Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Pisces-Pisces Couples:  Patti Boyd and George Harrison

This is one combination where two of the same sign does not mean too much of the same thing.  Pisces is a world unto itself and you might say that only one Pisces can understand another.  A vast ocean of compatibility flows between these two people, a wordless communion, poetry in motion, the merging of two souls, and a sense of completion.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Pisces Man: You have to try to figure out which one of you is going to play lost and confused and which one of you is going to try to be the helpful guide.  You can get a sense of this with your psychic ability and choose your strategy accordingly.  There is really no way to know without looking at the two individuals involved.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Pisces Woman:   You have to try to figure out which one of you is going to play lost and confused, and which one of you is going to try and be the helpful guide.  You can get a sense of this with your psychic ability and choose your strategy accordingly.  There is really no way to know without looking at the two individuals involved.

Degree of Romance:  The energy between the them is so romantic they may never get anything else done.  These two may linger long over breakfast, looking into each other’s eyes as they pour coffee and delay the trip out into the cold, cruel world.  They meet for lunch just to lock fingers and reassure one another that everything is okay or hurry home from work to sit with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace, offering mutual love or at least commiseration.

Degree of Passion:  Pisces is not passionate about anything.  Passion is for much younger souls.  For the wise Pisces, it is an utter waste of time.

Degree of Friendship:   Think of two old redwood trees, hundreds of feet tall, hundreds of years old, who have stood beside each other in the forest, like stalwart companions.  This is the type of bond that is created between these two.  Or think of Philemon and Baucis who were turned into laurel trees in their old age so that they could always be together.  This is the road ahead for this pair.  Friendship hardly does the concept justice.

Degree of Marriage: If they can figure out the practical side of things, the rest will last for all eternity.  Either this couple will hit it off right away or it will never happen because they cannot get it off the ground.  One or the other has to be organized enough to carry the responsibility of dealing with reality.

Progression of Relationship:  They could meet and talk for hours and move in together right away and it wouldn’t matter.  Either it’s going to work out or it’s not.  And chances are, it will.  Neither the man nor the woman is at all interested in logic, rules, or formalities.  It is a soul-fulfilling encounter of an essential nature that is recognized by each of them.  Perhaps they planned it a lifetime long ago to meet at this point in time, fall into step, and be there for each other.

Sex:  Sex is a form of communication and between these two. They can even elevate it to a form of communion.  Their love making is a metaphysical experience such as described by John Donne in his poem “The Ecstasy.”  Some of us will never know this experience, and some of us know exactly what I am talking about.

When It’s Over:   When it’s over, when it’s time to end, when it’s time to call it a day, the two old souls will recognize and acknowledge the inevitable.  There is no reason to resist, regret, or delay the inevitable.

Our Rating: 10/10

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52 Responses to Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • fishyfishy says:

    im a Pisces women been with a Pisces man for nearly a yr now. when we first met it was love at first sight! stuttering, red faces, hearts beating, non stop eye contact even when we weren’t saying anything. we are identical in everything possible, even our deepest darkest secrets are the same lol weird. the start of our relationship was breath taking, then sort of faded after a while…sometimes he’s a mature man but then BAM! immature boy…when we first met he had a girlfriend, few weeks later he left there 4 yr first love relationship for me! still non stop arguing, he had boundary issues, didn’t see the inappropriate actions he took! like making a friend from the club (female!!!) realizing they had so much in common and he just wanted a close friend so they went camping together and never told me until I found the photos of her ASSSSSS!!! on his camera! he said he took the photo to show her that she doesn’t have fat legs or bum. wtf! another argument followed. then he nev er saw her again coz ther weird sudden relationship hurt me to much. then he makes a group of girlfriends which he says is different coz its not a one on one friendship with the opposite sex its just a group of friends! so I shouldn’t put down him and his friends just because there female. then I find out later he had 2 girls sleep over his house, they stayed in the bedroom and he slept on the couch, even his mum said that was true. but still thers a line!!! even if you’re not cheating, but havn sleep overs at age 21 with girlfriend you meet weeks ago is f’d up! argument follows. after he dumps me 5 times coz he cant stand to hurt me all the time, last time we broke it off I was gone hours later he was begging me back he cant keep hurting me but he’s in love with me and doesn’t no if he should let me free, I said whatever if you want me you cant hurt me anymore and ul have to prove you’re love!… were still together in fact he left his hole life and new friends and moved to the other side of the country to be with me!. I look back and think maybe he did cheat maybe he didn’t, it kills me!! he is a very sweet and kind gentle man with passion in his heart but sometimes he just cant see were he went wrong, as he says there just friends just coz there girls and he’s a man doesn’t mean he wants to have sex with them (he has a point, but he’s still wrong!). he didn’t tell me before coz id flip out, so hed tell me when they hung out and what they did after. he wants marriage and kids with me, he tells me he loves me everyday and he does constant surprises, cooks me breakfast lunch dinner and does the dishes everyday and pays for everything. he has never been out of work, and when he got laid off he even went and worked for avon! lol were currently still together just going with it, and yes of course the SEX!!! OMG need I say more… so I have a little question is my boyfriend some master mind genius! and had cheated on me OR he’s just a gullible little lamb who’s just to dumb to notice wats right and wrong??????

