Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Aquarius-Pisces Couple:  Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

Pisces and Aquarius have a lot more in common than it might seem.   However, there is bound to be a role reversal.  One thing you have to understand about an Aquarian is that they will always elevate friendship over love, which could be bewildering to the Pisces man.  The Pisces man should realize that friendship is religion to an Aquarian woman.  She means to compliment you by calling you her best friend, and you will have to make a translation of the light.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Pisces Man:   That’s easy.  Talk about the future of the planet, inter-species communication, the last visit you had from a space alien, how green your home is, or how you plan to donate your next paycheck to KIVA.  If this doesn’t put stars in her eyes, nothing will.  When she begins to talk about the causes that she believes in, listen intently and offer to join.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as an Aquarius Woman:   First of all, realize that you are going to have to wear the pants, which doesn’t bother you in the least.  This man can completely become spellbound by your electrifying aura and a very, very direct approach.  It will seem that where he is weak, you are strong, and as the self-sacrificing individual that he is, he will gladly extend you the privileges of that territory.  Deep down inside, there is nothing he wants more than to be bossed around.  If you come on like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, that should suit him just fine.

Degree of Romance:  Aquarians tend to poo-poo romance, so it is likely to be down-played in this relationship.  That’s okay with Pisces, who is willing to sacrifice anything for those they love — at least at first.  Pisces, you really, really must try to understand the elevation Aquarian places on friendship.  They absolutely worship at that altar.  It is their religion.  Don‘t take it personally.

Degree of Passion:  Aquarians look down on passion as the affect of the Mere Mortal.  They see themselves as godlike, Promethean creatures who are above such things as sexual impulse and the flames of desire.  Secretly, they would like to reproduce virtually, avoiding all those messy, bodily fluids, and unnecessary physical activity.

Degree of Friendship:  An Aquarian woman is not a very warm, friendly, creature, but, as noted, she professes to love her friends.  She will tout the virtues of collegiality and egalitarianism while ignoring the person in the wheelchair next to her who can’t reach the water fountain.  If you, dear Pisces, find yourself in a wheelchair, you may think twice about the basis of your relationship.  Many an Aquarian has devoted her life’s blood to the future of strangers, while those closest to them suffer neglect.  This is not love, and it is certainly not friendship.

Degree of Marriage: This depends on how tight a hold the Aquarian gets on the Pisces.  It is possible — because an Aquarian woman is so strong-willed — for the Pisces to lose himself completely and begin to orbit around her, which suits Ms. Aquarius just fine.  A marriage based on this dynamic will obviously last a long time, because it’s pretty hard to grow personal will.  If the two have a more equal relationship, meaning that the Pisces man has a good ego formed (perhaps he has Mars in Aquarius), then the chances of a real friendship and a productive marriage are at hand.

Progression of Relationship:  All Aquarians have an agenda.  Don’t think for a moment they don’t.  Somewhere at home they have a spreadsheet with their expectations for the next 3-5 years.  Somewhere on there is a relationship goal.  If this sounds a little bit like the Mad Scientist, that’s exactly what it is.  Fortunately, Mr. Pisces really doesn’t care very much as long as someone else is keeping the file and willing to update it.

Sex:  A mind-melt is really what the Aquarius has in mind and dear Pisces is game for anything.  Let’s say they decide mutually to re-invent sexual contact.  Gear and other enhancements may be involved.  If electricity and whips come in,  so much the better.

When It’s Over:  She’ll let him know.

Our Rating: 8/10

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94 Responses to Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

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  • Bull watching Aquarius says:

    I have been watching three A-P couples and I have noticed few points. Firstly Aquarius women need space. So if you are a hit and run type, provides her interesting fact around the world news, then she is yours. Secondly, they need time to feel comfortable with people. Little silly jokes work well with them. Thirdly, once they open to you they try to form a team with you. So if you know many short games or run humanitarian project together she will follow you.

    Pisces men are romantic and want to constantly be close to his lover, share romantic words and this sometimes irritates Aquarius ladies. Aquarius people are actually very sensitive mentally and bodily if you over do it they turn cold or shout at you to stop, so do not over do it. Try to be friend with them, do not accuse them, do not tease them too much, let them be where they are. If she’s good with computer, ask her to help your project, let her accomplish what she is good at.

