Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Leo-Pisces Couple: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

This is one of the most romantic and workable combinations in the zodiac.  Both Leo and Pisces love to fantasize and put their partners up on pedestals.  Both are able to stay on pedestals once put there, too, oddly enough.  This combination can create and sustain an enduring lifelong romance that never tarnishes.  They may not do so well with the practical aspects of career and marriage, but their connection to one another is likely to last forever.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Pisces Man:  You are the answer to every Leo woman’s secret prayer for romance.  You can put stars in her eyes easily by your gift for expressing the bon mots of love.  She will respond to your gentleness and the sense of adoration not realizing perhaps that you tend to treat all women who are the object of your affection that same way.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Leo Woman:  Believe it or not, the Pisces man is always a little bit insecure and worried.  He needs your radiant confidence to feel better.  You can attract him by being sunshiny and positive.  You will find that you do a lot of soothing and reassuring as the relationship progresses.

Degree of Romance:  It is hard to imagine a more romantic combination.  Leo loves to be fussed over and adored.  Pisces loves to worship and please.

Degree of Passion:  Passion is not particularly pronounced in this relationship.  Rather it is based on positive feelings of kindness, tenderness, and affection.  Neither sign trusts passion very much.  Leo likes to be ruled by the mind, not the heart, and Pisces is frightened of things that don’t last.

Degree of Friendship:  Leo can be a great pal for Pisces, as she helps him feel more confident and secure.  It is likely that Leo will wind up helping Pisces a lot with day to day troubles, such as getting the car registration renewed or getting to the bottom of that difficult plumbing problem.  Both feel at home in their roles, and this draws them closer together.

Degree of Marriage:  Provided they take off the rose colored glasses at some point, this can be a good marriage.  The Leo woman doesn’t mind being in charge.  The only problem would be if she has a particularly weak Pisces who, for example, can’t hold a job. These things should be ascertained before walking down the aisle.

Progression of Relationship:  Leo will more or less set the pace by demanding a traditional courtship.  Pisces is a willing slave of love and will do everything he can to fulfill her demands.  Provided no one else catches his eye, he is likely to be swept away by her ardent desire which suits both of them just fine.

Sex:  Leo women like to dominate.  Pisces men like to be the slave.  Both signs love to fantasize.  Put these together and you’ll find that role playing can be a very special bond between them.  They might even go so far as to buy costumes.  After all, Leo is an actress, and Pisces may be the perfect audience.

When It’s Over:  Pisces never ends anything, so it will be up to Leo and it will probably be as the result of wounded pride.  When the Pisces bubble bursts and harsh realities must be dealt with, it is a very sad thing.  No one wants to admit when the party is over, but Leo does have a pragmatic side.  As much as she enjoys acting, she can discern between theater and reality.

Our Rating:  7/10

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165 Responses to Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • Bmarie says:


    I agree with G_isFishy,

    I am a leo girl and have had both of my long term relationships with pisces men. If i dont know one thing, i know for sure that leo girls love attention and we wanna see u fawn over us, so plz let her know how much u admire her. she will be thrilled to hear it. jus dont be over dramatic LOL. but Leo’s are very demanding at times, and we have big egos and may crush the soft spirit of the pisces man b/c we sometimes seem to overlook the need to be gentle and patient (we are very aggresive by nature so jus work with us on that). being gentle and patient was the problem area in my relationships. it was like i expected my partner to be more aggresive and it jus didnt work b/c thats not his style. you will have to find a balance here, and once that is found, this match will be so heavenly u will float on cloud 9. the emotional bond bewteen a pisces and a leo is incredible and u will be deeply in love!!! jus make sure u both work on ur personal issues to create a balance b/c if you dont, she will feel unwanted and u will have an unhappy, raging leo, and if she isnt patient and gentle, u will float upstream and leave her hanging and if this happens, this will not be a happy ending for either party FYI.

  • sweetgirl says:

    Well GisFishey, ur so rite wen its comes to patience wich we Leo’s Dnt have. So one thing I learned was patience n patience. Its not easy dating a Pisces because u guys are confused n have insecure issues and I times I Dnt kno who I’m dealing with cuz u switch smh well no relationship is perfect n who said it would be easy hard work n patience mixed with love n care will male it all worthwhile

  • G_isFishy says:

    Bmarie, I can second some of those experiences. I do have alot of picses in me. I’m very analytical, artistic, and have a realistic, neutral, and grounded aproach to life. But I also have alot of Virgo in me, after my mom. If something bothers me, or I’m asked for input, I give it. A trait common among Leos is selfishness. When you demand, it has to be right away RIGHT NOW. Yet if a request from a leo is made well, you might be put on hold. This hypocracy does not bid well with me, and would result in arguments. Early in the relationship my laidback demeanor would cause arguments because she just didn’t understand, for example how I could go a whole day and not call her once. I eventually learned to play the details, and she learned to practice patience.
    On the flipside, my personality provides just the balance she needs. When she stresses over the anything, I’m always assuring her that everything has a solution. When we discuss conflicts, I always make her aware of both sides. When she leo rages she uses me as her relief. Which is fine by me. Things just don’t phase me, and I actually find some of the crazy stuff she might say funny. As for me I need a firey woman in my life to keep me on my toes. If not I get disinterested, and distant quickly. I tend to over analyze everything and need a push start to get going. I’m also a perfectionist (thanks to my virgo mom I guess) and can get caught up in the details. A leo is just the fix for that.

