Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Pisces Couples: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Mark Russell, Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton, Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest

One of those near ideal matches, both temper the other and bring out the best.  In my opinion and experience, water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) need to stick with each other because of their depth and capacity for feeling plus their need to connect and bond, which the air, fire and earth people don’t understand.  Water signs have the capacity to be deeply wounded if they interact with the more casual, utilitarian or “sporting” types.  Furthermore, water signs never want to end anything so it can be a dream-come-true to find someone else who feels the same way.  Many astrologers have written perceptively about how hard it is to be a “Dionysian” man, a Pisces male, in our culture.  It is the very antithesis of hard logic and forthright action we associate with men.  Having a strong, understanding Scorpio woman by your side can be a life saver, literally a lighthouse on the shores of a stormy sea.  Whereas the soft, dreamy fish takes the sometime bitter vindictive edge off the scorpion’s sting.  There may be no better match than this one.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as a Scorpio Woman:  Your seductive charms are all you need.  He will respond to your vibration as a magnet.   Once you have drawn him into your force  field, your receptive strength and understanding are enough to make him yours, all else being equal.  The attraction between two water signs far transcends language, even body language, and relies heavily on instinct and animal magnetism instead, such things as the scent of a woman.  As soon as you begin to talk, you’ll realize he “knows things about you” that he really has no way of knowing.  Get use to it.  You are dealing with a magic force of psychic proportions and soulful depth.  Imagine what a great  lover he”ll be.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Pisces Man:  The natural instinct of a Scorpio woman should tell her of your interest and intentions through the ethers.  The most perceptive creature of all the zodiac has caught your eye and is about to draw you magically toward her.  Every Scorpio woman believes in only one kind of love – love at first sight!   With her it is an immediate “Yes, completely” or “No, never.”   You can enjoy the deep soulful connection you feel as she looks into your eyes—unlike other women, she doesn’t look away but meets your steady gaze.  The merging has begun.

Degree of Romance:  There is no more romantic combination in the zodiac.  Pisces courts a lifetime with music, candlelight and flowers, personal poetry and an adoration approaching ecstasy.  Scorpio understands and willingly receives.

Degree of Passion:   These two experience the kind of passion most people just read about.  It is deep and true to their natures to love only one, only one way, forever.

Degree of Friendship:   It’s a lot more than that.  it’s like the kind of friendship men develop in battle when you are willing to put your life into each other’s hands.

Degree of Marriage:  Superb.

Progression of Relationship:   It becomes emotionally intimate almost right away.  Pisces experiences such a feeling of peace and relief.

Sex:  Here is a poem by metaphysical poet John Donne that describes the experience of two souls merging above two bodies and becoming one and the soulful experience that orgasm is like a small death.

by John Donne

Because such fingers need to knit
That subtle knot, which makes us man ;

So must pure lovers’ souls descend
To affections, and to faculties,
Which sense may reach and apprehend,
Else a great prince in prison lies.

To our bodies turn we then, that so
Weak men on love reveal’d may look ;
Love’s mysteries in souls do grow,
But yet the body is his book.

And if some lover, such as we,
Have heard this dialogue of one,
Let him still mark us, he shall see
Small change when we’re to bodies gone.

When It’s Over:  It should never end because certainly neither one will ever get over the other and may never love again as well.  This is part of their wordless understanding of one another and the level of trust they reach instinctively.

Our Rating: 10/10

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147 Responses to Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

  • kenna says:

    iam a young scorpio woman, in my first year of university, and i have been talking to a younger pisces guy for a year now, he’s in his last year of high school. the crazy thing is that i’ve only talked to him in person once because he lives in another town than me. our high schools are rivals so we would always play each other in sports but every time he would be the only one to catch my eye. we talk almost everyday and i’ve really started to fall for him. it’s like a breath of fresh air when we talk and when we aren’t i can’t ever get him out of my mind.

    me being the scorpio that i am have some major trust issues and sometimes i feel as if he only wants me for the physical but than other times i really feel as if he cares. its quite confusing. but i know that he isn’t this way with just every girl. i feel like a lot of this article is true. he wants to follow his dreams and goals but he feels as if he can’t live up to them, i’m always there to tell him that he indeed can. i actually don’t get annoyed by this attitude of his i just have this desire to make him believe that he can do it. we have never fought once in the year that i’ve known him, we joke around every time we talk and i can never stop smiling. i definitely feel like a part of me would be lost if this relationship ever ended