    Do like a 1000 piece puzzles together or make music together, That works better than giving her roses, songs and romantic flowers. According to what I have observed….

  • Bull watching Aquarius says:

    I think Pisces men likes to articulate their emotions into something, they are indirect speakers who foreplays alot to reach their goals. They seem always rely on people to work together and easily feel lonely. They cannot live alone, but needs mental/physical/soul partners. They tend to be with people alot and love to possess supporters who they feel comfortable, trusting and reliable.. They are quite good teachers, but not a good counsellor. They easily influenced by their surroundings and people’s needs, their goals often change depends on who they are with.

    Great heart men who needs patient, reliable, steady, stable, cool and can think rationally and quirky. According to my observation x)

  • Bull watching Aquarius says:

    *quirky lover. Sorry.
    Oh btw they are quite stubborn with their faith too. Many of them are religious or spiritual or metaphysical :)

  • Piscesinlove says:

    I adore my Aquarius woman! She keeps me on my toes and very exciting relationship! This combination can be very Amazing, intense and extremely rewarding if pisces can learn just that… I believe they are not as difficult as these astrological people say. I was in a long relationship with a cancer and boy it was the most boring relationship I have ever encountered! I have always for some reason or another been drawn by these amazing Aquarian woman…. We are in it for Life!

  • candace says:

    I am an Aquarius women dating a Pisces man, and i am completely taken by him, Which i am not taken or interested in many.. It takes a lot for some one to capture my interest and keep it, i was with a Libra for 17 years and he bored the life out of me, I never have felt the need to do for a man in the way of compliments, making dinner or being real cuddly, i know this sounds shallow but i am used to men kissing my butt. But this Pisces man brings out the best in me, I LOVE doing things for him, and can never see myself tiring of this he is amazing and i just adore him, I have also never thought of marriage but if this man asked i would marry him tomorrow, with no doubts. So as far as Aquarius and Pisces not being compatible i think is crap.. Now i am not saying he does not frustrate me, because he does, but i have learned patience (which i have never had with a man) he also does need the reassurance, but you have to take your time and learn them as a person, and as an Aquarius i am not cold or detached and i love sex, i have a need to take care of people in the way that i am a nurse i am kind, caring and compassionate, i love being home, but i also love having friends but can be content just being with my partner.. So if your an Aquarius women liking a Pisces man go for it. My only advice would be don’t depend on astrology get to know the person, be understanding, and patient and be yourself.. as you would with any sign.. Good luck.. and i hope to be married with in the year…..

  • Pisces Man says:

    I met the craziest Aquarian woman at work. She was shy with me, stared at me for like 6 seconds one time and did all this stuff (that I wasn’t imagining). I even had a good psychic tell me she was attracted to me but later I talked to her online and she said there was nothing ever there between us. Talk about a waste of time. As a Pisces man now I see why we need Earth or other water signs instead of air heads. I would say in my experience (unless there are other parts of the chart that balance it out) steer clear of Aquarius women as a Pisces man. They don’t communicate, are cold and deceptive. Good Luck!

  • SmartAir says:

    Deceptive is Pisces. Sorry, Pisces Man. Maybe she has Pisces in her chart.

  • waterpitcher says:

    my first husband was a pisces man. before the aries.
    i loved him with all my heart, but it was one of those first love forever after dreams. problem was,
    he was and still is an alcoholic and was raised by a negative mother and a distant father (father’s a scientist and was never home, but they divorced) he drank alot and did alot of drugs, and yeah, cheated. you have to understand, i was only 15 at the time. yes, you can get married at that age in some areas.
    i’ve met many pisces men after that but never went further. i guess, nostalgically lookin back, we had the best times together as a couple. he was dreamy and wonderful and would have made a great husband if he wasnt an alcoholic, drug user and went to prison every 2 years. it’s been years now, and his family still keeps in touch with mine. we have a child together so that’s why. the grandparents need to be around.
    i think i would have stayed with him till death do us part, old age, but it didnt happen that way. i still had a life ahead of me, and to finish school and raise my child, free from drugs and that world. but i will honestly say, it was a good match for me if it had been a sober life.
    good luck all you water bearers and fishmen. to the waterbearer lady, you need to take care of him. he needs you more than you can ever know.