  • G_isFishy says:

    @ sweetgirl

    We can be difficult. Especially if you get stuck with one that does not like to express emotions, and bottles up. Prefering to let time heal wounds. This sucks because you are left guessing, and leos tend to over stress everything. So you might hang on to something, when he wishes to let go. So yes patience is key. But remember to let your desires and requirements known as well. You don’t want to get stuck in a lop sided relationship. We pisces can get distant and lose focus and intetest. If you feel the hard work, but not reaping rewards, you might have to let go.

  • Chloe says:

    Just back from my trip. Guess the Pisces guy has lost interest. Last month, i message him via mobile phone abt my feelings…but till now, i get no reply from him. I think that’s clear enough a signal for me. I’m no crybaby but now, my tears can fall freely. One moment, i’m feeling normal. The next, my tears will fall with the memory of him, his words, the teddy bear he gave me on Valentine’s Day, the lyrics of a song. Once my tears fall, i can’t stop it until after awhile. He…whom i had been unsure of…yet makes me drop so much tears with his sudden withdrawal. I keep telling myself everything happened for a reason. But I do not know how much longer before I will not cry for him. Till then, I can only wait patiently & have faith that love will happen again. I hope that with the lessons learnt from this experience, I’ll be able to hold on to the much awaited happiness when it happens. This is the result that he wants & i’m giving it to him. I hope both of us will not have any regrets & that he’s happier without me in his life…then my tears will be worthwhile…

  • Foxy D says:

    I am a leo woman and one thing i can say is that the piscean man i am dating has the ability to love you in a unique way. They can heal all your wounds. For example, a year ago i fell in love with an aquarius and things did not work out. I tryed dating others, it was just not working out. However ever since i have been with this piscean guy, my life changed completely.

  • G_is_Fishy says:

    Damn Chloe. Sounds terrible. That dudes sign doesn’t matter, he was just an ahole. Hopefully you will be able to move on quickly, and focus on more important things like yourself.

  • chana says:

    For “#2 “Natty”. Natty, you should just TALK to her about how you feel! You’ve said about everything you need to tell her right here. Go ahead and say it to her. Say it over the phone if you are not comfortable saying it in person, that way you can even have it written down. Good luck

  • Shai says:

    I am a leo woman and I am friends with a pisces. We have been involoved with one another for abt 5 mnths nw. At frst he wanted to become more than friends , then later he said just friends. We met as coworkers and I feel like he plays mind games. Evertime he does something I detatch myself frm him and he later comes back trying to make it rite. (That I do like abt him)… I feel that he cares but I don’t think he does to a certain degree. We don’t really communicate at wrk but everytime we bypass eachother he looks/stares at me?…or when we’re not talking he does the same thing Its like he sometimes walk past me on purpose to be noticed. I love the way he embraces me but I still feel he is detatched frm the things he do..we don’t text/call unless we are making up and I see him abt twice a mnth outside of wrk. Lately he has told me we need to slow dwn, he says I show too much affection & he’s never had a grl to show him like I do. He says he still likes me but idk if its overwhelming or what?….but he never suggests we stop talkin. I feel is if we get any slower I mite as well let him go completely, I never considered us consistant cuz we don’t spend enough time together as it is.so the slow dwn part was confusing…I don’t understand him.

  • Adrienne says:

    G_is_fishy- this is why we love picses ;) Really I have never met any sign that I find more appealing and near perfect as Picses man. They are attentive, romantic, brilliant people. The only downside is that they have never been known as particularly faithful partners :( monogamy in Picses is a tough one being that they seek reassurance however, we Leos are never short on deserved praise and believe me Picses earns it. I love you Picses men, please have patience with our demanding and egotistical ways, deep down we need you!

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @ Shai seems you need to become the aggressive one. Let him know how you feel and what you are looking for. If you stick around waiting for him you might be looking at an eternity loool! Sounds like he needs the “push start” I was talking about.

    @ Adrienne I see it like faithfullness goes beyond personality. Its down right science. It doesn’t matter what sign you are, as humans we are wired to reproduce, not be monogamous. This makes relationships complicated. You can’t really do anything to prevent it. Infact its how you handle it if it happens thats important, not what you do to try and prevent it. You just need to be aware of the limits and respect them. This is why I believe communication is the #1 most important detail of a relationship. If there is none, don’t expect it to last. As a pisces I can tell you I’m pretty damn faithful. However, I’m very out going, and develop bonds with ppl easily. Especially the opposite sex. Sometimes this can lead to trouble, but like I said, know your limits and respect them. If I feel I’m getting in too deep over my head, I do like a fish fresh outta water and flop on outta there lol.

  • Mena W (Leo Woman) says:

    I’m a Leo.. I used to date a Pisces guy before this. He was charming, funny but selfish at times.. He used to hurt me many times! I was like, “Oh my Gucci, this guy is HARD!” But for me, I always forgive him becos I have one principle in life: No one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Therefore, I forgive him all over again. I found out that Pisces man were very hard to understand compared to others.

  • Somebody says:

    I need some Leo advice. I work with a leo and she drives me crazy in a good way. We met a couple months back and it was instant mutual attraction. But I was in another relationship, and so was she. Recently we both became single, her break up was ruff tho. He cheated, and has a kid with another woman. Even though she tells me that she is done, I feel like inside she is shattered. The break ups helped us bond and I eventually confessed my feelings to her from way back. I liked her since day one. She seemed receptive, and we began talking and texting etc. but she makes me feel like a crutch. I feel completely out of control like she is using me for attention. One minute she opens up and tells me her feelings and emotions then she will disappear not answer my calls or texts for days. If I run inti hur at work she will act likr if anything is normal. What gives? Why cant she just go with the flow? Why the on and off feelings? I like this girl alot but she makes me feel confused.

