Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Sagittarius Couples: Soon-Yi Previn and Woody  Allen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

What we have here, essentially, is two philosophers, perhaps Old Souls, getting together to compare notes with endless fascination and great insight for each other on the human condition.  Somewhat detached idealists, they both tend to live vicariously, amused by the follies and foibles of others which they intend to avoid by keeping their distance from tricky emotions and wayward desires.  They are both looking for a particular kind of completion/perfection in a partner and may very well be Soul Mates.  If they get too idealistic about their relationship they can wind up drifting apart because they keep avoiding the “real” partner. Both abhor confrontation and are likely to compromise well as a way of creating a positive environment.  Many things just get swept under the rug which works for them.  They like to focus on what’s going well without being perfectionist.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Libra Woman:

Sagittarians are such free spirits, how do you catch a will-o-the-wisp?  There’s magic involved.  You are both mind readers so you can use that to advantage.  Think inviting thoughts about him and keep positive.  He loves a positive person.  Test my theory.  Think about where you’d like to go on your first date and see if he doesn’t pop up with it as though it were his own idea.  Avoid any kind of control or manipulation. He has a whiff of it and he’s out the door.   No triangulating, such as bringing a third party into the picture.  You might do it to make him jealous which would be a really stupid idea because Sagittarians don’t “believe in” jealousy.  They just walk away to greener pastures. But you also might be tempted to get to know his friends with an ulterior motive of confiding in them to further your own cause.  Don’t go there.  Keep it simple.  That’s what appeals to him.  He will appreciate your ideals and ethics.  It’s ok to talk about high standards and soul connections and things like that.  He’ll be right there with you.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Sagittarius Man:

Please be your best social self and, as always with Libra, brush up on your manners.   There’s so much more to Libra than good manners but they are first drawn to people on the civility wave length.  Later, you’ll help her lots by getting her to be more casual in this area.  Meantime, she’s looking for a Prince Charming to take with her to Important Places.   (She has a calendar marked many months in advance with special occasions and events.)

Degree of Romance:

Sagittarius isn’t the best in the romantic department but Libra will be uncharacteristically forgiving because he offers so much genuineness instead.  Chances are she’ s attracted to him because she just broke up with an uber-romantic “player” and is learning to be a better judge of character

Degree of Passion:

Libra brings out a lot passion in Sagittarius.  Not so much the other way around.  She gets to act like that long, cool drink on a hot summer’s day.

Degree of Friendship:

These two can be best friends … very best friends.  They can share many happy moments together with so much in common as to the way they see the world.  Somehow together the rose colored glasses get even rosier.  Let the good times roll.

Degree of Marriage:

Never overly emotional or darkly bonded, this pairing makes a good marriage because of the shared outlook on the world.  A very significant feature is how important they both feel it is to maintain a positive outlook on life.   They do a great job of problem solving together thanks to Sag’s relaxed flow and Libra’s good strategizing, Sag’s intuition and Libra’s logic,  Sag’s luck and Libra’s charm.  The attraction may be especially strong after a failed first relationship in which each learned how much they need a POSITIVE partner.  Together they live a very ethical life which makes it tend to be a very good and even “blessed” life.  Where Sag might tend to cut corners, Libra keeps them organized and on the right track.

Progression of Relationship:

Libra will tend to take charge even in the dating process.  She is naturally well organized and has excellent social skills.  She probably already has some future events she’d like him to accompany her to.  One of her top reasons for dating and marrying is to get the right escort.  It helps if Sag doesn’t mind dressing up a bit from time to time.  Both parties are sure to have full calendars, including Sag’s sports activities, so they will gradually have to create more time for each other.  Both signs need space and can agree amicably on territorial and time issues.  Most of the dating is casual except for Libra’s social calendar.


Sex is a beautiful gift they generously give one another.   This is one of the most game-free, obligation-free placements.  As a result, their sex life is a continuing source of enhancement to the rest of the relationship. It is likely to be sportish, esthetically pleasing and courtly in a very special, fun way.  Unique in the zodiac’s compatibility, it is their best means of communication.

When It’s Over:

If it ends, they’ll probably be better friends than ever and help each other find new partners unless Libra has fallen off the wagon and triangulated.  If that’s the case, Sag will maintain a benevolent sense of humor while wrapping things up post haste.  (No hard feelings. No looking back.)

Our Rating: 10 /10

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  1. Girls, exactly listen what Versus says! She IS ALL TRUE! Every single line that is written in her post is extremely true about Sags. They really are immature and cheaters. They are not man, I believe! They are like a boy who cannot grow up and take lessons from life or establish theories or think about consequences of possible actions. They always make mistakes.