  • AD says:

    i met this Pisces guy last yr… at first it was so strong and so intense that it made both of us sick to be away from one another.. but after 3 weeks, he broke up with me because he said he is scared… things ( strong feelings… wanting to even get married on his behalf) has happened so soon .. he never experienced this with other women.. the passion is too strong !! he was just freaked out by such intense feelings. but same day we broke up, we got back together.. and ever since we broke up 5 times !!! I love him.. i loved him… but i realised he has lied to me lots and lots of times… he cannot hide lies from me… i have always caught him out ! i sense it. i feel it !!
    i have found out he has been chasing a SAG woman crazzzyyy since last yr and she was the one reason he broke things off between me and him… the unknown, the excitement , the fun between them makes him crazy for her.. the fact that shes independent and dont rush things.. he ( like most guys) loves challenges… the fact that he cant figure is she loves him or not.. and how much.. is making im insane an on his feet !!!
    but with us.. it is boring… i cant hide my feelings.. i tell him i love him.. i kiss him passionately… and i get it inreturn.. but then she never gets that from her… so it makes everything super exciting for him..
    i wish i never met this man.. he has destroyed my happiness.. i suffer because i can sense each time hes with me he is thinking of her !! she lives in another state… he goes and see her a lot and vice versa and spends lots of money on her.. i cant recall anytime he spent money on me !! never bought me gifts !
    he lied to me last week he was at a conference… but then something told me he is with her… i texted him out of the blue… asking him if he is with her.. he laughed and said if im crazy and dreaming.. he is at a conf…. and 2 days later he wanted to see me bad.. we talked for 2 hrs about his so called conference..and later checked his phone… so all these lovely bloomy text exchanges between them about hiring hotel and where to go and how was his flight and how he is bla bla bla… and yes i always find out.. dono because im a scorpio… and then i told him !! he got shocked…
    sent her an email .. told her he is with me and about his lies….
    he found out…and is now devastate that shes upset… dont care about me at all..
    i also found out from his texts to other people that most his friends know about her… he sent them pics of her…and spoke of her very respectfully… lied to me about where he was on new yrs eve… found out he was with her…


  • AD says:

    p.s. i told him about my email to her… she didnt tell him… obviously she doesnt care… and i have to add, he never told his friends about me !!!
    terrible experience

  • No Name says:

    I have been with a pisces man for two years and I am a scorpio woman and I have to say I agree with they are not a good match (I dated two others thinking this is my ideal match JOKE). He is controlling and selffish. I have never been sweep of my feet but I wish I would have got that from him. I have given and given and now becasue of his inability to get along with my daughter we have moved to seperate homes. I would agree that a pisces man never gets over his past loves. He treats her like a queen and me the servant. He does not see this of course. I have found with many many pisces men they love virgo women and virgo women seem to be on self destruct mode most of the time (the ones I know). I would say that pisces are better off with a virgo or a pisces. My dad and stepmom are both pisces. Now for a pisces man to be a father, they are wonderful patient and kind. They love their children very deeply and show it. I am not dating another pisces. I got along better with my Leo exhusband.

  • Not necessary says:

    I have been with a Pisces man for 14 years, married for 6 (scared to commit). I don’t believe that Scorpio and Pisces are a great match. I get very jealous, suspicious, and have a short fuse, while he can be thoughtful, he is selfish, inconsiderate and quick to blame. Just this weekend we had a rather large fight over something that while it was important, was not my fault, however I was made to be responsible by him. I just wish I could make him understand how he makes me feel.

  • cs says:

    I like Pisces men and find them to be attractive, but I don’t believe in love at first sight of a Scorpio woman. I know that as a Scorpio woman, I am super picky and I make careful observations before getting my heart involved. I don’t know when I first meet someone, and it takes a reallly looooong time before I know. Even then I am not sure. I have a Libra Venus, maybe that’s why?

  • Cosmic connection says:

    I am an older, but young looking, scorpio woman and I am seeing a much younger pisces man. The circumstances under which we met were very very cosmic to say the least, to the point it is freaky weird. We have so much in common, again to the freaky weird point, and when we are together it just feels right.
    The feelings are very intense for him that we agreed we would cool it a bit but I am good with that because we have such an awesome connection that I am not worried. (which is a first for me.)
    Since we began we have talked on the phone for hours every night, even if we just were together. We are best friends and we have not argued once…yet. We love each other but I do worry that this is too good to be true.
    I am going to trust the universe, or energies or whatever, that brought us together and just go with what I have now and try not to worry about the future.