  • Ms. Leo-Lover says:

    Help! Help! Somebody…. anybody! 8 months ago this Leo lady I replied to a message from a Pisces male on a dating website. I was a little leary at first because he was so mysterious. But he started out with romance and so of course he had me at HELLO….LOL After 3 months of texting and talking on the phone we finally met face to face. I new at that moment that he is the gift that God gave to me after years of abusive relationships. This whole time that we have been dealing with each other, I knew that he visits the dating website probably once a week. I still have my account but it’s deactivated which lets me look but my profile is hidden from searches. Things have been going slower than I wish and I was forewarned about how Pisces men kind of drift off then come back like nothing ever happened and once I got my head around it, I was fine. We don’t argue or fight. He says he likes me a lot and he is only dating me & I tell him I am only seeing him and he is the only one I ever wanna see.
    Here is where the problem started…..6 days ago on a Friday night, I was driving a co-worker home from work late (1am) and she lives in his neighborhood so on the way back to my house, I drive past his house (mistake #1). I find that strange as he is a single dad, works a lot in the early morning and for the past 8 months he is always home and in bed at 10pm unless he spends the night at my house. I then wonder what is going on so I text him asking him if he is up because I really just need someone to talk to-no answer. I logon to my dating site (mistake #2) and see that he has been active on the site a couple hours before. For some reason I was sad and had a feeling he was with someone else. He text me back while I was at work 8:30am the next day saying good morning. I asked him how his night went and he replied “Great!”.
    I became really hurt, crying and sobbing uncontrollably and decided not to cut off communication with him until I can decide how to address the problem with him without appearing 100% crazy. I was extremely hurt feeling rejected and IGNORED. So Sunday and Monday I didn’t call or text or go over his house or NOTHING! Tuesday morning I was ready to address the issue. I knew he was at work so I text him to call me ASAP so we can get together and talk. He text back right away stating that he has been worried about me because I didn’t call. I apologized for cutting off communication without warning but I want to let him know what was going on with me.
    He said he would let me know when he is ready to talk in a tone that let me know he was annoyed. I knew he needed some space so I didn’t pressure him to talk right then. The next day Wednesday, I sent a text asking if he was still mad at me. He asked me why I decided not to call him for a couple days and I told him how I felt rejected and ignored and how hurt I was by logging on the dating website seeing that he was on the dating site but couldn’t call or text or e-mail me. I told him that I am better now, and that I want things to be right between us and that I didn’t want to lose him. He has not said anything about it being over between us, just being really short with me giving one-word answers. I wish he would tell me how he feels so we can deal with it. I want us to continue to see each other & don’t know where to go from here….. Does he just need some more space and time or should I consider him gone forever? I will be crushed if it’s over. I fell really hard for him……
    Any advice/ tips are welcome……..

  • Ms. Leo-Lover says:


    It might be a little odd that you two work together or she may see that you are probably too nice of a guy and will probably end up hurting you. Invite her to a nice romantic dinner and during dinner ask her specifically how she feels about pursuing a committed relationship with you. Compliment her then express to her that the off and on chemistry confuses you and that you would like clarity on the situation…..That’s what I would want if I was her.

  • G_is_fishy says:

    Well I’m not a leo woman, but I am a pisces male, w/ a leo woman, and experience with several leos. Hopefully the lionesses here can respond, but I can give you pretty good insight. First you should elaborate more, you claim recently single? How long? How long have you been talking? Second how are YOU coping? I ask these things because they all play a role in her perception of you. I don’t know about you, but that break up sounds terrible! I would think it would take some time for ANY woman to get over that. Especially a leo. I would say practice patience, don’t force it, let time heal wounds. I don’t know if you are a fish, lucky guess maybe lol. Just be yourself with her and let her open up. It sounds like you guys have built a connection which is very important with this woman. I would tell you to let your intentions be known, but give her space, don’t drown her. Also, you used the word “shattered” inside. That is one thousand percent accurate. A leo woman is what I call a glass soldier in steel armor. She is strong and powerful, but inside she is soft and fragile too. She needs to feel good about herself, so pay attention to the details. Chances are she will do things like change her hair, buy new clothes, etc. Complement her on her efforts. She will eat it up. Get her feeling good about herself around you, and she will open up more. Thats when you will have her. But know these important details for when it comes time to act:

    1) she does a great job of hiding her true feelings and emotions. She will not do your job for you. She believes it is YOUR JOB TO WIN HER, not viceversa. She might be melting inside when she sees you, but you will be none the wiser. She will act like your just “another guy” trying to get with her. Don’t let that intimidate you.

    2) She will always have the control. Get used to it. Your job is to give her that control responsibly. Don’t try and control or order her around. She will rage and that is the equivilent to walking the sun barefoot looking for shade.

    3) She requires and expects alot of attention, especially if she likes you. DO NOT let her catch you treating someone else the same way in her presense. She is 1 of 1, and you must follow this rule with most of your interactions with her.

    4) She is FIXED and likes stability, commitment, and routine. So build one with her, and follow it as closely as possible. Rarely will she do the casual flings, or one night stands. When you meet a leo she is usually either recently single from a long term relationship, single for a long time, or in a committed relationship. I joke with my girl all the time and tell her that with her there is no such thing as dating. Only getting to know each other, then commitment lol. Be real to yourself, and your intentions and wants with her from the start, and build on that.

    Thats all I have, good luck and keep us in the loop :)

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @ Ms Leo… Please CHILL! I’m a pisces, and I will tell you that your message annoyed me! I mean that with the up most respect, and piscean sincerity. So imagine how your boo feels. Let him be. We do not like to be tied down. Your trust is essential. We MUST feel trusted by you in order for it to work. He might feel overwhelmed and needs “away” time. Just be ready for him when he returns. Get him to open up by being cheery, and be delicate, and caring with him. Once he opens up, dig for your answers…

    But remember, we KNOW ALL. It has to be real, or we will see through it.