    Do not question Sags. You want a 2 weeks holiday escape, yes be with them and do not take anything they say or do seriously, just have fun. Don’t forget that they cannot commit! They cannot be honest!

    Versus, you are really on it! If you Libra, really into getting real deal honesty and love, move one from Sag. I would advise not to give him a chance! All of them are the same.

  2. LibraFlowerOctober 7, 2011 at 4:23 am

    @ Cantuar… If you want 2 win the gal. U have 2 win her over… If you haven’t caught her eye it will be hard cause we do tend 2 only date those who catch our eye or have something special… My guy won me over by being a gentleman, by paying attention 2 me plus I felt right in his arms and loved… He respected me from the beginning n let me take charge… But he did catch my eye first… He is cute but that wasn’t it.. What caught my eye was his cute green eyes n his lips then the rest followed… He could have been cute but 1 thing I can say if I don’t feel a connection I rather walk…

  3. LibraFlowerOctober 7, 2011 at 4:00 am

    I can say that alot of what is said about sag men is true.. We libra have 2 tolerate alot n let them think they r in contol at all times… They r truthful in what they say but r very blunt n do tend 2 hurt us libras… When we get together in the sex department it like no words need 2 be said.. We compliment each other n fireworks spark…. We tend 2 be good friends n they love us dearly 4 this… N it’s true if we spilt we still prefer 2 be good friends… I care alot 4 my guy n he drives me crazy so I tolerate alot because of this but I wonder how he would feel if I date him n some1 else… I’m more possitive that he wouldn’t like it…

  4. LibraFlowerOctober 7, 2011 at 3:45 am

    And told 2 get rid of my page and 2 stop causeing problems between him n her so I got even more mad and 4 the first time I spoke my mind. cause I have always told him that I don’t like agrueing but if you push my buttons you will find me… Before I always let it slide n wouldn’t say anything about him confronting me over her lies… It make it short I know he likes me but I don’t like shareing him with some1 else but I have let it slide 4 now… But he will lose me if he keeps it up…. He is great in bed n everytime we argue I give in n he never stays mad at me 4 long… I do like that I have my space but I dislike that we don’t spend more time together…

  5. LibraFlowerOctober 7, 2011 at 3:30 am

    But I loved him n he loved me.. He was a good provider.. He was my, lover, and friend all in 1… But we separated after being 2gether 2 yrs… Now i’m 39yrs old n i’m dating a 30yr old sag… I met him in Aug, 2011.. He is a hard worker but there is a big issue here… I met him cause he is involved with a aqurius female who hooks him up with other females but she didn’t like the fact that him n me hit it off n continue 2 see each… He has commitment issues, says he doesn’t have time 4 friends which is very true.. We both dislike argueing but this gal lies 2 him n says I call her and say things 2 her which aren’t true n he always confronts me about it… Recently I got tired of all this I put some pics of him n me together cause she checks everything I do through her friends n he got mad at me 4 this…

  6. LibraFlowerOctober 7, 2011 at 3:05 am

    Well I have read every1 commments… I’m a libra gal n I have date 2 sag man… The 1st one I loved dearly we were real good friends, we were open about everything… I was 20 and he was 29.. He was a great lover… He did have a wondering eye but he never cheated on me… He wasn’t very romantic which that drove me crazy but he showed me that he loved me alot… We did fight at times which I disliked alot… N one time he wouldn’t speck 2 me 4 like 30 mins cause I was talking 2 a male friend of ours… Later he confirmed he was jealous… But there was the fact thar I didn’t like when he told me he would be home at 8pm n he got home 1 hour later cause he went 2 see a game with friends…

  7. i am a sag man…i luv my beloved librian..i cannot appeal to her..its my start of talking to her…i think she has started to like me..i just keep on thinking of her all day..i want her to be mine..can anyone give me some ideas or ways so that i could make her my girlfriend

  8. wouldn’t****

  9. I am a 23 year old libra lady dating a 20 year old sag man…Im kind of a cougar lol just kidding….we’ve been together for almost 3 yrs. and just about everything versus posted is completely acurate. He truly is my best friend in the world and I think that’s why we deal with so few of the problems mentioned, but I know him inside and out, and wouldn’t put those things past him. I would say go ahead and let you man cheat though…i would say find another way to make him feel naughty lol…like sex in almost public places 😉

  10. libra gal35August 26, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    libra female who still has feelings for a sagittarius male

    i felt a strong connection with this guy for a few months (and others saw it too). i was very sure he felt the same way too.

    one thing led to another, and i approached him after everything and he said he didn’t feel the same way. i take people for their word, so i initially believed him when he said it. since then i’ve found out he’s quite the player too, so i’ve kept my distance and given him his space & freedom.

    i know that archers have the reputation for being blunt and honest, but i don’t think that’s the case with this guy. he says one thing, but his actions don’t back up his words. one day he acts cruel (especially when he sees me with other guys), the next day he is very touchy-feely & flirtatious, and other days he’s almost too timid or cowardly to approach me. whenever we are in each others presence though, he finds different ways and excuses to touch me, even when we never say a word to each other.

    im so confused! what do you all think is going on?