  • Piscesinlove says:

    Pisces Man sorry to disagree with you All the way.. I am a Pisces guy and Every Pisces I have Ever known was a drunk, addict and cheat… We need an Aquarius in our lives to set us strait! Maybe She saw something in you that she could Not Trust! Going to a Psychic was The First mistake you made… Dont you think?.. No need to go there.. Unless you have trust issues… TRUST ME MAN… FIND THAT PERFECT AQUARIAN THAT HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND YOU WILL BE THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE… SHE WILL BE CHALLENGING THOUGH.. BUT REWARDING IN THE END! Good Luck!

  • SmartAir says:

    I have to disagree or add on to the previous comment. Aquarius will NOT whip your ass into shape, but a Capricorn will. Maybe your Aquarius has a lot of earth in her chart. No, Aquarius doesn’t want to baby a man, but a Capricorn chick will.

  • Piscesinlove says:

    Sorry SmartAir! My Mother is Capricorn and my Father (Pisces).. & My Father in Law ( Pisces) & My Mother in Law Capricorn None have babied Their Pisces! But All our Pisces and Aquarius Couples We know are The Best Combination we have ever met including our relatives! Either way you Can’t put your trust on The Signs but on how they were raised and genes… I am a proof of that! My first relationships were Cancer and she was so pathetic and insecure.. I don’t know what I was thinking and the other relationship I had was Scorpio (PSYCHO! & Possesive! )… My wife now (Aquarius) Amazing! Takes care of me but Don’t get me Wrong.. She Does Not Baby me! But she has taught me alot! So this combination Aquarius-Pisces Can Work but only for Smart, Passionate and Loving People! And like it says… These two can over achieve Any Relationship!

  • FartAir says:

    Aqua is fart, dumbass girls/
    No, Aqua doesnt deserve Pisces.
    Aqua is mean and selfish.

    Pisces Aquarius Match is horrible horrific terrible disgusting

  • to piscesmaninlove says:

    dont listen to websites, negative comments on what people say on your relationship. its your relationship not theirs.
    remember, be positive and i can tell you are very happy and positve in your life.
    what works for you may not work for others, and same with all signs. astrology is to help, not to be negative and make you feel bad.

  • SmartAir says:

    Well, in my opinion, if one of the parties is insecure and decides to bring our their worst qualities, then no the relationship won’t work. What are you and your partner’s compatible placements, because I was not at all compatible with a Pisces I dated. Sure, it was fantastic in the beginning, but he slowly burned that to shit. :) I’m happy I’m done with that relationship.

  • SmartAir says:

    Aquarius is not selfish. Maybe the pisces is a lying, deceptive bastard. Ever think of that?!

  • To Aqua says:

    Aquas are FART AIR! All u do is fart! smelly fart LOL

  • SmartAir says:

    Tell me how well your life works out being immature and invoking bad karma on yourself ;)

  • To SmartAir says:

    Hey,, you girl… God Blesses All.
    You are not the one to cast jinxes on others.Maybe that guy have had bad experiences with Aquarius people,but try to be a little bit considerate.
    YOU are coming off as insecure,,,and I cant comprehend why you want bad karma to be inflicted upon him…just remember the trifold yourself might experience triple bad karma..are you willingly ready for it????

    Maybe the guy is really are irrational,unemotional,and not-at-all-smart.Girl, try to grow up..this is 21st century.Pisces is way more experienced than you,and maybe that’s why you are jealous/insecure/revengeful/idk-what..
    That itself is IMMATURE.And stop whining.


  • SmartAir says:

    lol! Omg, grow up! A ) I was referring to whomever is saying “fart air” and B) Not ALL Pisces rock and not ALL of the other signs rock. I’m not the one invoking bad karma – get it right. My ex Pisces was a great person, but not a great boyfriend. He had many girls leave him, me included. And no, it had NOTHING to do with his SUN SIGN. Do your research before you start making false accusations.

  • PeaceAir says:

    Dear FartAir:

    “Aqua is fart, dumbass girls/
    No, Aqua doesnt deserve Pisces.
    Aqua is mean and selfish.

