Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Sagittarius Couples: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

This combination works great if both are centered and secure in their personalities.  They provide fertile male and female energy for all around them, both being abundant and generous in their genderificataion.  It would be like having Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus for parents.  He is jovial, benevolent, forgiving and accepting but tremendously talented.  She is unconditionally loving, female to the core, motherly, accepting and tremendously talented.  Together they are enriched and blessed tenfold with each other’s abundance, extending their merged aura far and wide with warmth and good will.   Their life together is fertile, creative and meaningful.  They may come together to further each other’s creative talents in anything from art to sculpture to architecture to writing.   It depends on him being willing to be very much his own man and her being willing to be very much her own woman.  No genderbending. Women‘s lib crushes the life out of this blue plate special.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Cancer Woman:  Be interested in yourself. Know who you are.   Rejoice in your talents.  Be willing to share from a very creative place inside yourself.  Don’t hold back on your feelings.  Let them flow. Show your connection with the divine feminine,

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Sagittarius Man:  Share your enormous joie de vivre. Be generous in your love of life and enthusiastic in your pursuit of her.  Be open and willing to explore your heart.  Introduce her to your friends as if you were sharing your greatest wealth.  Be spontaneous and outrageous with your promises of good things to come.  Let her see what a thoroughly good person you are.

Degree of Romance:  Romance plays a grand role in this relationship because the genders are so clear cut.  Cancer is the perfect audience for Sagittarius’ exaggerated courtship style.  He may not perform to the letter but his intentions are pure gold.  In return she believes in his dreams for the future and finds a place for them in her heart.

Degree of Passion:  Their passion for life quickly becomes a shared passion for one another.

Degree of Friendship:  These two are probably everybody’s best friend.  Why wouldn’t they befriend each other?  They like to stay on the sunny side of the street and may not include things like changing the cat box in their definition of what friends do for friends.

Degree of Marriage:  They make great partners because they really understand each other’s creativity and need for greater self expression.  They are likely to focus on culture, travel, gourmet dining, an extensive group of very interesting friends and some causes near and dear to their hearts, as well as children, pets, exotic pets and continuing education.

Progression of Relationship:  The way the relationship grows is exponential.  The more they know about each other, the better it gets and the more it seems they have in common.  Their courtship is bound to include some light bed ‘n’ breakfast, a gallery opening and a visit to the county fair.  They will find out that each is willing to do just about anything once.

Sex:   The kind of sexual atmosphere they create is exceptionally conscious, open and healthy.  Each is eager to explore whatever two consenting adults find of interest and the energy exchange is mercifully free of extortion, bribery and obligation.

When It’s Over:  It need never end but if it does, each will have been richly blessed to have known the other.  They will likely continue to care and be grateful for the other’s presence in their life.  If they are insecure or immature it may polarize into a man who runs around doing everything with his buddies while she sits at home on the couch eating Haagen Dazs to comfort her feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

Our Rating: 10/10

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63 Responses to Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

  • LizzieMarie says:

    I LOVE my Sag man! This describes us to a tee! We are so much in love and love being together; so much that we’ve been together for the last 13 years!!

  • jason says:

    A cancer woman oozes sexiness. She is so incredibly loving and will sacrifice so much in caring for you. I am a sagittarius to the T, and have never had to change my freedom loving style with her. She is so confident with herself that she gives me the respect and space to fulfill my dreams. I have been with my girlfriend for 10months and after meeting her parents I can’t wait to propose to her.

  • john says:

    I’m dating a cancer woman and they can be so moody and are incredibly emotional. I’m the opposite and i’ve learned to become more sensitive to her otherwise her mood swings are like none other!

