1. Blu

    I’d have to say a lot of the above is wrong. Jen really took the words right out of my mind. She touched on all the right things and compmetely distinguished the wrong ones! Your moon and venus sign is very important, not just your sun sign. Do compatabilities on those. For example I am an Aquarius with a Sag moon and venus in Capricorn, my boyfriend is a Sag with a Scorpio moon and venus in Scorpio – he is extremely intense and borderline psychotic lol. But I am in love and “Such is Life!” I compared lunar Scorpio with lunar Sag and seen how we matched up. This is your best bet. Astrocafe will give you your natal chart for free so you can find what your sign your planets are in. I’m extremely romantic and although I like my space – I use my my Aquariun creativity in the romance department as soon as I feel I can trust. Both my Sag male and myself have an animal like magnetism together in the bed – Air definitely FEEDS fire and turns it into a burning frenzy. I honestly feel that my Sag is the best I’ve ever had because the spiritual and emotional bond is out of this world. He peers into my soul and I allow it. I think Sag and Aquarius are awesome. Sag men are so arrogant but Aquarius is usually intelligent and full of confidence and sarcasm so it can work out. We’re both crazy so one can only hope that there is no cheating or most likely we will both bleed. Lol Good luck and always check the compatability of other planets/houses/apects/rising signs.

  2. Jarvis

    How do you respond when the object of love fails with disappointments? Yes we want to give others the benefit of the doubt by trusting their good intentions, but it gets more complicated once the frustration and impatience sets in; not all that easy for it melt away.


  3. Jen

    Some of this is true, but most is not. What IS true is the lack-of-romance thing. Neither my husband nor I are particularly cuddly people, and neither of us are into the whole candle-lit dinner, rose-petals-on-the-bed thing. We don’t really do public displays of affection, either. More than once, one of our friends have asked if the marriage was going okay, because they don’t ever really see us being affectionate with one another.

    The non-linear dating thing is true, too. We were living together for a couple of months before we started officially “dating,” and found out we were pregnant two weeks after we did the whole I-love-ou thing. We chose not to get married while I was pregnant, because neither of us saw a need to. We didn’t get married until she was 3 years old.

    But the notion that the community at large is more important than our kid is just laughable. She’s freaking awesome and we both love being parents.

    And a disinterest in sex? Really? I’ve actually never heard this before, on any other compatibility site or astrologer. Aquarius is all about the unconventional, and that translates into the bedroom. And Sag, the fiery archer, is all about the chase and can actually be difficult for a lot of signs to keep up with. Every air/fire combination is great in the bedroom, and Aquarius/Sagittarius is no exception. Our sex life is through the roof, and there are very few limits or inhibitions with either of us. I always feel sorry for my best girlfriends (Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn), who have such boring (or in one case, nonexistent) sex lives with their husbands, either because they’re not willing to experiment, or their husbands aren’t.

    We’re also fine with talking about the heavier subjects, and hashing out problems. This is another thing that surprises me about this site. Aquarius’ energy is intellectual, and Sag can keep the Aquarius focused long enough to actually solve a problem before jumping to the next one. With his focus and her creativity, there’s nothing they can’t solve if they put their minds to it and are motivated enough to work through it. It’s not always easy, because the part about both energies being yang is true, but it’s much easier than trying to talk about heavier things with a Cancer man, who might as well be living on a different planet.

    Every other site I’ve seen, and every astrologer I’ve spoken to will give an Aquarius/Sagittarius combo a rating between 7 and 9 out of 10. And my relationship with my husband is definitely closer to the 9 than the 7.

  4. jamie

    david Carradine and Barbara hershey were very famous in the 70s as a dynamic duo and destructive relationship.

  5. K.T

    @ Peter.
    Aquarius is an air sign not water.. Fire & Air – a even better match 🙂

    >’There is plenty of wood for the fire but only one star sign can cool Sag fire’ <– 😀 Remember fire needs air to even light up in the 1st place…

    All the best to u!!

  6. Peter

    26 years together as as a Sag male, with my life lover aqaurius wife we have been married 21 years.
    The key is trust and love, see everyone else for who they are, there can only be one.

    Fire and Water = opposites attract!

    There is plenty of wood for the fire but only one star sign can cool Sag fire.

  7. beaumont

    I know 2 Sagittarius men in particular both have and had a wife both cheated and now i still together (I fill for security reasons other just got divorced.

  8. Aquarius Girl

    Pffft…I know one Sagittarius man who turned coward when things got bad, made up all kinds of excuses, and had another woman on the side.

  9. admin

    And the most famous Sag-Aqua duo: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston! And me and my ex-husband! ((shutter)) ~Ingrid

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