    Pisces Aquarius Match is horrible horrific terrible disgusting”

    I’m an Aquarius, and…..we’re sorry, lol

  • Piscesinlove says:

    Wow!! this is freaking hilarious!! You Pisces Air and Smart Air must have been dating or even married at one point!!

  • Young Pisces Male says:

    I am a male Pisces and let me say try to be with a Aquarius female is probably the hardest most difficult, time consuming thing you can ever do in your life. But for some reason you will find that if you put so much time into them you want to see that wall of not showing so much emotion to break down.. and let me tell you once that wall of hiding goes down it can one of the most magical relationship you will ever be in.. BUT BE WARNED if you are not ready to make a lot of sacrifice in the beginning and a lot of feeling alone like you are the only one that show a lot of compassion the don’t try this just stay friends

  • Mrs Aqua says:

    Aquarius needs to learn to treat her pisces man with care, know his needs and wants and work with him to have a good relationship, they have to be open to each other so communication is a must, aquarius loves conversating and always learning and analyzing from every situation. Aquarius is very smart and is always learning on her own, she is stubborn because she feels she is always right since she is thinks she very wise, and educated in different matters. You can’t lie to an aquarius, being with a pisces she learned to read people as well as pisces do it. She always thinking and finding ways to accomplish her dreams which causes her to be detached and cold at times, in the end she does all this for her and her man or family. She wants her pisces man to be proud of her capabilities and accomplishments, to her life is a challenge and she pushes to the limits. Once she is in a comfortable position she becomes the happiest person on earth, she motivates her pisces and helps him persue his dreams as well by letting him know how great he is and how capable he is. Pisces loves a women that cares about his dreams, and gets motivated by her, because he sees she cares. Aquarius women rather him be his best friend before his lover so pisces man be open with her let her know your feelings and that you want her trust and she might not be happy at times to hear what she wasn’t expecting but in the end she will appreciate your honesty, and might work with you to have what you want. Pisces fantasize a lot, and aquarius woman should understand that every ones has fantasies and we are there to help them become realities, and keep our man grounded. Well It can be a lifetime relationship, Aquarius and Pisces are perfect match in my eyes they only need to work as a team, be best friends, and give each other space, and love will never vanish. True story, my story.

  • miss aqua uk!! says:

    pisces man?

    – bossy little s*hit
    – behind-your-back agenda
    – loves their mamma
    – in bed – 7/10, slightly kinky but scorpio owns that crown
    – Condescending attitude, and a bit full of themselves


  • Aqua smart says:

    I tink pisceans are amazing people. Dough stubborn but very loving. Deceptive smetimes cos I tink dry want to be sure their patner is completely into them as much as they are. My man is a piscean and he is completely amazing. Was dating a cap before I met him and the cap wasn’t just it for me. I love my piscean man alot. And if I get a bended knee in front of me, I will sure be the happiest aquarian on earth. Lol

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  • Theres Wonder Around says:

    Pisces man is very smart and creative and has big plans but theres also a something about him that confuses everyne around. Maybe the people who know him very well dont get confused but others do. He is very concous of not offendign people and is diplomatic to the core. The pisces man I knew in college was liket that. He would allow this classmate who was rude to him all the time, called him names, picked fights, to use all his instruments during experiments, talk so very niceslyto him and even give him rides home to his dorm that was far away. whats up with all that? of course that made him think what he was doing was alright and kept going till we graduated.Pisces man he has a lot of resilience and theres no need to disrespect anyone but why go out of the way for such people? Lol!!

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  • Kelly says:

    Personally, I think Pisces are the absolutely worst men in the world. They are arrogant, bossy, pervere, sniveling, stupid, disloyal, worthless individuals. Sometimes they look good. They should be dated only until something, anything else comes along. But then again, maybe they’re only that bad if you marry them. I worked with one and he was sweet, sensitive and kind. I don’t know.

  • Angelstorm says:

    Thanks Candace.. I agree. I think you gave a pretty straight forward re-iteration of us aquarius women.. they made us seem cold and calculating in this written astrology piece.. its absolutely not true.. I am loving and kind to a fault.. I have many friends but a few close, near and dear ones. I love Family and religion and being with just ONE Good Person. I have pisces friends but mainly they are female.. I’m looking forward to getting to know the Pisces guy who is trying to get into my world. So far so good.. lots of great convo and laughs. =) WE Shall see.