  • @Cosmic Connection says:

    You are so in love! ;)
    Blessed Be and All The best.
    Fishes are slippery to catch….but if you have hooked one,you are a lucky girl.

  • Tamzilla says:

    I have dated a few pieces men, as a young scorpio woman I have found that the attraction is somewhat unspoken, its kinda deeper than a physical attraction.
    But I personally have found the pieces that I have dated to be very insecure, and possessive, and though I can relate to some of the feeling they get I manage to keep mine to myself whereas they are quite outright in their jealousy.

    Ive sometimes met a pieces man and just known that they were a pieces, without asking. They tend to through their hearts on the line very quickly and that makes me suspicious of their intentions, like how many times today have u fallen madly inlove with someone, as you find it very easy to tell me that it was love at first sight (actual experience Im going through at the moment with a pieces that Ive met once, and want to see again, but in reality it makes me feel nervous lol)
    I know that I wont be able to have a caual relationship with him, becoz he has put himself on the line anad will expect me to do the same where i’d rather take things one step at a time.
    I know I am emotional but I think I like my men a little more sturdy than me. But I am going to go on the date next, and see what happens, open mind, though I dont know if any other scorpio women are the same, but I tend to through my self physically into a relationship and find it difficult to relate emotionally for ages, sometimes never at all.
    Only with a libra have i ever felt truly comfortable in a relationship… haha but that didnt work out too well either, haha complicated scorpio, sometimes i think we are better off alone lol

  • KillaKaliKiwi says:

    I am a Scorpio Woman and I;ve been dating a P. Man for a year and 5 months now…
    I agree with the passion but everything else… not as great of a match as this article makes it out to be. This man has hurt me, manipulated me and confuses the hell out of me!
    He is very insensitive and flat out annoying.
    but I love him to death!!
    As a scorpio woman… I have to say, I am not perfect haha
    I have my bad moments too. but I have never done anything major to hurt this man like he’s hurt me. My stinger can be a real dosey though.
    The words that come from my mouth (No profanity) can be very hurtful, so he’s told me. but I can’t help it! I have so my anger built up for him, it’s ridiculous. I don’t even know if we’re good together anymore. It’s heart breaking but it is what it is. Now, I’m not saying all of them are like this. but I have dated other pisces men and the were exactly the same way. Funny thing is, I dropped the last three within a month but this one I’ve been with for the longest. I guess, I just have to deal with it for now.

    Give me a cancer man!

  • Libby says:

    as an astrologist often times when looking at my relationshps i base them off of not only venus, and sun sign, but the moon sign as well. To certain people when it comes to the love at first sight. you fall in love with the anmial magnetism that you drew you to the person in the first place (sun sign) and when you speak with them and get to know them and their aura you discover their insides (moon sign)…now keep in mind depending on the sign the inside might be more difficult to discover than the what attracted to you initially. and being a sun taurus moon scorpio and venus scorpio I often times when reading compatibility profiles not only go by me and my partners sun sign ,but our moon sign as well. and after reading my star profile i’m much more scorpio than piscies and my partner more piscies than his sun sign (capricorn) which is still typically a good match whether on moon signs or sun signs. honestly, we fell in love in 2 days it is a beautiful experience that can only be descibed in poetry. As a scorpio Female i constantly hold a strong guard but look up to him in a stong way. We are far apart in age and he is the oldest he respects my mind as i adore his in a powerful way. I am definitely what astrologist write about when they say scorpio woman i am the epitome ,but at the same time i have taurus influences as well he on the other hand is an interesting mix of capricorn and piscies which makes him dependable and insightful in at the same time. It is an interesting mix that i plan on understanding more and more as we grow to learn one another

  • Leslie Price says:

    I am a scorpio woman and fell in love and married a Pisces man. We were together for 10 years. It was up and down after the first 5 years. He ended up doing what I thought he would never do and cheated on me with another Scorpio. He hit me… has never hit anyone else ever! He lies to me constantly and uses my love against me. He always wants me to sleep with him. I divorced him because of the cheating but we got back together.. which I would never do with my first husband or anyone else. He never forgave me for the divorce and says that my cruel words and nasty attitude when we fought was way worse then his cheating. My heart is broken.. so is his. I caught him cheating again so he moved out. He went straight into a realtionship with a different Scorpio. After he was done with her he keeps asking me to sleep with him. He says he still loves me and will never be able to love anyone else and will NEVER marry again. I am broken… I still love him. I can’t get over the bond with him but he won’t work it out and he will not compromise. So…. I must go on. I have to tell you though… both in passion and pain I will never love as I have loved him… forever.

