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  1. admin

    @Leopat: Of course, there are married Pisces men out there! But best beware the mesmerizing, charming, and ever elusive Pisces man. It’s damn hard to hold onto a fish. They’re quite slippery.

  2. Jocelyn

    A Pisces man can complete a Leo woman…and how y’all do it without ever saying a word? I have no idea………I just can’t say enough about this strange combination 🙂

  3. Viki

    I am a Pisces man. I know many Leo woman. They are very ambitious and moody. But as a Pisces always try to stay calm and polite. I had fallen love with a Leo girl 7 years ago. I tried to make her understand that I am ready to devote my life for her just i need her to love me. At first she showed that she likes me but when she noticed that my family’s financial condition was not good, she just started to ignore me and then left. From Then I know that Leo girls want love but wealth is more important to them. True love is valueless to them. My heart has broken. Though many other girls was interested in me, but i loved her. That was i my big mistake…
    Recently I met another Leo girl. She attracts me so much. I am starting to like her. This time our financial condition is same. We often talk. She is also showing interest. Because of past experience i don’t have strength for another heart break. That’s why i am not proposing her. I just don’t understand why we Pisces boys get attracted by Leo girls, if it is right then why these Leo girls can’t be a little more polite. Yes, we Pisces boys feel insecure, but only love give us a new life. Money isn’t everything for me. I just want a pure love.
    Any Leo girl please tell me, How can i devote my life to a Leo girl when they don’t listen to anyone and think only about career?

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