  11. Ive recently have started a relationship with a sag guy he is amazing everything I could ask for his temper isnt a issue actually he calms me down lol needless to say he isnt the typical sag…he was more ready than me to jump into a ltr …i tried to ruun but he wouldnt let me in most cases are signs are reversed minus the cheating part..and the lieing part…lol and even thow we havent had sex yet I have a feeling it will be magic from beyond the galaxy

  12. Wow! I’m so glad I found this site…. I’m a libra woman who dated a Sag man for two months; it was an AMAZING time! We got along great, had much in common, wonderful sex and then one day out of the blue he sent me an email stating he didn’t want to see me anymore. I was in shock! I called him a couple of times immediately after reading the email but he would not answer so I just left a message thanking him for a wonderful time. We have never spoken again. Although I moved on, I miss the excitement he brought into my life…. After reading everyone’s stories, I have a better understanding of his behavior…. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I have to agree with you real we are known to be the players and we secure ourselves with a libra’s love we often actually most of the time we get to cheat Yes 101%we love our libra beauties they bring the best out of us they are sweet caring and got style, well I was also in a relationship with a libra girl I say this with confidence and great assurance that girl LOVED me even though people would ask her what she saw in me even I would ask myself that question.

    She respected me cared for me honest independent and always eager to make money although she wasn’t studying she ended up earning morethan I matter of fact she connected me to this job I have now she made friends with every one my friends use to ask me why am I with a girl that’s not studying well I use to ask myself that but now she drives a better car than mine she’s always wanted to be independent and that’s why I loved her somuch

    Well sadly we’ve broken up my fault! I betrayed her trust I took her love for granted I thought shed never love another guy I was too sure of myself and she’s engaged and happy 🙁 I regret and hate myself for hurting her somuch she always made me feel like a man she was the light side of my life she was my best friend and understood my needs in any way in the past shed stick around after hearing what I’ve done or shed come back to me eventually but its true what this time she got tired it normally took us 3months then get back together I started realizing in 6months of breaking up that she’s gone, she’s married and my friends said they spotted her on a fancy restaurant and she didn’t ask about me I am heart broken sad this has been going on for a while now I need her back no one will ever feel her void how do I go on with my life without my soulmate I know if she loved me once she still would again I WANT HER BACK 4years later

  14. I think more sadge dudes should comment on this cuz these libra girls are only saying what they think is going on sadge guys will tell it like it is PLEASE COMMENT guys!! But one thing I know is that when a libra says goodbye it kills a sadge cuz she’s too attractive and already has morethan two guys waiting for her to be single that’s a fact AND they may easily fall for the other dudes remember libra girls can make themselves compatible to every sign aslong as there’s love, I lost my libra girl cuz I thought shed never find out, well she did and now she’s dating someone that really really loves her.

    I did my own research o the guy and he’s faithful and always with libra it destroys me seeing her so happy with another dude I hate the fact that I cheated on her she looks beautiful and I heard she’s pregnant I still hope she’ll come back to me even till this day

  15. Im a libra girl, and im really close friends with sag guy, we’ve known each other for 4 years and only stayed friends for that time. We didn’t see each other for about year though and only recently we”ve started talking again, but were non stop talkers we could go on for ages about anything. He inspires me and makes me feel happy. Yesterday though he told me that he had a secret crush on me over the 4 years, and i wouldve have never of guessed it he was so good at hiding it. I told him that i kinda liked him too, which i didnt really, but i didnt want him to feel alone about it, i dont if that was the right thing to do. But i feel like our relationship is changing into a more serious one, im not sure if i should get to deep into it, to be honest i sound more like a sag i have major commitment issues haha

  16. TheSagManJuly 7, 2011 at 5:11 am

    I’ve come to realize, as a Sag man, that I can become easily bored and distracted. So I constantly need something to stimulate my mind and hold my interest (which is why I think we cheat so much; coupled with being flirtatious). I like being on the move (us Sag men) we most often times don’t mind change and trying something NEW and different. Its like, we are laid back but at the same time we like movement and adventure… almost never really consistent with our emotions/feelings.

    I’m a Sag man and I would have to agree with everything Versus said about us. I would only think after 10 years of putting up with us (Sag men) she would have learned something over the years. I was reading the post aloud to my girlfriend and she had to laugh because, you actually depicted our lives and some past experiences. *two-thumbs-up* That post was about me to a T’eee!!!