  • Nutter says:

    I am a Scorpio was who was married to a Pisces man for 10 1/2 years. The courtship in the beginning was very romantic. He lured me in by the love notes in my lunch bag, and many great conversations over multiple dinner dates.

    Once he had me emotionally he became Psycho, and very possessive. After we were engaged to get married it got worse. He went through personal belongings, and phone when he had absolutely no reason to. Toward the end of our marriage I could not wait to leave. Matter of fact, I’d rather be homeless then to stay with him. A relationship with a male Pisces is the worst combination ever! I have yet to meet a Pisces who was not mean and manipulative. The are so Bi-Polar.

    Wait for you Cancer man Scorpio women!!!

  • Nutter says:

    Leslie Price I went through the exact same thing with the Pisces I married. I didn’t even read your blog until I posted mind. Your blog should have my name on it. The relationship was a disaster. The only thing good out of my 10 1/2 marriage are my girls. They are so beautiful but I am practically raising them on my own with the help of my family who love me and my girls.

    It is taking me along time to even trust men again, and I will never date another Pisces. Sounds crazy, but I know several male Pisces, and none are worth dating. They are not even loyal friends. Very selfish!

  • JLamar387 says:

    Im a picses man and im not really sure if i should continue with my scorpio girlfriend. Its a long distance relationship which we started when i met her in her state while traveling for work. So far its been a year and we havnt went a whole day without talking for the past 10 months. A few months ago, i flew all the way across the country to visit her for a week and it was perfect. We just chilled together watching movies, didnt even have to talk that much, we just showed eachother love and everything was peiceful. So we planned on her moving to my state and moving in with me. Everything was going so good, but now im starting to have douts. The plan of her moving here is in three weeks, but for the past 4 days, shes been sort of distant. We usually text eachother alot and blow eachothers phones up with messages, but now she barely texts me and when she does, its clear that shes preoccupied. So i tried to distance myself and dont call or text her, but when she does text me, i feel bad ignoring her. So i tried the honesty thing and told her how i felt. She took it real good and told me ill never loose her and shes sorry, its just shes been real busy. Ok cool. But now it just continues and I havr this gut feeling that she may be talking to somebody else. I mean, who wouldnt right? We’re long distance for a year. Another thing is, there is a capicorn girl that likes me and lives down the street from me and me and her have chemistry like no other. But i havnt made any moves what so ever on her because i love my scoprpio girlfriend. So what should i do? Should i end this thing with my girlfriend or should i still keep trying even though shes distant right now and i have a gut feeling thats not too good?

  • Michelle says:

    I feel bad that all of you have experienced such dreadful relationships with a Pisces male. As a Scorpio female, I am just as in love with my Pisces as the day we started the relationship. Scratch that, MORE in love. The passion grows each day and the sex keeps getting better. We have been together a little over a year now and have been loving together since our two month. Our home life is great. He handles my jealo

  • Michelle says:

    *handles my jealo

  • Michelle says:

    Sorry. Trying I type on my phone. *hem hem*
    He handles my jealousy, need for control and passions better than any other person I have ever met. We have had our ups and downs, but they always resolve within a day, a week at the most. Our faith and confidence on each other grown so much stronger with each day spent together or apart. From my experience, this love match is the “one”; at least for me, at any rate.

    Perhaps our moons are right. I don’t know. I can’t think of another person I’d want to spend my time with. It’s very peaceful and relaxed.

  • pup says:

    I believe in love at first site. I believe love is something that lasts forever. For me it never ends. But I am in love with a pisces man. He’s neglectful to me in every way. I feel like a tool to his blah expressions and constant lack love compasion. But i feel as if he’s part of me. I am incredibly loyal but i ha e found a man i think I’m in love with. How can i be in love with two men and what should i di this aeries man is so passionate and loyal and willing to do anything for mw

  • ajaz says:

    for pup

    give time to both men,as you know pisces men are slow in the biginning because they are always thinking about relationship with you but once they decide they can be loyal for your lifetime,whereas aries men are fast they don’t think too much and are lmmature for your very mature mind,the choice is yours…..