  • Ms. Leo-Lover says:

    @ G_is_fishy

    Thank you for responding and thank you for saying that my post annoyed you-that’s the kind of feedback I need. I am trying really hard to chill out and give him time but it is really hard not to panic when you feel the person you think is “the one” is gonna leave because of a brief mental lapse. We Leo women can be a bit extreme SOMETIMES… Since you are a Pisces, is this something you think a Pisces could forgive a Leo for or is this a “she is 100% crazy” drama that will push him away for good? I will be my usual cheery, delicate and caring self forever……..I JUST WANT MY BOO BACK!!!

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @ Ms Leo honestly, us pisces are just soo different its hard to give you a straight answer. I’m an aggressive pisces yes an oxymoron at its finest. But one none the less. I am hands on and communicate anything regardless of the consequences. I also expect the same in return. To me it would hurt more to know you held back, than telling me an ugly truth. I can tell you if I was your boo I would feel extremely disrespected, and violated that you checked up on me. I would see it like you have past personal issues, and are comparing me to exs. I would communicate all of this to you ofcourse, then do the fishy thing and disappear for a while. OFCOURSE THIS IS ALL THEATRICS, in truth I will have the worry in the back of my mind that you don’t need me, and that perhaps space made you feel “different”. I would also secretly enjoy the fact that you did this because it proves that you actually care that much that you invested time and resources on my loyalty. So I would return, and appologize for my reaction deep down inside terrified that maybe I played with fire and got burned. When in truth I did the right thing and stood up for myself. Looooool. Afterwards, I would help you see things from my perspective, and explain how important trust is. Ofcourse this is me, some fish communicate, others don’t. Some hold it inside until they short circuit, and run away.

  • Somebody says:

    Thx 4 the replys @ ms leo we dont really see ea other at work. The only way I see her is if I go out of my way to see her at her station. Earlier I used to see her twice a wk as I worked at her station but no longer. Actually I spoke to her yest about this on and off shit, she said sorry that she was just going through some stressful days and needed to relax. I told her a short message would go along way she agreed. I dont feel like ive been too nice we just talk about our past experiences what we want and what we are looking for. We have alot in common. @ fishy you are pretty much dead on with some of the things u said. She definitely has carried her self diff since she became single and she has behaved diff with me since I came clean. Her treatment changed from open and friendly to more of like passive and reserved. Could she just be playing uninterested? Also we both been single for like 3 months. She was with her ex for 5 yrs and me for a yr and a half. The thing is im still used to my ex she was always quarterbacking everything and I was just tagging along. With this girl its like I have to do it all and I guess im rusty. Before it was easier because she would initiate with me but now she is more reserved Im slow to react. And yes I am pisces (3/14).Should I be more aggressive with her?

  • G_is_fishy says:

    Wow 5 yrs with a dude, he cheated, AND he had a kid with the woman, and she is only 3 months seperated? Yea I would say the poor woman is devastated. I would definitely give her some recovery time. I would think 3 months is too little time to move on to something else. She might deny that she is hurt, or talk like she is done, but inside she is hurting. Her pride is hurt, she needs time to heal. What I would do is just be up front with her. Tell her the truth and how you see the situation. Explain to her that you like her, but that you undetstand the timing is delicate. Then just maintain some form of communication with her, but respect her space and don’t force anything. If she is in the mood to talk, listen. If she seems detatched, and serious leave her alone. She will eventually come around, when she is ready. What I don’t understand is you say you dated her for a year? Or did you mean your ex? Anyway, yea this is a situation imo where the passive approach is best. Maybe the other leos here can chime in and give better insight.

  • LEO LOVELY says:

    okay so usually i do not write on websites AT ALL but i feel compelled to share my story and ask for advice because i really need some. so i have been talking to a pisces guy for the last three months and he became really attached to me. I’m usualy not the type to fall head over heals with a guy and he’s been telling me he loves me and wants to marry me and i just thought it was all his little way of “gaming” me up so to speak. so i didn’t really pay it any mind. (ALSO I’M A LEO WOMAN To tHE FULLEST SO MARRIAGE PROPOSOALS ARE COMMON!!>>>:) anyway he got sent to jail…..ugh…..at the end of last month the 21st of dec to be exact…..and i have been answering his phone calls and i even went to see him….i tried to call myself being the “there for him type” seeing as to how i have never talked to a guy in jail and it’s only suppose to be for a short time…..so anyway problem 1 came when i questioned the whole reason he got locked up so that started a big arguement (WHICH IS PRETTY COMMON FOR US) this argument happend on a thursday…….well on friday i got angry at him when he was still mad and told me he doesn’t need me and i don’t have to be there for him so saturday when he called me about four times all day i did not answer the phone i was at the mall and then i went and had some drinks over my friends house…..well sunday i went to see him and he was very angry at me and asked me where i was i told him because i had nothing to hide and he was so angry that he called me and told me “he was done…” so for a week now i have not heard from him he has done this before but it has never gone on this long……he was suppose to be out of jail this past friday and i called his phone but it is still going to voicemail……he could be out and just doesn’t want to talk to me or he could still be locked up and just not wanting to talk to me…….i miss him sooooo much this whole week i have beenn so sick….everyone has been telling me that i need to let him go but i swear i can’t is there a chance he will call? is he really done with me? ps he’s not in jail for murder or anything bad……he got into a fight at a bar and yeah…..so please tell me something cause i miss him with all my heart and i know he is the one!!! and i’m too damn stubborn to let him go! because i always let guys go being the QUEEN that i am like i let guys go so much that i’m afraid i’m going to end up alone……

