n patience. Its not easy dating a Pisces because u guys are confused n have insecure issues and I times I Dnt kno who I’m dealing with cuz u switch smh well no relationship is perfect n who said it would be easy hard work n patience mixed with love n care will male it all worthwhile

  • G_isFishy says:

    Bmarie, I can second some of those experiences. I do have alot of picses in me. I’m very analytical, artistic, and have a realistic, neutral, and grounded aproach to life. But I also have alot of Virgo in me, after my mom. If something bothers me, or I’m asked for input, I give it. A trait common among Leos is selfishness. When you demand, it has to be right away RIGHT NOW. Yet if a request from a leo is made well, you might be put on hold. This hypocracy does not bid well with me, and would result in arguments. Early in the relationship my laidback demeanor would cause arguments because she just didn’t understand, for example how I could go a whole day and not call her once. I eventually learned to play the details, and she learned to practice patience.
    On the flipside, my personality provides just the balance she needs. When she stresses over the anything, I’m always assuring her that everything has a solution. When we discuss conflicts, I always make her aware of both sides. When she leo rages she uses me as her relief. Which is fine by me. Things just don’t phase me, and I actually find some of the crazy stuff she might say funny. As for me I need a firey woman in my life to keep me on my toes. If not I get disinterested, and distant quickly. I tend to over analyze everything and need a push start to get going. I’m also a perfectionist (thanks to my virgo mom I guess) and can get caught up in the details. A leo is just the fix for that.

  • G_isFishy says:

    @ sweetgirl

    We can be difficult. Especially if you get stuck with one that does not like to express emotions, and bottles up. Prefering to let time heal wounds. This sucks because you are left guessing, and leos tend to over stress everything. So you might hang on to something, when he wishes to let go. So yes patience is key. But remember to let your desires and requirements known as well. You don’t want to get stuck in a lop sided relationship. We pisces can get distant and lose focus and intetest. If you feel the hard work, but not reaping rewards, you might have to let go.

  • Chloe says:

    Just back from my trip. Guess the Pisces guy has lost interest. Last month, i message him via mobile phone abt my feelings…but till now, i get no reply from him. I think that’s clear enough a signal for me. I’m no crybaby but now, my tears can fall freely. One moment, i’m feeling normal. The next, my tears will fall with the memory of him, his words, the teddy bear he gave me on Valentine’s Day, the lyrics of a song. Once my tears fall, i can’t stop it until after awhile. He…whom i had been unsure of…yet makes me drop so much tears with his sudden withdrawal. I keep telling myself everything happened for a reason. But I do not know how much longer before I will not cry for him. Till then, I can only wait patiently & have faith that love will happen again. I hope that with the lessons learnt from this experience, I’ll be able to hold on to the much awaited happiness when it happens. This is the result that he wants & i’m giving it to him. I hope both of us will not have any regrets & that he’s happier without me in his life…then my tears will be worthwhile…

  • Foxy D says:

    I am a leo woman and one thing i can say is that the piscean man i am dating has the ability to love you in a unique way. They can heal all your wounds. For example, a year ago i fell in love with an aquarius and things did not work out. I tryed dating others, it was just not working out. However ever since i have been with this piscean guy, my life changed completely.

  • G_is_Fishy says:

    Damn Chloe. Sounds terrible. That dudes sign doesn’t matter, he was just an ahole. Hopefully you will be able to move on quickly, and focus on more important things like yourself.

  • chana says:

    For “#2 “Natty”. Natty, you should just TALK to her about how you feel! You’ve said about everything you need to tell her right here. Go ahead and say it to her. Say it over the phone if you are not comfortable saying it in person, that way you can even have it written down. Good luck

  • Shai says:

    I am a leo woman and I am friends with a pisces. We have been involoved with one another for abt 5 mnths nw. At frst he wanted to become more than friends , then later he said just friends. We met as coworkers and I feel like he plays mind games. Evertime he does something I detatch myself frm him and he later comes back trying to make it rite. (That I do like abt him)… I feel that he cares but I don’t think he does to a certain degree. We don’t really communicate at wrk but everytime we bypass eachother he looks/stares at me?…or when we’re not talking he does the same thing Its like he sometimes walk past me on purpose to be noticed. I love the way he embraces me but I still feel he is detatched frm the things he do..we don’t text/call unless we are making up and I see him abt twice a mnth outside of wrk. Lately he has told me we need to slow dwn, he says I show too much affection & he’s never had a grl to show him like I do. He says he still likes me but idk if its overwhelming or what?….but he never suggests we stop talkin. I feel is if we get any slower I mite as well let him go completely, I never considered us consistant cuz we don’t spend enough time together as it is.so the slow dwn part was confusing…I don’t understand him.