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  • taking it slow says:

    Well i met two Picses men to different personalities,one of them is cheap and stuck on himself, and he has a lot of woman friend, the other is ver affectionate, we have a strong connection,but i am taking it slow with not all pisces are the same.

  • Molly says:

    @taking it slow….are you serious?!! heheheh…just kidding.

  • @Molly says:

    I too believe she is not ‘that’ slow…
    However,u cant fool a pisces for too long..we might be little more sexy than pisces,but they have intuition sonar/radar just like us..and they also want that ‘exclusivity’..
    @takingitslow >> just because he has women friend should not activate your jealousy alarm system.Rather,see it as a good thing that you are getting what every women craves,…however him being cheap,well,most pisces are…

    Go faster with the 2nd one,before he becomes disappointed..

  • Mithsoo says:

    pisces man is hypersensitive when it comes to himself but brutal when it comes to others. he cantt take one tenth of what he dishes out to others. needs to grow up and provide some sensitivity to others that he likes so much for himself. watchout. they goad others but know how to lookout for themselves and will give up a lot to salve their own egoes. there very s\mooth n charming though but you need to get beyond that.

  • stella magnolia says:

    The scorpio woman is not that strong and infallible.ive found myself insecure on weekends and then ill find my balance back again on weekdays. i guess there should be some avocation or hobby but that has somehow not happened so far. i just know that ill be fine once the week starts and until then theres a lot of anguish. of course i dont know whats the effect on others and that causes for alot of shame. it doesnot however make me do anything unreasonable or stupid thats for sure. my pisces man is very supportive and provide the right amount of support to buttress my insecurities.

  • Nyar, Owc and Ngud (Owc=Lulb; Ngud=Iths and Nyar=wtf=#$*^) says:

    Pisceas man is very charming and hardworking and comes up with ideas that are unthinkable by most people and actually makes them happen. but beware! he also can be really silly and irrelevant while pretending to be highfalutin. and wastes people’s time when there expecting somethin of significance. that is an annoying aspect whcih he likey does not know. why would anyone want aperson to put on hold things there doign to pay attention to something silly? its so distracting, a letdown and takes away from goals no matter how small that need to be accomplished. but on the whole this is a issue that will hopefully fade away in time. im all for the silly and irrelvant but make it look as such and im fine with that and ill make time for it too.

  • Stinger says:

    I have been in a serious relationship with a Pisces man for a little over a year. It was love at first sight and we could finish each others sentences. I loved how attentive and sensitive he was and we became obsessed with spending time together. In time I began to see the posessive, controlling, lying, irresponsible with money, childish sense of humor, self importance, and totally out of touch with reality traits. This is so far from compatible with this Scorpio woman, but I swear I cannot help but love him anyway. He makes me crazy and everytime I try to walk away he holds me and looks me in the eyes and I lose my desire to go. He has a hold on me like no other man has. I was married to a cancer man for 20 years and he did not have this kind of power over me. Sometimes I feel like I have lost my Scorpio strength and just given in. But while I am drawn to him, he does not make me happy most of the time.

  • notsad says:

    it was wonderful- the glimpse that the pisces man (25 yr old)showed me when i was 29 yrs old. i met him at the most ordinary places the grocery store after a storm looking for a cuppa coffee. we discoverred we lived close to each other and had some commeon friends. so it was fine for some time but i wanted to leave and started making plans. it wasnt working out and i was beginning to understand why. the problem was me and so i wanted to leave. i feltthat would be better so he could make his decisions for himself and what was right for him. and i was wiling to take a chance that ill never see him again but i defintely wanted to leave. he moved on too and decided things for himeself. hes a big boy. i know that. who knows if ill ever meet him. but im glad that we met. it did change me for good and i will not forget that. the most important catalyst in my life and im grateful for that.i still feel free and i always hoped he felt that way too.

  • sonshine says:

    I dated a Pisces man for about 5 months. I can’t stand him! First 2 months, he was sweet and fun to be with. Once he felt that he had me, he flipped. He would debate me about EVERYTHING! He lied so much, I could not take it anymore. This is NOT a good match. My pisces man was selfish, annoying, childish and extremely insecure. He lived inside his non realistic mind and expected me to accept it. I wish that I would have never met him. What a loser. Cancers suck too.

    My Scorpio man is the one and only man for me. After 3 years we cannot seem to let each other go and we have tried.