    The most touching part for my girlfriend (when reading it aloud) was the being, adventures in the bed-room… I’ve expressed to her on several occasions about a three-some (be it guy or girl) and the thought of it makes her sick…. her morals for the most part! But I respect that so it will never happen in our bedroom 🙁 She says she doesn’t need any substitutes because I satisfy her completely.

    Who’s to say I can’t have my own experiment. Hmmm

    We (my Libra girlfriend and I (a Sag man) do balance each other out well. The first few yrs where rough because I was honest and she was very much a planner. As she would say, “I see’s the forest but you see a tree”. I pay close attention to tiny details she sees everything from start to finish… and then plans the future of our offspring. Lol

    I’m very optimistic, not sure rather to settle down with her or not because I’m thinking one day a better catch may come along and I’ll be tied down. So I kinda have us both in limbo and with her planning, if things don’t go according to schedule, I think she may leave. But then again, if the sex keeps her happy shell stick around for a while. Idk but I need to make up my mind soon before I end up a old bachelor that looks back over my life and wonders, WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.

  17. cupidsfuryJune 15, 2011 at 12:29 am

    I am a sag man who is dating a libra man… when we first me it was as if we had been friends forever…(his comment not mine)…i agree with mostly everything that was said on the site. Its almost like we are two opposites that meet in the middle somehow to make it work. Moreover when we are together we have soooo much fun and laughter…i have never felt so at ease with a person. He calms me down somehow and I always feel at ease(sadges have alot energy). I feel at home with him.

    P/S…. and the sex…BABY, BABY, BABY!!!

  18. LibraBelleJune 14, 2011 at 2:12 am

    10/10 ? Not in my experience. I’ve been married to a Sag man some years, and it’s not exactly working out.

    Cons – a major Peter Pan complex, is a compulsive liar ( white lies), not romantic and has a wandering eye(online). Very self-centered and not intuitive about Libra’s feelings at all , absolutely refuses to confront issues in the relationship or take charge of anything (within the marriage).

    On the plus side, he’s very low maintenance, puts up with my crap, makes no demands at all ( tbh, it gets boring) and in general is a good friend. Just not a good husband.

  19. Sarah JaneJune 2, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    I would say this is pretty much spot on. I am fine with my sag man ands hes the midle of road folksy type sometimes when im down dont know what to do he says if the lemonade your in (life) is to sour its because acidity is too much so just throw in more sugar. also look in the jug and you sure you didnt leave some lemons behind? lol. if theres nothing then just add the darned sugar and be done with it. that’s life! and ive got to agree its worked all these nineteen soem years.

  20. I have been with a sag man for over 4 years., I find he is very controlling and insecure. He has a fabulous job and career and has everything going for him but its the simple things in life he cannot handle or enjoy. He is very self serving, its all about him!!!! and has a hard time with any type of constructive critisism., I am a libra male 45 and he is 52 i enjoy the simple easy things in life and he overthinks anything and everything., He does not want me to go back to work because it would take time away from “us” but only wants me to cater to his needs. There are time that he is the loving and emotional man i have ever met., but i am realizing that its only when he needs that love and emotional attention

  21. I’m a libra married to a sag man. Somethings are true and some depends on the person. I felt that my sag man was ready for commitment faster than me. We did fought a lot in the beginning and I broke it off a couple of times because I had no patience for fighting but once we learned to communicate, the relationship was amazing. He is extremely attentive, a bit flirtatious but so am I. I actually learned to toned it down a bit bc sag man…or at least mine, can be very jealous even if they pretend they are not. It’s true about that they need space but so do I. I like doing my own thing and I like that he doesn’t mind. Prior relationships my exes will immediately assume I was cheating bc I said I was going to take a trip alone. That’s one thing that I don’t agree with the libra stereotype. I love traveling and doing things alone, partnerships….are good as long as the other person gives me lots of space.

  22. what to doApril 29, 2011 at 2:39 am

    I am have been with my sag for 4 years. We are currently engaged. He has no problem with commitment. Actually it is really me hesitating about saying the words ” I do” . I am a very social person. He is laid back and a homebody. He does have a bad temper that is so annoying! We can never really talk about issues we are having because he always becomes angry, even if it is just me talking about how I feel. He becomes frustrated so quickly that I am trying to decide if I can really deal with that for the rest of my life. Besides the attitudes he is a great provider, I do not have to worry about him cheating, he is encouraging, loving, and appreciative. IDK if we will make it down the aisle….but I really do love him.

  23. I am a Libra woman who has fallen for a Sagittarius man. I find that commitment is a tough thing for this guy, which I can understand because commitment can be really scary at times. If someone isn’t ready for something serious, then they shouldn’t try.