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @leo lovely Loooooooool hes the one, but uhh Im not gonna go out of my way for him. Gotta love that irony. Anyway, I can directly relate to this man, being I myself was arrested for over a yr. It costed me everything, even my girl at the time who was a leo lady I adored. Even though I found stability, and another great dedicated woman, I have nvr been able to match what I had with her. Sometimes I miss, and think what it would be like to maybe get back, but I restrain myself, because what I have is good, and its human nature to remember the good and forget the bad. Anyway, (this is the part I relate to you) I was locked up and she left me. I was devasted, and broken. I also had a chip on my shoulder, and pride to repair. So when I came out I busted my ass to get back to where I was. Eventually, she popped back in my life. It was tempting, and I was available, but I DIDN’T. I bottled up my feelings and turned my back like she did to me. I just had too much self respect and pride to give in. Besides, why would I want to be with someone, who is only going to be around during the good? I know this was devasting for her and we never have spoken again. I always hear from leos “actions speak louder than words” but uh practice what you preach. If this man really is “the one” then a little sacrifice, and dedication goes a long way. Even if that means swallowing some pride, and riding out through an uncomfortable situation. We may be passive, and laid back, but if you try hard enough we WILL leave. Nothing is guaranteed in life remember that.

  • LEO LOVELY says:

    @ G_fishy no that’s the thing I DID go out of my way for him…….I went wayyy out of my way…..and i didn’t leave him…..he left me…….G_FISHY!!! I MISS HIM!!! I just want him to call me and he won’t!! and i’m just not understanding why he is acting this way….so the question i ask you is this……..if your leo lady would have been there for you while u were in jail and for some really stupid reason u guys broke up while u were in there would u have still wanted to be with her when u got out? I’m noticing that pisces men don’t believe in petty arguments…..and every argument no matter how small plays a vital role with them…..where as leo’s are so playful we don’t take things as seriously…..(because what me and him fought over was really small)……..

  • Ms. Leo-Lover says:

    Well, I just wanted to update people who are wondering what happened with this Leo and her Pisces boo. Just like G_is_fishy said…..HE CAME BACK!. I am just glad he is not totally through with me. However we still haven’t addressed any issues. He called me yesterday (after I had 4 days of agony and tears) and was talking to me like it was a normal day, LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED ????….. I am just glad he is giving “us” a chance, I sure learned my lesson and I will be good forever…..

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @ Leo lovely, you are still missing the point. Being there for him is not starting petty arguments in jail. Its supporting him, and reassuring him that he is the one, and you will do and wait whatever for him. Do you know how much negativity surrounds that place? How hard it is to be stripped of your freedom? The last thing he needs is impatience on your part. You failed to put yourself in his situation.

    @ms leo, yea I figured he would return, but things are far from fixed. Do you want to be with a man who will run away and return like nothing ever happened at any given notice? The cool thing about us is that we are very adaptable. You can mold us into the man you want with care and patience. It sounds like your boo is the reserved type, but with a little mind games you can get him to open up and find your answers.

    make him feel guilty. You do this by acting sad around him, down around him. He will want to be mr fix it and will probe you. This is where you strike and tell him how he made you feel. Dramatizing will help the cause. Tell him that you are embarassed about the whole situation, and his behavior was to blame. Never in an upset tone, only in a sad hurt one. He will eat that up and want to fix things asap. Tell him how to fix the situation and how you want things to go. But that doesn’t end there, the next time he acts slippery (he will), you remind him in a sad, hurt tone what he just did. He might detach for a bit, but will come right back in a few to make things right.

    Finally, REWARD HIS EFFORT. How ever that may be. A little appreciation and affection goes a long way. If he feels what he is making you feel by doing things to your liking, he will always try to top himself, and you will be a spoiled, pampered queen.

  • LEO LOVELY says:

    @ G_fishy OMG!! u are so right!! i soooooooo did that!! i did not put myself in his place!!!! wow…….did i loose him forever? is he gone forever? how do i get things back on the right track……i never meant to loose him and i really do love this man, but he won’t even call me to talk about it…..what should i do?

  • @Leo Lovely says:

    Leo Lovely…for God’s sake CALL HIM!!!
    Why would you think that only he needs to initiate everything?
    Again and again many Pisces men have said: WE ARE PASSIVE most of the time!
    I just hope you take action soon,else your man may seek solace somewhere else…Presently he IS devastated,but that doesn’t necessarily means you wont care to act.Be responsible for the life you want.Be responsible to the man that you so desire.

    My Leo girl too distanced herself for a petty suspicion(thanks to her close jealous friends)…and had it been a day late,we would have been separate.But she caught the thread at the right time,and came herself. She did somethings to prove she was worthy of me.She cooked for me,and did the cleaning herself while I was away.My sister was at home,and she pleaded and explained the situation to my sister.My sister gave her all the responsibility and went away,I didnt know all about this until I returned in the evening.
    When I came home,she had done most of the things ,and she was soooo tired,I could see it in her eyes ….
    I dunno what happened then,my heart melted or what…she came trotting like a child towards me,and sobbing ..and I grabbed her in my arms!!!!!! It was one of the loveliest moments of my life!! All her love was for me at that moment!! I wont trade her love and devotion for anything in the universe!!

    We are married now :D :D and have a very pretty daughter much like her :D :D
    So Leo ladies….my humble request and advice to you: Drop the queen persona..be a real girl….