  • Karen Feliz says:

    I saw a post by “pup” on how the pisces man treats her bad and the aries is showing more affection , in my case it’s the opposite I thought I was in love with an aries only to find out that he had multiple women and children by different women , I met a pisces man and he has changed the way I see the world he makes me happy and I feel like me and him are so alike yet so different I feel like this is the one for me

  • A.Marie says:

    I am falling for a Pisces man because he is so sweet to me! In the past I dated a Taurus and Aries that showed me physical passion but left me feeling emotionally empty from their lack of affection. However, my Pisces sweetheart already has my heart from his willingness to be romantic and express affection. It can be difficult to be patient at times though because he doesn’t make much time for me. It also doesn’t help that other women chase him. As a Scorpio woman, I get very jealous but my pride helps me deal with this issue. He won’t find another woman like me and he keeps contacting me. Just when I want to end our flirtation he is sweet talking me into a happy place. I am compelled to take it further and want more from him.

  • whatisthislife says:

    Pisces man canbe very entertaining and charming. Great social skills and creative powers of a very high order. But I have known those who have lied to my face. with some the important things mostly came from others not from them. Probably because they would nt like such stuff if it were coming to them from others.Pisces, have it seems, a very low level of trust in themselves.Which is why being with a pisces is like being on a cloud: soft, and fluffy. Not like being on the ground, so there’s no traction whether its knowing them for one year or five.sigh. idont know about others maybe some one can share more on the Pisces man?

  • Fenny says:

    My husband who is a Pisces came home with a passion mark on his neck a year ago. Still going through the hurt. May have to divorce him. Caught him secretly putting a bleaching creme on his neck. When confronted he denied it was a passion mark. I really do not believe that Pisces and
    Scorpio are good match. They are dream snatchers. Suggestions go to Chinese Zodiac and put your partner’s date of birth and yours and see if you are really compatible. This goes by the year the person was born.

  • Miranda says:

    I am a scorpio woman with a pisces man. And we have been together for three years now and been through so so much. Family troubles, family addictions recovery, death, break ups, cancer,etc. at first it was so natural and intense I couldn’t get enough. Then it got hard. Me being dominant and wanting my way and not letting loose of my leash on him. I just let em go. That didn’t last long we were lost without each other. I have learned to ease up and give hi, his space for his hobbies and he’s has let me take lead in decision making as long as I take his opinions seriously. It’ll never be picture perfect but it feels like it is. We’re continuously learning but we are both extremely dedicated to making it work but it feels as if it takes less an less effort the fire we thought we lost is coming back stronger and stronger everyday. We feel unstoppable together. Not every scorpio woman pisces man will work. But if u find the right pisces go for it. Mine is so dedicated to me I want to give him everything I have and more. I wish everybody could experience the love I’ve found.

  • HAMMI says:

    I cannot shake Pisces Men. It seems that they always chase after me. I try to avoid them. The crazy thing is that my dad was a pisces and I love him dearly. I was a daddys girl. But me and Pisces me dont work out int he long run. I am too loyal and submissive and they are too Selfish. They are narcissist. They start out wooing you but it all goes out the window once they have you settled in. They are territorial too. I try to avoid these guys, the first thing I ask a person is their bday, If they say what I dont want to hear, I brush them off. I fall hard for these guys and end up getting hurt. we have alot of fun together, but relationships should not be formed with them unless you want to get your feelings hurt!!!

  • @Hammi, was with a Pisces man says:


    i understand you fully. They are really hard to shake, once they set their sights on you. And they can easily swim to and fro to another girl just like that. It’s so easy for them to do that. Just from my personal experience.

  • Asha says:

    Somehow all my anxiety and doubts melt away with the Pisces man around. He has this unusual healing ability which I noticed in the beginning when I met him. The pisces man can calm and heal people that come around him. Its not just me. I think that’s all the positivity and goodness that is in him and that he has for people and their well-being. It sure impacts me that way. People just like him and get attracted to him all the time. heheh. I better get used to it.

  • shifa says:

    very very true! Pisces male is very childish, egoistic, selfish, possessive, insecure and shameless liar.
    i have experienced this very well. they are big flirts, fall in love easily and don’t seem to accept their faults at any cost. if you will try to point out them their mistakes, they feel insulted and then take revenge in different ways of that insult. so complicated and so insensitive. they always seek attention and totally money minded people.
    i really hate them.