  • Jamie says:

    I think this combo has the ability to be amazing or a disaster. It really depends on the couple and how they work together. I feel confident in giving my Sag space because he shows me so much attention and that I’m his #1. The description of Sag/Can relationships is so right. He is such a friendly person and people misconstrue that he is a manwhore because he will talk to anyone. Just give him his space and don’t be boring haha

  • Sanguine Luna says:

    Hello all! In need of advice: I am a 25 yr old Cancerian female who has recently become romantically involved with a shy Sagittarius guy *about to be 27*… I don’t know how we are supposed to be getting along, I just know we do. I am a Cancer Sun/Moon/Mars/Mercury with a Virgo rising and a Venus in Gemini… I find his blunt honesty hilariously refreshing because he is so quiet and polite and nice then BOOM no filter! I admit at times his tactlessness hits a nerve, but it is with the innocence of a child that these things pop out so I forgive him easily, if not quickly haha We met while he was on a student tour at my job, scoped each other out, nothing said between us then a week later we ran into each other on the train home and click just like that, thick as thieves (strangely we have NEVER been at that train stop again at the same time, kudos to kismet) … I am new to the dating scene after dating a Cancer-Leo for 4 years and my heart is still wary… I don’t WANT to like him so much, but he makes it so damn easy. The fact that he is so affectionate and appreciative of me tugs at my heart strings. We are the same for different reasons and appreciate the differences, it’s an informational adventure. The sex is amazing and so much fun, but I worry because I have no idea what he wants… it’s all too new and we aren’t for commitment *which is okay by me* but I dunno if this is just a fling or the real thing. He tells me he likes me *often* and is slowly getting more comfortable with just wanting to see me in his freetime (we are both EXTREMELY independent and busy) When we go out, he doesn’t notice other women, but he definitely notices when other’s notice me and doesn’t act possessive *which I love*… I find myself thinking about him daily and I guess I just wonder… if even for a little while, is he worth letting my guard down for?
    Thanks for listening, if nothing else. Cheers!

  • Sanguine Luna says:

    **we aren’t pushing for commitment** haha it’s not that heartless of a romance

  • Diana says:

    I agree with the person who said that 10/10 is way off. I am currently with a Sag man and it’s anything but easy. When it’s good it’s really good. When it’s bad, I think I am dying literally. His harsh words (piss off! don’t write that like a pussy!) are too much for me. Even when I argue with someone, I never hurt them like that, I try yo make a logical explanation, express feelings and find a mutual point of understanding. Which he attributes to me ‘running away’ ‘bailing’ ‘being a coward’ etc. When I once told him the same, he asked why do I hate him so much. So when I told him it was taste of his own medicine, he still didn’t get it. I swear, sometimes I think my dog figures out emotions more quickly.
    I gave him freedom, but it’s not enough. I gave him love, it’s not enough. He is possesive, jealous, hot-headed and impatient. So I try to deal with it, and he says he wants to change, but I wonder… how is that even possible? Sometimes I think he doesn’t even know me, he just has this idea of me he figured out by reading shit around the internet, for example how cancerians are supposed to be.
    And why are we still together? I have no clue, there is something really strong pulling us together, but I am starting to doubt it’s strong enough to last. I don’t have the strength anymore and he doesn’t give a fuck to fight for me, for us. No initiative from his side is a turn off, and makes me think I am loosing my time, and that taking all the insults, anll the hurt, all the pain is worthless in the end. In the end, I’m just gonna be a stupid crab that fell for someone unreachable.

  • Trippin If You Don't Got It says:

    K,So Some commets looked based on writin zodiac personalitys..but remember We all have a Sun an Moon..That also change the relationship. Water an Fire are a intresting mix now mix their Moon sign that makes a differance ^_^

  • Melissa says:

    I’ve been talking to my sag man for two wks now, we met for the first time yesterday, but day before yesterday he started telling me he loves me.. I think that’s too soon to know.. IDK, he’s been talking about his dream to marry me and things we will do and share, I’m just extremely confused right now w this happening so fast. He keeps saying true love only comes around once in a lifetime and when it comes you grab hold and don’t let go.. Hmmmmmmm I’m still confused and not sure. LoL

  • no hot water says:

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  • Johnny says:

    Great example of Cancer and Sagittarius: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Haha I like the sensitive nurturing feeling Cancer women bring, I know I spit fire as the asshole Sagittarius but I don’t mean to burn or harm her. It just happens, I do will admit proudly that when I do something that hurts her, or anything of that nature I always apologize, always!

  • Ana says:

    Angelina Jolie is a Gemini

  • Natalie says:

    I’m a cancer women met a sag man we been talking for a month now..tell the true he makes me happy when I first met him it was like I already knew him..we enjoyed ourself talking,laughing(well I listen) cause he love with that man is great I love everything about it..anyways I just wanted to say I understand I hope that me and him can put in years like some of ya lady thanks….

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