    My girl is calling me now! I gotta go! We are going to Germany to visit her parents, and its not totally true that we Pisces dont want to settle.All we do is wait for that perfect magical moment in our life!!!!!! heehee I am so happy remembering that day!

  • G_is_fishy says:

    WOW! That post above reeks of pisces. Looooooool. Its emotional, sensitive, and over the top. But you know he is right. Leo lovely TAKE ACTION WOMAN! Things don’t just fall from the sky, its about being hands on, going out and taking on the challenge. Isn’t that what leos are about? Reach out to that man, and fix what you broke. He probably wont answer your calls, but don’t give up. Keep at it until he gives in.

  • Somebody says:

    Damn fishy I need ur insight I for the life of me cannot get this woman. help me here buddy cuz I really like this girl and dont want to lose out. Sunday she texted me told me she had been thinking of me and that she wanted to reach out to me. I was out with my mom who was visiting abd told her I would call when I got home. She responded positively becuz she is a familiy girl, and that is important to her but she kept texting me so I picked up that she was going through a tuff one and wanted communication. So we texted throughout dinner. She opened up and told me alot of things namely that I had made a big impression on her and that she is looking for someone who wil take her serious and make her happy. I got home late and did not call her namely becuz I felt I had acomplished enough through the texts. Next morning she calls me on her way to work we spoke laughed and hung up when she arrived to her station. Then ive been put on ignore again! She disappears. Ignores my texts and phone calls I just dont understand how she can be open and outgoing one minute and then go into hiding the next???

  • G_is_fishy says:

    OMG…. Somebody, no offense my friend, but, can you, MAN THE F UP?!? Dude your post reeks of ahhhh! I’m desperate! Reeeelax! Take things SLOOOOW… Do you know how difficult a rough break up is? It is the worst emotional moments of your life. One day you feel great, another down, another bitter, another hopeless. Its an annoying cycle. You need to wipe the emotions off your sleeve, and do like Will Smith told Martin in Bad Boys 2: “take all that and put it inside a box with his mom’s you know what, and put it away for now”. Give the poor girl time to heal. I think its great she reached out to you, if anything it shows you her intentions WHEN SHE IS READY. Don’t force or rush anything, just give it time and let things grow naturally. You also have failed to put yourself in her predicament. You need to understand that all relationships at all points and phases require effort, and dedication. You also need to realize it was your descision to persue a woman who is heart broken, and freshly heart broken at that. So understand your requirements: patience, understanding, and openmindedness. Just continue to build a connection with her. As she heals and begins to find closure, she will come around. Be PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING, AND CONTROL YOURSELF EMOTIONAL FOOL. :)

  • andy leo says:

    I met this guy we are coworkers we have hung out for about 2months at first he would come to me then we started hanging out side of work i am a leo women and i do over think things but we did the actual lol but there are time he is all about me then there are days he acta like im nobody he confuse me yesterday he told me he might get back with his existe but then he trys to kiss me goodbye? ?i feel he cant decide between the 2 (he said the only reason would be 4 there daughter ..)wat do i do

  • Somebody says:

    Well thanks I guess g_is_fishy. You are not short for words. I guess maybe I see things differnt and maybe thats my problem. I still dont really see how I am being to emotional or fast paced with things. She is the one that opens up calls me and then just disappears and acts strange. I just hate these sudden mood swings and find myself confused at times. But I thank you for your insight and thank you for being up front with me.

  • Leo Lovely says:

    SO an update with me and my guy is I went up to see him today to only have the pleasantly plump guard tell me that he was not in the system. REALLY? upset and crying and heated I go over to his house and guess who opens the door? my guy. never mind the rain and the cold and to make matters worse he sees me and says….”Yeah” at this point i am damn near in tears in front of him. so with my saddest face ever i say to him why haven’t you called me and he responds i’m going to church i will call you when i get out…..now i am not sure if i am hearing him correctly because apparantly he does not see me standing here in my cutest outfit with my impeccable makeup about to run down my face and my hair to a T so behind teary eyes i say to him how long have u been out? and he tells me since monday (TODAY IS SUNDAY) so for a whole week i have not seen nor heard from you? (I’m thinking this) then he goes on to tell me he will call me when he gets out of church….so i ask him “can i talk to you for a minute?” and he goes on to say “i will call u when i get out of church…” never let me inside his house and i can hear children and what may sound like a woman (or not u tend to make things up in your head when the guy you love when your looking your best with tears in your eyes won’t comfort you.) then shuts the door in my face…..so i go to work and what does he do? he calls me about ten times….(i could not answer it) I call him back and he tells me that i’m basically too head strong of a woman and he needs someone who’s submissive I tell him i can be that he says he is fine….then i go on to say that i love him and i miss him and i can change and that these last two weeks have been the worst and yeah it was kinda like something out of a gone with the wind scene when scarlett tells rhett that she loves him and he pushes her away…..because all he responded with was oh i’m fine and i will call you occasionally to see how you are doing and then he tells me he’s going to call me tomorrow morning? huh? so confused…… why call me in the morning if you are done?…….so then he says something about how i go out to much (because of the BBQ REMEMBER? that one day when i didn’t answer now i’m going out too much?) that i never cooked for him oh and something about i used him? really? i used u? and u have been locked up longer than we have been together? i sadly respond with i will change and i can…(then i put down the phone because i’m at work and my higher ups come in looking at me with the u need to get the F@#K off the phone look) so the moral of the story is this whole compassionate, loving, submissive SH@#$ I am hearing about pisces men is simply not true. because my guy is not backing down is coming off as extremely controlling and can obviously give two squirrels balls how I am feeling about the whole situation…….ps….i waited for damn near a month and a half and we can’t even have sex? p.s.s…..to top it all off he says it’s not me it’s him and some things he needs to deal with? so why make me fall in love with you then if u knew u had personal issues….i mean the convo just didn’t go the way i planned it out in my head at all while laying in the bed the night before all excited cause i was about to get my guy back smiling and what not as if a rainbow was gonna come out in the sky while flowers fell and small cupids danced around playing at last!!

