Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Aquarius-Pisces Couple:

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

Pisces and Aquarius have a lot more in common than it might seem.   However, there is bound to be a role reversal.  One thing you have to understand about an Aquarian is that they will always elevate friendship over love, which could be bewildering to the Pisces man.  The Pisces man should realize that friendship is religion to an Aquarian woman.  She means to compliment you by calling you her best friend, and you will have to make a translation of the light.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Pisces Man:

That’s easy.  Talk about the future of the planet, inter-species communication, the last visit you had from a space alien, how green your home is, or how you plan to donate your next paycheck to KIVA.  If this doesn’t put stars in her eyes, nothing will.  When she begins to talk about the causes that she believes in, listen intently and offer to join.

How to Attract a Pisces Man as an Aquarius Woman:

First of all, realize that you are going to have to wear the pants, which doesn’t bother you in the least.  This man can completely become spellbound by your electrifying aura and a very, very direct approach.  It will seem that where he is weak, you are strong, and as the self-sacrificing individual that he is, he will gladly extend you the privileges of that territory.  Deep down inside, there is nothing he wants more than to be bossed around.  If you come on like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, that should suit him just fine.

Degree of Romance:

Aquarians tend to poo-poo romance, so it is likely to be down-played in this relationship.  That’s okay with Pisces, who is willing to sacrifice anything for those they love — at least at first.  Pisces, you really, really must try to understand the elevation Aquarian places on friendship.  They absolutely worship at that altar.  It is their religion.  Don‘t take it personally.

Degree of Passion:

Aquarians look down on passion as the affect of the Mere Mortal.  They see themselves as godlike, Promethean creatures who are above such things as sexual impulse and the flames of desire.  Secretly, they would like to reproduce virtually, avoiding all those messy, bodily fluids, and unnecessary physical activity.

Degree of Friendship:

An Aquarian woman is not a very warm, friendly, creature, but, as noted, she professes to love her friends.  She will tout the virtues of collegiality and egalitarianism while ignoring the person in the wheelchair next to her who can’t reach the water fountain.  If you, dear Pisces, find yourself in a wheelchair, you may think twice about the basis of your relationship.  Many an Aquarian has devoted her life’s blood to the future of strangers, while those closest to them suffer neglect.  This is not love, and it is certainly not friendship.

Degree of Marriage:

This depends on how tight a hold the Aquarian gets on the Pisces.  It is possible — because an Aquarian woman is so strong-willed — for the Pisces to lose himself completely and begin to orbit around her, which suits Ms. Aquarius just fine.  A marriage based on this dynamic will obviously last a long time, because it’s pretty hard to grow personal will.  If the two have a more equal relationship, meaning that the Pisces man has a good ego formed (perhaps he has Mars in Aquarius), then the chances of a real friendship and a productive marriage are at hand.

Progression of Relationship:

All Aquarians have an agenda.  Don’t think for a moment they don’t.  Somewhere at home they have a spreadsheet with their expectations for the next 3-5 years.  Somewhere on there is a relationship goal.  If this sounds a little bit like the Mad Scientist, that’s exactly what it is.  Fortunately, Mr. Pisces really doesn’t care very much as long as someone else is keeping the file and willing to update it.


A mind-melt is really what the Aquarius has in mind and dear Pisces is game for anything.  Let’s say they decide mutually to re-invent sexual contact.  Gear and other enhancements may be involved.  If electricity and whips come in,  so much the better.

When It’s Over:

She’ll let him know.

Our Rating: 8/10

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  1. Sasha BanksMarch 11, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Im an Aquarian woman who has been seeing a Pisces man for about 6 months. I am white and he is black. This does not matter to me or him, but to help the previous post in her question. I have never had bounderies in ethnicity or color and from what he tells me, he has not either.

    Contrary to what “compatability” states, he is much more adventurous than I in all spectrums of a relationship. But he urges me to try things I would shy from (I think this is mostly my upbringing by a Taurus).

    And as far as Aquarians being un-emotional…..I am certainly very emotional (probably the Cancer Moon) but when someone shows me more attention then the norm, I just feel more awquard and embarrassed then unemotional. My mind speeds through 800 scenarious on how to react and I freeze and the best thing to do for an Aquarian is to throw a wall up. We never want to lead someone into thinking anymore than is necessary. We think way to far into the future. Pisces obviously do not agree with this. They love to tell how they feel right at that moment and it can’t wait till your shower is done.

    And I feel a tad uncomfortable with Pisces “love” of beauty. I don’t find myself unfortunate, but not a beauty queen either. I want to feel like the only beauty in his eyes and you don’t get that with the Pisces man.

  2. Firstly, I’m not either Pisces or Aquarius

    I looked up famous Pisces men, as interest, and what I found was very interesting. First and foremost, although these astrological websites portray them as weaklings that go into rooms to cry, many of the most renowned and powerful people are, in fact Pisces.

    Men such as Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laden, Robert Mugabe, Josef Mengele, Dr Suess, Recep Erdogan, David Geffen, etc. are all Pisces. And many more

    What I noticed is that there seems to be a whole star sign unto itself “Piquarius” (figure it out)

    The Piquarians (roughly Feb 16 – Feb 24) have a different set of compatibility than non-cusp Pisces. Also, they are ‘over represented’ in the list of famous pisces. Statistically, about 1 in 10 famous Pisces should be from Feb 20-22. However, Feb 20, Feb 21, Feb 22, and also Feb 24, make up a much greater percentage of famous Pisces.

    The “Piquarians” are most compatible with other Piquarians, “Caprarius”, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries. However Non-cusp Pisces aren’t considerably compatible with Aquarius.