  • islandboi says:

    I’m a pisces man and I would like to say that if we all input god in our lives more… Maybe reality will kick in and say: you are HUMAN. I just found out about this zodiac shit which I believe is withcraft… I would love to add how good Satan is to create such world’s that causes us to lose focus and fall apart over such bizarre ideas. I would love to add how accurate this shit is. Ladies just don’t fuck with a pisces’ need of escape. Can’t deal with it. Leave then. A pisces will never surround their escape of reality over nothing. You realize that and can deal with it. Than maybe the relationship can grow into something that shows potential. I call this the pisces law of conduct: intruding in our spiritual state, results into pain, further more inflicting pain so leave a message at the gate. Knocking on that gate turns into hatred) this is fun. But yeah guys. Try not following this zodiac shit at all and just go live life. Zodiac shit is voodoo people. I read the pisces stuff and it’s ridiculous to have some one else dictate who you are as a character and not a human. If you had god in your life truly as much as I wish I do right now, this crap don’t even matter. I can go read libra and study it and act like it and lie to people I’m a libra and born in whatever fuck n date or month or whatever. Have you thought about that?

  • islandboi says:

    This shit is crazy tho. I have to admit. Very interesting how influential this stuff is to people’s lives. It’s like as if we are like the matrix movie lol. Programmed and shit. If was true I would really believe this is hell we live in lol. But what would pisces say after a thought like this? Who cares. Moving on. My sisters are into this. And the funny thing is… she believes in this, knows I’m a pisces, I know that and I didn’t grow up into this stuff. I was raised loving Jesus Christ, and I purposely act like a pisces to mess with her head. And SHE knows this?!? How could she not anticipate me. And I still messed with her. And she loses control like a headless chicken. Girls. Let me as you something. What is the point of this zodiac shit if you don’t know how to apply it. I learned how and it’s fun fuck n with people believing in this. It doesn’t make sense. It’s everywhere online at your disposal. You were aware of a pisces man capabilities and still you get frustrated? Did you guys just so happens to date pisces guys and later go on zodiac tea parties online and outbreak on matters that you could of easily anticipated. The info is all here online dummies. It’s witchcraft but hey. Don’t mess with fire if you can’t handle it just saying. Zodiac has dark spirits roaming people. Got me hooked for like two weeks on this zodiac stuff and I’m 22 years old lol

  • islandboi says:

    Fuck n with this shit is bad. Feel the demons haunting me.
    As I write this. Just know guys that this stuff is evil. It destroys people. Hindered me and my sisters relationship because she was so hooked on this like make up. And I thought it would be fun to mess with her. This shit creates people. Robotic almost. Are you going to allow ideas create you? I know I don’t. This to me is like mental slavery I wanna be free. Wouldn’t you? You define who you are. And saying I’m a pisces is not defining who i am. But yeah. Satan loves to play. We do to lol unfortunately. But this was a fun experience. Buy buy zodiac can’t touch this :p

  • Donald Witt says:

    I’m a Pisces Man, and I’m appalled by the things I’ve been reading! WOW!
    I never in my life have hit a Lady, My friends and family tell me that I have a Heart the size of the Pacific Ocean!
    I would Never Dream of going through my Ladie’s personal belongings! I was taught by my Father when I was a kid, to Respect your Lady, Never under any circumstances hit a Lady!
    And just for the Record, I was engaged for over 2 years and I treated her like a Queen! I took care of her.
    She never had to cook, Do Laundry, Dishes, Clean, had Dinner waiting for her when she came home from work and I even co – signed for her car!
    I got her out of Debt, and I fixed her lunches everyday too!
    I did all of that out of the kindness of my Heart. She was a Libra by the way.
    We never went to bed angry, we always talked about things, and if we had an argument, it was settled right away.
    The Pisces Men that you guys are describing, I have no clue who they are, but they give us REAL Pisceans a bad name!
    Jealousy?! Really?! Selfish?! That word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. It’s just all in how you were raised and if you want to choose to be good or bad! ;)

  • Dickson Kevin Gentle says:

    Hello am a Pisces man and from Nigeria I find it hard getting the right person for me because most Nigerian ladies don’t believe in this zodiac stuff I believe it’s working for me base on my personality. well I need a good Scorpio woman to understand and appreciate my person, pls I mean not to sound stupid but am been real…. and I will appreciate her love to be real… hola thanks.

  • Pisces says:

    Now am seen too many Scorpio women lol having problem now in selecting one lol

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