  • G_is_fishy says:

    @ Somebody, hey sorry buddy I didn’t mean to break your spirit. Infact, my post was comical in bases. Look, all I’m trying to say is don’t over commit. It is very easy to get ahead of yourself when you really like somebody. Your view points can get clouded and, your intentions as well. I would say for the time being persue a friendship with this girl, and slowly develop it into something else.

    @leo lovely

    Look this dude is ONE dude. Don’t generalize or make him the definition of all men. You are making one huge mistake in that “you will change upon request”. NO YOU WILL NOT. You are who you are, and you need to find someone who will appreciate you, and love you for who you are. Never put your requirements, and standards on the back burner for somebody else. They should be priority, just like you should be. If this man cannot accept you for who you are, then it will not work, and you must simply move on. You sound like a lovely girl, keep your head up, analyze what you want, and what you need. Don’t diverge from that, and you will eventually find the happiness you seek.

  • Somebody says:

    Well just an update incase ppl still read here. It has been coming along with my leo love interest. It comes and goes, but my approach is passive like g is.fishy said. I feel this has made her more responsive, but its me that has lost some of the interest. I had not called communicated with her for half a week and then she called me to say good morning. Honestly I was kind of dry because I expected that from her to seek me out. It was a short convo becuz I was working and had to hang up. Afterwards I felt bad and visited her at her counter and she was receptive. Anyway Im just we it happens it happens.

  • Young Pisces Male says:

    This is what i have to say for the guys that are Pisces… Not all Leo are self indulgent…. Some may love themselves way to much and some can be insecure.. But if you show them what Pisces men are truly about showing unbelievable love they have one fact on this site that is write… They WILL LOVE YOU.. THEY WONT BE ABLE TO RESIST THE COMPASSION.

  • Kaye says:

    Im a Leo woman Totally In love with a Pisces man we’ve been talking for about a yr and a half online and on on the phone i love him like no other guy ive ever been with he is sooo special to me i dont think Ive care about him. i just felt this instant connection. ilovehim~~~ he so hypnotizing aND the stars are a lined the planets are orbiting the universe has shifted. im counting down the days til i see him>…..

  • Britt says:

    I’m a Leo Woman and I’m not self loving at all. I hate being the center of attention and I’m not at all materialistic. I would rather care for others and build others up other than myself.

  • Sheila says:

    :D :D

  • Liz says:

    I’m friends w a Pices and considering to date/marry him. I’m a Leo woman. I have always found him to be a mama’s boy. Unable to make decisions on his own. Passive. Low self esteem and talks negatively of himself. He more than anything wants to marry, have kids, and a family. And I want that too. My current boyfriend is aggressive and unrelenting so I’m thinking of switching to the Pices guy. He’s not very motivated in career either. But he has a job, car, condo, very stable. He’s been annoying to me before even when I said stop and sometimes wants me to rub his back like his mother. As a Leo I guess I like a more manly man and aggressiveness but I think Pisces has a lot of love to give, romantic and stable. His lack of assertiveness and motivation doesn’t turn me on and he can be cheap because he doesn’t have money. I’m sick of bad guys or the wrong guy and I think Pices will give me all his love if I give him a chance. I will def need to learn patience and kindness and not get so annoyed. What do you think?

  • @Liz` From Queen Lioness says:

    As a Leo girl myself, I can pretty well understand a leo woman’s addiction to royality and money.However,it isnt difficult to earn and gain money if one can follow the evil and disastrous ways.Further you might like to consider the fact that most Pisces man are not at all concerned with money..in fact they spend it like water and give it away at a drop of a hat(Since they cant manage it).That’s why they usually are not very rich.However they are satisfied with whatever remains with them at the end of day.If you want to live a life with him, you may persuade him later on to go look for ways to earn more money…but if he ever senses he is being misused,trouble might ensue and he will become the flighty pisces all women of the zodiac so dread…
    This applies to all women of the zodiac as well..women and girls should understand that this sign pisces is not about worldly matters of finances..its about providing you with love,care,devotion,and a highly enriched and satisfying emotional relationship.In this modern era,most women can arrange their own finances, so money should never be a problem if you plan to get love from a pisces.Its like you put aside all the irrelevant stuffs that women(Gold Diggers) expect from men for the more important things that you so much want.

    I have seen this in numerous cases..women when young go for all sorts of men,the gangstas,the theives,the corrupt,those who exchange money for sex(and many women willingly partake this exchange),and when they get old,then something happens and they are like “OMG! WTF! I have grown old, now I need someone considerate, sensitive,caring husband”, when all their lives they have only played men and now expect all the richness of a stable life.And they see a Pisces man or a Scorpio as a knight in shining armor,like a Pisces man or a Sccorp has noone else to marry, or is desperate for “spent-up” women.
    However,a Pisces and Scorp men have more chances than us women,its just that they usually dont spend their sexual prowess,its like they are saving that “inner rich life” for “THEONE WOMAN”..and that’s why even God favors them…

