Libra Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Pisces Couples: Gwyneth Palthrow and Chris Martin

Peace and harmony.  That’s what this couple is all about.  An ideal aesthetic at work between them brings these two signs together at a very deep level.  They want everything to be beautiful; these two tender souls can pull it off.  They bring out the ethereal in each other.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Pisces Man:  To win this intellectual lady you must court a little more systematically than your nature.  She is a romantic but also a logical thinker who will analyze your every move.  To her everything is calculated.  If you see her for three Saturdays in a row and then miss the next one without explanation, she’ll want to know why.  If you date her once a week for a month, then twice a week for a month then three times a week for a month, she’ll need an interpretation for that, too.  I know you don’t think this way, try to see that she does.  Are you familiar with “The Rules” for dating (  They were concocted by a Libra woman, so please acquaint yourself with and then follow them.  All your dreamy, lovely little nothings will come to just that, nothing, if you fail to follow communicate with the Libra in her language.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Libra Woman:  To get the attention of the fish, you can rely on the soothing elements and charm that are such an integral part of your personality.  Things will go a little slower than you like, but patience is a strategy all its own.  You won’t have any trouble figuring this guy out, but draw him into your net may challenge you.  If he swims away, get a bigger net and try again.  What you have to offer is pretty irresistible.  Special tip:  Bait the hook by wearing silver earrings, big hoops, or dangles.  Fish love them.

Degree of Romance:   There are infinite possibilities with this combination.  We see you enjoying a gourmet picnic together in a pastoral setting or reading poetry to one another under the spreading chestnut tree.  You two can recapture the timeless natural elegance of social interaction that you both crave.  Even if you meet online, you’ll quickly move on to the time tested winners:  holding hands watching the sunset, wine and cheese on the balcony, a latte delivered to your hotel room in the morning.

Degree of Passion:    Passion can be a little orchestrated, but it is an important part of the romantic repertoire.  No problem for Pisces, the partner pleasing shape shifter, but a stretch for the calm, cool and collected Libran.  She secretly desires to be led astray and give in to impulses for once in her life because this lady never really does anything impulsive.  If she seems to, it’s calculated and mentally rehearsed.   Throw her down on the bed a few times or do it Matt Damon-style, on the floor, on a towel by the door, or up against the mini bar a few times.  Take her where she wants to go.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can remain superficial enough to stay best of friends.  Both respond positively to politeness and gentle good manners.  They are good listeners and believe in taking turns.  Most arguments will be headed off at the pass by pretending there’s nothing wrong or will be solved by hearing both sides and deciding to compromise, something at which both are very good.

Degree of Marriage:  This combination is excellent for marriage, particular a second marriage or one which will not involve the messy realities of children!

Progression of Relationship:  Pisces, please try hard to show up on time, plan an organized evening, introduce her systematically to your friends and eventually your family.  There are no such hierarchies in your world – you want to sacrifice your whole life for her – but please don’t act accordingly.  The disorder of your mental and emotional world would send a distress signal to the lady who hates to clean up spills and messes.

Sex:  She will be harder for you to read than most, Pisces.  Remember that underneath her Grace Kelly facade lies Scarlet Johansson waiting to be taken out of bounds on the gulfstream of your passions.  Act it out and she will fall right along with it.

When It’s Over:  Like its essence, it will end in a stylized and beautiful way, likely promising to “love forever” even though it “just didn’t work out”.

Our Rating: 10/10

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109 Responses to Libra Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • BakersDozen says:

    I just cant get over this, I am literally at a lost for words, I dagon am… Seriously though… every time it feels like there is progress and like we’ve made 2 steps forward, there you come along and go 12 trods back…of my Jesus Christ!!

  • Bridge Poker says:

    I just still sit here and cannot for the life of me, wrap my head around any of this behavior, any at all, none whatsoever, absolutely none at all.

  • HighStakesPoker says:

    That breaking point where you have toeeetally lost all remaining ounce of respect and reverence for someone and refuses to fuel outrage, hostility or hatred in the heart, but you just want nothing….just nothing futher to do with them…yaah its that point! Oh My God in Heaven !

  • Brendan says:


    You have posted on several different websites saying about how these two signs should stick together and is the most romantic combination.

    I am here to tell you that you are looking at it all wrong.

    It’s a nice idea to think “Let’s put the two most romantic star signs together and it’ll be even MORE romantic.” > But it doesn’t work that way.

    Instead, you should consider how two different star signs (well, sun signs) react to eachother, and what they ‘bring out’ in eachother. For example, you could use the same argument and say that putting the two least romantic signs, say Capricorn and Aquarius, together, and they wouldn’t have any love… but from what I’ve read they actually bring out the ‘romance’ and ‘passion’ in eachother, a lot of the time anyway.