    He and I really seemed to hit it off before we hooked up one night (due to alcohol). A week or two after the hookup, I confessed that I liked him (and told him that if he didn’t feel the same way that it was OK), and it’s been a rocky road ever since. For the past few months, I’ve experienced inconsistent behavior from him. One day, he’s really nice (and sometimes flirtatious), the next day, he’s very hostile and mean. I haven’t gone out of my way to contact him or “suffocate” him in any way, shape, or form … So this whole thing is puzzling. I am still continuing to give him his space, so he can’t say I’ve been clingy or weird in any way.

    I’m frustrated because I can’t tell whether he likes me or despises me. I’m still very attracted to the guy, but I’d be happy and content we at least remained friends. It doesn’t look like that will happen though, which makes me sad. 🙁

    Any thoughts from anyone about this?

  24. Wow. What a great summary of the relash. Ha. Especially the manners part–I almost died the first time my Sagittarius dude picked up his fork. Omg. But I definitely haven’t noticed any commitment issues with this guy. He’s in it to win it, it seems. Oh yeah, and the sex is $%#^ing HOT. Libra ladies, don’t pass this up. It’s definitely a shocker.

  25. I AM female LIBRA…hear me roar! I have had the pleasure of being in a very passionate relationship with a SAGITTARIUS.

    I consider myself to be old-fashioned, holding onto all of the values I’d been surrounded with for most of my life. What I found in HIM was the gentleman standing on my grandmothers porch waiting to take her out for ice cream. Until you have experienced being unappreciated of your service and commitment to your man will you begin to understand the love that the SAG will give. When I am talking, he listens to everything that I am saying, leaning in and engaged, lost in my eyes. When I am worried, he reassures me that HE is working on the betterment for us both to be happy. When I laugh, he places his arm around my waist and puts his chest against mine and laughs with me. The closeness and compatibility is beautiful. The one compromise that I have made is that he needs breathing room. I just become busy and I allow him to call ME. That way, we have created anticipation for the next time we are together. I love him and he expresses in his actions that he admires my wisdom and loves me too. Don’t sleep LIBRAN woman, because you can work but, you have to be clear from the beginning what you expect of him so that you can make him happy. It’s give and take. You can cater without losing yourself.

  26. Sg men are great in bed and I have never left his bed unsatisfied, however they are not marriage material unless you are one of the lucky libra girls who were able to find one who is ready.

    If you’re ever happily single or married but “looking” or even on vacation or just looking for some sex, then a sag man is the best. But if you are trying to plan a real future and want a man that can last the long haul, look elsewhere.

  27. @Jazell, I am a libra woman and I know how u feel, but my sag man was the same. He was older and he travelled and worked a lot too. Trust me, now that I have left him all he says is that he misses our sex. He hasnt one time mentioned the good times we had or anything but sex. I made the mistake of finding out that he was wrong for me, but because he was good in bed, I kept telling myslef that he is just a booty call. With him a booty call is all he wants so as long as he is getting what he wants(sex), he’ll “keep you around”. But don’t expect much more. You are pretty young so he might even try to tell u things u want to hear to keep you around. Dont fall for it. You will be in your late 20s before u know and you would have wasted all that time with a man who has not grown up. With a Sag man, he may be 20 years older than you and still have not felt its time to settle down. Trust me girl!
    I was raised in a 2 parent household and my father told me if a man really loves you and wants you, he will make time for you NO MATTER WHAT!!! Don’t settle for anything less. I didn’t, now I am in a happy relationship with a man who may not have all the time in the world, but he makes time for me and shows his love, not just saying it when he wants some booty.

  28. I recentlly had to end a 1 year “relationship” with a Sg man. He was 6 years older than me(33), but still did not know what he wanted. We started dating and when he asked about what I wanted from our relationship, I told him up front that in the next 5 years I would like to be married and have kids. He smiled and seemed cool with that and said,”we’ll see where this goes” I was fine with that. I was cooking, giving him massages, and being extra sweet and domestic, we had fun.

    It didnt work out because I NEVER SAW HIM. I would call or text every weekend making plans or asking to hang out and he was always “busy”. But when he wanted to see me, I was always there. Plus he used to say he was not romantic, and did not know how to approprately show his feelings. Instead of saying,”Baby that dress isnt right for you”, It would be TOO honest. Honesty is fine, but damn, we all know how to talk to people.

    He kept putting his friends(who were all growing up and getting married and starting families) first, and leave me so that he can go to bars. Finally I told him that I never wanted to see him again, because he was unreliable, and too wishy washy, and very selffish. It took him about a few weeks(He must have thought I would back down, we libras do that).