    Really girls, how many times have YOU realized a miracle??
    I have been with a Pisces man for the past 5 years…and believe me,he has performed soo many miracles,you wont believe it such miracles do happen.
    He was in Pantnagar yesterday,and just told me that its gonna rain and be stormy in Roorkee(270 km away),when in fact it was all bright sunny here.He even said that I should get my stuff inside and be at home by 9:15 PM.
    The storm started at exactly 9 :20
    That’s undeniable a real true experience of miracles happening….
    and its just a recent one.I have loads more to share ,but he prefers discretion.A pisces man is compatible with ever woman,but every woman is not compatible to a Pisces man.He is best for any woman,but every girl/woman is not best for him.That’s why its so difficult to catch a Fish.But once caught…well…everything is heaven! He is the most attentive and caring partner one can imagine,and Sex life is something I thought was possible only in fairy tales…
    My hard work in catching him really paid off x)

    leo girls,most of us are really royal,and kingly.Why not you all search for a Pisces or Scorp men,since they are actually the best of the zodiac.I deserved the best, I put some hard work,and now I have a partner I wont trade for anything.I earn more than him,I provide him with everything he needs,yet I feel like I am treated like a queen.I have learnt cooking just for him xD :D :D God Bless Us and God Bless All…
    What can I want more than this heavenly existence??

  • Ms. Leo says:

    As a Leo girl myself, I can pretty well understand a Leo woman’s addiction to royalty…I am in love with this Pisces Man…he is an adorable person…very Difficult to understand them…being a Leo I have lot of patience…sometimes I feel is that really me…(well that’s me) U need to have lot of patience. The worst part about Pisces man THEY DON’T COMMUNICATED which I hate.

  • Undefined Leo says:

    I have read many blogs and visited many websites, and I must say my Leo and Pisces matchup is very compatablie. We first met in h.s and ended up being each others first love, first sexual partners, basically first everything. We had an awful breakup my senior year. I went away for college and had experienced my fair share of relationships. Me and my Pisces man would keep in touch from time to time nothing serious until my senior year of college. I was chatting with girlfriends making a pro and cons list of an ideal partner when it HIT ME the only man I ever loved was this Pisces from my past. I was very cautious about revisiting my past but after advice from my close friend who knew my LOVE for him was apparent advised me to contact him even though he could have rejected or better yet thought I was out of. My mind for contacting him after all these years. I followed my heart and to my ASTONISHMENT he felt the same way about me as I did him after all these years. He was always the type of person tha t bottled up their emotions but all of that changed we we reunited he expressed to me that he dreamed of this day an he never stopped loving me and wants to love me again. We had problems in our earlier relationship because of his problems expressing his feelings but now I can’t get him to stop. He use to be such a home body he still is but now he’s open to alot more especially making me happy.

    There is one problem he has changed so drastically to me that I often find my self wondering is his feelings sincere. Our love seems like a fairy tale and I stopped believing in a happy ending along long time ago. Plus I have had some bad relations in the past which fractured my trust abundantly.

    I wanted a love like this for so long now I’m not sure if it’s real or will last….I need some advice

  • @leo girl just above says:

    Well,I would rather live in the present rather than the past or future.
    From my experience,pisces is a giver.But if u keep wondering about reality rather than enjoying the gifts,they will b disheartened,and eventually will leave u for someone who values what the pisces provides.
    Pisces might nt b the richest,bt even if a girl is to sustain and maintain a pisces man,its worth always the effort.I met my man in a bar,drinking in nt so gud clothes.
    And a week later,when I had him all cleaned up,washed and cared for,he was a wonderful sight to behold! His eyes!OMG! Just pretty the best to gaze into! And the sex is nt just physical,its beyond that.All in all,I deserved such a HQ man!

  • Nobodyyy says:

    I never believed these things before…zodiac compatibility but as i read them thy all make sense to me…its all soo trueee :( now i will b blessed if sum1 helps me out with this….plss cz im a Piscian guy and Leo’s are impossible to understand…i think thts true for every women but i donno…i always try to understand them but thy nva understnds us i think….me and my GF recently broke up cz of a stupid fighting we wer havin…as its said we Piscian nva give up soo i jus dont want it to b the end of uss…our misunderstanding level is extreme…we dont understand each other at all…but as said above our love is pureee…its different…wen we hav good times thy r heavenly but bad times i donno wat happens…if i get angry thy (Leos) jus put fire on it rather thn fixing it…so it jus get worse….

    now the reason i m askin help is cz i m gonna meet her after 3 days for the last time (i hope not) but ths how its arranged so tht we can say good bye face to face…i jus don wanna lose her :’( i’ve nva been loved the way she loves me…evn she told me she will nva leave me andim the perfect man for her…but Whats wronggg now???
    Please help me asap…plssssss…i jus donno wat to say wen i meet her :(

  • LadyLeo says:

    I’m Talking To A Male Pisces And We Have Been Talking For About 3 Years Now I Really Like Him But I Feel Like Our Relationship Will Only Move Forward If I Make All The Moves And Basically Forces Him To Tell Me How He Feels , And It’s Not Like He Doesn’t Wanna Be There Cause He Comes Over When He Can To See Me Spends The Night And Everything , I Kinda Feel Like I’m Wasting My Time Talking To Him We Haven’t Had Sex So I Know That’s Not The Only Reason He’s Still With Me But Why Doesn’t He Tell Me How He Feel With out Me Making Him ?

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  • cutegirlme says:

    as a leo girl, i totally agree to this partnership.. i’ve known this pisces man for 4 years and our chemistry blends together. IM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND AND HE’S NOT EVEN MY BOYFRIEND BUT WE DO SOME STUFF (you know). WE ARE TOTALLY BURNING FIRES EVERYTIME. AND AS TIME PASSED BY I KNOW HE LOVES ME MORE THAT HIS TRUE GIRLFRIEND. HE MAKES ME HAPPY FOR HE KNOWS HOW TO TREAT ME… I LOVE THIS GUY

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