  • Adrienne says:

    G_is_fishy- this is why we love picses 😉 Really I have never met any sign that I find more appealing and near perfect as Picses man. They are attentive, romantic, brilliant people. The only downside is that they have never been known as particularly faithful partners 🙁 monogamy in Picses is a tough one being that they seek reassurance however, we Leos are never short on deserved praise and believe me Picses earns it. I love you Picses men, please have patience with our demanding and egotistical ways, deep down we need you!

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @ Shai seems you need to become the aggressive one. Let him know how you feel and what you are looking for. If you stick around waiting for him you might be looking at an eternity loool! Sounds like he needs the “push start” I was talking about.

    @ Adrienne I see it like faithfullness goes beyond personality. Its down right science. It doesn’t matter what sign you are, as humans we are wired to reproduce, not be monogamous. This makes relationships complicated. You can’t really do anything to prevent it. Infact its how you handle it if it happens thats important, not what you do to try and prevent it. You just need to be aware of the limits and respect them. This is why I believe communication is the #1 most important detail of a relationship. If there is none, don’t expect it to last. As a pisces I can tell you I’m pretty damn faithful. However, I’m very out going, and develop bonds with ppl easily. Especially the opposite sex. Sometimes this can lead to trouble, but like I said, know your limits and respect them. If I feel I’m getting in too deep over my head, I do like a fish fresh outta water and flop on outta there lol.

  • Mena W (Leo Woman) says:

    I’m a Leo.. I used to date a Pisces guy before this. He was charming, funny but selfish at times.. He used to hurt me many times! I was like, “Oh my Gucci, this guy is HARD!” But for me, I always forgive him becos I have one principle in life: No one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Therefore, I forgive him all over again. I found out that Pisces man were very hard to understand compared to others.

  • MissB says:

    I am a Leo woman who is involved with a Pisces man (long distance relationship ship). I agree with all these traits, except for the sexual part, I find it difficult to ALWAYS dominate In bed. I think that night just be laziness on my part though. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • Shana Kabbe says:

    I am commenting on Mrs B. I am in a long distance relationship with a Pisces man and I am a Leo woman well actually I am on the cusp of Leo and Cancer which is crazy enough!! The first time we dated was 25 years ago and he broke my heart then the second time 10 years after the first he broke my heart again. So now ten years later we found each other on facebook. I just moved to California and he is back home in Michigan we have been talking again for 4 months. I have to say that I had never had phone sex or sexting and we do it all the time it’s very intense. I believe he hides things from me because he will call me ten times a day for awhile then nothing!! And he says rude things to me like do you ever shut up or I can’t do anything to help you which I think he could but would never ask. I’m planning on moving back home and we are going to continue our relationship but to be honest I really don’t think it’s going to work out but I have to try. I have been in love with this man for 25 years I would love nothing more than for him to be my soul mate. I guess only time will tell??

  • Pisces man Leo woman compatibility therefore has several important hurdles to cross if it is to survive.

  • Sparkle says:

    Am a leo woman and i’ve been dating a pisces man for a year and 9 months now. these things u guys said might be true bt i feel pain in mine. (he was in a relationship wt a particular gal for 4yrs and she left him to marry anoda man,dat really broke him down and i on the other side had almost same problem. he told my sis to help him wt anoda psn b4 he die and she did by bringing us together) i try my best to make us work but i guess he is stil into her,sometimes he lifts my soul by telin me sweet things and sweet names other times he shouts on me for nothin,atimes i feel lonely n need doz names bt i’d be let down by his words or actions,when i lost my chatting phone i added him wit my bros phone just to chat him as am always d one calling or flashin b4 he cal but he scolded me n told me to delete him. he is too strict n principled. i wish to quit bt i so much love him doe we ar distant

  • Lioness says:

    I have been talking to a Pisces since June of 2015. He is absolutely amazing and fulfills me in every way. We both were not ready for a relationship in the beginning but you can’t dent our chemistry…the affection, flirtation, connection, and sex is more than I ever thought or wanted it to be. He is the first Pisces I have ever gave a chance to and now I don’t want to let go. I find myself wanting more and more. I love him for who he is…his ups and his downs. I am a very mature, understanding Leo. I’ve been through a lot in my short life. This helps me to be empathetic to his moods and indecisiveness. It hurts sometimes But he is so worth it. I don’t remember ever feeling like this. Its a grown kind of love that came slow and strong! Not Codependent n it’s healthy. We are just so happy together. However, he has his times where he’s here 24/7 calling or with me and then Hell go a day or 2 without calling. He still doesn’t want a relationship because he’s scared because of his past. His ex’s said they’d never hurt him n then hurt him in the ultimate way. What he doesn’t get is how loyal and faithful Leo woman are when they love you. I would never hurt him and because of his past experiences…he doesn’t believe me. I’ve wanted to give up b4 but I can’t let go. I continue to stay because even when I want to be done he is all I can think about. I’ve had a lot of loss and pain in my life to where I could probably drop anybody and be sad for a second and let it go…I’ve tried that with him…it works for a few days And then he makes it up and changes my mind. I can’t deny him. He makes me so happy it’s insane! But he won’t tell me to let go, to just give up! I tell him don’t waste my time and he won’t let me go and has even said that it’d have to be me walking away. He doesn’t like to express his feelings but he shows me through actions which means even more to me. I get so confused with him sometimes. Then I read this stuff and know he treats everyone with passion and affection and I feel like I die a little inside. Even though he says he’s only sleeping with me….I don’t know. I’m stuck and couldn’t let go if I tried….

  • Carolion says:

    I am a Leo woman in a relationship with a Pisces man since four years now. We live together and are planning on starting a family. I had one other long term relationship with a Pisces, and my mother is one too, so believe me, I know Pisces.
    First Pisces men are incredibly romantic and supporting for all Leo’s crazy over the top wishes. It’s great. They like taking care of others and that shows all the time. Know how to spot how your Pisces does it because it’s not always flowers and candy. I can also be something we Leo’s totally take for granted or give little importance to like changing a plant pot or clearing out clutter in the basement.
    Getting to know your Pisces is essential. As Pisces is a water sign and a ‘weak’ sign it can be easily influenced by the ascendant and the moon, Venus and Mars. As soon as you meet the mother, get her to give you the exact date, time and place of birth. She never forgets 😉 and look this information up in a birth chart.
    My Pisces man is ascendant in Libra which is great because he doesn’t have that dreamy, never-finish, can’t-get-a-job-vibe about him. My first Pisces partner did though, I couldn’t get over the fact he was such a ‘good for nothing’ in my head. When I got to that point as a Leo, it was over and I couldn’t go back. It did take me more than 5 years to call it quits, I am loyal till the end and over. Because my current Pisces man is such a go getter as a Libra, he is kind of my motivation. He gets me up my lazy ass and up to get things done.
    Piscies the day to be overly dramatic, which Leo’s really don’t stand for. PACIENCE! He just needs reassurance, they tend to go into an spiral of self doubt and dark realism-pessimism and being everyone’s victims. Bring him to reality, paint him the positive picture we Leo’s know how to see of the world. Counter attack this nightmares with possibilities, solutions and advantages, and the storm will be over soon.
    Be ware of his attentions. Pisces can withdraw suddenly but it doesn’t mean he’s gone. Sometimes he needs time to think alone. If he’s torn about your relationship the worst you can do is push him. If you love someone let them go and they’ll come back to you. This is true for Pisces.
    Also, when we decided to go live together lots of tensions started to come up. Maybe it’s just my man, but be clear about house chores and who does what when, and other living arrangements. But expect tensions anyway.

  • Carolion says:

    @Lioness, you could do two things.
    One, keep it up as it is. By the way you put it it’s already getting to a relationship. Keep it up and he will suddenly realise he is in a relationship with you and he didn’t die :p my Pisces was quite reluctant at first with taking steps, we Leo’s are more straight forward. I love you, you love me, let’s got do it all now! Pisces are more chill, take it easy and see where it goes. So be patient, it’s already happening. Be the most supportive, loving, loyal and caring Leo you can be and if he doesn’t fall for you? Then it’s he’s loss…
    Two, confront him. And pressure him to make a decision. Worst case scenario but such a Leo thing to do. If your needs are not met, or are not feeling ok with where things are going stand up for yourself and be a Leo. Otherwise, be patient and read above. Pisces are a slippery fish. Once their back against the wall the will sneak their way out of the situation and maybe you’ll loose him all together.

  • Dave says:

    OHHH!!! You live together, I see….dont mind me, please carry on, wouldn’t want to breakup your happy home, I am no home wrecker please!!!

  • Carolion says:

    Dave, did I offended you in any way?

  • My family members always say that I am killing my time here at web, except I know I am getting knowledge daily by reading such nice articles.|

  • Sean says:

    I’m a Pisces guy in love with a Leo women. It’s been 5 years we broke up n I have never moved on. N she has moved on like 5 or 6 times already which is sad. Due to financial issues I had to work at an early age n had to be separated from her. After around a year n half I came down n she sat in a car with some guy n left. In front of me.