    I caved a little and I even had my sister send him a note saying that I would give him second chance. Guess what? As soon as we set the date to meet, he chickened out and ran. I deleted him from facebook, my phone, email, and now he still tries to call leaving messages saying he’s sorry and that he doesnt know why he does these things. But at this point its too late for me to care or find out.

    Now that I no longer care for him and I am starting something new with a leo/virgo cusp man who treats me like gold, now he wants me back. When he had me, he had “better” things to do. I will never give a Sg or Cancer man another chance.

  29. So I am 20 female libra and I am interested in a 29 male sagi..He’s very successful and I figured a older man would be good for me, although to be fair he looks more like 22 than almost 30 which is amazing. My problem is he seems only interested in having sex and I am attracted to him but I would like something a little more. Although to be fair his job takes him all over the world so I would have to deal with not seeing him for months at a time.
    What should I do? Should I stop while we’re ahead or should I just give into the desires of sex and see what happens after that?

  30. Monica belluci and vincent cassel should be included as well!

  31. My best friend is Sag and I am Libra. I have not had sex with him because all of the background I have read says that you can’t get him through sex because he thinks nothing of that…it is just another pasttime like playing pool or watching the game. Every pretty girl turns his head and he needs that validation of his hotness to fuel his fire. I am not blind-this man is the epitome of the Sagittarius and his looks are reminscent of a Greek God. He is amazing, talented and really can have any female he wants. It’s been 3 years now and he does call me with personal issues-just last night he called me to discuss his problems he is having with his best friend of 20 years. This man trusts me and I trust him. I think as long as I never have sex with him I will have the best male friend anyone could ever have.

  32. SagLibraSag1129January 21, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    I think the Rising and Moon signs should be taken in account too. I am a Sagittarius/Libra/Sagittarius male, and only have half the characteristics of the Sun sign (the good ones! LOL) and the Libra Rising sign balances me out. So that 15 step guide doesn’t apply to all. However, I did meet my Twin Flame/Soul Mate, who we’ve been friends for over a year now (she is a Libra/Sagittarius/Libra!), unfortunately she is in a miserable marriage with a Capricorn right now. *sigh* We have so much in common it’s crazy! The balance and chemistry is unlike anything I have ever experienced, so I can justly and honestly say that a Libra woman and Sagittarius man is a puuurrrfect combo!

    • Actually, SagLibraSag, there’s even more to it than that. In my Compatibility Report every planet and aspect is compared and also the Rising Signs. You might want to order it and see for yourself. I hope your relationship works out. Good luck and thanks for visiting the site. Please tell a friend.

  33. oh yea..SEX is the bomb with a sag men 😉 and yes i am a libra and proud of it!

  34. lol hahaha i agree with versus when she said they CHEAT. sag men are very flirtatious, and will holla at the next girl by you…and then deny that he was trying to i think this page is accurate cuz sag men will do what ever it takes to find the “right one” even if it means talking to everygirl that comes his way, knowing hes in a relationship..

  35. Versus, I’m a Libra and have been dating a Sag for 13 months. Everything you said is TRUE! I agree with every point you made. I’ve had several relationships but none have been like this one! We have NEVER had a fight not even so much as an argument! It’s amazing when we are together, it’s like we feed off each other. He does have a temper and can be selfish and stubborn but when he’s in a “mood”, I pull out my Libra scales of balance and speak calmly to him and before you know it everything is perfect again. He can be a handful and sometimes I feel like I’m managing him but I always let him think he’s in the drivers seat. I started mentioning marriage and commitment a few months ago and he almost “ran for the hills” but I started doing some research and realized I better back off. Since then, everything is back to normal. And yes, we have an amazing time in the bedroom and some very candid discussions about what we want and maybe experiment with, lol. I really do think of him as a wild stallion who has to wander but will always come back home b/c I make sure what he has at home is better than anything he will get elsewhere. So far, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.

  36. Versus,
    Just because you had a bad experience with a sag man does NOT mean that what was true about his representative of all sag men. It sounds like the issues he has are psychological and not because of his zodiac sign. You are doing an extreme disservice to people in assuming and spreading that to other people.

  37. i am a libra lady. currently i am dating a sag man. these sags are really have commitment issues. the sag man whom i am dating expresses his feeling towards me but is not ready to commit. he was a good friend before so i know about his past relationships. what bothers me is his attitude despite of we dating at this point of time. he sometimes acts cold but sometimes he is just the best. i agree with Versus on some points but not all and according to my experience with a sag man this article is not too accurate.

  38. Bjorn EffsteenOctober 11, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Versus, I’m sorry but you are largely wrong, with whatever exceptions I give you below. I’m a 41 y.o. Sadge man. I think a lot of what you write is based on your own personal experience and upon the particular Sadge/s you’ve know.