  • Aquarius Woman says:

    I’m an Aqua woman and dated a younger Pisces man for 3 yrs. In the beginning he was eager, attentive, romantic, insightful, out-going, charming, and supportive. As an Aqua woman we do have walls which we build for protection of our self. We are aloof at times but we have a pulse and are sensitive to our partners needs, and want the best for our partners. As he was committed to break down the walls I became more warm an understanding. We were worldly individuals with commonalities. He pushed my drive to do more and want more. Once my Aqua driven spirit began accomplishing my goals, his characteristics that I was so intrigued by started to change. Now that I let my guard down and was caring, warm, enthusiastic about life, he became distant, withdrawn, anti-social, complained, complacent, arrogant, harsh, indecisive and deceiving. He created an outward image of himself that he couldn’t live up too. Which caused him to resent himself and initially the relationship. We are no longer together but I learned a great deal. Pisces men are masked magicians:) Although Aqua woman are considered dreamers, what you see is what you get on a consistently basis. I do not think I would ever date another Pisces again. However, communication is key in any relationship.

  • Julia says:

    I’m an Aquarian woman married to a Pisces man. We have been together for three years, and he loves me better than anyone I have ever known. I am sometimes not as sensitive to his ego as he needs me to be. When I say exactly what’s on my mind, it can send him into a tailspin. I just keep working on being kind to him, which isn’t hard when you love someone as much as I love him. (Plus, it’s good practice for dealing with other people. LOL.) The relationship is great for me because his giving nature spurs me to be a better lover and friend. And yeah, as a couple of people said, I set him straight when he needs it. As caring as Pisceans are, sometimes their ideas aren’t grounded in reality or they cling to comfort, so they need someone to crack the whip/give ‘em a good shake. I’m happy to do that for my man. :) The one thing that can be tough for us is that we can both become very committed to an idea very quickly, and sometimes it’s not the same idea that each of us becomes committed to. Because we’d rather not separate, we have to work toward a shared vision, which is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. I don’t know if this is typical of Aquarians, but I tend to say “it’s no big deal” about the little things that bother me until they start accumulating. That’s when I start feeling a sense of injustice and tend to get nasty/explosive. What I’ve had to work on is being up front about what I want. When I nip it in the bud, I can be assertive without being, uhh… scary…? He can be very stubborn, mostly about doing things with me that seem tedious or uncomfortable to him, but when he sees that something will make me happy, he jumps in (without sacrificing his values or principles, of course, which I would never ask him to do). And when he gets on board, he is very enthusiastic.

    That’s the heavy stuff. Most of our relationship is really fun. We cook up grand schemes and often execute them, (although they go by the wayside a lot, too, because we both live in our heads and tend to let the day get away from us). We indulge ourselves. We stare into each other’s eyes, kiss, hug, dance in the kitchen, cuddle, play with our pets. We talk. I often find myself wishing that we didn’t need an income so that we could just play together all day, every day.

    Honestly, I think an Aquarian woman needs a Pisces man because they’re the only ones who can stand up to our ideals. In every other relationship, I’ve gotten resentful of my partner because I felt he wasn’t trying hard enough. My husband is always striving to be better. Haha, that’s why he’s the best person I’ve ever met! I love him so much!

  • @Julia says:

    ” I’ve gotten resentful of my partner because I felt he wasn’t trying hard enough. My husband is always striving to be better.”

    Well, that explains a lot.In fact, this is a common scenario with every aqua gal-fish male.
    Being a fish male, letme tell u one thing. I hate to always strive towards perfection. The aqua gal, though, is always expecting me to be better.
    Yes, it really is so much consuming energy and emotions.
    But its also true that she really grounds my energy, gives me direction. But she needs to tone down.She neednt always be like this. She should accept others for what they are. She got so much energy, she is always restless. She cant even sleep properly. She always needs a target a goal an ambition a purpose, something to do.

    But she is loyal, she supports me, she is smarter, more reasonable and experienced in all matters like money and all which I dont even want to be concerned cuz they are sooooo energy consuming and time consuming. Thank goodness she can manage all these things, while I can focus on the really important things in life, like living a life.
    And yes, she is really really naturally attractive. Really charming, and without makeup. She believes in natural beauty, she dont like makeup, she doesnt needs it like gemini or others. SHe really is most gorgeous. cant take my eyes off her.I can go on and on, and write a book on how naturally charming attractive this aqua gal is.