    Also, at the other end where there are the “Piries” (March 16 onward) the compatibility changes again and they are also very compatible with Aquarius.

    Also, in general, Pisces Men are very compatible with female Scorpio, followed by Taurus. Other than that, Pisces are, in general, more compatible with cusp people, for example, Pisces often marry “Cleo” (July 18 -25) , yet rarely marry cancer, often divorce Leo, etc.

    The sign that Pisces Men are LEAST compatible with is female Libra, even “Virbra” also end in divorce, but non-cusp or leo-cusp Virgo is a good compatibility. Second and third least compatible are Leo and Cancer.

    Although most compatible with Scorpio and Taurus, Pisces men are quite compatible with many different star signs.

    I will now mention several famous ‘Piquarians’ and the star of their partner

    Kurt Cobain – married Cancer
    Brian Littrell – married CLEO (Jul 20)
    Cindy Crawford – Taurus
    Gordon Brown – married Cancer
    Walter Becker – Steely Dan
    Ivana Trump
    Dennis DeYoung – Styx
    Recep Erdogan Feb 28 – wife is Piquarius
    Michael Keneddy Feb27 – wife is Piquarius
    Alan Rickman – Aquarius
    Robert Huber – 1988 nobel prize winner
    Sidney Poitier – Scorpio
    Kyle McLachlan – Capricorn
    Alain Prost – Aquarius
    Prince Andrew – Divorce from Libra
    Richard Francis Burton – Piries
    René Dubos
    Robert Baden Powell – Wife is also Piquarius, same day
    Kevin Rose – Scorpio
    Lee Marvin – Scorpio
    John Mills – Piquarius wife born same day
    Smokey Robinson
    Antonio López de Santa Anna – Caprarius
    Dr Dre – Capricorn
    Michael Jordan – Current wife is born in March
    Enzo Ferrari
    and MANY MANY others

  3. Sag loverJuly 26, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Let me tell you Aquarius woman is the only woman that can get all of Pisces man’s love and affection.Im cancerian and how do l know because I have fallen for Pisces men and non of those relationships worked.These men can make you feel like the only woman in the world but guess what they treat all the other 11 signs the same lol.The thing is Aquarians are very independent and that’s what attracts the Pisces.I have an Aquarian friend of mine whom l love dearly who is married to a Pisces man and they are perfect for each other.Im also learning a lot from her.Thats my opinion.

  4. so a pisces man with aquarius mars is the one of the few pisces men to have an “ego”??

  5. miss aquariusJune 2, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Well im a aquarius woman, feel i love with this picses man, things was great at first, until he started getting possessive, when i found out he was married, he called me every name in the book, whore, sluts, ect, i broke up with him, a mouth later went back, he bad mouth me a gain to his wife, had her call me, ect, ….3mouths later he begged me back a gain, called every day for 3mouths atraight, decided to answer his calk a gain, things was going great once a gain, we decided no lies, games, ect, we decided to move back in with each other,…soon after he came over, we went far, two hrs later he cheated again. I dint know if it was his so called divorced wife, but i decided to leave him again, now im every name in the book again, he keep calling over 20 times, but i refuse to answer his calls, ….lost

  6. Deceptive is Pisces. Sorry, Pisces Man. Maybe she has Pisces in her chart.

  7. I met the craziest Aquarian woman at work. She was shy with me, stared at me for like 6 seconds one time and did all this stuff (that I wasn’t imagining). I even had a good psychic tell me she was attracted to me but later I talked to her online and she said there was nothing ever there between us. Talk about a waste of time. As a Pisces man now I see why we need Earth or other water signs instead of air heads. I would say in my experience (unless there are other parts of the chart that balance it out) steer clear of Aquarius women as a Pisces man. They don’t communicate, are cold and deceptive. Good Luck!

  8. I am an Aquarius women dating a Pisces man, and i am completely taken by him, Which i am not taken or interested in many.. It takes a lot for some one to capture my interest and keep it, i was with a Libra for 17 years and he bored the life out of me, I never have felt the need to do for a man in the way of compliments, making dinner or being real cuddly, i know this sounds shallow but i am used to men kissing my butt. But this Pisces man brings out the best in me, I LOVE doing things for him, and can never see myself tiring of this he is amazing and i just adore him, I have also never thought of marriage but if this man asked i would marry him tomorrow, with no doubts. So as far as Aquarius and Pisces not being compatible i think is crap.. Now i am not saying he does not frustrate me, because he does, but i have learned patience (which i have never had with a man) he also does need the reassurance, but you have to take your time and learn them as a person, and as an Aquarius i am not cold or detached and i love sex, i have a need to take care of people in the way that i am a nurse i am kind, caring and compassionate, i love being home, but i also love having friends but can be content just being with my partner.. So if your an Aquarius women liking a Pisces man go for it. My only advice would be don’t depend on astrology get to know the person, be understanding, and patient and be yourself.. as you would with any sign.. Good luck.. and i hope to be married with in the year…..

  9. I adore my Aquarius woman! She keeps me on my toes and very exciting relationship! This combination can be very Amazing, intense and extremely rewarding if pisces can learn just that… I believe they are not as difficult as these astrological people say. I was in a long relationship with a cancer and boy it was the most boring relationship I have ever encountered! I have always for some reason or another been drawn by these amazing Aquarian woman…. We are in it for Life!

  10. Bull watching AquariusAugust 29, 2011 at 2:20 am

    *quirky lover. Sorry.
    Oh btw they are quite stubborn with their faith too. Many of them are religious or spiritual or metaphysical 🙂

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