    You are correct about: #7, #10.

    The rest apply to your own personal experience and do not apply to me personally–and in general you are too specific about your advice in ALL the rest. How can you generalize about alcohol, lack of judge of character and the like? Maybe you have a drinking issue and attract men with drinking issues too–and if so, what does this have to do with “one’s sign”?

    I’ve never dated a libra lady, but from the looks of this board, I’m seeing some condescension coming out of libra ladies. So Nancy, where do you come up with this 10/10 rating? I don’t want a lady who ‘tolerates’ me. This pairing looks like a bummer on 1st glance. Hmm.

  39. I’m a libra and been with my Sag for about 10 years now. And yes, a good deal of patience is in order. Ok…ALOT of patience. I’ve come up with a guide on how to keep one…

    1. Accept from the beginning that he’s just not good marriage material. He can be embarrassing in public, crude, blunt, mindlessly selfish, has a nasty temper, can say things that would make sailors cover their ears, and could frankly put more thought into what he’s wearing. On that of that…he WILL cheat on you. Now, let me make this clear. If cheating is your red flag (as opposed to getting beat, called names, etc) then do yourself a favor and move on. But he will…at least once…cheat on you.

    2. Many Sags will say they can resist anything except temptation. They’re not lying. Respect them for being so honest and take the proper moves necessary to remove temptations from their paths.

    3. Liquor can be your friend or your enemy. Sags don’t exactly lie but they don’t tell the whole truth either….especially if it’s something that might get them in trouble. So if you find something out and your just dying to interrogate him…do this instead. Wait till the weekend. Stay in for the night and have a few drinks. KEEP THE ATMOSPHERE POSITIVE…even if it kills you. Joke with him. Keep the drinks pouring. Then in a casual way, ask him about what you wish. Act like the answer (whatever it is) doesn’t bother you. Joke about it even.

    4. Now here is where it gets tricky. Let’s say he confirmed what you thought. What do you do? If you lose it and stay with him, he’ll remember and be even less honest next time. Is this something you can tolerate (because he will explain why he did whatever he did…if you ask) or is this a deal breaker. You decide.

    5. Liquor is usually your enemy. If a hottie catches his eye, he’ll probably drool then move on. However….if he’s drinking he might take action. This is one of the signs that liquor has a profound effect on. Beware. And if your insecure, remember, this has nothing to do with you. The bottom half of him is animal. And an animal that will not be tamed.

    6. Trust him but realize that he isn’t always truthful with himself. Balance the two. He may shy away from commitment but if he does commit in any way (“I wont drink at the party”) then be pretty sure he means it. But if you slip and forget to ask him not to drink at the party…

    7. HAVE FUN WITH HIM! I cannot stress this enough. If he checks out a girl, check out some guy. And let know your doing it. Be playful. This is one of the few signs you can explore sexuality of any kind with and he will not judge you. You’ll be suprised how open minded he is. It’s called true friendship…and that is the best thing Sags have to offer.

    8. Realize that Friendship is more important to Sags than romantic love. Sorry, but that’s just the way they are. So if your going to be jealous of anyone, don’t get jealous about the person they got drunk and had sex with. Get jealous of the friend that will not go away. This person may mean more to them than you do… Work on changing that.

    9. Sags don’t really mature until well in their late 20’s early to mid 30’s. Remember that…

    10, Everyone says that bitching at Sags make them run for the hills. Very true. However….most people don’t know that NOT bitching at Sags will make them walk all over you. Balance it out. Chose your battles. He flirts. So what? He can be rude and thoughtless. So what? I drew the line at namecalling (he’s NEVER called me a name) and disrespect.
    And the few times he cheated on me pissed me off severely but you have to understand, Sag needs to feel like they’re doing something naughty once in awhile. For all their virtues, let him have one once in awhile.

    11. Someone mentioned Sags that will blame you for their problems. Oh yes. Your jaw will drop at some of the things they bitch about. Everyday things that everyone else deals with, Sag will get fussy about. When my Sag has one of those days,he acts like my cleaning sucks,acts like my cooking sucks, acts like my “attitude” sucks, etc.. you get the idea. Look through the garbage and get to the core of whats bothering them.

    12. Sags can make some HUGE mistakes. And to top it off, they can be mule stubborn. Sags need to make mistakes. That’s how they learn. Your good advise and wise counsel don’t really mean much to them. However… Let them know you have limits. I worked with one Sag who broke up with his gf, got another girl pregnant, and the gf took him back knowing what happened. That’s a hell of a price to pay for one mistake. My own Sag cheated on me with someone and didn’t use protection. This person has HIV now. Close call. Like I said… if anything, they’re not boring. But not knowing better, I didn’t see signs, notice certain details, ask the right questions etc.