  • sausage party says:

    This should be a lesson for all Pisceans with really distinct moon signs (i.e., Fire, Air, Earth…):

    I’m a gay Pisces male, and I dated an older gay Pisces male (there was a thick age gap). I was from the East Coast, he was from the West Coast, but he also had a place on the East Coast. Two words: Terrible relationship. He was far too quiet for me. It was INCREDIBLY annoying. Quiet isn’t necessarily bad, but he would hardly communicate his feelings to me openly. We would also go without communication for a really long time. And, even if we did talk, he’d be really bad at communicating with me and would tell me that neither one of us was really good at communicating over the phone or online. So, he’d really only contact me when he was around. One time, I complained about the lack of communication, and he said, “Listen, I know you’re trying to be affectionate, but you haven’t developed that capacity yet.”

    The sex was mediocre, to be honest. I was bored with it, but he was clearly turned on. After sex, I would cuddle with him, but he would criticize me, saying things like, “I know you’re trying to be affectionate, but I need my sleep.”

    I would wanna go out, but he would wanna stay in. Whenever we went out, he was only openly affectionate in contexts where he felt comfortable.

    I spent seven hours standing out in the freezing cold on New Year’s Eve with him, waiting for the crystal ball in Times Square to drop. This was nearly seven months after we’d met, and, yet, he still considered me the guy he was still “kinda seeing”. A few days later, he shied away from me in bed and we didn’t cuddle or have sex; it was in that instant that I knew that something was wrong. I stupidly shrugged it off, but, about two weeks later, when I offered to fly out to see him, he said that he wasn’t ready to step up the relationship. He broke off things with me via IM. Completely rude and classless. I really should’ve been a lot more upfront with him, but I was certainly much more open about my feelings than he was.

    We had a stupid fight after we broke things off because I joked, saying, “Have fun with your new boy toy”, but he took it very personally and accused me of trying to find out whether he was seeing someone else. (I wasn’t, but okay…) I apologized to him later that night by leaving a card on his doorstep and tried to talk to him, but he said he never wanted to “talk”. I tried to reconcile things by telling him that I do care that he’s seeing someone else, but only to make sure that he’s happy. I even called him, apologizing for offending. I’m definitely not jealous, since he and I already broke everything off. I simply wanted to be friends with him, but he just didn’t wanna be friends anymore.

    I read into his Moon sign, and it turned out being in Pisces (aka double Pisces). I, on the other hand, have my Moon sign in Aries. This was probably part of the problem. Perhaps I was the more aggressive one, but I was showing myself honestly.

    But, still, there were some good moments in the “relationship”. For example, he drove up to visit me at school (I go to school 100+ miles away from home). He also was there for me when I had problems with my parents. When he was sweet, he was very sweet, and he was delicate. I miss him, sure, but after how he treated me, I feel I should definitely move on. Now, I’m kinda getting into a Leo man.

    MORAL OF MY STORY: Check your Moon sign carefully!

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