Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Pisces Couples: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Mark Russell, Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton, Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest

One of those near ideal matches, both temper the other and bring out the best.  In my opinion and experience, water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) need to stick with each other because of their depth and capacity for feeling plus their need to connect and bond, which the air, fire and earth people don’t understand.  Water signs have the capacity to be deeply wounded if they interact with the more casual, utilitarian or “sporting” types.  Furthermore, water signs never want to end anything so it can be a dream-come-true to find someone else who feels the same way.  Many astrologers have written perceptively about how hard it is to be a “Dionysian” man, a Pisces male, in our culture.  It is the very antithesis of hard logic and forthright action we associate with men.  Having a strong, understanding Scorpio woman by your side can be a life saver, literally a lighthouse on the shores of a stormy sea.  Whereas the soft, dreamy fish takes the sometime bitter vindictive edge off the scorpion’s sting.  There may be no better match than this one.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Scorpio Woman:  Your seductive charms are all you need.  He will respond to your vibration as a magnet.   Once you have drawn him into your force  field, your receptive strength and understanding are enough to make him yours, all else being equal.  The attraction between two water signs far transcends language, even body language, and relies heavily on instinct and animal magnetism instead, such things as the scent of a woman.  As soon as you begin to talk, you’ll realize he “knows things about you” that he really has no way of knowing.  Get use to it.  You are dealing with a magic force of psychic proportions and soulful depth.  Imagine what a great  lover he”ll be.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Pisces Man:  The natural instinct of a Scorpio woman should tell her of your interest and intentions through the ethers.  The most perceptive creature of all the zodiac has caught your eye and is about to draw you magically toward her.  Every Scorpio woman believes in only one kind of love – love at first sight!   With her it is an immediate “Yes, completely” or “No, never.”   You can enjoy the deep soulful connection you feel as she looks into your eyes—unlike other women, she doesn’t look away but meets your steady gaze.  The merging has begun.

Degree of Romance:  There is no more romantic combination in the zodiac.  Pisces courts a lifetime with music, candlelight and flowers, personal poetry and an adoration approaching ecstasy.  Scorpio understands and willingly receives.

Degree of Passion:   These two experience the kind of passion most people just read about.  It is deep and true to their natures to love only one, only one way, forever.

Degree of Friendship:   It’s a lot more than that.  it’s like the kind of friendship men develop in battle when you are willing to put your life into each other’s hands.

Degree of Marriage:  Superb.

Progression of Relationship:   It becomes emotionally intimate almost right away.  Pisces experiences such a feeling of peace and relief.

Sex:  Here is a poem by metaphysical poet John Donne that describes the experience of two souls merging above two bodies and becoming one and the soulful experience that orgasm is like a small death.

by John Donne

Because such fingers need to knit
That subtle knot, which makes us man ;

So must pure lovers’ souls descend
To affections, and to faculties,
Which sense may reach and apprehend,
Else a great prince in prison lies.

To our bodies turn we then, that so
Weak men on love reveal’d may look ;
Love’s mysteries in souls do grow,
But yet the body is his book.

And if some lover, such as we,
Have heard this dialogue of one,
Let him still mark us, he shall see
Small change when we’re to bodies gone.

When It’s Over:  It should never end because certainly neither one will ever get over the other and may never love again as well.  This is part of their wordless understanding of one another and the level of trust they reach instinctively.

Our Rating: 10/10

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108 Responses to Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • Joy says:

    Okay if thats what your story is that you want me to believe then I will.

    So starting immediately, I will do that, I will try my best to block my energy from it all.

    Bye babe, I’m really going to miss you, really going to miss everything about you.

    Please take care of yourself and whatever obstacles come your way, know that in your heart is someone who always beleived in you….. 🙁

  • Joy says:

    Please dont write to me because I am not coming back….my heart is shattered and I have to stay away so it can heal itself.

  • Joy says:

    You said you were going to write it to me so I am just telling you that you wont have to waste your time cause I wont get it, you already know what it will be so just telling you that you dont need to find the time to write any of it.

    Even when I am going away from you, you are still fighting with me 😮

  • Joy says:

    No I am not going to die today, not ever actually, infact been there done that, I am in combat mode to be quite honest.

    So bring it, bring it on!!!!

  • Joy says:

    Its was REALLy nice seeing your sister today; going towards/inside the shoes store I had just left out of 🙂 ….. had I not been driving and parking limitation in that crowded plaza, I would have surely went and sent a direct message to YOU this here evening, funny enough before I saw here, I was thinking about you….the universe sure knows how to intercept and instigate 🙂

    Is she Scorpio too….. felt a connect with her that I feel only when in the presence of fellow arachnids 😀

  • Antonette Franklin says:

    Raymond, I once read somewhere that if you want the RAINBOW you’ve got to put up with the rain…. Which may bring strong gust and heavy winds that could make it a strong catergory 2.

  • Hot Mess says:

    I really wish I could participate in this Scorpio Pisces love fest, I’ve witnessed the success stories in real life, but I’m not as lucky as most of you. I’m a Scorpio woman who met a Pisces boy… We’re four years apart (I’m older)… and it’s been a hot mess.

    What hurts me the most is that what he says and what he does are two different things. I can’t see him when I want to or even call him just to hear his voice, he won’t care to answer the phone. The only time I’ll ever see or hear from him again is when HE wants to.

    It’s gotten to a point where I started to blame myself, because all we do that at some point… But I can’t figure him out. Do I love him on top of all this? Absolutely. I don’t understand why, I just do. But loving someone who won’t love you back is a waste of time

  • admin says:

    What do you see as the significance of the cusp?

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