    13. Most men/women will think your Sag is goofy, friendly, etc and think you make a cute couple. And I’m sure they will be right. But after awhile (and for your sake, I hope you have a few years under belt before this happens) someone will come along that has *home wrecker* written in day glow neon marker on their foreheads. You may see this sign. You naive Sag doesn’t. You need to look out for your Sag. Remember what I said about Sags not being totally honest with themselves? That means you have to be honest FOR him. If your a girl, BEWARE the single, cute, perky girl in his circle of friends. If your a guy, keep a watch on the handsome single stud in HER circle of friends. This may sound a tad paranoid but Sag can’t resist a pretty face and a kind word. And if your luck is REALLY bad, they might see in your Sag all the things you see. Read: Competition. This might be hurtful to you, but to Sag, it’s all very flattering. And you might just save yourself much grief in the long run by nonchalantly asking him to grab you a beer while he’s in the middle of the fireworks of sparks going on between this person and him or deciding to go to that party (even though you’re so not in the mood) where you know Mr/Mrs Greener Grass will be.

    14. Sags can attract the wrong people sometimes, going back to the previous example. Help him with this. Show him just because someone is a good time, doesn’t make them a good person. Sags are notorious for being bad judges of character sometimes. See #5.

    15. Last but definitely not least….your gonna have to live with a few things. Your gonna have to be a friend as well as lovers. But more a friend. Sags are a double edged sword. The things we love about them turn into faults very easily. So if your Sag gets drunk and actually tells you he/she might have feelings for another person….be a friend. And be flattered. Because in their weirdass, goofy, backward fire sign way, it’s a compliment. Once you understand that, he’s yours.

  40. I have fallen for a Sagi man in a BIG way. He is still with a cancerian tho. He says I brighten up his life, well he certainly does that to mine… what are the chances of a future there?

  41. this is all true im a sagi

  42. Everything is true… I am a libra woman and have a sag male and he is all that this website suggests. He is loving, caring, passionate, immature, but he provides me the opportunity to be myself(free hearted, truth seeker librian)

  43. i am a libra and ive been with my sag for almost a year now and i love him alot we get along good but when we argue its not pretty and he has a bad temper thats sometimes hard to control. and he says things that he “dosent mean” but after the fight is over he tells me how sorry he is and he never ment to hurt me, it really confuses me

  44. i have been dealing with a sag man for over a year. when i met him i had recently broken up with my significant other and was looking for a non committed relationship. He provided me with just that, he wasn’t pushy but he was inviting enough to keep me wanting more. We don’t argue but he does sometimes annoy me with his immaturity. I am a libra woman and can sometimes be very refined but he brings out a natural fun, uninhibited happiness in me. Recently i discovered he had a girlfriend. A sag woman at that.I thought he was the most brutally honest out of all the signs but i was surprised he kept this lie up for so long.The connection we have is strong so it’s hard for me to let him go.

  45. i completely aqree with hazel, i went out with a saqq for about 4 months. He was really funny & we hadd qreat timeS, but he was very stubborn. & hard headed. He sometimes was down riqht rude & mean. I am a libra so i felt he was a little to much. But i liked it keeps me on my feet. But i don’t think saqq men are the best for me. =/

  46. @anya,, sag men need space…….. most important thing never ask such things to him directly,, bein a sag maybe even i would react same to ur questions…. :):) there r ways to put up questions to a sag man,, trust me if put in a proper way,, witout u askin him anyth,, he’ll b tellin u everyth……..:):)

  47. well,, this is sag man,, hmmm well hazel,, u r absolutely rong abt ur man n am sure abt it……..:):):) trust me over that………

  48. I love my Sag man but there are things about him that I cant stand. For one, he is very VERY selfish, stubborn, sometimes very immature, sometimes cold. He dont complete alot of things he starts. But there are times, that I cannot see myself with anyone else and that he compliments me perfectly. I just wish he wasnt so selfish… (I am a virgo/libra cusp). I think I would be able to trust him more if he was a little more thoughtful of me.

  49. What advice do you have for a female virgo (third decan, henceforth co-ruled by Venus and also considered virgo /cusp Libra )who loves ever so much a Sagittarius male who once said he was so smitten by her that it was “like a sickness” (in a good way) but then after 8 months he decided to” run the other way” and always ignore and avoid her. When she questioned him about it his answer was always the same: “Stop asking me, stop pushing and let it be!”
    Needless to say, the Virgo/Libra woman is very heartbroken and equally as confused by his about-face behavior :(. Please advise.

  50. i’ve been dealing wit a sag man for the past 3 yrs and everything on this site is true…except lack of commitment on his part…mostly becuase a third party involved a LEO woman at that..he seems confused..which is the better for him?

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