    Recently we had a chat last year I almost got myself killed for her ,”Coz my soul was hurt listening from people what she’s become today n what is she doing with her life.

    And when I told her that I love her n I almost died for her All she said was ‘I wouldn’t appreciate what u did for me, it was ur mistake. N she showed her attitude m ego to me saying she’s moved on n has no feelings. So I bid goodbye n let go. Any suggestions or comments as to y all this??

  • ROSIE says:


    Never leave her, clear 🙂

  • Sean says:

    Thanks for the link.

    But I didn’t get u ? Never leave her clear?

  • CLAFLIN says:

    nothing, still after 10 yrs same unclear, shame on me 🙁

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  • Brendan says:


    … and unbelievable…

    I can’t believe that these Leo ladies are making so many excuses for these Pisces men.

    Now I wish my parents had done the deed 6 1/2 months earlier (or 5 1/2 months later) it seems these guys get unlimited sympathy and can get girls ANYWHERE and ANYTIME, they play the sympathy card just right.

    If you are a Leo and your guy was a libra and he cheated, forget about lawyering up, his life would be in danger!

    But if your Pisces guy cheats it’s like “oh it’s MMYYY FAULT. I didn’t undertsand him… I didn’t show enough affection… I didn’t give him enough space etc.”

  • Jocelyn says:

    Guys let me tell you this…there’s a pisces guy and the attraction is out of this world!!! We’ve never talked but we always look at each other…OMG i’m silent when he stares at me but there’s thunder inside me whenever he stares at me!!! It makes me sad and happy at the same time LOL…I think I need to chill

  • chillax says:

    Eat some prozac m8

  • Jocelyn says:

    So we still haven’t talked but I found out where he lives etc. i’m going to show up at his house

  • JaNet says:

    James sent this to his female best friend and she shared it with me so its only fair I share it with you guys to get an unbiased opinion; saying he wants to text this to the woman he is in love with, but the female best friend advised James that he needs to step up and tell that woman those things face to face and stop deliberating and masking behind close doors expecting her to be reading his mind all the time!

    “Thought of you today but thats nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. For every day good or bad you’ll always be in my head. I hope you’ve understood everything Ive said. This isn’t just a joke or a silly lie. Id never do anything to make you wanna cry. Im sorry if I do something to make you really mad. It only comes back and makes me really sad. I really do love you and everything you are. I hope this relationship gets really far. I’ll never get you out I simply don’t know how. In fact Im thinking of you right about now. You’re everything I need and everything to me. You know exactly who you are and what you want to be. You always make me smile just by being there. I hope you know how much I really do care. Every time I think of you my stomach seems to twist. This is why I love you, Ive made a huge list. The list goes on forever and never will it end. Neither will our relationship you’ll always be my friend.”

  • Viki says:

    I am a Pisces man. I know many Leo woman. They are very ambitious and moody. But as a Pisces always try to stay calm and polite. I had fallen love with a Leo girl 7 years ago. I tried to make her understand that I am ready to devote my life for her just i need her to love me. At first she showed that she likes me but when she noticed that my family’s financial condition was not good, she just started to ignore me and then left. From Then I know that Leo girls want love but wealth is more important to them. True love is valueless to them. My heart has broken. Though many other girls was interested in me, but i loved her. That was i my big mistake…
    Recently I met another Leo girl. She attracts me so much. I am starting to like her. This time our financial condition is same. We often talk. She is also showing interest. Because of past experience i don’t have strength for another heart break. That’s why i am not proposing her. I just don’t understand why we Pisces boys get attracted by Leo girls, if it is right then why these Leo girls can’t be a little more polite. Yes, we Pisces boys feel insecure, but only love give us a new life. Money isn’t everything for me. I just want a pure love.
    Any Leo girl please tell me, How can i devote my life to a Leo girl when they don’t listen to anyone and think only about career?

  • Leondra says:

    If you love her the way you say you do, then dont turn your back on what you shared, everything in life has its value and its price and anything you acquire without a fight has no value and becomes valueless and soon dissipates.

    For the question you are up against, follow your heart, thats where your treasure and truth is, if it says take the love and thow it all away, then let her go and so be it.

  • Jocelyn says:

    A Pisces man can complete a Leo woman…and how y’all do it without ever saying a word? I have no idea………I just can’t say enough about this strange combination 🙂

  • Should I says:

    Should I reveal exactly what I feel, should I confess my love for you??….its simply, I can’t fool myself; I dont want nobody else loving me or you!!

  • Leopat says:

    Do pisces ever commits or marry?

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