    A lot of what astrologer say is not a hard fast rule. They used to talk about ‘opposite sign of the zodiac’ being the perfect match’ and signs at ‘right angles’ being a difficult match. Now they talk about the ‘element’ of the sign, for example Pisces being a water sign is more compatible with other ‘water’ signs. – I personally think this is an oversimplified view of a whole picture.

    I like to look at little ‘patterns’ that form when you analyse different sign compatibilities. I don’t believe any sign will be ‘excellent’ with ALL THREE water signs and terrible with ALL THREE fire signs. I think that if you highly compatible with a sign from one element, for example Pisces is HIGHLY compatible with the water sing Scorpio, then they won’t be highly compatible with at least one of the other water signs.

    If you look at the personal lives of FAMOUS PISCES MEN, (God Bless Wikipedia) you will notice that they don’t marry star sign Cancer very often, and about half the time it ends in divorce. They have a fair/medium compatibility with Pisces women. Based on the amount of marriages and divorces, giving each a rating out of ten, I would rate:
    Scorpio 9
    Pisces 6.5
    Crab 5
    which adds up to about 20

    Also, notice how each sign represents something the previous sign was lacking, (and perhaps vice versa) so if you are highly compatible with a sign you may not be that compatible with one of the signs either side. Since you have high compatibility with Scorpio women then there is something that Libra women lack that makes you incompatible.

    More interestingly, notice how some signs are both ruled by the same planet. Libra is ruled by Venus, and so is Taurus. My guess is that each star sign will be compatible with one and not the other. Pisces men tend to be quite compatible with Taurus women. So they ‘don’t need’ to be compatible with Libra women.

    In a Taurus woman, A Pisces will find a lady who has much better tact with which to treat him, a greater sense of intuition about his feelings, and has that romantic streak, like the Libra.

    Also, although water and air is not a good element mix, Pisces men tend to have a medium – high compatibility with Aquarius, especially February Pisces, and a fair – medium compatibility with Gemini, so it would follow they would have a low compatibility with Libra.

    I was able to identify 17 marriages or long term relationships (including the unconscious coupling 😉 ) between famous Pisces men and Libra Women – 10 of which ended in divorce, one suicide (second wife of Dr. Seuss). That leaves 6 couples. This compares with famous Pisces men married to Sagittarius woman (also considered a poor match), with 18 marraiges and 8 divorces – a considerable improvement.

    Of the 6 couples that made it, five of them were September born, four on the cusp of Virgo, perhaps.

    They include the parents of Christie Brinkley, Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea, as well as The playwright Victor Hugo, who wrote Les Miserables and Hunchback of Notre Dame, and his wife.

    There was an old poet called Henry Longfellow. After his first wife died, he married a lady by the name of Frances Appleton, A Libra from october.

    I would rate this match about 3/10, it can work but not that often.

  • M88 says:

    I get pleasure from, lead to I found just what I was looking for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a
    great day. Bye

  • Stevie says:

    Brendan, you based your “research” off of celebrity relationships. A great model of the real world

  • says:

    Thanks for another informative site. Where else may just I get that kind of information written in such a perfect means?
    I’ve a mission that I am just now operating on, and
    I’ve been on the glance out for such info.

  • Elizabeth Kelly says:

    I was friends with a Pisces man before we actually started what I guess you can call dating, but it was really at a bad time in his life. He lost his only child who was 18yrs old in Nov 2008 and then his girlfriend ended the relationship with him and he had to move out of her house in Jan of 2009 which left him distraught and a basket case. Well I was a shoulder fort him to cry on for weeks and then he moved and got his own place and we were always together doing things.

    Until around his B-Day which is March 10 and he started slipping away and then he would be distant off and on throughout the year and then around Oct we really became close again and for the rest of the year until Dec2009. I was always there for him anytime and anyway. I would always stopped whatever I was doing to help him and be with him and I believe that was my mistake in this relationship. I would loan him money and he would always pay me back with no problems, he was needy in a lot of ways but I didn’t mind helping him because he had lost 2 important people in his life and I knew he needed me or someone to have his back. But once he got stronger he started being a little critical of me, mean in sarcastic and downright disrespectful sometimes. But being the dignified person that I am and loving person that I am I let him make it, which was wrong to. Because when you make a Libra women mad, she can really be a Bitch that you hate you ever met.

    Well in the month of Nov and Dec we got along fine until I took him shopping and bought him a Xmas present and later on that day I reminded him that he owed me $60.00 from earlier that week and he got mad at me and left and he stopped accepting my phone calls and texts. He has recently changed his number and I found out that he has met someone else and He still owe me $200.00. I am giving him until Feb to pay me back and if he don’t I will take him to small claims court and sue him.

    I cannot believe this supposedly sensitive and caring Pisces man has done this to me. I was a true good friend to him and he just turned on me. I thought he was strong person but he is not even man enough to break off what I thought was a good friendship, He is a user and a loser. Can someone explain this Asshole of a Pisces man to me please.

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