    I sometimes feel its just sheer luck, or innate goodness of these aqua gals that they find us, or we find them. What I give her is no match to what she gives me.I know I am not her ideal, even then she makes me grow and evolve.This can be stressful , but she says its a part of life. Growing is part of life.

    Only a few girls can give this sense of peace and calm to a pisces man.I doubt I will find such a beautiful and smart and awesome girl anywhere. Really, an aqua gal lifts and loves a pisces man like no other does.

    God bless all.
    and yes, Keep loving and living life, for that’s the only purpose of your existence….

  • Diana says:

    As an Aquarian woman, i agree with a few things said about us, but really do take offense to MOST things said about us. I do NOT place more value on friendships. FAMILY and LOVE comes first for me. Will I be there to help a friend out? Sure. I am loyal to the ppl I care about….but I never have nor never will put friends b4 family and my man. We may seem ‘aloof and cold’ at first, but we just don’t ‘wear our heart on our sleeves’ like some signs do, but don’t mistake that for anything less than what it is b/c we are careful in who we choose to open ourselves to,but we do feel things very deeply and passionately AND we are also very sensual and sexual creatures (at least I am), also believe in trying anything at least once (well, MOST things and when we love….we give our ALL and I will make my man feel like the KING OF THE CASTLE. AND you can be guaranteed with an Aquarian woman, you will NEVER be bored. IN or OUT of the bedroom :D As for the comment about how we are friendly,but really don’t like ppl very much….I couldn’t agree with that more. For the most part, i’d rather surround myself with nature and animals. We do,however, like a have a ‘small’ but close circle of friends and family. Also, very ‘drama’ free and while we enjoy the occasional romantic gesture, you don’t have to worry about constantly trying to please us that way.

  • I met a pisces man at first i thought he was just a nice guy then the more I dated him i found myself daydreaming and fantasizing about him he has made me feel like no other man has beffore. After my husband a cáncer passed away i swore there would never be another man in my life. But his sweet pisces ways and his kiindness really won me over he is my best friend and as you know aquarians valué friendship if you are an aquariun woman seeking out a pisces i say go for it theyre great!!!

  • Laugh4miles says:

    I am a 21 year old female Aquarius that is married to a 25 year old Pisces man. We have only been married for almost 10 months, and we have been together for 3 and a half years. I love him so much. Pisces men are very sensitive and don’t really know how to express their selves. I have a hard time sometimes talking to my husband, because sometimes I feel like he takes everything I say to heart. Pisces men would and do go out of their way to put a smile on their Aquarius woman’s face. Pisces men also have a really high sex drive that can sometimes be a turn off for the Aquarius women from time to time. I never met such a down to Earth man like him. I honesty love cooking for him and being his support system. Some people don’t understand our love for each other, but that does not stop us from loving each other. I don’t see myself with any one else.

  • Neptunian says:

    I am a Pisces male with an Aqua moon and I get along perfectly with Aquarians be it male or female. Aqua chicks are awesome and beautiful however they can be clingy once they know you definitely have love for them but haven’t officially declared it! They want the assurance is all I guess?!?

  • Aquarius says:

    ^^ You are Aqua mooner so it explains your detachment and your Aquarius girl might be having water sign moon that’s why she’s clingy. Aquarian girls are anything but clingy no matter how much she loves the guy. Check her moon sign.

  • Pisces1 says:

    Pisces man knows all of the right words to say at just the right time. 8/10 in bed but at times is off the charts. Can be very quiet, or mysterious, as some women call it. Some may be attractive with just enough of a flaw to make them real, others not as attractive, but the above qualities may make it seem as if he’s amazingly handsome. Be very wary of their “quiet times”, it’s like water simmering and then it’ll boil over in anger/frustration which is their form of depression. The majority of Pisces men I’ve encountered are very manipulative, lying, cheating, crafty sons of mules Being a Pisces woman, I will NEVER again date a Pisces man.

  • Jen says:

    Pisces men are too emo for most Aqua women.

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